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eggyukhei · a year ago
tfw you finish reading an angsty 10k fic at 1:30am and you’re left hanging but you get a notification that the author actually just posted a second chapter and it’s another 10 fucking thousand words 😳😳🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵🙌🙌🙌🙌
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snflwrkenma · 4 months ago
from this point on nozomi sakurai will be known as rose nymphaea. rose being her first name nd nymphaea being her middle, she won’t have a last name as to keep her race/ethnicity ambiguous<3
phone call with mama kuroo the day after the big reveal:
ring, ring, ring.
you rolled over in your kenma's bed; reaching over to the bedside table to silence your phone and return to a blissful dreamland. just as you're about to press the red button, your brain processes who is on the caller id. you throw the comforter off of your body as quickly and quietly as you possibly can. climbing out of the bed, you tip toe around your friends who are bundled up on the floor and head into the living room as to not disturb them.
"hello?" you cleared the sleepiness from your throat, before continuing to speak, "okaa-san. how are you doing?"
"my beloved! i was calling to see if you and tetsu still wanted to grab brunch tomorrow? i think tetsuro's father wanted to tag along as well. are you with tetsuro right now? he hasn't been answering my calls lately and i would like to know why." you smile at her rambling; she was always one to talk your ear off, but it was never bothersome. in fact, you found it quite endearing that she felt comfortable enough to tell and ask you so many things. you almost agreed to the brunch before you realized the situation kuroo forced the both of you in. your heart drops a little as you realize you're going to be the one to break the news to her.
"uhm, mom." you cut her off tenderly, your voice beginning to get a little shaky. "tetsu- i mean, kuroo didn't tell you?"
"tell me what, dear? is everything alright? is my son okay? are you okay?"
"oh don't worry! he's okay and i'm okay as well. it's just..."
"just what, honey? you know you can tell me."
"it's just... we broke up yesterday."
"i'm sorry, you what? i don't think i heard you correctly, dear. did you say you broke up?"
there was an extremely long pause on the other side of the phone. the silence was, indeed, deafening; if you dropped a pin, everyone would surely be able to hear it. you removed your phone from your ear to look at the screen, making sure kuroo's mom hadn't hang up. as you placed your phone onto your ear once more, a string of sniffles break the silence.
"okaa-san? are you okay? i'm sorry you had to find out like this, i really thought kuroo would've told you, but i guess i understand why he hasn't" your voice lowers in volume towards the end, you no longer have it in you to tell her about her son's affair. however, a part of you wonders if kuroo would tell her what he did or if he would allow her to think the both of broke up on completely normal terms.
"may i ask, w-why?" dammit, she was so happy at the beginning of this convo. i hate to be the one to tell her.
"uhm wel-"
"don't spare my feelings, honey. you can tell me if it didn't end well."
"okay. he cheated on me." a sharp gasp was heard on the other end of the line.
"do you know with who? for how long? i can't believe he would do this to you. he was raised much better than that. god, wait until his father hears about this; he's going to kill him. oh my god. how are you, baby? are you okay? i know this isn't easy, i know you're hurting right now. i can't imagine what you're going through. god, i'm so sorry."
you listen to her string of questions and apologies with a bittersweet smile on your face and heavy tears falling from your eyes. kuroo really fucked up. nymphaea really fucked up. the life the three of you could've had together; a happy life with all of your friends and family, creating happy memories together is now washed down the drain. all that's left is the broken hearts of everyone who believed the two of you were meant to be and the broken hearts of those who believed you and nymphaea were soul-sisters.
"i don't know," you take a second to clear your voice again. "i don't know how long this has been going on, but i think it's been more than a month. i do know, however, that he was cheating with my best friend, nymphaea. i think i've introduced you to her before?"
"yes, you have. i remember her. and it's been more than a month?"
"fuck, i'm so sorry. i'm so so so sorry.
"you didn't do anything wrong here, mom. this isn't your fault. i'll be okay, i promise. it'll all be okay."
silence falls over the both of you, the only thing that can be heard are your shared sniffles.
"fuck, this is kuroo's dad. i'm going to click over, okay? i'll tell him what happened and then we'll have a word with tetsuro."
"okay, please tell dad i said 'hello.'"
"i will. again, my daughter, i'm so sorry. i love you so much and i really hope we can stay in touch?"
"of course. i love you so much. bye, mom."
"bye, honey."
the click of your phone seems to signify the end of two things; the phone call and the relationship you once shared with the kuroo family.
"bubbles? you okay?" the sound of kenma's soft voice pulls you from your thoughts, "who was that on the phone?"
"oh, that was kuroo's mom."
"did you tell her.."
"yeah. she's pretty bummed about it, she hung up because his dad was calling her."
"his dad is gonna let him have it."
"fuck yeah and i can't wait." the both of you nod at each other, small smiles on both of your faces. kuroo was definitely going to have to deal with the consequences of his actions and, boy, were you glad.
the rest of the day and the next goes on without a hitch, you're surrounded by your best friends; the 10 of you jumping at the opportunity to make more memories and keep a smile on your face.
it wasn't until the very late hours of the night that you were sucked right back into the shit storm of your's and kuroo's break up. as you lay cuddled up in soft pillows and even softer blankets watching a disney princess movie with kenma, bokuto, alisa, and shoyo- your phone buzzes multiple times. unlocking your phone, you're met with an unwanted conversation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*bonus: conversation between kuroo nd his parents:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
xxxiii. playing the victim
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Tumblr media
bunnii's notes:
we made it to 900 as well??? like fuck yeah go us. i want to thank y'all so much for deeming me good enough for a follow it makes me so happy hehe
i must admit that this chapter contains my least fav written portion, it's so bad tbh omg nd m so sorry for thatHSDHJ
tell me what u think about this chapter pretty pls
i accept nonies so feel free to send me ur thoughts via anon hehe
taglist: closed<3
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*:・゚✧ reblogs are greatly appreciated *:・゚✧(◠‿◠✿)
*tonight's tiktoks (these are based on energy/content not looks)*
y/n nd akane/alisa
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satoriberry · 26 days ago
Can I PLEEEAASSSEEEE request a baker s/o headcanons for Suga, Kenma and Iwa and anyone that you want???🥺🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
‣ Currently Growing: What they'd be like with an S/O that's gifted in baking!
‣ Pairings: Sugawara Koushi + Kozume Kenma + Iwaizumi Hajime x GN!Reader
‣ Watch out for: Nothing really? lolol, maybe slightly OOC kenma (?)
‣ Berry's note: KSHSKSJS CONGRATS ON BEING MY FIRST EVER ASK!! djdkd idk feeling kinda cool rn [happy]. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed what I made! :)
Tumblr media
• Sugawara Koushi:
-Ok, so let's get this out of the way. He got to know you through the school's baking club.
- You and 3 other people were the only members but it was very lively since students and even staff members would visit to see what yall were doing (aka steal some pastries and leave lololol)
- You were in the middle of making the final touches to your Choux chantilly à la fraise (cream puffs with strawberries <3) when you heard a faint sliding noise.
- You look to the side and see a head of silver hair poking through the tiny gap, just,,,,,staring at you.
- He excused himself and politely walked over and stood across the decoration table where you were.
- You just stood there like ".....yeah?" and he struck up a conversation about what you were doing.
- You know that thing in cartoons where a character wants to stealthily steal something so they distract the person with a conversation? Yeah that's what he was doing. He was trying to steal a cream puff.
- You caught on to it pretty quickly but offered him one anyway. He didn't even hesitate to shove the whole thing in his mouth. He cried. It was THAT good,,,,he cried.
- Long story short, you two started to date a few months after this very fateful moment. And he abuses his boyfriend privileges in regards to your baking skills.
- Literally brags about you all the time. He could be in the middle of the most torturous, vigorous, borderline abusive training by their coach and he'd go "omg guys y/n made me a fruit tart the other day lololol we ate all of it together lolol not that you would ever get to taste their baking lololol fucking losers lololol".
- But oh my god. Bring some of your creations for the team to enjoy after training and he'll basically propose right then and there. 72% chance he'll cry again.
- He loves the domesticity of sitting with you in your kitchen on a Saturday afternoon and watch you make something new for him (and only him) to try. He loves it so much <333
Tumblr media
• Kozume Kenma:
- You see, he didn't know about your talent for a while. It wasn't until you two had been together for a few months that he actually found out.
- It was on a weekend and you were over at his house, him playing a new video game he'd bought and you trying to get some homework done.
- Kenma's probably more cheerful when playing a new game so his answers to anything you said were longer and more detailed.
- You'd said something along the lines of "Y'know, I could really go for some [favourite thing to eat], maybe I should get some later." to which he responded to with, "Hm, apple pie sounds really good right now..." then he went back to kicking ass (gamer boy moment lolol).
- You mentally went "Waiitttt, I can make that myself...", so after that, you made it your objective to some your Sunday making the meanest apple pie because kenma + apple pie = shoujo anime type BS unlocked.
- And make the meanest apple pie, you did. You packed it in a cute lil lunch box and decided that giving it to him after his volleyball practice on Monday would be perfect.
- The entire day, he was kind of confused as to why you were so eager but you held it in until the end.
- You two normally take a route that's right next to a park when going back home. You convinced him to sit down with you on the grass and enjoy the weather, that's when you took the cute lil box out and gave it to him.
- "Sorry y/n, I'm not really hungry :(" "Open it smartass 🤨"
- See, Kenma isn't easily surprised or taken aback, but at that moment, you could swear you saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop just slightly. But that expression was quickly replaced with a somewhat toothy smile, his cheeks a barely visible shade of red.
- "Did you seriously make this yourself? For me?" He asked you in a calm but clearly giddy tone, pointing his index at you then towards him to emphasise his point.
- You nodded, feeling the pride surge through your veins at this one in a million reaction. His smile grew softer, his gaze back at the pie and his brain trying to imagine how cute you probably looked while making this lunch, brows furrowed in concentration and hands slowly working on the presentation of the pastry.
- He reached for the tiny spoon that fell out of the box's wrapping cloth and went for a bite. He made sure to hold eye contact the entire time because 1) he'll feel like a true food judge and 2) he wants to see your raw reaction.
- His eyes went 👁👁....
- You could swear you saw his eyes get glossier, but he didnt cry dwdw 💀
- He doesnt like to brag in general, and this also applied to things regarding you. Mostly because he knows Kuroo and Yamamoto will try and convince you to make them something because "you're our beloved Kenma's amazing and talented s/o, we're like family" (their words, source: me because im right)
- He never hesitates to help you with baking,,,,by sitting on the counter and reading the recipe out loud to you. Jkjk, he struggles in the kitchen but his favourite thing to do is crack eggs and measure ingredients <3
- Kenma + Baker S/O = Making brownies at 1 am with Super Mario Bros. in the background
- He tries to not make it a big deal, but the way you smile so wholeheartedly when something you make turns out perfect never fails to make him hide his face and look away, so you dont see his own giddy expression :((
- Kenma <3333
Tumblr media
• Iwaizumi Hajime:
- Out of these 4, Iwaizumi is definitely the one who's most impressed.
- You see, he's probably REALLY good at cooking, but baking? Put him in a kitchen with some flour, milk and eggs and he'll start a regional hazard. Can NOT bake for shit, not even to save his life 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
- So when he once decided to come over and saw you frosting a fucking 3 layer cake all by yourself, he just 😯😶👁👁
- Asks so many questions, and wants many answers >:(( dont leave him hanging
- He hides his admiration by keeping it cool and going "Ahaha that's dope, who would've thought you can make these kinds of things all alone?"
- He also finds it very...attractive. Well, he finds YOU very attractive (hot) and cool looking when you reach for the cloth of your apron to wipe ypur hands ands and neck while baking. Something about you being so passionate and putting so much effort into this is so hot to him but he'll eat his own nasty ass socks before even saying this.
- Doesn't mention anything about you being a god at baking because he KNOWS the other third years will ask you to make something for them as a "gift of appreciation for dealing with Iwa-chan when you're gone 🥺🥺🤞🤞" (Spoiler: he failed and they know about it)
- Oikawa will (and did) ask you on more than one occasion to make something for him (milkbread-), Hanamaki will literally offer you 3 month's worth of his allowance money to have you make him some cream puffs (his favourite food <3). I don't think Matsukawa will ask for anything but he will tease Iwaizumi for being such a fucking simp for you and the fact you make him feel so special with your sweet gifts
- The second years and first years know better than to mention it around him (or in general) LMFAO
- But he would never ACTUALLY get mad at you if you made something for the entire team, he'll just die from happiness <3
- Iwaizumi thinks of you as some kind of angel whenever you come up to him after volleyball practice with a cute box in your hand, because he knows what's in it and he knows just how much love and care you put into it
- Iwaizumi = boyfie material <333
Tumblr media
- This will be kind of self indulgent but you're a student from Inarizaki Highschool working part-time in a bakery that's in the same district as the school <3
- He heard of the shop you worked at through Suna, who talked about going there with his sister to get her dessert every now and then.
- Kita isnt particularly invested in baked goods, always choosing traditional sweets like mochi, kakigori and daifuku when an urge for sugar hits him.
- But he ruled that trying something new doesn't sound half bad.
- On one Friday, after the school day ended as well as volleyball practice, Kita and Aran were preparing to lock the gym and leave when the latter excused himself.
- "Yeah, my mom wants me to drop by the post office downtown and collect her parcel. It's better if you return home without me. Cya."
- And so, Kita was left to walk back home by himself, when a sudden idea hit him. How about he go and get something for him (and his grandma because Kita is a fucking angel >:0) from the new shop that's approximately 7 minutes away, according to Suna's story?
- Setting foot in there for the first time, he wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed by the strong scent of warm sugar and vanilla.
- It takes a lot to have THE Kita Shinsuke deeply amazed, and the exquisite array of foreign delicacies, some of which had names he couldn't pronounce, did exactly that and more.
- He chose the "cute golden pastry thingies" with cream (Chouqettes à la crème) to bring home with him. Except there was no one to take his order? No cashier at the register and no random customer to ask for the whereabouts of said cashier.
- Kita was slightly dumbfounded and on the verge of leaving when he heard a panicked, "SORRY SORRY, I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF SOME STUFF."
- You clumsily stumbled out of the back room with a tray in your hand.
- And at that moment, his eyes fell on you for the first time. You had flour on your chin and above your left eyebrow, jam on your chin and pastry cream all over your apron. Obviously, you were kind of a mess right now, but something about you looked so....pleasing. So gentle and calming, looking at you made his heart feel lighter.
- "Excuse me for being late, the manager left me in charge of many things and I was supposed to take these out an hour ago and you had to wait and I'm so-" "It's completely fine, I understand :)."
- He didn't want to make you apologise, you seemed like very dependable person and that's something he was fond of in a person.
- "Oh, ok then, thank you. What would you like to have today?" Opening his mouth to butcher the name of those "cute golden pastry thingies", he gazed at the tray you were holding a few seconds ago.
- "What's that?" " Oh, it's just something I've been working on. Nothing special really, it's cherry clafoutis with lemon z-" "I'd like to have two slices please, in a box if possible."
- He wasn't going to lie, he didn't know what a "cherry clafoutis" was. For all he knew, it could be poison. But the joyous look in your eyes from him wanting to get something YOU made was more than enough to make him forget about this uncharacteristic impulse decision. He felt his heart beat faster for some reason ("some reason" simp.)
- You gently packed his order in a folded box, the store's signature colours and stamp on the side and top.
- His fingers grazed yours while handing the box, but he didn't want to react in fear of embarrassing you and himself accordingly.
- After exchanging a "Thank you, goodbye." and a "Come back soon!", he stepped out of the store, his face reddening at an alarming rate. He wasn't a fool, he knew that this simple first meeting with the cute patisserie shop employee was going to be one of many visits. Most of which will have the ulterior motive of seeing your face and cute smile again.
- He really had to thank Suna.
Tumblr media
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allthingswritten · a month ago
If ur requests r still open, hcs of Dazai and Chuuya with an s/o who loves children, like, kids naturally gravitate towards them and they can't help but keep them entertained (because those precious chubby faces oH GOD—)
AYO ANON!! I love this req omg and ikr kids are really cute especially when theyre very happy heh, hope you like it!!
He can't
He cant take it
I mean the kids
They're SO energetic especially the little ones
I mean they're cute but
G O sh
One kid outrun him
I swear he wasnt even letting the kid wiN the kid was just THAT fast
When kids go towards you hes just
“Darling they admire my beauty!”
*kids walk past him and go towards you*
Ofc he does some dramatic pose lmao
But like he watches as you entertain the kids and play with them and hes
Hes blushing
Youre so happy with the kids that hes just, hes smiling too
And once, you both saw this adopted kid get bullied because their parents arent “their real parents”
You stepped in and defended the kid and it was AMAZING
You even took the kid out to get some ice cream or something before the kid went back to their parents
And evERYtime you smile when you see a kid
And Possibly, one day, you'll give a special smile to yours and his child
Adopted or not he knows you'll love it with all your heart
When you guys see a kid whos down or something
“Oh? Want that? Sure”
“Wow! Daddy never says that!”
“Huh, Why?”
“Well, Daddy hasn't been home since 2 years ago!”
You are a blessing to children tbh
I feel like people would mistake you as babysitters lKFSDJKAGJ
Chuuya tho, since hes from the Mafia, he cant really yk yk do some good bcs of that
But you do cover for him when he really cant help it
Once Akutagawa was near you guys and he saw you both
Well i mean
Chuuya panicked and dropped smthing (with his gravity) on his head so
Akutagawa didnt remember anything dw lmao
I also bet this guy wants a kid
He imagines a dog, you, him and a child together in a home
But considering what the guy is going through rn
Yeah not yet
And he loves kids but he aint gonna push you to get one right away ofc
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kooksrae · 4 months ago
a collection of things that have made me feel a certain way
casual disclaimer: most of these are jungkook or taehyung fics but i'm trying to read more with other members!!
PLS PLS PLS PLS share things that you've read and absolutely enjoyed. You can drop a submission or an ask to pls recommend me something good! Also remember to help out writers by liking and reblogging their content!!
Social Media AU! (text messages/ snapchat/ twitter/ insta typa vibes)
Tiger Flower  - @v-hope (JJK × reader/ KTH × reader)
hella fluffy. makes my heart do the uwu. very much wholesome. something i stayed up till 6am reading
11/10 would stay up till 6 reading it again.
also the significance of tiger lilies is insanely aDORABLEEE 
my love for jjk has just grown a gazillion times more
Under A Shadow - @firebettercallnct (KTH × reader, slight JJK × reader)
a lil angst and a lil fluff. (as all good stories will have)
kinda wish it was longer idk. im a sucker for super long stories.
ALSO !! we get some side yoonmin action !!!!!!!!!!!
Stole your shirt - @firebettercallnct (JJK × reader)
one of my personal favs. super cute and also everyone’s on some kinda crack or sum shit idk.
p damn fluffy and when you reach the end you’ll j kind of wish you could go back to before u read it because u wna experience all the feelings agn.
ALSO!!!! we hv some namjin and yoonseok action !!!1!!
Rumour Has It - @bangtann-bangdamn (KTH × reader)
very much wholesome.
genuinely found it quite funny and it had me laughing at 2 in the morning
i dont rly hv much to say just pls go read it. 
everyone should read it once in their lives
Belong - @v-hope (KTH × reader)
okay this isn’t completed though so um...
but it’s something i chanced upon during my late night fanfic times and like let me tell you. a whole fucking new world. 
this was quite the read and i really couldnt stop myself and so i was hella pissed when i realised it wasnt completed bcs omg i wna know what happens at the end.
teehee give this a read. all yall artist!taehyung fans r rly not gna regret it
Daylight - @maravillamin (MYG × reader)
will make you decide to legally change your name to y/n
ever wanted to be a single mom because you got a divorce with your useless husband? no? well now you wish you were.
literally dad!yoongi and mom!reader
also you have the cutest friends? like this is so cute. makes me want to birth children
touch of him - @herherteartear (JHS × reader) 
you are living the perfect girl life kinda thing and hoseok's the opposite of it all
this is serving polar opposites but not really kind of energy. 
also this is giving off "business only" family energy if you know what i mean.
Actual written things !!
love of my life - @latetaektalk  (MYG × reader)
okay this shit be painful af. this fucking broke me. idk have never been the same since. would still read it all over again.
this was about 7k words? so not the longest but it was long enough for something so sad :( 
in general really sad and emo. if you want to feel like the whole world is crashing on you pls give it a read.
the art of the rom-com - @gukyi (JJK × reader)
first of all wtf. made me feel single af. 
it’s our fav kind of enemies to lovers energy. slowburn. college au. yeah you get the gist. 
super fluffy but we love to see it. also mildly angsty but it’s all g we will get over it.
okay but also this was so longggg!!! what an experience. a solid 33k words. i nv thought i would reach the end of it but i did.
super solid read. i hope yall read it too.
the snow king - @bloomsuga (KTH × reader)
you got fanatsy stuff going on. you got hella angsty and fluffy all at the same time. besties i think we found the best ice prince! kim taehyung out there.
also we have some slight cutie jimin moments. ( a definite plus!)
oh yea and it gets smutty but in like the most beautiful way.
also this was a long read of 25k words. but it’s a an absolute beautiful creation. did not know that we could put 25k words altogether to make such a masterpiece.
lowkey wanted to cry bcs its way too good.
blossom - @namfinessed (KTH × reader)
okay first off, yall alrdy know i love hella long fics. this was 38k+ words.
please only read this when you have the time istg i was staring on my tiny screen and really wanted to just fall asleep but also it was too intriguing to just sleep on.
yall rly be sleeping on this though. a very solid read.
i mean you really can’t go wrong with florist!taehyung energy amirite
bad influence: collection - @noteguk (JJK × reader)
so this is an ongoing one as well. 
truth is i havent finished reading whatever has been posted yet. BUT i do have a very good reason for it, which is that i’m not ready to be in a position where i realise i’m going to be done reading it.
frm wtv i’ve read this is some sexy ass story. 
honestly you could read it as individual parts i guess? but for the real feels pls read all the way from the first part. 
oh and it’s a hella hot badboy!jungkook so yes if you r into that you def should add this to your must read list.
easy - @itsamejin (JJK × reader)
okay so here’s the deal with this. collegeau! fuckboy energy. bets are made. yea you kinda get it.
It’s a very basic boy takes bet and ends up falling for the girl kinda thing but idk i really enjoyed the process of reading it. 
you get the good fluff and angst balance in this too so :>
Thoughts Of You Keep Me Awake At Night - @hollyhomburg (MYG × reader)
yoongi asking for cuddles i-
reason stated above should be reason enough for you to go read this
it’s a short 2.1K word situation here so you don’t have to spend a whole hour on it heheh
very nice experience if you’re reading this while it’s late at night and you are alone in bed and can’t seem to fall asleep.
Get You The Moon - @bymoonchild (KTH × reader)
enemies to lovers. do i really have to elaborate on this?
you get to see soft!taehyung and also like jock!taehyung all in one !!
i felt shy reading this. was super absorbed.
ooh and it’s smutty too! 
it’s relatively long (we’re talking 19.6k words besties) but wow the build up, the plot the everything is peak!!!
Paper Cranes - @aquaminwrites (KTH × reader)
we are talking best friends to lovers. some next level fluff. kim taehyung is completely to die for here. i kid you not.
made me wish someone would like me this much lol.
i felt the butterflies reading this. got some post reading depression after this,,,
18.3k words about how you n kth are like the best in the world?? so like go read?!!
anti-baby fever - @gashinabts (JJK × reader)
pls this was so funny and for WHAT!?
it genuinely made me laugh out loud at 2.32 in the morning. 
okay but it’s smutty so you gotta be able to like the spice to read this
it’s also short (4.5k)!! which is a blessing if you are planning to read smth real quick before going to bed!!
but i found myself relating to this though bcs i do not want to have babies unless it’s w bts :’) 
SIN CITY - @btssmutgalore (PJM × reader)
okAY YALL so this is the one thing that lives in my head rent free. istg there was a period a while back when i went on a social media cleanse or smth but i just had to go back onto tumblr to get updates on this
genuinely the one thing that keeps me going
it’s completed so u can experience all the emotions in one sitting if you are up for that. 
has my whole heart.
dear @btssmutgalore i love you for writing this. pls marry me.
and yes it is spicy my dears. very spicy.
you do get a decent amt of fluff n angst ish n smut so yes it covers all bases.
and you get sum dancing jimin :>
you won’t be able to control yourself istg pls go and read. 
Waking Up Next To The Sun - @houseofwhalien (JHS × reader)
this do be wholesome hours w bby jung hoseok
wholesome morning becomes spicy morning and then back to wholesome morning
okay and this is truly the duality of jung hoseok. like i can literally picture the man being exactly like this
is a short 1.8k of sunshine to bless yall !
Interrupted - @kimnjss (JHS × reader)
let me get yall with this. this is actual spice spice. we are talking extra chilli pepper flakes. 
i’m not usually one for something that is just full on spice but like i was feeling sum typa way when i read this. 
it’s idol!jhope in here who also turns out is your boyfriend. istg y/n do be the luckiest uGH.
it isn’t too long (4.3K words) so it works as a quick read to convince your brain to have some sexy hoseok dreams.
there was a bug - @kimnjss (KNJ × reader)
i felt frustrated reading this man. like the push and pull - istg my girl y/n and kimnamjoon really needa get their shit tgt. 
this was so dirty and for WHAT!! making me shy in bed when i’m all alone with my phone hngghh
has quite a bit of angst and fluff but it’s worth it. the 7k words are all worth it.
baby, my baby - @pjimims (JJK × reader)
okay this was something i read years ago but as i was scrolling through the things i liked i found it again! 
thought it was quite cute
i mean come on dad!jungkook is to die for
am kinda sad they aren't writing anymore fics tho :"(
Angel in the Darkness - @icyhobi (JJK × reader)
okay this made me go oop
i remember seeing like part 3 and i was like okay gna wait for it to be a completed fic before i start reading. and i finally got around to reading it yesterday.
mafia!jungkook is kinda my thing now i guess idk
also wth they all be so sneaky sneaky about everything
will make u go omg out loud
anyway i think i am going to hv I trust issues now (finish reading it and you'll know what i mean by this)
Meet The Parents - @btssaysstudy (KNJ × reader)
idk what it was about this that made me feel very warm but i liked it a lot
it's super short and wholesome
and idk it's nice to think that our dear kim namjoon would be like this 
cute read for when you're busy and need a short burst of fluff to get you through the day
Serving Bitterness - @guksthighs (KSJ × reader)
let me start off by saying this is like the first seokjin fic im recommending omg
this is a super short one (1.8k words) so it's something that you can probably squeeze in during the busy mornings. 
let me first start off by saying y/n is really not here to play lol
also you do gonna be experiencing some second hand embarrassment at the end of it though oof
but yes pls read it was kinda cute, kinda wish it was longer though 
do you want me (dead?) - @gukyi (JJK × reader)
this is a hogwarts au story!!!
dont you just love ravenclaw seeker mr jjk bcs im obsessed!!!!
v cute fic honestly
10/10 wld recommend
pls give it a read hehe
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sleepdeprivedsloth · 5 months ago
Cold Foot
[MHA - Midoriya, Todoroki]
summary: Todoroki is caught walking around with a sock covering only one of his feet. Midoriya is determined to figure out the reasoning behind his unusual clothing choices. (platonic TodoDeku tickle fic)
potential warnings: tickling
words: 1.4 k
a/n: haha finally branching out into the dekusquad characters bc they are so sweet and i love them!! but yeah i hope you all enjoy reading this, much love <<33
The first time Todoroki walked out of his dorm room with a sock on only one of his feet, everyone thought it was just a silly oversight. It was still pretty early in the morning; maybe his brain just needed a bit more time to fully wake up and realize that he hadn’t exactly finished getting dressed.
The second time he was caught walking around half-barefoot, Todoroki received a few confused glances, but the majority of his peers chose to cut him some slack and let him be. It was a Saturday after all; maybe he was just too lazy to be bothered.
However, when his classmates passed through the common area and saw Todoroki lounging on the couch, both feet outstretched but only one wearing a plain white sock for the third time, they started to suspect that these occurrences weren’t accidental. Most had paused for a moment to take in Todoroki’s abnormal clothing choices, looking upon the scene with complete and utter confusion, but ultimately decided that it was best to just let the fire and ice hero-in-training do his own thing.
Not Midoriya though. Much like his peers, the green-haired boy had stopped and stared for a few seconds to internally ponder on the different possibilities as to why Todoroki chose to only cover up one foot, but it didn’t take long for his curiosity to inevitably get the better of him.
Midoriya casually made his way towards Todoroki and settled himself on the couch, sitting beside the intriguingly half-socked feet. Feeling the cushions shift from the added weight, Todoroki looked up from his phone and peered at Midoriya expectantly. “Can I help you with something, Midoriya?”
“Why are you wearing a sock on only one of your feet?” Midoriya promptly asked, as if he was anxiously waiting for his friend to acknowledge his presence. His green eyes subconsciously moved their curious gaze to the feet in question. “At first, I thought that the need to put on the other sock just slipped your mind, but you’re more attentive than that. You wouldn’t have missed something as simple as a missing sock. But then again-” Midoriya looked back up sheepishly as he stopped himself from going on a full-on rant, having to mentally refocus himself on the matter at hand. “A-anyways, I was just wondering why you only wear one sock, that’s all.”
Todoroki’s lips curled up slightly when Midoriya pulled himself out of his rambling. “Since the right side of my body can manipulate ice, my right foot doesn’t get cold like my left one does. There just simply is no need for me to wear a sock on that foot.”
And with that, Midoriya’s brain switched into research mode. He reached out and grabbed onto Todoroki’s right, unsocked foot, turning it around in his hands as he started inspecting it. “Huh, I never thought of it like that. But it does make sense, more so than the far-fetched theories that I had come up with..” 
In his peripheral vision, Midoriya saw Todoroki tense up, his nervous eyes trained on the foot that was trapped in Midoriya’s grasp. The green-haired boy could just barely make out the slightest hint of a giddy smile on his friend’s lips.
It didn’t take long for Midoriya to piece the subtle signs together. A mischievous glint flashed across his playful eyes as he set his new plan into motion. “Hey Todoroki, you wouldn’t mind if I were to experiment a bit with this new found information, right? It would be a great addition to my notes on your unique half and half quirk.”
Todoroki looked a bit uneasy at the thought of Midoriya performing hands-on research on him, but inevitably agreed. “Sure, I don’t mind.” He tried to relax himself and picked up his phone, resuming his mindless scrolling from before. Midoriya just wanted more accurate and detailed notes, that’s all. What was the worst that could happen?
“Great~” Midoriya laid a hand across Todoroki’s ankles, effectively pinning them down against the couch cushions. 
Todoroki’s head shot up to look at his trapped feet, eyes widening in surprise. “W-wait, Midoriya, what are you-”
“We already know that your fire side is more sensitive to the cold, but I wonder if it’s also more sensitive to touch…” Midoriya slowly dragged a finger down the length of Todoroki’s socked foot, starting just underneath his toes and traveling down to the heel. Up and down, over and over, again and again.
Todoroki choked on the laughter that was trying to force its way out of his throat as he instinctively tried to pull his feet away from the soft touches. Unfortunately for him, both feet were kept firmly in place by Midoriya’s strong hold. A small string of giggles escaped his lips when the torturous finger swiped against a particularly sensitive spot in the middle of his arch. “Nohohohoho! Midohohoriyahahaha!!”
Midoriya smiled at the sweet sound of his friend’s rare laughter, but he couldn’t break character just yet. “How does this feel? What would you rate the sensations on a scale from one to ten?”
With his mind being preoccupied with the soft, tickly feelings on his left foot, Todoroki genuinely couldn’t tell if Midoriya was purposefully teasing him or was just honestly curious about how much he could feel the sensations. Either way, the green-haired boy’s words caused a light blush to spread across his grinning face. “I dohohon’t knohow?”
Midoriya stopped the light tracing in favor of gently scribbling his five fingers against the socked sole. “How about now?”
Todoroki’s laughter raised an octave as his squirming became more desperate. “Ohokahahay okahahahay! Mahahahaybe a seheheven?”
“Hmm, interesting…” Midoriya momentarily stilled his fingers, allowing his friend a quick breather. “Let’s check your other foot now, shall we?”
A fresh wave of giddy panic flowed through Todoroki’s body. “Noho need! Haven’t yohou done enohough experimenting?” He started to lean forward and reach towards Midoriya, trying to grab ahold of his troublesome hands, but immediately fell back down the moment he felt fingers fluttering against his bare foot. “NOHOHOHOHO!!”
“Sorry, but we must compare the ratings of both feet to get the most accurate results,” Midoriya explained sympathetically, but both boys knew that he wasn’t really sorry. “Now, how would you rate the sensations on this foot?”
Todoroki tugged desperately at his feet, but Midoriya’s hold seemed unbreakable, especially since his own strength had been weakened from all of the squirming and laughing. He wrapped his arms tightly around his torso, as if to hold in the uncontrollable flow of laughter that left his face-splitting smile. “MIDOHOHOHORIYAHAHA PLEHEHEHEASE, IHIHIHIHIT TIHIHIHICKLES! LEHEHEHEHET GOHOHOHOHO!!”
“My research isn’t complete yet, Todoroki!” Midoriya wiggled his fingers in between Todoroki’s scrunched toes. The fire and ice student threw his head back, his roars of laughter becoming even more hysterical. Midoriya beamed fondly at the sight of his friend finally letting loose from his much-too-serious persona. “If you would just rate how this feels, it would all be over~”
“AHAHAHAHA TEHEHEHEN! IHIHIHIHIT’S AHAHAHA TEHEHEN! PLEHEHEASE STAHAHAHAHAP!!” Todoroki called out, eyes squeezed shut to prevent his mirthful tears from spilling onto his flushed cheeks.
Midoriya stopped his tickling and brought both arms back down into his lap, giving his friend’s feet the freedom to move. Todoroki instantly brought his legs against his heaving chest and wrapped his arms around them protectively, resting his head on top of his knees.
With a victorious smile, Midoriya exclaimed, “Based on all of the research you have so generously helped me gather, I can now confidently conclude that your ice foot is definitely more sensitive to touch than your fire foot!”
“That’s nohot exactly accurate,” Todoroki argued, mindlessly tracing along the veins in the top of his right foot with an index finger. “My ‘ice foot,’ as you like to call it, was unsocked during the whole experiment. So of course it was going to be more sensitive than my-” Todoroki caught his mistake too late as he cautiously brought his gaze back up to look at Midoriya’s reaction. To his dismay, he was immediately met with the same mischievous green eyes from before.
“You’re absolutely right, Todoroki!” Midoriya agreed, slowly inching himself closer to his classmate. “We just simply need more data and then-”
Todoroki didn’t waste another precious second. He instantly leaped off of the couch and bolted out of the common area towards the elevator, already giggling uncontrollably as he heard Midoriya’s teasing words not too far behind him.
a/n: thanks for reading everyone! ler midoriya is just *chef’s kiss* i love him okay? omg and when characters who don’t really smile much (cough cough todo and baku) genuinely laugh it is so cute i can’t!! lol anyways good night/day yall :)
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immabiteyou · 7 months ago
Stress Relief Part 2
Tumblr media
Soobin x Reader x Yeonjun
Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff WC: 7.7k
TW: Switch Soobin, Dom Yeonjun, Switch Fem reader, Voyeurism, guilt, public masturbation, watching porn, fingering, oral (m & f), nipple play, teasing, minor boy x boy, overstimulation, cum play, squirting, handys, breeding kink, creampie, drinking, 3some, unprotected sex (always use a condom!), minor dirty talk, begging (if there's anything I missed please let me know)
A/N: this is totally unedited so hopefully yall don't struggle through it XD this 3k oneshots somehow doubled lol but hey at least there's a lot of smut XD ENJOY! I hope yall like it, any feedback is much appreciated!
Taglist: @txtarcadianet @kpopscape @kwritersworld​ @hyeyoonwrites @kthpurplesyou @whetkafeck @txtmoalove @lovesickchoi To my TXT fellow thirsting friends! I hope yall like it :P
Synopsis: Filthy smut fun with your Boyfriend Soobin and his bestfriend Yeonjun, the aftermath after Yeonjun accidently watched the both of you fucking. 
Stress Relief - Read Part One Here
Tumblr media
Running into the elevator, Yeonjun, is trying to catch his breath, he leans on one hand against the wall of the metal box as the memory of what just happened floods his mind. His adrenaline is pumping and his face flushes pink as the erotic image of you in sexy lace underwear and your mouth wrapped around his best friend's dick floods his mind. Yeonjun subconsciously groans out, eyes rolling back as a rush of blood flows towards his groin. He's trying his best to NOT think about you in that way, but your fucked out face, he can't erase it, he just can't unsee it and it's pure torture for him, sexy forbidden torture. 
His erection is so apparent now he figured he needs to calm down before leaving the building and embarrassing himself in public, at least this is what he's telling himself. He sends a text to the other boys waiting for him at the café nearby that he's on the way but might need to stop somewhere real quick. Where he does go is the men's restroom of the apartment complex on the first floor for guests to use. Heading in there he checks all the stalls to make sure no one is there and goes into one in the far back corner. He locks the stall and leans back against the metal walls sighing in relief when his hand starts to rub himself through his jeans. Unzipping and releasing his erection he starts to stroke himself, his head being thrown back, as he hisses at the cold air and skin contact. 
Yeonjun thumbs his tip’s pre cum down his shaft to help lubricate himself. Suddenly the image of you on your knees kneeling before him, as you suck him off floods his mind. He really shouldn't, but he can't help himself, he imagines you blowing him like you were sucking off Soobin. Profanities leaves his lips as he finishes, cumming into toilet paper and he cleans himself up before leaving the stall. Yeonjun checks himself in the mirror to make sure he looks presentable. His cheeks still tinged with a pink making himself stare a little longer reminding him of how your face was flushed with heat. He shakes his head frantically, "NO, I need to stop this." Yeonjun slaps himself on the cheeks a few times to snap out of it. "This is wrong...this is the only time." He nods to himself as if making a promise to himself, which he will later realize he cannot keep.
Few weeks have passed, now the boys are in the waiting room of one of the music shows just hanging out waiting for their turn to film. You were feeling extra horny at home thinking about your boyfriend railing you so you decide to send Soobin a naughty photo. It was on the crotch of your cute floral panties and in the center there’s a soaked wet stain from how horny you are.
“I miss my Binnie…” is what your text says, as Soobin curses to himself staring at the sexy photo you sent him. Yeonjun being all curious looks over the taller ones shoulder and gets a glimpse of the erotic photo. 
Soobin catches Yeonjun peering over and quickly pulls his phone away hiding it against his chest. He doesn’t want others seeing photos of you that you sent him in confidence.
“Yeonjun! You scared me...did you see it??”
“I mean maybe, what? y/n sent you a dirty photo or something?” the older one teases. 
“I mean yeah...she’s been so naughty lately…” Soobin gets excited thinking about it and chuckles softly his mind wandering on about how he wants to fuck you when he gets home. He does have his worries though, since you’re such an adventurous lover.
“I mean you’re lucky, blessed with such a great girlfriend.” Yeonjun says trying to be a supportive caring friend. 
“She is really great isn’t’s just sometimes I worry I don’t satisfy her sexual appetite.” Soobin starts to have a distressed look on his face. Yeonjun tries his best to comfort his best friend. 
“I mean I’m sure you’re pleasing her just fine.” Yeonjun tries to reassure Soobin.
“Yeah...I think maybe we might try adding a 3rd person to get things interesting...she really wants to try a threesome, I just don’t know how i feel about her getting fucked by some person i don’t know that’s kinda weird. I think I'll feel more comfortable if it's someone I trust…” Soobin says as he rubs the back of neck laughing that he just said something like that to Yeonjun.
Yeonjun is trying his hardest not to be like, Can that person be me?? While he would not dare ever ask Soobin, he doesn’t want to hurt him in any way. He probably means someone else right, he’s not hinting that to be me right? Yeonjun shoves his thoughts aside. 
“Wow, you’ll really let another guy fuck Y/N?” Now Yeonjun is also curious and surprised by Soobin’s comments. 
“I mean it doesn’t really bother me, I think it’ll be kind of hot actually…what am I saying? Haha'' Soobin laughs it off. “As long as she’s happy I’m happy too. Just can’t catch feelings...That’s probably my only rule. I want her to fullfill her sexual fantasies but it’ll have to be strictly sex only, thats why I feel like it has to be someone I trust too…” Soobin looks worried again. 
“Bro you’re overthinking. I’m sure there’s someone that fits that role for you both.” Yeonjun pats Soobin on the back trying to not think about fucking you and being a better friend. The thing is Yeonjun and you are good friends, he finds you to be a very cool person and honestly never seen you in that light until that day. And ever since he can’t get it out of his mind. He doesn’t have feelings, just sexual needs. He throws it down to being he simply is just very sexually frustrated and needs to get laid is what he needs. He just needs this day to be over so he can go home, put on a good porn and just have a good jacking off session. 
Showbank’s PD’s call them out to get ready since they’re going to go film soon. Soobin agrees he’s probably overthinking and is thankful for how supportive Yeonjun is being with him. 
“Thanks hyung for listening to me. Sorry if its weird talking to you about y/n and our sex life…” Soobin reaches over and gives Yeonjun a quick hug making the older one smile. 
“Nah you’re good Binz, you’re my best friend, you can talk to me about anything.” Yeonjun hugs Soobin tighter making the taller one squeal out. 
“Can you two stop kissing and get out here already, we’re gonna be up soon!” yells Beomgyu. 
The two boys chuckle and head out to the stage with their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders running after Beomgyu threatening to give him kisses. 
Tumblr media
It’s been one of the heavy stressful months again and you managed to get Kai to find an opening in their schedule where the dorms would be free and Soobin got home first so you could surprise him with some sexy time. 
“Babe…” as you’re only in Soobin’s giant t-shirt, legs spread on his bed while you touch yourself through your cotton panties as Soobin walks through his bedroom doors. 
“Fuccck Y/N…when did you...omg…” Soobin’s eyes practically roll back as he growls and pounces on you. You look so sexy laid out on his bed like that, just waiting to be fucked. Soobin starts to kiss and nip on your soft skin making you mewl out. His large hands caress your soft mounds kneading them and pinching your nipples. You thrust your hips towards his body seeking more friction. Of course Soobin complies, reaching down and ripping your panties away. 
“My princess needs to get fucked huh? Been just waiting for me all needy and wet.” Soobin chuckles in a low tone and continues to nip on your exposed skin pulling off your t-shirt exposing your naked form to him. You giggle with excitement at how riled up he is. I should surprise him more often like this. You think to yourself.
“Binnie fuck me please...I need you…” you plead to your boyfriend as he starts to strip down ready to fuck you deep into the mattress. 
Unfortunately Kai can’t predict unplanned circumstances and Yeonjun’s schedule ended up getting cancelled so the older boy headed back to the dorms as well. Yeonjun enters and decides to go scare Soobin thinking his best friend is probably already napping after finishing his shoot. However when he approaches Soobin’s room he hears noises he wishes he could unhear. 
Your loud moans and yelling Soobin’s name while your boyfriend pounds into your tight hole. Yeonjun can hear the skin slapping and the wet noises of your pussy being filled to the brim. He leans against the door frame trying to leave but he can’t seem to move his body. He lingers and listens to Soobin fucking you so well. He can already feel the blood running towards his groin, his body filled with desire and arousal. Yeonjun presses his forehead against the door, his breathing gets heavy, he’s not even touching himself yet and he’s just getting so worked up listening to his best friend fuck his girlfriend. “I gotta stop doing this…” Yeonjun says to himself. 
After lingering for a good few minutes he shakes his head to wake himself from the lusty haze and heads back to his own room. He shuts the door quietly so you both don’t hear he’s home. He climbs in bed and starts to browse the internet trying to distract himself and erase the noises and images he’s developed in his mind of the two of you fucking. The problem is Yeonjun still shares a wall with Soobin and the apartment walls are incredibly thin. 
Soobin’s pounding you so hard that the bed frame starts hitting the wall, your pants and moans increase as you get fucked deeper and harder. Your loud moans alone could make Yeonjun cum. He couldn’t help himself and started to palm his sensitive cock. Finally caving into his desires he quickly took off his pants and wrapped his hand around his leaking dick and starts to fuck himself into his hand. Imagining filthy things, like how Soobin is railing you, the fucked out look on your face, how your sexy body is bouncing on Soobin’s dick. How much he wants to be the one fucking you. This is the last time he promises himself, I can’t keep doing this…
Tumblr media
Walking into the hallway to use the toilet you end up running into Yeonjun as he exits the steamy bathroom. He only has a large white towel wrapped around his waist with another smaller one around his neck drying his hair. He doesn’t notice you as first until he hears you awkwardly clear your throat to make your presence known. Yeonjun was too busy browsing his phone's music library in one hand while the other was absentmindedly drying his hair. Waterdrops still sit on his light skin glistening on his very apparent abs. When did Yeonjun get so ripped? Taehyun and him have been going to the gym a lot lately. Yeonjun stands in the hallway frozen with you only a few feet away. The tension between the two of you feels almost surreal, it's broken when you hear Soobin’s voice from behind you.
“Hyung! Seriously, how are you getting hotter everyday?!” As your boyfriend wraps his long limbs around your shoulders from behind and rests his head on your shoulder. 
“Yeonjun’s getting too sexy nowadays right Y/N?” Soobin pokes as he glances at the side of your face and gives you a quick peck, shocking you awake from your frozen state. 
“Uhh yeah...he is.” You didn’t wanna lie, but you didn’t want it to make it too obvious either. Yeonjun’s sexy, that is fact, any sane person would be attracted to that man. 
“Mmm maybe I should go to the gym with them…” As Soobin pokes at his own belly and his cute one pack. You quickly catch this and turn around squeezing your boyfriend's face in your hands and plant a big fat kiss on his pouty lips.
“Uhh you’re perfect. You don’t need abs like Yeonjun.” Soobin’s eyes are big and filled with love now, he was only teasing himself, he probably only meant half of it. You know he has his own insecurities and the last thing you want is to ever have him feel inadequate when he is literally the most perfect loving boyfriend anyone could ever have. 
“Aww babe!” Soobins grip around you grows tighter and he starts to plaster kisses all over your face and head. When the both of you break your cute moment when you hear Yeonjun clearing his throat.
“Soobs can do it if he really wants it too! It's worth it…” As Yeonjun smirks and smacks his abs a few times showing it off making Soobin and you scoff at the older boy. 
“Hyung come here.” Soobin beckons Yeonjun as he gets close enough Soobin starts groping Yeonjun’s abs making the older boy laugh from the ticklish feeling. 
“Feels nice right?” Yeonjun chuckles at his best friend and Soobin nods like a giddy puppy. 
Without saying anything Soobin takes your hand to touch Yeonjun’s abs too and you stand there feeling so awkward at first. Soobin is holding one of your hand guiding it and touching the older ones slowly, the air grows so still. Yeonjun and your eyes are locked and you don’t even know how to react. Soobin watches the both of you and just softly chuckles to himself. He’s noticed the building tension between you two as of late but he wasn’t exactly sure if it was in his head or it was really happening. 
Hueningkai comes out of his room, “Wow hyung! Why are you all Men’s Health model on us right now?” and the young one joins and purposely groping and attacking Yeonjun’s exposed skin making the older one start to flinch and giggle from basically being groped and tickled. The sexual tension now gone and it’s become a torture fest on Yeonjun’s half naked body. 
The attack was quick and swift allowing chaos to ensue fairly quickly, a silly gesture of tickling went overboard because these boys don’t know how to hold back and as Yeonjun struggle intensified his towel eventually gets caught and tugged on and falls onto the hallway floor. Everyone freezes in shock, Yeonjun turns beet red and screeches. Your eyes grow wide on what you’ve just been exposed to and quickly turn your face shoving it into Soobin’s chest. 
“YAAAAH!!!” Yeonjun yells as he scrambles to grab the towel that fell to cover himself back up. The awkward silence is quickly replaced with laughter and smacks. Yeonjun smacks his roommates and awkwardly apologizes to you and rushes into his room slamming the door shut.
“It’s safe babe.” As Soobin and Hueningkai are still laughing their asses off trying to catch their breath. Later that night as you’re cuddling with Soobin in his bed he asks you something unexpected.
“Babe, are you attracted to Yeonjun?” Soobin asks you calmly and strokes soft touches on your arm as you both lay on your sides facing each other. You try to read his face, he doesn’t seem jealous or something just peaceful and curious?
“Umm...that’s random. Is it because of what happened today? You know I don't like Yeonjun like that, you’re the one I love you know that right?” You try to assure your sweet boyfriend.
“Oh I know. Don’t worry I’m not feeling insecure...just I noticed the both of you have been kinda weird lately. It’s okay if you are attracted to Yeonjun, I mean sometimes I think I am…” Soobin laughs awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck looking away now.
“Wait what? What do you mean…” Now you’re not sure if you should be concerned. Does your boyfriend have a crush on his best friend???
“Nooo it's not like that, don't look at me weird like that. He’s a sexy guy. I totally acknowledge that and he’s my best friend. Of course I’m attracted to him because he has a charm not a lot of people have.” Soobin tries to convince you but you keep teasing him to avoid answering the question. 
“Babe…” Soobin pokes your side wanting an answer.
“I mean yeah...but like you said he’s hot, that’s undeniable.” your eyes wander away and you wrap your leg around Soobin’s waist pulling him closer to you. 
“Have you ever thought of Yeonjun in like...a sexual way?” Soobin’s cheeks are turning a soft pink. You feel the heat emitting from his shyness and it's so damn cute. Now you’re really curious where your boyfriend is taking this question. Your eyebrows furrow slightly confused and wonder what exactly your boyfriend is thinking.
“Like if you have...would ever...wanna…” Seeing your sweet boyfriend be so shy is so endearing. 
“Binnie, just tell me...what is it?” as you stroke the side of his cheek caressing it with your fingertips and you boop his cute nose making him giggle softly. 
“If Yeonjun would want too...but of course I would never ask him unless you were totally okay with it. I just know you always wanted to try this when we talked about our fantasies and things we wanna try...and got me thinking about it and I just want you happy like feel sexually satisfied...I know i’m kinda new to this stuff but I wanna try…and like I just...I wanna keep things interesting and the only person i trust with you is Yeonjun and I just...I just...” you can’t help but smile at how loving and caring your boyfriend is being with your sexual needs. Pressing a finger to his plush lips shutting him up.
“Binnie...are you asking me if it's okay to have a threesome with Yeonjun??” You can’t help but bust out laughing totally caught off guard by this confession. You thought your boyfriend was feeling insecure but instead he just wants to get into some kinky stuff with you and you’re overjoyed along with melting from how adorable he is asking you about this.
“Is that weird? We don’t have to...I just thought the idea sounded sexy…” Soobin dismisses the idea but you shortly correct him.
“No of course it’s not weird. I’m so glad my baby wants to try new things with me...and yeah... having a threesome is something I’ve always wanted to try too…” You can’t help feeling a little shy about it now too, you can feel your face heat up from the idea of being ravished by two men. You fiddle at Soobin’s pajamas collar as he finally tilts your chin up to look at him again.
“So that’s a yes?” His gaze is lusty and almost mischievous, that shy boy suddenly disappeared. You nod your head as he pulls you into a kiss. His lips softly meet yours as you feel Soobin slide his tongue into your mouth and you suck on it gently. He sighs into your kiss as the both of you slowly make out, both feeling horny with the idea of trying something new in the bedroom.
Tumblr media
Few Days later
Soobin pushes through Yeonjun’s bedroom door while looking at his iPhone screen of a list of food to order for dinner. He was going to ask Yeonjun what the older boy wanted to eat but then caught Yeonjun in the middle of a private moment. 
“SOOBIN OMG!” As Yeonjun quickly pulls his blanket over his lap covering his hard cock that he’d been pumping while watching an x-rated video on his phone, totally not thinking about fucking you.
Soobin breaks out in laughter shutting the door behind him. He just plops himself belly down onto his best friend's bed laying on the spare side of the bed. Yeonjun just glares laser beams at Soobin for not taking the cue to leave and let himself get off. He’s been so stressed with work lately, on top of you running through his mind 24/7 when he’s feeling horny his imagination can’t but help flash back to the moments he saw you riding his best friend. 
However, at this very moment he was almost annoyed at Soobin for interrupting. He adjusted himself and put his phone down on his lap crossing his arms waiting for Soobin to tell him whatever that’s so important he couldn’t finish jacking off. 
“Soobs this better be important…I’m busy.” As Yeonjun holds up his porno video and nods at his half hard dick now. Soobin can’t help but break out in laughter again kicking his feet while smacking his free hand onto the bed. 
“Hyung I just wanted to see what you wanted to eat, but now I can see you were wanting to eat something else…hehe” Soobin breaks out into a chuckle amused at his own pun as he stares at his best friend's frozen stoic face. Yeonjun’s smile curls up on his lip and chuckles from Soobin’s dirty pun. 
“Wanna watch?” As Yeonjun picks up his phone and turns the volume up filling the room now with the moans and groans of two people fucking. Soobin scoots closer to Yeonjun to get a better look at the video. Both men sit in silence watching this girl get fucked from behind into the couch. When out of nowhere the guy’s roommate shows up and becomes a third in this sexual sequence. Soobin gulped and cleared his throat, his body tensing from the excitement of the scenario presented to him. He knew was curious about it but now he’s about to watch it happen, it riled him up a bit. As things started to get more heated the roommate was about to get ready to fuck the girlfriend but then Hueningkai’s face appears on Yeonjun’s phone and it starts vibrating.
“FUCK seriously!” Both boys groan in annoyance of the interruption. Yeonjun slides the dial green to answer the call. 
“Yo, this better be important.” Yeonjun groans as Hueningkai’s voice comes out of the speaker. 
“YES DINNER we’re gonna order a ddeokbokki, soondae, chicken, and bingsu, sounds good? I gotta tell Manager-nim what to get us. HURRY UP HYUNG!!” Screeches the young one as he laughs and the older boys hear rustling and muffled noises from the phone and Kai screaming the distance. And then the call disconnects and goes back to the porn video. Yeonjun and Soobin just glance at each other and break out laughing.
“I bet Beomgyu attacked him and that’s why his call ended.” Yeonjun says making Soobin laugh even harder. Yeonjun presses play again on the streaming video to resume but it gets hindered when Soobin starts clearing his throat to get his best friend’s attention.
“Hyung, would ever wanna try that?” Soobin asks while observing Yeonjun’s face to see how the older one would react. Yeonjun is a little surprised and pauses the video again and turns to question his best friend what he’s going on about.
“I mean yeah...that’s pretty hot. I mean would you?” looking at Soobin curiously, like what brought this up besides a porn video. 
“Would you want to try that with y/n and me…” Soobin shyly asks his large hands fiddle with the blanket fabric on Yeonjun’s bed and his gaze is nowhere near Yeonjun, afraid his best friend will think he’s some weirdo for asking this. “I mean it’s totally cool if you don’t want’s just you’re the only person I trust and feel comfortable doing that with...but yeah no that’s totally weird i don’t even know why i asked...i’m gonna--” Soobin’s rant gets cut off when Yeonjun mutters a yes. Soobin cocks his head up and finally looks back at his best friend, surprised by the answer.
“Ahem...I mean yeah that’s super hot. Is y/n okay with that?” Yeonjun wonders as Soobin nods happily. 
“Y/n she’s totally down! OMG hyung seriously? Lemme tell y/n!” Soobin jumps outta the bed to text you the news. Yeonjun is still slightly confused and in shock by the conversation that just went down. “Hyung I’ll text you more about it later okay! But i’m excited!” Soobin skips out of his best friend's bedroom like Yeonjun just agreed to go to an amusement park with him rather than agreeing to having a 3some with his girlfriend. 
Tumblr media
You light some aromatic candles and turn on the fairy lights you bought for Soobin to decorate his room. Turning off the bedroom’s lights, the whole ambience really helped set the mood. You didn’t really know what to expect as you were waiting for the boys to get home from work. You had picked out a cute lilac silky baby doll dress with a pair of lacey white panties. You grab one of Soobin’s cardigans to wear, feeling cold and a tad nervous about the whole thing. 
You brought wine and soju as well in case you needed the liquid courage and right you felt like maybe you did. You’ve never imagined fucking Yeonjun and now it’s becoming a reality so you’re worried it would get weird but then at the same time you’re super excited for it. Shaking the nerves out, you pull out a small paper cup from the stuff you brought and pour yourself some sweet soju and take a big gulp. You let out a big satisfied groan as the  bitter cold liquid slowly runs down  your throat, feeling a slight burn, while it warms your throat and belly. As from the 
You look at your phone to see the time, it's about when they should be heading home when you see a text from Soobin that they’re on their way. He sends a locker room shower photo to you with Yeonjun and him in only a towel wrapped around their waist, their hair damp from what it looks like they just got out of the shower. Yeonjun’s smiling while biting his lower lip making him look extra fucking sexy. Your boyfriend did his best serious sexy face and honestly he’s mastered it but you just know right after the photo he broke out into his cute bunny smile. Soon after you get that exact photo, same situation but now Soobin’s dimpled smirk is plastered across his handsome face as Yeonjun remains with his sexy demeanor. You can’t help but giggle at their duality. Your thighs squeeze together realizing these two gorgeous men will be ravaging you very soon. You pour yourself another small cup and sip on it while texting Soobin back. 
Playing one of your sex jams playlist music fills the room as you sit back against the headboard and browse your phone while sipping your soju. The two handsome men burst through the bedroom surprising you, making you spill your cup of soju all over your chest. 
“OMG guys…you scared me!” The two boys just smirk and softly chuckle at your clumsiness. They put down their bag and started to take off their jackets. 
“Hey there clumsy.” Soobin comes over to you giving you a chaste kiss on the lips as he grabs some tissue to help clean you up when you feel the other side of the bed dip and Yeonjun is right next to you now. 
“Lemme get that…” Yeonjun looks over at Soobin playfully as your boyfriend grins at his best friend and nods in approval. Before you realize it you feel Yeonjun’s warm velvet tongue lick your soft skin, lapping up the cold bitter liquid. Soobin joins him and starts kissing your neck, nipping and licking down towards your breasts that’s only covered by the drenched silky fabric. After sucking gently on your nipple over the material he leans back to get a good look at the situation of his best friend slowly kissing and licking your collarbone and shoulder. Your head is pressed back against the headboard, your eyes squeezed shut enjoying all sensible pleasures. 
The soju soaked area clings to your skin and especially on the nipple where Soobin’s lips once were. Soobin lips his plump lips as the bulge in his sweatpants grows harder as each moment passes. His hand naturally starts massaging his throbbing cock through the cotton material. Rubbing and occasionally using his middle and forefinger to drag against his hardness. Soobin was a bit surprised at how horny this entire situation is making him. He could just get off like this and be completely satisfied. 
You reach out towards Soobin grabbing his shirt and tugging him back over to you, capturing your boyfriend's plump lips with yours. Tongues playfully massaging each other as Soobin’s large hand captures your other neglected soft breasts. Yeonjun was enjoying himself suckling and biting on your other soft mounds. Yeonjun’s eyes look over at his best friend making out with you as his large hand pinches and grope at your bosom. Breaking your kiss as you lean back and guide your boyfriend’s fingers down towards your heat.
“Hyung, she likes it when we use our fingers…” Soobin smirks at his best friend and Yeonjun understands and returns a naughty grin. Soobin’s long fingers start sliding against your soaking core through the lacey material. When you feel more sensual pressure and you look over and see Yeonjun’s joined in grazing your inner thighs and massaging your lips inching closer to the center where Soobin’s fingers continue to tease you, you’re dripping through the lace arousing both men even more now. Soobin pushes the lace to one side allowing his fingers to finally feel you entirely rubbing up and down your folds occasionally rubbing your nub pushing your head space into cloud nine.
“Fuck Binnie...don’t tease…please…” your hand glides into the back of your boyfriend's hair massaging the back of his neck gently as you graze your fingernails onto his scalp making Soobin moan into your touch. He flashes you a sweet smirk and leans towards your sweet cunt and starts licking and sucking on your nub, his tongue pushes into your walls making you squeeze and need more. Bucking your hips up as Yeonjun instinctively uses one hand to push your thigh down closest to him. His other hand still massages the outer areas of your lower lips. 
Soobin parting from your wet heat, he takes Yeonjun’s hand and guides it towards your entrance. Older one intuitively directs two long fingers into your cunt. As he curls his fingers rubbing against your sweet spot you can’t help but moan out both their names. As Yeonjun fingers you, Soobin places his strong hand on your other thigh pushing you back down as he sucks and kisses on the soft skin of your thigh. He leans back towards your heat and flicks his tongue on your nub while Yeonjun keeps finger fucking you. Your mind is going hazy filled with lust and pleasure, its almost feels like really good torture. The fire is building in your core running down your body, down your limbs, making your toes curl. 
Soobin sucks more harshly on your nub as his tongue glides all over your folds, his tongue sweeps over Yeonjun’s fingers coated with your arousal. When you look over at the two, Yeonjun's a bit surprised but also clearly turned on by the growing bulge in his pants. He pulls his fingers slightly out of you making you whimper at the loss of touch and Soobin starts to lap up the sticky wetness on his best friend's fingers. Soobin flashes a smirk at you and then his best friend and pushes a finger into you. Yeonjun and Soobin smile at each other knowingly as they both finger fuck you.
“FUCK--” The sight before you has your horny as ever then Soobin being all aggressive and licking your sweetness from Yeonjun’s fingers is throwing you to your edge.
“Can my princess take more?” Soobin teases, you can barely muster a yes when he pushes another finger inside you. All their fingers are filling you up so well. Your walls clench around them as they continue massaging into your sweet spot, finally pushing you to your orgasm as you let out a guttural moan and cum all over their hands.
Your chest is heaving and you finally relax a bit when you feel their fingers leave your tight hole. You want more but also feel so tired from just cumming so hard. Both men start to kiss your soft skin licking up your juices and rubbing your body gently to let you ride out your high. Your boyfriend comes up to lay down besides you and gives you a peck on the lips. You can taste the remainder of yourself from his pouty lips. 
“Did you like that?” Soobin wonders, he knows you enjoyed it but he needs that verbal affirmation from you as you nod happily pulling him for a deep kiss. 
“Binnie, Yeonjun why are yall still in your clothes?” You can’t help but be bothered by the lack of nakedness right now. 
“Oh someone's impatient?” Yeonjun finally speaks up. He’s been pretty quiet just enjoying watching everything and hearing every noise and moan that escapes you. Soobin enthusiastically gets off the bed and starts disrobing down to his tight boxer briefs. His hard dick very apparent and leaking through as you can see the visible wet mark in the front of his briefs.
“I wanna see some skin…” As you give Yeonjun a smug look and one of your hand tugs at Soobin’s waistband towards you. 
Yeonjun watches you pull your boyfriend into your grasp. Tugging down his waistband as you graze your tongue on his vlive and nip and bite at his soft skin. Soobin’s eyes closed from your touch as you use your free hand to pull his throbbing cock out. Looking over at Yeonjun locking eyes with him as you take your boyfriend's length into your mouth. Sucking and teasing at his tip. You can hear Yeonjun groan from the view as he starts to strip down as well. He takes off his t-shirt and tosses it at you, provoking you.
“Well now we’re naked, what about you?” He’s completely bare naked now as you take in the gorgeous sight of his body line and toned abs. His cock hard and out as he slowly strokes it watching you suck off your boyfriend. Soobin helps you remove your silk babydoll dress tossing back at Yeonjun’s face making all of you softly giggle. This is turning out to be way more exciting and fun than you expected. All your nervousness is gone, everything just feels so natural.
The bed dips as Yeonjun climbs back on it while Soobin is standing next to you. One hand stroking his length as you watch Yeonjun get on his knees next to you, boldly stroking himself off to the both of you. “Wanna give me a hand?” he smirks at you as you gladly take his length with your other. Looking up at your boyfriend to make sure it's okay, Soobin nods towards Yeonjun giving permission to take it further. You lick your lips as your mouth wraps around Yeonjun’s cock, he’s not as thick as Soobin but longer as you start to fully take his length in sucking him harshly while you pump both of their shafts.
Yeonjun beckons Soobin onto the bed as you feel the bed dip on the other side. Older one hand laces into Soobin’s hair and tugs him closer to him. 
“Hyung…” Soobin is a bit taken back when Yeonjun asks, “Is it okay to kiss you?” as your boyfriend is still slightly confused but very aroused and slowly nods. Your eyes cannot leave the view of your boyfriend making out with his best friend, their tongues colliding as they suck and softly kiss each other. Making you moan onto Yeonjun’s cock sending vibrations up his body. Your head bobs faster sucking harsher as you get more and more aroused pushing the older one over the edge. 
Yeonjun pulls away from Soobin, “Fuck I think I’m gonna cum--” as his dick pulls out of your mouth and Yeonjun takes his cock back, “Where do you want me to cum?” he groans as you point towards your chest and stomach. After a few more quick strokes, ropes of cream paint your tummy and breast. Leaning back against the bed frame as you feel the sticky liquid cooling on you. Some landed on your cunt as you were about to get tissue from the bedside table to wipe it up when you feel your boyfriend's velvet tongue tickle your folds. Soobin curiously laps up the cream mixed with your own sticky arousal and gives you the sweetest naughtiest smile. Yeonjun clears his throat, while smirking at Soobin, also surprised by his best friend's actions but loving every minute of it. 
“When did you get this kinky?” exclaims as he leans back against the bedframe scooching next you and leaning onto you. Yeonjun flashes you a smile and you return it with delight while you both admire the man in between your legs.
“How is my boyfriend so cute and sexy at the same time?” as Soobin gives you a few more gentle licks making you giggle and you can feel him smirk against your flesh.
“Shuddup guys…” Soobin gets a little shy and his cheeks are getting more red as he sees the way his best friend and you are looking at him. Gazes filled with lust and admiration getting him more shy and aroused at the same time. It makes him hungry for more.
“Soobin so you gonna fuck your girlfriend?” You turn your head towards Yeonjun surprised by the sudden question. Yeonjun puts his arm around you pulling you into his chest as you look up at the baby pink hair man. He leans in and kisses your lips slowly when he turns his gaze to his best friend and says, “I wanna watch you fuck y/n.” Yeonjun states so nonchalantly. His guilt from before has totally disappeared, he’s now 1000% going to savor this sexual adventure with the two of you.
Soobin quickly grabs your legs and gets on his knees getting in the center against your wet core. Pushing your legs back as he aligns with your core, rubbing his throbbing pink cock against your folds, teasing your entrance. Yeonjun and him both enjoy watching his tip taunting your tight hole. You whimper while grasping onto Soobin’s side trying to pull him closer so he would just push into you. 
“Soobin please…” you softly whimper as Yeonjun wraps his lips around your nipple and starts to suck and massage your other soft breast with his large palm. When you finally feel Soobin’s length slip into you pushing through your tight walls your head falls back into the soft pillow. Feeling his wholeness fill inside you makes you feel so damn good. As he slowly starts to thrust into you hitting your sweet spot the fire inside you starts to build more. Soobin’s hands grip onto your thighs more as he starts to pound into more and more.
“Fuck Binnie, fuck me harder…” Your hand grips into Yeonjun’s hair pushing him further into your chest as he continues to suckle and tug at your sensitive mounds. Tingles spread through your body as you shiver from the stimulation from everywhere. Soobin’s perfect strokes as he fucks harder into you hitting your sweet spot over and over again as he thumbs circles onto your nub finally pushing you over to your edge. Moaning loudly as your back arches, cumming and squirting all over Soobin’s dick and thighs. He continues his thrusts into your tight wet walls, still rubbing circles onto your nub overstimulating you, making your head and body buzz from all the sensations. You can feel a second wave of fire overflowing your body pushing into your third orgasm of the night. Yeonjun’s pulled you into a tongue filled kiss slowly deeply making out with each other as Soobin watches you cream all over his dick. 
“Fuck fuck..I’m---” From the creaming and cum all over his dick to watching his best friend fondle your breasts and make out with you is pushing him towards his peak as well. Soobin’s thrusts start to get more sloppy when he finally pumps his cream into you. Filling you up so well as he collapses into your lower half resting his head on your chest. You can feel his cock twitch a few times as he finally pulls out and you can feel his cream slowly leak out of you. Soobin leans back admiring the sight of his cum mixed with yours coming out of your sweet folds. Yeonjun looks down at the sight and groans from it as well.
“Fuck that’s hot.” Yeonjun says as he starts to stroke himself again, he leans against your ear and whispers, “You read to get fucked by me?” his teeth tugs at your soft flesh as you can feel the hot of breath down your neck making you want to feel him inside of you already. You mewl at Yeonjun’s words as you anticipate it. He directs you to turn around and get on all fours. Your ass now in the air as both Soobin and Yeonjun takes turns spanking your plump buttochs. Your face pressed into the pillow as your feel the older one rub his fingers against your folds spreading your arousal onto them as he rubs it back onto cock to get ready to fuck into your tight hole. 
“You ready?” You whimper a yes as you feel Yeonjun slam into you, his thrusts are slow at first as he adjusts and waits for you to get more comfortable. Each slam into your hole you feel him hit the back of your walls harder each time making you groan loudly into soft cotton. You feel Soobin get beside you and move your hair away from your eyes so he can see your pretty fucked out face. Tucking his fingers under your chin pulling you up towards him as he latches his plump lips to yours. When he barely breaks the kiss breathing against your lips he says,
“My baby is feeling good? You like getting fucked by Yeonjun like this hmm?” As he pulls you back into a rough passionate kiss. His tongue teasing yours as he nips and bites at you making you moan into the kiss. Soobin’s eyes are dark and hooded from the amount of horny lust overflowing him, as he parts from your sweet swollen lips he says, “You wanna be filled up some more?” As you see his large hand wrap around his once neglected cock slowly stroking himself. Pressing his tip on your eager lips, as you take him into your mouth. You start to bob your head up and down his length while you feel Yeonjun fill you up so well. The fire building in your center as you start to clench around Yeonjun’s length. Soobin’s hand gently presses his fingers into your hair and scalp massaging it and adding pressure as you blow him. With each thrust Yeonjun does, pushing Soobin deeper into your mouth as you hollow your cheek taking in as much as you can. 
Yeonjun lands a few more smacks onto your soft flesh as he continues to grip his hands into your ass and thighs leaning over pressed wet kisses all over your naked skin. He watches Soobin fuck into your mouth and how your moans get deeper when he gives you a deeper thrust pushing your boyfriends dick more into you. Yeonjun only fantasized this happening, now he’s experiencing it, it almost feels surreal as his entire body is overwhelmed by all the different stimulations, pushing him closer to his peak. His thrusts start to feel sloppier as he finally cums deep inside you, filling his cream into your sweet cavern. 
Watching his best friend cum so hard pushes Soobin over his edge too as he pumps his liquid onto your tongue. He quickly grabs some tissue for you so you can spit the remainder of the sticky substance into it. Sweating bodies collapsing onto each other.  As you cuddle against your boyfriend's chest when you feel Yeonjun’s heat press against your backside. His arm wraps around your waist pulling himself further against you as Soobin wraps his long limb around you and grabs at his best friend as well.
Soobin gleams at Yeonjun with a soft sleepy smile as the older one returns it with a smirk. Nuzzling your face against Soobin’s chest you start to get sleepy from so much exertion of energy. Yeonjun pulls the comforter over everyone and before pulling Soobin in for a chaste kiss on the lips and then presses a soft kiss on the top of your sleepy head as you start to fall asleep.
“I guess we wore her out?” Yeonjun slyly smiles at his best friend as Soobin flashes a dimpled smile back while he presses his finger to his plump lips shushing the older one from waking you. 
Soobin says quietly to Yeonjun, “She needs to nap so we can fuck more later.” as both friends exchange the most naughty looks with each other before they go back to cuddling against your soft frame
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goldenxddeonu · 5 months ago
How Enhypen Would Confess
Genre: fluff
Paring: enhypen (maknae line) x reader
Warnings: none <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ Sunoo
You and sunoo have been best friends since middle school !! You guys did everything and anything together
You guys were planning on going to the jewelry store later to get matching rings that night to symbolize 7 years of your friendship
Sunoo was begging you to allow him to do your hair and make up that night, and I mean how could you say no? He was pouting ಠ_ಠ
So you went to get dressed so he could get started in your hair and make up.
As you were getting ready sunoo was sitting on your bed, a nervous wreck
It hurt his heart to be around you these days and only call you a friend
There has been many situations at school where someone will ask, “ oh is he your boyfriend?” And y/n replies with a “ omg nooo, We’re too close for that, we’re bfss!!”
Sometimes it gets to him and makes him feel like he’s not good enough. So he decided to stop this mess and clear up the mess that’s going on inside of him.
You came out of the bathroom, and plopped down in the chair of the vanity
He finished your make up and was finishing up your hair, until you were about to get up, but he sat you back down in the chair
“ um sunoo is something up..?”
He sat on the floor so he was looking up at you.
“ y/n, I really hope I’m not gonna mess things up by saying this..I think I like you..-wait no I know I like you”
You stood up and held your hand out to him and pulled him into a hug
“ change of plans: I don’t think we’re gonna go shopping for bsf rings”
“ then what? Wait I rlly wanted jewelry thoughhh”
“Sunoo, I meant that meant we’re getting rings for the start of our relationship- yk what never mind”
“Bubs I’m joking :]”
He held your hand swinging it until you got into the car <//3
ღ Jungwon
You and jungwon met at a coffee shop (JSJSNS IK HOW CLECHÉ)
Everytime you were there to grab your morning cup, he was there ready to serve you. He even has post it notes by the coffee machines so he doesn’t forget your order
He even has the drinks that you order when you wanna switch it up <//3
You guys ended up exchanging numbers, and from there became what one might call close friends
You guys went out a couple times to places like roller skating, and went on a couple of shopping sprees together.
And that’s when both of you began to catch feelings. No one really admitted to it but it was VERY obvious. Everyone kinda knew abt yall
Jungwon would be in the bathroom, and left his phone on the counter, and you’d text him.
Riki would hover over the phone to check who it is and he would call “ jungwon your girlfriend- I mean friend texted”
It was a pretty stable friendship
One day you had a late study group with a couple of friends and you didn’t have a ride home
So you called jungwon asking if he could pick you up
He willingly agreed right away and hopped in the car
When you got in he didn’t start driving
“ so are we gonna drive orr” 👁👁
“ hm?..oH- yeah...” and he kept mumbling on looking at the floor
You were so confused as to what was going on
You got your face to his level
“ y/n I like you” he blurted out softly
His eyes widened at himself
Poor bb he looked identical to a tomato
You grabbed his hand and said “ my little tomato, if you were worried about that, you can stop worrying about that. Of course I like you too”
So happy that he didn’t even realize you called him a tomato <///3
ღ Niki
You two met through a online dance class
You’ve been dancing all your life, and just wanted to get perfect your strategy, collect some tips, and make some friends
You and Niki ended up getting paired together in a breakout room and you guys talked about your passed situations with dancing and your experiences with it.
You guys ended up clicking really well so you swapped numbers
He would send you pictures of things like “ i tried to make cupcakes, like I said a tried” and then send a pic of a tray full of burnt cupcakes and jay in the background yelling
And you would catch yourself smiling like a fool at the phone
And you did the same, sending selfie’s, failed or passing cooking attempts
You two ended up figuring out you lived near each other
So you decided to meet up
You guys had a dress code and everything
It was gonna be a picnic date
You thought it was just gonna be you guys meeting up for the first time until he texted you the night before
“ and just wanted to let you know, it’s a date”
Him and his hyungs surrounded by his phone waiting to see your answer
“ oh, alright!! See you there”
You were so flabbergasted you didn’t know how to respond
You weren’t complaining because you did like him
But you felt like your response was kinda of awkward
While Niki and his hyungs were shouting and celebrating
When you arrived at the Picnic area, you saw him standing there, with his warm smile and hands out
You jumped in for a hug and looked up at him
You finally got to see his pretty smile and not through a screen. </////3
(THIS BECAME WAYYY LONGER THEN WHAT I HAD IN MIND ps if you guys like this I’m willing to make a hyung line ver (ง'̀-'́)ง)
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Tour without You
Summary: fans saw the video of cal singing ghost of you and people think you two broke up.
Tumblr media
a/n: SO YALL KNOW WHICH VIDEO I'M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT? Idk if he was actually crying, but a part of me tells me he was, but idk who knows, but i hope he was okay and is doing okay now.
You were currently home watching duke at yours and cal’s place. You couldn't go on tour with cal because of work, so being alone was a norm you had grown into. Whenever you didn't go on tour you and cal would spend time calling one another whenever a show was over, so he could see you and if you needed to comfort him for anything. He hated when he had to leave you alone, but you would reassure him you had someone that was a part of him. Duke would usually stay with the dog sitter, but when you stayed back home you watched duke. You two would have some quality time together as usual so the small pup can use his energy throughout the day.
For Cal though today, just wasn't his day. Their bus tour had taken a re-route, they got to the venue late, he couldn't focus during rehearsal since it was cut short, from them arriving late. Usually when stress came he was able to handle it well, but you usually were there to comfort him right there and then, which also added to his stress as well, not being able to be with you in moments like these. Fans in the audience and online had seen his expression and worried for him, especially when singing Ghost of you. He hated that his stress would reflect how he acts during shows, but today was really bad for him. Cal doesn't really notice when fans are recording, but a video had gone viral during the concert within minutes and fans skepulating about you and cal. You had no idea of this hence you not being near your phone all day and having a nice day out with duke. Your phone had been blasting all night and once you got home with duke you checked it once seeing all the notifications on all of your socials.You were slightly confused as to why there were so many so you checked it out.
@5SOSUPDATES: is it possible cal and y/n broke up? Could be because they haven been posting with one another. Also today’s performance he seemed sad, especially during Ghost of you.
“What the hell?” you said as the puppy barked at you as you continued to look for something that gave you some sort of idea that was going on. Then MTV also made a topic off of it.
You were quick to find the resources they were using to claim these speculations and there was a video of cal singing ghost of you, at first it was all good, he was singing good, you saw no sad emotions, but when it got to him harmonizing, with the ghost of you, that's when his expression changed. At first you thought that it was just the way he was singing. But you looked over and yeah you were convinced he was crying.
You tried to first go over anything you might have said to make him upset, but there was nothing, you texted when you could and he seemed fine the night before, so you didn't know what was wrong. Unless he lied to you, which he would do when he was away from you. He didn't want to bother you, but you always told him to talk to you when he was feeling down and not himself. You were always going to be there to talk to him always. Just then you got a call from mali, you were quick to answer as she probably has seen these as well.
“Mali, hey.” you said as she spoke, “hey super weried, but have you been on your socials and possibly MTV?” she asked as you sighed, “yes i have.” you said as she contuned, “okay, is it ture?? Did you two break up? Omg did cal do something because i swear-” she said as you giggled and cut her off, “no we didn't, well at least i think so, but uh, no i called him before this show and he seemed fine, but you know how he is, he doesn't tell the full truth until you get it out of him.” you said as she hummed, “thats true, well are you talking to him tonight?” she asked as you hummed back, “yeah i should be getting a call in about an hour, i dont think he has checked his phone yet, so i'll call you first thing alright?” you said as she hummed and you two said your goodbyes. As your phone was still blowing up, more and more rumours were being made, but you didn't expect to be getting attacked.
5SOSWILDFLOWER: Yall, there are some photos of y/n with another guy before cal had gone to tour, guess cal has a reason.
Caly/n_stan: i don't think she would cheat though, they've been together for years.
Lukehemmingsstan: i mean yeah but people change especially when dating a celeb, and it wouldn't be the first time a 5sos member would be cheated on.
@mikeycliff5sos: i mean you can tell she was just in it for the money and the fame, she never spoke about her job.
You were at first confused as to what pictures you were talking about, but then you clearly remember you were with the dog sitter, who happens to be a guy. He was one of Cal's best friends and he always took care of duke when you were away. You were there before cal had gone to tour, to tell him personally that you were staying with duke, since you knew him and it would be nice to catch up on duke’s behavior. Of course the fans didn't know that, but that didn't mean they should attack you. You were kinda stressed about this situation, especially with the things being said, fans even started to question your real intentions with cal and wondered if you were just after cal for his money and fame questioning your line of work as well, which wasnt public because you line of work was importnatn, you were a visual editor at entertainment company and well you kept it private and you didn't want any problems.
On cal’s side of things, he hadnt checked his phone at all wanting to handle one side of stress at a time. After teh show he realxed before calling you, making sure he looked good and fine. But once he lifted his phone he had seen so many notifications, at first he thought it was about the show from tonight but when he clicked he saw everything that was being said about you and him that you two had broken up and the means things being said about you. He was quick to call you as you answered quickly hoping he was okay.
“Hey” you both said quite rapidly, “sorry you go first.” cal said as you sighed and spoke, “are you okay? But i want to know the full truth cal, you know you can talk to me.” you said as he rubebd his head and wished he had spoken to you before anything, he knew if he talked to you hten these rumours wouldnt be made. “Fuck love, im sorry, we had to reroute the show for tonight we got there late, and rehearsal was rushed and, today i didn't do my best to hide my stressed emotions, i tried, but i couldnt, all i wnated to do was talk to you before the show, but i wasnt able to,” he said as his voice was cracking and you felt bad for him, you knew he handled stress well, but you knew today was one of those days, “bub its okay, just talk to me about this kind of stress to help you when you can, no matter what time it may be. I know im not htere, but remeber im a phone call away, always. No matter waht okay, you call me when youre feeling like this.” you said as he smiled a little missing you so much more than he should be able to.
“Youre too good for me you know that? Im sorry for waht the fans are saying, i'll straighten it out babe, they shouldnt be saying this stuff about you,” he said as you giggled, “its fine, it hurt at first, but i mean this all happend beucase i was out with dukes dogsitter,” you said as he laughed a little, “gosh the fans are really out of hand, i love you so much, youre there for me more than many times i could even count, you know youre it for me,” he said as you blushed hearing his words, he would tell you this all the time. It was true, you were it for him and he was it for you. “And youre it for me too, and i'll happily be there for you, always you know that.” you said as he smiled and jsut couldnt wait to get home to you. After talking for about 2 hours, you said your goodbyes and you had gone with the rest of your day as cal had straighten out with the fans about his citation.
He posted a picture on his story of you and captioned it:
To clear out the rumours from today, me and y/n are happily together. y/n has not and has never cheated on me, for those who know she is everything to me and i will do anything to not lose her. There is no anger towards this situation jsut please, be careful with what you say on the interent, even if y/n and i dont post about us everyday its not htat wer are not together, we like to live in the present with one another since i go away for tour. Usually shes here with me, but sadly she isnt. So again please just be aware with what you are posting, we are human and things that were said towards her will hurt anyone.
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adorascake · 9 months ago
Catradora Fic Rec List!
soo i decided to make a fic rec list with a few lesser known fics, aka some fics you wouldn’t see on other fic rec lists that only recommend more popular fics! those fics are great, of course, but there should be some love for other writers as well! keep in mind that a lot of these writers have other fics on their ao3’s that are amazing! I’m also the worst at commenting on fics (i want to, but i usually forget/tell myself I’ll comment later and then never do bc my memory is horrible), so i hope this kinda, sorta??? Makes up for all the comments i never left agasksk<3 im so embarrased by myself omg
Hand in my hand, together we’ll stand by waitingforaflame
Rating: teen
Word count: 18,910
Adora takes a deep breath and turns toward Catra. “I can’t stop thinking about what Glimmer said a few weeks ago. About wedding traditions.”
“What about them?”
“Well, it’s just we don’t exactly have any.” Adora nestles her fingers into the grass and makes a fist, gently tugging at the blades. “Glimmer made it sound like a big deal.”
Or, Adora and Catra get married.
My thoughts: oh my goodness. This is such a sweet fic set in the future. I read it some months ago, but i still think it’s a really good fic, and the writer has many other fantastic fics! If you want something super fluffy with just a pinch of angst, and of course a catradora wedding, this is for you<3
Red Lines by DazzleYourMindsEye**
Rating: teen
Word count: 4,334
Growing up in the Horde isn’t easy, where punishment for infractions is swift and brutal. Adora didn’t get all of her scars from battle.
My thoughts: another one i read a while ago, but im a sucker for fics set before the show! I think this does a great job showing just the kind of leader adora is. Slight warning, there is physical injury and a slightly graphic cruel punishment
Adore You by mariuspunmercy*
Rating: teen
Word count: TBD (unfinished)
Adora’s fine with Glimmer lip singing over her vocals. She’s fine with Shadow Weaver’s constant nagging to take over as the lead singer. She’s fine being the backup vocalist and playing her bass. She’s completely fine with everything.
Not being able to make out with the drummer?
Not as fine.
My thoughts: omg, ive been following this fic since it was first posted last summer, and it’s such a cute and entertaining one. There’s also a LOT of miscommunication, and two dumb, oblivious people in love. There’s just one chapter left to be posted, and the writer updates every couple of weeks usually, for those of you who only read complete fics.
The roots that sleep by sevensevan
Rating: teen
Word count: 73,079
She’s double-checking her locker to make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything when a voice from behind her says, “Hey, Adora.”
Every nerve in Adora’s body sparks. The voice is impossible—subtly raspy, teasing, familiar.
(Four years after Adora moves away, Catra walks into the University of Bright Moon gym locker room and back into Adora’s life. Some things have changed: Catra’s hair is short now, they both go to therapy, Adora has a tattoo. Some things—Adora’s hair poof, Catra’s laugh, the magnetic draw between them that only grows stronger the closer they get to each other—are still the same.)
My thoughts: i loosely followed this fic, but it’s still very much amazing, and deserves more recognition! The writer got the characters down so well, and i enjoyed every bit of it (minus all the angst ofc, but i suppose it’s a good kind of pain lmao). It’s super gay, and if you like angst, this is for you!
Maps by strongcat
Rating: mature
Word count: 9,503
Catra learns how to navigate the Whispering Woods.
“You have done some bad things, dearie.”
The fur on Catra’s spine stood up and she furrowed her brow. “Yeah, I know, okay? No need to rub it in,” she grumbled. She sipped her tea and turned her gaze toward the wall.
“But do you think the trees are scared of you? Angry at you? The Woods have been around for longer than even Madame Razz. The scars of this war that you and Adora fought are not the first, and they will not be the last.” Razz sipped her own tea, then breathed a deep sigh. “I must have taught you this lesson a thousand times already, dearie. Magic does not hold petty grudges! Magic is simply there, waiting for you to decide how to treat it. Will you try to destroy it? Control it? Or will you let it into your heart?”
My thoughts: i really enjoyed reading this fic, simply. It’s not too long and just four chapters, but the writer does such a good job diving into Catra’s mind, which is why I love it so much. **Quick note: the writer here on tumblr doesn’t want minors following them. they said since ao3 has a tagging system, they let people decide for themselves what they can read, but to minors that follow me/see this, please be respectful of their wishes and don’t follow their social medias!**
Glory days by strangehunger**
Rating: teen
Word count: 8,649
“Let’s make a bet.”
Catra straightened, ears perking up. She liked bets. She liked winning them.
“If we win the game tonight, you’ll go to the dance with me tomorrow.”
Laughter ripped from Catra’s throat. She tossed her head back, fangs bared in open-mouthed giggles. “Wow, you really don’t want to go with me. The Rebels kick our asses every year.”
“That’s not true!” Indignation sparked and died in Adora’s blue eyes. “Well, we almost had them last year.”
“Almost isn’t winning, Adora. Besides, if we don’t win,” asked Catra, shuffling to fit her arms into the sleeves of Adora’s letterman as discreetly as possible, “what’s in it for me?”
Adora blinked. “What do you want?”
Not that she was stupid enough to say that.
In just a year, high school senior Catra has overcome everything the universe managed to throw at her — a manipulative parent, a broken system, a ruined friendship. If only she could get over something as stupid as a crush.
My thoughts: probably my favorite high school au. It’s so incredibly cute, and has that football player!adora/cheerleader!catra dynamic that is just *chefs kiss*
Aftermath by Shockodile, SolarPoweredFlashlight
Rating: explicit
Word count: 162,327
After Horde Prime is defeated, there’s still much left to be resolved. What to do with all his abandoned clones? What punishment does Hordak deserve for his role in Etheria’s suffering? How to restore the Fright Zone to Scorpia’s family and what to do with all the indoctrinated soldiers still living there? What to do about the possibility of more magic-based worlds that were converted to weapons by the First Ones - or the possibility that Horde Prime was smart enough to make a backup of his consciousness? And the most important question of all - will Catra and Adora ever be allowed some alone time to explore their newly admitted love for one another?
My thoughts: holy mother of french bread,,,THIS FIC YALL!! It. SLAPS! This is not the first time ive nagged people to read it, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. It acts as a sort of season 6 that covers what goes down post war and includes a space adventure to get rid of Prime for good. It’s rated explicit because of the violence and a few more sexy scenes, in case anyone was wondering. (And if you want to read it but don’t care for the sex scenes, you can dm me or whatever and i can tell you which chapters they’re in—of course, it’s pretty easy to tell just from reading what goes on beforehand, but if you want that heads up, I’d be happy to give it!). It’s 40 chapters of amazingness, and it’s easily one of my favorite fics ive ever read.
Why would you ever kiss me? by scrawnycatra*
Rating: explicit
Word count: TBD (unfinished)
Catra gets attacked by an angry civilian while they’re restoring Salineas. She’s put in charge of Bright Moon’s military to avoid any more mishaps, while the rest of the Best Friend Squad travels around Etheria to fix its kingdoms. Though initially hesitant to part with her girlfriend, Adora decides that Catra’s safety is more important. They have all the time in the world to be together anyway. Or so she thinks.
Alternatively: Catra breaks up with Adora a few weeks into their relationship. They remain friends, and Adora nearly falls apart, except...she can’t shake this feeling that Catra still wants her. Still loves her too. So why did Catra call it quits?
Alternatively, alternatively: Growth is a journey. Catra and Adora still have lots to learn, about themselves and each other. (post s5)
My thoughts: i feel like im required to include this fic even though its not necessarily a lesser-rec’d fic because Michelle is michelle ANYWAY this fic?? It’s one of the stupidest yet also one of the best fics ive ever read. The writer is really good at making you an emotional mess—one minute, you’re crying your eyes out because your heart just got ripped out of your chest, and the next minute you’re busting out laughing at a really dumb line someone said. Filled with vine references, dumb of assery, plenty of angst, the occasional sexy scene (they have a link to a google doc on their tumblr that tells you where the scenes are if you don’t want to read them, if i remember correctly!), this is such a good fic. Only Michelle could get away with having catradora break up post canon and making it make sense, i stg.
Break me like a promise by brightbolt, NSFWAdora
Rating: mature
Word count: 66,840
"As soon as she saw who the client was, her words died in her throat. Her drink slipped out of her hand a second later, but Catra couldn’t bring herself to care about the stain it would leave in the carpet.
Across the table from her boss, wearing a perfectly-tailored suit that looked more expensive than most of Catra’s tuition payments, was Adora.
As in, that Adora. The one Catra dated for all of college.
The one that broke her heart four and a half weeks before graduation.
The one that, according to what she’d said on the last day Catra had seen her, had fallen out of love with her."
Or, six years ago, Adora and Catra were college students in love. Then, in one fateful meeting at a coffee shop, Adora broke Catra's heart.
Now Catra's a junior partner at a law firm handling a patent dispute for Adora's family company. The two of them have to re-enter the other's life in an attempt for closure, catharsis, and connection.
My thoughts: okay first of all this is one i KNOW i haven’t commented on yet, so if the writers happen to see this, i am so sorry—i will get to it one day, i promise (you really shouldn’t believe that though im gonna forget). with that said,,,yall, this fic FUCKS. the amount of times i had to leave my room at 3am for a tissue because my nose was ridiculously runny and i was choking on tears (tmi, i know) from straight up sobbing,,,yeah<3. it’s gonna hurt you, but you’re gonna be happy about it. it has literally all the sexiest elements—college/post college au and modern au, CEO adora (in a SUIT TOO LIKE FUCK), lawyer catra, exes au, and more. seriously, i hope the writers are proud of themselves for this absolute gift, and possibly slightly cocky about it, because they deserve it!! they managed to mess me up but in the best way possible, and i would do it all over again tbh.
notes on fashion by slowdown
Rating: mature
Word count: 51,341
In the private world of high fashion and paparazzi headlines, it's a practiced art to lose a piece of yourself in pursuit of more. It's made to be enticing like that. It's easy to ask for excess when all you had was less.
And when it wears Adora down, breaks down her resolve, taking it apart and apart until there's nothing left, she meets her again.
"You need to learn how to be selfish. To take what you want." She trails a finger from her neck to her jaw. It's intimate. It's devastating. "Don't you want me, Adora?"
My thoughts: ahh i just read this a couple weeks ago!! ive seen it on a couple fic rec lists, but it’s one of my favorites now, so i wanted to add it! Also, if you keep up with my blog, you know im writing a famous au, and this was the famous au that finally pushed me to write one of my own (after reading quite a few). it’s so, so good and excellently written. it deals with catradora as exes, both now famous years after breaking up—adora’s in a band with bow and glimmer that is widely loved, and catra’s a model. if you love famous au’s like me, and drama and a bit of angst (with a happy ending, ofc), then you’ll love this one!
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serowotonin · 5 months ago
Heey can I request Oikawa, Kuroo and Atsumu with female s/o who has a pet spider? Like how would they react or would they be scared?
note. SMNDKS OMG I LOVE THIS REQUEST AHAHAHH,,,, ngl ive been wanting a tarantula for a while now but as im still a wee little child living at home (i need my own place soon smh) i couldnt get one >:( anywayss,, ty for requesting and hope u like it <33
Tumblr media
— hq boys + gf’s pet spider
Tumblr media
( 🥲 ) ⇁︎ oikawa
he’d be scared the first time he actually saw it
he knew you had a spider cuz you mentioned it once on a date when yall were making small talk
ofc he didn’t think much of it til he actually came over and saw ur huge ass spider sitting there in its evil lair with its beady eyes staring down on him
yeah he was terrified
even more so when you pulled it out of the cage
“maybe put it back in the cage y/n-chan..”
“u scared of spiders?”
“not exactly.. but this one is um-
kinda scary yeah”
he was scared but its not just that
when the spider was on your arm he swore he saw the spider look directly at him then wrap those eight long legs possessively around you
since that encounter, safe to say oikawa isn’t particularly fond of your spider
at all
Tumblr media
( 😍 ) ⇁︎ kuroo
probably had a tarantula or some other spider when he was a kid so he isn’t scared
let’s just say the nerdy side of him finds spiders pretty cool and thinks it’s cool you have one as a pet too
first time he met your spider, we was actually pretty excited
asks you lots of questions like when/where/how/why you got it, what breed it is, etc.
at some point he asks you whether you wanna start a spider breeding business with him
"hypothetically, if i were to get a spider of the same breed but opposite gender…"
"for money-making purposes, we could yknow.. make them f*** and we’d end up with a bunch of baby spiders.."
"that we sell?"
"yeah !! see you get the idea"
idk whether you two actually go through with it but if you do good luck
Tumblr media
( 😱 ) ⇁︎ atsumu
the first time he saw your spider
he screamed
like a high-pitched shriek kind of scream
given the situation tho, his reaction was appropriate enough
you two were at your house for the first time, just chilling
maybe making out
when atsumu felt smth weird on his arm
queue him turning and looking straight into the eyes of a spider with spider legs and a spider body
and then came the shriek
the thing is,,,,
he just sat there screaming not thinking to swat it away
until you picked it off him and put it back in its container
“mustve escaped,,, srry tsum are you ok?”
“y-you had pet spider??”
things smoothed over eventually and now that atsumu knew you had a spider as a pet, he wasn’t as surprised anymore when it would escape and crawl up his arm
at first he was still queasy around the spider, but eventually he warmed up to it
and now theyre the best of buds :)
Tumblr media
taglist. @lilikags @nightshade-shot
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ella-simps · a year ago
Tumblr media
Yooo 😭 people read my fanfics!! I am so very blessed...
So here I am feeding you more my hungry children!
Simply Simping
Corpse husband x Singer! Reader
Taking requests!
Summary: in which his fans find out he’s into a certain singer that inspires him and they comment on his friends’ videos.
The next time they play he gets a earful of their chatter about her.
Warnings: cuties
Extra: S/N stands for ‘stage name’
Just another day streaming with the gang.
He didn’t have any more rounds left in him so he said goodbye to the team as well as his fans. and signed off for the night.
Scrolling through his phone he saw S/N’s newest post, quickly clicking on it.
Tumblr media
God she looked stunning. Speaking of ‘god’ corpse was convinced if he had favourites you would be one of them. It was just another cute picture of you in your fall outfit but he thought it was the most fucking marvelouse thing he’s ever layed his eyes on. Exept yourself of course.
He couldn’t help but comment on the post.
‘You look stunning as always’
He hovered over the post button. Before quickly pressing it and covering his red face with a pillow. He’s never done that before. Especially not with an internet idol. He was gonna blow.
Trying to forget what he had just done and not being able to delete it because at least hundreds of people had seen it already and it would be embarrassing to delete it now and-
He was ramblling to much, that habit needed to go soon.
Falling asleep on his comfy pillows he slept peacefully that night dreaming of you.
It’s been three days.
You ended up liking the photo.
And commenting, ‘aww thanks corpse😊💕’.
Now everyone knows about the comment.
He’s gonna die...
Its been to long and he promised his fans that he would stream again.
Setting everything up, and logging in the game he could see the comments pouring already.
‘Anyone see his comment on S/N’s post AHHH their so cutee’
‘He’s a simp😳😳’
God how embarrassing. If you saw all this he wouldnt know what to do with himself, might as well die of embarrassment.
Entering the lobby he was greated with the usual.
Felix screaming at him to touch eyeballs again.
And skkyuno talking and saying hi.
Until Sean broaght something up.
“So were gonna ignore that corpse is a simp for S/N?”
“Ohhhhh I saw that! Marzia talks about her like crazy and told me that corpse commented”
“My mans learning about love”
He put his hands on his face, even thought they couldn’t see him he still tried to cover it.
“Oh god stop, I’m traumatized enough. She even replied”
He said through his mic.
Even through all the laughs and chatter he heard his phone ding.
Grabbing he looked at the notification.
It was from you.
‘Fuck fuck fuck...’
He looked at the text, it was from Instagram.
Sorry you had to go through all that attention just cus I replied.
I just wanted to say something cus I think it was nice of you to say that about me haha...
((Btw I think your cool and we should hang out if you wanna😉))
With his shaky hands he tried to reply.
‘That sound good actually
It’s not problem tomorrow at 8:30??’
Maybe that was to straight forward. He heard another ding.
‘Thats sound perfect!
Tomorrow it is!!’
You should talk a lot tomorrow I wanna year your voice! 😊😊
Going back to the game he placed his headphones back on.
“Corpse where were you?”
“Yeah man we need more brain power”
“Sorry guys I got a date tomorrow”
“You work hard corpse!”
“Bet it’s S/N”
He addressed the issue on twitter and got goin getting ready for tomorrow. After all this is his chance.
Omg it’s so bad 😂
I hope you liked this even if it’s rushed haha.
A big thanks to @artist-bby
I love you! Thank you!!!
Tag: (yesss) @annshit thanks for the support 💕
Message me if you want to see anymore specific corpse husband content >:D
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raventreehouse · 8 months ago
Kissing headcannons Omori cast
I will tell you now that kisses from him are very rare
He doesn’t mind getting kisses from you as long as they’re little kisses on his head or cheek
He doesn’t like lip contact a lot
When you two do kiss each other on the lips then they’re usually real quick out of excitement from him
If you in private practically attack him with kisses he will try to cat paw you away
He loves them tho, give it to him please
he I begs you :)
He likes getting attention since he is incredibly touch starved
So give him lil head kisses
As for him kissing you he likes to kiss you on the cheek most
Very accessible and easy to remind you how much he cares about you 
Aka the things he has trouble saying
So. Many. Kisses
He likes to give you a lot of affection so like if you’re in the proximity of him
Be prepared
He will attack you with kisses everywhere on your face
He likes kissing you on your forehead the most as he has both of your squishy cheeks (Not those yall nasties) in his hands
As for you kissing him?
Stay away
He acts like he hates them, but he just gets really flustered when you do the same to him as he does to you
Keep doing it though
He enjoys it. a . lot
Please kiss him on the nose, he loves those
Also kisses on the lips are always quick and full of excitement, cause this boy can’t sit stiiiill
He really likes kisses
But please do them in private
His heart almost can’t take it there so imagine it being in public
He’s very shy with this kind of affection so it’s usually you who has to do the kisses
He really likes to be kissed on the chin
He is tall so it’s pretty easily accessible 
If you’re tall too,,, then just do the same even though it’s harder to get to
He really likes kissing you on your forehead hoping it will give you as much comfort as it does for him
As in kissing on the lips it’s usually shy, but when initiated it’s very slow and passionate cause he wants you to know he really loves you 
Gives a little satisfied sparkle smile at you after
Suddenly he’s confident guys
And does as if he had been the whole time
“Kisses ew fuck off”
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”
She really likes kisses, she sometimes does as if she doesn’t, buuuut yeah that resistance doesn’t hold up long
(She has that tough girl act to keep up in public, and she only does this in public. In private she snuggles up to you when you kiss her in any way)
She really like getting kissed in anywhere cause she is super fucking touch starved
But who fucking ISN’T IN THIS GAME
She loves it the most when you kiss her in that area between the brows, it’s nice
Also really really likes pecks on the lips
She turns bright red when that is done
Do. It. Again.
As for her kissing you, she actually surprisingly does it a lot
She likes to show people you are hers
It just catches her off guard when you do the same to her okay?
She likes to kiss you on the cheek, lips and neck the most
You can pry her neck kisses out of her cold dead hands fucker
Kisses on the lips are either slow and passionate, (in private), or hard and fast (In public)
Have fun loves with this aggressive lil shit :D
He does not completely know if it’s okay for him to kiss you
So the first time you give him a peck against his temple
He stopped working for a good,,, minute
After that you decide to be a good S/O so you of course start kissing him a bunch
They make him feel very safe, knowing that you’re there for him
He tries his best to give them back too!
He likes it the most when he is kissed on the cheek, forehead and nose!
And he likes to kiss you the most on the jaw and peck your lips!
He will always blush when getting them
Or giving them
Always blushing this pure boi
He sometimes does grabby hands when he wants kisses or affection in general
It’s adorable
As for kisses on the lips they don’t happen very often since he likes pecks a lot more
But if you guys do kiss, then it’s usually slow and unsure cause he is not the best as it
He tries his best for you
So please compliment afterwards
It will make his week
Ohhhh there are so many things I wanna say about this girl
But I have no idea where to start
Alright let’s start with the obvious
She loves giving them, receiving them, just…. GIVE HER
She will pepper your face in kisses don’t test HER
If you’re easily flustered by kisses then I hope you’re ready to tease you a bit in public AND A LOT IN PRIVATE
If you’re okay with it of course
Otherwise she’ll lay of them
But if you like them a lot then you got a lot coming
She likes to kiss you the most (everywhere) on your nose, cheek and lips
She likes getting them mostly on her lips, cheek and jaw
Also she always giggles if you give her any type of kisses
It’s really cute
Because the giggles can turn in to full blown laughter if you pepper her face
Kisses on the lips are usually quick pecks full of love or long ones where you stand close and hold each other close
If you give her kisses while she’s trying to play she’ll once get you back for teasing her while she is trying to focus
Nothing too bad
Maybe just a tickle punishment :D
How yall enjoyed~ simps
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tobi-momo · 8 months ago
A Comfortable First Date :)
@awmahleebakugou said:
okay so i’ve never asked before (god i hope your requests are open, i’m sorry if they’re not) but i found you just now and your writing gives me life. i hope i’m not missing any rules, but i wanted to req a kind of first date scenario (the date can be your choice but i’m thinking something out of their comfort zone that the reader kinda eases them into having fun and they actually end up having a good time) with bakugou, todoroki, and dabi. a fluff type thing with a fem reader. they don’t have to be all in one, they can be separate but i really wanted to see your take on this with bakugou. thanks for your time, and i hope you can do this req cuz i love your writing :)
a/n: dflhgdfjhgdfkjgh you make me malfunction omg- i jut started writing a couple weeks ago and to hear that you love my writing makes me smile so hard kfsdjgdfkjg omg ty <3 and, lucky for you, my requests are def open and feel free to come back any time! (if you do want to see my rules tho here’s a link: rules<3 (you didn’t req anything out of my comfort zone tho so dw )
Pairing(s): Bakugou x Reader, Todoroki x Reader, Dabi x Reader
Type: Headcanons
Genre: Fluff :)
Warnings: cursing, youre uncomfy for a lil- but it gets better- FLUFF SKDJGFJSD dabi’s is SO mf short im sorry skhgdlfg
A Comfortable First Date :)
Man are you glad yall came with ya friends-
You were excited, but anxious. you have never been on a date before, let alone the one and only bakugou katsuki, so ya. you were nervous asf
On the ride, the radio played loudly while you rolled the window down and caught the warm breeze in your face, you were just wildin out in the car, making katsuki laugh in hopes of relieving some stress
when you arrive, it was a different story. there were so many people and the water was dark, and this is gonna be his first time seeing *this much of your body. Your nerves were not helping
“Yo, Y/n, you nervous or somethin’?” Calls Sero, averting your attention from the packed beach
“Uh, no, not at all,” you smile walking over to the trunk of the car, picking up towels
kirishima and mina walk together to find a spot, denki and sero leave you and katsuki alone and immediately start throwing the frisbee around
‘god this was so awkward’ you thought, although it really wasnt, it was just in your head
“Here, give those to me,” katsuki whispers as he takes the towels from your grasp, taking notice of the way you rub your fingers together, the way you keep looking at the ground
He can tell that youre unsure, but he knows that you wont be like this for long- i mean- its bakugou, right?
once yall get to your spot, kirishima and mina catch up to you guys, talking about whats more manly yall cant convince me they dont do this- im convinced mina teaches him how to drink his respect women juice although we know he drinks plenty
You dont even have time to realize katsukis arms around your things, picking you up and throwing you on his shoulders
You play smack his back, laughing and yelping at the same time while he runs towards the water
“kastUKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” all he can respond with is his laughter before he sets you down gently in the water
“What, you thought I was gonna throw you or somethin’?” he smirks
“Uh, YEAH? I DID! You scared the crap outta me, babe,” you laugh off, the water suddenly feeling a lot better than you thought it would
He’s still laughing, almost gripping his stomach while kirishima and mina join sero and denki with the frisbee
The face he makes when you splash water on him is-
How do i say it
flabbergasted? no. thats a weird ass word. He was like that tho
His face was like 😂 > 😳 > 😶 > 😐 > 😑 > 😐 > 😏😈
yk? yk
He splashes back
so skip to an hour later when you guys are tackling each other in the water holy shit this is soft i cant
yall are having a mf BLAST and yall ended up playing beach volleyball too- have yall seen the episode in avatar where azula, mai, ty lee, and zuko play beach volleyball?
ya basically that but yall actually have fun and its more playful- but yall DESTROY the other teams
you guys end up staying longer than expected and you sleep in the car on the way back with his hand on your thigh but shhh
ok, this may be dif because i believe movie dates are awkward asFF and i just jfhfkg ugh yk
but anyways~
yall arrive to the theatre, buy your snacks and get your ticket ew ew ew ew
and you literally dont know what to do-
where do you sit? where do you put your hands? what do you do for the rest of the movie? all of these questions filled your head when you guys entered the room, it was empty
You guys take your seats, the commercials starting while you guys start small talk
you and him make fun of the trailers while you guys are literally sitting down like 🧍🧍
So awkward even though yall are talking- like, who takes popcorn first, who gets to put their arm on the middle rest? just overcomplicating everything in your brain
until a skittle falls down your shirt sorry if you dont like skittles but cmon their skittles
coming out the bottom of your shirt, you pick it up, then look at shouto’s soft, playful smirk before he looks away like he didnt do anything
that cheeky bastard
so, you throw it back, knocking his head then falling down the seat to the ground 
he looks back at you with and incredulous expression- not a serious one, but a look of sarcastic surprised
when his hand grabs popcorn out of the bucket, your eyes widen and you quickly leap out of your seat, running out of the isle and up the stairs to the top row of seats, being chased by shouto, and eventually trapped in the corner before getting a face full of popcorn
“Shou!” you laugh out, and you can hear the faint sound of his giggles piercing through yours
Your hands are placed on his chest, and his have dropped down your forearms, holding you in place while you laugh into him
“There’s popcorn in my hair now,”
“Oh,” he takes a gentle hand and takes the popcorn out of your hair, tossing it to the side
“This place is a mess now,” he adds
You just laugh it off, taking notice of the fact that the movie has already started
“Shou, the movie,” you point, him turning around to the big screen
“The movie’s boring”
“It’s barely started!” you chuckle
your voice was interrupted by more popcorn hitting your face, and Shouto holding the bucket
“You did not just do what i think you just did.”
“I’m gonna get you back for that!” you shout as he starts to walk back to your seat, you grab the box of candy and quickly open it, pouring everything on his head before rushing down the stairs to the other side of the room
lemme just say yall were kicked out PFT JSDHGFSDKJHF
ok but yall didnt care shsdlfsfg
you hung out more after that too, not wanting the day to end :)
on your first date
would you go
like- why??? 
when you arrived, you really do be FINE AS FUUUCKK and everyone is thirsting over you periodt get into it
and when you see him, his eyes widen, admiring your figure
you just smile bc you’ve never been to a club before and set your bag on the counter, taking a seat at the bar next to him
what do you do? are you supposed to order something orrrrrrr? are you supposed to talk? are you supposed to dance with him? like wtf
the most awkward feelings are making home in your stomach
just before you could rush off, his hand grabs yours, making your head whip up for your eyes to meet his, silently reassuring you
You smile before he stands up, and leads you to the dance floor, guiding you with your hips to the music
you place your hands on his shoulders, letting him sway you to the beat, before you turn yourself and dance on him, forgetting your problems
he smirks, running his fingertips down your back while you move your hips on him
after a couple drinks you guys were clicking, like really, really, really, clicking and you felt good
so did he, and he wanted to know you more, so after a couple more dances and drinks, yall were giddy and shi 😏
And yall decided it was time to get to know each other more😏😏😏
when you guys woke up with a hangover, you made him breakfast and yall talked ab everything under the stars omg yall are made for each other istg
thats it im sorry dabi’s is so short i just chugged rosé and im hanging out with friends be happy <3
taglist: @toosharkinternet @hitosushi @combat-wombatus @katsuhera @zerohawks
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jmblyajones · 3 months ago
Eagles: New Year Eve 3x10
All the theories and conjecture come down to this episode. I don’t think I’m ready but I’m hitting play anyways 😂
(prepare yourself, this is long as hell)
1. Felicia checking into mental health/rehab facility, BLESS!! And the girls dropping her off made me smile. I really hope she gets the help she needs and the help she’s searching for. This all can’t be easy and it’s one day at a time. Wait that just leaves Amie and Klara… things seem to be good right now but I’m proceeding with caution 😂. I like that all three of them are checking in with each other on what’s going on with in their personal lives.
2. Oh lord Andreas pls… He said their sound sounded like piss.. no bby, you sounded like piss. I’m sorry y’all, I can’t fake like screamo.
They puttin shit in mailboxes now???… Oh hell no.
Tumblr media
They need to set up security cameras or other security measures like a trip wire? Lock the mailbox? Idk. But Jack’s lyin ass needs to be dealt with…preferably with high powered attorneys and not a gun lol.
3. Is it bad i’m out of breath watching Elias work on the ice? I really just caught myself unconsciously huffing and puffing wtf 💀 I see what Mats is trying to do. He’s trying to let Elias know that’s all the things Mats thinks Elias is stressing about are okay, Felicia, the hockey board ect. but things are way deeper.
Tumblr media
I was really over here thinking, nah he’s not gonna ask his dad advice about this… WTF. I am SCREAMING. I still have it paused at him saying he thinks he is in love!!! I can’t press play because i’ll literally just fall apart rn. I’m trying to hold it together yall but… FIVE MINUTES 😭😭 Is Elias gonna tell Mats that it’s Amie?? Lawd I can’t wait to see Mats face when he finds out 😂😂. But when he does, I need him on his knees praying to high heaven that Elias and Amie don’t follow in his and Petra’s footsteps leaving her ass at the airport.. Yall think I’m playing?..
Tumblr media
Why does Elias think it’s too late to express his feelings? Look at Mats being a father, awww. I really love this scene. This is what I wanted from this man and he’s giving 😭.
Y’all are no good trifling over there for cutting this scene like that! lmaoo
4. Klara’s momma, you gotta lot of shit in your mailbox you need clean up. Heavy duty that maam. Sassy Klara is needed but directed at the right people imo. I will say this scene is giving me very Brooke and her mom vibes and reminded me of me and @warrenslayla ‘s OTH analysis a couple weeks back!! Ur changing me a bit 😂
5. Petra saying she was a rebel in her past life? Yeah right 😂 Nah, jk. Sometimes the strict parents were the most rebellious lol.
Okay so Eagles are the ones having a party!! Guys, we are getting our groove ooooon! What did I tell y’all! We are twerking EVERYTHING!! Shoot if y’all don’t I definitely will. I love Petra pushing Amie to perform, she has always been supportive of her music. I just hope maybe she gets a chance to see her on stage sometime. Now it’s time to get my girl dressed up to the 9’s pls. 👏🏾👏🏾
I see Elias over there trying to flirt text my girl….. Yall…. quit playing with me 😂 We see what y’all are trying to do over there in the writers room. Y’all think y’all are so slick trying to make sure Petra and Mats don’t know about Elias and Amie. I see y’all.
Tumblr media
6. I’m really glad to see Mats and Leila spending New Years with Felicia so she isn’t alone. I can’t believe Leila copped to her boy toy and Mats didn’t trip! I call this growth
7. Omg…. is it bad I forgot that Ludde doesn’t know about Felicia… I feel bad because I completely forgot 🥴 Elias… you should know by now as a man “newly” in love that the heart wants what it wants. That doesn’t stop the yearning or Ludde’s possible future attempts to see Felicia. Loving this brotherly bond though! Those two have definitely come a long way from headbutts.
8. I am predicting for the Eagles next season, an equivalence of a state championship (in America) for hockey in Sweden.
Oh, my girl looks sooooooooo GOOOD. We now have to address her as Pop Queen Amie from now on. I don’t make the rules 🤷🏾‍♀️
9. I’m glad Klara did the right thing in the end and sponsored the Eagles
10. WHO DID AMIE’S LOOK?? I hope they kept this person for her looks next season bc… this look slaps so hard rn. Name a better look? You can’t!! Everything is on point!! Hair on point. Make up, nails, outfit, EVERYTHING!
11. I know we aren’t suppose to laugh at the shitty mailbox but… i’m sorry
Tumblr media
This letter ain’t getting opened… as soon as he put it in his pocket I knew. We will never know lmaoo
12. Everybody is speaking English up in here.. they catch me so off guard because I never know what to expect but Ludde sounds like he was the one who spent half his life in America lol.
Felicia and Amie teaming up to get Ludde into that London school, wow! I love an unexpected power play!!! Oh shit….. Andreas and his damn gun…
Tumblr media
I am literally watching these two eye hump each other from across the room. I feel like I shouldn’t even be watching this
Tumblr media
I really want to know how the actors thought the fans would react to watching this… 😂
14. Klara… sis… we got 4 minutes left, I don’t think a conversation is really how anyone wants to spend this remaining time left no offense.
15. Dammit Andreas, Ludde should have called him to let him know about London as soon as they hung up with him. Get this jack-ass off the screen!! The way he even came out that house party… Ugh his whole persona is just garbage. This fake suave “i’m better than you” bs is tired. Pick a new gimmick boo!
16. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW WITH LESS THAN 3 MINUTES. We don’t need Amie catching Elias and Klara hugging and assuming it’s an intimate thing, NOO! Jesus 🤦🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
Y’all heard that right? right? He said he loves Amie? ELIAS SAID HE LOVES AMIE!!!!! I have to pause because if there is a kiss, i’m afraid to receive it. I am already falling apart right here 😭
18. This is such a weird feeling… two years yall… two damn years and we finally got our bbys. I’ve replayed this scene so many times and just realized the amount of takes they had to kiss to get this *chef’s kiss* of a scene hehehe.
Tumblr media
Yup, winner winner chicken dinner all the way to the bank, cha ching!
Aww. My girl was on her tippy toes at first too hehe.
19. (1) It should not take Ludde that long to call his brother (2) Jack if Andreas was some violent thug as you portrayed him to be, I wouldn’t be kekeing and laughing at him like my life wasn’t in danger you miserable pos… I’m done.
You know, I really think the person who got shot is all who we want it to be lmao. That way Jack would still linger in their life’s after death, so cruel 💀. How naive of me to think Andreas would just point the gun, force Jack to retract his statements while he soiled himself out of fear?Andreas could be the one to get shot and they have him on life support? Chile this could go either way. We ain’t sleuthing out nothing with this random hand. Hell that hand might as well be one of the crew members 💀
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mcyt-sh1t · 5 months ago
Words: 915
Not proof read
A/N: another short one but I needed to write something for Alex so.. here yall go :))
P.S. Now that I'm reading through this, i think this is SO CRINGE OMFG IM SO SORRY
Anyway you can still read this if you want :p
You and Alex have been roommates for 2 months now. Ever since you moved in, all you could hear was Alex cussing at his friends and the games he played.
Today wasn't any different.
At this point you were fed up, as you wanted to stream yourself. You decided to just storm in and tell him to be quieter. (he wasn't streaming lmao) You walked through the door and Alex turned around at the sound of the door opening.
"oh~ hey y/n!" "hey, can you be quieter please? I'm going to stream in my room and its annoyin-"
"wait.. you stream too?"
you look at him and point to your headset like 'yes tf-'
"okay, I'll promise to be quiter.."
you smile at him. "thank you" as you turn around.
"oh and by the way.."
"nice outfit." he said eyeing you up and down.
your smile fades. "really-"
"what?? I'm just saying.."
"your such a dork.." "I AM NOT A DORK!" "mhm" "I'M NOT"
"yeah whatever, now please be quiet.. thanks :))"
he huffs and you can hear his friends laughing at him and calling him a dork and simp. he tries to defend himself by yelling: "I'M NOT! GUYS PLEASEE"
you laugh as you walk back to your room. you start your stream by saying hello to your chat and thanking them for all the donations/subs. you decide to just do a quick stream on yours and your friends minecraft server.
"NOOOO!" y/f/n shouted, slamming their hands on their desk as you got the last hit on them. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!"
you laughed running away as their respawn screen appeared on their pc.
"you will never defeat me" you said rolling your eyes.
"if you want to defeat me you'll have to train all your life and even in the after life"
"GOOD ONE Y/N GOOD ONE" y/o/f/n says laughing on the other end of the screen.
"you had to at least be had to" they say as they respawn into the lobby where you were waiting for them.
"6 hearts" you say teasingly.
"No way!!" they said in frustration which only made y/o/f/n laugh harder.
"your so bad y/f/n" you say.
you start laughing with y/o/f/n.
"you've been beaten by a woman how do you feel?" you ask smirking.
"oh shut up.. we all know your hacking" y/f/n mumbles.
"HACKING?? Y/N?!" y/o/f/n starts wheezing.
"y/f/n your so shit.." you say again to get on his nerves.
Chat: (username): y/f/n is so pissed right now😭 (username): y/f/n your better then this..
"HA! even y/n's chat thinks their better then you!" y/o/f/n says while wheezing.
"HA!" y/o/f/n says satisfied.
"y/n is better then me.." they mumble.
"what was that? i couldn't hear you.. chat did you hear them?"
Chat:(username): nope😃 (username): they said something?✋🏻😃
"Alex what the fuck-" "HOW ARE YOU ALL?"
(username): OMG ALEX
(username): ALEX AND Y/N???
(username): AHHHHHHH SHIPP
"Woahhh chat calm down.. We're roommates.. We have been for 2 months, and yes this is the actual Alex Quackity."
The stream went well.. Well, if you minus the fact that Alex came in half way through and decided to rest his hand on your thigh the whole time so that the facecam couldn't see, then yeah it went great :))
You were now hungry so you went to go get a snack and something to drink. You walked downstairs to the kitchen, and get some (your preference of drink) and (your preference of snacks) As you are about to turn around you feel someone lean over you. Alex. Your faces are inches apart..
Alex yawned beside you, leaning against the counter. You turned your head to him. "Can we talk about my stream?" You asked almost blatantly.
His eyebrows perked up. "Yeah, what about it?"
You chewed the inside of your cheek. "Why did you put your hand on my thigh-“You questioned, wasting no time pussyfooting around the topic. Pink rushed to the tips of his ears as he chuckled lightly.
He kicked the ground with the end of his slipper. "I don't know..." he sighed. "I felt like it, I guess..." he mumbled.
You scoffed. "you felt like it.. why?" You hoped to pull out his confession. You knew he liked you. In fact it was quite obvious.
"Well, I like you... I know it's weird because we've known each other for so little, but I think I've always been into you and-" you cut off his rambling almost instinctively, grabbing the front of his hoodie and tugging him down to your height.
A breath was passed between the two of you before you pressed your lips to his, bringing back the feeling of giddiness that used to spark within you at the mention of his name and the love that it'd blossomed into. The taste of mint and tea blurred with your chapstick as his hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to his body.
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liberolove · a year ago
Soft Tsukki
Tumblr media
A/N: I feel like tsukki wouldn’t be the way that most people portray him as. in my opinion, he’d be a soft boi, just waiting for the right person to come by and show him how to open up. (btw this takes place the 1st year of college)
Before Dating
tsukki would definitely be a smart cookie, scoring some of the highest grades in his classes
and that’s just one of the many things that attracts you to him
you also find it interesting how he always seems to be in his own little world, constantly having headphones on
youve noticed that he likes sitting in the back of the lecture hall, never asking questions
its like he already knows everything
you’d be curious about where he goes after class is over, so one day you lowkey follow him just to see what his routine looks like
but this sneaky motherfucker is not dumb, and you’re not the best at following from a distance
this man would legit turn around and walk up to you, straight up asking you, “what do you think you’re doing?”
his calm demeanor would catch you so off guard that all you can say is “ummm... uhhh.. you see... what had happened was..”
tsukki would scoff and walk away, thinking, “what the hell is wrong with her?”
after that, you’d be deadass scared of this man. but it would also make you so much more attracted to him
you decide to never try that again
later on in the semester, you find yourself studying in the library, but you realize youre having trouble with the material
and guess who sits across from you at the next table?
you look up and you see that he’s already staring at you, making you blush like crazy
next thing you know he moves his stuff and sits at your table, and asks, “are you having trouble with our class?”
your mind is racing a million miles an hour that you can only squeak out a barely audible “yeah..”
you’ve now unlocked study partner tsukki
this man has all the patience in the world and answers all of your questions in a way that helps you understand everything easily
you realize its 10pm already and almost everyone has left the library already, except you two
“hey, it’s late. thank you so much for all the help! i hope i didn’t use up too much of your time..”
“no problem. and nah you didn’t. teaching people is the way i study, so you’re helping me too. and uh, if you need any more help, just let me know. here’s my phone number..”
tell me why this smooth fucker would already have his phone number written down on a piece of paper
he’d pull it out like a goddamn business card
you’d hold out your hand to grab it from him and you feel his calloused hands and it makes you  s h i v e r
you just touched him omg
after this first study session, you two study together for the rest of the semester
both yours and tsukki’s grades improve immensely
he starts getting 100%’s and you get 85%’s
yall are doing great
finals week comes in so fast and suddenly the feeling of dread makes its way into your mind
you didn’t think about this before but this may be one of the last times you get to be with him.. you won’t have an excuse to be near him anymore
it’s 3 days before your class’s final exam and you try to bring it up. in a shitty fashion, but you do it nonetheless
“hey, tsukishima.. uh so you know how class will be ending soon? i just wanna know.. what’s gonna happen?”
“what do you mean? we’re gonna take the exam and pass. and then we’ll be on to the next semester.”
“ugh, i know that. i meant.. what’s gonna happen with us?”
this man turns around so fast so that you don’t notice the way his cheeks have turned bright red
“we won’t have to study anymore for this? i don’t understand your question.” he says, but he knows exactly what you’re trying to say. he’s only playing dumb to get you to say it out loud. poor tsukki would never say it himself.
“i’m trying to say, uh, will i still see you? tsukishima,.. i really like spending time with you..”
my mans would literally mumble “me too” under his breath because he can’t believe it either
thank god you have sharp ears or else you wouldnt have heard it
“do you really?! can we hang out sometime? something not school related?”
tsukki wouldn’t even be able to speak because he’s so flabbergasted that you basically asked him out
“why aren’t you answering? you’re making me nervous..”
he’d still be tongue tied so all he would do is nod yes, and smile shyly
once finals are over, you two start texting each other in an effort to get to know each other on a deeper level
you figure out that this man is your musical soulmate
you both listen to all the same bands and love the same songs
its crazy how compatible you two are
you’re so antsy over seeing him in a different light that you text him first
“so.. when do you wanna go out? and what do you want to do?”
“whatever you want.”
“wanna go grab some frozen yogurt and go feed the ducks some seeds?”
“how’s tomorrow around noon sound?”
“it’s a date.” 
tsukki at this point is internally SCREAMING because he can’t believe he just said that
you, on the other hand, you just stopped responding
you cant believe that its finally happening and that you didnt have to ask if it was a date
however, you weren’t 100% sure because he could have been kidding? oh well, you’ll find out on the day of the “date”
First Date
he’d come over to your place so you could walk together to the frozen yogurt shop
you’d get some vanilla, with mango yogurt and add in some oreos and gummy worms.
tsukki would see you get your order and make some snide remark like, “wow i didn’t know you were so basic”
you’d just roll your eyes and look at him get what he wants, and this man would literally just get vanilla and add chocolate syrup
“well, at least i’m not as basic as you”
he wouldn’t even have a comeback for that
you’re BOTH basic bitches, but that’s just another reason why you two work so well together
you’re about to buy your yogurt when he slips between you and the cashier and PAYS for yours too
he doesn’t even ask you, he’s already paid for you
you thank him and he says “it wasn’t even that much, since you’re so plain”
salty tsukki has come out to play today lol
you two make your way to the park and you take out the bird seed from your bag so you can feed the ducks
you sit down in front of the lake (or pond or whatever) and start feeding the cuties
all tsukki can do is stare at you and how beautiful you look doing something so mundane
you feel his eyes glaring into your soul and all you can do is try your hardest not to look at him
“hey, i never asked, but what’s your major?” he asks
“im a biology major, and you?”
“well that makes sense since you like being around ducks like this.” he chuckles to himself. “i’m a music major.”
“huh, i never would have figured that out.. what with your headphones always plugged in”
“yeah, i hope to become a producer one day.”
“i hope you make it” you smile at him and this makes tsukki’s heart EXPLODE
you stop feeding the ducks and lay down, staring at the clouds
there are always breaks in your conversation, but it isn’t awkward or anything. it’s comfortable, and tsukki appreciates it, although he’ll never admit it. he hates admitting anything
he lays down next to you, and your hand slowly starts to inch towards his, and he’s doing the same.
the moment both your fingertips meet, you feel an electric shock
he apologizes but then continues to interlock your fingers 
“is this okay?” he asks
“mhhm. it feels... nice.”
tsukki smiles to himself and starts daydreaming about how he’s going to ask to kiss you next
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Always and forever
summary: Fans see you and Calum cuddled together in a video and they wonder who the mystery girl is.
Tumblr media
a/n: the video they posted of all of them in their studio “announcing” the fifth album. Also I love how Michael announced they're making an album just like that haha. Also I'm writing this as if the pandemic wasn't even a thing because it's more fun that way haha, also reader is known by hanging out with Sierra and the guys. This is my first calum fic so feedback is always acceptable
You and the girls were all invited to come to the guy’s studio to check out and see them make the beginning of their new album, you were so excited for them and you and the girls would be standing behind them and supporting them on the new album.
You were getting ready while Cal waited for you downstairs, you didn't dress up that much, you only wore one of Cal's hoodies and a pair of jeans. You knew you were gonna be there for a while so you were gonna dress comfortably. You always liked seeing cal do his thing, you admired how passionate he was when it came to his work. As you walked down the stairs you noticed Cal was laying on the couch looking at his phone so you joined him as he took you in his arms.
“Are you ready to go?” he said as you looked up at him and nodded.
“Yeah I am, I'm excited for you guys.” you said with a smile as he pulled you in for a kiss.
“Thank that means a lot, I'm glad I have you here with me, I mean you are my inspiration after all.” he said you giggled and he pulled you in for a small cuddle.
“You know i'll always be here for you, always.” you said muffled as you two cuddled on the couch before leaving your place.
You were one of the many people Calum cared for, he always thought that he would never fall in love again, but with you it was different, he was able to be more than himself when you were with him. You allowed his mind to be open with you. To even add more to this story, you thought you wouldn't love again as well, you were heartbroken so many times as well, and well when you met cal, you two probably fell in love with one another the first time you two laid eyes on one another. You two met as if you were normal people, well you were introduced by Luke’s girlfriend, but nonetheless you met as normal people.
As you arrived you hung out with Sierra, while the boys were doing their warm up and a little while after KayKay and Crystal showed up and the gang was pretty much there.You and the girls were always here to support your guys, it was practically tradition, but this was a nice thing to do, since not everyday you see everyone. As much as you missed the boys you missed your girls. 
The cameras then started to roll for a small announcement for the fans to see, it wasn't official yet, but the guys wanted to place a nice presence in the video for the fans to guess what they were up to. Which is why you chose the traditional hoodie and jeans because you knew fans would assume its you and you hoped this disguise worked since you and cal haven't gone official, or so you thought.
When the boys were kinda stuck they called a break the guys all went to their gals and cal walked over to your on the couch and cuddled you as you kissed him. “How's it going rockstar?” you asked as he looked over at you with a smile as he placed a kiss on your lips and he got comfortable with you.
“Pretty good, got some good lyrics in and a couple of new tunes.” he said as he moved to be the little spoon and he took his beanie off so you could play with his hair, this was one of the many things he likes when he needed inspiration or relax, mainly both but you were happy to do so. “Hey, that's good bubs, I'm happy it's going well, I'm proud of you.” you said he looked at you in awe and just couldn't believe how lucky he was.
For him he always found inspiration for lyrics in moments like these. No matter how small or big the moments were, there was always some sort of feeling he felt, it was more than love. He never felt this way ever in his life before, he knew he would follow you everywhere and you would do the same.
“Im making another song about you,” cal said as you looked down at him again, you loved that he made you songs, but you knew his fans would probably like to hear different songs. “Cal you don't have to, you should focus on what your fans like.” you said as he looked up at you with a pout, “babe, the fans would love you once they know, and besides its pretty official, the boys love it.” he said as you giggled, “Don't worry about that love, besides my fans probably like you more than me and they don't even know yet.” he said as you two laughed a little and your cuddle sesh continued before he had to go back in.
After a couple more hours of the boys working and you guys getting to listen to some of the music they had come up with, you were very excited to hear the final cut. You were proud of the progress they all made, you knew the final cut would turn out great.
You all said their goodbyes and hopped to see them again for another meet up session. You and Cal went home and did your normal night routine, you would watch another movie or a couple episodes of a show you were currently watching. Then you would eat some dinner, you either made something small or you ordered some food. After you eat you would head up to your shared room and do your skincare, you two always loved doing it together, especially sheet face masks, those were your favorite and he always had a couple pictures of you two, but mainly you.
This was pretty much “normal” about your lives, and he cherished them everyday, especially when he was away on tour, he would always look back at your silly pictures together and remember that you were always going to be there waiting for him. You missed him as well when he was away and you were grateful you had a part of him, which was duke, you would take him on walks and little small picnic dates which you later showed cal, which he loved how you would take care of him while he was away. He was practically your son, but you didn't know that was your title, it was a secret between cal and duke.
As the morning hit you woke up with cal’s arms around you as you looked over at him seeing his sleepy self. You knew that these sessions took up a lot of energy internally since he was creating music for everyone to hear. You enjoyed seeing him sleeping peacefully. You snuggled closer to him as you kissed his jaw and he started to wake up a little.
“Good morning love” he said with his morning voice as you two kissed one another, “Good morning, how'd you sleep bubs?” you said as duke had climbed in between you too as you kissed duke, “pretty good as usual i had you in my arms.” he said as you looked up to him with a smile.
The first night you two spent the night together, you both fell asleep instantly, the things that were planned for the rest of the night had been swiped away, but you two enjoyed being with one another even if you were just sleeping. You two helped one another sleep, you couldn't remember the last time you actually had a good night's sleep. When calum was away, he couldn't sleep and he would be so tired when he would come home, which he felt bad for because he wanted to spend the day with you, but you always insisted on him to rest and that you would be by his side when he woke up since you too were tired and needed him by your side.
As you were eating breakfast, the video their team worked on was posted, it was very simple, nothing too complex about it. Cal knew his team was amazing so he was gonna wait to see it once it was posted by one of the guys.
His phone then started to blow up, first it was twitter, then it was instagram. Your phone then too started to ring. You both looked at one another with a quite confused look, cal picked his phone up and then he saw the video that his team posted, it looked so good to him, but when he went to the comments, he saw people were tagging you as you were seeing that as well on your phone.
@5sosforever3CALM: OMG thats literally @y/n! OMG OMG
@lukemikeycalash: HOLD UP IS THAT @y/n????
He went back to the video and looked at it closely, and there was a clip of the two of you on the couch having your small moment. Your face wasn't clear to the camera, but how did they know? Your hair was showing and your nose, but how could they get that from one clip? He looked at his tagged photos and saw that they were comparing you side to side with your side profile.
“Oh no, our fans are literally FBI agents, how did they get that from one picture?” Cal said as you giggled, then saw Luke's contact appear and you answered it.
“Hey.” you said with a giggled, “hey, have you seen the comments?” he asked as cal answered, “yeah we saw, but how do they know it's her?” he said as those two kept going back and forth. “So should i ask out team to delete it?” he asked as you shook your head, “Luke it's fine, i'm not that bothered, doing nothing will just let them make up other theories.” you said as you were calm the outside, but you were freaking out on  the inside.
“Are you sure?” cal asked as you nodded, “yeah i am, as long as you're okay with it.” you said as he nodded and you said goodbye to luke and you two continued your breakfast.
You sat on the couch after breakfast and did your normal thing, you knew Cal was freaking out because he was still on his phone trying to see if the fans were coming up with new theories, but no they were stuck on it. He was freaking out because he wanted you to feel comfortable, you both agreed on keeping your relationship private, but you knew once it was out of the bag people would find out.
“Cal, if you want we can announce it officially.” you said as he looked over at you with a smile. He had been wanting to go official years back, but he respected you and well he liked keeping your relationship private, since most things in his life were already out there. He wanted something serious with you and he wanted this to do it right.
“Really? Are you sure? I don't want you to feel pressured because the fans are figuring it out.” he said as you nodded, “yes cal, besides you looked stressed out, we've been together for 5 years and besides like you said hopefully they'll like me.” you said as he shook his head, “no they're going to love you as much as i love you.” he said as the both of you had pulled up pictures of the two of you and captioned it, “Alright done, ready?” he asked as you nodded,“3...2….1!” he said as you both posted the pictures and you had turned off your phones. You knew it would be blowing up in minutes, so today was going to be spent with one another. 
The next morning you woke up by a duke who had climbed into the bed as you saw Cal was missing, he probably had gotten up to make breakfast,“Hey duke, where's your dad huh.” you said as you held him in your arms as you walked towards the kitchen where cal had been preparing the table for you guys to eat. “Hey rockstar, what's this for?” you asked as you placed duke down and cal placed his hands on your jaw and you moved in to a kiss, as you smiled through it.
“Just wanted to make my lady some breakfast.” he said as you saw him being all cheeky and you grinned at him, almost making him blush, “Well this is nice, does it have to do with what we did yesterday?” you said as he nodded with a slight grin,“Depends on what you’re talking about” he asked as he smirked at you slapped his arm playfully. You two had gotten in the mood and well it's probably best to keep it a secret.
“Cal! Not in front of duke.” you said as you two laughed and nodded, “well i liked what we did after the post, but yeah the fans reacted well.” he said as you smiled seeing him so happy, “I'm glad, wait what picture did you post?” you asked as you got your phone and clicked on instagram, “just a couple of us and one of duke,” he said as you nodded and looked through. The first one was of the two of you two on your first date, which was one of the many dates you had after going out, but this one was your first date as boyfriend and girlfriend. The second one was a picture of the two of you asleep on the tour bus, when you had tagged along with them since you had free time saved up and cal loved that you were there, he was able to see you everyday, even when he was preforming and you were in the crowd.
“Where did you get that one of us on the bus?” you asked in awe of that picture, “the guys took it after the show and they later sent it to me,” he said with a smile as you swiped to the next photo. This was a picture of you when Cal and the guys were nominated for an award and even won and he brought it home to you and took a silly picture with the award. the next one was the first night you spent together and you were doing sheet face masks, that's how it all got started. And the last one was a picture of you and duke when you first met, duke was all over you and was happy to finally meet you. You remembered all of these moments clearly, they were moments you cherished the most. You then looked at the caption and cal had seen your eyes trailing the text waiting to see you reaction.
@calumhood: i guess you guys figured it out, so here it is. This is my soulmate, my person and Duke's mom. I never thought i would love again, but the day i met her i was already falling for her and well she's the best thing that has ever happened to me and of course our pup Duke. The day she came into mine and duke’s life we were blessed. She inspires me to be a better person and artist everyday and is the inspiration to all of the music I write for the band, so you can thank her for our records. She is one of the many people I love in life and I hope you can love her the same way I do. Duke and I  love you forever and always. @y/n <3
You looked up at him with small tears in your eyes and a smile. He looked over at you and saw you were crying as he was worried he didn't expect you to cry.
“Hey, you okay? What's wrong? Did someone say something?” he asked as you nodded, “yeah you did,” you said with a smile showing him the caption he wrote and he smiled and gave you a hug. You then cut your moment short and looked at Duke and back at him,“I'm Duke's mom?” you asked as he looked at you in awe and nodded, “yeah of course you are, you always were, probably since the first day you spent the night. He was pretty bummed out after you left.” he said as he remembered that day his pup was missing their favorite girl.
“Aw cal, all i wrote in the caption was a heart,” you said as he shook his head, “love, you show me everyday how much you love me, especially when we were away, this was my way to show you as well, but i'm not stopping there, i will show you everyday how much you mean to duke and i, but especially me. I meant what I said, forever and always.”  he said as you kissed him and duke had wanted some in on this moment.
You two who never believed in soulmates or even love yet you both found it again. The love you two have was something you couldn't describe with words. It was out of this universe to be quite frank with you. You were soulmates lost, and once found, you were happy with one another, your love was strong, any other couple would have broken up when their significant other was away, but the both of you were different. Different but perfect for one another. Cal knew that once you were in his life he would do his very best to keep you in his life forever and always.
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stannikolatesla · a month ago
disclaimer: this reading is for entertainment purposes only, i do not mean any harm to the idols i do readings about.
Tumblr media
omfg y'all, literally screaming rn.
• yall this person is like a mixture of anything. they are really balanced (?) we got so many kings from different elements in this reading so yeah this person is an expert at so many stuff. (wtf seriously why tf do they keep the balance so well how the hell?) they may have so many sides to them and they keep the balance of those sides. they are really powerfull, attractive.
• they are really ambitious, fair, generous,passionate and succesfull. this person has fulfilments in so many aspects of their life. this person could be a boss or in a position where they lead people.
• could be a foreigner or could travel to another country and live there for a while.
• this person is really friendly and honest. they are really passionate. this is a person that u can trust, they wouldn't let u down.
•there is something i noticed about eyes in the reading. not really something physical but on the spiritual level. they may be working on their 3rd eye chakra. they may sense the future or they may see things that other people dont see? they are well prepared for the future(?) idk how to say this but i can tell this person is highly spiritual. the energy im getting from this person omg.
• they may have a side that they don't really show to other people, this could be their spiritual side. also moon is significant. idk but im getting witch vibes from this person.
• this person may have been through or go through a transformation. like becoming a new self?
• i dont think this person is his soulmate, which is normal not everyone ends up with their soulmate. could be twin-flame.
•i asked about how will they meet. they might work together or work against eachother. there is just some sorta upsetting situations going on which i dont really wanna go there cuz it can affect my energy.
•this person's sun sign could be taurus with fire dominance in their birth chart.
(hope the reading is not too short, i couldnt really get much information besides the fact that they're good at so many stuff and balanced af. ill try to update the reading if i find something else about his future spouse.)
Tumblr media
yeah this is all i could get yall :) hope u liked the reading <3 take care of yourselves and drink water mf. love yall <333
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