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#i just kinda forgot i have a tumblr
mr-lancers-english-class · 2 months ago
Second and last part of Phic Phight 2021!
Full text below the cut. Warnings for swearing and some drinking mentions.
Mary Baker had a list. She kept it in the back of her calculus notebook. It had started as a joke, something to amuse herself with any time differential equations or taylor series got to be a bit too much. In her three years at uni, it had evolved into a full-on conspiracy theory.
Somehow, despite the multiple thousands of people who went to her school, Mary had had a class with one Daniel Fenton every semester of her college experience. They weren’t even in the same major, but there was quite a lot of overlap between astrophysics and biochemical engineering, weirdly enough, and so every September and every January, Mary found herself walking into at least one class to find Fenton already there.
The list at the back of her calculus notebook was, in theory, very simple. In practice, it was the bane of her existence, and she was sure if she could figure out what it all meant, she’d be the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history.
Doesn’t sleep??? Ever???
Frosh roomie Jake says he always went to bed first and by the time he woke up, Fenton would already be awake
Jake is an avid partyer, joined the frat with the highest DUI rate
Jake goes to bed at 2am on a good day
Got an on-campus single soph + junior year
RA 1 Beth, says he never caused any issues
RA 2 Mac, Fenton brought them fudge a lot but only late at night
Espresso dealer knows Fenton by name and order
I have never once seen Fenton in that coffee shop when the sun is shining
Al says Fenton is in the library studying until like 4am when they close
Al also doesn’t sleep, testimony should be taken with caution
Once twice thrice Came to class through 3rd+ story window
Calc 1: 12
History of Ghanian Art: 6
Intro bagpiping: 1 (carrying bagpipes in one arm and bag on back)
Chem 1: 4
Calc 3: 10
Phys 1: 8
Espresso dealer says Fenton chills on the roof of Smith Hall
No roof access to Smith Hall per janitors + admin
Smith Hall is in the middle of a field w/ no trees
Captain of Parkour Club
Also, founded Parkour Club
There’s like two other members and they’re both from the same tiny town in the middle-of-bumfuck-nowhere Illinois
Where tf is Fenton from???
Only does work in Spooky von Haunted Library
Racist pos can go die in a hole, I will only ever refer to that hellscape by the actual fun shit that happens there
But yeah Fenton never works anywhere else
Per Al, who works the night shift there three days a week
Checked with Greg @ SP Lib and Wren @ 28th St Lib, they’ve never seen him at their libraries
Talks to ghosts?
Per Al, has convos w/ legit nothing
Finally broke down? Wish it were me
Seems to get inspired by said convos w/ nothing
No sense of danger? There’s a better way to word that but idk man
Took 20 cr first semester, 3.8 gpa
Took calc 3 with Smith
Which is the dumbest move possible, Smith grades way too hard
Also, somehow pulled an A
Parkour club
Dude ends up on top of tallest buildings on campus every week
And then fucking leans over the side to figure out how to get down wtf???
I wrote this down like a year ago and then forgot fuck
Hazmat spill in chem lab, Fenton legit didn’t realize
Finished the lab, turned it in, walked out none the wiser
Might have drank hydrochloric acid once????
Nani says so
Normally I’d trust her, but there’s no fucking way
Def downed a whole bottle of ammonia
What, cocaine not enough for you???
But yeah chem 1
So yeah actually I believe Nani he totally drank hydrochloric acid
Oh lol yeah a bear got on quad
Fucking Fenton chased it away allll bu self
Also some jakcass had paintted it fucking brught green
lol frat boys amiright?
i’m too fucking drunk for thsi rn later mary can deal wtih the bear
Walked through a wall
Okay what the unmitigated fucking hell????
Fenton just fucking walked through a wall in the middle of the math building I swear to god
I am dead sober right now, it’s fucking noon on a fucking tuesday and he just walked through a fucking wall
Dude flies
I don’t think i was suppsed to see tihs one boys
Its kinda late lol like 4am but not toooooooo late
And i mean yeah mayeb i’m a teeny weeny bit itnoxcaded
But i stg fenton jst fckng flew
Jumped oof the top of Smtih Haal
And then jst knda hovred for a hot mnt or 2
then f*cking uh flew away
look i derw a baby star
No curses in ym bok, nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im gona go to slep now
he fcuking flies i cant deal rn
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bootsdotexe · a year ago
Tumblr media
I know I've been away from Tumblr for a good few months, I just don't like the site very much and lost my motivation to post anything. But rewatching a DBH playthrough, I realized I wanted to make more art of my Klance DBH AU and just kinda forgot my Tumblr was a thing. But, seeing how I have 5k people here who clearly want to see me post about this AU, i gotta post some of that art here again, too.
Again I'm more active with art on Instagram, but I'll try to keep this blog up in some way. The comic is discontinued, but more side-art like concepts, comic strips, redrawn scenes from the game (and some original ones!) and just me discussing the plot I had in mind for the comic will be posted!
I had the thought that Keith, in the Good Ending, would end up wearing Lance's LED either as an earring or a necklace (or engagement ring wink wink), and he'd trim his mullet. In the end, his prosthetic would also be replaced with a proper android biocomponent. He chose not to when he lost it because of his odd hatred for androids, but after learning so much from Lance and seeing him become a human, watching the androids protest and just wanting to be treated as equal, he changed his mind... finally letting his past go, he realizes being part android maybe isn't so bad after all.
I'll get into Keith's backstory more in my next posts regarding his leg and his family, so stay tuned :)
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quickreaver · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I forgot to post this here on the tumblr thing ... I almost never do actual backgrounds and scenes (because I HATE PERSPECTIVE and it takes me forEVer, but I slogged through this one and I’m kinda glad I did!
An illustration for a scene in the latest chapter of A Monster By Any Other Name. These writers have been chugging at this for years and its such a nuanced, fascinating, sometimes heart-shredding AU, set in a different take on the hunting world. I just love it. It’s like an old friend who pops up into town every few months. Thank you for persisting, my lovelies!
All digital. Ref used, OF COURSE.
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ninja-knox-ur-sox-off · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[part 2]
Mei and Red Son fuse for the first time during a battle pre-Red Redemption arc. They teamed up to fight a demon and were getting beaten pretty badly, so when Mk, who they kinda need if they’re gonna beat the demon, gets hurt, Red Son sees they’re about to lose badly, so he reacts accordingly. 
Mk’s a little unnerved and worried at first, even if he thinks it’s pretty cool, because he’s the only the fusion can really seem to focus on, and they kinda... stay fused for a while. It’s this whole thing. Might write something about it later lol
(Also, their nickname for him is literally just Noodles, they call him Noodles skldfmaofwe) 
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rivalsforlife · 6 days ago
Hello! For those of you who want to play the brand new ace attorney prequel duology games, but are uncomfortable with some of the localized names or are perhaps just curious about the original names and don’t want to look it up, I’ve compiled all of the character names and their changes in this spreadsheet, which is separated by case to avoid spoiling anything. I will be updating this as I go through the game myself in case any of the names have changed. Please make sure to read the info slides for information on navigation and let me know if anything needs to be corrected or otherwise changed.
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galaxyacerodoesart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ya’ll mind if I just-
upload this here really quick, yeah, thanks.
I am very soft for those two, excuse me I also have 0 context for whats going on, I just wanted to work on my lineless art and was in the mood for some fireknight, simple like that.
Edit: added a white background because I forgot tumblr fucks up transparent ones every now and then :/
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shesawriter39049 · a year ago
|THE PLUG| 4:20|M|
Tumblr media
(SNEAK PEEK #2 Basically all smut related..I forgot how many “Drug dealer” Jimin little thottys I have lmao so heres something else to tie you over)  ABOUT- Your local plug, aka your weedman..aka you’re kinda sorta, almost-boyfriend…is stressed…so you just need to ease his any way he sees fit!
There is a lil storyline in the beginning to set up the overall vibe and aesthetic of the one shot. Since it is technically a series now.
Note- This can be read as a stand-alone, and you’ll be good, there may be one or two things that you’ll be curious about but you won’t be lost! I was randomly inspired to add something to my “The Plug” Series so here she is.
WARNINGS:In this part? Recreational drug use (Weed) , Dirty talk, Foreplay....
WC: 6K
Dark haired, tan/tatted/ and tongue pierced JImin…that’s it…that’s the fiC
Have we established that the oc is literally is baby orr!?
FT- A Little Yoongi & Tae
Upon pulling up it seems as though Cash has opted to ruin your surprise...Cash was Jimin’s German shepherd, luckily she loves you so that’s not the issue. The issue is at the end of the day, she’s a guard dog, and she barked her damn head off the minute you rolled up the mile-long driveway! However, it seems you didn't even have to go far to see your boy because kiddie corner to an overgrown oak free, sits his Camaro, parked along the grass. Passengers door wide open with a cloud of smoke evaporating up into the air…
All you can see as you approach the spot to his left is his black J’s peeping out from under the door. Jimin’s car is tinted way past the legal hue so it’s pointless to even try and make out anything else! Not even bothering to move from his spot because he already knows your coming straight to him. Greeted by Cash first and foremost as she sprints off the porch never failing to cover you in fur before gently shoeing her in the opposite direction. Sauntering towards him slowly, though you couldn’t physically see him you could already feel his eyes on you, a slight chill running down your spine the closer you got to his car. A smug little smirk playing on those plush pink lips of his as you eased past the passenger door. Only to find the man in question laxed in his seat, looking like a seat his damn self, in a pair of black sweats and a hoodie, hood up, eyes low and full of mischief. Lacing his lips back around the joint as he pats his thigh, as if you planned on going anywhere else...sliding onto his lap with a slow roll of the hips so he can feel you spread apart on top of him. Did I mention you may have opted against wearing panties under your little cotton dress? 
Humming contently at the familiar weight resting flush against his lap inhaling deep, filling his lungs to full capacity. Reclining against the headrest, gazing up at you through hooded lids, flicking his chin upwards, gesturing got you to lean in so he can guide your lips to his. Coaxing them open, slowly letting the smoke drift into your mouth. His opposite hand taking a strong almost possessive hold on the back of your neck, keeping you in place, only easing up enough for you to catch your breath. Well aware your lungs aren’t built anywhere near his, though he doesn’t give you much of a refractory period. The moment he feels you exhale he snatches that breath straight from your lungs, an amused smirk playing along his lips as you gasp and he licks his way into your mouth. Body shivering the minute you feel the metal bar flick at the roof of your mouth, the kiss is insistent, hot, heady. A low whine staggering from the back of his throat as you slowly grind your hips against him, feeling within seconds that he’s also opted against  boxers. Your touges meet easily, it’s natural at this point, the way the two of you move together, slow and languid. Almost matching the rhythm of your hips as you continue grinding down against him. The hand on the back of your neck is so tight it’s almost painful and that only makes you moan even louder, body turning completely pliant on top of him. Holding onto his hoodie as if you needed it to keep you upright, lightheaded from far more than the indica at this’s all Jimin!
“Fuckin missed your fine ass” panted against your lips, with a smile far more innocent than it should be, god this man has you all types of fucked up it’s unreal. Eyes sinking even deeper into his can’t help but smile back at that, not even bothering to hide the giddiness fluttering though your body. Dropping your head down to the crook of his neck, as he laces his lips back around the joint, eyes slightly hazy from the amount of smoke filling the car. Sinking your teeth into the thick juncture of his collarbone, living for the way he literally just falls apart the minute you even touch the area.
Painting a trail upwards until your nibbling at his earlobe, nipping harshly feeling his thighs tense beneath you “I really want you to fuck my throat…” Swirling your tongue around the hoop in his ear “All I could think about at work was you fucking my mouth so hard I that I’ll be able feel you everytime I talk tomorrow…” The words purred straight from your lips and went straight to his dick, you could actually feel him throb beneath you. 
Jimin straight up whimpers at that, low, and breathy a chill running through his body as you slide off his lap dropping to your knees before him. Those big brown eyes are staring down at you with soooo much need yet the fondness is clear as day. Reaching down to run his fingers through your hair, cradling your jaw in his palm, turning your cheek to lace your tongue around his thumb. Sucking it into your mouth rolling your tongue around the digit with a pleased moan, bringing your hands up to gently stroke his thighs. Batting your lashes up at him far too innocently for the moment in question, a pleased little smirk playing on your lips as he spreads his legs instinctively making room for you.
“You want me to fuck you, throat baby? You want me to put my hand in your hair and show you how I want it? Make you take me, all of me, until I come down your throat? Here? Right need my cock that bad baby?” His tone was almost taunting, slipping effortlessly into his bedroom voice, his tone getting a little lower..breathier... Freeing his thumb from your mouth exchanging the grip for the hair right at your scalp, craning your head back so you have no choice but to look up at him. 
“Yeah, yeah, I do, I want you so fuckin bad, I don’t want you to go easy on me either..I want you to use my mouth until your so fuckin loud your boys can hear you…” Trickling your fingers back up his thighs, pawing at his dick through his sweats “That’s what I want…” 
The glint in his eyes should probably be alarming but it’s not, because you know that means he’s going to give you exactly what you asked for and then some. Lacing his lips around the joint one final time before stomping it out into his ashtray. Leaning down to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, releasing all the smoke back into your lungs, with so much intensity it burns!. Sucking your bottom lip between your lips as he pulls back...
 “It’s all yours baby girl, take it if you want it…”
UPDATE : The full thing is up AS OF 4/23 
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that-yandere-shit · a year ago
May I please request a scenario or headcanons, your choice, with Sebastian from Black Butler with a fairy (s/o) who has for unknown reasons a human soul and can control plants?
//just so you know I’m not using the sweet little fairy that you see in kids shows. I’m using the good shit. That A+ faerie lore that I love cause there’s a lot you can work with plus most of them are just pure chaotic energy.
I just realized I forgot the control plants part but it’s kinda a power a lot of seelie court fae tend to have anyways
Tumblr media
Let me start with, you’d be a changeling. Now if you don’t know what that is it’s when the fae swap their own for a human. (Ie, human fam has kid if the kid gets really sickly they go “well damn the faeries are at it again”)
So you’d probably have a human soul to continue with the faceade of being human along with a powerful glamor so you can touch iron (unless the glamor is off then you can’t)
You’d meet Sebastian during one of the young masters trips to a village that has been having trouble (like that one ep with the demon dog in season 1)
Sebastian with his keen sense of smell could tell there was something off about you, you didn’t smell like the other humans even if your soul did say you were one.
You smelled like crisp leaves and apples and honey. Something that is usually only smelled during fall apple harvests or if you are a fae originally from the Seelie court
The people of the village fear and worship the fae, going as far as to leave trinkets that aren’t made of iron out by the forest for the fae to pick up and collect.
Sebastian finds you one day early morning taking the trinkets for yourself and you simply tell him “the fae don’t care for the trivial human trinkets, besides it’s a waste”
Your strange soul and scent added by that encounter intrigues him to the point where he starts following you around the village
Of course he’ll eventually find out what you are.
But it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll simply use it to his advantage to either woo you or blackmail you into being his.
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simplykpopaus · 2 years ago
Monsta X Reaction: Accidentally Walking In On You Changing
Tumblr media
A/N: Here it is! I hope you like it! Sorry it took me so long.....I kinda forgot my password to this account so I was having a bit of trouble logging back in. BUT I’m back, and I got A LOT coming! 
Shocked. Beyond belief shocked. Not just him but you as well. Stood there for a couple seconds muttering a quick sorry before turning around and walking out the door. You still standing there confused as to what happened. Until you heard kihyun yell from the living room.
“Y/N WHAT DID YOU DO TO SHOWNU” you walking out after putting your pants on. “I forgot to lock the door, is all” you said calmly. 
Tumblr media
Not surprised at all. He has actually accidentally walked in on you changing a couple times. Its like he didn’t even notice it. You still not used to it. You had barely lifted your shirt over your head when you heard the door close. “How many times am I going to have to tell you to lock the door, Y/n” Wonho would say. “Why are you still in here” you would say pulling your shirt down to cover yourself. “Because I need something, now help me find it so I can get out of here, unless you want me to stay” this making you push him.
Tumblr media
Extra. walking into the bathroom, and seeing you change your shirt because you accidentally spilled coffee on it. He screamed making you jump and turn away from him. “GET OUT GET OUT” you yelled. “WHY ARE YOU IN HERE” he yelled back. “BECAUSE I NEED TO CHANGE” “WHY IN HERE” “BECAUSE THIS ISN’T MY HOUSE IM NOT CHANGING IN ONE OF YOUR ROOMS” All your yelling making Changkyun walk over. “Why you two yelling…why don’t you have a shirt on” 
Tumblr media
Surprised. All he wanted was to ask you if you were hungry. But instead he walked in on you with your shirt off. Gasping loudly making you look up. Quickly grabbing your shirt to cover yourself, as he covered his eyes and turned away from you. “you hungry?” He said making you laugh. “Yup” you said walking past him to the living room, “What are we eating?” you turned to look at him and he still had his eyes covered. “Kihyun, I’m dressed lets go” 
Tumblr media
Not a single care in the world was given. Walked in like it was his room…Well it actually was his room. Making you scream out in shock. “WH-WHAT HYUNGWON, GET OUT” he would look at you like you’ve just offended him. “This is my room, why don’t you get out” he would say. “I’m changing” you said making him reply with a “Not my fault you clumsy spilled juice on yourself.” 
Tumblr media
Boi. The second he opened the door and saw you pant less oooOoOoh that door was shut faster than the speed of light. Making you turn around. Not seeing anyone there you were confused but continued changing. Not know what happened until you walked out of the room, when all of them looked between you and Jooheon “What?” You said. “Oh nothing, jooheon here just saw you half naked” said Wonho. You laughed “So that’s why I heard the door close.”
Tumblr media
What could he say. He let out a little shriek the second he saw you. Yet he didn’t move at all. He just stared for a second before he smirked. You also just staring at him shocked that he saw you. “WHY ARE YOU SMIRKING” you yelled “WAIT WHY ARE YOU STILL IN HERE” you throw your shirt at him and putting on a different shirt “Who said I was even in here” he said making you throw the plushies that were on the bed at him.
Tumblr media
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kiwibirdlafayette · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
For Butch Hartman’s Channel Chasers 2 challenge on twitter- If Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda were in Trollhunters! (facing off a nyarlagroth, with Gunmar lurking in the background) I drew this two days ago I just forgot to post it hahaha- It’s the Fairly OddTrollhunters
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cosmicbash · a month ago
I'm hesitant to post this, because??? Honestly?? I'm not 100% sure I haven't already posted it. I was perusing my Google docs trying to relabel stuff as posted and such to better organize and found this, which @lemon-coke and me both can't figure out if I ever posted. So.
Better to repost it and give you all something to reread then not post it all I assume.
It starts out as a misunderstanding, of course, because how else would their relationship begin?
A series of short tentative chats that somehow blossom into a full on dinner together, Colson sweating and more anxious than he's ever been in his life. It just doesn't seem real, that not only could he be mending this feud with his idol but also sitting across from him at some fancy restaurant table learning Eminem eats his steaks well done like some child. And laughing about it. 
He's actually laughing. With his idol, his rival, his highschool crush. Long legs kicking out under the table at his own bad jokes, Em half smirking back at him. Their feet brushing one too many times for the color to leave his cheeks even after he's done giggling.
By the time Colson is talking Em into splitting some crazy good looking chocolate cake he actually feels better than he has in years. Since before the beef. So of course something has to go wrong. It really would have to be a dream for things not to sour.
He wants to pretend the first few flirty comments are in his head. That Em reaching across the table to roughly rub some chocolate off his cheek is a Detroit thing. But by the time they're finished eating and waiting for the check Colson's creeping suspicion has turned into full on alarm bells blaring. There's just no way to excuse the nervous looks or Em's almost hesitant invitation up to his hotel room. 
It feels like a slap to the face. Everything suddenly makes sense. Why they're eating in the other rapper's hotel, why Em is even speaking to him. None of this is to repair their relationship or end the beef. It's all just some poorly hidden buttering up before Em asks him to get down on his knees. 
Colson should blow up. He should just lash out and throw his fist into Em's face. Storm out and flag down the valet. He's not some escort that the rapper can rent for the night and feed a fancy dinner to.
But there's that guilty feeling that has settled into the pit of his stomach. The one that's been there since he first lashed out and ruined everything with his diss track, the comments about Hailey, his childish bitching in interviews. It's only doubled since they first sat down to eat. Every muffled chuckle and weakly hidden smile from the older man digging that pit deeper and deeper. Showing him what he carelessly threw away in some desperate grab for attention.
It's got a small voice in the back of Colson's head warning him how if he says no and storms out he's just doing the same thing all over again, cutting Em out of his life. This time possibly forever.
So Colson bites his tongue and nods. His fingers anxiously climbing up into his hair to help hide the guilty look he knows must be on his face when he stutters out a "y-yeah, yeah, sure."
The genuine smile Em flashes back at him at his agreement just feels like a knife being jammed next to the shovel.
How can the man look so fucking blissful about something that feels like borderline blackmail?
But Em does. He looks stunned, downright flustered even at first at his response. Then happy. A happy that isn't hidden by some fake cough or behind a delicate yet strong looking hand for once. It gives Colson something precious to hold onto in the sea of uncomfortable and nasty emotions twisting up his stomach while the older rapper pays. 
The knot just twists itself up tighter once they're in the elevator, his silence thankfully brushed off as nervousness by Em. The almost shy glance of steely blue eyes his way making him feel so small while buttons are pressed. Usually Colson would blame this kind of nausea on the ride itself, but for once his phobia of the small metal deathtraps is actually being overpowered. A new fear worming its way through his guts as each floor number blinks to life.
He doesn't want to freak out. To run away, but hes too goddamn sober for this. Avoiding smoking and turning down the offer of wine at dinner just to try and impress his idol was threatening to be his downfall. If he'd known Em was going to show such little respect and consideration to his being like this he would have lit a fat one up right there at the table. Hell, maybe that would have changed the older man's mind about propositioning him in the first place. Surely a druggie asshole was less appealing to make drop to their knees instead of his current carefully put together primped and meek self.
"Only a few more floors. Don't go green on me just yet Kelly." 
Colson didn't know whether to take the playful nudge as comforting or creepy. Maybe, a little flattering? If Em had actually looked into him enough to learn about his problem with elevators and the man just wasn't guessing off the apparent discolor of his face that is.
Imagining Eminem of all people actually following his interviews or caring about his personal life that much felt like a pipe dream though. 
Outside of the next 20 minutes or however long it took for the bastard to get his rocks off he highly doubted Em would put much thought into his existence at all. Which would be fair. After all the shit he's said and done he really doesn't deserve the time of day from his idol. 
A ding and the elevator doors were opening. Colson's legs feeling numb beneath him when he finally lets go of the railing in the elevator to stumble forward. Thankful that Em's focus was on digging his room's keycard out of his wallet and not his clumsy steps. Each one bringing them closer and closer to their destination, making the whole situation so vividly real he couldn't help but panic again. The other man's forced small talk about how he "Doesn't usually book the penthouse suite-" falling on deaf ears.
It’s ironic, how often he had dreamed for this exact scenario. For Eminem to be leading him up to some fancy high end hotel room, promising to shower him fully in his attention and gaze. Only now, with his dream coming true right before his eyes he can’t help but feel bittersweet about the heated gaze holding him frozen just outside the door. Em’s final offer for him to back down before they both step through the threshold clear as day in the look.
The twist in his gut tells Colson to take it, to just spin around on his heel and run away with his tail tucked between his legs. Accept he’s too much of a coward and too full of himself to actually mend their beef.
But the desperate need he feels for forgiveness and absolvement pushes Colson forward instead. Sheer will alone giving him the confidence to twirl his idols hoodie strings around his fingers to drag Em inside with him. The loud beat of his heart completely smothering the other man’s flustered outburst. 
Just like in church the blonde finds himself on his knees not too long after entering. Mouth open and hands clasped together, ready to ask for forgiveness. Except this god he’s praying to is running it’s fingers through his hair, and there’s a stiff cock separating his palms. A chorus of curses and “Holy fuck, K-Kelly just wait a second, shit, your tongue is-“ tickling his ears instead of hymns.
He’s never sucked a cock before, and it’s embarrassing how quickly he finds himself choking. But Colson doesn’t give up, even when his jaw starts to ache and the grip on his hair grows a bit too tight. His discomfort doesn’t matter here. He just needs to make Em happy, earn the forgiveness he doesn’t deserve.
“Can I- fuck, can I fuck your face?” Both of the older rapper’s palms are holding his bangs away from his face, tilting his head back just enough to force their eyes to meet. The shame in his chest doubles but so does the surprising tightness in his jeans when he sees the uncharacteristic flush to Em’s cheeks.
He isn’t experienced, the smart thing to do would be pull off and admit that. He’s seen first hand how disastrous things can go but his head bobs in a yes anyway. Eyes already starting to water from how the action jabs the other rappers cock right against his gag reflex.
A low groan is all the warning he gets before Em’s fingers are knotting in his hair, forcing his head down to meet the thrust of strong hips. Stuffing that hard dick down his throat so fast it burns and his hands can’t help but flail, helplessly grabbing onto the meat of the older rapper’s thighs through his sweats. Unable to even steal another gasp of air before it happens again. Em’s hips pistoning forward to fuck his mouth like some cheap replaceable toy. 
Even after he gags and gurgles spit the rapper doesn’t stop. 
The harsh pants of praise and encouragement burning his ears just as hotly as the tears in his eyes. “Ah, so good. So fucking good baby, the best, ah-“
Colson doesn’t know what’s worse, how quickly his heart skips at the surprise tern of endearment or how pathetically his cock jerks in his underwear. Not that he has much time to think on it with how Em abruptly forces his face right down to the bone, soft and scratchy pubes tickling his nose. Startling him before the other man’s blowing his load, Colson’s eyes widening and nails cutting deeply into Em’s legs while he chokes. There’s too much, even with his throat reflexively swallowing it still fills up his mouth and bursts out the sides. Dripping down his chin and out onto his shirt when Em finally pulls him off.
It’s salty, and thick. Nothing like the eggnog Rook’s joked to him it tastes like. There’s nothing sweet about this thick cream, even if the lightheaded feeling he’s got from milking it out still makes him feel drunk. 
“Shit. I wanna take a picture.“ Em’s palm is tilting his head back again, dragging his glassy eyes up away from the twitching spit slick cock in front of him. Thumb forcing his tongue down flat to flash what he can only imagine has to be a white mess before the hand in his hair is fumbling out a phone. “Can I?”
He almost wants to laugh at how the brunette doesn’t even wait for his answer before there is the unmistakable flash of a phone light temporarily blinding him. A curse and then another two, these ones at least allowing him the chance to shut his eyes tightly.
The shame within him is boiling, burning through his veins like lava and making his heart drop down into his stomach.
“So pretty-“ Em’s fingers are releasing his tongue and jaw to rake through his bangs yet again. Exposing his face even though Colson wants nothing more than to hide. A stifled sob tearing at his aching throat while he swallows what he can inside his mouth without completely gagging.
He can’t cry. That would ruin the mood wouldn't it? And if it doesn't, Colson doesn't know how he would handle having Em laugh at his tears. The almost soft demeanor and shy quality to his tone is all thats keeping the blonde from running away as it is. 
The shuffle of shoes and curl of strong fingers pulling him up startles Colson's eyes back open. Lashes fluttering to blink away the brief flash of wetness that's blurred his vision before he realizes he's being kissed. That Em's palms are cupping his jaw yet again, helping him to his feet. 
It's scratchy, and softer than he expects. Not that he was expecting Eminem to be kissing him in the first place, but the man doesn't relent. Just keeps kissing him, even after he's grown to his full height and the angle of their heads has switched. Em's tongue snaking its way inside his mouth while they stumble back further into the room. Until Colson's head is feeling fuzzy and his knees weak, the cushioned crash of his body hitting a mattress barely felt.
It feels wrong when Em's hands smooth up over his chest and down inside his jeans. The uncontrollable kick of his hips up into a tight hand around his cock almost blasphemous. There's no reason for Em to even be bothering with touching him there, he doesn't deserve it. But the rapper is sucking and nibbling along his neck, up into his ear to whisper a dozen filthy praises and compliments. None of them possibly true.
"So pretty-" "Perfect-" "Wanted to touch you for so long-" 
"Stop-" Colson's hands feel shaky as they drag his idols face back up to meet his in a messy kiss. Breath tight while he tries to speak between pecks. "Just- fuck, just hurry-"
When he winds up on his stomach some point into the night, Em's too big cock pressing hard against his entrance he can't help but cry out. The pitiful fist he shoves between his own teeth doing nothing to stifle the sound.
It hurts, more than the thin fingers he'd taken only moments prior. But not as much as the soothing shushes and affectionate run of hands through his hair. 
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yamtaroh · 2 years ago
Hello, I haven't been checking on you lately because I'm busy, and Tumblr is kinda blocced in my country now so I have to use VPN to open this blue hellsite. But I just wanna tell you that I love you and your art and all of your Krusty Babies especially Kad Ak 💞💞💞💓💓💓💘💘💘(was it crusty or krusty? I forgot RIP)
u are the sickest of bitches my friend if you see a large fleshy object overhead, do not be afraid. kad ak is on her way to deliver a radioactive sausage to you!!
Tumblr media
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aquafolie · a year ago
Tumblr media
I just realized i’ve never posted these? kinda forgot about it. I was having Silverflint feels and fluff happened. Let them be cute and in love and happy pls
Yes, Flint is kissing Silver to shut him up. Can you blame him tho?
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theraddestcowboy · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ive had this song stuck in my head for like a week and i felt like it suited whatever is going on here, and im mad because i know exactly how i couldve made this look a lot better but i need to spend my energy on things that arent random shit
anyways i forgot to make this with posting it to tumblr in mind again so it looks a lot better if you actually click on it
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notanotherjojoblog · a year ago
hey lovelies just a little something to delete later but I noticed that while tumblr was saying I have 1 Ask I seem to have quite a few more, so please bare with me.
Been on another kinda art funk and it’s like I forgot how to draw at all but I may be getting out of it so I’ll answer all of you once I have something new to post ToT <3
As a side note, to the person who sent me a message asking tips on anatomy, I always get a bit stuck with these questions cause I never feel good enough to be teaching anyone, BUT... you asked and I do want to help, so I will try to put together a little post with some actual pictures and links to useful resources, so you might need to wait just a little bit longer, as I want to share something a bit more useful than the previous times I addressed similar questions!
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