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#tiny meow
all-the-meows · 9 months ago
My Tiny. I found him under my deck @ 2 weeks old, in very bad shape. Losing all but 1 toe on his right foot, half his tail, and a very bad infection, didn’t dull his spirit. He is growing into such an awesome little guy.
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I made him a body sleeve because his umbilical area was badly infected and he wouldn’t stop licking it raw, and I just happen to love Batman so, you know... coolest kitten ever!
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Tumblr media
The vet told me he wouldn’t make it through the week when I brought him in, and to not get too attached, or to even give the kitten a name. Vet said it would be too hard on me considering I wasn’t a previous animal owner who had never bottlefed kittens.
He made it.
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Tiny @ 5 months
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me: *hearing a tiny meow come from the nightstand drawer bc the kitty has crawled in there again* it's ok sweetie hold on a mo'
kitty, literally the only other living creature in the house: *meows from the exact opposite side of the room and is standing there, at the opposite side of the room, when I turn around*
me, glancing back at the drawer bc I've seen enough horror movies to know how this Goes: 👁️👄👁️ o dearie Noi
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mojav · 3 years ago
omg i lvoe cats.... chunky skinny fluffy short hair no hair bighead small head little legs tall legs pointy ears stubby ears tiny meow loud meow run and play cats sit and snooze cats hmm.... yes i love them all its true
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coralreefskim · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
probably not a good idea to confess to the defense after a trial
[ID: A comic featuring Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Phoenix Wright and Trucy Wright from Ace Attorney. The background is a solid grayish green.
1. Klavier is holding a card with both hands and looking down at it with a nervous yet determined expression. Beside him is a close-up of the note. It reads, "[redacted 'Herr Forehead'] Apollo Justice, PLEASE DATE ME. XOXO Klavier Gavin." He is thinking, "Today is the day... I ask Herr Forehead out!!!"
2. There are 4 panels.
Panel 1 Apollo is, with a speech bubble with a '?' pointed to him, turning to someone behind him, who is calling out, "HERR FOREHEAD!" Ahead of him, Phoenix and Trucy are talking to each other with mischievous expressions on their faces.
Panel 2 Klavier is bowing at a 90 degree angle holding the note to Apollo, yelling, "PLEASE READ THIS!!" Apollo is looking at him with a tired expression, as if blanking out.
Panel 3 Apollo is reaching to take the note.
Panel 4 Klavier looks nervous, blushing lightly, with part of the note obscuring him slightly.
3. There are 6 panels.
Panel 1-2 Sequential shots of Apollo reading the note, then squinting at it as he says, "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sure"
Panel 3 Klavier is covering his face with both hands, teary-eyed. There are doodles of flowers, rainbows, and a unicorn behind him. He is saying, "Really?" "Apollo, I-"
Panel 4 They are stick figures. Apollo is cutting Klavier off by saying, "25".
Panel 5 Klavier looks like his soul left his body. He is saying, "eh".
Panel 6 Apollo is raising an eyebrow, saying, "Well? Did I date you right?"
4. There are 4 panels.
Panel 1-3 Sequential shots of them as stick figures, slowly zoomed out with the panels shrinking.
Panel 4 Klavier is running away into the foreground dramatically, a hand covering his mouth. His tears are sparkling. Apollo is in the background, squinting, being deeply confused, still holding the note.
5. There are 2 panels.
Panel 1 Apollo is sleeping, limbs akimbo. His cat, Mikeko, is sleeping on him, with his butt in his face.
Panel 2 Apollo is lurching up violently, eyes bugging out, thinking, "WAIT." Mikeko falls off him with a tiny "meow".
End ID.]
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A kitty who actually likes belly rubs is rare. But Penny loves it. (Turn on sound for major purrs and a tiny meow)
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purrfectsquad · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Little Miss Precious "Deb", look how adorable and tiny she is, although she gained some weight (11.8 ounces according to the source). | source
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me, hearing a tiny meow from the nightstand drawer where the kitty has crawled in again: o it's ok sweetie give me a mo'
kitty, from the exact opposite side of the room: *meows & makes serene eye contact when I turn around to find them standing there, at the opposite side of the room*
me, turning back to the drawer bc I've seen enough horror movies to know how this Goes: 👁️👄👁️ oh dearie Noi
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Cerberus (Lucifer Morningstar)
Tumblr media
Characters: Lucifer Morningstar, gn!Reader Words: 500+ Warning(s): None A/N:Just some Luci fluff for you guys :^)
   “Luci! I’m home!” You shouted into the pent house. You kept one side of your coat covering one of your arms. It was a windy, rainy night in L.A. when you came across a little creature left in a box and its little sounds broke your heart. So you took the little guy in and plan to when Lucifer over into keeping him.
  “Welcome home, darling.” He purred as he rounded the corner, seemingly only wearing his robe. His signature smirk falter when he saw how your body was positioned. “Why are you acting suspicious? You’re hiding something.”
  “I’m not!” You sheepishly smile, your tone pointed that you were definitely hiding something.
  “I will tickle the information out of you.”
  “Alright, alright.” You quickly signaled the metaphorical white flag. You slowly move the bundle of fur that was under your coat, showing a small, wet black kitten with a flat face and vibrant amber eyes.
  “What is that?”
  “It’s a kitten! Is he a cute little guy?” You gushed and held him up more to Luci. “I was thinking of naming him Cerberus.”
  “Oh come on.” He groaned, but smiled nonetheless. He walked up and took the kitten gently from your hands, raising in the air to his face. “He is rather ugly... though oddly very cute as well.” The kitten raised its little head, before giving Lucifer’s nose a little lick. Cerberus mewed and pawed at your boyfriends, seemingly happy.
  “Aw looks like little Cerberus likes you, Luci!”
  “It seems so, but can we call him something other than Cerberus?”
  “Hmmm nope!” You popped the ‘p’ and gently took the kitten back into your arms. “We better stop at the pet shop tomorrow ASAP. Now, let’s give him some food, a bath, and a place to sleep.”
  “We are officially parents, darling.” Lucifer chuckled and went to get some cat friendly food for little Cerberus while you went into the bedroom to use a spare pillow and blanket to make a temporary bed on the floor. You go back to the main room where Lucifer stood with a plate of a small amount of tuna.
  Cerberus was well fed and bathed, and now it is time for bed. Placing the black kitten on his bed, you and Lucifer climbed into your own bed for the night. You curled up next to Luci, nuzzling you face into his chest, exhaling and close your eyes to sleep.
  It was when you were about fall asleep when you heard tiny meows coming from Cerberus. Next thing you knew, Lucifer got out of bed. You heard him quietly walk to Cerberus, and then quietly lay down next to you. The only thing different was there was a fluffy kitten laying between you.
  “Aw, how sweet.” You teased, giving the kitten a little scratch behind its ears. “He is a little purr machine, isn’t he?”
  “I’ve grown to love him already.” Luci chuckled, wrapping his arm around you.  
  “Lucifer, (Y/N), and little old Cerberus.”
  “Sure you don’t want to change his name?”
  “It stays Cerberus.”
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kawaii-st0ner · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He cute
He smol
But most importantly
He blep.
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