#felix x pepa
Just thinking about how Félix encourages Pepa to feel her feelings and still warns her when her outbursts are about to hurt someone.
"You're tornado-ing the flowers, the flowers!" He doesn't tell her that her worrying will make the gift ceremony imperfect, he subtly says that she can worry, just not to ruin the flowers with the wind. (although, since the local botanist is in the house, it's not a big deal)
Tumblr media
"Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!" His only concern is to not get water everywhere, not to tell her not to be sad about their youngest son turning 5 so fast.
Tumblr media
"Abuela, get the umbrellas!" When Pepa is having a massive panic attack at their wedding, Félix doesn't mind the hurricane happening, just making sure that the ceremony can still go on without the rain soaking the Bibles or ruining her dress. And, of course, he describes it as a joyous day in the end.
Tumblr media
This doesn't limit him to when her mood affects others. He tries to flap away the snowstorm above her head when the cold is very clearly making her even more uncomfortable, even backing her up that Pepa's doing her best to calm down. "Yes >:(" He knows that her gift makes regular negative emotions even worse as she can be randomly soaked or freezing which is unbearable for her.
Tumblr media
Félix Madrigal is the best husband ever.
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foreveranevilregal · 2 days ago
Wait wait wait, I got it.
“You Are My Sunshine” is Pepa’s song to Félix. He makes her happy when skies are grey.
“Umbrella” by Rihanna is Félix’s song to Pepa. When the sun shines, they shine together. When it’s raining more than ever, she can stand under his umbrella.
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fabuloustrash05 · 5 days ago
Pepa: It was my wedding day 😡
Felix: It was our wedding day 🥰
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littlemystolemypie · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
them </3
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sophialore · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
I love them, they are the moment 💕
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niinaro · a month ago
Bruno, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I cloud help?
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beanswrites · 15 days ago
"Encanto" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and here's why
1. Representation of mental health in a children's movie
Tumblr media
This movie so brilliantly showed mental health issues in many of it's characters. Mirabel thinks that she isn't good enough because of Abuela, which is a good sign of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Luisa obviously has crippling anxiety from the weight that's been put on her shoulders, and Bruno is showing hints of depression and anxiety as well.
As the oldest sibling of my family who had severe anxiety all my life, never have I ever related to Disney songs as much as "Surface Pressure" and "Waiting On A Miracle". I think it's beautiful how Disney made not one but two songs about mental illness, and dealing with it. It teaches kids to not hide their feelings!
2. Showing diversity by having a Colombian family as the main characters
Tumblr media
This movie is one of the rare ones which don't have a white protagonist. I noticed that in the last few years Disney started showing more and more diversity with non-white female leads (Tiana, Moana, Raya, and now Mirabel), and I especially love how it's a family! A great detail that needs to be recognized is that even tho they do look alike (because they are a family), none of the characters look the same. I feel like in the older movies, even when there was some diversity, all people of color would look the same. It shows how much Disney has improved!
It also shows toxic family relations in Latina families, like how Abuela favorited others over Mirabel, especially because Mirabel is a middle child. This movie is on all levels so realistic. Besides the magic.
3. Having a strong female lead with realist proportions and an actual personality
Tumblr media
Since the beginning of 2000 up until now, Disney and Pixar have been doing a great job at making characters with realistic, complex personalities, and it really shows. They really went from having white princesses being saved by a prince charming to strong, diverse women who have enthusiasm and take charge by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still love the older white princesses, but I'm glad that nowadays every little girl can look at the screen and see a princess that looks like them! Disney still has a long way ahead of them when it comes to diversity (would it KILL you to make an LGBTQIA+ character?? Or a Muslim character??), but we gotta appreciate how far they came!
I also loved this movie for it's lack of small waists, for it's realistically sized noses and actual hips on characters. Feels good to have realistically proportionate people in cartoons, it reminds kids that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous!
4. Awesome plot and great animation
Tumblr media
The plot and even the idea of "Encanto" is really interesting, and it isn't one of the classical, overused tropes. The story is very original, and it isn't the classical family cliché.
I loved the animation, it's really raw and full of emotion. There were some scenes I didn't believe were actually animated because of how good they are, like Abuela crying.
5. Having an amazing soundtrack written by the legend Lin-Manuel Miranda himself
Tumblr media
Name one bad song from this soundtrack. I'll wait.
From the beat to the lyrics and even the placement of the songs in the right moment, everything about this soundtrack is awesome! The tunes are so catchy (everybody has "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in their heads) that it still reminds you that it's a Disney movie, but the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and clever and touching. The way Dolores smugly hid the fact that she can actually hear Bruno thru the walls in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and then asked Mirabel "Do you understand?" was brilliant.
Also, "Dos Origuitas" is 2021's version of "Remember Me" from Coco. It has the same sad but also beautiful vibe.
Pepa and Felix being the best married couple ever
Tumblr media
I- They are seriously the cutest. Pepa is so interesting and weird, and Felix is such an awesome, supportive husband that it's practically impossible to not love them. Felix is the type of a guy that would cause an unexpected rain all over the Encanto just and only because he tickled Pepa so hard that she started crying (brb gonna go write a fanfic like this). They are awesome partners, and even more amazing parents.
If you say that you don't simp (or at least love them) for Dolores or Camilo (or in my case both), you are lying. I don't make the rules.
All in all, Encanto is an awesome movie, in all aspects. I can just tell that one day, in like 30 years, kids are gonna be watching and loving this movie like we love "Beauty And The Beast" today. This one is gonna be one of the classics.
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soundofalling-sand · 16 days ago
When a character calls you, “mi vida”, “mi cielo”, “mi cariño ”, “mi amor”, “mi querida/do”, “mi corazón” in an Encanto fanfiction or headcanon. 
Tumblr media
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megpeggs · 20 days ago
They (but younger) <3
Tumblr media
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graveruler · 26 days ago
Obsessed with the way Pepa softens as soon as Felix speaks to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She is so annoyed that a storm cloud forms and then... 
Tumblr media
Felix calms her and rests his hand on her shoulder and she is just...  “ :) <3 “
Tumblr media
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foreveranevilregal · 2 days ago
Not me having Pepa/Félix feelings over Rihanna’s iconic hit, Umbrella.
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linadoonofficial · 29 days ago
Felix is, basically, a ray of sunshine. He has so much energy and so much love to give, he cares and is so gentle to his family. He is also very to the point, and optimistic about many things.
He is basically perfect for Pepa.
Pepa’s mood is so terribly volatile, but no matter if she has a thunder cloud over her head or is literally causing a hurricane, Felix is always there, beside her, surprisingly calm and collected.
They balance each other and Felix knows exactly how to calm down his wife. And even when he doesn’t manage it right away or she is not receptive to his attempts, he continues trying, doing his best to push the dark clouds away and make her sunlight shine again.
Felix is purely Pepa’s own sunshine. ♥
Tumblr media
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themusesof75 · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Pepa's serene face scares me right here.
Tumblr media
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milk-and-honey3 · 11 days ago
Felix and Pepa’s relationship is just. so sweet. Felix is such a good husband. During WDTAB Pepas like ‘Bruno ruined our wedding ): he told me it would rain and made me create a hurricane ): Bruno is bad’ and meanwhile Felix is dancing like ‘what a joyous day! :D get the umbrellas! :D it’s ok!’ And throughout the movie is always validating Pepas emotions and never telling her to calm down or stop thundering or whatever and always supports her and I feel like Felix deserves more appreciation.
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vive-la-revolution · 21 days ago
love is real and it was invented by félix and pepa madrigal
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niinaro · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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beanswrites · 13 days ago
"To make a rainbow" Pepa x Félix, from the "Encanto"
A cute fluffy one-shot over the famous couple from Disney's "Encanto" (2021), set years before the original timeline of the movie, when Félix and Pepa were dating.
Word count: about 1700 words
Trope: Secret dating, general fluff
Also available on AO3!!!
Follow me for more fanfics and headcanons, as well a more "Encanto" content!
Requests for both fanfics (character x character/ships, and you x character) and headcanons are open! I take all ideas, for many different fandoms (anime, movies, shows, books)!
This is a special for my 25th post and for 8 followers, thank you!
"So if you cry, it brings rain, right?"
She nodded, looking up at him.
This time he moved even closer, wrapping one of his big arms around her shoulders.
"And what happens when you're happy?"
"When I'm happy, it's going to be sunny"
He smiled his wide, cheeky grin, while his other hand found it's way to her waist.
"Mi Vida, then I'll make sure it's sunny for the rest of our lives.."
Tumblr media
"Félix, shush! If Mamá sees you.."
Sneaking anybody thru Casita (especially past Alma) was practically impossible, let alone sneaking in your secret boyfriend. Casita was, of course, always supportive of their relationship, but Pepa wasn't sure if Alma will be. After all, Félix was a commoner, and didn't have the same powers as The Madrigals.
However, there already was a commoner in the family. Julieta's new husband, Agustin, also didn't have any special powers like the family he married into, and yet, Alma still approved of him. He did have to go through many awkward dinners where he was questioned over every single second of his life, but after all that, the wedding happened.
It wouldn't be the same with Félix, and Pepa knew that. Augustin's family arranged for him to be with Julieta (even tho he did really love her and she loved him, so it wasn't fully an arranged marriage), but Félix and her wanted to take things slowly. She wanted to be with a man who will really love her (even with all of her thundering), and not immediately rush into a marriage just to create a new generation of Madrigals. Unfortunately, Alma wanted just that.
"I'm sorry, Mi Amor, but I'm just so happy to spend time with you-" The shorter man said, reaching out to hold his girlfriend's waist.
Pepa turned on her heels, looking over at him with a frown.
"I told you to stay quiet! If Mamá sees you, she'll forbid me from seeing you again, and then we will never be able to be together, and everything is gonna be ruined and I'm gonna miss you so much-" Huge, black clouds appeared above her head, signalling that she's getting upset.
"Don't worry, Mi Vida, she's not gonna see. I wouldn't let anything in the world separate us! But, if me being quiet helps calm your nerves, than I'll be quiet until you tell me to" He told her, placing both of his large hands on her shoulders, giving her a small grin.
Pepa smiled, and suddenly, all of the clouds went away. That was exactly why she loved Félix so much. He could always make the clouds go away.
Luckily, Félix was a man of his word, and if he said that he isn't gonna say a thing, then he really wouldn't. Silently, his curly-headed girlfriend dragged him thru the halls of the Casita, towards her room. Unfortunately, sneaking thru the back door meant that they have to pass thru the kitchen, where a certain Madrigal was standing.
"What are you two jóvenes doing sneaking around like that?" Julieta asked, with a huge smirk on her face.
"Julieta! You know that I'm just 5 minutes younger than you!"
Pepa's older triplet smiled, her eyes never leaving the dough for the arepas she was was making.
"We were just... Going up to my room! But Julieta, please don't tell Mamá, she would kill me if she found out about Félix!"
The cook of the family smiled, and gave her sister and her boyfriend a nod.
"Don't worry, mi hermana, I won't tell. Oh, and Félix, Augustin told me to say hi to you! Also, be careful you two, I'm sure Mamá would love some grandkids, but not before you're married!" With those words, she gave them both "the look", signalling that she didn't approve of her sister messing around that young.
"JULIETA! No es así! We are just hanging out!" Pepa quickly took her boyfriend by the hand and marched out of the room, leaving Julieta chuckling. Once in the hallway, heading towards her room, Pepa and Félix noticed Alma walking towards them. In panic, Pepa pushed the larger man behind a plant in attempt to cover him, with Casita helping by pushing a few other decorations in front.
"Pepa, what's going on? You're sweating!" Alma asked, raising an eyebrow at her daughter.
"N- No, Mamá! I'm fine, everything is fine, why would something not be fine?"
"You are thundering, Pepa." Yeah, it's hard to hide your feelings as somebody who controls the weather with your mood.
"Yeah, well, Julieta just made me nervous, that's it! I'm sorry Mamá, but I have to go now!"
Casita, being the legend it is, pushed the tiles of the floor so Alma would move a bit forward, giving Félix and Pepa enough time to slip into her room, slamming the door behind them.
"Whew! That was close!"
Her boyfriend said, throwing his large body onto her fluffy, cloud shaped bed.
Even tho he was in her room only a couple of times (a man can sneak in past Alma only as much), he really loved it. The room was cozy, and all so wonderfully her, that there wasn't a chance Félix wasn't going to like it. With many instruments for measuring the weather along with a fluffy, cloud shaped bed in the centre, it was the nicest room he could imagine.
"Tell me about it! But really, I'm tired of constantly hiding from her.. It feels as if everybody else knows except her!"
Félix rolled on to his side, looking deep into her eyes.
"Were you.. Planning on telling her, mi preciosa? We can't sneak around forever.." His larger palm now rested on her side, making Pepa blush a bit.
"Mi hombre, you know I can't! It's not the same, you don't know Mamá, she would go mad! She'd never forgive me for dating another guy before she gave me her blessing!"
Yes, you heard that right. Even tho Pepa (and pretty much the rest of the Madrigal family) knew Félix from a very young age, he wasn't Pepa's first boyfriend, just like Augustin wasn't Julieta's first love either. The curly headed triplet had a lot of failed relationships, because for every one of them she would ask Bruno if they would work, and for each one of them he had to let her down gently. After these relationships, Alma started becoming suspicious of her daughter's taste in eligible suitors, and declared that from that day Pepa is only allowed to be with men who have her blessing. Truly unfortunate for Alma, of course, because love isn't something that can be arranged.
Félix was in good terms with his girlfriend's mom, which only made things worse. The disappointment Alma would feel at both her daughter and him was much bigger than if only Pepa disobeyed the rules. However, the larger man didn't want to hold back anymore, and was planning on asking his love to be his for the rest of their lives very soon.
"Do you want to deal with that Félix?! To have Mamá separate us? Tell your family to find you another woman? To deal with never being able to see each other again?! To deal with another heartbreak?!"
Pepa said, her voice barely below a yell. Her emotions were so strong that they constructed a whole thunderstorm that completely cover the ceiling of her room. Her slightly older boyfriend immediately realized what this is about, as soon as she said "another" heartbreak. Pepa didn't want her dreams crushed, she truly loved the man and wanted him as her husband, but with all the visions Bruno had about her earlier loves, she wasn't certain he was completely right for her. They've been best friends all 26 years of her life, but their love for one another was a recent thing.
What pulled the shorter man out of his thoughts was one of the worst sights he has ever seen in his life: Pepa, his darling Pepa, crying.
"Oh, mi corazón, don't cry! It's okay, if you aren't ready we won't tell.."
He reached out to her in order to hold her closer and pull her into his embrace, but she pushed him away.
"No, don't stop me when I'm crying, the village needs it!"
That sentence stopped him dead in his tracks. "What are you talking about?" She sniffed, feeling guilty for rejecting his affection and comfort.
"If I'm crying, it's gonna rain, and it has been quite a drought lately and now that I'm finally crying for real it's gonna bring some rain without me thinking of things that make me sad! I need to cry so people can have a good harvest this year.."
Félix scooted closer to her, carefully listening.
"So if you cry, it brings rain, right?"
She nodded, looking up at him.
This time he moved even closer, wrapping one of his big arms around her shoulders.
"And what happens when you're happy?"
"When I'm happy, it's going to be sunny"
He smiled his wide, cheeky grin, while his other hand found it's way to her waist.
"Mi Vida, then I'll make sure it's sunny for the rest of our lives.."
Félix pressed Pepa into a bone crushing hug, bringing her head to rest on his large shoulders. He kissed around the exposed skin of her shoulder and collarbone, that were left uncovered by her dress.
"Te quiero más que a nada.."
He whispered, still not letting her go. Pepa never felt something like that before. It was a mixture of happiness and love, but it happened right after she was really sad, and that feeling was new. It was warm, and it felt... Hopeful, like it was telling her that everything is going to be alright.
When they pulled away, Pepa noticed a completely new thing she made on top of her head.
"Wow, Mi alma, I didn't know you could make rainbows!"
With her eyes wide and a look of disbelief on her face, she looked up: "I didn't either.. Félix, nobody's ever made me so happy that I made a rainbow.. Thank you!"
She threw her arms around his neck, feeling truly happy. In that moment, Pepa Madrigal was certain of one thing. This time, she didn't need to ask Bruno whether Félix was right for her or not. Why? Because she was already sure, deep down in her heart, that she would spend forever with this man. It's not everyday you meet a guy who can make you feel so incredible and happy, that you create a rainbow, after all.
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anotsomysticalnight · 23 days ago
Okay, so I’ve been hyperfixating on Encanto for the past few days and have a concept to submit for your consideration.
I am not claiming this as a headcanon or anything so serious, as everything to follow has a canon explanation that’s perfect the way it is. I’m just positing that I am primed shipping trash with no shame so yea 🤷🏻‍♀️ I gotta yeet this outta my brain 👇🏻
We know the canon reason for Mirabel not having a door of her own, or her own gift. It’s because she’s set to take Alma’s place as head of the family once the current matriarch passes on. BUT, let’s assume this isn’t the reason for a moment. Expand the theatre of your imagination for a hot second.
Because Mirabel isn’t the only Madrigal without their own door or gift. I am of course talking about Felix and Augustin. Sure, they married into the family, but they are still Madrigals in their own right! (They took their wives last name, the sweeties 🥰)
Felix and Augustin don’t have their own rooms or gifts because they support the gifts of their wives. Felix is a calming presence at Pepa’s side and helps her manage her emotions (and consequently her gift) in a much healthier way than Alma was encouraging. He also shares her room. Because they are married, sure, but also because he doesn’t have his own gift. His ‘function’ in the Madrigal family is a support structure for Pepa and her sobby sobby windy windy sunshine gift 😊
Augustin does the same for Julieta. Julieta’s sense of duty and responsibility keeps her from ever having a moment to breathe. She’s constantly cooking food for the entire village, and distributing it 24/7. Augustin supports his wife’s gift by taking over household responsibilities she won’t have time for. You can’t tell me he isn’t a very attentive Father, and clearly tries to help with wood chopping and other maintenance so Julieta won’t have to worry about it. Also his clumsiness and habit of getting injured probably helped her get better at cooking 💙
Both men don’t and can’t have their own gifts, and thus they share and support the gifts of their wives and thus, share their rooms. So what does this mean for Mirabel?
Maybe, the reason Mirabel doesn’t have a gift or a room, is because she’s destines to play this supporting role to someone else’s gift? 😉
If you looked at the tags of this post you can see where this is going =3= I apologise for nothing. But let’s explore the doors themselves first.
A concept that’s probably not canon: You can’t (or shouldn’t) enter a room you don’t own. Could just be an unspoken household rule that you don’t go into another person’s room without invitation, but still =3=
Of course, it’s considered rude af, and maybe Casita enforces this rule in preventing people from entering without due cause. So Mirabel entering Isabela’s room to ‘hug it out’? Casita probably allowed it because it’s prophesy. But yea, no wonder flower power girl got so pissed with this idea XD not canon but stick with me here!!
Who’s room does Mirabel enter without any issue? Despite the door probably being locked to everyone else as the person it belongs too is cut off from the magic? Bruno’s ⌛🦋
Let’s get Mirabruno up in this hizouse 😎
Mirabel as a giftless support of Bruno’s future vision. 🤔 She encourages him to have a vision quite successfully, and provides a fresh perspective on what they’re seeing. She’s clearly a more hands on support, as she literally interacts with Bruno’s gift by holding hands 💖 And notices things Bruno missed, namely the butterfly that granted further insight that Bruno wouldn’t have noticed on his own.
That... that’s literally it 🤷🏻‍♀️ so...
Bye 👋🏻
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Madrigal Couples
As some of my favorite love songs
Dolores and Mariano: Enchanted by Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
Pedro and Alma: I Know Places by Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
Pepa and Felix: Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
Tumblr media
Julieta and Agustin: Bright by Echosmith
Tumblr media
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noeysnowy · 23 days ago
if my husband doesn't love me like felix loves pepa then i dont want him
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