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MS: Finding Your Support Community

MS: Finding Your Support Community

In 2009, Hannah Perryman made an appointment with an ophthalmologist to find out what was causing blurred vision and eye pain. After a series of tests, including an MRI, she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She started medication to manage the optical symptoms but realized she also needed help with the emotional toll of an MS diagnosis.

“It was a lot to process,” she says. “I remember…

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a friend of mine made this remind for those of us that need a little bit of help to get through the day. ☺️ even if you don’t need it, some people do, so please reblog! i hope this helps guys <3

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A dad support group, if you will

Dragon (far left): I brought alcohol.

Sommeil (mid left): Ooh!! Gimme!!

Sylvester (far right): Dragon, that is not the point of this group!!

Spector (mid right): I wish my boys still lived at home..

Bones (middle): You DO realize that would mean 6 beings living in our house, right???


Also, a fun fact: Dragon is the dad of Eve, Sommeil is the dad of Sashimi, Bones is the dad of Calamity, Spector is the dad of Blade, Gore and Puppet and Sylvester is not a dad but gives off dad energy (and hosts this group)

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I am going into this with a full heart and an empty check list. I have no idea where this will go, it might not go anywhere at all! Regardless of what happens, I’m excited to share my story, to possibly hear the stories of other domestic abuse survivors. My goal is to create a space similar to a DV version of Dear Abby where people can ask questions and submit their stories and gather helpful information and support on how to get through their current struggles. While we can always offer advice, we also have to recognize that all of us have been through different life experiences, we all process trauma, grief, loss, and pain, in different ways. Therefore, none of our reactions or choices are going to be the same as others. 

This is intended to be a safe space for survivors, to share, to ask questions, to be free to experience their feelings and grow from them. 

I hope this grows into something beautiful and empowering. 

Much love, 
- April

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A support group for people living in toxic homes. This is a place where you can vent, find comfort and (unprofessional) advice.

In this group chat, we don’t expect consistent conversation, what we expect is when someone messages in, the group chat becomes alive with support.

No matter how big or small you feel your tribulations are, you are welcome here.

Join this group chat so when your home situation is not good, you have at least this place to express yourself.

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I decided to use positive thinking this year

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What can I say? This year really banged us. Many unfulfilled plans, fears created to everyone and many lives changes because of unfortunate circumstance the world faced. But, we must continue living. Despite the pandemic, we continue to create good memories within this year.

I am happy somehow. I was able and got the privilege of knowing some of great people here.

With all of my heart, I am thanking all of you for the support on my page. With your creative works, you take me to different places, you made me see different work of art and help me deepen my appreciation on every little thing. You all helped me to build trust and confidence on myself. It may sounds funny or overrated but yes, that’s what you all made me feel. ♥️

Thank you for all the comments, heart and reblogged.

I am wishing everyone with another prosperous New Year. Let’s all hope for the betterment of our world and this pandemic to end soonest.

Happy 2021! 🥳🎉

~ honeyvirus 🧘🏻‍♀️

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going to start a support group for people who are having hard time expressing their anger as they can’t get out of their “i have to be nice or they will hate me" phase hang in there it’ll be better

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Author:   The Alias, Artemis Day
Rating: teen
Word Count: <2k
Genre(s): angst
Film-specific: no
Tropes: au, soulmate au, grief, support group, pre relationship, first meeting

Summary:  “When I was nineteen, I went to the doctor for a routine exam, and that was when we discovered that my mark had vanished.” Pepper swallowed back a lump. “The last time I saw it was during a previous exam the year before, so at some point during that time, my soulmate… died.”


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today i joined the thesis support group zoom meeting and it was just 6 other girls being so fucking done with their thesis and one of them was reading us the first chapter of My Immortal outloud, cry-laughing, because she just discovered it while working on fanfiction linguistics and it was everything i hoped a support group of accademics in their late twenties would be

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Cancer: It’s all in your head

Cancer: It’s all in your head

This third week of January 2021 brought about change. The one we’ve sat in our homes waiting with a national- dare I say global – collective held breath for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take the reigns out of the hands of a thief. After four ugly years of a petty loose cannon, from whom I hope never to see on the public’s big screen again. But hope is a fickle funny emotion. Still…

My small…


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Omg Meg, I am SO DOWN. A support group for us young mature ppl, look how mature that is


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