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#i am soft
transtilinski · 48 minutes ago
Stiles laughs with the adrenaline. “You know I was in love with you back then?”
“Me?” Peter grins with the same glee of coming out of an ambush victorious. “You’re insane.”
“No, no, dude listen. I thought you were such hot shit. Oh god, it’s so embarrassing. There’s some tree out there that definitely has our initials carved in it with a heart.”
“Shut up,” Peter says, pulling Stiles’ suitcase out of the crushed rental car. “There is not.”
“There is!”
“I would have seen it. I would have smelled you in the preserve.”
Stiles waves his fingers. “Magic, baby.”
“You were not in love with me,” Peter insists. “I was a shithead. I thought I was way too cool and you knew it. If I remember right,” he raises an eyebrow, “you made sure I knew. That’s what drove me insane about you. You always saw right through me.” 
“You’re an open book.”
“I am not. You were just clever.”
“Were?” Stiles elbows Peter, laughing.
“Careful there,” Stiles teases, “sounds like you had a crush on me, too.”
Peter laughs. “I did, you insufferable bastard.”
“What? No way!” Stiles doubles over in giggles. “Mutual pining. Oh my god, that’s so cute. If past-me knew you had a crush on me...” Stiles makes an exploding sound, shooting out sparkles from his fingertips. 
“If you knew?” Peter scoffs. “If past-me had known, I would have never let you out of my sight.”
“Nah, I needed to see the world,” Stiles says. “Break out of the expectations here.”
“And now?”
They walk down the main road toward town in comfortable, warm silence. When dots of light speckle the horizon, Peter speaks up again, faux casual. “Was in love with me. Not anymore?”
Stiles nudges Peter’s shoulder lightly with his own. “I love you,” he says fondly. “I’ll always love you.”
“And if I want you to be in love with me?”
Stiles hums. “I can give it a try, I guess. If I’m persuaded.”
Peter’s hand brushes against Stiles’. “I’ve been told I’m very persuasive.”
#steter#spark stiles#i was like i miss being a soft unhinged bitch. and then i remembered i posted drabbles out of context all the time. and so now im back babey#stiles is the emissary for the hale pack (no fire au)#he and peter are same age/closer in age. like stiles was a freshmen when peter was a junior. either same grade or a 5 yr age difference#so they were just dumb teens at each other's throats bc they both wanted to be the know-it-all/impressive young person in the pack#but also they loved to their frenemy relationship. arguing w each other was very fun but ofc the other couldnt know that!!#stiles was emissary in training since he was a kid and hes an impressive spark but there were so many expectations on his shoulders and#being tied to the pack/BH's land forever and he needed to get out and travel and learn magic from other parts of the world/see who he was#outside of being the hale's emissary/sheriff's kid#and now he's ready to come home and a total bamf and settled in his skin and peter's still I Am Better Than Everyone but he's not a#challenging asshole about it like he's chilled out/grown in to himself and doesn't compensate for insecurities of being in a large pack and#wanting to stand out#stiles comes home and he's attacked before he even crosses into BH sdhjgfjhhe he's like ahhh it wouldnt be a welcome home if there wasnt#some monster of the week bullshit <3#peter's been excited to see what changes have happened in stiles so he took perimeter patrol duty as an excuse to wait on the outskirts and#he swoops in to be Stiles' savior. except stiles is doing fine on his own lmao but peter helps and they're both like holy shit watching u#fight is doing ALL kinds of things to my heart and libido#they get back to the pack house and everyone is did anyone make a bet on them realizing they love each other BEFORE stiles#came in to town?#talia: >:) when peter asked for perimeter patrol i changed my bet from one week to by the time stiles gets to the pack house#finnickyfox#drabble#ik its longer than a drabble but *shrug*
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simmerandcry · 53 minutes ago
I wish I could go back in time and tell my past self that one day I’d be celebrating my birthday with my future husband, drinking margaritas, and playing Mario Party. I’d be smiling and happy and content.
I mean, admittedly I’m sure she wouldn’t believe me but maybe she’d have some hope.
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crowsredlondon · 57 minutes ago
A Kanej fic inspired by the following quote from Crooked Kingdom. 
“For the briefest moment, Inej wondered if Kaz might be jealous of that comfort or if it was simply alien to him. Would he ever let himself rest? Sleep in? Linger over a meal? She would never know.”
This fic takes place 5+ years after the end of Crooked Kingdom. These lovelies of course belong to Leigh Bardugo.
Sunlight steamed through the window, basking the room in a warm, hazy light. It was summer in Ketterdam and the usual fog had lifted. Inej sleepily blinked open her eyes and rolled over. Her time on land had slowly morphed from business to leisure. During her first few years at sea she would only return to port to gather intelligence and supplies. The crew would take a short leave but for her it never really felt like down time, there was too much to be done. But as years dragged, she found herself spending more time on land and more time visiting instead of working. Now, land made her lazy. At sea her mornings were early and her days long. In Ketterdam, that had stopped being true.
Inej took a deep breath and stretched her limbs and mind before turning to the mussed hair and ruffled clothes of the boy next to her. There was a time when this scene would have been as startling as it had been to first see his hands bare against his cane. Long ago, she thought she would never know him like this. Never see him restful and relaxed. Kaz always started nights laying on his back, hands clasped on his chest, eyes on the ceiling. She assumed it was habit from years of resting without sleeping or sleeping with his guard up. But morning Kaz revealed the beautiful boy beneath the armor.
A few years ago she stopped staying at the Van Eck mansion and had started staying with Kaz. In the beginning, it was a lot of sleepless nights. It was both of them learning how to share a bed with someone and learning how to take down this piece of their armor. But now...she grinned at the sight. Every morning now, and for a while, she found Kaz asleep on his chest, limbs sprawling and face soft. On one occasion, although she wouldn’t dare mention it to another soul, he was drooling. On these mornings Kaz Brekker, the bastard of the barrel, was replaced by a sleepy boy in total comfort.
She reached out and gently brushed a few tufts of hair away from his face. He stirred and released a deep sigh.
“What time is it?” His voice was muffled by the pillow.
“Just after 5 bells.”
“I see the sun has rudely decided to awake, I could use a few more hours of sleep.” He turned on his side to face her, one hand tucked beneath the pillow and the other carefully placed between them.
She hummed and reached for him slowly, gently brushing his knuckles with her fingertips. “You should rest then.”
“Does the captain have anything pressing today?”
“No more than the Barrell Boss.”
“Stay here with me today, I can get Pim to send a runner to get us waffles.”
The morning sun glowed golden on the miracle before her. Kaz ease, open...hopeful. It made her heart flutter in her chest.
“For you, I would stay even without the promise of waffles. But I will appreciate and enjoy them nonetheless.”
He took her hand in his and kissed it. The day was new and they were just a boy and a girl, sure there was magic in the world.
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kotalepersonizu · an hour ago
i like how a lot of my art and creativity stems from me just wanting to write things from how i see it and toss a bunch of thing that i think are cool together. i have an entire wish fulfillment universe i made up as a safe space to imagine and ever since have a bunch more because my coping mechanism is myself and admiring myself and showcasing me in my art.
because i wanna like me and i want me to be happy and spoiled and loved and have the cute soft spots of myself that want nothing more than to dance around large empty ballrooms and stroll through the forest on a worn dirt path in a cloak or to curl up in a window and see the stars and the moon and to feel warm feel seen and heard and to let the more doting and adoring parts of me look at that part of myself and coo and also get comfort from just being happy and have something to make them want to write stupid sweet sonnets about.
i want to love myself and tell myself, “yes you are cute in your big fluffy blankets” and be told “you are absolutely adorable when you squish your face against a pillow”
i just want to pamper and be pampered so desperately, but i’m scared and i don’t want to come off to strange so i do my best to be helpful and supportive in hopes i might get a compliment or two back. i like praise and reassurance a lot.
and so i tell myself that and showcase that in the things i create and i flatter myself over and over again because i makes me happy. if i were capable of falling in love, nobody would hold my heart dearer than myself. it scares me a little how dependent i am on never picking up the habit of self loathing. then again that’s an incentive is it not?
so yea. i love myself. a lot. i wanted to flaunt that. look how much me loves me. i am my own little dewdrop and dearest darling. you’ll have to fight me for my (platonic) affections.
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sugushou · 2 hours ago
hey lumie! who would use the pet name love?🥺
hi runa!! love is such a soft petname,,, i like to think all of them would use it in their more private moments. personally, i rate it an 8/10!
Tumblr media
aran ojiro would call you love every day and every night, pairing the petname with a soft kiss to your forehead, your temples, your lips. he adores you openly, but he'll whisper the word into your skin as if it's a secret, just for you. come here, love, he'd murmur, let me show you just how much i love you.
honorable mentions: yaku morisuke, sakusa kiyoomi, kuguri naoyasu
Tumblr media
want to speak with the manager?
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piscesprincess739 · 2 hours ago
i am fighting
my losses
and everything bringing ache
because i don't want
to look in the mirror
and see a tragedy staring back
~noor unnahar, yesterday i was the moon
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yejidoesthings · 2 hours ago
Black girls deserve better: Colin Kapernick’s degrading representation
Tumblr media
Colin Kaepernick decided to make some book about social justice, and guess who he used on the front cover?
A dark skin black woman.
He could’ve used himself, but he used a black woman. A dark skin one. Why not a light skin or mixed girl? Why us?
DSBW are constantly put into the front lines and expected to mammy and mule for everyone and take the brunt of social justice. By Colin Kaepernick using a DSBW instead of himself, it degrades us and portrays as the stereotypical strong black woman that society loves to mule on.
Black women deserve to be protected and to be dainty and not be portrayed as warriors who are always expected to be on the frontline for social justice.
DSBW are always expected to be the mammy’s while lightskin/mixed women get to be dainty. If you want to do something and to get the word out about this degrading cover, please sign the petition and share this.
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sugushou · 2 hours ago
hello manager lumie 🥺 for the pet name ask game if you are still doing it, my guilty pleasure is always little thing/little one/little girl jjcjjcjdnndnx just wanna feel smol 🙈 thanks for such a fun game uwu
hi amy!!! and hhhhh little [insert noun of choice here] literally makes my brain shut down,,, i just... 9/10! sometimes i'll write it in my fics and have to take a break because the brainrot is too strong sdhfakjsdf
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi would call you little one and barely even blink. it makes sense to him— you're little to him (everyone is)— and when he feels the way you ripple around his cock at the petname, he resolves to call you his little one more often. there's honestly no one who can infuse those words with as much adoration as ushijima can— he'll say little one, but he means i love you, i love you, i love you.
honorable mentions: sakusa kiyoomi, aran ojiro, ukai keishin
Tumblr media
want to speak with the manager?
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meari-ships · 3 hours ago
Okay time for some headcanons with my blue phoenix, Eugene because my brain is on a massive countryside AU trip with him so here you go:
I keep imagining Mali to be a flower merchant and that she and her husband lives in a cottage on the countryside along with their daughter and Golden Retriever, who’s name is Daisy.  
Mali is a very optimistic, bubbly individual that thrives to see the positive in every situation no matter how tough it gets for her. 
She met her husband while delivering flowers to his military base.
He didn’t take notice of her until after a few run ins off meeting each other off base. Most importantly, it was at Mali’s favorite place. A flower field a few miles from her home that she visit every week to pick flowers for her shop.
This was the same place her husband went once a week to relax and wrote poetry. 
Thus, this is how they seemingly hit it off and fall in love. 
They live a simple and quiet life as they always wanted. Mali loves her job selling flowers and seeing them bloom with each passing day.
When she runs low on flowers for her shop, she and her husband heads to the flower fields down the road from where they live along with their daughter and dog to pick flowers.
Her husband uses this time to write poetry and get in touch with his emotions. This is because he isn’t one to express himself openly they way Mali wants him to so to write them through poetry had always tugged a heartstring with her in the most amorous way possible.
Mali loves to teach her daughter about flowers and how to tend to them properly and even makes crowns out of them occasionally.
Sometimes their daughter will put one on daddy’s head and he just wears it happily to make her happy even if he finds it silly. :))
Their daughter will also put the crowns on Daisy’s head and Mail would take photos of these for memories.
And lastly, her husband loves picking out daisy and making bouquets just for his girls since those are their favorite flowers.  🌼
And that concludes my headcanons for our ship!! Admittedly, I copy some of this from another post but wanted to share again so this is it for now as I will save more for a later post and time. Thanks for reading! 😅👀
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kanene-yaaay · 3 hours ago
1° plot: Idea I had in 2018. Inspiration from real life. I have a clear idea of beginning and end. All the characters sorted out and their roles as well.
2° plot: Had this idea today at 6:00 AM when my dog woke me up by basically screaming on my windows and it's a result of random images and scenarios created by my sleepy mind. 5+1 idea where I have sorted around 3 scenes from the 5 and have no idea what the heck I am going to do on the 1.
Guess which one I am writing :D
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sysig · 4 hours ago
Even my blood is strawberry-scented
Charm Myr, probably
#It has been an interesting day so far#Our closest store is having a closing sale - it is a large brand weep not - so we went out and bought some novelties#I now have a plush horse :) And I am happy for it#He's made with soft plush material and has interesting construction! Well worth waiting for a sale lol#But one of the things we saw was this like - plastic milk container filled with slime? Pink slime that's strawberry-scented?#And we were like ''Well obviously we have to get this I mean it's on sale /and/ it's absolutely ridiculous''#And so we get home crack it open and it slowly just kinda plops and bloops and pops out of the small opening at the top#It is in fact rather dissimilar to an actual milk carton who could've suspected#So we play with it for a bit and it has that very Distinct clearly-not-edible chemically strawberry smell that toys tend to#But it's shimmery and cold and that's great for summer (not that it's very cold today but good for the future!)#And it has a warning not to eat it (no worries there it smells terrible) and to wash hands once you're done playing with it#We do and continue about our day#Now I - despite growing my middle finger nails - still bite all of the rest of them and the skin around them#I go to do so and immediately sputter and pfffbtl and all the rest#The smell - the /taste/ has seeped into the pads of our fingers and despite several hand washings it will not let up#Hot water cold water hand soap dish soap fuckin' baking soda it is relentless#I can't even touch what I want to eat directly because the flavour will transfer from my fingers to the food to my mouth#It even stays on my lips so I can't lick them without tasting that horrible bitterness laced up in ✨stwawbewwy✨#I am in hell#So yeah 8/10 we'll have to put on gloves next time we play with it#Villainsona#Just Desserts
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cygnetix · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
POV: sunshine andreas delivers you a daily dose of sunshine, ft. the literal sun 🤩🌞
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entropy-always-wins · 6 hours ago
I want everyone to know I am more attached to Kaidan Alenko then any other BioWare character ever. This is one of the reasons I hate me.
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