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#I have more to say later
ktinaj · 11 days ago
“Or…you don’t know [Maddie] the way [Chim] does.”
This line…The way it emphasizes that romantic partners know each other differently than everyone else around them. And coming from Eddie? To Buck?
Hasn’t the whole crux of BuckandEddie since last season been the fact that they know each other better than anyone else? In 4x14, after Buck’s crane stunt, every single person scolded him for it and got his reason for doing it completely wrong (“reckless,” “crazy,” “invincible”). Not Eddie. Eddie was the only one who pushed deeper and understood why Buck said what he said/does what he does (“expendable”).
In 5x02, Buck is the only one who clocks Eddie’s panic attack. When Eddie’s entire (ex-)girlfriend is standing right there, it’s Buck who notices something is off with Eddie. And when they talk about it, he digs deeper into Eddie’s statement about sticking things out for Chris, and his “is that enough?” is already enough to make Eddie question himself, but then he also feels comfortable to say “I have been Ana” to emphasize that the relationship is unfair to Ana. He says it because he knows that Eddie knows how horrible his experience dating Abby was, and he knows that Eddie would never willingly do that to someone. And…it works.
So, yeah. “Or…you don’t know [Maddie] the way [Chim] does” gave me pause when I was watching last night. Because they’re romantic partners, they know each other intimately, and it’s a beautiful sentiment that they know each other that way. And because no one knows Eddie like how Buck knows him. And no one knows Buck like how Eddie knows him.
And doesn’t that just speak volumes?
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worstloki · a month ago
full offense but no line with or without context in the Loki series can light a candle to “so I am no more than another stolen relic, locked up here until you might have use of me?”
#it’s just such a raw line that’s so relevant on multiple levels??? and on it's own too????? like ??????????#hoo boy i miss when the dialogue was specific#because the line contributes to characterization in small ways too???#like. it's literally just 1 line but there's metaphoric objectification there's the ye olde syntax it's rhetorical + there's cage symbolism#going into it WITH context there's the conclusion he jumps to (correctly) which contributes to shown intelligence#there's ''another'' which means Loki isn't siding with Odin's colonialist propaganda and considers the relics STOLEN#which is important because Thor refers to Odin claiming the Casket as 'taking' it while the JOTUNS attempted to 'steal' it#his perspective on things conflicts with others but is supported by Laufey's words at least and then in Thor 3 again with the imperialism#''another stolen relic'' isn't said as a good thing so jot that down because loki is aware of morality and that matters later in the film#and that;s without whatever dehumanisation he goes into by likening himself to nothing more than an object taken for a purpose#he's right of course but the jump from Asgard's general condescending arrogance in their superiority to Loki saying this is a spicy one#works on othering him and all#ESPECIALLY since finding out he was a different race is what made him voice whatever doubts he has and how he sees things????#''locked up here'' continues on the same imagery but idk i kinda see it as part of a motif since he lets go at the end of his own free will#still the idea of being constrained is there (which is funny because in every other movie he's physically tied rather than emotionally hah)#there's a visual being provided here and it's of Loki venting his frustrations at a part being written for him he did not know of#''here'' is ironic because he's in Odin's line of sight and how Odin sees him is. kinda important in thor 1.#''until you might have use of me'' is loki's idiotic hope that he's wrong and it's possible for him to be worthy#because ya know his entire identity-breakdown-denial-crisis kinda revolves around that and that runs half the plot#''until you might have use of me'' he's putting no worth on his presence as something worth keeping and is right but... glorious purpose#this is where Having A Purpose really starts to stand out as a thing with Loki#and it's not whatever the show tried to do smh#it's Loki needing to be worthy in Odin's eyes and the idea of needing a purpose being twisted into Avengers 1 though Loki lacks conviction#don't even ask me about how it's a question like that's literally the idea of who loki thinks he is crashing around him and he DOESN'T KNOW#but whatever#what do i know#the Loki show#loki show my beloathed </3#i need to stab something#the invisible dagger speech is predictably my favourite one in the series
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alienpep · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HELLO i have insane ramblings of this Dadmaster AU i made i want to share with you all
TLDR: Dream No More ending turned into Embrace the Void ending. Mato wants his child back. Oro babysits Grimmchild and finds his child student, Broken Vessel, revived by the lifeblood charms along the way to harvest the flames. 
ok here we go - more under the cut
Ghost knows they’ll likely die in the Black Egg Temple. So, they make Oro babysit Grimmchild and complete the ritual in their stead just cause he’s the closest to the flames. They give him their map, some charms, and the Dream Nail. Along the way Oro meets Broken Vessel, revived by the lifeblood charms Ghost gave them a while ago. 
Afterwards, Dream No More Ending. Except Godseeker kidnaps Ghost from the void. She goes “This little fucking creature beat the Radiance? Sounds fake but wild if true so go beat our pantheons if you wanna go back.” And THK is alive because this is my comfort AU and i choose who lives or dies (no one dies)... (just suffering and angst). Mato, Hornet, and Hollow figure out Ghost is alive, just fighting in the pantheons of Godseeker’s realm. The trio embark on a journey to fix Ghost’s mask and get them out of Godseeker’s head.
Except they need the Dream Nail. 
Oro has the Dream Nail. 
Bitter brother reunion ensues (If I could just... figure out wtf their falling out was-)
Meanwhile, the Radiance, and the Infection, slowly comes back from the void thanks to Godseeker attuning to her, bringing her closer to their Absolute form. 
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biggersons · 8 months ago
fundamentally the bunker disconnected them in every way that the roadhouse and bobby's house connected them
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incomingalbatross · 10 months ago
“Our enemies want to separate us,” Bo Katan says, as if she hadn’t just told Din to his helmet that his family and culture were an extremist cult, with the heavy implication they were Less Legitimate Mandalorians.
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reshirement · 6 months ago
rereading the lotr series with a new lens and just
okay i’m going to go out on a limb here and just talk about a passage i read with a different interpretation
so we know bilbo pretty much cuts off elrond with his ‘well, yeah obviously i’m going to handle it’ speech during the council here:
Tumblr media
but his decision to do so was mentioned by him earlier (if not completely outright at the time) during the exchange where frodo shows him the ring here:(sorry for all the reading)
Tumblr media
okay, let’s just ignore the movie take on this moment where bilbo becomes gollumesque and lunges for frodo (which don’t get me wrong, it’s the most solid take but bear with me)
bilbo’s heard a lot about the ring he had, dude was carrying sauron’s ring for decades with no idea. if the ring had zero pull on people, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to look at it, like whoa. so, not even going to hold that against him, and ignoring gandalf seems a very bilbo thing to do anyhow especially when it kind of concerns the well being of his nephew
anyway, frodo shows him, and then pulls back from bilbo when he puts out his hand, and it talks about the shadow over them and frodo seeing bilbo as this grasping creature (not his uncle, a creature) and then feeling the urge to strike him.
but nowhere in there does it say this perception is the correct one!
bilbo doesn’t seem to do a single violent thing in this exchange, however, the moment he looks up at frodo’s face he draws back, his hand over his own eyes like he can’t bear what he’s seeing and just says ‘i understand now’ and ‘i’m sorry’ and then immediately launches into a short tirade that later is revealed to be his immediate expectation to take the ring himself, like there wasn’t another option, so that, that was a snap decision and it would have been a damn foolish one if bilbo had been the one so affected by the ring. bilbo isn’t a fool, and not conniving in the way where this could just be a ploy to get it back, so he does intend to try and destroy it.
i think frodo was the one to fall under the shadow here, and bilbo immediately recognized it. was horrified by it. i mean, it’s not like he wouldn’t recognize the look in someone he loves. frodo wanted to strike him, thorin just about threw him over a wall. it’s just a ring this time instead of a stone. especially with that last line about how the shadow passed once the ring was out of sight (safely hidden away) and how that moment was almost instantly forgotten by frodo (acorn scene anyone? boromir? shadows like that do seem to pass in and out of people very quickly in middle earth)
and like honestly him being like ‘well fuck finishing my book I guess, because that’s quite enough of that, you aren’t touching my nephew any more you absolute heathen’ makes sense because he is a caring character but can be very crotchety about it so OF COURSE he would immediately be like ‘I’m sorry this has happened to you’ and then immediately turn around and be like ‘don’t even worry your head about this further I’ll take care of it, this is not your job anymore so let’s talk about better things, now tell me what’s been happening in The Shire??
anyhow, that’s my two cents. what a horrible thing to see twice, poor bilbo.
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