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#Katsuki x reader

NSFW, 18+

AN: Okay, let me try this again. I deleted the previous version because it was not… right. Enjoy! bakugou x reader smut

Warnings: degradation, dub/noncon, swearing, unprotected sex

Thank you @joyousandverywarlike




Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

Katsuki grumbled as he ate his lunch, thinking of you, of your eyes. There was something that changed in them the second your palm touched the door. Your pupils dilated even though it was bright inside, lips slightly parted, breath shallow. He saw it, the way your entire being vibrated, and it confused the shit out of him. You’re a hard one to figure out and he hated it. His chopsticks stabbed at the plate, clinking noises echoed in the silent room.

He hated losing. He hated change. He hated the fact that he was stuck inside for a full day, and he hated you. His hands scrubbed his plate clean, trying to rid his mind of emotions, rinsing off his feelings as the plate dipped underneath the running water. It wasn’t true, though. He doesn’t hate you, and his head shook as he reprimanded himself.

Stop lying, dumbass.

Towel drying the plate, he remembered the feeling of your hair tickling his knuckles. It was so soft. He had kicked your seat to control those urges of trailing his fingers through it, wrapping his hands around the ponytail, pulling it. Then he thought of the first time you fought him, breathing heavily, panting as you circled each other. That look of pure glee and adrenaline as you stared him down, predator vs predator.

That’s it, that’s what was in her eyes. He sighed when the plate was packed away.

Rage, adrenaline, glee… lust. However, it was not the kind of lust he was used to seeing, sometimes directed at him. This lust was for something specific, which he couldn’t recognize. He knew that nagging feeling of needing release, but that’s not what you wanted. You wanted to consume. It made the hair on the back of his neck, forearms, and shins stand on end. That look.

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Love Bites Ch. 12


This is a neat little 18+ Office AU! I came up with because who doesn’t love a man in a suit 😉 Of course all characters involved are over 18.

There’s no warnings this chapter!

Word count: 2319

Special Thanks for this chapter goes to @mrsreina​ for helping me crack through the wall of writer’s block!! And if you like Love Bites y’all should go check out all of her stories because they’re fucking amazing!

<<< Previous Chapter

| Next Chapter >>>

You woke up that morning to the loud sounds of snores. Yawning, you moved to sit up only to be pulled back down against Kirishima’s firm chest. His arms tightened around you, keeping you locked into his warm embrace. You tilted your head back to look up at his face, and your heart melted at the sight before you. Loose strands of red hair fell across his face, fluttering around every now and again when they moved into the path of his open-mouthed snores. There was the smallest upturn to the corner of his mouth that made it look like he was smiling in his sleep. He looks so soft and peaceful, but damn he’s just as strong in his sleep as he is awake, you thought, pushing against his chest in another attempt to break his hold on you. You had a moment of triumph when his grip loosened a little, only for him to mumble something unintelligible and rollover, pulling you on top of him.

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Give me some dialogue, a scenario or both if you’re feeling nice + a character and I’ll give you a blurb trying to work with it.

I get the feeling that you’re here for some angst and I’m sorry to disappoint if you were, but this was the first thing that came into mind and it made me giggle so I had to

Warnings: swearing

Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x reader

“I‘m sorry Katsu” she sighed, reaching out to hold his hand only to have it snatched out of reach. “You’re fucking sorry?!” he snapped at her “That’s fucking bullshit!”. “Katsu please! You’re overreacting! I ha-” “Overreacting?! How else am I supposed to act when my own girlfriend is trying to fuck me over?!” he cut her off, slamming his hands down on the table, annoyed by the way no one even flinched at it. Had they expected this to happen? How dare they not even attempt to warn him about the harpy he called his girlfriend?!

“(Yn) I swear if you dare-”

“I’m sorry, but I have to”


“I never meant to hurt you”

“(Yn) I swear to god if you do it I’ll-”

“Uno, Draw four and the color is green”

“Oh fuck you!” and with that he swiped his arm across the table, completely clearing it much to literally no one’s surprise. He’s always been a sore loser after all.

“And this is exactly why we didn’t play Monopoly! You do this every time Katsuki!”

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You fidget while staring at the window of your room, waiting for your prince to arrive. Never would you have thought that the day would come where your heart would race because of fear and excitement for Katsuki’s arrival. The ash blonde was one of the greatest swordsman and fighters out there. You’ve always believed in him to come home to you unscratched. He has won a ton of wars in the past afterall.

It’s just that, this war has really sent you to a mess ever since their departure with the other princes. Their enemy was the League of Villains. A group of strong bandits that has been lurking around the land ever since.

“Princess, please calm down. I’m sure the princes are all right. Especially Prince Bakugou.” Your servant tried assured you of the Prince’s safety, but the thoughts in your head just keeps getting into you.

“I can’t just help it. What if something bad happened? Jist by thinking of it makes my heart ache.” You stared teary-eyed at her, a lone tear escaping your eyes as you whimper. Your servant gave you a soft smile, trying to reassure you once again.

“I’m sure he’s fine, Princess. He’s one of the greatest fighters out there, after all.” Heaving out a sigh, you returned your attention outside, waiting for your Prince’s arrival.

“The Prince’s has arrived!” After hearing those words, your legs moved on it’s own and started running towards the front door. When the servants opened the door, you were greeted by the sounds of horses running towards the castle’s gate. You immediately saw Katsuki’s hair, making you sigh in relief. As soon as he stepped down from his horse, you ran towards him without any second thoughts. Really grateful that he’s safe and sound.

“Suki!” You encircled your arms around his neck and buried your face in them, inhaling his sweet caramel scent.

“Woah there, Princess. You miss me that much, huh?” His cocky voice that you miss so much in the past months made you almost cry, a whimper coming out from your lips.

“I-I’m just glad that y-you’re safe, Suki.” Katsuki’s eyes widened when he felt something wet on his neck, a sign that you’ve cried already.

“O-oi, why are you crying? I’m already here.” Even though he was being hesitant, Katsuki still tried to calm you down by patting your back when you started crying even more.

“I’m already home. I’m already here, ok? So don’t cry. Shh.”

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When a girl comes crashing through the window of Bakugou’s dorm and he has the strongest urge to just keep her with him.

Part 8 of “I feel safe with you”

Bakugou x fem!reader

Words : 430

Series Masterlist

A/N : I haven’t written for this series in a good few months, hopefully there isn’t too much difference oof 

This entire chapter is hopefully just going to be some soft settling into school fluff because heehee

Hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by kaijohs

The moment lessons had finished, everyone turned to see the new addition to their class, and yet they were met with an empty seat. 

“Todoroki.” Kirishima called out. “You sit next to her, where did she go?”

He looked up as his name was called, placing his hand in between the pages of his book as a bookmark of sorts. 

“She stepped out a few moments ago.” he answered, pursing his lips at the unwanted crowd that had formed around him. 

“Oh that sucks.” Kaminari said. “I wanted to get to know her.” 

As the others agreed and chatted amongst themselves, Bakugou had slipped out of the classroom, hands stuffed into his pockets as he set out to look for her. Muttering under his breath, he turned and kicked open the door to the stairs, climbing up the floors until he reached the roof. 

“Y/N?” he called out, opening the door. 

“Over here.” a voice sounded out from a distance. 

He walked out to see her sat on the floor with the bento he made for her in the morning resting in her lap, a pair of chopsticks mid air and she turned to watch him walk towards her.

“What are you doing alone you idiot?” he remarked, rolling his eyes at her before settling down next to her, his back against a wall. 

“I’m not a fan of crowds.” she replied simply, eating another bite of her lunch. “The bento’s great, thanks Katsuki.”

“Whatever.” he remarked, opening up his own lunch with the ghost of a smile on his face. Watching his actions, she also smiled a little, letting her shoulders relax before they settled into a comfortable silence. 

After a while, he spoke up. “So you’re staying right?” he asked, almost sounding too hopeful for his own liking.” 

“I guess so.” she shrugged. “It’s not like I have anywhere better to stay. I suppose I could do with some more social interactions.” 

“I can introduce you to the others. They’re all idiots but they mean no harm.” 

She hummed in response, wiping her mouth with a handkerchief, before neatly folding up her lunchbox. “Maybe one or two people.” she nodded, turning back to look at him. “You can choose for me.” 

He agreed, giving her a grin. “I’ll make your time here in UA unforgettable.” he proclaimed, arrogantly sticking a thumb to his chest.  

“I have no doubt you will.” 

Her reply only fuelled his ego even more. He responded with another sarcastic eye roll but it was undeniable that this peace they were at felt incredibly 


Taglist : @imalivebarelystriving@falling4fandoms

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Originally posted by color-division

bakugou katsuki x reader
part fifteen 

A few days had passed since her first meeting with her personal trainer. It had gone well, minus the fact that she had gotten her ass handed to her within the time span of five minutes. Not bad, considering she was in a pretty exhausted condition. Could you blame her? She was dealing with the last drops of her power and strength, after all. She tried her best, she really did. But yet, here she was again, getting the utter crap kicked out of her as she tried to fend off the brute force that was Fukui.

“Shit!” She yelped as she narrowly ducked beneath a particularly harsh blow that would have clipped her right in the temple. She stumbled a bit as she tried to regain her balance on her cast, but before she knew it, something hit her harshly on the side. It took all of her remaining strength to pivot herself and send a kick with her good leg to Fukui. He dodged it by stepping to her right and quickly countering with an uppercut that she blocked with her arm and retaliated with a (pretty weak) jab at his chin. He let out a grunt as he dropped low beneath her punch and aimed a sweep at her legs.

What a fucking cheater.

Too exhausted to dodge it, she stumbled and fell backwards, landing on the ground with a groan. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she lay on the matted floor, knocking her head on the ground with a sigh as she stared up at the ceiling. That marked her, what, seventh time losing? Her entire body ached with the bruises of battle delivered mercilessly by Fukui. She squinted her eyes as he loomed over her head, a smirk plastered on his face as he braced his hands against his knees.

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Some jokes aren’t funny

Genre: comfort

A katsuki bakugo, izuku midoriya and shoto todoroki x reader

A/n: yes, some jokes aren’t funny (like the joke tumblr pulled on me by pulling my last post down off the tags) writers, If you encountered the same issues with your posts, please dm me- anyways, i had to search up some jokes that were actually funny so don’t blame me if it’s overused jokes. 5 slots are still open so please request something! Let’s get on with it! 😊

Katsuki bakugo


Originally posted by no-sorry

  • When both of you got together, he noticed you didn’t have a high self-esteem.
  • He would try to get these thoughts out of your head, you would feel better.
  • But the main indicator when he sees your confidence hits a low is when you start making self-deprecating jokes.
  • You were both watching a crime show in your room, covers over both of you as the tv started playing the next episode.
  • When the dead body was shown, you pointed at it, “okay first off, i wish that was me.”
  • His head immediately whirled to look at you.
  • “what did you say?”
  • “i wished the dead body was me…?”
  • He took you in his lap, he was looking into your eyes with a scowl on his face.
  • “stop saying that to yourself. If you want to talk, talk to me idiot. Don’t make me worried.” he said in the most softest and caring way.
  • You just nodded and nuzzled into his neck, you both close your eyes as the crime show played in the background. The two of you relaxed into each others arms.

Izuku midoriya


Originally posted by soleil-rising

  • From the day that he met you you, he knew you didn’t look at yourself highly.
  • Once you got together, He was trying to change that.
  • He would compliment you everyday, make you smile and laugh.
  • But there are just those days that pull you down.
  • You were in his room, studying for a test, you couldn’t get anything izuku said so that led to him repeating it until you took a break.
  • He was fine with repeating it, but you weren’t taking it too well. You truly felt stupid.
  • He took a swig of water from his water bottle and looked at you, “are you ready for this week to be over?”
  • “i’m ready for this life to be over.”
  • He almost dropped his limited edition all might water bottle.
  • He immediately got himself back together after the shock and took your hands in his,
  • “don’t ever think like that. I’m here for you. If you have thoughts like that, don’t hesitate to come near me. We’re in this together.”
  • You just let him take you to the bed and cuddle you like there’s no tomorrow. It relaxes your nerves anyways.

Shoto todoroki


Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

  • Todoroki was always a perceptive guy.
  • He would notice slight changes in your mood.
  • When he noticed you started to feel down, he would just silently observe a bit more, trying to time stepping in.
  • This was the right time.
  • “(y/n), could you give me your trash. It’s garbage day.”
  • “i’m still glad that they dedicated a day after me.”
  • You gave him a smile before you started bundling up the trash.
  • You feel his hands around your waist, pulling you close.
  • “if you feel down, don’t bring yourself down with jokes like that. You aren’t trash.”
  • You smiled and just let him nuzzle into you, calming your nerves down.

Fairly short but i’m still feeling very down about my last post getting pulled off and gone from the tags. 5 slots remain so please request something! Thank you guys so much for reading! Love you guys 😘😊

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A Happy Ending (Bakugo x Reader)


So…. you’ve decided to ask Bakugo Katsuki to give you a back rub. Why would you do that? Do you know who you’re talking to?? Bakugo, the king of not keeping his hands to himself?  Mistake #1. Of course all characters involved are over 18.

There’s a lot going on in here including: Thigh fucking, daddy kink and Bakugo’s dirty mouth

Word count: 1236

In your defense, your back was very sore, and Bakugo’s hands are so lovely and so big, and they’re always so so warm. So despite all your common sense and better judgment telling you no, you asked him anyway, and much to your surprise, he didn’t give you too many complaints about it, he was actually pretty quick about agreeing to do it. Which you should have taken as a warning sign. Mistake #2

You grabbed your favorite scented massage oil and settled onto the soft surface of your bed. So, here you were lying face down on your bed wearing nothing but a pair of boy-shorts that may have been just a size too small, with your boyfriend straddling your thighs also in a state of partial undress because in his own words, “I don’t want that flowery smelling shit getting all over my clothes.” Mistake #3.

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[ Nah, you’re good! I usually prefer requests to have a little detail so I know for sure what the requester wants. So, you did a good job! Don’t worry. ]

Kaminari Denki 

  • You had been keeping your sexuality a secret, not only from Kaminari but everyone. Even though everyone just assumed you were straight anyway and you hated that. But you were too scared to reveal the fact you were bisexual, even though Kaminari was the sweetest and most understanding boy in your class. 
  • You had practiced for weeks, though when you finally saw an opportunity to tell him. You always chickened out. Whether it was in class, in the dorm building, or when you were alone with him. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him and you knew you were beginning to confuse the poor boy. “Uh, babe …I really don’t know what you’ve been trying to tell me lately but uh, if it means anything I’m always here to listen!” he reassured you with a smile which only made you feel guiltier. 
  • Eventually the guilt weighed your heart down so much, you ended up dragging Kaminari away from Bakugou and Kirishima. “Whoa babe! What’s this about? Are you okay?” he questioned as he held your arms, a concerned look on his face. But you shook your head, playing with your hands. “N-No …I just …” you began but once more hesitated. “Kaminari …I-I’ve been trying to tell you something for a while now but I’m afraid,” you explained and he just smiled. 
  • He always assured you that you could tell him anything, that nothing would ever make him love you less. You wanted to believe that so badly and in a way if he rejected you. Maybe that was just a sign he wasn’t meant for you. “I …” you took a deep breath. “I-I’m …that is I …I’m bisexual!” you exclaimed and though Kaminari stepped back, clearly surprised. He smiled after a moment, “Oh …” he said, rubbing the back of his head. “Is that all?” he replied, almost as if it were normal. 
  • He kissed the top of your head and squeezed your hands. “Babe, I don’t care what your sexuality is. You’re still my perfect little chicken nugget and I love you! Just to know you’re mine is amazing and well …that’s all I can really think of. But, you shouldn’t have been so worried. Okay?” he said before pulling you close for a hug and somehow you felt more relieved than ever. 

Ejirou Kirishima

  • Kirishima was always so accepting of everyone and even knowing this, you were still afraid to tell him. It was a little embarrassing knowing that you were attracted to both genders and you didn’t want to see how he would react. Would he think you’d cheat on him or would he tell you that you can only be straight or gay and to pick one? 
  • You knew it was silly, Kirishima loved you and he actively proved that every day. Holding you close, even during class. Giving you public affection, and of course, he enjoyed bragging about you. But still, you knew how a secret could ruin a relationship. How something about yourself your partner never knew could suddenly make everything come crashing to a halt. 
  • But you knew you had to tell him if anything because you wanted to have an open and honest relationship. But it had taken a while to work up the courage to tell him, one day you had texted him and asked him to meet you after class. Though you knew he usually hung out with Kaminari and Bakugou, at the moment you didn’t care about anything but telling Kirishima what you had to. 
  • “What’s up babe!?” he exclaimed as he approached and pulled you into a hug. He smiled before pressing a kiss to your lips, chuckling as he pulled away. “You said you wanted to talk to me right?” he questioned, his arms still wrapped around you. Butterflies erupted in your stomach at the thought of telling him and you shyly glanced away, nodding. 
  • Kirishima blinked at your strange actions, “Uh, so what is it?” he questioned and you took a deep breath before turning back to him. Motioning him closer so you could whisper in his ear, his eyes went wide as you spoke the words. “I’m bisexual.” and leaned away, he tilted his head. “Okay? Why does that matter? You’re still my babe for life, right?” he questioned and you grew confused as he kissed your forehead. But …guess he still accepted you regardless. 

Bakugou Katsuki 

  • “What the hell are you so nervous about? Damn it.” he hissed at you, though you had been dating for a while. Bakugou was beginning to get annoyed by the fact you continuously seemed like you had something to tell him. Only to opt-out at the last moment. 
  • Of course, it had taken him some time to figure out. He noticed your reaction to LGBT related subjects and how you’d look at both boys and girls. It didn’t take an idiot to put two and two together. If he was being honest, while he was jealous you’d look at anyone else at all. He didn’t particularly care that you were bisexual. Of course, he was a little pissed you didn’t trust him enough to say so. But, he figured he’d wait until you did. 
  • That happened to be today and he was already fed up from school and his idiot friends. So you might have picked a bad time to tell him, but you nervously looked down at your feet. “B-Bakugou I …please don’t be mad at me,” you said and it caused him to cross his arms, his eyes narrowed on you. “Why the hell would I be mad!? Did you do something you shouldn’t have, dumbass?” he questioned and you sucked in a breath. 
  • “I don’t know, maybe?” sometimes children often felt it was their fault for liking the sex they did. But you knew all too well that it was perfectly fine to love who you wanted and you loved Bakugou enough to tell him something you had been keeping a secret from everyone. “What do you mean?” he dropped his arms and stepped close to you. “Whatever it is, I won’t …be mad at you, okay?” he promised as he laid his hands on your shoulders. You took a deep breath, despite your heart racing in your chest. 
  • “I …I’m …I m-mean I like b-both …I mean …” you stumbled over your words and Bakugou rolled his eyes “You like both genders, yeah I figured that out a while ago.” he said and it made you jump. “You …y-you what!?” you questioned and would have stepped away if not for Bakugou keeping you in place. “I’m not an idiot you know. Frankly, I don’t care …it doesn’t change who you are or who I love,” he said before leaning close to press a kiss to your cheek. “So …you know …don’t be sad and …don’t keep secrets from me okay?” he said and while you were a little emotional. You smiled and nodded, your heart finally at ease. 
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[ I used to love Hey Arnold as a kid. This was very interesting to write, it’s so unlike his normal personality. But I hope you enjoy it. ]


He knew it was stupid, feeling this way about you. But damn, he was head over heels in love with you. Nothing but thoughts of you filled his mind, day and night. From the first day, he had seen you in elementary school he was hooked. Though he always tended to pick on you, call you names and downright taunt you. Not many saw the difference between how he showed you his affection and his normal personality. After all, he was known for his anger and most people tended to stay away from him because of it. 

But, despite his mean exterior, his heart called out to one person and it was you. No one else could compare to how he saw you, in fact, you were a Goddess in his eyes. Powerful, strong, beautiful and he prayed that one day he’d be good enough for you. However, one could argue that his obsession with you had taken a dark turn. Almost yandere and he managed to keep it a secret all these years. He had been collecting pictures of you since he was little. From school photos, to the pictures he had taken himself when you weren’t looking. 

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Can i get your number?

Genre: fluffy fluff

A katsuki bakugo, izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki and tamaki amajiki x reader

A/n: i like basing my titles on songs, is that bad? Anyhow, i decided that s/o would actually be like a cellphone (but she’ll look a Normal human being) it’ll be explained in the fics don’t worry. 5 slots are open so please request anything and everything. Hopefully you guys enjoy! Let’s get on with it 😊

Katsuki bakugo


Originally posted by katetcake

  • He thought you got into U.A because you wanted to be in the support department.
  • He wouldn’t believe anyone if they said you were in class 1-A with him, he didn’t even see you fight.
  • Well momo did confirm you fought in the recommendation exam.
  • You appeared to be a quirkless girl.
  • You explained that your quirk was simply called “phone”
  • Not an interesting name but it did the job.
  • He thought you were just an extra so he ignored you until you had to live with everyone under one roof.
  • “I don’t believe you.”
  • “i’ll order then.”
  • You didn’t take out a phone or anything, take out for the whole class came to the dorms 20 minutes later.
  • It was addressed under her name so he was very very surprised.
  • What made him fall was your honesty,
  • You didn’t use your searching tactics to cheat on anything.
  • He admitted his feelings and you admitted it Right back.
  • He would know you would need cuddles or a long nap when a empty battery bar starts flashing just above your collarbone.
  • He would bring you somewhere private and let you fall asleep in his arms.
  • If you can’t go anywhere private, he would swallow his pride and let you rest on his shoulder while you take a nap.
  • He would always put you first rather than your pride.

Izuku midoriya


Originally posted by deku-smash

  • Was taking notes while you explained your quirk.
  • He was very fascinated to learn how your quirk works.
  • Get ready for random questions at random times that would happen before you were or weren’t in a relationship.
  • “can you search up stuff in your brain?”
  • Questions like those usually catch you off guard.
  • “uh- yeah but i don’t use it when there’s a test or anything.”
  • He would take out his notebook and write it down, mumbling to himself.
  • He was also writing down how would he confess to you, which by the way, went super smoothly.
  • When he sees the empty battery bar flash above your collar bone, he quickly envelops you in a hug.
  • He doesn’t care if it’s in private or public, he’s gonna get you to rest so you could recharge.
  • He took notes on how to get you to sleep and how you recharge.
  • He would do the exact same steps so you charge up efficiently and safely.
  • Getting you comfortable and rested is his number 1 priority.

Shoto todoroki


Originally posted by cainternn

  • He saw you in the recommendation exam along with momo bit he didn’t really care.
  • He was there to be a hero not to make friends.
  • Well that all changed when he actually met you.
  • He was genuinely curious about you and how your quirk works.
  • While you were explaining it to him, he had this serious look on his face.
  • He was planning how to tell you his feelings already.
  • Ultimately, you told him your feelings first and he was head over heels.
  • Would memorize all your antics and signs.
  • How you would take naps during breaks to restore energy,
  • It was indicated when a filling up battery started flashing just below your neck.
  • He would let you nuzzle into him when you need to recharge because you charged up faster that way.
  • He doesn’t care if he looks too soft while pulling you tightly in his chest so you could sleep better.
  • He cares about you feeling safe and filled with energy.

Tamaki amajiki


Originally posted by byakuyas

  • You know this boy is a scared boi.
  • He was very scared to confront you about your quirk or his feelings for you.
  • So mirio did most of the talking,
  • He even told you how much tamaki loves you.
  • You almost overheated at the thought.
  • You thanked mirio and took tamaki’s hand,
  • That made him a big blushing mess.
  • He would ask you questions throughout the day to ease his thoughts.
  • “(y/n) what time is it?”
  • You would answer without even looking at the clock.
  • Always surprised when he sees your quirk in action.
  • When he sees the empty battery bar, he immediately panics.
  • He knows you need sleep, but how would he deliver that to you.
  • You would just take his hand and lead him somewhere private so he could hold you in his arms.
  • He still blushes even at the meer thought.
  • Don’t worry though, he gets use to hugging and cuddling… In private.
  • In situations when you need to recharge in a public area, you would just lay your head on his shoulder and sleep.
  • He would remain a stiff board until you wake up again.
  • And he will stay like that for years to come until he gets used to it.

WE’RE DONE! i loved what i did with this fic! Hopefully you guys enjoyed too. I thought i was gonna make the others too short but looks like i delivered lmao. 5 slots remain open so please something! Hope you guys enjoy reading! Love you guys 😘😊

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And Bakugou knows how much you love those tiddies, normally he would tease you about it too, but if you’ve had a particularly rough day he is gonna bring you onto his lap and pet your back softly while you grope his chest as much as you want. “You are such a creep you know that Y/N?” You know he doesn’t mean it though, that’s just his natural defends mechanism and he doesn’t know how else to help you when you feel down. You may even get soft kisses to your forehead

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Monoma wouldn’t know WHAT to do. Katsu looking all snarly and LOST because where the fuck did you go? And then he sees that asshole and his mood just sours more.


“Well, well, well,” Monoma drawls, nose in the air. “If it isn’t the number two hero. How’s life been treating you since UA, Bakugo?” He’s still got that air about him. Like he thinks he’s actually better than the most talked about pro-hero in history.

“What the hell are you doin here? You sellin suits, asshole?” He asks, grin growing on his face as Monoma’s reddens.

“I—I am not! I have a very influential job working for the governme—“

“Whatever, I’m sure you’re super important.” He baits, a drawl to his voice.

Monoma’s cheeks puff. “Glad to see you’re still a—“

“Katsuki, what the hell?” Both men turn to see you— eight months pregnant and furious— waddling towards them in a figure-hugging black and white striped midi-dress; it really accentuates the bump. “I told you my feet hurt, and you just wander off to— Monoma?” You blink, head tilting at his confused expression, anger falling from your face.

You were in Class B with him at UA. It’s been a while— five years, maybe— since you’ve seen him.

His eyes drift down to your swollen belly, and then over to Katsuki. “He… and you?” His brow twitches as his eyes lock with yours again. “Copulated?” He asks dumbly.

A deep flush washes over you, but it’s Katsuki who speaks. “Yeah, I filled her up; got a problem with that, loser?”


“No, baby, you’re right; you need to rest. C’mon, daddy’ll take you home.” He grins, eyes on Monoma— who is rendered absolutely speechless— as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and begins walking you back the way you came.

“We’ll have to catch up!” You call behind you at your slack-jawed classmate.

“Like hell you will.” Katsuki grumbles in your ear, low enough for only you to hear. You elbow him in the ribs and he winces.

“Don’t be overbearing.” You scold.

He tightens his grip on you, looks over his shoulder to see Monoma still watching you. “He’s an asshole.”

You take a deep breath and sigh. “… Fair.”

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Tempting Tempest

Shark!Bakugou X mer!reader (+more)

Warnings: mentions of noncon/dubious themes, slight violence, sexual themes

A/N: this wasn’t even one of the big ideas I had for mermay, but I started writing it at work and it just sort of happened. I plan on writing scenarios for both option one and option two (see the end of the fic), and if I get inspired, I’ll write scenarios for more characters too! I love mermaids so it would just be wrong if I didn’t post something for mermay.

Peering over a large lump of pink, spindly coral, your eyes narrowed in on an octopus, languidly scuttling its way through the sand. You licked your lips and heard your stomach rumble: octopus wasn’t the most tantalizing meal in the ocean, but at the moment, it was the safest when your food sources were so scarce. That, and a couple of its legs could satiate a few of your sisters who, like you, have not been mated as of yet.

It was May, which meant that it was time for the more male-dominant pods from the south to migrate up to the central waters to enjoy the warming waters. Both your sisters and other pod-mates alike had been snatched up by these tail-hungry mermen, either by being wowed and wooed by different trinquets and talismans the males had created for special bonding occasions such as these, or for the more stubborn and jittery merfolk such as yourself, being captured and forced to mate. Wooed or not, you wanted nothing to do with it, and the repercussions of avoiding the frenzied scuffle was lack of food and resources.

So that Octopus was yours.

Your tail swished back and forth as you slowly pulled your dagger out of your side pouch. Tasty or not, you and your sisters were going to feast. But just as you were about to pounce, a dark shadow loomed over the octopus. You looked up to see a marlin and your dinner-plate eyes only grew that much larger.


You swam, fast and furious towards your prey, jetting through the water with smooth finesse. You were the swiftest in your pod, something you pride yourself on—even still, that marlin saw you coming a mile away and darted quickly in the opposite direction. That didn’t stop your pursuit. You chased the giant fish under large, rocky arches and through a tall, kelpy forest, determined to make the fish your meal.

It took you far too long to notice the second shadow that had been falling over you throughout your fishing endeavor. Missing a beat, you slammed yourself into a rock the marlin used to scale to get away. Goosebumps appeared on your arm when you heard snickering from above you.

Looking up, you could see only his silhouette. You couldn’t tell who it could have been, but you knew he was male by the sharp point of his fluke; he was a shark—possibly one of the most violent breeds of merfolk around. A short glance out into the abyss and you saw the marlin miles away. Your hungry brain told you that if the merman was in pursuit of the fish as well, and that if you were to fight him for it, you would undoubtedly lose, but looking back at the silhouette, you could tell by the tilt of his head that the merman had no interest in the marlin. But he had his own dagger in his hands. He was hunting and you were his game.

Before you could get another moment to think, the merman curled down in a beautiful arc and dove down straight for you. You inhaled through your gills and bolted away in an entirely new direction in an attempt to throw your pursuer off, but with a deliberate flick of his tail, he made the sharp turn and was trailing behind you in no time.

You stayed low, hoping you could lose him after swimming around around large stacks of sediment, but whenever you could steal a glance back he was right there, grinning wickedly, advancing on you even more.

“You can’t swim forever, little guppy,” you heard him snarl behind you, his tone half-amused with a note of agitation. You felt fingers curl around the base of your fluke, and though you tried to jerk him away, his grip was vice.

You descended, skidding along a sandy seabed, scratching your arms and torso on absconded rocks. You hissed in pain, but managed to keep a tight hold on your dagger throughout your entire fall. Large hands grabbed a hold of your tail and flipped you over with ease, pushing you back down against the seabed where pale, glittering sand pushed up off the floor and floated around you. Finally able to see your attacker up front, you had to hold your breath to keep from gasping.

Despite hating him on sight, there was a moment where you thought to yourself that he was the most gorgeous creature you’d ever seen. Ash-colored hair swayed gently with the easy ocean currents. Hungry, crimson eyes were a beautiful, stark contrast to the incessant blue that flooded your everyday life. And the way his bronzed abs flexed as he caught his breath had liquid heat rushing through your tail. You wanted to reach out and touch the hook-shaped scar on his left peck. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you did. Merfolk were curious creatures, and most of you found that the easiest way to satiate their curiosities was through touch.

So you did. You lifted your free hand and drew your fingers along the rough edges of his scarred skin. He bristled at the contact, but didn’t stop you, opting to eye you with equal interest. You felt the beat of his two-chambered heart thrumming against his flushed skin. It was mesmerizing—almost as much as the gentle rumbling that reverberated from his chest—the tell that he was ready to mate.

The tips of his fingers touched your bare shoulder, slid up your neck, and found their home on your chin. He tilted your head once to the left, once to the right to check your neck to see if you’d already been mated. He let out a content hum and placed his hand on the back of your neck. Fluttering excitement buzzed down your spine to your fluke, and you slapped your tail against the floor to try to ease your sudden fervor. It didn’t help, and by the look on his face, he knew he had you. You thought for a moment that maybe you could mate; there really was no reason to be so stubborn. It was only natural and you were of age. The alluring rumbling from his chest was obviously getting to you, but why would you let yourself be mad over being picked by a very attractive suitor. You could mate with him. You could…

But then he had to go and speak again.

“Not so keen on fleeing now, huh?” The triumphant tone he kept had your scales flaring. “And here you had me thinking you were gonna put up a bit of a fight.” He flashed a toothy grin. Sharp. Dangerous. You didn’t want those teeth anywhere near you.

You swung your dagger at him. He caught your wrist with ease. His grin only grew wider as he pinned your arm back against the ocean floor. You hissed at him, grabbing a fistful of sand and flinging it at his face. He coughed and sputtered, so you used that opportunity to sweep your tail up and across his stupid, beautiful face. He let up and you were able to kick against the floor and swim up in a desperate search for an escape.

From the view, it seemed you had three options.

Option one: you could brave the sea cave you spotted miles away. The contents of the dark were unknown to you, but you figured you could brave the unknown and wait until this merman loses interest. You probably wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the day, but it sure as hell beat being mated to some arrogant, two-pricked shark. (Octo!Aizawa—noncon)

Option two: fight the arrogant, two-pricked shark. You might’ve not been the strongest fish in the sea, but you were fast and, at times, cunning. Your pride was on the line anyhow and if it was a fight he wanted, it was a fight he was going to get. (Shark!Bakugou—dubcon)

Option three: swim away some more. The ocean was vast, but you were bound to run into something or someone that could help fend this fiend off of you sooner or later, if he doesn’t get tired from the chase first. Swimming away would surely open a few more paths for you too. But you’d have to be fast. (Other mer!character scenarios that may come up)

TAGS FOR EVERYTHING: @ayeputita @yandere-inamorata @dee-madwriter @unboundbnha @rizamendoza1987 , @rubycubix @smbody-stole-mycar-radio @zellllyyyy @sarcastictextstuck @kpanime @lemonlordleah-shinzawa-kitten @captain-sin-allmight-queen @psionicsnow @wickedlewicked @ghost-of-todoroki @kattariapenn @im-an-adult-sometimes @bnhya @local-senpai @eggpienutbuttercroissant @usernamekate94 @reyvenclaww @hi-ho-and-hello 

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[𝚍𝚘 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚖𝚎]

➪ synopsis: a villain hits you with a quirk that makes you forget things. 

➪ pairing: bakugou katsuki x reader 

➪ warnings: angst, cursing, reader & bkg are 3rd years!, for plot reasons: dadzawa/dadzashi, eri is ur lil sis bc i said so <3

➪ word count: 4k+

➪ a/n: i think this is the longest fic i’ve ever written. ty @bokunokangae​ + @a-boy-is-a-gun​ for being my beta reader ily guys. 


No one would ever guess Bakugou Katsuki was a sucker for planning dates. Or maybe he’s just a sucker for you. Regardless, he’s good at anything he does, and this includes taking you on an unforgettable trip in the city for your belated one year anniversary. 

You never thought you’d date Bakugou, having joined U.A. late in your first year and getting belittled by the blonde; claiming you’d fall behind quickly due to not being there from the start, and singling you out in an effort to wear down your will. You butted heads constantly, and when everyone found out who your parents were, things only escalated. You don’t know when, you don’t know why, and you definitely don’t know how, but by some miracle, the bickering simmered down and began to mold itself into something different.

Something entirely new that neither of you would expect. 

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Phase 2


Originally posted by dotoroki

“Bakubro, you’re already 25. Don’t you think you should go for a serious relationship by now?” Kirishima asked the explosive hero infront of him, who only glared at the hardening hero. “You don’t get to tell me what to do shitty hair! My goal is to be the number 1 hero. Not play house.” Bakugou barked at Kirishima, making Kirishima sigh. The two of them were good friends since their UA days and while Bakugou was more matured than he was back then, that explosive attitude surely didn’t change at all. “What about after being the number 1 hero? Do you even have any plans for then? Bro, right now, fighting and having random hookups may sound nice but in the long term, when you’ll have to retire at some point, you’re gonna regret wasting away your life just for one goal.” Kirishima tried to reason. “Shut your trap, shitty hair. I don’t do love or any sappy bullshit like that.” Bakugou grumbled, taking a sip of the beer in his hand. “Unless it’s (Y/N)… Too bad that she friendzoned me to oblivion…” Bakugou thought internally. At the moment, Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari were in a bar after a long day of hero work to catch up. Bakugou still hung out with the infamous Bakusquad every once in a while, though he usually hung out mostly with Kirishima or you. “Bakubro? Are you scared of the responsibility that comes with relationships? Didn’t take you to be the one to be scared of something like that… Even I had the courage to get Kyoka with me.” Kaminari teased Bakugou on que. “HAH? I’M NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING DUNCE FACE! FUCKING THROW A RELATIONSHIP AT ME AND SEE HOW I HANDLE THAT SHIT!” Bakugou barked at Kaminari. To that, Kirishima and Kaminari fistbumped behind their backs as their plan was going perfectly.

In a completely different bar, you were sitting with Mina and Sero, sipping the (Drink/N) in your hand. “So, (Y/N)! When are you gonna bag a hot guy into your clutches? My married ass can’t see you single for any longer and I am itching to play cupid at this point.” Mina elbowed you with a smile. “Sero’s single too. Why don’t you bother him?” you scoffed in answer, gulping your drink. “Hot guy my ass… The hot guy I like is an egoistical bastard…” you thought internally. “Actually, I’m not single? I kinda started dating a colleague last month…” Sero countered your statement bashfully. “Seeee? You’re the only one between us who’s single. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!” Mina slammed on the table to make a point. “Zeez… Calm your tits Mina… I’m single cause not everyone is manly enough to actually marry the girl he dates. You’re one lucky bastard Mina, bagging Kiri like that… The guys I have a thing for usually ends up being fuckboys who only want a one time thing and I’m not into that shit. So it’s best to stay single and not get hurt.” you sighed. “Alright, (Y/N), if we can get you a guy who isn’t a fuckboy, would you finally go on a date?” Mina asked, looking all mischievous. “Why do I feel like you’re plotting something?” you sighed, looking at Mina, tired of her antics.

You became a part of the infamous Bakusquad back in your first year at UA. You were in class 1A and Mina pretty much adopted your antisocial ass into the group. It wasn’t that you were introverted because you talked enough. It was just the fact that you were way too straight forward, to the extent that you sounded kinda rude. However, you tried to be a nice person in general. While it may come as a surprise, the only other person you were close to most in the group except Mina was Bakugou. That was probably because Bakugou respected your brutal honesty and the fact that you could shove reality on people’s face without a second thought. Not to mention that Bakugou was quite fascinated by your quirk too. You were interested in Bakugou for the exact same reasons though you found him to be unnecessarily rude sometimes. With time, the two of you started having a thing for eachother, which was pretty much common knowledge within the class when you all reached your third year at UA. However, that’s when everything went wrong. Bakugou had finally manned up enough to ask you out at the end of your third year and you made the mistake of hugging and calling him “the best FRIEND you can ever have” after he took you on a date. In your defence, he never mentioned that it was a date and you figured that the two of you were hanging out as friends. Hell, you didn’t even know that he had a thing for you as both Bakugou and you were completely oblivious when it came to feelings. Unfortunately, Bakugou felt as if you completely and utterly friendzoned him at that moment, and stopped trying to win your affections and instead, went for random hookups while you were deeply saddened by your crush’s sudden change and you pretty much stopped having a love life.

Did that stop the two of you from all the passive agressive flirting you threw at eachother? No, it did not. Infact, to both of your surprise, you two ended up hanging out quite a lot. Ofcourse, they always ended with a weird giddy feeling in both of your stomachs and blazing anger in your minds as the two of you pissed eachother off quite a lot. To be fair, Bakusquad was tired of you two pining on eachother for 9 whole years. They had no idea about Bakugou trying to ask you out at some point as Bakugou would never reveal a failed attempt at sonething. To Bakusquad, enough was enough. After all, who the fuck pines on eachother for 9 fucking years and not make a move? Ever since Kirishima and Mina got married to eachother, they had enough of your and Bakugou’s shit. Like every other happily married couple, they decided with the squad that this time, they would finally set the two of you up together. Hence, it all led to them planning the entire thing out and you were now sitting at a reserved table at a fancy restaurant after taking a day off from hero work so that you could meet your mystery date. Did you know why you even agreed to this? Blame Mina for bribing you with the entire series of a very rare first edition of a manga signed by the author himself that you have been saving up for. You honestly expected it to be a rather boring date as you had no interest in being with a random dude and you were only here for the manga and the food. However, you did not expect that random dude to be Bakugou.

Did Bakugou expect to see you instead of some random woman sitting there on the table that Kirishima forced him to reserve for the so called date? No, he totally didn’t. You looked as surprised as he did when he entered the restaurant and found you sitting there. This was one of the extremely expensive restaurants in Tokyo and Bakugou always chose the best even if it was some stupid worthless date because it was either classy with Bakugou or nothing. Upon realising the fact that none of you expected something like this, Bakugou felt the bad memories of him trying to date you years back plague him, drowning his self confidence to some extent which in return pissed him off. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Bakugou asked you with a scowl as he approached you. “Guess our idiot friends were trying to get us together.” You sighed, motioning him to sit on the chair infront of you. “Fucking shitty hair…” Bakugou grumbled, not looking at you. “Mina lost her damn mind… Here I was looking for a loyal dude and she sent the Ground Zero who’s specifically known to be a womanizer.” you teased Bakugou, trying to ease up the gloomy mood. “Ya know, you could leave if this isn’t your thing.” Bakugou looked at you and stated with a scowl. “Meh, Mina bribed me enough to stay. Plus we didn’t hang out in a while so it’s a win win for me. I honestly thought I’ll have to make a conversation with some random weirdo.” you answered carefreely. “Did she bribe you with that rare first edition manga that you were obsessing over?” Bakugou asked, raising an eyebrow. “Guilty as charged” you answered, winking at him. Only if you knew that your action made him literally have butterflies in his stomach (something he would never admit).

Kirishima, Mina and Kaminari were hiding outside the restaurants, looking over at you and Bakugou by the window of the cafe. “Bakugou looks too constipated… Ya think we need to get to phase 2?” Kaminari asked. “Uh… I still don’t think that’s a good idea…” Kirishima tried to reason with the two weirdos beside him but Mina was already calling the cafe to prepare for the said ‘phase 2’ of the plan.

Bakugou was already uncomfortable about the entire thing from the begining but now that a random dude came at them with a violin and started playing some sappy romantic music, Bakugou was this close to losing his temper. It didn’t take long for you to notice Bakugou’s dilemma. “You wanna get out of here? Our friends clearly crossed the limit…” you asked him. Without any hesitation, he said, “Fuck… Fine, let’s go.” before he stood up and left the restaurant with you following him, leaving the violin man and the waiters confused as to why you left without your order even after you already paid for it. “Wow, that was intense.” you laughed as Bakugou sulked about how shitty their friends are. “Well, how did they convince you to get here? Didn’t you tell enough interviewers that you 'don’t do love’?” you asked Bakugou, teasing him though you were kinda curious. “Shitty hair asked me about what I’d do after I retire and said that I’ll regret not giving love a chance so I decided to give it a shot.” Bakugou grumbled without looking at you. Ofcourse he wasn’t gonna tell you that they got him into their trap simply by challenging him cause you’d tease him to death over it. “Oooo someone’s growing up. Good for you.” you answered him with a smile before continuing, “I guess I listened to Mina about this shit cause, well, I used to like this guy but it wasn’t mutual and I guess I wanted to forget about him for a while. I mean, I pretty much never had a love life so…”. “Dude must be dumb. You’re cool.” Bakugou answered, not looking at you as the two of you entered a park that was nearby. “Nah, he’s amazing. It’s just, love isn’t really his thing and I can’t exactly change his views.” you muttered sadly. “Well, he’s still a dumbass.” Bakugou huffed in answer. “Okay? I guess he really is a dumbass. I mean, I’m quite sure he came into this date cause Kaminari or Kirishima challenged him to and he actually thought I wouldn’t figure it out.” you scoffed, looking away from Bakugou.

Bakugou’s face was priceless. At first, he was pissed that you called him a dumbass but then it hit him. “You… You like me?” he choked out, looking shocked. “Well, wasn’t it obvious by now? Our friends set us up together and there was a weird dude playing violin. It seemed that Mina understood that I have a thing for you and did all that. Mina or Kirishima wouldn’t want me to be hurt as they are my friends and if you didn’t like me, he wouldn’t set me up with you given that you have serious fuckboy tendencies. Well, it doesn’t really matter if I like you anyway cause you’re not into long term shit.” you answered his question with a sigh. “Ya know (Y/N), I only got into this fuckboy phase cause you rejected me once.” Bakugou muttered. “Huh? When did I reject you? What are you talking about?” you asked, visibly confused. “Don’t you remember that day at the end of third year? I took you out on a date to see that sappy ass movie together and you hugged me and friendzoned me?” Bakugou accused you. “That was a date?” you asked him with an incredulous expression. “Hah? You didn’t realise that was a damned date?” Bakugou barked at you. “OFCOURSE I DIDN’T! YOU NEVER MENTIONED THAT IT WAS A DA…” Bakugou didn’t let you complete that sentence as his lips were already on yours. After a kiss that took your breath away, he pulled away, leaving you completely flustered. “I’m not gonna date you if you’re gonna fuck around.” you stated, still out of breathe from the kiss. “Ofcourse I won’t you dumbass! We are fucking official from now! Tf do you think I am?” Bakugou snapped at you? “Idk, you called yourself a dumbass a while back?” you teased him. “DIE!!!!” Bakugou barked at you to that.

“Well, I guess that worked?” Kirishima muttered as they were hiding in the park, watching Bakugou chase you with small explosions in his hands as you kept cackling with laughter, running from him. “Phase 2 never fails.” Mina and Kaminari stated in unison with smug expressions as Kirishima looked back at them in disbelief.

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Of course ^_^

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Can’t Be Alone

(Bakugou x Fem!Reader)

(Warnings: language)

(A/n: did I get a bit carried away with this request?- probably- also- (f/f) means favorite flavor in this-)


Originally posted by tetsuruo

“You could try and have some fun yknow-“ You joked as you walked along side your friend. “Tch- I was fuckin dragged along-“ “And you’re gonna have a good time anyway!” Mina chimed in making you smile. “Fuck this..” Bakugou mumbled as your group approached the mall. “Hey Kaminari- dare you to jump into the fountain once we get there-“ “You’re on-“ do not give him any ideas-“ You cut him off- knowing fully well they’d do it anyway.

“We’re here!-“ “No shit-“ Bakugou mumbled as you all entered the mall. “Kaminari there’s the fountain-“ “I’m going in-“ “Don’t you dare-“ He already took off, Sero quickly chasing after him. “They’re gonna get us kicked out-“ Kirishima said, glancing around for security. “At least there’s not many people here..” You mumbled, looking around. “Do it for the vine!-“ “Do not so it for the vine!-“ You yelled, at them, yoru ahout not reaching them as Kaminari dived in. “What the hell-“ Bakugou mumbled, watching them run away.

“How many times have they down that now?-“ Kirishima mumbled to Mina as the four of you walked forward trying to find them. “The fuck did they go?-“ “knowing them probably a trash can- but if it’s not that then they could be anywhere-“ Kirishima answered, pulling out his phone to text them. “Great-“ Bakugou mumbled, crossing his arms annoyed. “We’ll find them.” You reassured him, putting a hand on his shoulder immediately making him tense up.

“They’re not texting me back..” Kirishima spoke up, putting his phone away. “Alright!- Kaminari and Sero search squad!- Bakugou you’ll go with (y/n) and Kiri will go with me!- We’ll meet up back here at 4:30-“ “Why the fuck do we need to split up?-“ “It’ll cover more ground that way-“ She explained. “Oi racoon eyes- Why can’t you go with (y/n)-“ “I think that’s the only time you haven’t called me a rude name-“ “You’re on thin fuckin ice-“ “Uh- because-“ She struggled- Of course she wouldn’t say the real reason- she only paired you two together because she knew you both had a crush on eachother but were both too stubborn to admit it.

“Well- Oh hey look there’s Sero!- bye guys!-“ She lied, grabbing Kirishima and running away. “The fuck..?” “I don’t know-“ You shook your head, watching him walk off. “Where’re you going?-“ “Racoon eyes said we needed to cover more ground, right?- this way I don’t have to deal with your annoying ass and I’ll grab those other two idiots-“ “Such a way with words-“ You joked making him glare back at you. “You sure you don’t want my help?-“ “Pretty fuckin sure-“ He mumbled, walking away. “Right..” You said, slightly hurt as you turned around to go and look for your friends.

You pulled out yoru phoen and attempted to text your friend’s not noticing the person in front of you. You bumped into them, dropping your phone as a message from Bakugou cane in. “Ah!- Sorry about that-“ You apologized, trying to lean down and grab your phone only for a hand (minus one finger) to wrap around your neck. “Huh.. You’re from U.A, right?” You froze up, daring to glance back at the man, his red eyes practically staring at right through you. “Y-You’re-“ “Lets talk.”

“The fuck is wrong with you two-“ “Do it for the vine-“ “Vine is dead you fuckin morons-“ Bakugou ridiculed them as he forced them along. “Did all of you split up to look for us?-“ “The hell do you think?-“ “By yourself or in teams-“ Sero smirked, already knowing the answer. “Mina probably made teams-“ “Oh sure but-“ “Do you two ever shut up-“ He mumbled, annoyed. “Hey so who were you partnered up with?- Cause Kirishima would still be with you- Mina would never-“ “Must be (y/n) then-“ “both of you shut the fuck up-“ “Definitely (y/n).” He shook his head, checking his phone for the time as he brought them back to the meet up location.

“Sooo- why’d you ditch (y/n)?-“ “yeah I thought you liked her-“ “I will snap you both like twigs-“ He mumbled, pulling out his phone to text you. “Rude.” Kaminari said, looking around and spotting Mina and Kirishima. “Oh hey- You guys found them already?-“ Mina smiles while Kirishima looked around confused. “Hey bro.. where’s (y/n)?-“ “Oh he ditched h-“ “Shut it sparky-“ “You what?!-“ Mina yelled making Bakugou sigh. “Fuckin Relax- I’m texting her-“ He said, The rest of the group started to text you- meanwhile your phone sat on the floor pinging every five seconds.

“You seem popular..” The man humored you, shifting his grip on your neck as the messages continued to flood in. “Please- let me go-“ You pleaded, knowing he could kill you before you could activate your quirk. “Whh would I do that..? That’s like someone ignoring the side quests before finishing the game..?” “Please-“ You teared up, hoping yoru friends would come and help you.

After everyone’s failed attempts to reach you Bakugou shiver his phone back into his pocket. “I’m gonna go find her-“ “Good!-“ Mina scolded him as he walked off. “You’d think the guy would care more considering the girl he likes is lost-“ Kaminari mumbled, slightly surprised he didn’t get any reactions from Bakugou. “Idiots-“ He mumbled, going back to where he last saw you.

“Ah.. looks like you’ve got a friend..” Shigaraki mumbled, seeing Bakugou in the distance. “The mall- it’s empty today- it- it won’t be hard to-“ “Making threats in this position..” He shook his head, yoru nerves worsening as his grip around your neck tightened. “Where the hell..” He mumbled, annoyed, as your phone started ringing on the ground in front of you. Tears slipped by yours eyes as you mentally begged him to turn around and help.

Suddenly he heard your ringtone go off- making him turn around to face you and Shigaraki. “Bakugou-“ You called out, Shigaraki looking back and forth between the both of you. “Fuck-..” He said trying to asses the situation- he didn’t know what to do- if he used his quirk he could end up hurting you, but if he got any closer then Shigaraki would hurt you- he was frozen-

“Hmm.. looks like out times been cut short..” Shigaraki sighed, tempting to lay his last finger down- watching you try and shift away to no avail. “P-Please-..” You pleaded, you anxiety shooting through the roof as Bakugou started to march forward. “Oi, the fuck do you think you’re doing?-“ He hissed, Shigaraki’s hand leaving your neck. “Ah, my bad, must’ve mistaken them for one of my friends-.. You’re Katsuki Bakugou.. right?-“ “Get lost-“ Shigaraki shrugged, glancing around. You stilled- not wanting to make any sudden movements that could get you hurt-

Shigaraki hummed, an unsettling grin stretching across his face as he began to back up. “This side quest has just begun.” He sneered before walking off. Finally you were able to let go of a breath you didn’t know you were holding onto- “(y/n)-“ You fell to your knees, heavily breathing. “I-.. he could’ve-“ You shook your head and closed your eyes tightly. Bakugou silently cursed and glanced around for the villain- ready to blow him to pieces- “Bakugou-.. Thank you..” You spoke up. “If you didn’t come- then-..” “Quit saying that shit..” You looked up at him. “You would’ve done fine on your own wether I showed up or not.” He said, reaching a hand out to you- greatly surprising you-

“You gonna fuckin get up from the ground?” A small smile tried to come to your face as you nodded and took his hand. “Idiot..” He said, quickly pulling his hand away once you stood up straight. “Bakugou-..” “Huh?-“ You cut him off, hugging him. “What heh hell?!-“ “Thank you, Katsuki-“ He tensed up, feeling you shake against him- still clearly affected by the previous events. “Guys I feel like we’ve just seen something we were never supposedly see-“ You both snapped around, seeing yoru friends all staring at you. You both immediately pulled away. “Sorry-“ You quickly mumbled, your face turning pink. “Tch..” He crossed his arms while Mina hit Kamianari on the head. “Look what you’ve done!-“

You shook your head, picking your phone up from the ground. “Hey (y/n), what happened?-“ “Yeah- we were all really worried!-“ “I-..” You faltered, tentatively tracing your hand over where the villain’s hand was. “Dumbass got lost.” Bakugou intercepted, glancing at you. You looked up at him slightly surprised before nodding. “Yeah-.. I got lost-“ You lied, not really ready to talk about it. “Ah- that’s alright-“ “Answer your phone next time!” Mina cried dramatically making you smile. “Right..” You nodded, watching them talk amongst themselves allowing you to turn back to Bakugou. “Thank you..” “Tch.. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about..” He mumbled causing you to smile.

“Guys! We should go get ice cream!-“ Mina gasped, the rest of the group agreeing with her. “Where are we gonna get ice cream-“ “There’s a place in here-“ “What kind of mall-..” You mumbled, watching her drag most of the group away. You looked back at Bakugou. “Well Im not about to miss out-“ You said trailing after them. “Weren’t you just in a fuckin’ hostage situation?-“ He snarked, eventually following after everyone.


“-Do you even skate?-“ Kaminari said, flipping the cone and catching it by the ice cream- not hesitating to bite straight into the cone. “You’re a hazard to society-“ Bakugou said flatly making you snicker. “And a coward- do it again-“ Sero chimed in making the group shake their heads. “Why are you both like this?-“ You joked- Sero suddenly swinging his arms open making your ice cream smack you in the face. “(Y/n)!- I didn’t mean to-“ You just sighed and wiped the ice cream from your eyes. “I’ll be back- try not to get us banned from this place while I’m gone-“ You said, getting up and hesitating to go off on your own again.

“(Y/n)?-“ “Huh- right- Sorry-“ You shook your head. “Try not to get lost on the way-“ Sero joked as you nervously headed for the bathroom. “She okay?” Kirishima tilted his head. The group shrugged, Bakugou sighed and stood up. “Fuckin idiots-“ He said, trailing after you making them all stare at you both with wide eyes and agape mouths. “Do you think-“ “Are they-“ “No-.. they would’ve told us- right?-“

“Oi- you’re fuckin shaking-“ “Huh?-“ “That dumbass from before is gone, he’s not gonna fucking hurt you.” He said, watching you open the door. You hesitated, a small smile coming to you face as you nodded. “I know.. thanks Katsuki..” Hw tried to turn away but iron grabbed him by the shoulder. “But!- could you at least stay nearby for now-“ You faltered. He sighed and nodded, leaning against the wall. “Idiot..” You quickly ducked into the bathroom and tried to clean off the ice cream on your face, meanwhile Bakugou scrolled through his phone. “I’m back.. thanks for actually waiting-“ You said, somewhat surprised he didn’t leave.

He shrugged and glanced back at you. “You missed some.” “Huh?- I could’ve sworn I got it all-“ You mumbled, trying to reach into your pocket so you could use your phone as a mirror. “Just stay still dumbass-“ He said, swiping it off your face. You shook your head and watched him look down at it. “(F/f)? That’s fucking boring-“ “Hey-“ You said defensively making him roll his eyes- an idea suddenly coming to your mind making your face turn pink.

“Hey Katsuki?- I think you still have some on your face too-“ He raised an eyebrow, trying to wipe it off his face with his sleeve. “Well now you’re just a hypocrite- stay still-“ You joked making him shake his head. “So?-“ “Uh- may wanna close your eyes-“ “The fuck?-“ He mumbled, begrudgingly closing his eyes. “Okay- it’s just-“ You faltered, quickly leansing forward and kissing him trying to run off only for him to catch you by the wrist. “Did you just try and fucking run out on me?-“

You nervously laughed as he glared down at you. “Sorry-“ “Just shut the fuck up..” He said glancing around making sure no one was looking before he leaned down and kissed you. “Tell anyone and you’re dead-“ “Obviously-“ You joked, pink on both of your faces. “Good..” He looked away, “The others are gonna start worrying about us and come over to check-“ You pointed out, momentarily making him internally panic- like he would let his image get demolished that easily?-

“Cmon-“ He mumbled, grabbing your hand and leading you back to the others. “Hey guys!-“ All their voices cracked confusing you- Suddenly Mina looked down at your hands and gasped. “We we’re right!-“ “The fuck?!-“ Bakugou yelled making all of them pale. “Are-.. are you two not dating?-“ “I’m gonna fucking kill each of you-“ “..Run for it!-“ They scattered making you laugh. “I’m gonna fucking kill them-“ “I know..” You smiled, fondly watching your friends run from your, now, boyfriend-.. maybe this trip wasn’t a total failure after all-

- - - -

Yes I got carried away with this one but Bakugou is just so much fun to write-

Anyway- hope you like this (and that it turned out alright- ) ^_^

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Genre: Fluff

Word count: ?

Summary: Doggos and coot bois!

Note: Headcanons for how the bois would react to you stopping on a walk to pet a dog- or every dog that you come across- Note that they’re Pro Heroes in this!

Kirishima Eijirou


Originally posted by khyvadraws

  • He thinks it’s adorable! 
  • He usually joins you in petting the puppers. Before you were together he didn’t really, but now you’ve turned it into a habit.
  • An expert dog petter.
  • He loves scratching them behind the ears.
  • He’s a sucker for big dogs with little tails.
  • He just likes the Wiggle Butt!
  • He’s very sweet to gogs and his voice goes up a few octaves-
  • which is interesting from a tol and swol man that looks like he could break most of the dogs like a toothpick.
  • loves getting kisses and is smiling the whole time
  • “Babe! This good girl’s fur is so soft!!!”
  • Loves Rottweilers.
  • Remembers the dog’s names and will wave to the owners if he sees them in public.
  • Gets to know the dog’s walker- he’s made a lot of new friends this way.
  • It’s a habit now, ask to pet the dog, get permission, PET!!!
  • Of course if he’s on patrol he won’t stop for pets as often unless it’s a slow day.
  • But if he has somewhere to be, he will not stop to pet the doggos.
  • But you do.
  • “Babe! Love of my life! We’re going to be late!” His hands are on hips and he’s giving you that adorable pout.
  • “But Eji! Look at him! He needs love! Pet him with me!” You turn back to him, your own pout on your face.
  • “But…” His resolve is leaving.
  • “Please?” you’d look at him with your own puppy eyes, and he gives in.
  • “Fine…” He smiles begrudgingly and squats down.

Midoriya Izuku


Originally posted by gammam0n

  • He gets nervous sometimes.
  • He knows you asked to pet the dog, and asked if they bite. But he’s still anxious.
  • What if the dog gets spooked? What if the dog bites you? 
  • Izuku, calm yourself and pet the doggos!
  • He never had pets growing up so he has no idea what he’s doing.
  • But he trusts you.
  • So when you urge him to bend over (not like that) and pet the dogs with you he listens, but he’s hesitant.
  • You put your hand on his, letting it slide down the furry back of the canine and his face lights up!
  • He looks at you like a preschooler who just saw a Tiger in real life for the first time.
  • It honestly makes your heart squeeze.
  • Once you show him The Ways Of The Pets he’s addicted with a capital A
  • Now whenever he sees a dog on his time off with you he acts like a puppy- excited and energized
  • you swear you’ve seen the ghost of a green wagging tail on his behind more than once
  • Always happy to greet a dog now
  • He loves Corgis
  • If he’s doing his job and patrolling he won’t stop to pet the pups, no matter how much he wants to
  • If you stop to pet a dog when you both have somewhere to be he’ll give you a warning
  • “Darling, we’re going to be late.”
  • “Just give me a second Izu-”
  • And now you’ve been plucked off the ground and are sitting bridal style in his arms.
  • “A second has passed.”
  • His face is serious, but it only lasts for a moment before he gives his wholesome smile, running towards your destination with you in his arms.

Bakugou Katsuki 


Originally posted by himbo-dabi

  • How dare you interrupt his walk with you for a mutt?!
  • He’s giving the dog’s owner a death stare, daring them to try something with you-
  • This man is suspicious as hell.
  • He’s a famous Pro Hero, and you’re his s/o, which makes you a target for villains, and villains can take any form.
  • Most dogs like him, even though he doesn’t act like he likes them.
  • When you’re gushing over the dog he almost smiles- his face softening at your happiness and excitement.
  • He thinks you’re cuter but he probably won’t tell you that.
  • If you plead with him he’ll pet the dog too, if the dog lets him of course.
  • Has a soft spot for German Shepherds.
  • Whenever he’s with you and he sees a dog he eternally sighs, knowing there’s going to be a detour.
  • Will get irritated if you pet more than three dogs at one time.
  • It’s his time with with you- your attention is supposed to be on him.
  • A lot of the time that irritation melts away when he sees how happy you get- He still pretends to be upset though.
  • If you let the dog give you face kisses he will be disgusted.
  • “Ya better not try to kiss me any time soon dumbass! Hope you like dog breath!”
  • If you and him have somewhere to be and you stop to pet a dog he’ll be pissed.
  • “Dumbass! We’re gonna be late! Stop petting that dumb mutt!”
  • “But Katsuki-”
  • “Now!!!”

Todoroki Shouto


Originally posted by la-minxx

  • Another man who never had pets growing up.
  • Is baffled when you stop walking suddenly.
  • “My love, is something wrong?”
  • “Nope!”
  • He stared in confusion as you ask this stranger to pet their dog, getting a “Yes! She’s friendly!” your face brightens.
  • Shouto watches in confusion as you squat down to pet the dog.
  • “What… are you doing?”
  • “Petting the doggo!”
  • He stares at you in confusion and you look back at him, brows furrowed.
  • “Have… Have you ever pet a dog?”
  • He shakes his head, and your heart drops a little.
  • He’s missed out on so many small joys, but you’re very determined to fix that!
  • “Here, squat down and watch me!”
  • You stroke the dogs head, moving your hand down the expanse of her back and repeating the motion, smiling at how the dog’s tail wags.
  • Shouto copies your movements once your hand moves, eyes widening slightly in surprise.
  • “She’s… so soft…”
  • A small smile graces your face and you feel your happiness increase tenfold.
  • After that he has the Floof Addiction 
  • His favorite dogs are huskies.
  • When he sees dogs on missions he smiles, thinking of you. It’s the only time he resists the urge to pet.
  • He stops to pet dogs on patrol, he does not care. It is doggo. He. Must. PET.
  • “Shouto? A-aren’t we supposed to be on patrol?”
  • “Dog.”
  • When you both have somewhere to be and you stop to pet a dog he joins you.
  • “Aren’t you worried about being late?”
  • “Not really… look how cute this good boy is!”
  • He nods, joining you in loving on the canine.
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