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#sleepy babies

Fern, Nicole and Lily - love these girls!  Used to work at a nature center and these ladies were always a treat to watch, feed, pet, hold and bring out to meet guests back in the Before Times.

All three are rescued opossums and as sweet as candy.

Did you know that the Virginia Opossum (North American Opossum) is the only marsupial on the continent?  They are also practically immune to rabies and eat just about anything - including ticks, which are notorious for carrying Lyme Disease.  


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So today I did this fanart of an Oc from @softmushie

Mushie’s sloth demon Phelgor

So I decided to draw them with my sloth demon Ethan, since the both of them are sloth and also because I wanted to draw that cute smol bean.

I hope you guys like it :)

And go check Mushie’s tumblr if you want to see her other seven deadly sins ocs and her amazing art :3

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