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valenschmidt · 10 months ago
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Not 100% confirmed but this would also explain why the finale felt more like a climax episode rather than an actual finale. It's not conclusive. There's still much more to the story...
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wibblywobblyjeremybearimy · 10 months ago
look, no matter what happened this episode we can all agree that these three….my babies…..
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trumpledore · 10 months ago
Just finished episode 6 and came on Tumblr to take in all the reaction.
Which I should NOT have done
This negativity is actually surprising to me cause I thought the finale couldn't have been more fitting.
It was heartbreaking for me personally, but beyond that I felt like all of their reactions and arguments were so in character.
- Sylvie thinking Loki would choose a throne over her
- Loki actually NOT wanting a throne
- Sylvie not believing He Who Remains while Loki at least considers it
- Sylvie choosing vengeance and just repeating Loki's mistakes
- Loki and Sylvie LOSING at the end and destroying everything good they could have had
- the kiss, even though so many people seem to hate it. It fit the narrative and was logical in this particular moment. As an emotional reaction AND still a sort of manipulation by Sylvie
- Ravonna not killing Mobius
- Hunter B-15 trying to convince the TVA agents of the lies they have been told
I'm pretty sure if I watch it again I'll notice even more things.
Furthermore, the ending made even sense in the large scheme of things:
- the Time Keeper being Kang (I think)
- the start of the Multiverse
- Miss Minutes being involved
- Loki and Sylvie's relationship dynamic being clearly revealed
- it all going to shit in general
- Loki not ever getting a break
So maybe this is just me, but I LOVED this finale because it made sense and in my opinion it payed tribute to all the characters (keep in mind that the story is in fact not finished yet and Mobius might get his Jetski in the end; Ravonna's goals will probably be revealed; Hunter B-15 did not get to finish her mission since reality changed (?))
Personally, I didn't get the impression that a lot of plot lines were abandoned or anything and the episode had enough of an emotional impact to be memorable and build up tension for season 2, while still completing the story arc of season 1: killing the Time Keepers and Loki's change in perspective.
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frostbitten-written · 10 months ago
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Here’s live footage of my clown ass being catfished by Marvel, again:
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janetsnakehole02 · 5 months ago
Ya know what makes me hate the s*lki kiss so much more is the fact that this bland ass kiss is Loki’s first kiss in the MCU like TEN YEARS OF LOKI and THIS IS WHAT WE GET??? Marvel fr hates Loki so much they made his first kiss a dry betrayal kiss from himself lmao what?? Even Thor and Jane’s first kiss was better cmon
And even if you ship them and you’re okay with the selfcest and the fluidphobia and everything else wrong with their relationship…that is just an objectively bad kiss and not aesthetically pleasing at all. He’s barely kissing back and their mouths are barely moving, she’s almost pushing her lips onto his and his mouth is just.....there?? The s*lki stans on insta are trying to be slick about it and they’re editing it to change the lighting on their faces so that it actually looks “good” but y’all we’ve all seen Tom Hiddleston kiss on screen before and EVIDENTLY the man knows what he’s doing and this is just not representative of that at all
It was such a bad kiss I thought that it was done deliberately especially if you take into context what Sylvie does after that but then the writers and the director went “that was the plan now ship it because we said so” like HUH????
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sopsgarden · 10 months ago
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No I will not stop
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anonymousweirdo · 10 months ago
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weird-dorky-little-d · 10 months ago
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Mobius: Is it just me, or does this office keep getting better and better?Where'd you get that one, the snow globe? I love those. I don't remember bringing back that case.
Ravonna: You're not the only analyst working for me.
Mobius: But, would you say, maybe, I'm your favorite one? And why do you get to keep all the trophies from my cases in here? You don't think I'd love having that roller skate there sprucing up my cubicle?
Ravonna: Because I approve the missions.
Mobius: Good point.
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Ravonna: Mobius?
Mobius: What? Those rings were already there.
Ravonna: And they're all from you.
Mobius: Maybe it's from your other favorite analyst.
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Mobius: Thank you, R Slayer. I don't remember this. This must be from that analyst you keep on the side.
Ravonna: Stay focused. Eyes on the road.
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I'm so confused... If there is an alternative TVA ruled by Kang why those rings? Why the trophies all in the same office? Why Mobius doesn't remember these details? Because they are not his own memories and Ravonna knows it or because he was reset, including the entire TVA, several times and Ravonna wanted to keep the rings and the trophies just for affection or guilt?
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 10 months ago
So I literally just woke up. I don’t know if this was the intention but if it is, the Loki writers are absolutely brilliant. Why was Kang the Conqueror eating an apple in the finale?
To keep the Doctor (Strange) away.
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whatnonsense · 10 months ago
This might be the coolest entry for a villain in MCU 🔥🔥
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Welcome Kang the conqueror
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eithniel · 10 months ago
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"It's finally over... So why don't I feel better?" Now just the second season to maybe see more of this wonderful goddess T--T Sorry Wanda, but Sylvie has become my favorite character in the entire MCU. T-T
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righteous-scamp · 10 months ago
Lokius and how the show hints that it's a better choice for Loki than Sylki:
(a rant that turned out more like an essay)
Since the beginning, Mobius was shown to have more trust in Loki than almost any character we've seen in mcu this far. Mobius was willing to give Loki a chance even after each time he was let down, he was ready to hear Loki out even when Mobius was sure he was talking nonsense, he listened, even when sure Loki was lying (the time loop incident). It's been reiterated by multiple characters (Classic Loki and Renslayer), that it's odd how much Mobius trusts his Loki and how he's willing to throw away his life's work for him even after such a short friendship.
Mobius cares. It's noticed by every other character, pointed out constantly. Mobius helps Loki change his mind, assures that he can become better than what he's always been, that he's capable of change. This helps Loki come to terms with himself, the inner workings of his mind, realize that what he wants isn't to be king of everything - rather, it's to be happy.
Mobius believes in Loki so much it's crazy - he doesn't even consider the fact that Loki could be dead already when in the void, he trusts that Loki will do the right thing when he leaves the place.
The jealousy scene when Loki and Sylvie are caught? How he seethes with rage, ready to call out Loki, in any way that hurts, showing how betrayed he felt when Loki ditched him for someone he knew all of 5 minutes. How he adds details and salt to the wound when making fun of Loki's (whatever they are) feelings towards Sylvie. He's hurtful because he's hurt, but when he realizes that Loki was telling the truth, he feels guilt and tries to reconcile with Loki, making sure to undo the words he said previously. When they exit the loop, the second they notice Renslayer, Mobius stands forward, and his conversation with the Judge shows how much he already trusts the truth Loki has brought forward.
Then there's Loki - happy to see him anytime they've been separated, be it in the Void or back at the different TVA at the end of the last episode, where Loki, after contemplating what has just transpired, sets his mind and runs, looking for the last person in the universe who he can trust. There's joy in his face when he sees the agent is okay. After this, Loki starts explaining what happened, not even hesitating to tell the truth, admitting he's made a mistake, knowing that Mobius wouldn't judge him for it and would help, just as it always is. The heartbreak when it clicks that this isn't his Mobius, much like the way he felt when Mobius was pruned and he was thrown into shock and grief, because he had lost another person he cared for.
On the other hand, we have Sylvie - Loki bonds with her on Lamentis 1, but it's shown even at the end of episode 2, that Loki wants to find out more about her and throughout the 3rd episode he tries to gain her trust. Sometimes it looks like it's working, because they do form a bond of whatever kind - two Lokis, trying to understand one another and realising that even through their differing experiences, they can relate to one another.
However, as Sylvie shows in episode 3, she doesn't trust easily, a huge contrast from the unconditional trust Mobius gives Loki. The mistrust is again revisited in episode 6, where Sylvie is described as the one who can't trust while Loki is the one who can't be trusted.
This already shows a big parallel to the two ships - theres Mobius, who's willing to trust Loki whole-heartedly and ready to change his life to do the right thing, meanwhile it's highlighted how Sylvie is the opposite - not able to trust Loki at the first hint of what she assumes to be betrayal, and no matter what Loki's or her own feelings are, what they share, she picks her set life goal over the word of her counterpart, getting rid of him in a fairly cruel rejection.
Which finally leads us to the kiss scene..
To many people, understandably, the scene was uncomfortable and upsetting, but hear me out, maybe there was more to it.
The kiss felt so much less intimate than the hug between Loki and Mobius - it was sudden, sort of stiff, not showing a lot of emotion, they went for it straight on (without even tilting their heads, which mind you isn't the most comfortable or passionate way to do it). All in all, it felt like a distraction on Sylvie's part so she could grab the ten-pad without being noticed, knowing that Loki would be too overwhelmed to notice.
But the strongest argument is quite possiblly the dialogue - where Loki assures her that all he wants is for her to be okay, but she, after the kiss, responds with "I'm not you" and proceeds to throw him to the TVA. Perhaps I'm over-analyzing, which is what the whole post is about, but that felt like a point blank period rejection.
Putting everything together, it feels like the show itself is hinting that Sylvie just isn't the right choice for Loki. This isn't a post hating on Sylvie or the way she's characterized, far from it, because I admittedly very much enjoy her character. What I'm saying is that without a lot of growth I don't see a healthy relationship being able to exist between these two characters, even if we're ignoring the whole "they're the same person" debate.
At the end of the day, even if I'm wrong and Sylki is going to be endgame for one reason or another, I think all of this could've been achieved even without the romantic aspect, since even regular friendship and trust is a big step and a big deal for our Loki.
Sorry for the long read, I was just me trying to quickly write down my thoughts, I definitely forgot a lot of things I could've written down, but I'm not professional and mean no offense to anyone if you think differently.
Either way, excited to see what season 2 will bring!
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fluffycakesistainted · 10 months ago
He Who Remains with the 🍏…referring to himself as “the devil”...tempting Loki and Sylvie…giving them new knowledge (along with probably not the whole truth)… So Sylki are basically the Adam and Eve of New!MCU, huh?
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irishia-the-darth · 10 months ago
Me, checking tumblr after Loki s1 finale: I wanted some memes and all I found is biphobia and ship wars
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mandofury · 10 months ago
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I won't be getting any sleep tonight
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janetsnakehole02 · 9 months ago
Anyone else think about how Mobius told Loki in the pilot that he was always going to be second to people like the Avengers and used as a way to help them move forward in their lives and then that’s exactly what the show did to him too? They used Loki as a plot device to advance Sylvie’s character and help her accomplish her long-awaited mission. They used him to break Mobius out of the TVA’s grasp. Hell, they even used him to give Ravonna a moment of clarity in the season finale. At the end of season 1 every character was in a different place than they had started but Loki? He was back to square one: heartbroken, betrayed, helpless, and feeling like he can’t trust anyone. I thought the show was gonna go in the direction of showing us that it’s not true, that Loki isn’t some tool, he’s a valid person with feelings and he is just as important and his life MATTERS, and we would be able to see his growth but he was just used and thrown aside again. It’s just so infuriating to me how little the writers (MICHAEL WALDRON) seem to care about this character and their well-being.
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sopsgarden · 10 months ago
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Yeah he fucking better after that train wreck
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anonymousweirdo · 10 months ago
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justruins · 10 months ago
Loki Nation we keep winning, the show , the acting , the cinematography , the writing is just *chef's kiss* Loki is the best Marvel show periodt.
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P.s. Look at this precious little bean !!!!
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buckybarnesavaghost · 10 months ago
When the realization hits you that Kang ALLOWED Thanos to do what he did, that he just ‘paved the road and Thanos just simply walk across it’
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I mean I know we LOVED Kang but he’s definitely the worst
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