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there’s an emptiness inside of me that i can’t explain and i need to go in a month long bender to find out

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I haven’t finished all the episodes of CAOS (Sabrina Part 3), but I have so many feelings about Nick x Sabrina.

On one hand, Nick getting really messed up and not resembling himself after the dark lord was taken out of him made sense… but it also sucks because it feels so out of character for him. Nick was always a bit of a “bad boy” (player), but he was never disrespectful and season 1 + 2 version of him would have NEVER treated her that way. I’m torn at understanding why he’s become such a horrible guy, and being mad the writers ruined his character…

I know having the dark lord inside of you is gonna cause massive PTSD and make you question everything, but it’s not an excuse for him to treat her that way either. And for a while there Sabrina was right to fight for him but not after he breaks up with her to “protect” her. Which honestly is the most out of character part. Nick has always been the one to believe in Sabrina and if anyone would have been supportive of her reigning over hell as queen it would have been him (if this were him back in S2). The Nick I know wouldn’t have been the jealous type either. I really hope his character in part 4 is made right. He deserved better than to be turned into a shitty guy. Season 3 Nick is not Nick.

What REALLY annoyed me was the show not only made prince Caliban a love interest for her, but is starting to bring Harvey back into the picture as well. Harvey x Sabrina don’t make any sense as a couple now or ever because they just are in 2 different worlds now. I didn’t like that his love for Ros was questioned. ISTG before this show ends Sabrina will have like 10 love interests lmao. I don’t know what the show writers are planning to do. Lmao. I’d probably be more on board with prince Caliban if Nick was never in the picture. Coz her alliance with him makes somewhat a bit of sense and I do see potential BUT.. you can’t build up a ship so much just to tear it down for someone new to come into the picture. I want Nick to redeem himself.

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Today is four years since since the Belfast concert was cancelled and I still wake up in a cold sweat wondering what the hell happened

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Guys help

Should I start drawing Shigaraki with blue hair or white hair?

It’s blue in the anime but white in the manga and it is upsetting me because I don’t know what to do. Should I do both??? Like some drawings if I feel like I wanna do blue but if I feel like I wanna do white I do white?

H E L P  M E 

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Okay but, if we go on the theory that Elsa and Anna’s parents’ 2 weeks journey was to search for the origins of Elsa’s powers and that they did go to that foreign land we’ll see in Frozen 2… I have so many questions

  • What if they died at sea but not when going there, when they went back?
  • Will the girls meet the people the parents talked to when they were in that land?
  • If it planned 2 weeks for the whole thing, then it means that going there must take at least 3 days or so of travel, which means the Frohana gang will travel that long together, will they go by foot or coach or ship? I am not ready for their feels
  • Is the book that Adgar was holding in Frozen 1 from that land?
  • But most importantly: did they find the answer they were looking for? Did they find people like Elsa?
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Excuse me wait why did silky say vanjie had a bf?

Why does Brooke have vanjie as her background ?

What about on Easter when that girl was like “cutest couple ever”?

What about the cinco de Mayo live when they were like kissing?

I need answers.

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