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S A N C T U M  I S  F R E E
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Impossible just means try again.
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Originally posted by @the-aila-test​ (here), edited to add descriptions of each website and update the links. 
Native-owned businesses to buy from. Taken from the North American Indian Association of Detroit.
For text searching, some of the major categories used are: Food, beverages, clothing, accessories, jewellery, home goods, hygiene, beauty, books, sporting goods — but there are also many items that didn’t fit neatly into those categories, so try ctrl+F / cmd+F for whatever product you have in mind! 
https://www.sweetgrasstradingco.com - Food, beverages (coffee & tea), skincare and grooming, beauty products from a wide variety of different Native-owned brands. The closest thing to a one-stop shop you will get. 
https://nativeharvest.com - Food (maple syrup, jellies, coffee, cereal, soups), jewellery, books and stationery.
https://byellowtail.com - Clothing (stylish af hoodies, swimsuits, cardigans and jackets, tops, scarves, dresses), jewellery, candles, beauty and hygiene (soap, lotions, lip balms) from a variety of Native designers.
https://trickstercompany.com - Clothing (tees, sweatshirts, crop tops, leggings, dresses), accessories (sunglasses, keychains, zipper pulls, headbands, beanies, ties, umbrellas, tote bags, pins), paper goods (stationery, books, prints, stickers, home goods and decor, sporting goods (basketballs, longboards)
https://www.salishstyle.com - Clothing (tees, hoodies), accessories (beanies, some really cool backpacks), stickers, pins, blankets, thermoses
https://hutxh.com - Clothing (tops), accessories (necklaces, hats, bags)
https://furandhide.com - VERY COOL leather and fur products! Drums, flutes, bells, rattles, shells. Also a selection of skulls, bones, claws, teeth, quills, feathers, and obsidian items. 
Continued below the break.
https://www.wapatobeads.com - Loose beads for crafting, finished beaded products, and various other items (blankets, aprons, purses, robes, hats, wallets)
https://www.cultureshockjewelry.com - Jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets)
https://aylelum.com - Clothing (printed dresses, tunics, ponchos, tops, jackets)
https://shop.dancingbearindiantrader.com - Fabric, beads, buttons, Mehron face paint (!!!), jewellery findings, sewing notions, rhinestones, and craft tools. 
http://mohawklacrosse.net - Sporting goods (lacrosse sticks).
https://www.thentvs.com - Clothing (super cool shirts, jackets, socks, hats), accessories (bracelets, backpacks, pins), home goods (lip balm, prints). Here’s a pull quote for attention, because you *need* to look at the pop culture on this site: Our mission is to teach the youth the importance of embracing culture and history while building a Native American clothing company. We use art and streetwear mixed with our culture to create one-of-a-kind designs that embrace our Native American culture and heritage.
https://bisonstarnaturals.com - Hygiene (liquid soap, bar soap, lotions).
https://cheekbonebeauty.ca - Beauty (Sustainably-sourced makeup! Lipstick, lip pencils, lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow). 
https://www.indigecos.com - Beauty (makeup) (07/04/2021 currently on vacation, reopening 07/12)
https://www.quwutsunmade.com - Beauty (lotions, salve, fragrances, lip balms), pins, stickers, limited edition hoodies.
https://sistersky.com - Hygiene (body mists, shampoo, body wash, body bars, bath bombs)
https://urbannativeera.com - Clothing and goods with the “you are on native land” slogan (hoodies, tops, hats, socks, patches, stickers, pins)
https://www.lnukclothingco.ca - Clothing (07/04/2021 new website & currently under construction)
https://www.oxdxclothing.com - Clothing (tees and hoodies), prints, stickers, cut-and-sew original pieces.
https://sequoiasoaps.com - Hygiene (soaps, bath bombs, body and face scrubs), beauty (lotions, mists, lip balm, fragrances), candles, incense.
https://www.blackbelteaglescout.com - Albums from musician Katherine Paul.
https://birchbarkbooks.com - Books by and about Native Americans (Ojibwemowin-language books and materials for other Native languages, NA fiction and poetry, Native studies, memoirs and biographies, young adult, children’s books)
https://redplanetbooksncomics.com - NA comic books, graphic novels, children’s books.
https://kotahbear.com - Jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair sliders and hair clips), home goods (blankets), assorted accessories (bolo ties, belt buckles).
https://bedrechocolates.com - Food (Chocolates! Bars, chocolate-dipped potato chips, chocolate-dipped nuts, chocolate sauce)
https://redlakenationfoods.com - Food (wild rice (a VAST selection), mixes and batters, jellies and syrups), beverages (tea, coffee), home goods and decor, jewellery.
https://shop.tankabar.com - Food: “A real food meat bar with a delicious smoky and slightly sweet flavor, made with grass-fed bison and tart-sweet cranberries.“ Nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.
https://thunderislandcoffee.com - Beverages (coffee).
https://www.indianpueblostore.com - Assorted gifts (jewellery, music, paintings and prints, pins, mugs, food, watches, sculptures). Another one-stop shop representing different Native craftspeople. 
https://www.totemdesignhouse.com - Clothing (tees, hoodies, there is Star Wars), jewellery (earrings), home goods (pillows, tea towels), hygiene and beauty (soap, joint cream, candles, bath bombs, lip balm)
https://www.shenative.com - Leather handbags, jewellery (earrings), clothing (tees).
https://www.manitobah.com - Shoes (mukluks, moccasins)
https://www.gourdjewels.com - Jewellery (07/04/2021 currently closed, but their Facebook page (here) is seeking artists who would be interested in selling with them)
https://ginewusa.com - Clothing (jackets, jeans, tees, coats, vests), accessories (bandannas, hats), jewellery (cuff bracelets, earrings, pendant necklaces). They got a Vogue feature yoooo
https://etkie.com - Jewellery (beaded cuff bracelets). Featured in NYT and Elle.
https://www.aconav.com - Handbags (wristlets, crossbody bags, totes, bucket bags, shoulder bags), clothing (tees, bandannas, uhh also some made-upon-order fashion week runway gowns).
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Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me | Guillermo + If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears
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...unable... to think of anything that would merit sharing
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hey. what are friends for? set the kettle on and i'll come over for t.
image description below readmore
[A four page comic drawn in dark graphite on lightly textured paper.
Page One: In light pencil lines, Yamato is drawn sitting on his bed in only his sleeveless undershirt and boxer-briefs. Behind him is a closed window, and numerous framed pictures hang on the walls. He is gripping one of his upper thighs and looking at it contemplatively. A caption/title box in the upper left says "Testosterone Tuesdays"
In the three panels following he grips the flesh of his thigh gently with one hand, and with a focused expression, proceeds to give himself an intramuscular shot.
"YO! Tenzo!" Appears in an exclamation balloon behind him, jolting Yamato out of his quiet moment, as Kakashi slides open the window and climbs into the apartment beside him.
Page Two: "Knock!" Yamato demands, "Flare your chakra! This isn't anbu anymore, we're civilized shinobi!" His posture is tight and defensive as Kakashi settles down next to him, but he's still got left hand up with the syringe in it.
Kakashi eyes the syringe neutrally. "Oh, is it shot-day?" He asks in large text, followed by a much fainter "I've been forgetting to do mine."
"Really? Again?" Yamato asks, letting his guard down nearly immediately.
Kakashi shrugs with smile that looks a bit more like a wince. "Eh. I have trouble making time for it."
"Do you...want to be off?" Yamato asks.
"No. I didn't realize I'd walked into an interrogation," Kakashi replies pointedly.
"It's only fair to counter an ambush with an ambush," says Yamato.
Page three: Yamato bends forward, reaching towards the floor, presumably to clean up his supplies. "Well, if you can't remember, then we can do it on the same day," he offers. "I rarely forget."
"What, like a testosterone shot social?" Kakashi asks lightly.
"Sure," Yamato says, picking up and moving his home sharps container. "I'll just invite myself over for T."
"Invite yourself over for T?"
"Well, it's not happening here. You'll just make a game of trying to scare me shitless," Yamato points out.
Page Four: Yamato stands up, still in his undershirt and boxer briefs, stretching, face a little scrunched. He clasps his arms behind his head, one elbow up, the other down.
"What did you come here for anyway?" He asks.
Kakashi smiles again, waving a scroll in one hand. "Mission time."
"Augh. Shit."
#comics #my art #naruto #yamato #tenzō #yamato tenzo #kakashi #cw needles #cw shots #this is marginally based on a time in 2018 when me and my brother were on the same schedule-one shot every two weeks. on a tuesday #so i would get to wish him a ''happy T tuesday!'' and it was good and fun and nice bc he was at the other side of the country #but we did have this thing. this weird and funny trans thing to do by some miracle on the same day #ough i miss being on t #anyway #kakashi doesn't actually ''forget'' about the t shot—hes actually pretty good about remembering dates and times and schedules #anniversaries etc. but. the t shot is something which is meaningful to him and which like. is a positive. #it is a small medical task which allows him a bit more control over himself and comfort #but unfortunately when things Get Bad mentally he struggles w/ the impulse to deny himself things which are even a small comfort #this is why when kakashi says hes been forgetting. yamato says ''really? again?'' bc hes familiar with this #kakashi was probably even worse about this back in anbu when he was even less stable. this is also why kakashi gets prickly #about yamato asking. he Knows hes Being Seen and hes subtextually like. ''hey. lay off.'' and yamato is like ''yeah yeah ill lay off...'' #''BUT have you considered laying off on ME? rude rude man?'' but he does lay off and instead of questioning just offers support #because for all the things yamato has issue with...taking a t shot is not one. the euphoria of being able to claim his body in this way #would far outweigh any impulse to punish himself just bc of his personal relationship to his body #neither of them love needles and yamato does have to work himself up to do the injection [which is why he doesnt even notice kakashi] #but its fine. ultimately its fine. #also im having fun with the ''come over for tea/T'' puns. i think theyre fun
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“WOW, [[honeypot]]! IT REALLY IS [[exact change]] LIKE MY OLD SUIT!.. HOW’D A [[slimy nobody]] LIKE ME GET SO [[lucky tonight]]?”
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Light and Shadow
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When you love something, you protect it.
ETERNALS (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao | fave films watched in 2022
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spider 🕷
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Belle (竜とそばかすの姫, Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime, or literally "The Dragon and Freckled Princess")
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TIMESTAMP ROULETTE ↳ Arcane – 1.05 “Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy”
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Entrapta brought the crystal to space in the hopes that it would help Hordak recognise her.  She thought it was lost in the mission to save Catra.  
But in the end, it guided him through the darkest fog, returning him to her side.  
Have I told you I love this show?  
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Bless me, Lord, for I am going to sin.
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🎃🦇🎃 Happy Halloween!! 🎃🦇🎃
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Bonus: slayer fail
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i am white mans whore
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