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I’m searching for some kind of inspiration—something that will fill me with adrenaline and excitement to do something I can be really passionate about. Something that will make me tingle with anticipation as I feel like I can’t work fast enough because I’m so ready to see the finished project

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I think I say I like religion and psychology because I am looking for confidence to understand others. I am internally anxious and I am a contradiction. I am not very extroverted like I thought. I can be pretty spontaneous so I write this spontaneously as well. There are times I feel insecure of watching joyful people. I want to be surrounded by kind people. By loving and graceful people. People that will counsel me to be better and love me better. People who are joyful. 💐🌺

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DU™️ #Repost @rebecca__goldberg

Friday 5/22: NEW TRACK RELEASE “Legacy” on @thrg_detroit Compilation 001

Sunday 5/24: DJ SET on via the Sound of Berlin show on @fluxmusicradio

Monday 5/25: DJ SET on via the Sound of Berlin show on @fluxmusicradio

Friday 5/29: LIVE TECHNO SET on @manvsmaschine01_ via Facebook

id: Rebecca Goldberg - Legacy [THRG Compilation 001]


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