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ghosttiel · a month ago
if andrew garfield spider-man has a million fans, then i am one of them. if andrew garfield spider-man has ten fans, then i am one of them. if andrew garfield spider-man has only one fan then that is me. if andrew garfield spider-man has no fans, then that means i am no longer on earth. if the world is against andrew garfield spider-man, then i am against the world
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hankuto · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
you’ve decided that you cannot stand miya atsumu.
and you don’t mean that—at least not entirely—but he’s standing in front of you, bag slung over his shoulder and a stupid little smile dragging across his lips, and you’re sure if you had a little more faith in your fighting ability you would punch him.
“i’m just asking for one chance—and if you hate it you’ll never have to hear from me again.” he raises a brow and both of you know that’s more than a lie.
“not to be dramatic but i’d rather be caught dead than on a date with you ‘tsumu.”
“oh c’mon, you’re breaking my heart,” he hums.
and you’re sure you could kill him, “good.”
he laughs—breathy and warm and a little more appealing than you’d ever care to admit. and if he hadn’t asked you out three times this week—if he hadn’t brought flowers to your locker and insisted on walking you home and showed up at your door in a thunderstorm—you’re sure you would find him much less endearing.
“what about that coffee shop you like? the one downtown?” he raises his hands in the air, as if that’ll make his offer any more appealing. “i’ll buy you anything you want.”
“and if i order the most expensive thing on the menu?”
he grins, “i guess i’m buying the most expensive thing on the menu.”
oh, and you cannot stand miya atsumu. you can’t stand the way he smiles and you can’t stand the way he stands at your locker and you absolutely can’t stand that now, as he stands at your door in the pouring rain, he still has that pretty little smile on his face.
“and if i hate it i never have to hear from you again?” you ask.
“only if you hate it,” he replies.
you shift on your feet, eyeing him as he stands in your doorway, and you decide that the only thing you can’t stand more than atsumu is the fact that you’re so tempted to say yes.
“i’m gonna hate it.” he shakes his head.
“you think i’d let that happen after all this? not in a million years, angel.”
you sigh, hoping he doesn’t notice the smile that crawls up your cheeks.
(he does)
“you seem a little too sure of yourself right now.”
“it’s confidence. you should try it sometime.” his gaze falls over your face and you already know you’ve set yourself up. “start by having some in me maybe.”
oh, how you hate him.
“one chance, miya.”
and he smirks, “one chance.”
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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howdydowdy · a month ago
i bet jiang cheng, like, studied for the cloud recesses salute ceremony. this earnest little teen sect heir who just wants his daddy to love him was probably like, "i am going to get a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve," and i bet he practiced what he was going to say in front of a mirror, complete with choreography, for fucking weeks before they came to gusu. and then after all that hard work, what happens during the actual salute ceremony? he goes last, and who should stroll in just when he's getting started but wen fucking chao, who immediately steals the spotlight, insults his shige, and provokes everyone to draw their swords, in a hall of learning, on the first day of school. like some kind of hooligan! then after lan xichen calms everybody down with his sword-charming, does jiang cheng get to resume his salute? no he does not! wen qing jumps in with her own salute and gift, after which lan xichen declares the ceremony over. but jiang cheng never got a turn! nobody accepted his gift!! how is he supposed to know if authority figures approve of him if the other children don't let him show off the authority-figure-pleasing skills he has worked so hard to acquire???
#we never even got to see the jiang clan gift :( i would like to see it :(((#i fucking LOVE that wwx is like 'hey. you interrupted my shidi. what's your fucking problem?' like HELLOOOOOOOOOO#you messed with jiang cheng when he was in the middle of something important to him and made him and our sect lose face hdy#it is the only time in the entire series that wwx uses the word 'shidi' for jiang cheng and it's a great moment for that one 'shidi'#but anyway i noticed that jiang cheng never even gets to give his gift over and i was very mad on his behalf about it#idk maybe they continued after the wens left? maybe lan xichen just meant 'wen qing completed the ceremony'?#but the scene ends there so the fact remains we never see jiang cheng get to do the ceremony#and therefore i have decided he doesn't get to do it because that fits very well into my view of his character and you can't stop me#the untamed#jiang cheng#cql watch#my posts#the funny thing is that getting a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng IS a normal thing to want and a possible thing to achieve#but because we're talking jiang 'i'm gonna stop in the middle of the street in caiyi to sternly remind my disciples to be on their best#behavior because everything they do reflects on yunmeng jiang' cheng here just ratchet it all up to 11#EDIT: wait i forgot wwx does use 'shidi' for jc another time...when they're kids and he's first come to live at lotus pier#and he's knocking on the door like shidi let me innnnnn and jc is like who are you calling shidi#but i think maybe this is the only time he says 'my shidi' when talking about jc to someone else?#yes i checked my notes and this is correct#in guanyin temple jgy refers to jc as wwx's shidi but then wwx immediately refers to jc as something way more formal#jiang-zongzhu i think#like ouchhh#but that's for another day#that's a DIFFERENT way for jc to get his lil heart stomped on
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neverdoingmuch · 6 months ago
i would die for the post-canon lqr and wwx dynamic of them becoming close family through extreme acts of pettiness that aren’t even petty. lwj wakes up one morning to find wwx not in bed beside him and usually he would think ‘oh he pulled another all-nighter /: i’ll have to make him take a nap later’ or whatever but last night they definitely fell asleep together. fortunately, he only has a moment to be like i have been abandoned most cruelly, most unjustly before wwx bursts into the jingshi, covered in flour and his hair all disarray. and lwj is like ??? where have you been?? and wwx turns to him and he’s like lan zhan look i’ve made steamed buns for your uncle! his favourite sort! lwj is like that’s nice but why? also how do you know that? (even lwj doesn’t know what his uncle’s favourite type of buns are)
wwx looks him dead in the eye and is like well the other day when your uncle and i had our weekly tea i was telling him about a theory i was working on and then the next day he gave me a book from his personal library that was honestly really helpful and i’m so annoyed at him for doing that so i’m making him his favourite snack as revenge. and lwj has many questions,,, but mainly he’s wondering when his uncle and wwx started having tea together with a dash of how did he find out what his uncle’s favourite sort of buns are,,, but wwx’s already running off and lwj is just left alone in the jingshi to get ready for his day, abandoned most cruelly,,, like three hours later he sees his uncle reading some reports while eating wwx’s buns and every time lqr takes a bite he sends the bun a betrayed look like he can’t forgive the fact that they taste good. 
and honestly,, that’s all i want,, wwx and lqr being like yes (: we have brunch together every tuesday and we know each other’s favourite foods and things the other person would like and i look forward to talking to him but obviously we don’t like each other and lxc is like uh okay (: that sounds about right (: while lwj is just glad that his family is warming up to wwx. 
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sobsicles · 3 months ago
i don't know if any of you know this, but dean would absolutely go into full crisis mode if cas cried. like, im talking, the waterworks and trembling chin and not the happy kind of tears but the deep, achy ones that he can't hold back. after the initial frozen moment, dean would be a wreck instantly. a burst of motion and, "no, no, don't do that. please don't do that. come on, man, please don't cry," and half-panicking and half-soothing, or trying to. all reservations dean has would be swept away by cas' tears in a heartbeat. he'd throw it all out the window and touch cas all over, rubbing his shoulders, holding his hands, shamelessly begging cas to stop. he'd be so lost too, like dammit what do i do, who do i fight, how can i make sure this literally never happens again? he'd be like one of those husbands who can get into a screaming match with their spouses until their spouse breaks down into tears, and then the husband is like, ok ok ok i take it all back, you win, please stop, for the love of god please stop, do you want tea, hm? you wanna lay down and cuddle? im sorry, im awful, what do you want? you can have whatever you—
#so basically what im saying is if cas had literally cried in the midst of sorrow anywhere between s4-15 destiel woulda been canon sooner#like. not even necessarily out of manipulation reasons either.#dean would just see cas upset and crying and be like: hm. do not like this. will burn the world down to keep it from ever happening again#cas obviously isnt a huge crier. but just imagine for a second that he had actually broken down and started crying in one of their arguments#like he never would bc he's pissed more often than he's not and he's not an angry crier (like dean lowkey is)#but if he DID dean would have freaked the fuck out immediately#mans would have stumbled over himself so hard to make it stop#and he would have felt awful and shitty and hated himself more too obviously but like.#initially he'd be like: oh jesus christ cas. fuck im sorry. please don't do that. that's not fair please don't—#and dear god if someone ELSE made cas cry. Local Deranged Man Shoots Someone For Making His Spouse Cry—literal headline#im just saying that dean is like. he's a caretaker at the heart of himself. he soothes.#he tells jokes to his little brother to take the sting out of patching up his boo-boos. he tries to feed people he loves and make em laugh#like. he's a caretaker. he wants to be soothing. he wants to be warm and home and never cause pain (and hates himself for doing it so often)#so cas + tears would just send him into crisis mode immediately. he'd bend over backwards to make it better#i just think if cas had cried in like. s12 maybe. just randomly or whatever. dean would have been like#ok ok ok what's wrong come here what can i do what do you want you can have anything you want#like that man is WEAK for cas on a good day. on a day that cas cries??? ajaksks dean would hit his knees fuckin PLEADING for him to stop#he'd grip his hands and squeeze em and talk in a really high-pitched frantic voice and just flutter around trying to fix the problem#im saying that cas only getting to cry in joy in frony of dean—which is DIFFERENT—is a crime actually#gruff dean mindlessly rubbing his hands up and down cas' arms. kinda just holding him and cracking jokes to try and get him to laugh#or jesus. dont imagine cas crying during the divorce arc bc Angry Dean Winchester would have been...#oh he would have been soooo mad oh my god.#like: come the fuck on. cut that shit out. seriously cas just fucking—just stop it. just. cas just. goddAMMIT#or worse. cas crying when they like had their unofficial breakup and he was like. oh im gonna leave and dean was silent#you bet your sweet ass that dean would have opened his mouth then. probably out of anger still. but he would have still told him to stop#bc that man is weak and Cannot handle it#spn rewrite where cas is a crier. dean's whipped by his tears. they're still not dating but dean folds like a lawnchair every time cas cries#anyways. this may or may not be bc of a fic im writing. not very many ppl write cas crying and i know why. but it's founded this time#destiel#sobs says things
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desert-glitches · 2 months ago
The concept of My Chemical Romance is so insane.
Here we have four nerds from Nowhere, New Jersey that are talented in so many ways but are all mostly shut-ins. One was born on Halloween, two are brothers, and the last one is fantastic at guitar but will play literally anything just to be in a band.
And then things happen and these greasy little nobodies release their first record, which is rough sounding and full of screaming and just sometimes so bad sounding, that it's good.
And then another couple years pass and these same greasy little nobodies make another record; a concept album about a man killing a thousand evil souls to be with the woman he loves. They change their look to red and black attire and the lead singer wears paper white foundation and red eyeshadow and the same, smelly black suit at every show. They get tangled up with another band and the two lead singers have some reckless romance and nobody knows what really happened but something did. And, through it all, this band makes it and is on covers of magazines, covered in blood and dressed in black.
And THEN these guys make another record; another concept album, this time about a cancer patient and his reflections on life and death. They recorded this in a literal haunted mansion where every member of the band had encounters with supposed ghosts. The lead singer had literal night terrors while sleeping in this mansion. And it was a long and grueling process to make this record but then it was released and it was their most successful record to date. The entire band dressed up as some Victorian marching band members and actually performed as the very thing they created; "The Black Parade." They make a music video where they set the set of a previous music video on fire and during this, the lead singer and the drummer are injured. And the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist start making out on stage, making people believe something else is going on between them. And it's all so dramatic and theatrical and then the lead singer makes it sound like it's their last album.
But THEN, a few years later, they make another concept album, this time about rebels in the desert who walk around in colorful clothes and give a middle finger to the government and drive fast and live recklessly. This album is so different from all their other ones and yet so similar, because it still has that underlying theme of impending death, it's just masked by color. And the band dresses up as the characters they created, again. The lead singer dyes their hair bright red and wears chemical burn looking makeup. Afterward, they release a short "album," ten songs released in five parts. And everything is so vibrant and fun and then it ends.
They release a last song. "Fake Your Death." Seems like an odd thing to title a song after the break up of a band. After the death of something so intense and great, something that made people feel less alone and realize that it's okay to not fit in. Something that saved lives.
Theories are made, in hope that, someday, this band, this idea, would come back because, even though it may have left some people feeling better than before, there's still so many people that feel lost.
And then, six and a half years after they left, they come back, bursting with the same amount of energy, as if they never left. And then, not long after they come back from the dead, leaving cryptic, witchcraft-esque videos in their wake, the world goes to shit and their plans get thrown out the window, leaving us and them in waiting. Waiting for shows that some of us have waited our whole lives to see.
It's kind of unreal, the story of this band. Some of it sounds made up. Maybe it's nothing special to most but it sure as hell is to us.
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hallodeantown · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#this is making every cell in my body rattle#dean must be feeling so much rn. he's just gotten back his full humanity. so many emotions inside of him#and he asks cas if he's back. cas says at least temporarily.#and then dean goes and says this. this. he is glad cas is back. and this is beyond grace talk. we are past that bit -although#as per usual they began having 2 convos. dean asking without asking for cas to stay and cas taking it as yes i am back being useful (powers#dean is so relieved. that was some scary as fuck shit. imagine him being driven to the point of killing his own brother. yikes.#and he is GLAD that cas is here. here to stop me from killing sam. here to save me yet again. here with me again. here here here.#and he says it. he just does. and it's him putting himself out there. it's dean saying cas this is your home of course i need you here#and it's fucked up. our lives are fucked up. but im glad you decided to come back for us. for me.#he's just saying it makes him happy to have cas back. it does him good. and he hopes cas understands everything he's trying to say#and cas is so so painfully obviously in love here..#and he's hearing what dean says and ..that's hopefulness in his eyes#it's also pure joy at having dean back. it's also i wish i didn't have to leave right now. i wish i didn't have to leave you alone.#he's just loving and expecting nothing in return but radiating sheer adoration. dean is glad he's here.#and that just .. that's cas' heart exploding if he stays a second longer#supernatural#spn#spnedit#spn 10x03#destiel#destieledit#deancas#dean winchester#castiel winchester#mine#ignore my all over the place take. i was just rambling
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