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#yiling patriarch

“I’m fine!” he said.   

[Narrator]: He was not fine.

WWX: Let’s McFUCKING Lose It

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A mix for Wei Ying in the Burial Mounds, in the Sunshot Campaign, daydrinking in Lotus Pier, being the Patriarch in Yiling, and losing it at Nightless City.

For self-medicating with liquor, being unable to quit the dangerous substance of resentful energy, and laughing in the face of a world that’s turned against you.

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For @fytheuntamed​‘s Untamed Fall Fest. Day 24: Gather

I love the way the resentment gathers into him and the YinHuFu (Stygian Tiger Seal). It makes me wonder how many dead people’s souls are hanging out at Nightless City. Based on how WRH was, it doesn’t surprise me that there were so many… 

I think the resentment visual is my favorite effect in the show. :) Maybe it’s tied with some of the pretty talisman and butterfly magic stuff… the rest of the special effects in the show… are… uh… quite something… 

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