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#im like. in love with her aha <3 <3 <3 <3
nurserinnn8 days ago
Hi hi! Id like to request childe,zhongli,diluc,kaeya and albedo with an s/o who kisses their cheek as their way of saying "hi"
Tumblr media
鈮 鉂 聽:: characters : kaeya, zhongli, diluc, childe, albedo
聽 聽 聽 聽category : fluff, crack(?), headcanons
聽 聽 聽 聽warning : she/her pronouns, fem! reader
聽 聽 聽 聽note : aha! another anon! hello!!! ASDOMSA HI?!? YOUR REQUEST IS SO MF CUTE CAUGHT ME CRYINGGG AND SCREAMINGG LETS GO!?!? pop off anon 馃ぉ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥 before you two had started dating, kaeya always finds himself to be the one tugging your heart strings <3
鈥 but after while in your relationship, you started worrying that you weren鈥檛 putting any effort in your love so you decided to do this cute thing you heard when beatrice was gushing about quinn
鈥 she was talking about how it would be so romantic to always kiss quinn on his cute cheeks
鈥 you took her words into consideration. and when you saw kaeya vulnerable with no people around in the knights of favonius headquaters, you striked faster than batman
鈥⒙犫.. hm? oh hello princess--鈥 kaeya abruptly stops when he felt your soft lips on his cheeks and your hand holding his shoulders and you tip toe to reach him
鈥 ASDIAND uHM yO?? his heart SWOONED for you sdoiasdasiud pls stop making him fall harder for you
鈥 he was genuinely STUNNED LIKE??? okay y/n we get it you have main character special magic 馃檮馃檮鉁
鈥 kaeya would be so caught of guard he nearly stumbles,
鈥渨-woah princess.. im.. haha whats gotten into you?鈥
鈥 he has his eyebrows quirked with a smirk but a very visible blush聽
鈥 overall kaeya will think its a one time thing but when it you continuously do it!??!?! mymymy are you trying to get him killed?~
Tumblr media
鈥 i feel like its zhongli who finds out about this habit of yours before you
鈥 LMAO what i mean by that is that he can tell by the way your eyes shift nervously and whenever you two kiss how your lips seem to want to linger for a little longer.
鈥 and so zhongli, being the gentlemen he is, gives his full consent to you to do whatever affection you see fit <3
鈥 thats where this whole debacle happened
鈥 he always looks forward to your little kisses whenever he sees your pretty little face 馃ズ
鈥 honestly he doesn鈥檛 mind if a few words were gonna be left unspoken if the replacement were those sweet kisses he is so smitten for
鈥 fuck honestly he wouldn鈥檛 mind just communicating via kisses and ditch language all together! its too confusing anyways 馃檮鉁
鈥 i feel like zhongli will end up picking this habit aswell!
鈥 okay stfu i know goodbye kisses exist buT
鈥 i feel like zhong zhong hates saying goodbye because he genuinely doesnt want to part with you, and he feels like a聽鈥済oodbye鈥 seals that deal contract
鈥 SO instead of saying goodbye he starts kissing you in the cheek as a replacement
鈥 gOD why is this man so perfect!?!?
Tumblr media
鈥 i just know it, i can feel it
鈥 like deadass just stands there like 馃鈥嶁檪锔 when you kith his cheek with no context
鈥 鈥渃harles, i apologize but--鈥
鈥 鈥渟igh.. master diluc, what is it this time? her soft hands? her 鈥渂right like phoenix鈥 smile? refreshing laugh? glistening eyes?鈥
鈥 鈥渋-.. i truly didn鈥檛 expect the extent of my rambles of my significant other..鈥
鈥 okay but as much as diluc freaks out about this habit of yours, he will NEVER speak a word about it to you
鈥 like never saying 鈥渋ts okay鈥 or 鈥渋ts not okay鈥 because frankly he loves it and doesn鈥檛 want to ruin it
鈥 like?? he wants you to continue it and he doesnt want to interrupt this because he鈥檚 secretly scared if he dares utter a word about this you would immediately stop
鈥 pls just let the guy bask in this little kith 馃ズ馃ズ
Tumblr media
鈥 sighs.. another day, another W for childe..
鈥 i swear this man straight up ROBBED bennett鈥檚 luck cause???
鈥 he鈥檚 getting a second rerun, he鈥檚 a weekly boss, has two weapons, is going to have a signature bow, gonna be in a main event for 2.2, and he keeps being requested for scenarios
鈥 and now he gets to have kisses instead of hello鈥檚!??!?!?
鈥 nyways lets go back to the scenario sjkdks
鈥 brUH he feels so rewarded whenever your lips touch any part of his skin
鈥 and the fact you do it so frequently as a helllo?? uGH PLEASE HE STRUCK GOLD 馃ぉ
鈥 but childe gets a bit >-< because as much as he loves your kisses he also loves your voice
鈥 *kith*
鈥 鈥淕ASPS princess!鈥
鈥 *waves hand and heads to the door*
鈥 鈥渉eyhey! where do you think your going?~ shower me with your voice princess <3鈥
鈥 so true bestie he is just romantic like that yknow???
Tumblr media
鈥 please you KNOW he thrives of off this shit
鈥 like???? he is in heaven
鈥 ever since you intoxicated him with your affection he is addicted
鈥 honestly i feel like albedo is the one who asked you to do this and you were the one who kept doing it
鈥 like-- 鈥渟o.. y/n, darling, i recently consulted lisa on couple interactions and she told me that it would suit you to kiss my cheeks instead of a greeting.. of course, we鈥檒l need to take precautions and a few notes to perfect this method but i have came up with a theory that it would be ideal if instead we attempt this whenev--鈥
鈥 queue you making albedo shut up with a kiss
鈥 god albedo if you wanted a kiss so bad just fukcing say it my gOD 馃檮鉁
鈥 but you know you鈥檒l bring albedo to a daze if you do it the next day then the next day then the next day
鈥 congrats y/n 馃槙 you fucking killed the guy, are you happy with yourself? *slow clap*
鈥 he鈥檚 fucking dead, like deadass.
鈥 he stopped responding and like his head is in the galaxies
鈥 albedo y/n is sorry pls come back-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yeetmeoffjueyunkarst2 months ago
Could I request beidou ganyu and Lisa with 馃懇鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈 and 馃拲
Preferably g/n pronouns :)
馃懇鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈- how do they like their kisses?
馃拲- how would they propose?
Tumblr media
Yep beidou is a lips kisser, she loves tasting your lips. Often or not it HEAVILY escalates from there AHA.
Probably would love to kiss your neck and leave lipstick marks on your neck to mark what鈥檚 hers, I mean, she鈥檚 a pirate! And you鈥檙e the greatest treasure to her <3
Loves being kissed on the lips as well. Hello she has a major addiction to your lips and every time she kisses you she feels like she鈥檚 gonna drown. In a good way.
Kiss her muscles,,, it鈥檒l give her such a huge ego boost but she loves it that you love her for it, even if she鈥檚 not following the convention of tall skinny lady. Plus she鈥檒l just straight up carry you in her arms if you do so because you鈥檙e so precious to her and she wants to twirl you round and round. (a/n YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE DEAR READERS DON鈥橳 LET SOCIETY JUDGE YOU REGARDLESS IF YOURE BIG OR SMALL, OF DIFFERENT COLORS, OR HAVE VARIOUS QUIRKS. YOU鈥橰E YOU AND I AM SURE THAT SOMEONE LOVES YOU FOR YOU. LOVE YOURSELF, IF NOT I鈥橪L BE LOVING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU)
Kiss her scars鈥 and you鈥檒l see her blush very very hard. Don鈥檛 do it in public, she has a reputation to keep as the Crux Fleet鈥檚 Captain Beidou. But it really, really makes her feel loved. Oh, so loved. It really makes her feel so lucky that she has you as her lover, who doesn鈥檛 judge her for being who she is, but rather loves her for who she is. And as a result...
馃拲 ...Beidou is determined to get married to you. She had her reservations about being so called 鈥渢ied down鈥 with you.
After a while though, she decided that she wasn鈥檛 so against the idea anymore, and so she tried to discuss it with you.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind if you continue sailing, Beidou. The sea is where you came from, after all. However, you have to always come back and visit at least once within 6 months. For a month. Sometimes I will come along with you. It won鈥檛 be easy, but if we really want to work it out.鈥
鈥淏abe, I鈥檓 so lucky to have you. How about you join me for a voyage? The voyage of a lifetime.鈥
She opens a ring box that she was holding all along, a ring with Nocticulous Jade as the centrepiece and gems of your favourite colors adorning it.
鈥淧lease marry me, y/n, and make me the happiest person in all of Liyue.鈥
Please Beidou was so prepared because she鈥檚 just that straightforward about it and once she thinks about it her one track mind just doesn鈥檛 stop that easily, especially when it comes to you.
She鈥檚 nervous though, she just felt that it was the right time to say those words and now, while bravely staring into your eyes, she鈥檚 nervous af.
Tumblr media
馃懇鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈㎡h no girlie here loves kisses so so so so much. Kidding it鈥檚 a good thing.
Hmm she would love forehead kisses. Or anywhere on her face in general, she loves it when you just press so many kisses on her face and end it off with a kiss on the lips. She鈥檒l blush a beautiful shade of red, but overall very happy about it.
Call me out if it鈥檚 weird, but I really think she would like being kissed on the hips? Like from her voicelines *cough choking a monster to death* it would seem that she is afraid of being fat. (We all know that鈥檚 a lie she鈥檚 so hot)
But when you kiss her there (the first time was because she just voiced it out while your hands were on her waist) she just feels really okay with how she looks. Aww baby it鈥檚 okay to have wide hips, it's who you are and I love you for that. @readers who feel shy about your hips this is my call for y鈥檃ll
And obviously kissing her horns So sensitive, it鈥檚 like kissing her lips, but its way more sensitive now. The pleasure is further amplified. So you can鈥檛 kiss her there with too much force or else things would escalate okayyy
馃拲 this would take a lot of thinking, a lot of discussion, a lot of reflection if she wanted to propose to you and you鈥檙e mortal.
If you鈥檙e immortal and have not noticed you鈥檙e dense af /j
Definitely would not propose at Liyue Harbour, she would rather have it somewhere private, like one of the mountains at Jueyun Karst.
She鈥檚 so nervous gosh. She keeps shifting her weight around during the night where she plans to propose. You can feel her erratic heartbeat as you two cuddle under the stars. And she keeps twirling her hair with those lovely hands of hers.
鈥淧enny for your thoughts, Qingxin?鈥
She clenches her fist around the ring box that she unconsciously took out. Her eyes darted around anxiously. Sucking in a deep breath, she whisper screams, afraid of chickening out now.
鈥淵/n, marry me!鈥
A few moments of silence. Her eyes shine with determination, something that you fell for. Your eyes were widened in surprise, but she couldn鈥檛 tell whether you wanted to or not.
鈥淎h, but if you don鈥檛 want to.. it鈥檚 alright.. sorry for-鈥
鈥淕anyu, wait!鈥 You quickly turned her around right in front of you, as you fumbled with another ring box. Containing the ring you bought for her.
鈥淚 was already about to say the same thing, but I guess you beat me to it, huh?鈥
Tumblr media
馃懇鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈ヾefinitely loves kisses, who am I kidding?
Honestly I don鈥檛 think Lisa really cares where you kiss her, because the meaning is clear: you love her, and that鈥檚 very enough for her.
If you insist though, she loves it when you kiss her forehead. Her beauty and charm is well-known throughout Mondstadt, and she craves being loved not for her beauty, but for her brains.
And via exchanging letters, you two found each other, and she鈥檚 so happy that you two found each other and fell in love for who the both of you are.
Kissing her forehead reminds her of the flirting between letters, moments of courtship back when you two didn鈥檛 even know how each other looked like. It also reminds her that you love her, both inside and outside.
馃拲 (a/n I really can鈥檛 see Lisa being the one who proposes)
Lisa鈥檚 going into big brain mode. Something worthy for you, the love of her life.
She鈥檚 the smartest mage of Sumeru Academia in the past 100 years, surely a simple ring making would be easy.
She had the ring made, after commissioning the traveler to help her collect the minerals needed.
While the traveler is rather peeved from always having to help people, he/she is for once willing to help. This is a commitment of a lifetime, and it鈥檚 no small matter like helping Majorie find her pet cat.
Now, the harder part. Actually proposing to you. There鈥檚 only one place she could ever consider proposing to you.
At Starsnatch Cliff In the tiny house you both share, where you both had made so many precious memories.
As she gets up from your shared bed, the smell of pancakes float through the air. She grabs the ring box, hidden in her makeup box, before heading towards the kitchen.
Archons, you look so stunning under the sunlight, with a soft smile on your face. What were you thinking about? More importantly, Lisa wanted to be the only one who saw this sight forever.
As you set the pancakes down on the dining table, you noticed Lisa, wearing a soft smile on her face.
鈥淢orning love. What鈥檚 gotten you all so soft today?鈥 You asked, a cheeky smile adorned on your face.
鈥淣othing much,鈥 Lisa replies as she wraps her arms around your waist. She opens the ring box right in front of your eyes, her heart racing as she asks, "Though, will you marry me, y/n? I鈥檝e been thinking about it for quite a while.鈥
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smolpotatotea16 days ago
銉糾aybe i love you.
i don't know. i definitely miss you, though.
Tumblr media
銉 notes 鈧娝氣棟 first fic that i've ever publicly posted pog? aha this was impulsive but that's okay <3
銉 鈧娝氣棟 wilbur x gn!reader drabble
銉 warnings 鈧娝氣棟 first person pov ( ew, i don't usually use it but this fic is a lot more personal so ). angst. swearing. im now realizing that this is a lot like heather LMAO. i swear it wasn't intentional this was based off an irl experience </3
銉 summary 鈧娝氣棟 a letter to the person you fell in love with at the wrong time.
(not edited)
Tumblr media
Dearest Wilbur, If you have received this letter, then I must've left you one way or another, as I would never have the courage to say this otherwise.
I miss you. I miss all the afternoons we spent in the library, just laughing and having a grand old time. We would always sneak snacks into the library, too. Remember when we got kicked out for being too loud? I know this may sound ridiculous, but it's one of my fondest memories. Not because we got kicked out, but because of how happy you looked that day. You had burst into giggles, imitating the librarian's strict face as we were ushered out. I miss all the nights where you climbed through my window at midnight, just because you couldn't sleep and needed a friend. I always left my bedroom window open for you, and I got robbed by some little kid once because of that. It was worth it, for the countless nights we fell asleep cuddling each other. I miss being in your arms, I felt warm and safe in them. You always smelled of hot cocoa and the light autumn breeze. It felt like home. I miss when we were carefree and young teenagers in love.
I miss when I didn't have to tiptoe by the line, anxious that I would step over it. Though I knew that I would inevitably trip and fall over one day. Maybe the day you receive this letter is that day. I miss the sweet naive feeling of falling in love. I miss you, Wilbur Soot. I miss you and everything you stand for. Arguably, I still have you. Arguably, you're still here, one phone call away. But even if you're still here, it's different. Not that you've changed, but me. I've changed. I don't know what I was expecting when you first told me you had a girlfriend. I avoided you for days after you told me. I was hurt, I guess. You were seeing someone for five fucking months and didn't tell me?! I thought we told each other everything, Wilbur Soot. What happened to that? I can't even be mad. She's stunning, and perfect for you in every way. Selfishly, a small part of me still wishes that she would go away. I didn't understand why I felt this way, as I had no reason to be. Maybe I was jealous. Watching you spend time with her at the library instead of me. You climbing through her window instead of mine. My window is still open, waiting for you to crawl through. Even if you can barely fit through anymore.
Maybe if I had realized my feelings sooner I would've gotten a chance. I think the worst part about this is that I never knew I liked you until I couldn't have you. Because you were her's. It fucking hurts, Wilbur Soot. Of course, I'm happy for you. ( Why wouldn't I be? You look happier than you've ever been. ) But it hurts to see you so in love. It hurts to see someone you like in love with someone else. Maybe this goes beyond a silly little crush. Maybe I love you, Wilbur Soot.
銉 Y/N.
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dangan-writing7 months ago
I need a n g s t
Kokichi, Nagito and Shuichi with a s/o that鈥檚 really forgiving? You could make them end up in the hospital and they鈥檇 forgive you
So what if they accidentally kill them and their s/o still forgives them?
If you want, you can do a happy ending where they live! Your choice! :)
*__ i pick different endings if that's okay Anon, And i picked it to be in the killing game, please tell me if you want it to be changed Anon.
*__ and i apologise if it seems rushed, it's hard to write for 3 character's. And also because you were probably waiting for so long. you can still request for me to remake it Anon, don't worry ^^
*___ Tw -> Ch/king, po/soning, Ka/de, caps, violence, curse words, f/re, injuries
Tumblr media
*___Mod Miaya___*
禄禄鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺- 鈾 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斅
*___Kokichi Oma___*
When somebody hurts you Kokichi will be fucking rude to them since they don't deserve respect since they hurted you
"Ah Kokichi! Calm down, it didn't hurt that much! I'm okay, see?" You try to move around, but gasping because of the pain "O-Oh.." "See! You got really hurt! That person is gonna get it!!" Kokichi wails "H-hey, i forgive them.. it's not like they murdered me or anything! I'm still here, with just some small injury!" You giggled "Are you that nice?" Kokichi mumbled, before getting up "Hey c'mon! Let's go to Keeboy and have fun with him!" Kokichi smiled mischievously, you laugh "let's go."
That was actually to distract you and go to the person who hurted you and prank the fuck out of the person-
He's concerned about you, i mean. A forgiving S/O? He'll be watching out the people who talks to you, he's a liar. He'll know if they're lying or not. It's impossible for them to hurt you since you have a liar by your side! Impossible he says as he didn't realize they lied in front of his face as you and the person walked away together
After a few minutes passed, he was concerned. Why were you two taking so long? You two must not have been- no, that can't be. Unless...
Shit.. he ran looking after you "S/O!!~ where are you?~ we better not play hide and seek! You'd know i win easily~" he tried to keep up his facade, not wanting to freak himself out... then he saw you tied up, with blood and bruises all over you, with you breathing heavily.
"S/O!" He ran towards you, not even noticing the trap beneath him. As he tried to remove the ropes around you, as he turned around, the door was closed and fire started appearing "Oh shit, t-there was a trap?" He was trying to remove the ropes but it was too tight "Aha.. Don't worry we'll get out of h-here S/O! And we'll get that bastard later for doing this to you dear!" He started to breathe heavily, some smoke blocking his vision. He started to grow weaker "H-ha.. S/O i'm t-truly sorry.." he passed out, luckily people started to bust the door open. The people.. Gonta, and Kaito. With Tenko and the other people "S/O, KOKICHI!" Gonta yelled "Is there any water to put the fire out?" Tenko asked, she doesn't even care if the males save them she just wants them to be saved "I have it here!" Kaito yelled holding some fire grenades with him, he passed the fire grenades to everyone and they started to throw it in the fire
After some minutes, the fire stopped. The others rushed in there finding you two, they picked you two up and put you two in the dorms, Kirumi offered to heal you two. 1st degree burns.. a lot of bruises and blood on you. It took you two two days to wake up.. Kokichi woke up first "nghn.. uh what happened?" Kokichi asked, confused before realizing "ah!- is S/O okay! They better be okay!" Kokichi pouted, looking at Kirumi "they're okay, they just needed more rest then they'll be fine, no need to wory Kokichi. I attended to their injuries quickly after everyone pulled you two out of the fire, they are right next to you Kokichi." Kokichi looked next to him to see you beside him resting peacefully "oh damn, nishishi~" Kokichi looked at Kirumi "Can you leave? I have something to do, like a leader would do!" Kokichi just want to cuddle you actually. Kirumi did as he said, but she knew that he wanted to cuddle you after seeing you there beside him, she smiled.
After some cuddling you woke up aswell due to his constant moving
"Mmmm Koshi..?" You groaned, half asleep. You rubbed your eyes for a bit "Heeeeey your awake noow! You take too long to wake up!" Kokichi childishly pouted, it's too adorable to be guilty with it, you laugh "That's not going to work in me, that's too adorable y'know?" Kokichi tried his scary face, it's a little intimidating. But it's still cute "still cute-" "Man can't you be scared of me!?" Kokichi cried out! Shaking his arms like a child
After you two were okay now, everyone besides one was trying to find the person who almost killed the both of you
It took 1-2 hours to find the the person who did this
It.. was Angie?
"Uhm.. Why did you try to kill S/O and uh, Ouma-san?" Shuichi asked Angie, who was tied up in a chair "Ahhh~ S/O wanted to give their blood to Atua! That's what Atua told Angie!~" Angie was cheerful as always. Almost everyone didn't believe that "Hey you almost killed me and my dearest S/O!" Kokichi wailed trying to attack Angie, but Gonta was holding onto him as Shuichi said, Angie laughed "S/O offered me some of their-" Shuichi isn't having none of it "Listen.. uhm, you almost killed S/O and Kokichi, how is that uh- related to Atua? And you started a fire for hell's sake...!" Shuichi yelled at Angie, Angie didn't smile. It sended chills on all of their spines.. it wasn't normal for her to not smile, since she always smiles. Seems like she isn't gonna talk for the time "Guys, please don't worry, i forgive her." You jumped in "WHAT? She almost killed you y'know!?" Kaito yelled "Yeah! The idiots right! Angie killed you!" "She's not dead you fuckin' brat!" Miu yelled at Kokichi "h-huh? That w-was uncalled for!" Oh dear now she messed up "W-Wai-" "WWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" Kokichi wailed, annoying the others, especially Korekiyo, Kaito, and Maki. They left as soon Kokichi started to cry, except for Kaito-
"Like i said, i forgive her. I'm still alive anyways so that's good right?"
"You forgivable cutie.." Kokichi mumbles
禄禄鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺- 鈾 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斅
*___Nagito Komaeda___*
He's a bit protective, you forgive people so easily. He doesn't mind if it's the hopeful people but, the despairful people?? Fuck no he won't let them go to you ever again, he has a quick eye. He'll catch them if they are looking at you
"S/O! Why do you forgive such despairing ugly humans, they hurted you!" Nagito spoke, angrily confused, you are filled with hope thats what he loves but you are a bit too considerate about *everyone's* feelings, even if it's a inanimate object you still refuse to break it.. you really are filled of hope.. too much hope "Huh? Why i forgive people all the time? Uhm... it's just my nature to forgive them, i am aware of how forgiveful i am. I forgive them, but that doesn't mean i like them, listen.. i forgive people but i stay away from them. I can understand when i forgive someone when they hurted me for so long, that's why you never see me with the people i know that hurted me Nagito." You try to give an explaination, of course. You know it isn't all but you decided to give an answer for him to know "S/O.. i.. i understand, how stupid am i to question such hope!" Nagito please calm down we care for you-
You saw him walking, bringing some stuff. Is.. is that poison? Spear, rope, speakers... what is he planning again? He walked inside the warehouse, you need to stop him from being reckless again. But you didn't move from your spot, you waited for a little while. Then you heard fireworks? Then.. running, everyone? They walked to the warehouse, Akane trying to bust the door open. You still stayed im your spot, trying to see if someone is doing stupid. Eventually Akane busted the door open, then you heard
Fire. What the hell? Wasn't Nagito in there? Shit.. You run in the warehouse
"NAGITO!!" you yelled, trying to get the fire canisters and threw them on the fire, it only made the fire more bigger? It's a fire canister.. isn't it suppose to put the fire out? Soon everyone moved and threw the individual fire canister's
Soon enough, the sprinklers put the fire out. You stood up "NAGITO ARE THERE!?" You tried to run in but Monokuma stopped you "Uh-Oh! Unfortuantely you can't be in here for now! Now get out so i can fix this damn warehouse!" You all got kicked out, after 6 minutes Monokuma appeared "Yahhoo, now it's finished now go in there you damn kids!" it's finally done.. honestly it felt like forever. But no time for that, you all ran in the warehouse "hmnn, i smell somethin'.." Akane's nose twitched like a beast when she said that "...That's probably because of the fire earlier.." Chiaki said, and Chiaki pointed out the there was space in the curtains from here, Hajime walked next to the curtain. You felt sick, it can't happen to him plea-
Ding dong bing bong! A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, a class trial will begin!
Screams, Kazuichi, Sonia.. and of course you.
You ran to his body begging that this isn't real "plEASE THIS ISN'T- ISN'T R-REAL" You sobbed, the others felt pity.. They tried to drag you away from his body, of course they did take you away from his body.
You eventually pass out from crying, too tired to investigate for the trial. They dragged you in the trial room, you wouldn't wake up so they had no choice but to drag you in the trial. Few minutes later you woke up
"N-Nagito.. set one of us as the killer..." what? Set one of us?
"Huh? What do you mean he set someone as the murderer..?" you asked in disbelief, Hajime explained what basically happened while you were asleep, you just stood there. You tried to focus, you threw a fire canister in the fire, but it only made the fire larger than before.
What...? This.. is unfair unfair- no.
禄禄鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺- 鈾 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斅
"I know who did it." You spoke, interrupting their panicking which they snapped out of it when they looked at you "You only decide to talk now!?" Kazuichi yelled, obviously scared for his life "yeah" you nod "uhm.. may i ask who it is?" Sonia nervously asked, you sighed heavily "uh, it's me."
"W-what!? That can't be true! You saved me when i was starvin'!' Akane yelled out "Huuuuuhhh!? What the hell? S/O bought you some food?! That w-wasn't supposed to be allowed-" Monokuma looked dumbfounded until he was cut off "Who the hell cares!? They still saved me.." Akane looked down, it felt like Nekomaru's death all of a sudden..
Hajime and others felt like crying, you were like a leader trying to protect them even though you forgive people too easily "..." Chiaki didn't said anything, she just looked at you. You smiled at her "Do... do you forgive Komaeda-san for what happened S/O?" Chiaki asked "of course not! He set them up as the culprit you kno-" "Yes." You answered, ignoring Kazuichi's comment "hnm, you still forgive him? After he set you up S/O?" She tilt her head "yes, i know he must have a reason. He wouldn't kill someone for his own benifit, that's what i deduced, i believe he has a reason for this. He loves hope, he thinks me as his hope. He wouldn't just throw me away without an explanation, why would he call me a despairing person? I.. yes, i forgive him.." you lowered your head, you didn't understand any of this, why would he kill himself and you?
"Alrighty! Time to vote! Who would be chosen as the blackened?" Monokuma butted in the conversation "Goodbye everyone.. please remember me and everyone in this damned killing game." You smiled, looking at everyone. You are terrified of what kind of execution you have, but you tried to forget it.
This.. is goodbye for me.
S/O has been found guilty, time for the execution!
Right.. goodbye.
I forgive you all for..
*___Shuichi Saihara___*
The same with the two guys, he'll be pretty protective of you since you are so forgiving, there's a high chance you'll get killed because of your friendly nature and he doesn't want that to happen, not ever
"S-S/O, please try to be less considerate.. N-Not that you should be r-rude to anyone! I mean.. you s-shouldn't forgive p-people that easily, even if they are s-sorry. They hurted you uhm, S/O you don't have to feel o-obligated to forgive them." He hugged you, making you feel protected. You laughed
"Ahah, Shuichi. Thank you, i understand that i shouldn't forgive people that easily but, we really are just like that. No matter how many times they hurted us we forgive them. we people, are like that." You tighten the hug, smiling onto his chest
"S-S/O!" He screamed as he rushed towards you, you choking. He didn't realize he put in the poison instead the water.
"S/O DON'T DIE YET PLEASE" Shuichi was panicking, he is gonna murder his own S/O because he was losing sleep that he didn't realize that he put poison in your drink.
'Please pleaee please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaee please please please please please please please please'
..It was too late? He looked at your dead body.
"S-S/O.. I.. I'm so sorry... i'm such a failure.." he caressed your face. Sobbing, Before.
Ding dong bing bong! A body has been discovered, after a certain amount of time, a class trial will begin!
"WH-WHAT THE HELL!?" Miu screamed out, she rushed to hide in Kaito's back "EEEEEEIIIII, POOICHI IS THE MURDERER!" "What the hell Shuichi!" Kaito stumbled back a bit. Their screams of terror alerted the others, making Kaede, with Tsumugi and Rantaro on her trail.
"H-huh Shuichi!?" "Aaaauuuhh! The killing has started! It's much more different than Sakura's death on Danganronpa trigger happy hav-" "S-Shuichi.." Kaede, Tsumugi, and Rantaro reacted altogether, Rantaro ran towards Shuichi pushing him and trying to do something so he couldn't move "Anyone here have any rope? We need to tie him up first before questioning whats happened." Rantaro stated, looking up at the others "I-I'm sorry.." Rantaro looked down at Shuichi "you will have to explain yourself later, we don't know if you are the culprit, but be honest later on aight?" Shuichi didn't reply
Korekiyo walked in the scene, with a velvet colored rope in hand "i heard that you will be needing this, and so i give this rope to you Amami-san.." Korekiyo handed him the rope " Thanks Kiyo." Amami tied up Shuichi but didn't question on how Korekiyo found the rope but he isn't complaining "Kekehehe.. it is no problem Amami-san..." weirdo..
After they tied him up, they investigated the crime scene first before talking to him because that will waste their time, as they all went to the trial grounds, with Shuichi still tied up. Kaito guarding so he couldn't run away.
"So.. Shuichi, Why did you plan on killing your S/O. Your S/O." Rantaro said. Even if he is not your S/O he cared abiut you deeply, to just see your dead body fuels him with rage "Y-yeah.. Why Shuichi, you guys loved eachother so deeply, i don't understand why you k-killed them." Kaede tried not to sob, but horribly failed "I... i-i didn't mean to kill them, i was tired, stupid.. just vote me out already, i don't care if i die." .. Nobody tried to argue against him, he already admitted it, no point of arguing anyway
"Man you guys got it right! That was boring. an accidental death! Woohoo surely they wouldn't forgive him, he killed them. They wanted to live, yet. You.. killed... them! Puhuhuhu..lets get with on it, i have a special punishment for the ultimate detective, Shuichi Saihara!" Some of the people were clenching their fists, the ultimate detective.. was going to get executed "Let's give it everything we've got! It's... PUNISHMENT TIIIME!"
Huh? What..
What? Why is he, in a pod? He saw someone outside of the that? No way, S/O?
You opened the pod, smiling at him "well hello there Shuichi, it's so good to see you again." You held his hand, he looked dumbfounded, soon tears started to build up "S-S/O!" He hugged you tightly, not wanting to let go "I'm s-so sorry.. i didn't mean to kill you! I-i... you can hurt me, anything to make you satisfied with what happened.." Shuichi begged you to do it.. he's sobbing, he's so sorry "it's okay dear, i know you didn't mean it! I forgive you! I don't care how many times you hurt me, i'll always forgive you Shuhara. I love you too much for me to not forgive you, or anyone." You caressed his face, smiling softly at him.
"A-ah.." he looked down before smiling, you standed up and he followed what you did "Now, let's go and watch the others now Detective Shuhara."
"Of course."
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gb-patch5 months ago
Ask Answers: May 15th Part 1
It鈥檚 been longer than usual since our last answer session, so I鈥檓 answering a ton of questions today! It鈥檚 so big I split it into two parts. Thank you for the patience on getting a response to these.
Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions and kind words ^^!
Sorry if this has been asked before or isn't something you can say but is there anyway for Cove to confess in step 4? I wanted him to confess in step 3 and followed all the steps to make him do it but ended up texting my family instead of Cove at the end.
Yeah, Cove can confess in Step 4!
Hello! I heard that Cove is on the spectrum, albeit undiagnosed. As someone who is ND, this makes me UNBELIEVABLY happy. I literally was brought to tears! Thank you for that!
Out of curiosity, will Cove be diagnosed in Step 4? I have a strong feeling y鈥檃ll won鈥檛 make it a HUGE deal/make it out to be negative, so I鈥檓 not worried about that whatsoever! I鈥檓 just curious just he鈥檒l off handedly mention it? Or will it just not be touched upon at all (which is ok!)?
Either way is ok, I鈥檓 just curious!
I鈥檓 happy it made you happy! Admittedly, Cove simply being someone with autism that grew up not being diagnosed was something I included for myself. I didn鈥檛 really think anyone would notice or ask about it, aha. But players did start to have questions about his traits, so I started to talk about it outside of the game. It鈥檚 great to see it get such a positive response and now I do feel like having it be a non-topic may have been the wrong choice and bringing it up would鈥檝e been good in terms of having positive representation for that. I don鈥檛 know if I鈥檒l find a way to mention it in Step 4 now, with how far along the game is, but I am at least thinking about it when originally it wasn鈥檛 something I really even considered.
Hey! 聽Just wanted to say thank you for Our Life. 聽It's been a bright spot and a needed escape in what's otherwise been a crummy year. 聽I know you just did a Q&A post but I figured I'd ask anyway. 聽Was just curious about Step 4. 聽Will it be similar to the other Steps in that it consists of several different moments or will it just be one long sequence?
Step 4 is shorter than the prior Steps because it鈥檚 just an epilogue rather than a full arc of a story. It鈥檒l consist of scenes that all happen in a set row one after the other. There won鈥檛 be a collection of Moments to choose from. But it鈥檒l still be very sweet and fun.
隆hola!, you see, first I want to say that I love Our Life! (掳鈼÷扳櫋) and I have 2 important questions, would Cove cry watching titanic? and what is the saddest part according to him? (sorry for my english)聽
Titanic would make him cry. He鈥檇 probably think the parts showing people who aren鈥檛 able to make it to the life boats/are choosing to stay and go down with the ship were the saddest.
Hello, I wanted to ask how much you earn with creating games? Like is it possible to make a living? Thank you >< <3聽
How much I earn varies a lot month to month based on Steam sales, Patreon backers, and how many projects are in full production at the time. It鈥檚 also hard to say how much I make historically, since that also changes dramatically year by year. But I do earn enough to work on these games full time! I really appreciate all the support that allows me to do that.
Hey!! I was wondering for the 18+ Our Life moment, will there be an emphasis on safety/comfort for all involved? I feel like there 聽would be just going off of what the rest of the game is like, but I wanted to ask聽
Yes! Cove is a nervous boy himself and also super cautious about doing anything the MC doesn鈥檛 like, so clear consent from both is absolutely needed for anything to happen. It鈥檚 a conversational sexy times Moment with stops/starts so the two can talk about how they鈥檙e feeling, rather than a heat of the moment just going for it kind of thing.
Hey!! I was wondering how long the wedding dlc would be? Will it be broken up into moments, or just one big event?聽
It鈥檚 one long series of scenes all in a row rather than a collection of Moments to pick from. It鈥檚 the shortest and the least expensive of all the DLCs. It鈥檚 not super crucial to get and those who aren鈥檛 into big weddings can totally skip it without worry.
HELLO AMAZING DEVS 馃憢 i am hopelessly in love with the worst guy ever (jeremy king) and because of this i have a really stupid question: does he really hate people who are nice to him? TvT he鈥檚 too cute to be mean to istg it鈥檚 a miracle JB held the urge to be consistently nice to him bc just look at his FACE he is so cute! thank you for jeremy鈥檚 route it鈥檚 so lovely (and awful bc he鈥檚 scum 11/10) it gave me so much laughs LMAO i hope you guys have a good day!!聽
Haha, thank you. He doesn鈥檛 hate them but he鈥檚 certainly not pleased with them. Jeremy is either uncomfortable with or annoyed by people being sweet on him, depending on how they approach it. He鈥檚 far more comfortable with jerkiness. It lets him relax and he can be himself without it being a problem, since he鈥檚 also a jerk. He feels a level of guilt being such a little punk to kind people, not enough to be a better person but still.
Has Cove dated or been interested in someone other than MC?聽
Nope! He stays single over the course of the game if he鈥檚 not with the MC.
Is Step 4 more mature? Or it's gonna be set in similar atmosphere as Step 3?聽
Step 4 is a similar atmosphere as Step 3. Though, it鈥檚 actually kind of less mature-topic heavy than Step 3 since it鈥檚 just a 鈥榟ey, let鈥檚 check in on the gang to see what they鈥檙e up to鈥 style epilogue rather than a story arc with serious issues.
will there be new music for now and forever?? or will the old our life music be reused?聽
It鈥檚 gonna be a brand new soundtrack. We鈥檒l be opening up a job position for that soon.
Hi, is it okay if we use the assets in Our Life (like the sprites) for fanworks or fan content content, like edits?聽
Sure! Just as long as you don鈥檛 use the assets made by those artists to make money.
Quick clarification on Step 3 choices: I hope I didn't come off rude (because I LOVE the game, really!!), I was just curious because the intro threw me off at times. For example, you could choose how you felt about Elizabeth in Step 2 (Dinner), but during the Step 3 intro, it says that you got closer to Liz and I didn't get a choice in it.聽
For the example, it can鈥檛 be helped that you鈥檙e closer to Liz in Step 3 than you were in Step 2 because she鈥檚 inherently closer to the MC regardless of whether you liked her or not in Step 2. Her feelings are out of your control and the game isn鈥檛 so dramatic that you can push her affection away and not let her bond with you, haha. But 鈥榖eing closer鈥 can still be relative. For some people maybe that means you鈥檙e best buds now and for others it might just mean you鈥檙e not fighting all the time any more. If there鈥檚 other parts you want to mention, feel free to let us know.
Did the illustrator for Our Life change?聽
We have many OL artists! The main artists who set the game鈥檚 style haven鈥檛 changed, but there鈥檚 multiple other artists who help finish assets.
So Miranda's type is confident and outgoing, huh? So...does that mean Terri's her type?? 馃憖聽
Haha, sorry for the late reply on this. As you might鈥檝e seen in our post yesterday- yeah that is her type.
Hey! First, I just want to say I've really enjoyed how detailed OL got with gender identity and sexuality and how respectful the topics were handled! It's been so wonderful to play since the experiences could be close to my own (I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up at parts). Second, I was wondering, would future games explore the topic of polyamory? I'd love to see more visual novels allow room for that and I saw you've explored the topic before.
Keep up the amazing work! 鈾
Thank you! We do want to include polyamory in at least some of our future projects. Floret Bond, which might be what you鈥檙e referring to when mentioning how we鈥檝e explored the topic before, is on hold unfortunately. So right now I鈥檓 not sure when something might release or what will be the first game of ours to come out with poly relationships (we might do something else before FB is done). We鈥檒l have see how things ends up coming together.
Hey um. I feel like im not allowed to ask this on the private discord cuz people will yell at me but why is there so much focus on OL2 and not finishing OL1 stuff? I like the new people but i kind of want to finish cove's story and get derek and baxter stuff first. didn't people pay for it?聽
I鈥檓 sorry, I don鈥檛 understand entirely what鈥檚 making that situation a concern. There鈥檚 a channel in the discord for critique where no one is allowed to comment back. People can voice things they鈥檙e worried about without any way for others to push back on it. And the two teams working on the OL games are different. We try to post pretty often about how we鈥檙e hiring brand new people to start on Our Life: Now & Forever. The OL1 team is all still working on OL1 like normal. There鈥檚 only more updates on the Patreon for OL2 because the expansions to the first game are mostly script-based at this point while OL2 is just starting to get all its art, which means there鈥檚 a lot more to show off as previews.
Also, there was a Kickstarter for the first Our Life, if that鈥檚 what you mean by people paying for it. But one of the stretch goals was to start Our Life 2 early, before fully completing Our Life 1, so that the new game could be out sooner. It wouldn鈥檛 make sense to stop doing OL2 work because that would be going against what backers were promised. Maybe you didn鈥檛 get the full story before and hopefully this clears it up!
Hello! I know it's up to every player but.. What is your recommendation for playing order? Did you ever had any timeline 聽events planned?聽
I didn鈥檛 make the events with a planned timeline. The events got made simply as I had ideas for them and then I just kind of organized them from left to right on the screen in an order to space out more dramatic ones between more lighthearted ones. Any order the player wants to go with is totally valid!
Hi! It's Step 4 a paid dlc or update? And how long it's planned to be? Ps. Love the game!聽
The Step 4 epilogue is free! The Cove Wedding DLC does cost money, though. Those are planned to be shorter than the usual Steps/DLCs.
Will we have options for what sort of job the MC might have by the time step 4 takes place?聽
Yeah, you can. It鈥檚 not super exact or detailed, but there are options about it.
Is there a pandemic in Our Life world, or is it just in a better timeline with no pestilence?聽
Our Life is pandemic-free! That didn鈥檛 exist when we began working on the project and it鈥檚 not something we鈥檇 like to feature in this story now that it has unfortunately come along, aha.
Hi, you said that you can play tic-tac-toe or hangman with Cove in Boating if you're sick/scared but I keep getting tic-tac-toe. Am I doing something wrong?
After being sick/scared you have to continue to be upset/unwell. If you calm down and decide to just chill you鈥檒l end up playing tic-tac-toe.
Hi, GB Patch! Since Lee was initially commissioned to only appear in two Steps does this mean she won't appear in the Wedding DLC? I really like her character so it'll be a little weird to not have our cousin at our wedding, aha.
She is gonna be in Step 4/the wedding DLC after all! We鈥檙e still working with her creator to make sure it fits with what they wanted.
Is Sunset Bird based on a real place? Asking for a friend, not trying to move there or anything. 馃憖
It鈥檚 based on small beach towns in So-Cal, but not one specific town you could go see in real life, I鈥檓 afraid. It鈥檇 be nice if it was real, though.
鈥斺 鈥斺 鈥斺 鈥斺
We released a new FAQ! It answers common questions and we鈥檒l keep adding more to it. Please check there before sending an ask. FAQ 聽 Also, if you prefer to just see the main posts without all the asks/reblogs, feel free to follow our side account instead: GB Patch Updates Blog
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nagipops5 months ago
hello! could i request a fluff fic with nagi or rin and they accidentally hit you with the ball? if not it鈥檚 okay <3 thank you so much for writing for blue lock! there鈥檚 so little content for blue lock zzz T___T
FEATURING: nagi seishiro!
SUMMARY: in which a white-haired soccer superstar literally sweeps you off your feet.
WARNINGS: this is a modern au!
A/N: absolutely adore this prompt, tysm for requesting! and of course, i鈥檓 so lucky that bllk has such an amazing, supportive fanbase and im so happy to contribute to it! here鈥檚 a lil fluff for nagi bby as a treat <3
Tumblr media
鈥淭hat number eleven鈥檚 kinda cute, no?鈥
You stared in awe as the tall, quiet forward player easily maneuvered the ball into a trap in midair before striking it with his other leg, sending the ball piercing across the field and directly into the goal, all within the blink of an eye.
鈥淗ello? Earth to (Y/N)? Sayuri, sending radio waves to (Y/N)!鈥 the teasing voice pulled you out of your trance, but your eyes remained glued to the white-haired boy who nonchalantly received shoulder claps and fist bumps from his fellow teammates.
You blinked once, twice as the field began to reset before turning to your best friend standing beside you, waggling her fingers this way and that to try and get your attention.
鈥淵eah鈥 sorry, what did you say?鈥 You heard the squeals and cheers of dozens of fangirls lined up on the sidelines of the field, screaming the name of the boy that was just inaudible to you.
鈥淚 saiiiid... isn鈥檛 that white-haired boy just adorable? He鈥檚 a prodigy at soccer, too!鈥 she swooned as the boy raised his hand in a miniscule wave at a mob of fans, his expression confused, and even... uncomfortable?
Stifling a snort, you replied, 鈥淗e looks like he鈥檚 about to cry from all the attention.鈥 Studying his innocent features and his fluffy white hair, you added, 鈥淚鈥檒l give him cute, though. Plus, his soccer skills are totally something else... his feet are like magic.鈥
The game restarted once again, and you watched with stars in your eyes as the boy expertly weaved and maneuvered through his stumbling opponents with ease and elegance, the ball never leaving his feet.
Standing near the opponent鈥檚 goal, you admired how focused the boy was on managing the ball while also keeping an eye on his opponents. His calculating teal eyes flitted around the field, totaling up the defenders standing near the goal when鈥
Oh my god.
Two cyan eyes locked directly onto yours, seeming to pierce through your skull and search your brain in that split second of time.
This boy had the most gorgeous, otherworldly eyes you had ever seen; they were filled with such a fascinating mystique that felt like you were being sucked in with just a glance.
And just as quickly, the moment was over as the cheering of the match filled your ears once again, and the white-haired boy sprinted past you at the speed of light.
Your cheeks began to feel warm as you felt a smile begin to spread on your face. 鈥淪ayuri...鈥 you breathed, your hands moving to touch your cheeks. 鈥淗e... looked at me.鈥
But your best friend was animatedly chatting with one of the members of the soccer team a few feet away, her teasing giggle cutting through the din of the audience.
Sighing with a grin on your face, you gazed at the ground, trying to recall the feeling of his eyes reeling your soul into him in just a fraction of a millisecond.
How could he have such a profound effect on you? He was just so dreamy and ethereal, it felt like his eyes were boring into your very soul. And those long legs, and his fluffy hair, and his blas茅 demeanor, and鈥
You toppled to the ground, face stinging, nose burning, bones aching from the sudden impact. Your back seared with pain as the dew on the grass seeped into your uniform.
"Ghh..." you groaned, your eyes slowly fluttering open. Directly in front of you was a blue jersey with the number eleven printed on it.
You excruciatingly tilted your head upwards to widen your field of vision, and sure enough, staring down from above was none other than the white-haired, teal-eyed soccer prodigy, number eleven.
You have never wanted to crawl into a hole more. Seriously? After that enchanting moment of eye contact, this is what it came down to?
How did you even end up here, lying on the ground with a nearly broken back and an even more broken nose, with the school's mysterious heartthrob towering over you?
"Sorry," a tiny voice mumbled. And then all of sudden, the boy was lowering himself onto the ground next to you, hovering directly over your face.
And then you were met with those frosty cyan eyes once again, yet this time they were directly above you, examining your face with curiosity.
鈥淒oes it still hurt?鈥 he tilted his head this way and that, peering into your eyes, your nose, your face, everywhere. 鈥淭hat was one of my best kicks. Shame it got wasted on a cute face.鈥
As if your cheeks weren鈥檛 red enough from the ball to the face, they flushed an even deeper shade of crimson. 鈥淐-cute?鈥
After blinking a few times, the boy above you got up onto his feet, extending a hand down to you. You gingerly placed your hand into his as he pulled you up with surprising ease. 鈥淪orry again. I鈥檓 Nagi Seishiro.鈥
Still blushing profusely, you brushed off bits of grass from your damp shirt. 鈥淚-it鈥檚 okay... I鈥檓 (Y/N) (L/N)...鈥 You noticed the crowd of boys on the field shouting and waving in impatience. 鈥淵ou should go. Thank you for checking up on me.鈥
Furrowing his brow, Nagi looked over his shoulder at the rowdy soccer players remaining on the field before turning back to you. It was then that you noticed just how tall he was鈥 your eyes were nearly level with his chest.
鈥淚 was... actually just trying to get the ball back.鈥 The boy raised the grass-covered soccer ball in his hand with a blank stare.
An arrow pierced directly through your heart. Ouch.
Trying not to look too disappointed, you gave a close-eyed grin, rubbing your neck. 鈥淎hh, of course, of course!鈥 You opened your eyes, staring directly into his enchanting teal ones once again. 鈥淭hank you either way, though.鈥
He blinked once, twice. 鈥淚鈥檓 just kidding. I don鈥檛 usually check up on just anyone. Sorry about your face.鈥 The boy nodded curtly before jogging away, tossing the ball back onto the field in a perfect arc to the uproar of his teammates.
Heaving an exasperated sigh, you plopped onto the ground once again, reaching to pull out your phone to check the time.
But when you patted your pocket, you found it empty.
You cursed under your breath as you searched the area for your phone, wondering if it had flown away somewhere during your fall.
鈥淎ha!鈥 your phone was just a few feet away from you and you crawled over to retrieve it. You flipped it over to find... it was already turned on?
And there, on the screen, was the phone number of a certain number eleven.
鈥淵ou sly fox.鈥 You felt a grin spread across your face as you turned to meet a pair of cyan eyes on the field once again.
Tumblr media
if you enjoyed this post, likes and reblogs are much appreciated :) feel free to request here, and make sure to read the rules first! have a lovely day everyone <3
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wizkiddx7 months ago
heyheyhey idk if u do req but love your dad tom stuff! PLZ PLZ do tom helping his kids with homework but cant do it and reader has to help and its all fluffy 馃槱馃挄
ye im down to do req and this had me going completely ott cos its v cute (and聽a lot less angsty than what ive written recently aha) so apologies for my ramblings:
Summary: tom has the kids for a day and maths homework throws a spanner in the works - tomhollandxreader
implied smut + v slight reference to porn but basically just fluff聽I聽promise xox
Tom had dealt with a lot of whining today. Nova and Leo were the absolute joys of his life, there was no doubt about it. Of course, he also loved you a hell of a lot too - sometimes to his detriment though, hence the position he was in now.聽
You鈥檇 had a busy week at work and he had been away for the first half of it - leaving you as an almost single mother to a 5 and a 7 year old. So completely fairly, you鈥檇 asked if he wouldn鈥檛 mind watching the kids for a the day on Sunday, allowing you to go to a friends baby shower. There was no answer but to agree, Tom loved quality time with the kids and he wanted you to kick back and relax with you friends too.聽
However the afternoon had not been nearly as idealistic as it were supposed to be in his head. You had left him only one real job (apart from the unavoidable essentials of keeping the kids alive with food and water, something you鈥檇 hope he need not be reminded about now). Really it shouldn鈥檛 of been that hard, it was just each kid had two pieces of homework. After convincing and cajoling the kids into sitting at the table which he鈥檇 already set up with Nova鈥檚 鈥楲iverpool FC鈥 and Leo鈥檚 鈥榗aptain marvels鈥 pencil case, the English was easy.聽
In fact 5 year old Leo took great joy out of writing a poem with his Dad, which basically involved trying to rhyme any word with another - especially when he tried to convince Tom that all his completely fictitious words were real and worked together. A personal favourite had been 鈥榮nakes鈥 and 鈥榩alakes鈥 which Leo was convinced meant pancakes - arguing so vehemently Tom almost started to doubt himself on basic English.聽
Thankfully though his eldest and most sensibly child eventually took him out his misery. If anyone had any control over the Holland boys, Leo and Tom - it was the Holland girls. You and Nova had both boys completely under you spell, often taking advantage of the fact too. It was only when Nova got bored of hearing Tom and Leo mock arguing, interspersed with the little boys giggles that Tom tried his absolute hardest to keep a straight face at, that she swooped in.
鈥淪top being silly Leo, mummy told you he鈥檚 not good at school!鈥 She looked oh so innocent, eyes immediately flicking down to continue the little short story she was happily going on with. In response聽 Tom scowled, knowing your highly curious and intelligent daughter had asked you (for one reason or another) why he was not so academic. Yet instead of Leo bursting out laughing, instead he just nodded and accepted it too - making Tom scowl even more. Not even Leo thought it was a joke.聽
So apart from his children apparently taking pity on his simple mind, it was all going smoothly. Perhaps, due to the thankful fact your children had inherited their brains from their mother - something Tom was forever thankful for, until he was shamed for his substandard intellect in the family. Then again though, he was Spiderman. So take that.聽
Until Nova brought out her maths sheet. Then the afternoon quickly descended into chaos. It was fractions, something she hadn鈥檛 quite grasped from school yet - a concept that still hurt her head somewhat. Normally though it鈥檇 be fine, she鈥檇 bring the sheet to you and the two of you used 鈥 girl power鈥 to figure it out鈥 you prior experience as a tutor while in uni helping you know how to break through to her.聽
Unfortunately Tom didn鈥檛 share this same experience. Nor did Tom share a maths qualification鈥 something that had evaded him completely during his schooling career. Of course, it had never been a particular issue, acting didn鈥檛 require the use of maths and algebra and Tom was in a very lucky position of being able to pay someone to manage his finances from a very young age. So no, dividing 2/3 and 3/7 didn鈥檛 come the most naturally to him. Or at all to be quite honest.聽
鈥淚 CANT DO IT AND GRACE IN MY CLASS COULD!鈥 For context, Grace was one of her school friends, who forever liked to compare herself to the young Holland - especially because she was normally ahead. Nova had gone from quiet frustration, staring at the questions with her tongue sticking out slightly, to one of pure rage - yelling at her dad with tears in her eyes. Nova was normally incredibly intuitive, she always found it difficult when she couldn鈥檛 do something. Now, with a 鈥榯eacher鈥 who was more useless than her - the frustrations inevitably bubbled over.聽
鈥淗ey, we can work it out, just calm-鈥
鈥淵OU CANT DO IT EITHER YOUR STUPID 鈥 She was just young and frustrated, Tom tried not to take it personally but 鈥 it wasn鈥檛 always easy. Chiefly because this was the height of offensive statement Nova knew - this was her version of adult explicit language.聽
鈥淣ova you can鈥檛 be rude.鈥 He used his stern voice, something Tom very rarely used with his little girl. Though he never wanted to upset her, neither did he want her to think it was ever okay to be so rude to anyone like that- no matter how crappy at maths they were. It hurt him to do so but it was necessary - life lessons about the importance of being kind needed to be learnt. And it worked鈥 if what Tom was aiming for was his beautiful baby girl鈥檚 eyes to brim with sparkling tears, her bottom lip quivering slightly.聽
Instantly Tom鈥檚 eyebrows drooped, trying to fight his natural reaction to scoop her onto his knee and reassure her everything was okay. But as you had lectured him many a time before, he had to put his foot down once in a while. So instead, the father and daughter were locked in a silence and intense eye contact, until Nova hesitantly began to speak.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry Daddy.鈥 During which, Nova shoved her chair back, making it screech against the tiled floors uglily before running off up the stairs. Tom knew she was crying a lot. Knew this was going to take a bit of fixing.聽
With a sigh of his daughters name, Tom popped his head into the living to check on Leo who had already finished all his stuff. Seeing him completely zombified in front of 鈥榩aw patrol鈥 on TV, Tom trudged up the stairs. He knew where she was, when Nova was upset she always hid in the corner of her wardrobe and cried in the darkness. So after steadying himself with a little internal monologue of how to approach the situation Tom walked in and sat down beside the wardrobe - knocking on the door slightly.聽
鈥淣ova鈥 can we talk please?鈥 All he heard was sniffing echoing from the wooden chamber until she tried to shout through the door.
鈥淕o-go鈥 go away daddy.鈥 It broke his heart, the way her voice wavered, making Tom pout - gently letting his head fall against the wardrobe doors.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to be upset beautiful鈥. And you did apologise which I appreciate. You know why Daddy got angry right?鈥 Her sniffles heightened before she muttered a quiet 鈥榶es鈥. 鈥淎nd you are sorry? Because that might鈥檝e made me really sad too.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 s-s-sorry, I didn鈥檛 mean it.鈥
鈥淭hen that鈥檚 good and we don鈥檛 need to cry. You want a cuddle little one?鈥 Before Tom could even properly get up the door was being pushed open by her little hands, revealing a tear stained face and big glassy eyes looking up at her Dad. Swiftly Tom scooped her up and out of the cupboard, whispering to her while she buried her face in his chest.聽
鈥淥h come here my little bean.鈥
When you came home late that evening, only mildly exhausted from spending the whole day gossiping with your girls, it was weirdly quiet. All the lights were out in the front room, which made you close the door gently, thinking Tom had managed to exhaust the kids - and himself in the process. With a relieved sigh at the peace you pattered into the kitchen to get yourself a drink (it had been a little concern that Tom would鈥檝e worked the kids into a hyperactive and delerious state that kept them up long past bedtime - which ultimately you鈥檇 have to deal with). The house was remarkably silent and though it was clear from the littered toys everywhere that it had indeed been Tom alone in charge, everything seemed pretty okay.聽
It was only as you were about to head upstairs to join your hubby in bed that you realised the study light was still on, streaming through the small crack in the doorframe. Assuming Tom had just neglected to turn it off, in otherwords Tom being Tom, you nudged it open with your hand. Surprisingly though, there was your husband, hunched over the desk, looking almost angrily focused - between the computer screen and a piece of paper below him. Normally you would鈥檝e just assumed it was another script sent over or an edit Harry had sent of another screenplay they were writing together.聽
But no, the blatant red flag was the screen that you could see. A screen on YouTube, of a man pointing at a whiteboard of fractions.聽
So with a soft wrist you wrapped your knuckled on the side of the door, even if you had technically already entered the room. The reaction had you stifling a laugh, it was as if you鈥檇 caught him watching something *less PG* the way he jumped out his seat, closing the browser immediately.聽
鈥淟ove!! I -er 鈥 didn鈥檛 know you鈥檇 got back?鈥
鈥淚 just did.鈥 You smiled gently, while walking into stand behind his chair, wrapping your arms round his neck and pressing a kiss to his jaw. 鈥淪oooo鈥. what鈥檆a doingggg鈥 The glee in your voice was evident, making Tom groan and shut his eyes.聽
鈥淚 hate you, you know that right?鈥澛
鈥淣o you don鈥檛鈥 but you were watching a primary school video on fractions, if I鈥檓 not so mistaken?鈥 He sighed deeply, making a point of turning the paper with his scribbles over to obscure it.聽
鈥淣ova鈥檚 homework.. she couldn鈥檛 do it and neither could I, so then she basically screamed at me for being thick and udseless and then had a breakdown.鈥澛
Now you felt guilty. This was a bit of a sore spot with Tom, he always for some reason felt inferior because of his academic ability. Which was stupid- mainly because he was the most clever and talented man you鈥檇 ever met. Just鈥. Just not at fraction.聽
鈥淥h T鈥 you could鈥檝e just left it for me to do with her, I don鈥檛 mind.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not the point Y/n.鈥 He snapped a little, shrugging your arms off him and spinning in the chair so he could face you. 鈥淪he鈥檚 my daughter and I should be able to help her! It鈥檚 not like it鈥檚 that hard, it鈥檚 just I鈥檓 unbelievable thick.鈥
鈥淭om stop. Look - you can do this I assure you, it鈥檚 just been a long old time 鈥榢ay? Your rusty and that鈥檚 only natural.鈥
鈥淚 really don鈥檛 think I could ev-鈥
鈥淐an I teach you? It鈥檚 just the method and then I promise you鈥檒l get it.鈥
It took a bit of persuasion but eventually Tom agreed, letting you pull the corner chair forward to beside his desk so you could demonstrate it to him. To be fair, he really could do it- just a bit of familiarising on the 鈥榮tick-change-flip鈥 method. The way the lightbulb moment literally caused his face to light up; scurrying to do the question for himself, tongue sticking out in the process; then presenting it to you proudly - well it had you melting in your seat.聽
鈥淪ee! That took all of 5 minutes and you got it.鈥 You elbowed聽 his side by leaning forward in the chair, which instead of letting go, Tom reached and caught, before pulling you up and round. You landed with you bum perched on the edge of the mahogany desk, Tom now stood up- his legs in-between your parted thighs - your feet hooking round the back of knees.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 all down to my incredibly talented teacher.鈥
鈥淣o鈥. No I really don鈥檛 think it is鈥 You mused with a soft voice, fingers instinctively going to the nape of his neck - twirling the little curls round your fingertips.聽
鈥淲ell even so鈥 I think I could teach you a thing or two too.鈥 Never one to mull on anything, Tom鈥檚 tone had immediately switched to something a lot more鈥 mischievous.聽
鈥淣ot even going to ask about my day? Wheres the chat mr smooth?鈥 He had to repress the grin at your smirk because as much as you infuriated the hell out of him - you also had this weird ability of making him feel so entranced and helpless. He relented with a sarcastic chime.
鈥淔ine, how was your day love.鈥
鈥淕ood鈥. but I have a feeling you鈥檙e about to make it a whole lot better.鈥
That was all the signals he needed to lean forward, in doing so forcing you back until your back landed completely on the cool wood. His lips feathered yours, both hands pinned either side of your head.
鈥淥h darling鈥 you have no idea.鈥
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garden-of-my-daydreams5 months ago
SDR2 Boys with an Ultimate Ninja:
Anon Asked:聽鈥淪DR2 boy whit a ultimate ninja?,, please鈥
Ofc I can do this, but please note these are really short and are headcanons! Sorry for taking forever aha-
I just need to clear my inbox right now, sorry for them being short and all
Tumblr media
[Toko Switch]
Hajime Hinata:聽
鉁 A... Ninja?聽
鉁 He鈥檚 confused-
鉁 All those movies he鈥檚 watched with ninjas in all black clothing and stuff all come to mind-
鉁 Yet there you were in colorful//normal clothes, not looking like a ninja at all-
鉁 w h a t ?
鉁 Maybe he misheard you...
鉁幝犫淗-Hey! What鈥檚 your Ultimate again?鈥澛
鉁幝犫淚鈥檓 Y/N L/N! The Ultimate Ninja! Or Ultimate Shinobi!鈥澛
鉁 n o p e聽 h e聽 h e a r d聽 i t聽 r i g h t聽 t h e聽 f i r s t聽 t i m e -
鉁幝犫淥oohhhhh! I know what鈥檚 happening!鈥澛
鉁 wait you do-?
鉁幝犫淵ou鈥檙e all confused since I don鈥檛 look like a ninja! All those stupid movies giving you non-realistic ideas, huh? Ya know, we don鈥檛 always wear black and have magical powers or something like that! I鈥檓 just a skilled fighter who uses illegal tatics when fighting or whatever.鈥
鉁 He gets it now-
鉁 You two hang out tons. But it鈥檚 mostly like you sneak up on him and scare him almost to death-
鉁 Like holy shit you were there the whole time?
鉁 Other than that... Yeah you two are close buddies.聽
Nagito Komeada:聽
鉁幝犫淲ow! What an amazing Ultimate!鈥澛
鉁幝犫淎hw! Thanks!鈥澛
鉁 Of course he thinks your Ultimate is great, even if he had the same thoughts of Hajime at first, though he thought that it wouldn鈥檛 be as realistic as what he saw in front of him.聽
鉁 Even so, he doesn鈥檛 really care, you have an Ultimate? You鈥檙e amazing in his book.聽
鉁幝犫淓r... Could you maybe show me what someone of your title does?鈥澛
鉁幝犫淥h! Of course! Sure why not eh?鈥澛
鉁 You go show him so many cool things, like you running super fast or hiding in thin shadows, even with your clothing.
鉁 Nagito doesn鈥檛 mind the way you dress or act, you are actually a pretty nice person! You treat him like everyone else, not putting him lower than you nor higher.聽
鉁 Doesn鈥檛 mind it when you pop up behind him out of no where either. Just goes to show that you really are the Ultimate Ninja!聽
鉁 When someone insults him, you get riled up. Honestly it makes you mad.聽
鉁 So when you prank the rude person at the point where they break, that鈥檚 when you consider that they鈥檝e had enough damage done! They, quite literally, never see you coming.聽
鉁 omg im sorry this was so short, i have no ideas
Gundham Tanaka:聽
鉁幝犫淗ey edgelord! I鈥檓 the Ultimate Ninja, what don鈥檛 you understand?鈥
鉁 He thinks you鈥檙e a sorcerer, a wizard, and an overlord like him, able to use magic of many kinds.
鉁 Yeah. You literally disappeared with your bright clothes and then tapped him behind the shoulder, then you finally introduced yourself.
鉁 You fucking shadow mage-
鉁 He actually proceeds caution when around you and his tries to heighten his senses so he won鈥檛 get scared when you pop up from thin air again.聽
鉁 That fails a ton. But once, he managed to notice you before you snuck up on him.聽
鉁 That was the time both of you guys were working on a project and you decided to walk up to him instead of sneak.聽
鉁 Still considered a victory on his end, and you let him have it.聽
鉁 You are considered special in Gundham鈥檚 eyes actually, and are given the privilege to pet his devas ^^ super cool and supper fun!聽
鉁 The two of you occasionally play hide and seek and surprisingly, it鈥檚 pretty hard to find him since聽鈥渉e uses his spells and charms鈥 (he鈥檚 just familiar with hiding to meet animals which leads to some pretty neat hiding spots lets face it)
鉁 Lets face it, Gundham probably gets insulted for the way he acts </3
鉁 So uh, yeah.聽The people who bully him are,,, Gone.
鉁 Uh, they kindaaaa left the school-
鉁 Because of you... you are evil-
鉁 But he is glad they aren鈥檛 bothering him anymore! Honestly you two are a really cool duo ^^
Kazuichi Soda:聽
鉁 Probably yelped and flinched really hard when you appeared behind him.聽
鉁 You just wanted to say hi-
鉁 Oh you鈥檙e gonna do it again and again-
鉁 So the two of you probably didn鈥檛 get along so well at first
鉁 But you just kept following him... and following him.聽
鉁 Until he started following you (if he could >:])
鉁 Now both of you get along, after sharing interests ofc.聽
鉁 You watched him tinker with his metals and machinery while you... Just did whatever you did.聽
鉁 Gosh. The two of you hung out all the time now!聽
鉁 Talking with you as so much fun ^^
鉁 He may like you now 馃ズ
鉁 But he鈥檚 never going to forgive you for always sneaking up on him like that every day-
鉁 Never-
鉁 Even if you ARE the Ultimate Ninja and it was a habit-
鉁 Nope, never gonna forgive you-
鉁 But give him a hug please he needs one-
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:聽
鉁 He almost slapped you when you two first met 馃拃
鉁 Errr, it was more like Peko looked up and saw someone about to scare Fuyuhiko and he caught her eye and looked behind him, his hand about to hit your neck and face-
鉁 SO-
鉁 Very nice first encounter.聽
鉁 To be honest, both Peko and Fuyuhiko were surprised you managed to even sneak up on him after their Yakuza training and all that.
鉁 Very surprised and impressed-
鉁 They both want to learn now-
鉁 Okay im getting carried away-
鉁 He recognizes some of the moves you use from movies and is really impresses with your skill!聽
鉁 Two (three if you count peko hhh) of you hang out tons, sometimes you trainging him and sometimes him training you-
鉁 Yes you read that right.聽
鉁 He trains you too, if not it wouldn鈥檛 be a fair trade >:(
Nekumaru Nidai:聽
鉁 Found you sneaking around and put you on his shoulder-
鉁 Okayyyy maybe not how you wanted to greet him but then again-
鉁幝犫淵ou a ninja or something? You shouldn鈥檛 be sneaking around like that dude.鈥 (dude is gender-neutral)
鉁幝犫淚鈥檓 the Ultimate Ninja.鈥澛
鉁 ...聽
鉁幝犫淲AIT THATS COOL鈥 He shouted-
鉁 You two have races and its so fun.
鉁 Competing with each other is SO EXCITING
鉁 Especially when Akane is there, cheering both of you on-
鉁 Also whenever you get hurt (for some,,, weird reasons) he鈥檚 always there to get you back to health ^^
鉁 He also treats you really well, takes you and his other friends to dinner and to hang out at parks-
鉁嶩e gives you free piggyback rides >:D
鉁 And you can鈥檛 forget the training sessions with Nekomaru!
鉁 You really couldn鈥檛 have asked for a better friend ^^
Teruteru Hanamura:聽
鉁 When both of you met, he found you chowing down his food in the corner where you hopes he wouldn鈥檛 see you-
鉁 Which didn鈥檛 turn out well-
鉁幝犫...I wanted to stay hidden dude-鈥澛
鉁 He dragged you to the table and properly set it up for you-
鉁 You may or may not eat all the food he prepared-
鉁 Hanging out with him is not as bad as you would think
鉁 Even if he is a bit sexual towards you, you manage to always get out of his reach... Literally you like disappear.聽
鉁 The main reason you guys can actually hold together is because you can deal with Teruteru and because he can... make food for you and test out things he never had time for or had anyone to test on-
鉁 Chaotic duo... but you two keep it between yall-
鉁 He loves it when you say that his food is amazing! (which it is)聽
鉁 You give him flowers on occasion for literally no reason but you think its nice-
鉁 Annnddddd now he thinks he has a secret admirer-
鉁 That鈥檚 your fault bestie-
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yamchaas6 months ago
Tumblr media
Capsule Corp Karaoke listen here
Offspring - You鈥檙e gonna go far kid - Gotenks, specifically so they can sing the f word during the chorus - @no1fan15
Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin鈥 You - Yamcha鈥檚 singing very intently in Tien鈥檚 direction, everyone else is watching them like ... 0-0
Linkin Park - One Step Closer Vegeta, only song he knows, stole the cd from Trunks and very occasionally listen to it while training...
Hatsune Miku - End of The World or World is Mine- Piccolo, he and Pan duet, its very adorable - Gay Nappa Anon
The Killers - Mr Brightside, wow Yamcha鈥檚 really getting into this karaoke night, hey- @no1fan15
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up- Tien鈥檚 turn to sing pointedly in Yamcha鈥檚 direction while blushing profusely @mequetrefis
Men at Work - Down Under - Jeice, the rest of the Ginyu force are pissed he snuck off to do a solo performance.
Blondie- She鈥檚 so dull- 17 and 18 duet, @reignbeaux-mermaid2021
Plain White T鈥檚- Hey There Delilah, Gohan sings this very timidly, @chiaotzuscheeks鈥
Hirose Kohmi - Promise- Chichi, she sings it with real fire and passion, hand to her heart @namek-ismyprovince
Solja Boy - Crank that- Gotenks, they know the choreography but are very out of sync, @reignbeaux-mermaid2021
Zombie - The Cranberries - 18, she does such an intense job everyone in the room is simultaneously impressed and intimidated @kamesenkuririn
It鈥檚 Tough to be a god - Elton John, Beerus and whis duet this, they both get way more into it than you would expect, especially Beerus @im-dios-bottom-bitch鈥
YMCA - Village People, The Ginyu Force, They have Costumes, They have Choreography, They have a Smoke Machine @queerb
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive- Yamcha, woah dude 3 songs? @dunderfluffwillowbottom
Fifth Harmony- Bo$$ - Bulma, she鈥檚 had a few wines, she鈥檚 loosened her neck scarf @queerb
The Runaways - Cherry Bomb- Videl, she鈥檚 doing the Cherie Currie microphone swung around the thigh trick and Gohan is blushing.
Britney - Baby One More Time- Krillin, he鈥檚 swingin his hips, 18鈥瞫 gigglin, @ kill for krillin anon
Gowan - Moonlight Desires - Cabba - he鈥檚 tipsy and he puts his whole heart into it @kamesenkuririn
Peaches- Boys Wanna Be Her Peaches- Caulifla, self explanatory.
Sir Mix-A-Lot - I like big butts- Master Roshi, also self explanatory.
Queen -We Are The Champions- Mr Satan, but he changes the lyrics to I Am The Champion.
MCR - Mama - Android 17, gets way more into it than anyone expects @wholecake
Marina- To Be Human- Tien sings this Very Earnestly, but it kinda kills the mood... Yamcha loves it though. @ marina anon
Beyonce - Diva - Bulma鈥檚 wine drunk and trying to get the energy back up
Queen - Don鈥檛 stop me now - The Great Saiyaman is very drunk and he has moves, not good moves necessarily but moves nonetheless.
Hungry Like The Wolf- Yamcha, Awoo <3 Tien鈥檚 like c鈥檓on, I should be getting you home
Aha - Take On Me - Goku, he starts off mumbling but ends up getting so into it, his eyes are closed, his hands fisted, he goes super saiyan and short circuits capsule corp.聽@supersaiyantist
This was a collaborative effort, thanks to everyone who suggested a song ;^)
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julie-thefatones6 months ago
Ghost of You || Luke X Reader || Part 1
Tumblr media
Hello everyone!! welcome to my first Fanfic pretty much.... im really nervous about posting it, and really hope you guys like it! Im going to warn you that there are some punctuation mistakes, and probably some misspelled words, and run on sentences... but nobodies perfect eh? lol anyways Enjoy! please let me know what you think, I am already writing part 2 so if this goes well ill post that soon :)
A/N: Your best friends with Julie, since the stamp was removed from the boys they are able to be seen by lifers at choice and can touch lifers at choice, but are still ghosts. You and Luke grow closer and closer starting to go from friends to more than that and everyone starts to notice, it just takes a little longer for you two to figure it out.
Word Count: 2,352
First day of school is always hard, especially senior year.... big deal or its supposed to be. You have always had a hard time with school because it was just hard for you to focus, you were always thinking about what you would rather be doing like painting, singing, taking a walk, and most recently learning guitar which Luke had been more than happy to help you with. Luke, Luke Patterson he was a member of your best friend Julies ghost band, Julie and The Phantoms, which included members Luke, Reggie, Alex, and of course Julie. You always knew they existed but it wasn't until recently that you were really able to get to know them your self because until recently only Julie could see them. Ever since they had that curse of a stamp removed from them, they pretty much can choose whenever they want to be seen or touch anything. It has been nice, because now you can really be apart of your best friends new world, you also got to make 3 new really fun and funny friends, they were just as chaotic as you and Julie. You and Luke really clicked from the moment you and him were able to actually see each other, well he has always been able to see you, but this way was much better. Since you and Luke hung out all the time, you found your self spending hours with him a day. In fact thats where you were before school, was with Luke, you guys had this little place by a lake you loved to hang out at, which caused you to be late for your first day.
So deep in your thoughts you didn't even realize you made it to your locker until you heard the all so familiar tone of your best friend calling out your name as she approached your locker "y/n!!! I didn't even see you pull in" Julie said as she now rested against the lockers next to you "Hey Jules! sorry I over slept and was late" Julie rolled her eyes "On your first day! man you really setting the bar high this year" she said laughing at you, You laugh too at the obvious sarcastic tone in her voice "alright, alright!! ms setting the bar high, we better get to class" you say punching Julie playfully in the arm before heading down the hallway to class.
As you sat in class, you started to feel really bad about lying to Julie about the real reason you were late to school today, you just didn't know how to explain how much you and Luke have been hanging out with out her asking a million questions, but its not like it was a big deal. Trying to get out of your head you try to focus on Mr. Berty who was describing the different factors of algebra which you never understood anyway, so you just write notes in hopes that when you study it later you'll understand it.... which never happens either. As you're writing notes you notice something in the window, in the corner of your eye, not really thinking anything of it until you notice that the thing is jumping up and down and no one else is noticing which could only mean one thing. You look to the side and you see Luke in his orange beanie and Rush tank top jumping up and down waving his arms in order to get your attention with the biggest smile on his face, you laugh to your self, and then realizing he must want something, looking at the clock you realized you still had 40 mins left in this class *Oh my gosh! for real its only been 20 minutes!* you thought to yourself; quickly looking from the clock to the window where Luke was still jumping, you raise your hand "Yes ms. Y/L/N" you bring your hand down faster than you want to, slightly hurting it on the desk "May I use the restroom please?" you ask hesitantly, eager to know what Luke wants, Mr. Berty sighed with annoyance "If you really need to, I suppose, but make it fast ms. Y/L/N" you stand up a little to excited "Thank you mr. Berty" you said as you scurried out the door.
When you made it outside Luke stopped jumping, but his smile remained. You loved his smile, it was contagious, you noticed you were smiling too "Luke! what are you doing here" you said punching his arm playfully, he laughed and grabbed his arm pretending that the punch hurt him "Wow the abuse Y/N" with a smirk he continued "Someone help!!! im being abused someone help!!!" you roll your eyes and smack your hand over his mouth "Not that anyone can hear you, but shut up! that did not hurt" you say with a small laugh, as he is laughing underneath your hand "What are you doing here Luke?" you say with your hand still on his mouth, you feel his smile grow bigger underneath your hand "Well, Y/N, Im here because I got something for you!! but you have to come with me to get it" he said with pure excitement, still with your hand on his mouth, then he licked your hand to get it off, you pull away in knee jerk reaction, he smiled "Sorry! as much as I love your hand on my mouth we need to go!" he said eagerly, you laughed and rolled your eyes "Luke, you do realize im at school right?" he grabbed your hand pulling you across the school field "Yeah! but if you really cared about that, you wouldn't have come outside would you" he said, still with the biggest smile on his face, you rolled your eyes even more and gave in knowing he was right "Alright! but where are you taking me" you exclaimed, speeding up to be side by side with him instead of him dragging you, he looked at you, and bit his lip still excited "aha! you'll just have to wait and see" he said and you both smiled. As you kept walking you realized never Luke never let go of your hand from when he was dragging you..... not that it meant anything, it felt nice though.
It took about 15 mins to walk to you and Lukes usual spot by the lake, still holding hands you approached the tree you guys likes to sit by, or sit in depending on if you wanted to climb, which about 90% of the time Luke did.. also doesn't help he can just teleport up there if he wants to, where as you had to do it the hard way while he just laugh at you trying to climb up. This time Luke wasn't going up the tree, he let go of your hand, which kind of made you sad, but then you saw the look on Lukes face, which was pure excitement "Stay right here Y/N!" he said firmly grasping your shoulders to make sure you stayed in place, as he hopped over to the tree "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" he yelled from behind the tree grabbing something, but you obeyed closing your eyes and before you knew it he was in front of you, you could feel it "Alright, you can open" he said softly, you opened your eyes, and there Luke was with the same smile, holding an acoustic guitar, you could tell it was a nice one, just from the shine on it and how pretty the strings looked, you didn't even realize your mouth was wide open until Luke laughed "Ya like it?" he exclaimed, and you just looked at it "Is that for me?" you asked shocked and excited, Luke laughed "Is that for me?" Luke mocked you "Yeah its for you! ya dork" he continued as he hopped over around you, to get behind you so he could place the guitar in front of you for you to hold, you could feel his arms brush against you... which you like as much as the hand holding but, a little more ... again it didn't mean anything, he was just a friend... and Julies band mate. Luke continued talking taking you out of your trance "Ya never answered me though, do you like it" He said still behind you, but now you were holding the guitar, you just looked at it in awe "Where did you get this Luke? How did you get this?" you asked still in shock, Luke just laughed "Don't worry about that!" he said with a mischievous tone, and then you got worried "Luke you didn't ?!... you didn't steal this right!" you asked with actual concern, you wouldn't put it past him, he just laughed and in a teasing tone said "Ouch! you think I would do that Y/N.... Im not that bad!" and then he continued but more serious this time "No! I didn't steal it, Since I have this new found power of choosing when to be seen and stuff, I picked up a small job at the music store downtown, thought why not earn some money.... and then when you asked me to teach you how to play guitar, I wanted to get you your own.... sooooo I have been saving up ever since" he said in a soft tone and then you felt him come closer to you from behind, but now he was putting his hands on the guitar softly playing a melody, while pretty much holding you, as he played the melody you could feel his breath on your neck.... you guys have never been this physically close before, right before you got to lost into your thought Luke continued talking "You! still haven't answered the question though!!! do you like it??" he exclaimed with a teasing tone once again, which caused you to laugh, and you turned around in his arms making the current position pretty much a hug but Lukes holding a guitar "Of course I like it you dork!!" you said excited and continued "This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me...." you looked into his eyes and with a soft tone said "Thank you" he smiled, a soft smile, and his whole face became soft as he relaxed the guitar down by both your sides and looked deeper into your eyes "Of course...." he said softly, both of you just looking deeper into each others eyes, you felt some kind of connection, and you felt like you both were getting closer and closer to each other and then a voice came from behind both of you, causing both of you to shake out of the trance you both shared "Hey! Y/N! Luke! what are you guys doing out here?
You and Luke both jump, moving away from each other as you see Reggie come out of the trees eating a meatball sub. You and Luke look at each other confused as crap as to why Reggie was there and how he knew about it "Hey Reg!" Luke said a little nervous putting his hand behind his head messing with this beanie, you looked flustered flashing your eyes from Luke to Reggie and back to Luke who continued talking "the real question is what are you doing out here buddy?" and Reggie just chuckled a little, while taking another bite off his sandwich "Well, I went to the school to see Kayla like I always do, we like to eat lunch together, then I saw you two run off and thought I would follow" Reggie said with a full mouth, you and Luke shared a look "So you have been here the whole time?" you asked, wondering how you guys didn't notice Reggie was behind you guys the whole time, Reggie smiled a meatball smile since his mouth was still full and he answered "Yeah!! but I wanted to eat my sandwich so I decided to sit down in those trees and eat it" Luke looked at Reggie with a confused look "But Reg, isn't that your sandwich?" Luke asked still confused, and Reggie looked at him, again with a meatball smile "No! this was supposed to be Kaylas sandwich but since I didn't see her, because I followed you guys... I decided to eat it!" You and Luke laughed and Luke stepped forward patting Reggie on the shoulder "Kayla is one lucky girl Reg!" Luke said teasing Reggie, you laughed in response, and then Reggie went back to his initial question "So what are you guys doing out here?" he asked taking yet another bite of the sandwich, in which Luke got nervous again and answered Reggie with a slightly nervous tone "Hey! shouldn't you be getting back to the school, Kayla is gonna be wondering where your at bud" Reggie stopped chewing and his eyes grew big and he looked at Luke "Youre right! awww man, im gonna have to go get another sandwich" Reggie answered in a high pitched nervous tone "Ill see ya guys later!" Reggie said while running away nearly tripping over his own feet. You and Luke sighed and looked at each other, Luke smiled "Well should we get you back to school as well?" Luke asked you with a soft tone added with a light chuckle at the end, you nodded "Yeah, Lunch is gonna be starting soon and Julie is gonna be wondering where I went" you responded, and then looked at your guitar and looked back at Luke "I love my guitar Luke, I really love it!" you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a tight hug, he responded by wrapping his arms around your wait pulling you in tighter, when you guys released from the hug you shared another look, quickly shaking it off with Luke responding "I cant wait to teach you some more chords on it!" he said back to his excited state from when you first got there, skipping forward grabbing your hand again as you guys walked back to school together.
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nurserinnna month ago
Hiiii since your request are open may I have diluc,childe and zhongli with a reader who is like barbara? Like she wears like barbara and also acts like her! (feel free to delete this request if you feel uncomfortable) fem reader pls! and I love your blogs aesthetic
[ 馃尭 ] 聽馃枃路藲 嗉 聽READER WHO鈥橲 LIKE BARBARA聽鉂
Tumblr media
鈮 鉂 聽:: characters : diluc, childe, zhongli
聽 聽 聽 聽 category : fluff, scenarios, comfort (in diluc鈥檚 part)
聽 聽 聽 聽 warning : she/her pronouns, fem! reader
聽 聽 聽 聽 note : AA HELLO :D this is such a big brain request YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jasdjsaijda why is this community so mf talented and creative i stg1??! nyways hi anon! omg my first reuqest for zhongil and diluc!! lets goo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥 lets say your barbara鈥檚 understudy and have been training to debut as an idol just like her.
鈥 you鈥檝e always admired her beauty and charm and being an idol has always been something you wanted to do, and to be able to work somehow along side her always made you grateful
鈥 but no one denied your harsh working conditions. not to blame barbara or anything but you had to surpass her influence in order to meet everyone鈥檚 expectation or else your dreams of an idol would fail quickly
鈥 barbara already had a reputation herself and to be able to top that? you鈥檒l have to reach popularity outside of mondstadt to even HOPE you can be better than her
鈥 you worked tiredly everyday and night to be able to reach people鈥檚 heart once you debut.
鈥⒙ oneday you were on the brink of giving up. it felt like you can never be as good as her and just broke down in tears.聽 you felt so much like shit that you even wanted to throw away your vision away (if you have one lol)
鈥 but a certain bard had heard of your sorrowful cries and. while drunk, tried to explain why your gonna be okay and that your an amazing singer
鈥 code word: drunk.
鈥 he was slurring his words and laughing and multiple hiccups and would break in tears as he understood your pain then would start dancing around and singing barbara鈥檚 song im!?!?-
鈥 diluc, looking at all the beer venti had drank starting counting the cost- not realizing that the bard had already left;
鈥5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ugh, venti im surprised you can drink this muc-鈥
鈥 diluc upon realization starts bolting out of angel鈥檚 share and looked around to find that drunken bard, only to see him harassing you whilst tears flower down your cheek near the fountain (in reality venti was trying to give you an anemo vision. and yes, this applies even if you already have an anemo vision)聽
鈥⒙犫渉ey drunk bard, get away from her鈥 diluc grabbed venti by the collar and shoo鈥檚 him away, saying that he鈥檒l deal with his payment in the morning.
鈥 diluc looked at your crying state and bent down to your eye level. wiping your tears away with a handkerchief. if you look VERY closely you can see a small sad pout
鈥⒙犫渦gh, i dont know what that bard told you but im assuming its about being an idol?鈥 you nodded his head for confirmation
鈥⒙ he stood up and walked away, you thought he was gonna leave you but aHA YOU FORGOT THAT DILUC IS THE MOST PREICOUS GENTLEMEN EVER AISDUIASI
鈥 actually he went and got you a cecelia flower from the flower shop and hands you his coat.
鈥渋 know its gonna be hard, but trust me, everyone will like you. even me. so take this flower as a reminder and get home, its cold tonight.鈥
鈥 ever since that fateful day you and diluc got closer and once you debuted you thanked him for his comfort that day.
鈥 actually your debut song was聽鈥渃ecelia鈥 <3
Tumblr media
鈥 being completely honest, childe didn鈥檛 really know about you
鈥 not only were you both doing complete opposite things. you, with music and him, with figthing
鈥 and plus your an idol at snezhnaya
鈥 so the only time he had heard of you were because of his siblings taking abotu your new songs and etc (they totally tried to bride him into seeing you by saying your his type)
鈥 tl;dr. you really were his type
鈥 i feel like childe would really like a domestic life. while yes, he is an ambitious man and thrives off of fighting. he probably would really like the simple things in life.
鈥 just sitting down and looking at the sunset and hearing your pretty voice through out and ending with a little kith!??! yeS PLS I WOULD LIKE TO BUY 10
鈥 after thinking it through childe would visit snezhnaya again to see his siblings but to see you!
鈥 when you first met childe was during your break. you were training your voice and making sure it wouldn鈥檛 break in time for your next concert/performance. all of the sudden fatui agents came rushing in
鈥 you were alarmed of course, but with your designated weapon in hand and your vision prepared (or not if you dont have it) you were thinking of the worst possible scenario but..
鈥 but.. it turns out the fatui agents just... sat on the ground.. waiting for you to sing.. what?
鈥 they looked like little kindergarten children waiting for story time despite their very tall and big and VERY intimidating appearance.. yeah.. you were definitely confused
鈥 the cryo fatui agent mentioned how one of the fatui harbingers wanted to hear you sing and they just followed suit
鈥 a.. a fatui harbinger?!?! whAT
鈥 the fatui harbingers were meant to be scary and intimidating.. which fatui harbinger would do such childish and dumb thing!? scaramouche wouldnt dare to humiliate himself, signora wouldn鈥檛 care less about you, dottore would..
鈥⒙犫渉i! y/n right? we finally meet! i鈥檝e heard alot about you!鈥
鈥 oh.. of course childe..
鈥 after childe heard your miraculous singing he became addicted! not to mention your very cute outfit, fit for a very cute singer YES PLS I WOULD LIKE TO BUY 10
Tumblr media
鈥 i feel like zhongli doesn鈥檛 really care for your music
鈥 lIKE he cant deny its good music, its just that it isn鈥檛 his vibe.
鈥 but what he does care, is about the person behind the music
鈥 i feel like zhongli doesn鈥檛 really care for your music
鈥 lIKE he cant deny its good music, its just that it isn鈥檛 his vibe.
鈥 but what he does care, is about the person behind the music. the tunes of the music itself wasn鈥檛 the one that captivated him but it was the intelligence behind the intricate lyrics
鈥 the person that was currently performing was the one everyone cheer for, but the person on the red bridge admiring the sunset in liyue harbour was the one zhongli admired
鈥 the calm face that masked your expression. away from the usual loud crowds that would beg for your attention, now you were in your own world.
鈥 he鈥檚 so curious about you
鈥 why you chose music above everything even if you have a vision, what your uniform/costume represents for you, every detail behind your lyric, the cheerful but sometimes tired behaviour radiating from you.
鈥 he wants to know everything about you
鈥 as for you two first interacting? idk it can go multiple ways
鈥 perhaps its hutao鈥檚 chaotic personality that made you want to investigate for maybe a song inspiration only to be met with a shit ton of ads but a fine gentlemen with endless knowledge that made you want to hang on out a lot more
鈥 or maybe it was because you never had seen zhongli before and knew he was new to listening to your music cause you recognize every one of your fans. and thats what made you want to talk to him, to hear his opinion and critiques about you but end up forming some kind of friendship
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bugsbinnie8 months ago
hi binnie i wanted to request a fem!reader x dom!yeonjun when she comes home late at night smelling like someone else鈥檚 cologne and he punishes her. (sorry this is very descriptive aha im no good at english ) :3
Tumblr media
饾悘饾悁饾悎饾悜饾悎饾悕饾悊 | 饾悵饾惃饾惁!饾惒饾悶饾惃饾惂饾悾饾惍饾惂 饾惐 饾悷饾悶饾惁!饾悹饾悽饾惈饾惀 饾惈饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悶饾惈
饾悊饾悇饾悕饾悜饾悇 | 饾惉饾惁饾惍饾惌 饾惏饾悽饾惌饾悺 饾悮饾惂饾悹饾惉饾惌饾惒 饾悶饾悵饾悹饾悶饾惉
饾悥/饾悅 | 2.5k
饾悥饾悁饾悜饾悕饾悎饾悕饾悊饾悞 | 饾惉饾惃饾悷饾惌 饾惉饾悶饾惐, 饾悶饾悵饾悹饾悽饾惂饾悹, 饾悮饾悹饾悹饾惈饾悶饾惉饾惉饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悶饾惎饾悶饾惂饾惌饾惍饾悮饾惀 饾惈饾惃饾惍饾悹饾悺 饾惉饾悶饾惐
Tumblr media
鈥渉yung, go to sleep鈥. soobin encourages over the video monitor.
鈥渘o we need to finish these lyrics鈥. yeonjun refuses. he was currently working from home in his home studio. it was more urgent to him than anyone else probably because of the real studio time he鈥檚 missed due to paternity leave.聽
鈥渉yung we can finish them tomorrow alright?鈥. soobin assures softly. he hated seeing the older stressing himself out. 鈥渉ow鈥檚 jayce? has he been sleeping okay?鈥. soobin asks.
yeonjun huffs and combs his hair back with his fingers in stress. he hasn鈥檛 been getting the sleep he wanted due to the six month old infant. especially since your boss needed you urgently, cutting your maternity leave and giving you later hours than usual. hence the reason why yeonjun has been practically banging his head over work. he palms his forehead in the video camera. soobin could see the weariness in his eyes.
鈥測eah I guess. I just put him down an hour ago. I hope he stays asleep鈥.
鈥済ood. you should use this time to get some sleep hyung鈥.
yeonjun huffs again, parting his lips to say something else before he heard the front door open and close softly. it was you trying to hurry and sneak in. maybe change your clothes and shower before yeonjun could suspect anything.
鈥渇ine I guess. I鈥檒l get some sleep鈥.
鈥済ood. I鈥檒l talk to you tomorrow hyung鈥.
鈥渂ye soobin鈥.
he waves before ending the call. he checks his watch. it was almost an hour later than when you normally came home. 鈥渂abe is that you?鈥. he spoke.
you swiftly took your jacket off hanging it on the coat rack. you cursed under breath hating the fact that he even heard you arrive. 鈥測es babe鈥. you call out from near the door.
鈥測ou know you鈥檙e like an hour late coming home. jayce was a handful today鈥.
you slip off your shoes. 鈥淚 know, I鈥檓 sorry. I鈥檓 here now鈥. you tried to sound as sincere as possible. almost as if you weren鈥檛 fucking one of your best friends an hour prior.
yeonjun turns off his monitors and shuts off the equipment in his studio. he decided to check on the baby one last time before entering your shared bedroom. thank god he was still asleep.
鈥淚鈥檓 not trying to be an asshole but baby I really need you here. why is your boss keeping you so late?鈥. yeonjun questions while you were digging into your closet. you were kind of glad he couldn鈥檛 see the guilty look on your face. but he definitely smelled the cologne each time you moved.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry it鈥檚 been really hectic at the company. I鈥檒l talk to her to see if we can make some arrangements. why are you so upset junnie?鈥. you soft talked, hoping to butter him up. he sighs at the nickname, sneaking behind you to wrap his arms around your waist to smell you again on purpose.
you reeked of versace cologne. and yeonjun knew he never wore that kind.
鈥淚鈥檓 not upset baby. I just miss you and jayce is always eating and crying鈥.
his lips sit at the coast of your collarbone. he peppers fluttering kisses until he reaches your neck. you breathed.
鈥渋sn鈥檛 that what you do too? eat and whine about things?鈥 you accuse. yeonjun chuckles. 鈥測es maybe鈥.
you wanted to shrug yeonjun off because honestly words couldn鈥檛 explain how fucked out you were. but you didn鈥檛 want him to think anything was up so you let his lips continue up your neck and finally to your jawline.
yeonjun could hear your breathing pattern shift due to his lips. but more than anything he saw how much you were trying to act like you wanted him, but really you wanted to tell him not tonight. that you didn鈥檛 feel like having sex because you already got your fix from someone else. and yeonjun knew it.
he pushes his bulge against your backside inching his lips to the corner of yours. you could feel him harden. 鈥渂aby鈥. he hums. 鈥渂aby please have sex with me鈥.
your heart raced at his words. you鈥檝e never heard yeonjun beg in need before. you didn鈥檛 know how you were going to find the energy to oblige to his request. but he grips your waist tighter and you knew there was no letting go. he traces the outline of your breasts with his fingers, keeping note of the fact that your bra wasn鈥檛 on.
鈥榮tupid鈥, yeonjun wanted to say. he knows you left the house with one on. yeonjun was furious.
鈥減lease? don鈥檛 you miss me?鈥. he whines again, sneaking a kiss to your lips. he glares into your eyes after he pulls away and you nod your head in counterfeit desperation. he grins into another kiss while his hand searched for the back of your thighs. while hoisting you up the both of you exchange sloppy kisses until you were being laid back onto the sheets.
he allows his tongue to roam your mouth once more before he pulls away with admiration glimmering in his eyes.
鈥淚 love you鈥.
you swallowed, the sheer happiness that overwhelmed him was enough to make you feel guilty about what you done. nevertheless you pout your lips and rub his cheek. 鈥渁w junnie. I love you too鈥.
he smiles and leans down to layer an abundance of kisses over your lips again. he聽 pins your wrists down gradually with his hands. 鈥淚 know I haven鈥檛 been the best husband lately鈥. he complains in between kisses. 鈥渂ut I鈥檝e been so tired and moody with the baby and you haven鈥檛 been here鈥. he raises your dress and pushes his bulge against the wetness of your panties.聽
you pant feeling your breathing becoming shaky. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry junnie. you鈥檝e been the perfect husband okay? I don鈥檛 know what I was thinking working-- l-late like that鈥.
he tongue kisses your neck sliding your panties down your thighs in one quick movement. 鈥測ou鈥檙e so pretty. I鈥檝e been missing you鈥. slowly but surely he clutches your thighs and rocks down into your warmth. you wrap your arms around his neck with your gaspy moans driving straight into his ear.聽 your eyes roll up to the ceiling.
鈥済odd---go a little softer junnie please鈥. you plead. and he follows your command slowly swaying his hips into you with care. he kisses your cheeks. 鈥渋s this better baby?鈥. he pants into the small space between the both of your lips, satisfied with the way he was sheathed in your warmth. it felt so good and he hasn鈥檛 had it in so long.
鈥測es it鈥檚 perfect鈥. you mumble, grinding your hips against him at the same speed. it felt amazing. sex was always amazing with yeonjun. he leans down and plants another kiss on your lips. 鈥渟o needy? what鈥檚 making my baby so needy? you missed me that much?鈥.
between your muffled cries you nodded. he was stretching you each time he inched deeper. he knew how much you loved him buried inside of you. enough to forget where you end and where he begins. 鈥済od yeonjun鈥. you whine against his neck. 鈥渋鈥檝e missed you so much鈥. you whimper back. you felt so ashamed. you knew no one could ever fuck you like yeonjun could.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to ever miss me baby. I want to always be here to love you and give what you want when you want it鈥.
you hold him against you, melting each time he bucks into you and feeling guilt eat you alive each time he spoke. 鈥淚鈥檇 love that so much鈥. you reply hazily glaring up into his eyes.
鈥渁nd I love you-鈥. he cut himself off with a hard thrust jolting your body upwards. you gasp. he chuckles into your neck. 鈥渇uck--i hope you don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 a pervert. asking for sex as soon as you walk in the door鈥.
鈥渕mmh no junnie-- you鈥檙e just as needy as I am鈥.
with his head buried into your neck he fucks into you a bit faster, groaning at the way you felt wrapped around his length. he got his desired effect though. you with parted lips clawing at his back. each time he rocked into you he heard you choke on your own moans and that鈥檚 exactly what he wanted. it turned him on.
鈥渏unnie I鈥檓 going to cum if you keep going like this---that鈥檚 why I want you to g-go slower鈥.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry it鈥檚 been so long I can鈥檛 control myself鈥. he tries his best to go at a slower pace but each time he tried he went back to the same pace he started with. you鈥檙e not far behind your orgasm and yeonjun knew just by the stutter in your hips.
鈥渢ell me when you鈥檙e about to cum baby鈥. he breathes.
鈥淚鈥檓 a-about to ccum right now鈥. you were nearly shaking beneath him. and just as you felt like you were about release yeonjun stops his movements completely. you sank into confusion until you felt him roughly create a makeshift ponytail out of your hair and pin it against the bed above your head so you couldn鈥檛 move.
his facial expression immediately changed. instead he looked angry. his eyes were scary glaring down into yours.
鈥渄id you really think I鈥檇 let you cum you fucking cheater?鈥.
you glanced up at him with horror. 鈥渏unnie--鈥.
鈥渄on鈥檛 fucking soft talk me鈥.
you crumbled at his tone of voice. he started pounding into you whilst biting his lips. you whimper in his hands.
鈥渨hose cologne is that hm?鈥.
if you weren鈥檛 choking to death on your moans before you were definitely were choking on them now. he was making you feel so good you could barely think of anything else while he was fucking you like this. you felt your orgasm build back up quickly.
鈥渨-what cologne?鈥. he thrusts rough and sharp and stops just after he felt your hips stutter. you whine in desperation to cum just once. it felt like a punch in the gut.
鈥渄on鈥檛 play stupid. whose cologne are you wearing?鈥.
鈥渋t鈥檚 yyours鈥. you wanted to crawl into a hole and hide at the way he practically growled at you. he lowers his lips allowing them to overshadow yours.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 not my fucking cologne and you know that. I don鈥檛 wear versace cologne. so how about you tell me who does?鈥.
and right there, he was filling you again. pushing his length into your depth just how you liked it, knowing it drove you insane. knowing it was just enough to make you want to cum again. his strokes were painfully slow, making your body wallow in a feeling of pleasure and anxiousness.聽 he bites his lips again.
鈥淚 think I like you like this. not being able to cum. you feel better around me鈥.
he鈥檚 groaning and you felt heat sit in your cheeks. your hips bucked up with need and he鈥檚 snapping his hips into you until he felt you stutter again. you pant heavily, grasping his shirt.
鈥測yeonjun please--pplease don鈥檛 stop I need to cum!鈥.
鈥渢ell me who wears versace cologne鈥. he snarls. in absolute desperation you answer, 鈥渁 cclose friend of mine!鈥.
and just as you were about to finally cum his hips come to a halt once more.聽 you felt tears cascade down your cheeks. he chuckles in the midst of your pain.
鈥渁nd you weren鈥檛 even smart enough to put your bra on before coming home to me. you鈥檙e pathetic as fuck. do you know that?鈥. he rocks his hips down again with brutal thrusts.
鈥渏junnie I鈥檓 sorry! it鈥檚 just I鈥檝e been feeling so unsatisfied lately鈥.
yeonjun casts his eyes down on you with no remorse. he cared nothing about your explanation or your tears. you whimpered against his chest.
鈥渉ow long have you been doing this? don鈥檛 lie to me鈥.
your needy cries were muffled into the material of his shirt. you decided to reply honestly. 鈥渟-since jayce was three months鈥. you sniffle.聽 鈥減lease let me cum yeonjun鈥.
for an affair that he thought was only just a few weeks ended up being months. yeonjun couldn鈥檛 believe you. he couldn鈥檛 believe you鈥檇 intentionally sabotage the family that the both of you started together. he knows he was stressed and moody lately but it was because he was taking care of jayce by himself. and you were no where to be found. tears rimmed his eyes.
his hips stop and he cums good and hard just how he hoped. except you didn鈥檛. you were a tear stained mess beneath him shaking and crying. yet he didn鈥檛 care. he leaned off of you and started zipping up his pants. and almost as if he could sense that his father was near, jayce began to softly cry in the next room over.
yeonjun glares down at you in pure disgust.
鈥淚 want you to pack your stuff and get out of my house鈥.
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u-named7 months ago
Weird HxH Facts you might鈥檝e not noticed before (part 1)
Fact #1 : Leorio admitted to jerking off while Gon and Killua were risking their lives during the Chimera ant arc.
In the Election Arc (chapter 332), Leorio was chosen by the hunters to be one of the four remaining candidates to be Chairman.
Leorio didn鈥檛 know what to say for his speech but he knew that he had to save Gon.
So he tries convincing the public to try and help him to save his friend.
During his explanation, he talked about how he was a bad friend to Gon by LITERALLY CONFESSING TO EVERYONE that while Gon and Killua were risking their lives, he was jerking off and kept inviting girls over.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(the last panel when they all clap looks so wrong out of context dear god-)
Fact #2 : Gon and Killua never talked to someone of their age.
Even when Gon and Killua went through so much, they were mostly always around adults.
And by the same age, I mean literally the same.
This means that Zushi doesn鈥檛 count since he鈥檚 way younger than them.
Same for Alluka since she鈥檚 younger too but also because she鈥檚 Killua鈥檚 sibling so Killua was only able to talk to her because she was family.
Can you imagine that?
They never even once saw or talked to someone of their age whether it would be a boy or a girl.
Not even once.
Fact (possibly?) #3 : Killua might be... into bondage?
No, I鈥檓 not talking about the silly perverted scene from the 1999 version since it is not canon to the story (well not how it accurately got represented at least).
But that scene was in the manga (he just didn鈥檛 blush about it 馃槀).
In chapter 72, when Leorio explains the different types of bidding he also mentions one other type that sounds like 鈥榖inding鈥 which is usually known as *clears throat* a type of... s3x plaything.
So while Leorio was explaining that, Killua was thinking in his thought bubble: 鈥渓ike binding?鈥
There鈥檚 also another translation where instead he says this:
Tumblr media
And if you don鈥檛 know what meet market is, here is the simplest definition:
Tumblr media
鈥淏ut Alyssa, just because he mentions it doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 into it鈥
True true very true.
There was also this one other scene.
In a later chapter (chimera ant arc), he had the responsibility to neutralize every soldier that was manipulated by Pitou鈥檚 nen puppetry.
In the manga, he neutralizes them by binding them. But the way he bonds them looks very similar to what actual bondage between two love partners would do.
Tumblr media
(This one was really hard to do given the fact that I鈥檓 not 100% sure about it but if anyone can clear this one for me I would be delighted to listen to you馃憤)
Fact #4: Melody鈥檚 real name is not Melody
Melody has been called by many people as... Melody.
But her real name is far from how 鈥楳elody鈥 sounds like.
Apparently, her real name is Jerome Valdemoro.
Tumblr media
When you learn her name you feel a bit weirded out since you鈥檙e so used to her other one 鈥楳elody鈥 (not to mention that Valdemoro sounds more like Voldemort especially when you compare the two鈥檚 physical appearance LOL IM SORRY MELODY I STILL LOVE U馃挒)
There are possible reasons as to why she鈥檚 called Melody instead.
The first reason is probably that she wants to remain anonymous until she gets her real body back.
The second reason would probably be because 鈥楳elody鈥 is her nickname so it鈥檚 much easier to say.
Or the third reason might be that she always liked her real name but since her cursed body makes her look like a boy and that her name 鈥楯erome鈥 isn鈥檛 helping her in this situation, she prefers being called 鈥楳elody鈥 until she gets her real body back.
(There were some actual scenes where people thought she was an actual boy like that time when Kurapika mistook her for a man the first time they met).
Fact #5: Kurapika was actually wearing two earrings
We always see Kurapika wearing one earring because it was the only one visible to us.
But he has actually been wearing more than one this whole time.
We just have never seen his other earring.
It would be weird that we have never seen it when he鈥檚 wearing two of them.
Tumblr media
(You can find this information in the Hunterpedia site)
Fact #6: Chrollo is a floor master
In chapter 351, at Chrollo and Hisoka鈥檚 fight, the commentator for their match comments (aha get it? I鈥檒l go to my corner now) on how Chrollo the floor master will compete against Hisoka.
Tumblr media
This means that at some point, Chrollo went to Padokea and LEGALLY fought at Heaven鈥檚 Arena to gain money in the LEGAL WAY.
It鈥檚 weird to think that he gained a lot of money by respecting the country鈥檚 rules considering the fact that Chrollo is a thief and a mass murderer.
There is a possible explanation for this though.
He probably just participated in Heaven鈥檚 Arena to lure Hisoka in since he was (literally) blinded by his love of fighting not to mention that Chrollo was all alone without any of the other spiders.
Fact #7: Kurapika is Nostrade鈥檚 Young Family Boss
Right when we get reintroduced to Kurapika, we get a small panel underneath him explaining his current status.
Tumblr media
In Japanese however, it translates to 鈥淣ostrade鈥檚 Young Family Boss鈥.
At first glance, we might think that this isn鈥檛 such a big deal but when you take a moment to analyze what the meaning behind it means...
then oh boy.
Get ready for this one.
He is NOT the leader of the Nostrade organisation.
The panel is being very explicit about his status.
He is the head of the Nostrade family there is a huge difference between these two.
(Thank you for thelegitnumbkid and anotherworldash for this explanation鈽猴笍)
In Asian counterparts of the criminal organisations (such as the mafia) they all work like family organisations.
This means they need a male heir to continue on the family business (much like how the Zoldycks work even tho they鈥檙e professional assassins they still use that same technique)
This could as well be the criminal sub-culture of how the mafia in general functions.
And since the Nostrade family only has a daughter and not a son, they would then need a male to continue on the family business.
So the fact that Kurapika married Neon is a very bold statement to claim.
But the evidence is right there.
Many say that Kurapika killed Neon (I鈥檓 not saying she鈥檚 dead but this is another theory for another day 馃槈) but that logic doesn鈥檛 make any sense.
He precisely stated that he never killed anyone besides one of the phantom troupe members (Uvogin).
Whenever he had to acquire the eyes of his comrades from collectors, he had to either threaten them or coax them.
Tumblr media
Fact #8: Between the main four, the viewers never saw Kurapika cry
Gon, Killua and Leorio have been seen crying multiple times out of sadness and sorrow.
But despite Kurapika鈥檚 background, you would think that he would be the one known to cry the most and yet that wasn鈥檛 the case.
He obviously feels a lot of pain and guilt in his heart but it鈥檚 obvious that he鈥檚 keeping it all to himself and at some point, he might just break down like how Gon did.
It鈥檚 just so ironic to see the one who lost the most people to not be seen crying.
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jesswritesthat9 months ago
omg hi i know this request sounds a bit hefty but hear me out: you鈥檝e got y/n, and you鈥檝e got her twin. they鈥檙e both exchange students but their school somehow messed up the application or there wasn鈥檛 enough space in one school whatever, so one of them ends up in nekoma and the other in shiratorizawa. then, they each decide to be the managers of that school鈥檚 respective teams. and then when training camp comes up, they finally meet each other again and are happy to be together but the rest of the teams are SHOOK (including their own maybe 馃憖馃憖) bc they didn鈥檛 tell their teams they had a twin. bonus points, inarizaki is there and the miya twins try to flirt w them (ships are up to you bc tbh anything sounds fun asf, idk i鈥檝e had this idea in my head for so long IM AN ONLY CHILD I DONT EVEN HAVE A TWIN FKDKSKSKS) idk if you wanna just do headcannons go for it babes it鈥檚 a lot i know lmaooo
This is genius!! Omg, I鈥檓 not a twin either but I鈥檓 VIBING with this idea 鈥 I did headcanons because there was so muuchhh. I hope you like 馃挄
(T/n) = twins (first) name
(L/n) Twins going to seperate schools and reuniting during a Shiratorizawa vs Nekoma practice match and Nationals:
鈥 Due to unfortunate circumstances, (L/n) (T/n) had gotten into Shiratorizawa however, her twin sister (L/n) (Y/n) had to attend another school - luckily Nekoma had last minute vacancies.
鈥 You stayed in Tokyo whilst your twin lived in the Shiratorizawa Dorms, it made seeing each other tricky but you always had video chats and since you were identical, it was easy to sneak into the dorms and stay for the weekend.
鈥 You both loved Volleyball and had looked into your respective teams, (T/n) having the more famous one begrudgingly but being siblings... things got competitive.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to become the manager of Shiratorizawa and I鈥檓 gonna take them to Nationals~鈥 Was your twins cheery statement, whilst you playfully taunted her.
鈥淗ah, more like they鈥檒l take you, if I join Nekoma I鈥檒l actually be useful.鈥
鈥淣o way - I鈥檓 a better manager than you (Y/n)!鈥
鈥淥h yeah?! Bring it on (T/n)! I鈥檒l see you at Nationals - if you make it!鈥 Thus, the challenge had begun.
鈥 Nekoma and yourself had bonded, you鈥檇 heard the same about (T/n) and Shiratorizawa, it was like fate had gifted you your perfect matches in the end. Even if it meant being separated.
鈥 It was around your second year with them that you鈥檇 heard about Karasuno, the once- upon-a-time rivals of Nekoma and how they鈥檇 organised a practice game with them over in Miyagi.
鈥 You鈥檇 be playing other teams in the district to make it more beneficial... which is where your scheming came in.
鈥淗ey, Tetsur艒 Senpai...鈥
鈥淲hat do you want, you鈥檙e only ever so cute when you want something from me.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not true! (Y/n)-chan is cute all of the time!鈥 Yamamoto playfully punched his Captains shoulder, the latter reluctantly agreeing with a flush before clearing his throat and gesturing for you to continue.
鈥淭hink we could play Shiratorizawa whilst we鈥檙e over in Miyagi?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l talk to Coach Nekomata and see what I can do, no promises though (Y/n).鈥 Kuroo would do his best, you knew he tried for those he cared about, especially his team.
鈥 It was no surprise then, that within 3 days you鈥檇 received a call from your twin.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e coming to challenge me and my team (Y/n)?鈥 The excitement in her voice, as well as that in yours was clear.
鈥淵ou can thank Kuroo for that 鈥 you鈥檒l finally get to meet my team!鈥
鈥淎nd you mine! Tend艒 and Ushijima are incredible, I love them.鈥 You鈥檇 spoken of respective players, shared stories and felt like you already knew part of each other鈥檚 teams despite never meeting them.
鈥淵es! I can鈥檛 wait - Lev isn鈥檛 coming with us, but Kenma and Yaku more than make up for it!鈥
鈥淟ev is that first year you told me about right? I hope you鈥檙e ready to lose (Y/n), Goshiki is talented as hell.鈥
鈥淎nd Nekoma is a unified machine, you鈥檒l need a tissue to wipe away your loser tears~鈥
鈥 Fast forward to the training trip, and the second you walk into Shiratorizawa you and your twin immediately rush over to each other, a collision of hugs, screams and excited conversation exchanged amidst the suddenly silent room.
鈥 Tend艒 is the one to separate you both, guiding you to stand side by side as he leans in to inspect you both with a finger on his chin.
鈥淲ell well well, seems our Chibi-chan has a Chibi-chan 2.0~鈥
Ushijima doesn鈥檛 seem all that phased by the phenomenon, meanwhile Shirabu had to restrain the awed interrogation of Goshiki.
鈥 Nekoma weren鈥檛 quite as calm, immediately Tend艒 hopped out of the way as Yamamoto tackled you, gawking between you and (T/n) whilst Inuoka attempted to null his yells.
鈥淎w he鈥檚 cute, my team are never so nice to me.鈥 (T/n) tutted, a subtle glare sent to Shiratorizawa - Satori being the one to stick his tongue out.
鈥淭rust me, Yamamoto is the only one.鈥 Cue your mirroring glare sent to a scheming Kuroo, whilst Nekomas Ace is still gushing over the two of you.
鈥 The teams are moderately amused once the game starts as the main smack-talkers are you and (T/n) hollering over the court as you鈥檇 reached the Third Set at a tie. Friendships between both teams were formed due to your family relations.
鈥 It鈥檚 not until the game is over and the Captains shake hands whilst you two hug it out with congratulatory words and playful insults that they start messing around again.
鈥淐鈥檓on (Y/n), we鈥檝e gotta go~鈥 Kuroo smugly states, purposefully slinging an arm around (T/n)s鈥 shoulders and guiding her out.
Before you had the chance to retaliate, Tend艒 gladly joined in.
鈥淭he Cat Captain is right, I鈥檝e missed my little kitten anyway~鈥 The redhead cheerfully gave you a high ten, intertwining your fingers in the process adding intimacy and offered a mischievous wink which you only laugh at.
鈥 Nekoma are freaking out, that鈥檚 their manager and they鈥檇 know if you had a boyfriend, right? Yaku and Kai are quick to hold back Yamamoto with Kuroo suddenly sweeping you away from Satori since Ushijima had already reclaimed (T/n).
鈥淭hat鈥檚 our kitten- ah manager.鈥
鈥淎nd (T/n) is ours, but I look forward to seeing you at Nationals Nekoma.鈥 The Captains bid one another farewell and you can only hope to play your twins鈥 team again.
鈥 Shiratorizawa didn鈥檛 make it to Nationals (since Karasuno beat them) but (T/n) wanted to come and support you (bitterly). Ushijima came with her too since he鈥檚 the Captain and wanted to keep you two out of trouble. Plus he loves Volleyball.
鈥 It鈥檚 when you鈥檙e checking the matchups do you encounter your beloved rivals, whilst Nekoma were distracted you went to scope out the area. 鈥楲uckily鈥 for you, you bumped into other competitors, the blonde 鈥榓ccidentally鈥 tripping.
鈥淲oah, are you okay-鈥 Before you could finish, he鈥檇 interrupted all suave.
鈥淵eah, I just fell for ya that鈥檚 all~鈥
鈥-send me a postcard next time~鈥
There was a moment of silence, you impressed by the smoothness and him awed by the sheer sarcasm.
鈥 The boy introduced himself as Miya Atsumu, Inaruzakis Setter and took note of your Nekoma jacket, asking you to watch him play if you got the chance. Especially if you become opponents.
鈥 Bidding farewell, you found (T/n) with a bright smile upon her face, Onigiri in hand.
鈥淭he games haven鈥檛 even started and you鈥檙e eating.鈥 Was your bemused observation, your twin scoffing with an innocent pout.
鈥淚 was hungry, and this cute player from Inarizki recommended the teriyaki Onigiri here so I brought some, wanna try?鈥 (T/n) justified, showing the item to you.
鈥淚 met an Inarizaki player too, and I鈥檓 too nervous to eat but thanks (T/n).鈥
鈥淪uit yourself, good luck and I鈥檒l look for you later.鈥 She rejoined Ushijima, the pair waving as you met up with Nekoma.
鈥 It isn鈥檛 until after the first round beating Kiyokawa High School, before the Karasuno vs Inarizaki game that you鈥檇 encounter the Miyas again 鈥 or rather Atsumu approached (T/n).
鈥淵er scoping out the competition huh gorgeous? I don鈥檛 blame ya (L/n), 鈥楽amu and I are the best of the best.鈥 The blonde proudly told (T/n), thinking you鈥檇 shed your Nekoma jacket to be inconspicuous.
鈥淚鈥 I don鈥檛 even know you? Wait, how do you know my name?!鈥
鈥 Osamu meets the pair, and actually thinks it through, Atsumu on the other hand jumps to conclusions.
鈥淲e just saw eac-鈥 Hearing (T/n), Atsumu was quick to argue but Osamu kicked his calve.
鈥淪hut it dumbass.鈥
鈥淗ey, loser twin!鈥 You called over, gaining the attention of her and the Miya Twins.
鈥淎h... 鈥楽amu there鈥檚 two of them...鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I was gonna tell ya.鈥
鈥 It must鈥檝e been a twin instinct (twinstinct hehe) but yourself and Osamu could tell the individual differences/quirks immediately, hence how he鈥檇 figured it out so quickly. A mutual smile was shared as your respective twins continued their petty insults.
鈥 鈥(T/n)! Ushijima is looking for you and I need to find Kuroo so...鈥
鈥淥h, yer boyfriends?鈥
鈥淯h - aha -no no, our Captains.鈥 Your twin managed, flustered and embarrassed - you were glad she鈥檇 spoken because you were no better with the heat on your skin.
鈥淧erfect, tell your Captains鈥 that we鈥檙e not sorry for keeping you~鈥 Atsumu shouted as you both waved goodbye and headed back to the stands/courts.
鈥 Nekoma won against Sarukawa Tech High, your next opponents currently battling it out on the court which you鈥檇 all raced to see - mainly for Karasuno.
But it was during the break after the first set that the twins approached the stands, well, you.
鈥(Y/n), ya won?鈥 It was brave of Osamu to address you so casually but you didn鈥檛 mind.
鈥淥f course, my team, my friends, are truly amazing. Our next opponent is either Karasuno or you.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檒l be facing me- us- Inarizaki! Don鈥檛 you worry sweetheart.鈥 It seemed whatever suaveness Atsumu once had was long gone by now.
鈥 They played incredibly, but the entirety of Nekoma were glad of Karasunos鈥 victory, you鈥檇 taken a second to see the twins though.
鈥淵ou were amazing, I鈥檓 grateful I got to see you both play. Looks like you won鈥檛 be facing me after all, sweetheart~鈥
鈥淵eah well- I鈥 jus鈥 watch yer back next year beautiful. I鈥檓 comin鈥 for ya.鈥
鈥淵amamoto! Apologies for him.鈥 Yaku forced the Mohawk to bow, Kuroo slipping an arm around your waist with a smirk. 鈥淏ut he鈥檚 not wrong.鈥
鈥 You were staying with (T/n) for the weekend, utilising Shiratorizawas practice break to tell the tale of the Miyas and their flirting. The team were oddly protective over the both of you, but you hadn鈥檛 the time to question it with Goshikis inquiry.
鈥淥kay, so if you two had children with the Miya twins respectively... would your children be identical?鈥
鈥淲e won鈥檛 have to find out.鈥 If anyone else had said it you wouldn鈥檛 have believed them, but something about the certainty of Wakatoshi made you both smile.
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supersuperbigdr6 months ago
thoughts while watching episode 5
just watching the ep 4 recap gives me chills and makes me sad for lemar. we didn't know him much at all but he seemed like a good guy and even his death could've been more respectful i think
to a very small extent i feel bad for walker. he sucks but seeing your best friend murdered would hurt anyone, especially if they were following you
鈥渋鈥檓 not like you鈥 the look on Bucky鈥檚 face is damn sad :(
鈥渨e don't want anyone else to get hurt鈥 Sam really just is the best huh
major props to Wyatt Russell for depicting walkers descent to madness very well
i don't think, realistically, Bucky should've been knocked out that easily. maybe it鈥檚 so the focus would shift to just Sam and walker like as symbolism and stuff but logistically Bucky shouldn't have been knocked out that easily. makes you wonder about just how strong this new serum is or if it was an intentional choice on the part of the writers/directors
Sam is SO RESOURCEFUL and a damn good fighter!!! very few other people without the serum would be able to hold their own this well against a super soldier--especially one losing touch with reality with so little to lose
Walker is literally frothing at the mouth
Bucky鈥檚 back!
i think ripping off the wings is the first step in Sam鈥檚 transition to Captain America finally :鈥)
in terms of symbolism and the fact that Sam is literally Captain America maybe they should've had Sam holding the shield in the zoomed out shot instead of Bucky
mackie and seb are such good actors. mackie鈥檚 face in that last shot!!! so much emotion and weariness
quite the opening scene wow
joaquin 鈥渉ey you got your sleeve back!鈥 torres
bucky is going to the sokovian memorial!
torres those will be your wings!!
torres those are your wings!!!
i didnt think we would see walker鈥檚 wife again that鈥檚 cool
there is something to be said for the fact that walker wasn't arrested and was allowed to blow up emotionally at the hearing. a black man, even a black soldier with his record, wouldn鈥檛 have been given those luxuries.
鈥測ou built me鈥 that's very interesting because they absolutely did and that's why he snapped. it鈥檚 a wonder he lasted so long really.
who is this lady 鈥淰al鈥?? is she from the comics? shes no good, that's for sure. and very smart for capitalizing on walker鈥檚 being a loose cannon
i want to give people my business card i would feel so powerful
Karli really is a revolutionary. like Sam i can鈥檛 agree with her methods but she really is incredible! and an amazing leader!
it鈥檚 interesting seeing the little moments when her followers are unsure of her, really illustrates her slooooow transition into a moral grey area
鈥渋magine my relief鈥 haha destroyed
鈥渂ut we鈥檙e going to do it our own way鈥 there is something to unpack there i will have to come back to this. i think it鈥檚 the use of 鈥榳e鈥
Bucky shooting Zemo is the absolute worst possible thing he could do right now for so many reasons.
i hope this decision on his part is a sign of him coming around to logic finally
another favor????
SAM IS GOING TO SEE ISAIAH oh i have high hopes for this scene. gonna stop and pay attention now
that was beautifully written and acted. i鈥檓 so glad they aren't beating around the bush or trying to keep the conversation light for the sake of the audience鈥檚 鈥榝eelings鈥 like i assumed Disney would. it was overt and it was painful and raw.
鈥渘o self-respecting black man would ever want to be鈥 that is going to hurt Sam a whole lot. damn. i guess maybe now he has to weigh his understanding and pain regarding what Isaiah went through with the hope Isaiah so clearly lacks. but they aren't mutually exclusive and i hope Sam understands that
props to Anthony and especially Carl Lumbly for that scene. incredible!
and now the return to LA!
uncle Sam :D
the world is lucky to have a Sarah Wilson in it. she鈥檚 so strong and kind the Wilson parents did a great job. and the neighbors know that too!!
look at everyone fixing the boat!!!!!!!!!
bucky is so passive aggressive hahaha and we got the 鈥渋鈥檓 right handed鈥 moment
i鈥檓 glad the favor Bucky called in from Ayo wasn鈥檛 for him this time
BOAT MONTAGE WITH FUN MUSIC! i鈥檓 glad were getting a lighter moment with their friendship too it鈥檚 nice to see
鈥渟mall t-shirts or six toes or your moms your aunt鈥 i love it just (b)romantic banter
lying to their face about their son鈥檚 death to protect his own ego that's聽 damn low
looks like Lemar鈥檚 sister knows he鈥檚 lying though i wonder how much is on the news
i genuinely believe walker means well but he鈥檚 just too corrupt at this point and can鈥檛 prioritize anyone else over his own survival
*the lovers鈥 glances* <3
the Sarah/Sam/Bucky dynamic is my new favorite thing
are we gonna get Bucky鈥檚 apology??? finally??? has the old man come to his senses???
and Bucky also respectfully explained his perspective i鈥檓 proud of him for using his big boy words because it definitely wasn't the therapist who helped him to that point
also a mini conversation about Steve鈥檚 effect on their identities and how to move forward? more than i could鈥檝e asked for! not a super long apology from Bucky but i was starting to doubt we鈥檇 get aanything honestly
interesting take from Sam on Bucky鈥檚 amends too. it鈥檚 very clear that he was great at his job as a counselor at the VA
always could鈥檝e been more but we got a lot of meaningful stuff from this scene that i was losing hope in
鈥渢hat's cool. start with one.鈥 that's damn good advice.
鈥渃all me when you have a lead and i鈥檒l be there鈥 i鈥檓 glad too to see Bucky backing off a bit and letting Sam take the lead in what has so clearly become his Captain America story. let Sam shine!
it鈥檚 a bit weird that from one episode to the next Bucky gained so much perspective regarding Sam鈥檚 decision with the shield, almost like he had some aha moment between episodes, but i鈥檒l take it.
such 鈥榤anly man鈥 reasoning 鈥渢here鈥檚 no way we鈥檙e friends, just a couple guys鈥
i鈥檓 gonna say it again Anthony Mackie is a brilliant actor. his face as him and Bucky part ways is so loaded, grim and bleak and hopeful and apprehensive for everything that comes next. he鈥檚 finally getting a calm moment to realize 鈥榟ey, i have the shield now. no Walkers or Zemos or family boats in the way鈥 and i would imagine he鈥檚 weighing very heavily Isaiah Bradley鈥檚 words as well as he thinks about his next move
Sarah is so prettyyyy
鈥渨hat would be the point of all the pain and the sacrifice if i wasn't willing to stand up and keep fighting鈥 thats it. thats sam.
those flips are badass and i鈥檓 pretty sure that last one on the trail was the same one Izzy Daniels does in jump in on the street!
鈥渄o we really need to bother with a vote鈥??? sir????
yes what鈥檚 in the case open the case open it
so is it like a new Captain America suit for Sam? is it obvious and i鈥檓 just missing what鈥檚 right in front of me?? what鈥檚 in the case!!
they put seb鈥檚 name first? have they been doing that the whole time i haven't watched the whole credits before. no makey much sense to moi
look at Walker making his own generic brand shield i admire the arts and crafts skills i do not admire the intentions
so that covered a lot of important stuff, no??? but there鈥檚 still a heck of a lot to wrap up in the final episode??? i鈥檓 a bit scared at how well everything ties together in the end and how long we鈥檒l have to wait to see more of these nerds after it wraps
definitely my favorite episode so far
definitely a lot to unpack
one final round of applause to Mackie and Seb as well as Carl Lumbly and Adepero Oduye and everyone else! and also Malcolm Spellman and everyone behind the scenes!
please i鈥檇 love to discuss any/all of this with anyone so don鈥檛 hesitate to reach out! and also please point out any interesting and important things that i missed because i鈥檓 just one person with one perspective and there鈥檚 always plenty more to acknowledge and discuss! and if no one sees this that鈥檚 okay too i just needed to get my thoughts down somewhere
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vibraniumphoenix4 months ago
wildest dream. [ s.r ]
a steve rogers x fem!reader wherein the reader falls in love with the super soldier who can鈥檛 seem to let go of the past.
WARNING: angst, one-sided relationships, set four years after the snap.
A/N: hello !!! this is the first marvel fic i鈥檓 posting and i am very nervous about it aha. having been said, this is like my child and my personal favorite so im bringing this fic here with me <3
word count: 3.7K.
Tumblr media
Your attitude died the same day your little brother turned to dust in your arms four years ago. The fear and pain his face had was burned into the back of your mind, haunting you on a daily basis; his cries echoing in your head.
But things seemed to change when your aunt introduced you to the talks the remaining Avengers had weekly for the people who were still struggling with the sudden loss of their loved ones; seeing and meeting people who were going through the similar struggle as you helped a lot in coping with the eternal torture that you had.
That鈥檚 when you met him; the man who held your heart in the palm of his hands. Steve Rogers.
鈥淗ow come you鈥檝e only started going to these meetings after four years?鈥 Kenzie, a girl who鈥檚 a few years younger than you asked, causing everyone in the meeting circle to look at you. Your eyes widened at the sudden question, feeling a slight tinge of pink creep up on your cheeks at the attention you鈥檝e gained.
You bit your lower lip as you contemplated whether or not to answer the question, 鈥淚- I had a hard time accepting my brother鈥檚 gone since he鈥檚 my only family. I locked myself up for the last four years, rarely talking to anyone until my aunt forced me to get into these types of things and well now I go here whenever my days get really bad. I had to move on somehow.鈥 You answered, tone laced with truthfulness, giving her a small smile.
鈥淲ell we鈥檙e both glad and proud you鈥檙e here and that you鈥檝e decided to move on from what happened.鈥 Steve spoke up, making everyone look at him, including you. His blue eyes peering into yours, giving you a small nod which you reciprocated, the eye-contact causing the others words of agreement and encouragement to be drowned out.
The rest of the meeting flew by as normal as the superhero continued to talk about how everyone should move on from what happened涓聽 accompanied with the occasional stolen glances Steve gives you涓 and soon enough, everyone was giving each other hugs and bidding their goodbyes until the next meeting.
You were grabbing your jacket when someone tapped your shoulder, looking back you saw the super soldier look at you with a somewhat nervous glint in his eyes, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Y/N, right?鈥 He asked, showing you a small grin as he pushed his hands inside of his pocket.
鈥淵ou have the right person, Mr. Rogers.鈥 You answered, unsure of why he would suddenly come up to you.聽 It didn鈥檛 even take you a second to register the rather homey smell of laundry detergent and a hint of a manly perfume you couldn鈥檛 put a name on that he sported.
鈥淚鈥檝e been seeing you a lot in these sessions涓 I, I was wondering if you would like to go grab some dinner sometime?鈥 He asked awkwardly, unsure of how to sentence the thoughts that were inside his mind.
Your eyebrow quirked at the male who was normally eloquent and sure of his words, is now fumbling over how to ask you out for dinner but who were you to say no to such a rare opportune to spend some time with the male, 鈥淚鈥 I would love to.鈥
And that was the start of it all.
At first he was worried about the situation the both of you had, fearing that you might be hated for once the word goes out to the public that you were dating him so you compromised, telling him that no one has to know what the both of you do; that it was okay for him to keep you as his secret, admitting that all of this gave you a thrill.
Until eight months later, Steve had finally said he had enough of hiding and offered to take you to the Avengers compound where he introduced you to the rest of the heroes who were working hard to keep everything intact after the tragic event that happened a little well-over four涓almost five涓 years ago.
鈥淪teve, do you think they liked me?鈥 You had asked him, eyes trained to the ground as the both of you walked around the Facility, hands tucked behind your back as the cool air of the setting sun wafted around the both of you. There was silence on his end before he spoke up, 鈥淣at wouldn鈥檛 have choked on her drink at that joke you made if she didn鈥檛.鈥
You looked up at him, a hopeful smile adorning your lips, 鈥淪o does that mean I鈥檓 accepted here, then?鈥 It was kind of ridiculous to ask that question after hearing him just say that Natasha laughed at your joke, but all he did was nod and wrap his arm around your shoulder, pulling you in.
鈥淓ven if they didn鈥檛, they have no choice. You鈥檙e stuck with me.鈥
The mere memory made you smile as you drove into the facility, having the intention of surprising him with a gift you had made him; a painting of the first photo you two took together, at Time Square.
You and Steve were on another spontaneous road trip; he was free for the day and had asked you to accompany him to drive around New York and before you could even decline, he was already knocking at your apartment door, ready to pick you up.
The day was filled with quiet laughter as you introduced him to newer music and those timeless masterpieces that he missed out on during his 70 year freeze. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe you don鈥檛 listen to Queen! That band is a whole icon!鈥 You called him out as you started to play Bohemian Rhapsody in the background. 鈥淚鈥檓 introducing you to the basics.鈥
鈥淗ey I don鈥檛 have as much free time as you, you know.鈥 Steve said, stepping on the gas as you two finally entered the rather empty streets of Times Square.
Your day was filled with laughs and banter as you continued to introduce him to newer songs, occasionally playing some older tunes that he could enjoy himself and talked about how his life was before he was dunked into the ice. 鈥淢ust鈥檝e been a real hard time for you to grasp on to everything suddenly being so modern.鈥 You commented, looking up from your phone to give him a small smile.
鈥淥h trust me, it gave me quite the shock waking up to see everything so鈥 new and foreign. But I had to learn涓adapt even to what happened.鈥 He started off, slowing down the car for him to look up at the large skyscrapers. 鈥淚 had to move on or else I would still be miserable until now.鈥 He said, tongue clicking at the top of his mouth.
The car came into a full stop making you look at him in confusion. 鈥淲hy鈥檇 you stop the car?鈥 But he didn鈥檛 answer, instead he got out and jogged around the car to open the door for you. You stepped out, brows still furrowed. 鈥淲e didn鈥檛 have the luxury to take that many photos back in the day and I would regret it if I didn鈥檛 have one with you.鈥 He said, rubbing the nape of his neck.
Breaking out into a smile, you agreed almost instantly and pulled your phone out, quickly opening the camera. 鈥淭his is a selfie, alright?鈥 You said, not forgetting to tease him, earning you an eye roll from the male. 鈥淚鈥檓 not that outdated!鈥 he retorted, pulling you into him as he motioned you to take the photo.
You were snug in his arms as you put the phone up, 鈥淭o more memories with you, Captain.鈥
You were all smiles the moment you parked your car and grabbed the canvas from the trunk, heading inside the compound where Nat instructed you to go around when you bumped into Rhodey who was quick to recognize you, 鈥淗ey you鈥檙e Cap鈥檚 girl, right?鈥 which made you shake your head hesitantly, causing the other to look at you with a bamboozled expression. 鈥淲hat do you mean 鈥榥o鈥?鈥
鈥淲ell, Steve hasn鈥檛 asked me out officially but that鈥檒l change soon enough. I made him this gift and will actually ask him. A bit odd I know, but if neither of us would make a move then this would probably drag on.鈥 You confessed, grinning at the soldier excitedly who now had an amazed expression on his face. 鈥淎lright then. He鈥檚 in the office with Romanoff so knock yourself out.鈥
You were nearing the office when you overheard the conversation between assassin and Steve.
鈥淪o when are you officially going to ask Y/N out?鈥 The female asked, making your heart race in anticipation and hope that he might actually ask you to be his soon. However, the quietness that followed made your excitement go down and your heart to drop to your stomach; the giddiness you were feeling was replaced with worry as negative thoughts started to infiltrate your mind.
A sigh was finally heard from the other end, 鈥淣at, I haven鈥檛 been completely honest with you. I鈥 I don鈥檛 think I ever will.鈥 The latter started off, heaving another sigh as a shuffle of feet was resonating through the quiet room. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just鈥 Y/N鈥檚 a great girl you know? I thought I could love her but she鈥檚涓 she鈥檚 not like Peggy.鈥
You could hear Nat scoff lightly, probably in disapproval, 鈥淭hen why鈥檇 you lead her on like this? That鈥檚 an asshole move from you, Steve.鈥 and you couldn鈥檛 agree more. Your mouth was held over your mouth as you tried your best not to make any sound, wanting to hear more from his side before you make your presence known; in foolish hopes that he might be able to move on and be with you instead.
鈥淚鈥 I honestly don鈥檛 know how to bring it up to her. She seems so happy with me and I don鈥檛 have the heart to tell her I don鈥檛 like her the same way she does with me.鈥 He answered, voice laced with regret and guilt that he made you believe in something that wasn鈥檛 even possible in the first place.
That鈥檚 when your dreams of being with him was shattered; the visions you had of being in a family with him and living the rest of your days together were turned into dust. You were aware of the history Steve had with the woman; how he met her before subsequently falling into the ice that would freeze him. He made you feel so loved and convinced you that what you were feeling was reciprocal to his but you were wrong.
So damn wrong.
Suddenly, the promises he made of being with you until time permits became a blur to you, those late night talks of imagining what could happen if he and the others were to save the world and him bringing back your younger brother seemed like a far-fetched dream which shattered you even more.
So with every strong fiber that you had left within you, you re-emerged from your hiding spot and looked at the two heroes, Steve being the first one to see you, the color from his face drained. 鈥淵/N I could expl涓鈥
鈥淪ave it. Delete my name from your contacts, Rogers. I鈥檓 sorry I was foolish enough to think you would like me.鈥 You told him, walking over to where he was to give the painting you worked so hard on, shoving it into his hands and mustering up the courage to look at him again. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥 I鈥檓 sorry I couldn鈥檛 be your best girl.鈥
And then you ran, pretending not to hear him calling out for you; you ran all the way to the parking lot and by the time you could lean onto the door of your car, you were breathless and choking on the tears you fought hard to not spill but it was all too much.
As you drove away, a part of you hoped he ran after you but you were foolish enough to even hope so because he never did.
You sat by the window of your brother鈥檚 room, looking out into the empty streets of Manhattan. After the incident with Steve, you were left to fend for yourself again and it left you feeling lonelier than ever. He never contacted you, not even once after everything the two of you have been through. It seems like you were just a memory that was easy for him to forget.
Tears threatened to fall from your eyes once again when you heard something swoosh from the other side of the room. Snapping your head to the side, you could see something or someone form from dust and that鈥檚 when you realized it was your younger brother.
Rising to your feet, you sprinted over to where he was, 鈥淴avier?鈥 You whispered, choking up on tears as your little brother鈥檚 doe eyes looked up at you in disbelief and fear. He was only five years old when he disappeared into nothing and it looks like he hasn鈥檛 aged even a day. His arms immediately sprung up to ask for your embrace to which you complied with.
You scooped the toddler up in your arms and hugged him tightly, fearing he might disappear again. Then you heard it, the streets outside were filled with screams of confusion and terror as people started forming again one by one, chaos ensuing outside of your quiet home; but you were tranquil, because you knew Steve had kept his promise of giving you your brother back, of making everyone else return.
It鈥檚 been a good week since everyone has gone back, people still trying to process everything that has happened. Families were and still are reconnecting, businesses and government officials are trying to get a hold of things together.
Your life was slowly going back to normal. Your little brother was back meaning the small house you live in is starting to be filled with joyous laughter again as the little tyke鈥檚 energy was bursting at the seams.
You and your aunt watched as Xav played with the teddy bear she got for him upon her visit, 鈥淓verything seems so much lighter with the little troublemaker around, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 She asked, glancing at you as she continued to knead the dough of the cookies she鈥檚 making for you and your brother.
鈥淚t definitely is. Suddenly this place feels like home aga鈥斺 Your sentence was cut in the middle when a loud knock came from your door making your brows furrow.
鈥淥h were you expecting anyone?鈥 Your aunt asked, you shook your head in response but before you could answer her your brother鈥檚 voice resonated through the house. 鈥淚鈥檒l get it!鈥 but what you expected next was the last thing you could have ever expected.
鈥淵/N! It鈥檚- It鈥檚 Captain America!鈥 Xavier鈥檚 voice was a pitch higher due to his excitement upon seeing the superhero then his laughter soon followed. Your aunt gave you a surprised yet knowing look, motioning you to go to the door. 鈥淵ou better go and ask the man what he wants from you. I鈥檓 not listening to your excuses, go.鈥
You knew better than to argue with the woman so you slowly made your way to the front door where you saw Steve who sported a few wounds to his face carrying your little brother, his smile wide as he answered questions the child asked. 鈥淚 think Cap has had enough questions to answer, Xav. Go back inside.鈥 You told him, much to the five year old鈥檚 dismay.
鈥淏ut Y/N! I haven鈥檛 asked涓鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l be back later to answer those okay? Go listen to your sister.鈥 Steve was the one to answer now, setting Xavier down and patted his head. He gave the super-soldier a thumbs up and ran inside, giddily telling your aunt that he got carried by the blonde.
The two of you stared at each other quietly, before you decided to speak up. 鈥淗ow about we go to the backyard and speak there, yeah?鈥 You offered, making some room for him to enter the house, to which he agreed with, entering your humble home. Upon closing the door, you whispered a quiet 鈥渓et鈥檚 go鈥 to him and led him to the back of your house.
You sat down by the lone tree that stood in the middle of your garden, patting down the space next to you. 鈥淪o what brings you here?鈥 You asked once he sat down, turning to the male with a small yet hesitant smile.
鈥淚鈥檓 returning the infinity stones tomorrow but before that I want to apologize.鈥 Steve started off, looking into the distance as he couldn鈥檛 bring himself to look into your E/C orbs that he once found comfort in, fearing that it might be filled with hatred for him. 鈥淚鈥檓 not sure how much you heard that night but I have鈥 no excuse for what I did to you. I thought I could love you, that I could move on but I guess I鈥檓 still stuck in the past.鈥 He admitted, tone quiet and soft like the rustles of the leaves that hovered above the both of you.
鈥淚 came to you because you reminded me of Peggy. It was selfish of me to even approach you with that intention in the first place but I can assure you that every moment we shared together is something that I cherish deeply. Even涓 even the first kiss we had right under this tree right here.鈥 He finished, a sad sigh following his sentence.
It was a cool night and you were drifting off to sleep when you heard something tap the windows of your room, causing you to sit up and walk towards the source of the noise to see Steve gathering more rocks. Opening the window, 鈥淪teve? What on earth are you doing here?鈥 You asked, amused at his antics that seemed too out of character even for him.
鈥淚 came to see you! You aren鈥檛 going to the session tomorrow, right?鈥 Steve said, motioning you to come down. His smile was big as the moon shined over him, defining his facial structure even more despite the darkness of the night.
You shook your head in disbelief, you had told him that you weren鈥檛 going to attend this week due to the fact that it was supposed to be your brother鈥檚 tenth birthday today and you had every intention to celebrate for him. 鈥淕o to the back! I鈥檒l meet you there.鈥 You told him, motioning to the garden at the back of your childhood home.
You quickly threw on a pair of pajama pants and headed down, grabbing a few snacks from the kitchen pantry before heading out to the backyard where you saw him sitting down by the tree and waved for you to come on over to him.
You plopped down next to him and his arms were instantly around you, 鈥淗ow old is your brother by tomorrow?鈥 He asked, squeezing you to him gently as he placed a gentle kiss to the top of your head. His familiar scent greets your senses, causing you to completely ease up in his touch.
鈥淴av鈥檚 supposed to be ten tomorrow. I promised him I would take him to the beach for this tenth birthday so I have every intention of doing so even without him here.鈥 You answered, the familiar feeling of sadness forming in your chest at the idea of spending another birthday without him; it was too painful for you.
Comfortable silence then wrapped the both of you before he spoke up again, 鈥淚 promise I鈥檓 getting your brother back. I don鈥檛 know how we can do that, but I promise you I will.鈥 Determination was dripping through every word, making you look up at him as hopefulness filled your eyes. Your gaze met before you leaned in to connect your lips with his for a quick kiss.
Realizing your actions, you looked at him in shock as a hand hovered over your lips. 鈥淪teve I鈥檓 so sorry鈥 but you were quickly silenced when his plush tiers met yours for another kiss, this time longer and filled with more emotions. The both of you kissed until you had to break away due to the lack of oxygen, resting your forehead against his.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be sorry, Y/N.鈥
You chuckled softly at the memory, a sad smile on your lips as you decided to speak up, 鈥淒id you ever regret meeting me, Steve?鈥 You questioned, staring off into the distance as the feeling of defeat consumed you. There was a shift in his position as his hand cupped your cheek, making you look at him.
His brows were furrowed as he shook his head, 鈥淣o, I could never regret meeting you. The only regret I have is with myself. For making you love me when I couldn鈥檛 even love you back.鈥
You leaned into his touch as tears flowed down from your eyes, your sobs following as your heart broke more. There was no denying you had fallen for him, that you had fallen quite hard for him but you couldn鈥檛 keep him to yourself; not when he鈥檚 still in love with the woman he met decades ago. 鈥淭hank you for giving me a chance to love you.鈥 You whispered, thankful for the time he spent with you; for making you feel like he was yours for even just a fleeting moment.
No words left his mouth as he leaned in to give you another kiss. Unlike the many you鈥檝e shared, this one was chaste and had guilt written all over it. 鈥淚 have to go.鈥 He then said, hugging you for the last time as he stood up.
Your hand stopped him from going any further, he looked back down at you with a curious gaze. With the last strong thread that you had, you mustered up a big smile at him. 鈥淚 hope you still remember me; us. Even if it鈥檚 just in your wildest dreams.鈥 before letting him go.
鈥淚鈥檒l always remember you, Y/N.鈥
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spideyanakin6 months ago
New Starts
Peter Parker x Reader
Based on No Surprises by Radiohead
Synopsis; Rough endings come with new starts
Requested by; @averyfosterthoughts鈥 //聽Peter and y/n meeting after finishing their studies tears after high school only to realise that their feelings are as strong if not stronger as they used to be and they they get back to being in love 馃挋馃挋馃挋
Tumblr media
You and Peter ended badly.
Neither of you had managed to keep the relationship going after high school and messed it up real bad. The fake smiles and distance meant everything. The two of you were just to far away both mentally and physically to keep it going.
The only reason the two of you had clanged onto it was the memory of high school and the souvenirs of the first time you truly felt love. So when you finally decided it was time to stop this mess, it ended up hurting both of you and messing up your friendship.
But lately, everything made you think about him. The blue sweaters of your boyfriend made you think of Peter鈥檚 collection of blue cardigans and flannels. His plain white T-shirts鈥 started to bore you and you couldn鈥檛 get your mind off Peter鈥檚 pun shirts that you bet were still somewhere in his closet.
鈥淵ou ok?鈥 Jack asked as he scrolled through his computer.
You nodded rubbing your warm teacup as you stared at the bright red spiderman sticker on his computer, for the first time in a while wishing it was Peter behind the screen, rather then Jack.
You started questioning everything when you realized it had been more than four years since you and Peter broke up. Your two year anniversary with Jack sent fear into your stomach as you realized it had been that long.
You would be lying if you said you never missed Peter. Because you did. You missed the smell of his shampoo and the way he would dress. You missed his voice and the jokes he would crack every so often. Each one of them being so stupid you had to laugh. You missed playing board games until 3 am and your monthly Star Wars marathons. You missed the Star Wars debates and waking up by him tapping on your window in his spider suit both your breakfasts in hand.
The simple thought of him made you want to snap your fingers and go back, go back to a simple life with him, one where you could fully be yourself.
It wasn鈥檛 that Jack was a bad boyfriend鈥 He was just sometimes a little shallow. He would go and watch the games every week with his friends, forgetting anniversaries or even important moments of your life. He would also gawk about how much he hated Star Wars right in front of you, and sometimes even saying how stupid the people who did were.
So you hid your true self all the time. You even had to hide your Star Wars hoodies and shirts at MJs by fear of him finding them and throwing them away like the rest of the things you owned that he hated.
And for the anniversaries? Well, you just cried in a corner or sucked it up as you would always do.
You wished you could have gotten at least one more bouquet of flowers from Jack, or at least a cute gesture. But since you had passed the one year bar, everything seemed to slowly go away.
The chorus of Smack that from Akon ft. Eminem brought you back to real life. You shook your head as you realized it was Jack鈥檚 ring tone and slightly frowned sick of hearing this song each time he got a call.
He took his phone and looked at it. You scanned his face and saw nothing changed in his features.
鈥淚 have to go, babe.鈥 He quickly replied before giving you a smile and leaving out the door. The second he left you let out a sigh of frustration as he didn鈥檛 even give you a goodbye kiss, or anything else to go with a loving goodbye.
You eyed the door before deciding to go out and get a change of scenery.
To be honest you were even getting sick of that apartment. Everything was his and left no room for you. Little by little all your gadgets had been replaced with his or even disappeared. For example, the little teddy bear MJ had given you for your friendaversy had gone missing a few weeks ago and so did a souvenir from France.
The more you thought about your relationship with Jack, the more you felt like you were taking a sip of poison each day, waiting until you had the right amount in your system to kill you. The more you were going forward, the more it felt like you were hurting yourself, and it felt terrible.
You walked into an area of Manhattan you hadn鈥檛 been to in months and stopped at your favorite coffee shop, the one Jack couldn鈥檛 stand.
He said he didn鈥檛 like the way it smelled, looked, and just the whole vibe. But you were holding this place close to your heart. The decorations, the scent, the tables, and the memory they held. Everything about made you sick and happy at the same time.
You ordered the same thing you use to, and sat at the same table, pressing your forehead against the window, looking at the quiet streets sighing to yourself as you thought back to everything wrong with your life.
Suddenly your ears caught the soft sounds of the bells and the door hitting the wall with a loud thud.
A breathless brunette had almost run in, cash falling out of his hand. He fumbled in his spot before picking it up and looking up towards the counter where a variety of pastries were presented. That鈥檚 when you realized who it was.
It was Peter.
Your first love, Peter Parker.
The one you couldn鈥檛 get off your mind for the past few weeks, the one you missed so much he even hunted your dreams.
You kept your eyes focused on him as he ordered a chai latte as you remembered, and a white choco chip cookie to go. You watched as he walked towards the waiting spot and waited, not touching his cookie as he wanted to have it at the same time as his drink.
鈥淧eter?鈥 The barista called out as he placed the cup on the counter.
Peter grabbed it with a smile and looked up meeting your eyes.
That鈥檚 something he never thought he would have the luck to again.
His heart froze he as he saw you. You were dressed in a beige trench coat he had never seen before, the color suiting you well. Your hair was casually resting on your shoulders and to his surprise you were smiling back at him, and even waving. He smiled back as he decided to walk up to you, not caring if it was weird.
You see Peter missed you too. He actually missed you a lot. Peter had broken up with his girlfriend because he couldn鈥檛 take you out of his mind. He thought the poor girl would take you off his mind, but it just made it worst. Peter couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about you and it tormented him during the whole relationship. To be honest, he was so scared to break up with her he thought he was going to end up like Ross from friends when he said the wrong name at the altar.
鈥淗ey.鈥 Peter smiled.
鈥淗ey.鈥 You gave back the smile and pointed to the seat in front of you. 鈥淵ou can sit if you want? It鈥檚 been a while.鈥 You stated before bringing the cup back to your mouth.
鈥淪ure you don鈥檛 mind?鈥 He said placing a hand on the chair, tapping it with his fingers.
鈥淵eah.鈥 You nodded with a happy smile.
Peter sat down and placed his cookie on top of the wrapping using it as a plate, your heart skipping a beat as you saw him smile.
鈥淗ow鈥檚 life?鈥 He asked before taking a sip of his chai.
鈥淎lright.鈥 You let out a sad chuckled. 鈥淐ould be better.鈥 You folded your arms.
鈥淥h.鈥 He replied looking at you with soft eyes, wondering if you were truly unhappy with your life.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry tho.鈥 You smiled before placing a strand of hair behind your ear. 鈥淗ow鈥檚 life for you?鈥
鈥淕ood. Im starting the Parker Industries. It鈥檚 going pretty well.鈥 He replied proudly.
鈥淩eally?鈥 Your eyes widen. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e finally getting your dream?鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 His cheeks turned a light shade of red under your impressed stare.
鈥淏ut that鈥檚 amazing. Running an industry like this is huge.鈥 You stated making Peter blush even more.
鈥淲ell, I had help. And everything was already laid down by Tony.鈥 He scratched the back of his head his blush still present
鈥淎nd? It鈥檚 still huge that someone so young managed to do this!鈥 You exclaimed.
鈥淲ell, thank you.鈥
Minutes turned into hours and you felt like you hadn鈥檛 lived during these four years without Peter. Everything you missed about him came hitting you in the face. His laugh, his scent, the joy in his eyes, the more you talked with him the more you could sense the slight changes in his life. He looked good, even better you thought. Everything you loved about him was still there, but he had become even more mature and almost better then you remembered.
Your phone rang and the familiar contact of your boyfriend popped up.
鈥淥h crap. I have to go.鈥 You made a face as you looked at your phone, cursing the stars that he was in your life. 鈥淏ut I really had a good time.鈥 You looked up to him with a sincere smile.
鈥淢e too.鈥 He smiled getting lost in your eyes, the ones he missed for the past years. 鈥淯m, let me accompany you.鈥 He fumbled with his hands as he offered you a walk home. 鈥淢ake sure your safe.鈥 He winked and you chuckled at his remark.
鈥淎lright, Spider-man.鈥 You bumped your shoulder in his as you walked out of the shop and into the tall buildings of New York.
鈥淚m glad the start of Peter industries is going well.鈥 You smiled as you fumbled with the sleeves of your sweatshirt.
鈥淵eah! Me too! Happy鈥檚 been a great help tho.鈥 He smiled as he continued walking.
You felt more peaceful with Peter then you had ever been with Jack. Maybe it was just knowing Peter was Spider-man, but his company felt nicer than his.
You felt the sparks that were once there come back, your heart skipping a beat as your hand brushed his.
鈥淭his is my stop.鈥 You awkwardly stood in front of your building. Peter felt a weight in his stomach as he didn鈥檛 want to leave you.
Peter stopped and awkwardly shifted in his spot and so did you.
鈥淚 like your sweatshirt.鈥 He replied pointing to your Star Wars themed sweater.
鈥淭hanks. You would love the person who gave it to me.鈥 You smirked mindlessly getting closer to him.
鈥淎ha! I think I know him!鈥 Peter placed a hand over his chin. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 it the guy who dresses in red and blue, saves a bunch of people?鈥 He tittled his head.
鈥淢aybe.鈥 You wiggled your eyebrows before the two of you fell into peaceful laughter.
As it slowly quieted down you met his eyes, getting lost in their honey color you missed so much.
You let yourself go into autopilot as you both slowly leaned in for a kiss.
鈥淚 can鈥檛.鈥 You rested your head on Peter鈥檚 shoulder skipping the kiss. 鈥淚 have a boyfriend.鈥 You sighed feeling more weight into your stomach as all you wanted to do was kiss him. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry Peter.鈥
鈥淎gh. It鈥檚 alright.鈥 Peter鈥檚 face twisted as he awkwardly patted your shoulder.
You removed your head from his shoulder and looked up to him, a mix of guilt and desire mixed in your mind.
鈥淚鈥檓 really sorry Peter, seriously.鈥
鈥淗ey don鈥檛 worry about it.鈥 His cheeks were slightly red and he looked to the floor playing with a rock. 鈥淯m my spidey senses and tangling. I鈥檒l um see you later.鈥 He awkwardly nodded before leaving you in front of your building feeling like an idiot.
You let out a soft scream of frustration before walking up to your apartment just too meet your boyfriend. You took one look at his face and felt nothing. You started to ask yourself what you ever saw in him.
In an instant you missed Peter鈥檚 touch, you missed everything you had. You looked at your phone and wondered if even with the failed kiss you could break up with Jack and get him back.
You looked back up to him, the bright daylight shining in his green eyes. Your stare shifted to a poorly hidden hickey on the side of his neck.
鈥淲hat is this?鈥 You asked as you placed your finger on his neck, the cheap foundation staining your fingers.
鈥淥h, nothing.鈥 He chuckled trying to get away from the truth. 鈥淚 hit my neck.鈥
鈥淎nd you covered it with cheap foundation?鈥 You raised an eyebrow and showed him your stained fingers.
鈥淵eah, thought it didn鈥檛 look good.鈥 He added.
鈥淛ack who gave you this hickey?鈥 You asked way calmer on the outside.
鈥淣o one, it鈥檚 a bruise.鈥 He tried to laugh it off.
鈥淛ack don鈥檛 lie to me.鈥 You looked back into his eyes.
鈥淵our so paranoid chillax.鈥 He shook his head before digging his head in his phone.
You grabbed the sweater he was holding and put it up to your face.
鈥淲hy does it smell like Chanel n5?鈥 You stated bringing it back down, listing the people you knew who used it.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know because it鈥檚 your perfume?鈥 He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
鈥淵ou know I don鈥檛 wear your hoodies.鈥 You looked at him but his stare was elsewhere. 鈥淎nd my perfume is from Chloe.鈥 You replied feeling the tears fall down your cheeks.
鈥淲ell, what do you want me to say? That I cheated on you?鈥 He looked back up to you and you froze not able to nod or reply.
鈥淏ecause I did! Is that what you want to hear?鈥
You thought your relationship was risking a landslide, well it was already a landslide. It was crumbling to pieces in front of your eyes and you didn鈥檛 even see it.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 He asked you almost raising his tone as you grabbed a duffle bag and walked to your room.
鈥淢oving out.鈥 You replied all happiness drained out your voice.
鈥淗ey, Hey! We can work this out!鈥 He said and grabbed your arm. 鈥淐'mon baby.鈥 He gave you a large smile.
鈥淜ate wears Chanel number 5.鈥 You said as you stuffed your favorite shirts inside your bag, adding jeans and a dress on the way.
鈥淪o?鈥 He scoffed once again.
鈥淪o you鈥檝e been 鈥榞oing to tennis club鈥 with her for almost a year now.鈥 You felt more tears as you dropped your bag and walked to his closet to pick up his jet clean tennis racket. 鈥淒oes this look used to you?鈥 You started feeling dumb for not seeing it before. You grabbed the plastic container filled with tennis balls that he stuffed in his bag every week and opened it.
鈥淭he balls are still bright yellow.鈥 You scoffed as you threw one in his face. You brought a new one to your nose and smelled the industrial smell of a brand new tennis ball. 鈥淭hey smell new.鈥 You paused to look him in the eyes before throwing the ball in his face and shoving the rest of the pack on the floor. 鈥淚鈥檝e played enough tennis in my childhood to know this.鈥
You let out a bitter laugh and grabbed your toiletry bag stuffing it with your clothes. You walked to your closet one more time and grabbed a box filled with a few Star Wars sweatshirts.
You spotted the one Peter had given you a few years ago and slipped it on before grabbing your bag and storming out.
鈥淚鈥檒l pick up the rest later, don鈥檛 bother texting me. We鈥檙e done here.鈥
You let out a sob of relief, anger, and sadness as you stepped into the elevator wiping your face before the doors opened again.
You felt like you couldn鈥檛 control your fingers as you texted Peter, asking him to join you at the coffee shop you had met the previous hour.
Of course, Peter accepted and arrived there in a hurry, waiting for you at the usual table.
Peter shuffled in his spot as he wondered why you wanted to meet him so suddenly, especially after what had happened. He turned his head towards the door as he heard the familiar bells ring. He saw you, a bag on your shoulder and puffy red eyes. His face twisted as he wondered what could have possibly happened to you.
All the worries about your previous conversation had drifted away as he saw you like this. As you got closer he stood up, wanting to comfort you, not caring if you weren鈥檛 his anymore.
鈥淲hat happened.鈥 He asked as you stopped right in front of him, not saying a word. You dropped your bag on the floor next to him and shifted your stare from his lips to his eyes. Without even thinking you closed the gap between your two bodies, crashing your lips to his.
Peter鈥檚 eyes lit up in surprise before he let himself melt Into the kiss, snaking his hands around your waist slightly picking you up. He let out a sigh of relief as he realized how much he missed you.
You let your hand come up to his hair, missing the feel of his soft curls in your fingers. Your other hand came up to his cheek, the warmth of it bringing a sudden comfort. You slightly pulled away and let out a soft chuckle before bringing your lips back to his.
鈥淚鈥檝e missed this.鈥 You chuckled your lips still against his before resting your forehead against his.
鈥淢e too.鈥
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