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furby-revolutionary·5 months agoAnswer
i am very new to your blog(btw i love it) I was wondering if you make all those little items and furniture you put in the background in those furby pics you take.

Hello!  I didn’t see this message so I have no idea how long ago you’ve sent this.  I make some of the little items and furniture.  Getting into furniture was a lot harder than I had anticipated.  It’s basically like doing mini carpentry.  I salute those mini furniture artists.  I’ve stuck to basic “carpentry” such as tables, desks, and chairs.  Making the mini items is more fun because I get to use lots of different mediums and get to be more creative.  I look up YT videos for tutorials but also subscribe to American Miniature Magazine.  I highly recommend it.  

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furby-revolutionary·5 months agoText

I’m still making little Furby scenes.  Even though I haven’t posted since Halloween, I wanted to let you know that I had some more scenes planned out but the weather has affected some outdoor photoshoots planned.  
I still exist, to some capacity. 

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furby-revolutionary·a year agoAnswer
Hi i dont know who to ask but when i searched furby your blog was the first result. I was introduced to tge furby community via strange eons video and i found it to be v nice and wholesome. 1. How does one go about getting a furby? I really like a second hand one or atleast not the new ones w hard ears (tho those are also good valid furbies just not what i want) 2. Considering recent event is the furby community moving anywhere off tumblr or is it staying? Thanks alot

Hello! First of all I’m super happy that my blog came up first when you searched furbies. I know you didn’t mean that for happening but it’s made me extremely happy. Welcome to the furby community! Viva la revolución!

To answer your questions; 1. A great place to find furbys are online. I strongly suggest shopgoodwill.com. There will you find discounted furbies. Aside from there, eBay is another good place but be wary of steep prices. 2. I have no idea where the community is moving to (if it’s moving anywhere). I don’t know of any NSFW furby blogs so it hasn’t really affected the community in that way. I’m willing to switch to another site, but am waiting to see where the fandom moves.

Let me know if you have any questions! I feel like a furby celebrity!

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