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theconcealedweapon · a day ago
If you're a child and you offend one of your parents, they're legally allowed to hit you.
If you're a student and you offend a teacher, you're punished for it.
If you're neurodivergent and you offend neurotypical people, you're forced into abusive therapies in order to rob you of your individuality.
If you offend your boss or a customer, you can lose your job.
If you offend the police, they stop protecting you from criminals, or maybe they find some excuse to use violence against you.
If you advocate for an end to discrimination and you offend people, they'll stop supporting your basic humanity.
Hypocritically, the "everyone's so easily offended" crowd actively support the people who are offended in these situations. They never had a problem with being required to not offend people. They only have a problem with that requirement being extended to marginalized people also.
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pdbioncob6 · 3 days ago
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necromancerns · 25 days ago
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asaconservative · 6 months ago
As a conservative who believes that no one is entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor, I'm outraged that billionaires exist.
There are people worth over 100 billion. That's equivalent to working a six figure salary for a million years. How the hell does anyone get anywhere near that wealthy without the fruits of other people's labor?
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mannyblacque · a year ago
Conservatives reacting to mass shootings:
Conservatives reacting to a Lil Nas X video:
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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screw-the-cistem · 2 months ago
Straight women: “you’re dating a man? That’s disgusting.”
Me: “Aren’t you married to a man?”
Straight women: “That’s different!”
Tumblr media
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muffinlevelchicanery · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tweet by @Hermit_Thrush :
“If your truck didn’t come with nuts, and you put nuts on that truck, you’ve just done gender reassignment surgery on your truck, and you’re a liberal.”
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mdccanon · 5 months ago
The crosses in the set pictures of Wanda’s room don’t really mean anything anyway considering 1) we don’t know the significance of the crosses, how they got there, if they were in the room when she got it, if someone got her them as gifts, etc. and 2) the actual movie doesn’t even show the crosses when it pans over the entirety of her room and we never get any references to Wanda’s religion throughout the entire film.
Ultimately, they are giving her a generic background and it is okay to be peeved about that if you want, but not a single person has been able to say why a woman who's main ethnic group - Romani - IS primarily Christian should be portrayed as anything else because of a 1970s soap opera plot twist that her dad is Jewish.
It's just that simple. There are two groups of people miffed about Wanda Maximoff. People who want her to act more Romani, whatever that means, and people who want her to act more Jewish, whatever that means. And like all Left-leaning-yet-oddly-still-conservative issues, neither side is talking to each other and neither side is developing their ideas much deeper than a vague insistence that they are being persecuted. And since they don't have much in the actual story to use as evidence, they lean on the idea that they aren't being represented well if they can find ANY fan across the world who doesn't know or care that Wanda is a Romani-Jewish Eastern European witch. "I brought this up and other people in the audience told me to shut up and that's basically Feige's fault for empowering them."
1) Wanda was raised Romani. Which means should would be Christian. Jewish-siders, how offended can you be that her Romani upbringing is vaguely Christian?
2) Has Wanda ever been a devout Christian in the comics? If not and she's just a bargain-basement "Jesus is a cool guy, I guess" member of her community, Jewish-siders, how jealous can you feel about a person with no relationship with Elohim in either religion not being Jewish. She's nothing.
3) Has Magneto ever been a devout Jew in the comics? Has having a relationship with Elohim ever played into any of Magneto's most circulated comic stories? If you have spent your entire life loving Magneto's backstory and motivations and not once did that require him to be anything more than an angry secular Jew, why are you suddenly making a big deal out of the religious status of his daughter?
4) Once the soap opera plot twist of Magneto's paternity was ret-conned into the X-Men story, was Wanda ever portrayed as a devout Jew in the comics? Has having a relationship with Elohim ever played into any of Wanda's most circulated comic stories? If you have spent your entire life loving Wanda's raw power, anger and creativity and not once did that require her to be anything more than the long-lost daughter of an angry secular Jew, why are you suddenly making a big deal out of her religious status?
5) Since you NEED some kind of cultural/religious confirmation to be satisfied with her character, since YOU are asking for this, I am going to ask you again to justify and reconcile why a woman classically trained in Romani witchcraft is your ideal candidate for a devout Jewish woman. Daredevil and Luke Cage put in some intellectual labor to balance the desire for violence with the belief in God. Do your part. In a fantasy story that acknowledges the very existence of Satan and Wanda had two babies with him, why are you putting your foot down that the Scarlet Witch should be religiously Jewish?
6) Oh, don't think I forgot about you, Romani-side. Romani and Jewish-sides, do you know what nationalities are? Do you care? This MCU story is about how American missiles where dropped on Wanda's home in Sokovia. How other countries torn hers apart the first chance they got. She was an anti-American terrorist who was fighting for her country... And you keep going on and on about her ethnicity.
Now, don't get me wrong... I'm African-American. I know how it is. Black folks love to demand for empathy from every other ethnic group and then, when the doors are closed and they are sure no one is looking, they ask "Oh, 9/11 killed 3,000 people! ... How many were Black, though. OMG, that many Black people died!? This is a tragedy!" Everyone in America is playing the same "No, pity ME!" game. Now, even Black trans women are claiming cis Black women are "stealing their fashion trends" which is "tantamount to trans erasure and killing us." Now, people online are actually asking if more people buying weighted blankets is somehow harming neurodivergent people because its "cultural appropriation" because the benefit they provide shouldn't be shared with everyone (because neurodivergent people who complain about things like this secretly love thinking they are special and have special needs and that's why other people will never understand them) but the same people who say this also put pronouns in their profiles even when they are she/her and he/him because they want trans culture normalized because trans people are the opposite and don't like feeling marginalized. Right now, young Mexican people are driving themselves crazy one day demanding that Anglophones pay more attention to the Day of the Dead and the very next day freaking out when Anglophones show up in droves to the Day of the Dead because "this isn't for you." What did they think attention was going to mean? Oh, and right now, Black people are demanding that beautiful dark-skinned actresses and supermodels get as much attention and money as light-skinned girls, but then they are crying in despair that glamour media is a sex-driven industry and they literally are asking White men to find dark women attractive, which means that White men dating darker skinned women is becoming more acceptable, which means more dreaded biracial, light-skinned babies are being born. What did they THINK "more attention" was going to mean?
I dunno, people who complain that Wanda isn't Romani/Jewish enough, I dunno. We all hate each other, we don't actually like multiculturalism, we want attention and pity and praise from each other at all times, we think children's cartoons not reflecting our values is tantamount to a second Holocaust (I'm so tired of hearing that from people when they know they are losing the argument), and we are all living and dying by the idea that if you have a strong emotional reaction to something, it excuses you from taking a moment to remember what has been said many times, many ways:
Shit pours on everyone. It's an intersectional bitch, isn't it?
P.S.: Likewise, in Daredevil and Luke Cage, exploring how religion affects those characters involves a seldom discussed aspect that people who complain these things want to talk about: supporting characters & villains and conflicts with BOTH of these character types. The point of a religious character isn't to put their hands on their hips, take a deep breath and say, "Man, I love being Jewish." What religious-themed conflicts are you asking Wanda to have and how can they be satisfactory concluded with a LASER-blasting competition, commoditized into an action figure, and simplified into a LEGO action short?
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crushedcookiebutter · 7 months ago
You ever wonder if Conservative men call modern society George Orwell's 1984 because the main character, like them, is prohibited from having sex with whoever he wants?
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theconcealedweapon · 2 days ago
Government: "Coronavirus is dangerous. The precautions are necessary."
Conservatives: "I don't believe it. This is just a lie for the government to see how much tyranny they can get away with."
Government: "The police are the good guys (even though there's centuries of painfully obvious evidence that they're not)."
Conservatives: "I agree and anyone who questions this is the enemy."
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powsolution · a year ago
Tumblr media
hy·poc·ri·sy : the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform, pretense.
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jasminedrawsshit · 12 months ago
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thedepressedweasel · a year ago
What Republicans say: Them nasty liberals want to steal from the rich and feed to the poor! This is criminal behavior and we shouldn’t allow it!
What they actually mean: I fucking hate poor people and we should keep letting them fend for themselves! Also, helping them escape poverty is disgusting and everyone who helps them out should go to prison and rot there, so, yeah, we cannot allow anyone to help them get out of poverty!
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asaconservative · 7 months ago
As a conservative who wants fewer people on welfare, I demand that businesses be required to pay a living wage instead of expecting the taxpayers to make up the difference.
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mannyblacque · a year ago
Tumblr media
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personal-blog243 · a year ago
If you are a POC reading this (especially one who lives in a more progressive area who has mostly left leaning or at least liberal white friends) than you are probably wondering “why are these white republicans so fucked up?”
Look no further than James Dobson
He is a right wing commentator who focuses on raising children and families so generations of white republicans have taken his advice on child rearing.
This is the result of his advice
I grew up listening to his radio show in the car with my mom and millions of other white republicans did too.
I theorize that the trauma that results from child abuse predisposes people to authoritarianism and fascist tendencies. I propose that we will never stop fascism and racism until we stop white child abuse.
Someone needs to do a case study on this.
I am not saying “feel sorry for Nazis” I am saying that this is a result of systematic trauma that is handed down through generations (for the sake of maintaining their white privilege)
If you are a POC who doesn’t know a lot of republicans then don’t let anyone tell you that white parents do beat their children because they absolutely do.
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ask-asexual-crystal-gems · a year ago
Love how that last Anon was like ‘this is the hill you’re gonna die on, huh’
Hm, let me take a half a second to recall watching my fellow minority people cry digital tears for years on end about how they’re such an absolutely minuscule portion of the population that they have no community to connect to, and LGBT people, whom they resonate with more than the norm, are cutting them off too.
Imagine thinking righting that bullying behavoir in a species as socially dependent as ours wasn’t a hill worth dying on.
Imagine thinking old ways of defining things were more important than human lives.
Imagine thinking mental health and support didn’t apply to other people than yourself.
Imagine being so qualitatively conservative in your thinking, “this is the way we’ve always done it” that you kick other vulnerable people just because you can.
Like imagine if someone said to a black man raising awareness about racial inequality he experiences and sees, or an elderly person who remembers ‘No Blacks Allowed’ signs, ‘this is the hill you’re gonna die on, huh’
No shit Sherlock.
If just one asexual person reads this and realizes that not only is exclusionism is f***ing stupid conceptually and logically, but they should puff up their chest and barrel their way into LGBT spaces and demand the basic human decency they’re owned, be loud and proud in a way that gay men were that blazed a trail for acceptance when absolutely everyone was against them ...
... I will gain temporary reprieve from my insomnia and anxiety, as I do whenever I make any kind of step forward in life and can rest easy for a while.
If I tell you, the LGBT group in my town did not bat an eye when three people, including myself, introduced themselves as ace.
This thinking is NOT IRONCLAD or inevitable!
Conservatism, wanting to keep things the way they are, and digging in your heels to resist change- that’s a natural human knee jerk reaction.
But it’s not one you have to accept.
If just one exclusionist reads this and realizes how far up their ass their head is, double points. They don’t even have to tell me about it or admit their mistake to my face. My joy can, for a short time, just subsist on the mere, slim possibility that someone became a better human being reading this, a more open, accepting, welcoming, LIBERAL human, because as soon as I release this to the ether, it is indelible and immortal until a EMP takes down the internet, the dollar collapses, or some other calamity befalls us fallible but redeemable creatures.
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