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#irondad fanfic
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Here; read this lovely fanfic that I just started reading. It looks good so far. It’s an AU.

Catching Butterflies by GremlinSR Tony snaps his fingers…and wakes up five days before the events that led to the death of JARVIS and the creation of Ultron. He decides he won’t let the future he lived come to pass, no matter how thoroughly he has to destroy the timeline. Or: Tony Stark will do anything to keep Peter Parker from turning to ash, and T'Challa gets dragged along for the ride.

Don’t worry about it, SM3 might be released until next year in November or later. So you’ve got time to come to terms with it. Remember no one can replace Tony♥

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Hi♥ Thank you so much, sweetheart!

Sure, here:

🎃🥧🍁 🥧 🍁 🥧 🎃

Ned the Dumbwaiter by whumphoarder Peter gets horribly sick on Halloween night and his very overwhelmed Guy In The Chair attempts to take care of him. But when both boys find themselves in over their heads, Tony takes over.

13 nights of halloween by killerqueenwrites 13 halloween prompts, from spooky to angsty to fluffy.

Peter Parker’s October by happyaspie A collection of related short stories that center around fall/Halloween. Everything from pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween night.

You Broke Tony by whumphoarder Peter stumbles into the tower one evening, clearly injured and in need of assistance. Cue a very agitated and sleep deprived Tony trying to make sense of what happened.

Friendly Neighborhood Craft Project by whumphoarder Through a convoluted series of events, ten-year-old Cassie Lang is in New York and missing a costume on Halloween. Peter, his aunt, and his long suffering mentor all come to her rescue, hot glue guns a-blazing.

The Prank by blondsak “Kid, you couldn’t be scary if you tried.”A pause on the other end. “Is that a dare?” Tony rolled his eyes. “Tell you what, if you actually manage to scare me, I’ll get you and Ted movie premiere passes to that upcoming Star Wars film you keep going on about.”

To Infinity… and Beyond! by superhusbands4ever (Potterwatch97) Halloween in coming up and after watching a certain toy themed movie, Peter knows exactly what he wants to be. He’s just going to need a little bit of help.

slow down, you crazy child by hailingstars Peter dresses like Tony Stark for Halloween and Tony has Feelings about it while worrying his kid is working too hard.

That Time Peter Went Trick or Treating by Supernaturalislifeforyouandme It’s Halloween, how could Peter not go trick or treating? His costume is a surprise to Tony, however.

Trick or Treat (or Traumatize) by awesomesockes, whumphoarder In which Hulk destroys a mannequin factory, Tony gets sued by his boarding school childhood rival, and Peter accidentally chops off his own finger.

A monster among us by frostysunflowers For Peter, the best thing about fall is the leaves. 

🎃🥧🍁 🥧 🍁 🥧 🎃

Again, love your blog and thanks for all you do for this fandom


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The Tummy Ache by happyaspie on AO3


Peter is supposed to be going to the biggest Stark Industries Gala event of the year as Tony guest and for some reason, he’s really nervous about. He doesn’t even know why… but his stomach hurts, he’s legs feel heavy and he just can’t seem to stop shivering.

It isn’t until Tony points out that he may have a fever that he puts it all together. He’s sick and as if that’s not bad enough, he slips up and admits to his literal hero that his tummy hurts. Tummy. He said tummy and he may never live that down.

Rated: G  Word Count: 3551

Part 57 of the Tony Stark is a Good Mentor series

💙❤Excerpt below ❤💙

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Peter was sitting in his robotics class waiting for class to begin. Usually he was excited to have this class but today was when the whole class was going to Avengers Tower. The plan was for the class to get hands on experience working in the labs for the day. They would have to write a report later but that’s not what he was nervous about.

Peter was tapping his foot really fast and Ned immediately asked what’s wrong.

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To say that everyone was excited to go to Disneyland was an understatement. It was a very big understatement.

Tony had planned every detail of the trip, making sure that they had bought the right amount of the correct passes to get everyone in and the hotels reservation, and rental car.

When he had finalized the plans, he gathered everyone in the living room.

“Ok, what is this about?” Harley asked suspiciously. “Is this a set up to a prank?”

Tony gasped in indignation.

“Why would you ever say that? Would I really do that to you?”

“You’ve been acting weird.” Peter pointed out. “You keep on minimizing the internet tabs every time we would enter your lab.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. I could be trying to find you all your Christmas presents early.” Tony replied immediately.

“But since when do you shop for us on the Disneyland website?” Morgan asked slyly.

Then there was a moment of silence.

“WAIT, WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND?!” The boys asked in disbelief.

Tony let out a laugh that only showed itself with his family.

“That’s right. Oh, and I also invited Shuri because last time she was here in the states, she didn’t get to go.”

All of the kids smiled at each other in excitement.

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Well the Irondad Aladdin AU is gonna happen, I’ll get started on it right away

I’ve got a pretty solid plan for a Spideychelle slow burn which will also feature some heavy Irondad (more info soon)

Considering taking part in Whumptober??? Still unsure on that one

And of course, still working on Born of Iron

I’m going to set up tag lists for each of these separately if that’s something people want so please let me know if you’d like to be added!

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I’m an animation student in college and as you may know that stuff takes a lot of time. However, the semester is over now!! I should have more time to write now and I’m very excited to post stuff again! I’m most likely gonna update Take Me Under Your Wing first.

Also I wanna post some fanfiction for some other fandoms too (like Ace Attorney) but don’t worry! I’ll definitely keep writing fics about Irondad and Spiderson!! Love you guys 3000!! <3

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“Hey, Mr.Stark?” 

Tony looked at Peter, nervously fidgeting with his hands as he leaned against the doorframe, some kind of worry clear across his face. “What’s up Underoos?” 

“I, I uh…” Peter tipped his head up, meeting Tony’s eyes, “I just wanted to say… I love- I love you, you know?” Peter watched the mechanic’s brow furrow in confusion and worry and was quick to amend, to assuage, “it’s just- I died, and then you almost died and we never said it, and I’m sorry, this was- this was dumb but-” 

“Underoos,” Tony smiled, stopping Peter’s tirade where it was, “I love you too.” 

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The Mechanic: Pt. 2

Link: Part 1

Summary: This is the second part to the first part of The Mechanic. Basically about Harley surviving the snap and becoming apart of Tony’s family. May or may not make more parts, we’ll see.

Word Count:




Tony was never the biggest fan of post-apocalyptic movies.

They were all so… unrealistic. If the world ended, the Avengers would be there to pick it back up. It wouldn’t resemble those over dramatic, grey skied dystopias where everybody is always depressed.

However, then the world actually ‘ended’. And the world may have not been completely like those movies, but it was pretty damn similar.

And that’s why Tony made it his number one priority to keep all sadness and despair away from his sweet little home in the woods. Away from his family.


Just a few years ago, Tony could barely say he had a family. There was Rhodey, and Happy, plus the rest of the Avengers, but in the end, Tony would go home to an empty house. Then, Pepper gave him a second chance, and even with the snap killing away someone he had held so close to his heart, he had found it in him to rebuild from the rubble.

That’s why now, as he picked up spare clothing around the house for the laundry, Tony cant help but stop and smile as his family peacefully sits in the living room. Not just his wife, but also Harley, who he had legally adopted not too long ago.

A very pregnant Pepper lay on the couch, reading whatever book she had picked out this time, with Harley, cross legged on the floor playing a video game. Tony wasn’t quite sure what game he played, but he knew it managed to consume most of his attention as of late.

“Harley,” Pepper looked up from her book, barely managing to catch the teens attention. “Could you grab me a glass of water?”

Harley turned around, raising a brow at the glass sitting on the table.

“I got that one for you, like, five minutes ago. You already finished it?”

“There’s another human being in me, consuming almost everything I consume,” Pepper deadpanned. “Excuse me for being thirsty.”

Harley dropped the remote, holding his hands up and muttering a sorry as he went to complete the task.

“Don’t even try arguing with her,” Tony said quietly as Harley passed him. “Especially In this state, there’s no chance in winning without unleashing the monster.”

It earned him a small laugh, which was enough for Tony. When Harley had first begun living in the compound, there was rarely a smile on his lips. It was expected. His family was dead, he had just hiked for days with nothing but a small backpack and survivor’s guilt… it would be tough for him to get back to his usual self.

However, not too long after moving into the cabin, things started to look up. Pepper announcing she was pregnant. Planning for their small little wedding in front of the lake. A family was built from broken pieces, and though Harley would still wake in the middle of the night with nightmares, or have a breakdown at random moments if he happens to find something triggering, both Pepper and Tony were always there for him.

Harley left down the hall to retrieve the water, while Tony and Pepper returned to their tasks. The chiming of the doorbell broke concentration.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, who is it?” Tony asked.

“Not sure, boss,” The A.I. responded, projecting an image on Tony’s watch. A man he didn’t recognize stood at the doorway awkwardly, dark haired and blue eyed. He frowned down at the picture.

“Who is it, Tony?” Pepper looked from her book, noticing her husband’s troubled expression. Tony shook his head, giving her a small smile.

“Probably just some lost hiker. I’ll go shoo him off,” Setting down his basket, Tony walked over to the door and opened it, giving the man a polite smile, while remaining alert in case of attack. “Can I help you?”

The man’s gaze shifted from his shoes to the now open doorway, clearly exhausted. There was something… familiar about him. Tony couldn’t quite place what.

“I… I’m sorry, I’m looking for two kids,” The man explained, running a frantic hand through his hair.

Tony’s heart dropped at his words, as pieces began to click together, He refused to give in just yet.

“Kids?” He repeated, clicking his tongue. “Not sure I can help you. Sorry about that,” Tony moved to shut the door, however, the man was quick to place a hand on it. Tony stared at the hand on his door, then back at the man. Some nerves this guy had.

“Harley and Sarah Keener,” The man continued, ignoring the hard set gaze Tony was giving him. “Please, I need to find them. I-I need to know if they’re still alive.”

“If you’re looking for someone, then go to the tombstones. Everyone dead is listed there,” Tony knew it was cruel to turn this man away, especially considering who he was. But he doesn’t care. He won’t jeopardize his family. “Other than that, I think you should leave.”

“They’re my kids, please!” The man exclaimed.

Tony knew. A part of him knew the second F.R.I.D.A.Y threw up the projection. However, there is a fine line between thinking you know, and actually knowing. And he has just crossed it.

“Please,” The man repeated, his voice cracking. “My name is Jack Williams, and if you know where they are-”

“Harley’s here,” Tony snapped, cutting him off. He could lie, turn him away. But that wasn’t his choice, and he then realized that. Harley should have been able to make that decision on his own.

“W-what?” Jack’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“Harley’s in the kitchen right now,” Tony explained nonchalantly. “He lives with me and my wife now, after his mom and sister died. Oh, and after you decided to make a one way trip to 7-Eleven.”

Jack’s eyes gazed down as he processed the information. His ex: Dead. Daughter: Dead. But his son? Sitting inside that house, not a clue that his deadbeat father was waiting outside, hoping for some kind of reunion.

“Then let me see him,” Jack frowned at Tony, trying to step into the house. His path is immediately blocked.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Tony stares at him coldly, pushing his shoulders back. “You take one more step towards this door, and I’ve got about a hundred security protocols that I can initiate with just one word. And guess what? They all end with your ass six feet in the ground, and Harley doesn’t ever have to know you were here.”

Pepper has caught sight of what is going on at this point, silently watching her husband handle this. She would intervene, however, being as pregnant as she is, she doesn’t want to risk the baby.

“But I won’t,” Tony continued, easing the stiffness in his shoulders. No use getting worked up for this waste of space. “That’s Harley’s decision.” Jack opened his mouth to object, but the door had already been shut in his face.

“Tony?” Pepper sighed, searching her husband’s face for some kind answer. She’s become fluent in reading him, but this is an all new emotion all together. A fatherly one.

“Sorry that took so long, I found a spider and was trying to get it outta the house,”

Harley announced as he exited the kitchen, running a hand through his brown locks while carrying a chilled glass of water in the other. Pepper silently took it from him, trying her best to put on a grateful smile. It came out morbid.

Harley’s own smile faltered at her grim features, turning to Tony, who didn’t even attempt to cover the mixed feelings of emotions written across his eyes and lips.

“What’s going on?” The teenager turned between the two, clearly confused.

“Your father’s here,” Tony doesn’t try to sugarcoat or ease into the topic. It’s best to just rip it off like a bandage, which he does, and Harley’s response is just as expected.

“W-what?” His voice was barely above a whisper, as if a lower tone would mean the words would just rewrite themselves.

“He wants to see you,” Tony stared at the floor, sliding his hands into his pockets.

“Did you tell him to go?” Harley asked, swallowing thickly. Tony gazed up, his brows furrowing together. Not angrily, but… sadly.

“No,” He shook his head. “It’s not my place to tell him to go. He’s not here for me,” Harley sucked in a sharp breath, wordlessly walking to the door. He walked in quick, loud steps, but there is a cave in his shoulders from the fear and nervousness. Why wouldn’t he be? He spent countless nights running to his parents’ bedroom for his father’s comfort, only to find an empty bed. With his mom working such long nights, Harley was basically the parent for his sister. He did his father’s job. And now he’s here, wanting some sort of relationship with the child he left behind.

What gives him the right? The anger boils in Harley, and he wants to yell, and scream at Jack. That’s all he wants, at this moment. And yet, all he can do is stand in front of the door with shaking hands. Like some sort of coward.

“I can tell him to go, Har,” Tony gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

“You don’t have to do this now,” Pepper added, to let him know he had both of their support. Harley shook his head, slowly wiggling out of Tony’s grasp.

“No. I can do this,” He stated firmly, praying they don’t see how badly his hand trembles as he opened the door.

A part of him hoped that Jack had already left, disappeared from his life for a second time.

His heart dropped when he saw him sitting on the steps of the porch.

As soon as he saw his son, Jack sprang up, hope filling his eyes. It was odd, the way he looked, to Harley. When you’re a child, you worship the ground your parents walk across. They are pure and sinless creatures who seem like Gods. But now? Harley realizes how flawed they really are.

Jack isn’t quite as tall as he had always imagined him. Taller than Tony and Pepper, but still an inch or two beneath Harley. He looks different, as well. It may be the stress, or age, but Harley doesn’t remember his father looking so disheveled, like someone had picked him hungover from a bar. Perhaps that’s exactly what this ‘look’ is.

“Hey, buddy,” Jack grinned, and it seemed to wide. Too fake. His eyes are the most unsettling part. They’re identical to Harley’s. Funny. With the lack of photos in the house, Harley had just always assumed his father had brown eyes. Guess not.

“Hello, Jack,” Harley blinked, trying his best to keep a stoic expression.

“How are you,“ Jack ignored the cold tone, his foot tapping anxiously. He looked up at the house, grinning. “Nice place you got here, huh? They treating you alright?”

“Better than you ever did,” He can’t help it. Harley’s still a teen. Meaning he can’t exactly hold back cruel comments. Not that this is mean. Jack doesn’t even know mean, yet.

“I deserve that,” Jack nodded, his smile vanishing. He walked forward suddenly, causing Harley to flinch. His entire body stiffened up when Jack deemed it okay to wrap him in a tight hug. “I’m so, so sorry, bud. I should’ve never left, I should have stayed with you and your-”

“Yeah, you should’ve,” Harley can’t be a feelingless robot anymore and just simply tell Jack to leave. He thought it would be that simple, but it’s not. He yanked Jack’s hands off of him and pushed him away. “I was seven when you left! I was a kid! And now, you’re crawling back! Where do you get off thinking you can just do that?!” Harley screamed, his voice cracking at the end. Jack is stunned by the outburst.


“Please, for the love of God, leave,” Harley rubbed his face, turning away as the tears begin to fall.

“Son,” Jack began softly, not giving up. “We’re family. After all that’s happened, family has to stick together.”

“No!” Halrey whipped around, no longer caring if Jack saw the broken pieces he caused. He jabbed a finger violently at his father’s chest. “You are not my family! You were never my family. My family is dead! They-” He cried, pointing at the door. “-are my family now. They love me, and they would never leave me one night because they felt ‘overwhelmed’. You’re a coward, and a deadbeat. You… You need to go,” Harley doesn’t wait for a reply. He can’t. He turned and rushed back inside..

His body shook violently in sobs as he slammed the door closed and fell to his knees. He’s thought of what to say to Jack’s face for years, and when the time comes? He can only get a few sentences out before the emotions rack up and cave in on him. It’s just like all those nights, when he feels so alone that it becomes too much to handle.

But this time, it’s different. Because he’s not alone. Harley is made very aware of that as soon as Tony’s arms wrapped around him, a safe haven from the cruel hands of his real father.

“It’s not fair!” Harley cried, running frantic hands through his hair. “Why does he get to live? Why does my mom and sister die and he gets to live?!”

“I know, kid,” Tony rubbed his back, sighing. “It’s not fair. But you did good out there,” Tony pulled back, staring Harley firmly yet kindly in the eyes. “I’m proud of you, kid.”

And that’s all Harley really needs to hear. A phrase he didn’t have the privilege of hearing very often of growing up. A phrase he had never heard from his father.

And yet, that’s the difference between Jack and Tony. Jack is Harley’s father. But Tony?

Tony is the closest thing to Harley’s dad. To his home. He and Pepper both. And Harley will take that.

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So I was listening to the Anastasia Musical soundtrack and I started thinking about how it would make a really sad/good Irondad AU

Because everytime I hear the song ‘Close the door’ I can imagine Tony singing it and I just fuking sOB and 'Still/The neva flows Reprise’ could be a duet between Quentin Beck and Peter and I’m just getting emotional aAAAH

(Modern royalty pls???) Ow my soul

Peter be the lost prince

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Hey mystery friend! This is of course very subjective but I can think of quite a few irondad authors that in my opinion are both 1. massively talented and 2. sometimes overlooked. But each of these authors has multiple stories I adore.

In no specific order: @peterparkrr @midsommersolstice @spider-beep @coconutknightshade @imgoingtocrash @wordscorrupt ironarana @searchingforstarss @floweryfran @icymapletree @ferretshark @friendlyneighborhoodsecretary @lyssismagical @bethyedolphin9870 @reachingforaspark @emeraldmoon @ephemeralstark

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully there’s at least a few new names for you to check out!! Thanks for the ask and happy reading 💕💕💕

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