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#gruncle stan
dokka-mokka21 days ago
can you draw stan wrestling
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kcgirl578a year ago
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I cant find any shenanigans with the government agents so might as well just do it myself
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crowleyownsmywholeheart9 months ago
i would like to talk about the fact that stanley pines canocially fought stan lee
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like??? iconic. stan vs stan
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jojoeyo12 days ago
Gravity Falls AU:
The Pine brothers are immortal and Stanley used to go by the name Ea Nasir
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purpletigerss4 months ago
You know, time travel fics where Mabel and or Dipper go back to while Ford was living in Gravity Falls before the portal are great and all, but how about one where we have either or both sets of twins go back to when Stan got kicked out?
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drawbeautifully10 days ago
Winter is just around the corner and New Year is coming soon, and my thoughts are all about summer days馃槄
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dokka-mokkaa month ago
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Don't fight! Just... not seriously
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in-correctteamrocketquotes11 months ago
James: my ex-fianc茅 still misses me
James: ... but her aim is getting better!
Meowth: pretty funny jimmy but ya should focus on runnin' now, she's gettin' pretty close
Jessiebelle, running after them with a gun: You can't escape me forever dear!
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crowleyownsmywholeheart7 months ago
can we talk about how much of a bitch ford is?
like i love the man but i mean
stan spends a decade alone bc of a mistake only to be told by ford to basically sail as far away from him as possible. on top of that he fakes his own death, and spends another 30 years doing everything he can to get ford back and make sure he doesn鈥檛 lose his house
and the first thing ford does when he gets back?
fuckin decks him for restarting the portal
i love ford but that man held a grudge for a simple mistake for 40 years to the point where he was pissed that stan got the portal working again to save his ass
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i鈥檓 adding the picture cuz it鈥檚 fits but ye
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superheromashup3 months ago
I know that a lot of people joke about Eda being Marilyn, AKA Stan's ex wife, but it's possible that the shows are in the same universe. There is no indication that the events of Gravity Falls and The Owl House can't be in the same world. If anything, because of the wild magic and everything, it's more likely than not.
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pizzaboat7 months ago
I don't really care much for the theory that Eda's Stan's ex wife but I remembered the quote and still thought of this so...
Stan: Oh Marilyn, how I've missed you!
Eda: I have missed you too Stan. But don't worry, next time my aim will be better.
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katvara10 months ago
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It came to me in a dream.
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