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#dogs are awesome

A bed full of pillows and my dog would rather curl up in my lap than on those. We don’t deserve dogs, folks. We really don’t.

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Please look at the way my dog, Charlie sits.


Thank you for looking.

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Lol I’ll sleep on the floor or something 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I just want a man to treat me with the same level as love and support as a dog will

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Gunner KNOWS he’s not allowed in the kitchen. So this is what he does.

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My little dog is a fucken warrior ! That fucken coyote fucken tried but my little old man put up a fight. He’s getting his wounds fix at the hospital as we speak. There’s no need for prayers. Prey for that coyote to not return or he be fighting with me personally

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Hi Satan, I know your prefer cats, but I don’t have any (Damn my allergies!) Anyways, I know you said that all animals are valid, so here is my Golden Retriever; Chaggy!


*Satan admired the amount of fur, wishing he could snuggle right into Chaggy*

What a beautiful dog 💚

🐱 Satan

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I was getting ready for class and let me tell you there is nothing more suspect to my dog than me putting clothes that aren't pajamas or work clothes to him.

awwwww my dog knows EXACTLY where im going based on what im doing before leaving the house. if i put on sweats and sneakers and then dont pack my backpack but instead start looking around (for doggy poop bags) he KNOWS we going on a walk and is hyped af!

if i put on ANY makeup he gets upset and huffs and puffs cuz he knows mommys going out to get drunk and probably wont be home til 3am if at all lmao

if i put on CROCKS? he gets depressed bc he knows im headed to work and will whine on the couch next to me until i leave

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Tony Stark Taking His Son For Walk While Giving The

“DO NOT SPEAK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN” Vibes = a threat 🌠😌👌🏼


Bonus: Here’s A Courtesy Picture Of Tony’s Child, He Has Stated To Please Cherish And Love Him With All your heart Since He Is A Special


(Tony Told Peter They Weren’t Getting Ice Cream For Lunch And Peter Is a Bit Upset About It)


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The moment I stopped petting her.

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I live for her happy face. My little beam of light Kira.

Her wants to go for a walk that’s why her ears are so perky.

She won’t let me be sad today and I’m glad.

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Tis the season

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