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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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The people sing through crowded throats

Throwing their voices about the clouds

Where Angels with eyes of black

Reign apocalypse on the ground

Who is liberty

Where is she now?

She is not in this concrete land

She is not in these concrete hearts

Her voice is the crimson-cut sea

It is magnified and diminished

In righteous feather-kisses

And it speaks not for brains but for all the well-wishes;

I ask for nothing

But the eyes of death

If it will let freedom ring !

This is the end time

Tell me, Miss Liberty,

If you rip off your ears,

Can you hear the people sing?


“An Ode to Miss Liberty”

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Jo gharon ko chhod ke hain chale, unhein kya darayenge faasle?

People who leave their homes aren’t afraid of the distance.

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When you stand against China,“ Uighur writer and poet Abdurehim Imin Parach says, "you are a threat wherever you are.”

China’s government considers many members of the Uighur ethnic minority to be “terrorists” and “separatists.” It has imprisoned them on a mass scale and has turned Xinjiang into one of the world’s most tightly controlled police states.

As a result, many Uighurs have fled to Turkey, which they have traditionally viewed as a refuge and an advocate for their rights. Now, many Uighurs in Istanbul tell NPR they fear China is pressuring Turkey to threaten them.

‘I Thought It Would Be Safe’: Uighurs In Turkey Now Fear China’s Long Arm

Image Credit: Nicole Tung for NPR

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TR: “Ve dünyanın neresine gidersek gidelim çocuk her yerde çocuktur”

DE: “Egal wo wir auf der Welt hin gehen, ein Kind ist und bleibt immer ein Kind.”

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