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Look, I have no idea how this grew on my drawing board, but I like it. From what I have learned about art is that it is often an attempt to reverse-engineer a certain emotion as a way of understanding it better. And this lady seems to be saying to me: “Honey, your life is not waiting for you.”

Now I have to find a suitable background for her…

drawing by J.J.

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Commission for Chrislynx featuring her Charr OC Nitra Ligna.

“Iron Legion Engineer Nitra relaxes between deployments with her trusty beer turret, a shady nook, and a peaceful view.”

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You know what I really enjoy drawing? Fantasy furry creatures and characters based on them.

Still on my crusade of easing up on the shading and trying not to crunch the shadows too hard. Drawing natural light is really difficult! But I might be onto something with practice and going one picture at a time.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

You can check the WiPs over here

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I like the simple things in cooking. They are so versatile. Like this dough recipe, made quickly with just a few ingredients to provide a lovely pizza base. Toppings as per choice. 😊

from J.J.’s sketchbook

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For this year’s first personal project, how about some anguish and destruction and loss of innocence?

Yeah, I know next to nothing about NGE, which is something to say after I’ve watched the entire anime and all the movies that were released after it, yet my grasp on the details is pretty lose. I took it as  Hideaki Anno’s pet project about PTSD, loss of innocence, loss of one’s soul, many losses are portrayed in this story really. I did enjoy it for what it was, but then I learned that he put his own mental health on the balance to get this done, and quite frankly I grew a sort of antagonism towards him. Nevertheless, the show is good, and I recommend it to anyone with any mild interest in the anime.

So why did I really feel like drawing EVA Unit 02 for this week’s project? Well you can blame Pat Stares At for it, because he’s been Tweeting about the topic all week and he got me in the mood to draw some EVAs. And to be fair I should be thankful, because I wasn’t planning on getting anything posted this week, but fuck it! Quick piece of this my favourite of the robots, and there we are.

I could see a possible series of paintings with different robots, not just NGE’s. Might put a pin on that.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate each and every single one I receive.

You can check the Making Of post right here.

Thank you!

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Banksy’s latest artwork on house up for sale has left homeowners worse off despite £5 million evaluation


On Thursday 10 December 2020, a painting that depicts an old woman violenting sneezing which causes her dentures to fly out. Was graffitied on a semi detached house in Bristol. The house is on Britain’s steepest street. The angle in which it’s painted makes it appear that her sneeze is blowing the houses over. The vendors of the property, which is up for sale had already accepted an offer. The buyers where due to exchange next week. However the sale has been put on hold, due to the value of the home rocketing. According to Right Move, the estimated worth of homes on the same street is £300,000. The artwork entitled Aachoo! Has been given provenance and authentication by the elusive artist Banksy, now the home estimate value is at £5 million.


The owner of the house that was subject to Banksy’s latest artwork says they are ‘worse off’ as a result despite the property being valued at £5 million.


The homeowners claim due to the rocketing price of the property and the value of Banksy artwork itself, it has cost them a lot of money putting security measures in place to protect themselves and the art. Due to the media attention, the family have reported in the middle of the night people would climb over the house to get a closer look at the artwork. The homeowners are having to fork out money to hire a security firm to protect it from vandals. Although the hike in property value, the vendors have claimed they want to continue with the current agreed sale and aim for an agreed completion date on the property soon due to stress of the media and public attention.

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Here are the WiPs for the last project of the year.

And what a year it has been.

Let’s look forward to the future, because why being hopeless when being hopeful costs just the same?

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Some pieces done for #slowtember! loved this monthly challenge.

can you tell that I really like drawing plants??

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inspired to draw the piranha plant after watching it in some smash fights / videos :)

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I like drawing plants in my sketchbook to just chill :)

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pothos drawn as a card for my mom’s birthday this year~

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For this week’s personal project, here’s more Holiday Horror.

Yeah, Krampus Nacht was about three weeks from this post, but this is the Hollywood version of Krampus, so it’s more around the Christmas Day than around the actual Krampus Nacht. Or maybe not. I don’t remember when Krampus takes place on, and I mean the 2015 movie directed by Michael Dougherty. That movie was really good if I may say, it was a ton of horrific holiday fun, and got away with a lot for a PG-13 film.

The original concept for this one had a more animalistic version of Krampus, which never felt satisfying, and then I attempted to make it an action-based Krampus which also was pretty bad and not satisfying at all. So I just want with this idea and rolled with it. Do I think it could’ve been done better? Yeah I think so, I think the background is too green and the snowglobes don’t look polished enough, but eventually you have to move onto the next project, and I was already stepping into the “scribbling myself to death” part of any drawing. In the end it’s done, and like a very wise man once said, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate each and every single one I receive.

You can check the Making Of post right here

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Collection of WiPs for this week’s project.

I know Krampus Nacht was three weeks ago. I’m doing more the Hollywood version of Krampus, which means it’s watered down and not canon.

Finished piece right after this one!

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