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Oh yeah, for sure. In CQL WWX snaps at A-Yuan one time; given the circumstances and his own experience with parental figures, the fact that he only does it once is pretty impressive! And of course in the novel he never snaps at A-Yuan. WWX doesn’t know how to handle anger in a healthy way, but he represses it, he doesn’t lash out at the people around him; part of the reason him snapping at A-Yuan is considered a Big Thing is because it’s out of character for him. The Wens are surprised to see him yelling at A-Yuan, which suggests he hasn’t done it before, or at least uncommonly enough that it’s not something they expect! I’m pretty sure the reason CQL included that was to show just how far gone he was on resentful energy, and even then he immediately takes it back; I guess to show he’s still a good person or something. And of course I’ve talked about my thoughts on the whole “WWX is a bad parent because he couldn’t immediately do a 180 on his emotions after his brother-in-law died because of him and A-Yuan came running in unexpectedly while he was having a breakdown”; it’s a ridiculous argument, no one could be the perfect parent in that moment. WWX does his best, and while his best isn’t perfect it’s considerably better than like 90% of parents in the story.

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(2/2) and the reaction is partly because A'Yuan turned up suddenly and Wwx isn’t really processing. Ayuan never saw wwx attacking Wn. A grieving parent who was alone and is processing that with other adults is not the same as someone who keeping a child in a room and attacking that child’s uncle. This was a scene that Ayuan stumbled onto by accident.Was it good? No? But can any parent guarantee their kid will never accidentally see them angry and catch them in a bad moment?

See, that sounds more like WWX than him forcing A-Yuan to deal with that situation. I feel like a lot of people forget that at this point in the story WWX is only around 21; he’s far from experienced enough to handle a situation like this! Hell, I don’t think anyone is really experienced enough to handle the mess WWX finds himself in, even if they lived to be a hundred! So A-Yuan caught him angry and grieving; WWX is still human, and it’s not his fault that A-Yuan came in at the wrong moment. It’s not A-Yuan’s fault, either; it’s not anyone’s fault that in a situation like this “the child should not see this” wasn’t the first thing to come to mind. None of the people involved in this scene are in the right headspace to think of that at the moment. And yeah, it’s way too much to ask of WWX to expect him to just… turn off his emotions so he can pretend everything’s fine? His brother-in-law, the father of his infant nephew, just died right in front of him and (as far as he knows) because of him, while trying, in a bumbling sort of way, to protect him. He’s just widowed his beloved sister and ensured his nephew will grow up with no memory of his father. It’s not fair to say that him not being able to smile and laugh like everything’s normal is a sign of him being a bad parent, because… fuck, I’d like to see the parent that can keep their cool in that situation! Especially considering that, again, WWX is only 21 and also kind of had A-Yuan dumped on him without warning? He wasn’t expecting to suddenly have a small child to deal with when he went to rescue the Wens! He loves A-Yuan and does everything he can for him, but this isn’t something he was prepared for at all and I do think that needs to be kept in mind when discussing WWX’s parenting.

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Tackled In Love by Chibimochi (ThaliaWynn)

Modern AU   STATUS: Completed   One shot 
♥ Pairing:  Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Teacher!Lan Wangji x Single Parent!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s summary:   Lán Zhàn had a new student in his class who didn’t show up for the first week of school. After not being able to contact the family, he decided to pay a home visit.

He wasn’t expecting to stop an attempted break in or fall in love along the way.

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If kids were terrified of their parents’ temper after getting yelled at briefly once, this world would be a very different place. Also like… not to bring it around to grapehate, but if A-Yuan was terrified of WWX’s temper after getting yelled at once (followed by WWX immediately regretting it and making up for it), I can’t imagine how scared JL would be of JC.

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The Simplest Way Forward by harriet_vane

Kid Fic - Accidental Baby Acquisition  STATUS: Completed  Chapters: 8 
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (College Student!Lan Wangji x College Student!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s Summary: It’s a really unfortunate thing, developing a crush on your husband. Wei Ying had assumed this would be easy. Lan Zhan had been so icy and unpleasant to him, it had never occurred to him that he might end up spending the next however many years with this dumb, burning feeling in his chest whenever he looks at him.

“Okay,” says Wei Ying. “But tell me if I…if the pretending gets to be too hard, okay?”

“It will not,” says Lan Zhan, quietly certain.


Wei Ying wakes up with a throbbing headache, a dry mouth, a sneaker wedged uncomfortably against his back on the couch, and a small child staring at him.

That last one makes him jerk upright—his head hates it—and he grabs his head with both hands because it feels like it might fall off or split in half. “What the fuck,” says Wei Ying. “Shit. I mean—Don’t repeat that. Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. Who are you?”

“Yuan,” says the kid, and he sticks his thumb in his mouth. He’s staring at Wei Ying with giant eyes and a pretty dubious expression.

“A-Yuan,” Wei Ying repeats back to him. He’s maybe three, maybe four, clearly Chinese but he pronounces his name like an American, and he clearly understands English. What the hell is a toddler doing in Wei Ying’s apartment?

Yuan keeps staring at him. He’s just standing there in baby jeans and a baby hoodie and little baby sneakers, staring at Wei Ying like he thinks Wei Ying knows what’s going on.

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(we’ve got) time for one more by impossibletruths

Musician/Band AU - Kid fic STATUS: Completed   Chapters: 10 
♥ Pairing:  Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Musician!Lan Wangji x Single Parent/Musician!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s summary: Four years after Wei Wuxian quit the music industry, ruined one of the most important relationships in his life, and helped bring the biggest company in the region crashing down—not in that order—life has settled into some semblance of a routine. Unfortunately, the universe hates him and nothing can ever go the way he plans. It starts with the guitar, and it just keeps getting worse.

Or, a band AU, mostly. 

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it’s the little things, you see? by geragrena

Modern AU - Kid fic STATUS: Completed   Chapters: 5  
♥ Pairing:  Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Preschool Teacher!Lan Wangji x Single Parent!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s summary: 

Hot Stuff’s lips part and his voice— God, his voice —flows past his lips like honey dripping from its jar.

“Are you—”

“Will you marry me?”

Nailed it.

Where single parent Wei Ying greets his son’s preschool teacher— on the first day they meet —with a marriage proposal.

Wei Ying spends the changing seasons wooing said preschool teacher in full-force, no holds barred.

Lan Zhan’s life does a full 360 degree turn when two balls of unrestrained energy land themselves in front of his classroom.

And as the seasons change, so do they.

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The work on the Blood Pool continues. I probably still have 2-3 days of work on it. The glue takes so long to dry T_T. And then I’ll have to wait for the layers of paint, too. How do people have patience for it? Seriously?
Wei Ying and A-Yuan for scale. Aaaas you can see, it’s a liiiitle bit smaller than the one in the show. 

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Distance Drabbles Day 209:

Fictober Day 13: “I missed this”
66: Wen Ning

Prompt number: 13
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed
Rating: Gen
Warnings/Tags: No archive warnings apply

A-Yuan lights up when they begin to approach the Cloud Recesses. Wen Ning has watched his steps grow eager for days now, and settles his heart for a long stay. There is nowhere now that he calls home, and he expects there never will be again, but for A-Yuan, he can find peace here.

This is what he tells Wei-xiong, who comes to find him almost immediately. “I missed this,” he finds himself adding, and is surprised to discover that it is true. It will never be home, but with A-Yuan and Wei-xiong nearby, he can build a life here.

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some things go forward

by everythingispoetry

T, 73k, wangxian

Summary:  “Sooo pretty” doesn’t really do it justice: it’s the most beautiful human being he’s ever seen. The jade-like pale skin. The cheekbones. The lips. The eyes, oh heavens, those eyes, and the insane waist-long hair.

Wei Ying has studied art for a while now, but really, it all pales in comparison.

In which Lan Zhan is a patient, Wei Ying is a volunteer, and there is some falling in love.

My comments:  This is so sweet/bittersweet. Wwx is a volunteer on the oncology ward in a children’s hospital where, it turns out, he was a patient previously. Lan Wangji is a new patient who immediately catches his eye, but it’s slow going for a while, since he doesn’t appear welcome and wwx has enough experience to understand that lwj is probably overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling very shitty, so he doesn’t push. But he works on Lan Xichen instead, and shamelessly uses the power of A-Yuan’s cuteness to get an in. (A-Yuan is battling a cancer of his own, as well.)

Of course, it eventually works, and wwx and lwj grow closer and navigate the trails and small joys of fighting for their lives.

It is slowly revealed ***SPOILER*** that wwx also had a grueling bout with cancer (actually, they still won’t commit to saying he’ll live into his 20s) that left him with two prosthetic legs.

Happy ending, w satisfying epilogue.

ETA:  Author keeps adding little one-shots, Chs 12-14.  My fav is Ch. 12, from Madam Yu’s POV.

modern au, hospitals, teenage drama, slow burn, hurt/comfort, fluff, cancer, sickfic, amputee wei wuxian, madam yu is a good mom, feels, family feels, brotherly feels, chemotherapy, regular therapy, cancer patient lan wangji, wheelchair, little A-Yuan, prosthetic legs, getting together, first kiss, that’s it, they’re only 16, and very very sick, so no hanky panky, until the epilogues, happy ending

(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

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sorry for the late response, i didn’t have a chance to edit until last night and i thought your ask would be the perfect way to avoid having to title this lmao. here is the yuan and lan zhan ficlet!! it takes place ~somewhat early~ in lan zhan’s seclusion following wei wuxian’s death and yuan is about idk five??

anyway, enjoy :))

Yuan lays awake in a large, quiet room. He can’t be sure, but it feels as if it’s been hours since the caretaker put him to bed, and still he has yet to fall asleep. Instead, he listens to the emptiness around him and tries to blink away the monsters his mind conjures from the murky darkness around him. It doesn’t work.

He doesn’t remember exactly why, but he thinks that this is wrong. Lying alone in a room full of empty beds. Beds should be full, of people snoring and talking in their sleep, of people who sing Yuan lullabies before bed and hold him when he wakes from nightmares. He doesn’t know why he thinks this – it isn’t as if these things have happened in Cloud Recesses. All he knows is that the quiet and the dark and the loneliness is worse than anything else in the world.

Knowing it’s against the rules, Yuan gets out of bed. He crosses to the window, where he can look out at the courtyard beyond his room, moonlit and bright. No one is out this late, but the light makes it better anyway. It’s cool in the mountains at night, even in summer. A breeze drifts in and Yuan shivers, missing the warmth of his blankets, but he can’t return to the darkness, not without –

The courtyard is full of what seems to be millions of white pebbles, glittering like tiny moons as far as he can see. Yuan likes the moon. The moon is bright and smiling and always watching, always stays awake when the world gets quiet.

“Don’t worry, A-Yuan,” a voice said to him, once. “I’ll keep watch while you sleep and make sure the nightmares can’t find you.” He doesn’t remember who said it, but he remembers the safety he’d felt. The moon – the moon feels like that.

Another breeze sends Yuan shivering. Maybe – maybe if he could bring the moon back to bed with him, the nightmares and the loneliness and the darkness wouldn’t be able to find him. Mind suddenly made up, he crawls out of the window, taking careful, barefoot steps across the warm, wooden boardwalk to the courtyard full of little moons. He grabs a handful and peruses them.

One has dirt smudged over it, so he tosses it back, and one is missing a chunk like someone got so hungry they just couldn’t help themselves and, with a giggle at the thought, he puts that one back, too. He goes through the pebbles, weighing each one’s advantages until he comes to the final pair.

Hands flat to the sky, one moon perched in the center of each palm, he brings the pebbles to his face for a better look. They are both seemingly perfect. Smooth, unblemished little circles, each one shimmering, smiling, equal in every way. Yuan frowns.

How can he pick just one? Both pebbles are perfect and if he chooses one over the other, he will surely hurt that one’s feelings. But he can’t take both! Two moons for one boy! How greedy can he be?

So troubled is he by this conundrum that he almost doesn’t hear the soft music breaking the dark silence of the night. 

Keep reading

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trials in domesticity by shoutowo

Setting: Modern AU - (Kid Fic)  STATUS: Completed  One shot

♥ Pairing:  Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian 

On his phone screen are the words: 5 Signs Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark.

Lan Zhan usually wouldn’t even entertain such articles, but the caption of the article had drawn him in: “Statistics say couples lose their touch five years into the relationship. Click to find out more!”

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying have been married for roughly five years. So, Lan Zhan clicks to find out more.

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I somehow still managed not to say everything that I had to say about MianMian  in my two verbose meta posts about the significance of character in the novel (here and here), so here are some more thoughts.

One of the reasons why MianMian is not reduced to being a damsel in distress we never see again after the Xuanwu Cave is because the novel explores the costs and rewards of one taking risks to save others. In this respect, MianMian and Lan Sizhui are clear parallels, clear signals that the sacrifices and risks others took to protect them at crucial moments were worthwhile and brought more good into the world. 

In the Xuanwu cave, when it becomes clear that MianMian is about to become another casualty of WC’s cruel disregard for others and WLJ’s jealousy, most of the cultivators present are unwilling to stand up and stop them, putting their own safety first. JC expresses this sentiment explicitly when he stops WWX from stepping in: better her than the rest of us, better her than risking making a target out of our sect. Su She takes it a step further by actively trying to sacrifice her. Only JZX and LWJ stand up against WC, until WWX, seeing how the situation is going south, goes against JC’s wishes and steps in as well. Later, when the young cultivators end up trapped in the cave in retaliation to this small rebellion against the Wens, WWX once again puts his life in danger to make sure everyone makes it out. He and LWJ get hurt and trapped in that cave for a week for their troubles, and the Wen use WWX’s actions as a convenient excuse to attack the Jiang sect (although it was clear, considering their actions against the Lan and Nie sects, that it was likely to happen at some point anyway). 

This theme is repeated with the Wen remnants, although on a much grander and gruesome scale. At the end of his life, WWX probably felt that the single-plank bridge he’d been walking had ended up being fruitless and had cost too much; that his actions, motivated by his own sense of right and wrong, had been ultimately pointless. But beyond the ‘gifts’ he had left behind in different ways (his impact on LWJ, the golden core he gave away, his invention helping others, etc.), we get to see the positive repercussions of two lives he helped saved (both times with the help of LWJ, rip my heart): MianMian, who became a travelling cultivator going where the chaos is, and LSZ, the best little radish to ever have ever existed. WWX is not responsible for the choices and lives they have decided to lead, but if he had decided to be a passive bystander, both characters would not have had a chance to make a positive impact on their world. The novel does highlight that the decisions WWX made had, at times, very unfortunate consequences and did harm others. But I think that, by the end of the novel, the message being conveyed through WWX’s character and arc is: doing what we think is right even when it feels impossible is not without its costs, intended or otherwise, but that it is ultimately better than standing idle when we know with certainty that harm will come to others. Even with these terrible odds, it is still better to attempt the impossible.

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