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#neon photography

I remember fucking you during class in your car. Getting high, singing our favourite songs. Now I’m just sitting here on my bedroom floor in the dark looking at my phone wondering if I should text you. Do I want to slice open those wounds and watch the blood drip? Do I want to hear your voice? Because I know I cried for years wishing I could hear your voice again. I ran away from you because I have a nasty habit of running away from my problems. I smoke up when I don’t want your ghost around. I found the sober me can feel your lips on my chest, your hands running through my hair when your long gone. Everybody lately acts like they care, but they’re never around when I need them. And man, life just isn’t fair, makes me wish I believed my parents when I was young. I loved you, you were my drug, my heart and you were never really there either. Are you lonely? Hold up! why do I care? I took all your problems because I didn’t want you to suffer. I still protect you after you treated me like any other girl. But I didn’t realize you weren’t in it cuz these stupid rose tinted, heart shaped glasses made the cuts your claws made bleed sunsets.

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