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#no i will not elaborate

I’ve once again reminded myself how much of a jealous bitch I am

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I don’t have a God complex I don’t have a God complex I don’t have a God complex I don’t have a God complex I don’t have a God complex I don’t have a- oh….FUCK

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When you type A Thing and simply wonder if anybody will notice you implying something or if they’ll chalk it up to a typo

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I hate timezones i think we should all just pick one

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listening to cobra starship is something that can be so Gender

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we accept the johndave we think we deserve

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Exandrian Beholders originated from Cognouza.

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are jellyfish the fungi of the ocean?

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Authors didn’t exist until I was 13

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Sea Shanty tiktok and Woodchuck tiktok have declared warnings each other

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I just have to say, from the bottom of my heart,

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|| me: sees soul eater bnha au while browsing

me, frantically smothering my rabid 16yo self: NO we will NOT

my 16 yo self, chanting: meister tomura meister tomura meister tomu-

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not to b like “every song is about destiel” but be by hozier is 100% about destiel

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ok let me get this straight (gay)

people who ship zutara shipped dramione

if kataang, then you shipped romione

zukka fans - drarry😳

toph x sokka or toph x aang fans - harmione

maiko - draco x pansy (you’re a sucker for canonical two goths relationship)

jetko fans just thought one angsty boy is good two is even better

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*shakes a can of baked beans in Drifter’s general direction*

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