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Today marks the birthdate of Cliff Edwards, aka Ukelele Ike, aka voice actor of Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio) and Jim Crow (Dumbo). Needless to mention he was also the original singer of our most treasured and beloved theme song, “When You Wish Upon a Star”. As Pinocchio and Dumbo are two of my most favorite classics, Cliff’s involvement in Disney means a great deal to me! Those roles are both legendary; he always be recognized as an important part of the Disney family and history.

Continue to rest in peace, Cliff! You’ve been gone for 32 years now, but will forever be in our hearts. You were the first to make famous a song that is today so very sentimental to Disnerds across the globe. Jiminy’s moral standards and determination to do what is right has stopped so many youths from telling fibs or participating in unjust acts…you brought that character to life– today, he lives on! Your voice will have a lasting impression on the Disney community for years to come. Cliff indeed was said to have went down a treacherous path with drug and alcohol abuse in his personal life, but Walt Disney Productions was there with him every step of the way, paying it forward (literally) by providing for him in his medical bills. Walt, his studios, and company were there in support of him until the very end…the rest of us will be too, as his name stays with us.

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