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#murder cw
caucasianfallactivitiesa month ago
Phoenix Wright is wild because sometimes I remember that Phoenix chose to become a defense attorney because he was wrongfully blamed for taking some lunch money as a child and Edgeworth became a prosecutor because he thought he killed his fucking dad
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hurting-fictional-people27 days ago
Villain getting a word of their hero being captured and tortured by another villain, so they rescue their hero and go absolutely berserk on that other villain because only they have the right to capture/hurt that hero?
Hero flinches when Villain touches them.
Hero, the person Villain never saw so much as lowering their chin, cowers away from their hand.
If Villain鈥檚 blood wasn鈥檛 already boiling at the vision of their enemy tied to a table with dried blood all over their clothes, it would be now.
鈥淗ey, Hero,鈥 Villain says as softly as they can, hands hovering just above Hero鈥檚 skin, hesitating. 鈥淚t鈥檚 me. Villain. I鈥檓 here to help, but I need to touch you to open the restraints.鈥
Wide eyes flicker up to Villain鈥檚 worried ones. 鈥淭h-that鈥檚 what Supervillain said, too. That they'd help me. Stop fucking playing with my mind,鈥 they croak, weak voice despite the defiant words. Scared, underneath the bite. So visibly scared.
鈥淚鈥檓 not. I鈥檇 never hurt you like this,鈥 Villain frowns. 鈥淚鈥檓 opening the restraints now, alright?鈥
Hero swallows and shivers, but no response leaves their lips, and Villain doesn鈥檛 wait for one before they reach for the first strap of stiff leather. They don鈥檛 dare recognize the quiver of their own hand, prompted by anger that builds and builds at each gaping wound Villain finds as they unbuckle dozens of too-tight restraints.
The one around Hero鈥檚 wrist, and a circle of scraped skin beneath it. Around their hip, and two long gashes across their stomach. Thighs, and deep burns they can barely stand to look at. Ankles, and bruises as dark as the rage twisting and growing inside of Villain鈥檚 chest.
Their Hero. Their Hero, broken by hands that weren鈥檛 theirs.
When Villain finishes, it鈥檚 a battle to contain the ire in their voice.
鈥淐an you get up?鈥
Hero whimpers, and Villain clenches their jaw hard enough to hurt. Taking a deep breath, they make sure to wrap their voice in soothing silk before talking again.
鈥淚 can carry you if you can鈥檛.鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 Hero says, closing their eyes and pushing themself up on their elbows. 鈥淚 can, I can do it, I鈥撯
But as soon as they swing their legs off the table, Hero nearly slides to the floor.
Villain is there to catch them in the blink of an eye.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 they whisper, scooping Hero up in their arms, 鈥淚 got you.鈥
Hero sighs against Villain鈥檚 chest, hands that were resting limply beside them a few moments before now clutching at Villain鈥檚 shirt like their life depends on it, head burying into the crook of their enemy鈥檚 neck.
When Villain feels warm wetness soak through their clothes, something cold seeps into their veins. Something that tastes like wrath. Like a silent cry for revenge.
Hero is crying. Hero is crying.
Villain holds them tighter and doesn鈥檛 stop moving until they are standing outside of the heroes' base.
They leave the wounded hero in the arms of their startled mentor with a simple, 鈥淭ake care of them or I'll come back to do it myself."
And then they turn away.
And march back to where they came from.
Hours later, Villain stares at their hands as they lie down in bed. There鈥檚 blood under their fingernails, but they aren鈥檛 in the mood to clean it.
They wonder what Supervillain would say if they knew Villain will sleep with their blood still staining their hands. If Supervillain could see the smile that spreads across Villain鈥檚 lips at the thought.
Humming a happy melody, they turn the lights off, hoping wherever Supervillain is now, they can hear Villain sing.
It鈥檚 the same song they hummed while giving Supervillain the exact same wounds they had memorized from Hero's battered body.
The same one they sang after they were done, and started carving their own wounds, playing with blood and making justice.
The same one that was covered with screams, and those were as sweet as the sobbing pleads that followed.
Villain falls asleep with Supervillain鈥檚 screams still sounding in their ears, a smile splitting their face like it had as they watched Supervillain thrash and cry in front of them, lulled by the certainty that they are avenged.
That justice was made.
After all, nobody touches Villain鈥檚 things and lives to tell the story.
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spielzeugkaiser3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few prompts combined that I got a few times now (even before the kink prompts, hehe): - viper!jaskier (or is it cat!jaskier? You decide!) - Jaskier being an assassin (comes with the witchering of these schools honestly) - courtesan!Jaskier (like, kinda femme fatale/black widow Jaskier. This version of him is not above getting very intimate with his victims before poisoning them. And honestly, who would suspect it's the pretty little bard, who keeps crying, 'cause he knew the lord was old, but that their activities would take such a strain on his heart, and he died right in the middle of it, how horrible- )
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smalltasteofhoney2 months ago
your name on my wrist // sanzu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
haruchiyo sanzu x reader
soulmate au
cw: yandere themes, murder mention, toxic relationship
wc: 1.9k
note: i had two directions i thought to go with this, but this one's where sanzu embraces having a soulmate rather than sees you as a nuisance. i like his loyalty to mikey and im sure some of that trait would translate over into his relationship with his soulmate. he鈥檇 take care of you but you better do the same for him lol
Tumblr media
haruchiyo sanzu
The name had been on your wrist for as long as you could remember. You鈥檇 scoured your school and neighborhood looking for someone with that name but never found anyone. The name sounded so beautiful to you when you鈥檇 whisper it late at night when you鈥檙e alone in bed; you could only imagine such a name would belong to an equally as beautiful person.
Fantasies would run wild, as you pictured yourself meeting this faceless person. Would you two have a shy introduction, only to realize that you both have the other鈥檚 name etched into your skin and then embrace each other in joy? Or what if they were out there searching for you, stopping you in the streets one day to declare that you鈥檙e the one for them and how they鈥檝e waited for you their whole life. Whatever the meeting was, you would always expect something out of your romance novels.
The actual meeting had been disappointing, but more than that, it was terrifying.
You鈥檇 have called yourself successful, working at a nice high profile bank that gave you good benefits. It was never a job you felt the need to complain about. Yet now you couldn鈥檛 help but curse whoever led you to such a job as you hid under a desk.
People were shouting and you swore you could hear gunshots somewhere else in the building. From the voices that passed you by, you could piece together something about a deal going wrong. You couldn鈥檛 help but wonder if the deal was with your boss; you had hoped he wasn鈥檛 that type of man, but perhaps even he couldn鈥檛 help but be corrupt.
Thinking too hard on what could have possibly caused this much chaos, you yelped as you were suddenly yanked out from under the desk and up to your feet. The light was so bright for a moment that you couldn鈥檛 see, but you could feel what you were sure was a gun to your head.
鈥淪ay anything and I鈥檒l shoot,鈥 the man holding you up said roughly, pushing the gun a bit harder against your temple. As your eyes adjusted, you tried to look over to see who exactly was holding onto you, but the way his grip tightened was enough to stop you.
At that moment, a man with a long scar down his face walked in, and you assumed him to be with the man holding you, since he was unphased to see him holding a gun to your head. He didn鈥檛 say anything, reaching into his pocket to pull out a pack of cigarettes. How the hell can he be so casual after what they just did?
鈥淲e don鈥檛 have time to hold anyone hostage, Sanzu. Shoot if you have to, but let鈥檚 get out of here.鈥
There was no way鈥 it had to just be some sick coincidence. You didn鈥檛 know his full name, maybe this man wasn鈥檛 your soulmate. The man鈥檚 words fully registered, as you realized you might just get shot and left along with the rest of the dead. Sanzu鈥檚 body moving caused you to panic.
鈥淲-wait! Haruchiyo Sanzu? Is.. is that your name?鈥 Your words were frenzied, hoping that the man wouldn鈥檛 shoot you for talking like he had said he would.
Sanzu tensed up and quickly swerved your body around to face him as he glared at you. He was about to ask how the hell you could know his name, but his look was enough of a confirmation to your question that you continued to speak. 鈥淚t鈥檚 the name on my wrist!鈥
His mind went blank as soon as you said those words. He had not thought about the name on his own wrist in years; his priority was Mikey, then his duties to Bonten. He didn鈥檛 need you. Yet, staring into your frightened eyes, he felt a pull. Was this how it was supposed to feel?
You weren鈥檛 sure how he would respond, a part of you expected him to put a bullet in your head right there. But instead he frowned and gripped onto you again, dragging you with him out of the building and towards a vehicle waiting by the curb.
He shoved you into the backseat and climbed in after you. As soon as his door closed, the car sped away from the scene, police sirens heard faintly in the background.
You weren鈥檛 alone in the car and made the mistake of looking over at the man sitting beside you. He looked like a typical businessman, in a nice suit with neat hair. When he gave you a smile, you averted your eyes.
鈥淗ow鈥檇 you manage to find someone to bring home during all of that?鈥 The man questioned Sanzu with a grin, finding the situation humorous. Sanzu clearly didn鈥檛 seem to feel the same, snapping back, 鈥淲e鈥檙e soulmates.鈥
鈥淩omantic.鈥 He had a sarcastic tone and you almost wanted to speak out in mocking agreement. Because how lucky are you to have found your soulmate during a shootout at work, and have it been the guy who threatened to shoot you? Yeah, so romantic.
What a load of shit.
Sanzu ignored the comment, leaning over to speak to the driver. 鈥淒rop me off at my place. The two of us will get out there.鈥
Honestly, you wanted to be far away from the man, and you certainly didn鈥檛 want to go to his home, but you knew if you objected that he would likely just shoot you as soon as the car stopped. So instead, you opted to be silent, trying to ignore the way that he was still holding onto you.
As soon as the car pulled up to the destination, Sanzu wasted no time dragging you out and up to his home, not saying a word the whole time.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l be staying here. What鈥檚 your address? I鈥檒l send some people to head over and pack up your stuff,鈥 he asked while taking out his phone.
鈥淲hat? We just met鈥︹ Your voice trailed off when his eyes snapped up to you. He had an intense look that reminded you that even though he鈥檚 your soulmate, he doesn鈥檛 seem to be someone that you can speak freely around. Things were moving too fast. You two barely met and he鈥檚 already expecting you to just uproot your life to stay with him? The entire situation was wild and you would鈥檝e explained that if he didn鈥檛 look like he was ready to hurt you for saying something.
He stood up straighter and looked down on you, 鈥淲hat does that matter? We鈥檙e meant to be. The safest option is to have you stay with me.鈥 His voice sounded almost strained. He was annoyed by your question, but he didn鈥檛 want to scare you off yet. Not without reason. Being nice wasn鈥檛 his thing, but he couldn鈥檛 deny that tug at his heart as he stared at you. So, for now he would try to be nice, but he wouldn鈥檛 be afraid to put you back in your place if need be.
You were cute, way cuter than he had expected his soulmate to be. It was almost cruel of life to give you to him. He knew how dangerous he was, but maybe it worked out this way for a reason. He had the means to take care of you, and he already knew that he would scorch the Earth before he let any harm come to his soulmate. The way you stood in the middle of the room, worry and fear clear on your face, was surprisingly endearing to him. He smiled at you, 鈥淪o, how about that address now?鈥
That marked the start of your life with Sanzu. Wherever he went, you were made to follow. He鈥檇 coo at you and dress you up nice for what you assumed was to show you off to his friends at the gang鈥檚 meetings. He wasn鈥檛 horrible to you, but he was so erratic that you were constantly on edge around him, especially when he came back home, clearly high on something.
You hated it. It was like he expected you to be a doll for him to do as he pleases. Damn all those love stories that you grew up on, pushing the narrative of a beautiful, loving connection with your soulmate. There was a connection between you and Sanzu for sure, but you would never call it beautiful, and certainly not loving. To you, he just wanted to own you, inside and out.
You had been spending the night alone, finally having some time to yourself, when Sanzu barged in, looking too excited to mean anything good. As soon as he spotted you sitting on the couch, he rushed over to sit with you and grabbed your hands.
鈥淟et鈥檚 get married.鈥 He looked so joyous, but his eyes had that look you had come to know well. He must鈥檝e taken something again while he was out. Maybe he doesn鈥檛 understand what he was really saying, that鈥檚 what you hoped at least. You didn鈥檛 have any interest in marrying a man like him, soulmate or not. But, you kept that to yourself.
鈥淢arried? That鈥檚 a huge step, Sanzu,鈥 the words came out gently as you didn鈥檛 want to anger him, but the immediate change in his expression showed that he didn鈥檛 appreciate your answer. His lopsided smile was replaced with a frown as he reached out and grabbed your face, squishing your cheeks between his fingers.
鈥淏aby, I didn鈥檛 ask if you wanted to. We will be married. That鈥檚 what soulmates do, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 You didn鈥檛 move, staring right back into his eyes. He must鈥檝e wanted an answer, because he tightened his grip on your face.
鈥淵e-yes!鈥 It hurt to try to move your mouth with the way he held onto you. Seemingly satisfied with your answer, he released your face with a push. 鈥淕ood. I don鈥檛 appreciate you talking back to me.鈥
You didn鈥檛 move from your spot on the couch, afraid that if you did, he would focus on you again. Even though he let you go, you could hear it in his voice that he wasn鈥檛 exactly happy still. You loathed nights like these where he was high and even more unpredictable.
He sat still, slightly hunched over. He kept replaying your response over and over again in his mind. A huge step? So what? You should be happy that he wants to move your relationship along. The two of you are soulmates, you should be just as happy with him as he is with you. You were acting so ungrateful right now. Why can鈥檛 you just be good? The longer he thought about it, the angrier it made him.
Finally, he turned to you, his expression enough to cause your heart to start pounding in fear. 鈥淵ou know, we鈥檙e always gonna be together right?鈥 His words came out slowly as he moved over towards your end of the couch, 鈥淲e鈥檙e bound by fate, so quit complaining.鈥 He hovered above you, bringing one hand to rest upon your neck.
There was a thick silence as the two of you stared at each other, neither one moving. Slowly, Sanzu reached down and grabbed your wrist, bringing it up near your face.
鈥淵ou see that?鈥 He tapped a finger where his name was, 鈥渢hat means you belong to me.鈥 Your eyes moved down to his wrist, looking at your own name. 鈥淎nd I-鈥 he moved your hand to interlock with his, 鈥淚 belong to you.鈥
Tumblr media
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scientificphilosopher4 months ago
Tumblr media
The system is unjust. Broken. Evil. 馃挃
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closet-keysa year ago
Katie Porter: You've got about 15 thousand contractors watching murders, stabbings, suicides, other gruesome disgusting videos for content moderation, correct?
Mark Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, yes, I believe that that's correct.
Katie Porter: You pay many of those workers under $30 thousand a year, and you've cut them off from mental health care when they leave the company, even if they have PTSD because of their work for your company. Is that correct?
Mark Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, my understanding is we pay everyone, including the contractors associated with the company, at least a $15 minimum wage, in markets, in cities where there's a high cost of living, that's a $20 minimum wage. We go out of our way--
Katie Porter: Thank you, I'll take your word at the wage. Reclaiming my time. According to one report I have, and this is straight out of an episode of Black Mirror, these workers get nine (*nine*) minutes of supervised wellness time per day. That means nine minutes to cry in the stairwell while somebody watches them. Would you be willing to commit to spending one hour a day, for the next year, watching these videos and acting as a content moderator, and only accessing the same benefits available to your workers?
Mark Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, we work hard to make sure we give good benefits to all the folks who are doing this--
Katie Porter: Mr. Zuckerberg, reclaiming my time, I would appreciate a yes or a no. Would you be willing to act as a content moderator? To have that life experience?
Mark Zuckerberg: I'm not sure it would best serve our community for me to spend that much time--
Katie Porter: Reclaiming my time. Mr. Zuckerberg, are you saying you're not qualified to be a content monitor?
Mark Zuckerberg: No, Congresswoman, that's not what I'm saying.
Katie Porter: Okay, then you're saying you're not willing to do it.
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warriorlesbian4 months ago
Tumblr media
Two unidentified members of the Lesbian Avengers eating fire at the 1st Dyke March in Washington, DC. | photo by Carolina Kroon
The Lesbian Avengers were well known for their fire eating rituals, which began in 1992 to draw attention to the murders of Hattie Mae Cohen and Brian Mock in Salem, Oregon.
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one-time-i-dreamt7 months ago
I murdered one of my distant cousins at the school lobby. I kept asking myself why I did that, riddled with guilt, when I woke up,. I spent more than the whole day thinking I really murdered her and was upset. I also had a similar dream where I murdered one of my former principals. Again, it took a ridiculously long time to realize it wasn't true. I've never so much as struck a person in my life.
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spielzeugkaisera month ago
so am I understanding your comic right? Ciri died somehow and Geralt is begging Jaskier to bring her back after years of not seeing each other (since the mountain). Geralt and Jaskier almost slept together once, but Jaskier had a flashback to the time he was r*ped, which is also when he got his powers? They didn't end up sleeping together, but Geralt stayed and comforted him (the "basic human decency" line). Is that right? Sorry I'm really bad at analysis lol
Oh, you were right with that, good analysis! (and if you wouldn't have gotten it, maybe it'd have been because of a lack of storytelling on my part)
Part of the myth, which this comic is loosely based on, it that Aristaios tried to force himself on Eurydice one day, she fled from him, stepped on a snake and died from its bite. Jaskiers original death, years before he met Geralt, went similar. How exactly is left to interpretation; (but in my mind it's Valdo who strangled him.) He ended up waking up, after that, but with a connection to death he couldn't shake. (It is said, that Orpheus was able to sing so beautifully, that he was able touch and to soften the hearts of all the dead and condemned. Even Persephone and Hades, who reigned the underworld, were touched by his music.) Jaskier may have been granted life again for similar reasons. Geralt got a very good idea of what happened in the moment when he witnessed Jaskier panicing. And you were absolutely right with the human decency line, that was exactly what happened. (it's also a bit of... Jaskier describing it as kindness, that Geralt acknowleged his fear and didn't proceed, and Geralt trying to control the rise of bile in his throat by the implications of that.) What I'm also referring to (with the song Jaskier is singing here) is Hadestown, a musical about Orpheus and Eurydice. In that, she sings the song, while regretting going to the underworld, as her memories of the world above slowly begin to fade. The plot is a bit messy, because I had just a vibe and a song in my head, so every interpretation is fine! And yours had every story point I wanted to tell :)
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rainaramsay8 months ago
Masque of Amontillado
We lure all the anti-maskers into an enormous ballroom, then brick up the exits while they鈥檙e partying
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smalltasteofhoney11 days ago
yandere sanzu- 鈥渋 did this for you鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淚 did this for you.鈥
haruchiyo sanzu x reader
cw: yandere themes, murder, violence, blood, graphic death, dismemberment, slight profanity, drinking mention
wc: 3.6k
note: for those who don't know, fallout is a video game series set in the post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. sanzu in this is based off of the character Pickman in fallout 4. this one is kinda self indulgent bc i love fallout sm, but i thought this would make a neat fic!
Tumblr media
The wasteland was harsh and unforgiving. Kindness was few and far between, so you took it when you could get it. Even then, you could never be too cautious. At the end of the day, everyone is only looking out for themselves, hoping to make it to the next day.
You tried not to blame anyone, knowing that you too understood the drive to survive, no matter the cost. But, you weren鈥檛 so far gone, willing to attack whoever. Loyalty was rare, but it was important. In a world where you could be killed at any given moment, it was something you constantly sought after.
鈥淚 hate 鈥榚m.鈥
The pink haired man beside you perked up at your voice. 鈥淲ho?鈥 He followed your gaze, realizing the subject of your bitter tone was a small band of Raiders running around off in the distance. Too far for any real danger, but too close to get comfortable. 鈥淎h鈥 you wanna take care of them?鈥
You shook your head, 鈥淣ot now. I still have to make a run for supplies for tomorrow. Don鈥檛 wanna waste my bullets just yet.鈥 You kept your glare on them a minute more before turning away. Sanzu didn鈥檛 need to hear you say it to know you were disappointed, that you so badly wanted to get rid of those wastes of space. He understood the feeling all too well.
鈥淏esides,鈥 your voice ripped him out of his thoughts, 鈥渋t seems like someone else has been taking care of them lately.鈥 You weren鈥檛 looking at him, eyes focused on the knife you began to polish. The one that Sanzu had given you not long after the two of you met.
It had been by chance that he saw you killing off the last of a group of Raiders who had surely been plotting to loot his house while he had been away for the day. His first meeting of you was when you were sweaty, panting, and speckled with blood. As beautiful as you always looked, Sanzu thought that was how you looked best. And while you were no beast of the wastes, your clear desire to get rid of the thieves that plagued the country immediately drew him to you. He didn鈥檛 need to tell you that that day, that moment was when he decided he would follow you wherever.
And now, the two of you had been entangled with one another for a long enough time that Sanzu isn鈥檛 quite sure what he did before you came into his life, if it even mattered like it does now.
鈥淪omeone else, huh? That bother you? That they鈥檙e being taken out?鈥
鈥淗a! Can鈥檛 ever say that I鈥檝e cried over a group of Raiders,鈥 a small smile graced your face, as if the thought was some funny inside joke. 鈥淲ith all the needless pillaging and killing that they do, I doubt they鈥檒l be missed much. At least by a majority of the wasteland.鈥 You leaned back against the crumbling wall, letting the evening sun hit your face. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to know that there鈥檚 someone else out there who鈥檚 tired of living in fear of when the next band of Raiders shows up to fuck everything up. I can鈥檛 be the only one doing something about this problem, you know?鈥
Sanzu just hummed in response.
The next morning, you woke up alone; the only trace that Sanzu had been there was a little note that he left beside you, informing you that he鈥檒l be heading back home early.
Come by my place when you get your supplies. I鈥檒l have a special treat just for you.
You couldn鈥檛 help but smile at the note, the rare feeling of excitement creeping up on you. There wasn鈥檛 much to look forward to in a world so destroyed, with the only guarantee pretty much being a brutal death. Would it be ghouls? Raiders? Succumbing to the toxic elements? Hell, even chems, which are people's means to escape, could be what does one in. Either way, the only surprise around was usually how you die. But鈥 a supposed special treat promised by one of the only people you care about? That was certainly motivating.
The trek for supplies was going to be about two days, at least if it goes smoothly. And you weren鈥檛 even sure how long you鈥檇 stay around to browse the market. It鈥檇 be a while before you would be able to see Sanzu again, but you could be patient.
Tumblr media
鈥淗ow much for this one?鈥 You pointed at a pistol right behind the vendor.
鈥淗mmm鈥 200 caps.鈥
鈥200? Seriously? There鈥檚 no way it's worth more than 100!鈥 You were tired of haggling with these people. Your usual favorite vendors were nowhere to be found, leaving you to deal with some fresh faces who clearly thought they could squeeze some extra caps out of you. They clearly didn鈥檛 know you weren鈥檛 the one to be dealing with, being just as stubborn and as pushy as they could be.
鈥200. Take it or leave it.鈥
鈥淲hatever. I don鈥檛 need it that much.鈥 Turning to leave, a shine in the corner caught your eye. You nearly ignored it, wanting to just ditch the vendor completely, but your curiosity won out. Looking over, it was a sword, probably in the best condition you鈥檝e ever seen one to be in. The few others you鈥檇 come across were near unusable, and ugly at that. But this one looked too clean, as if untouched by the dirt world surrounding it.
As nice as it looked, swords would never be your style; nothing that forced you to be in close combat with anyone or anything appealed to you, as you opted for ranged weapons. Made things safer and impersonal, which came in handy when dealing with human opponents. But this sword didn鈥檛 catch your eye for you. The pink haired man that you鈥檇 come to know so well had expressed his wishes, albeit briefly, to own such a thing. As the one person you could confidently say was loyal to you, the least you could do for him is gift him something that he would like.
You didn鈥檛 want to let this vendor win, but your desire for that sword triumphed over your pride and pettiness. Begrudgingly, you spoke up, 鈥淗ow much for that sword?鈥
鈥淭hat old thing? Not sure how much use it would be for you over that pistol鈥︹
You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes in order to keep from potentially falling into bad terms with the vendor. 鈥淭he price, please? Useful or not, I want it.鈥
The vendor thought for a moment. 鈥淵ou talkin鈥 about that pistol not being worth more than 100 caps鈥 this鈥斺 he picked up the sword to put on the table in front of him, 鈥渋sn鈥檛 more than that. So what do you say? 100 for it?鈥
You gave no answer, digging through your pouch of caps before tossing them down. The vendor counted them all, nodding his head as he finished signaling the go ahead to take the sword and leave.
With the sun already setting, you figured there was no reason to hang around in the market any longer. You鈥檇 gotten everything you needed to, though it had been too much of a challenge for your liking, too many people thinking that they could upcharge basic items. Persuading them had worked in your favor, but it would鈥檝e been nicer to just buy what you needed without having to talk the price down each time.
As you headed back to the building that housed the room you rented for the night, you saw a blinking sign pointing to a door that would鈥檝e otherwise looked inconspicuous. Most of the lights for the shop's sign were out, but it was just enough for you to tell that it was a bar. Deciding that a drink will do you good after a tiresome day, you headed in.
The place was bustling with more people in one area than you had seen in a long time. Somewhere, an old record played just loud enough for you to know that there was music, but too quiet for you to make out anything over the crowds loud talking. Zeroing in on an empty seat at the bar, you went up to order.
The sword was sheathed at your hip, surprisingly not as heavy as you expected, but still wouldn鈥檛 be something that you would choose to carry. You hardly paid any mind to the world around you, including the drink that sat in front of you, as you thought about Sanzu once again. How would he take it? Having you present him with such a thing鈥 would he find it weird that you could recall his fascination with such objects? Such thoughts swirled in your head, until your brain caught on to a nearby conversation.
鈥淎ll of them dead? How could that happen?鈥
鈥淣o idea. All I know is that those Raider camps were left with nothing behind, but death and decay. Body parts missing鈥︹
鈥淧robably some feral ghouls got 鈥榚m鈥 maybe even mole rats.鈥
鈥淵ou think mole rats could take out packs of raiders? Really?鈥
The other man shrugged, taking a sip of his drink. 鈥淒unno. Maybe they killed each other. You know how little logic runs through groups like that.鈥
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 explain the body parts missing鈥︹
Apparently you hadn鈥檛 been the only one listening in; you watched as the bartender made her way over to the pair. 鈥淵ou talkin鈥 鈥榖out those Raider deaths that been happenin鈥 lately? Heard there鈥檚 someone choppin鈥 鈥榚m up real good. Apparently one of 鈥榚m escaped and has been spreadin鈥 鈥榬ound that there鈥檚 a crazed killer out and about鈥 better watch out.鈥
鈥淚f they鈥檙e only killing Raiders, I think I鈥檒l be safe.鈥
The other man looked near ready to pass out. 鈥淣ot sure I wanna travel anymore鈥 if there鈥檚 a murderer on the loose.鈥
His companion rolled his eyes, bringing a hard hand down on his shoulder. 鈥淵ou say that like damn near half the people you鈥檝e met haven鈥檛 killed somebody鈥 besides, sounds like they鈥檙e targeting Raiders, you should be fine.鈥 He took a sip of his drink before adding, 鈥淔rom that specific killer at least.鈥
You thought back to your conversation with Sanzu. You had heard about an increase in Raider鈥檚 deaths, but for that news to have traveled as far as it did鈥 maybe it was more serious than you had thought. You couldn鈥檛 help but share the one man鈥檚 concerns; sure, maybe this killer was only targeting Raiders, but who knows? They could be killing whoever, with Raiders just happening to get more attention. You didn鈥檛 know what was going on, but you could only hope that Sanzu would be alive and safe by the time you got back.
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The trip home had you a little more on edge than you would鈥檝e liked to admit, the stories of the killer getting to you. Luckily, nothing more than the occasional feral ghoul and botfly had bothered you, leaving your travels peaceful.
You were a bit surprised that you hadn鈥檛 come across any Raiders, but you wondered if that had anything to do with the recent killings. The news had been occupying most of your thoughts, that it wasn鈥檛 until you were home safe that you remembered Sanzu鈥檚 note. A nice surprise would surely get your mind off of things.
You unloaded the items you hauled back from your trip, only keeping the sword on you before rushing out the door. Sanzu鈥檚 place wasn鈥檛 far, just about halfway across town. While your first meeting had been outside of his house, you had never actually gone inside and he stayed often enough at your own house. The fact had never really crossed your mind, but now that you were heading over, the idea of finally being able to go inside and see what Sanzu kept around would be nice.
Coming up on it, you finally took it in. It was big, and although the exterior was grimy, clearly from all the wear over the years, you knew it must鈥檝e been really beautiful before the bombs fell. You tried to picture it, the brick clean and the grass lush and bright green. You imagined Sanzu, dressed in his usual suits, except this one was fresh, free from any traces of ash and dirt, no tears or folds. And then, there was you beside him, smiling out on the lawn, your own fresh clothes on, your hair neat and styled. What would things have been like if you both were alive then? The circumstances that led the two of you together would鈥檝e been much different. Would you have stuck together like now? Eventually marrying and starting a鈥
鈥淵ou just gonna stand there all day? Come on!鈥 The voice that you hadn鈥檛 realized you missed so much called out to you, pulling you from dangerous thoughts. No use thinking about things that would never, could never, happen.
You walked up, shooting him a smile. 鈥淵eah, yeah.鈥 As you approached him, the thought of bringing him into a hug crossed your mind, but you shook it away. 鈥淥h鈥 before I forget, I have something for you.鈥 Reaching a hand behind your back, where you had strapped the sword to you, you pulled it out of its sheath and held it high above your head.
Sanzu said nothing as you slowly lowered it, but his face was in clear awe. He reached out to grab it slowly, hand brushing against yours as he took it. 鈥淥h, darlin鈥... you really got me such a thing.鈥 He ran his hands against the side of it, looking it over. 鈥淭his is probably the second best gift I could get.鈥 His words caused you to deflate a bit, but you tried not to show it.
鈥淪econd best? And what would the first be?鈥
Without missing a beat, Sanzu looked up from the sword to stare you right in the eyes. 鈥淵ou.鈥
You were sure the shock was clear across your face, and you could feel your heart speeding up. That had certainly been unexpected, but you couldn鈥檛 say you weren鈥檛 happy. With all the shit in the world, Sanzu really was like your own sweet talking prince. You never wanted to swell much on the idea of romance, but maybe, just maybe, you could give it a try if things got to that point.
鈥淒on鈥檛 think I forgot about your gift. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l love it,鈥 Sanzu grabbed your wrist, tugging you inside the house. His home was neater than you expected, the inside clearly not suffering as much damage as the outside did. It seemed so normal鈥 pre war normal, like you鈥檇 see in the rare magazine you鈥檇 come across, not the new normal like your own, with the occasional weapon thrown around. You were slipping back into your domestic fantasies when you were pulled to a stop in front of a brown door.
Sanzu turned to you. 鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 gonna need you to close your eyes for me. The surprise is in the basement, but I don鈥檛 want ya to get a peek at it too early.鈥
Had it been anyone else in the world, telling you that you鈥檙e going to be taken into their basement, eyes closed, you would鈥檝e put a bullet in each knee and ran like hell. But, it was Sanzu, the man who stuck by you, likely having felt like he owed you his loyalty due to you saving him all that time ago. You could trust him, so you closed your eyes.
As soon as you took a step through the door, the air felt different. Damp. The steps creaked under you, and you gripped a bit tighter onto Sanzu, who in turn steadied you. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry. I gotcha.鈥 You hated the slowness of it all, eager to just see the surprise in store for you, but you didn鈥檛 dare to move any faster, afraid to slip and fall.
鈥淎nd here we go, the last step. Keep those eyes closed.鈥
You stepped down, feeling a wetness under your foot that had you crinkling your nose. The smell down here was鈥 wretched. You certainly weren鈥檛 expecting an old house, especially a basement, to be in tip top shape, but the smell was too strong. But, you said nothing, not wanting to offend Sanzu.
As you were led forward, a few more puddles of wetness covered your feet. Was the smell from old stagnant water? Maybe after your gift, you could give some pointers to Sanzu鈥
鈥淎lright鈥 go 鈥榟ead and open your eyes!鈥
You smiled real big, opening up your eyes, excited to see what he could possibly be giving you. Instead of any nice surprise, you had to take a moment to register what exactly was in front of you. A mass of red filled your mind first, before you could piece together what it was that you were staring at.
A mash of body parts sat upon stakes that were set up in ways that you could tell was supposed to look intentional. Artistic. There was an aesthetic being captured that you were not the audience for. The limbs were conjured up in the oddest ways, trying to form something that you would never have the eye to notice, too caught up on the horrid display of death. Behind that was a large red painting, with splashes of black and white to create what you're sure is supposed to be the intertwining of two bodies, caught in each other's embrace.
The rest of the basement was no better, with other stakes and limbs littering the room. It didn鈥檛 take much of a guess as to where the smell and wetness originated from. You didn鈥檛 even need to question who these people had been, the usual Raider gear being strewn around the room or even still on whatever detached body part it had covered.
鈥淲ell鈥 whaddya think?鈥 Sanzu walked up beside you, his huge grin unnerving you.
You stepped away from him. Did he truly expect you to sing him praises for this? It made you want to puke. 鈥淲hat sort of gift is this?鈥 The disgust in your voice was all too obvious.
The smile that Sanzu had was quickly gone, as he instead looked confused. 鈥淗uh? Don鈥檛 ya like it? I know how much you hate Raiders, and you always talk about how the world would be safer without them roaming around. I know you work hard cleaning up the world... but ya just can't do it alone.鈥
His tone was too genuine, like he truly didn鈥檛 see an issue with going out and dismembering a bunch of people, no matter how bad they might be.
鈥淣 this鈥 this isn鈥檛 right.鈥 You shook your head, almost looking back to your 鈥榞ift鈥 before quickly focusing your eyes back on the man in front of you. 鈥淩aiders are dangerous but鈥 cutting someone up and putting them on display鈥 what sorta sick shit is this, Sanzu?鈥
Sanzu鈥檚 eyes narrowed, furious at your rejection of his surprise. 鈥淚 did this for you.鈥 He took a step closer, making you take another back. 鈥淭he least ya coulda done was give thanks.鈥 His voice was strained, trying to hold back the anger he wanted to release at you. 鈥淵ou hate them as much as me, so don鈥檛 go actin鈥 like you have the high ground 鈥榗ause we handle things differently.鈥
鈥淎 bullet in the head isn鈥檛 the same as torturing them and then sticking them up like some sort of decoration.鈥
鈥淪ince when do Raiders deserve our kindness? They certainly don鈥檛 give out mercy to those whose lives they ruin daily.鈥
The two of you stared one another down, both unmoving. Any sweet thoughts you had about him earlier were completely crushed, now that you know he's just another monster from the wasteland. You knew you had to think quickly in order to get out of the situation. The small gun at your hip was all but calling out to you, and as quick as you could, you whipped it out, aiming it straight at Sanzu.
Before you could even pull the trigger, the gun was hit out of your hands, flying into the air and across the room. You didn鈥檛 even see where it landed, attention being drawn back to the tip of the blade that now touched your chest. Sanzu鈥檚 grin had found his way back to his face as he stared at you with wide eyes.
鈥淚 knew this would be useful, just never imagined I鈥檇 have to use it on you鈥 and so soon too!鈥 The amusement in his voice bothered you, as you both knew that he had the upper hand. You silently cursed yourself for not bothering to get good at hand to hand combat, as now you鈥檇 have no way to overpower Sanzu, or even attempt to disarm him. 鈥淣ow, are you gonna be good?鈥
Your silence was met with the blade pressing harder into your chest. 鈥淕o on and answer me.鈥
鈥淵es.鈥 Another press that had you hissing forced out more, 鈥淚鈥檒l- I鈥檒l be good.鈥
Sanzu kept up his smile, giddy with the turn of events. 鈥淕ood. I鈥檇 hoped you would鈥檝e liked my art, but I guess there鈥檚 not much else I can do but get ya used to it.鈥
He moved the sword more to the side, and you thought he was going to put it away, but the sudden sting to your arm proved otherwise. The cut was small and shallow, but it stung nonetheless. He walked up to you and ran his thumb over the blood that began to come out.
Sanzu pulled his hand away, admiring how the red looked against his skin. 鈥淵ou can help me out. We鈥檒l make wonderful creations together. That鈥檒l be nice, huh? Just you and me, cleaning up this world. We鈥檒l make it beautiful again.鈥 He finally looked back up at you, bringing his hand up to your face, smearing your blood against your cheek.
鈥淵a know鈥 I did always love to see you covered in red.鈥
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justsomeantifas11 months ago
Okay I just have to laugh at all these zero-head takes about the one聽鈥渁narchist鈥 arrested in the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer militia terror plot. Brandon Caserta鈥檚 image is being spread online as proof that this was 鈥淎NTIFA terrorism鈥 because he had an anarchist flag behind him in some videos:
Tumblr media
aaaaand you know what else this dork had? A聽鈥淒on鈥檛 Tread on Me,鈥 flag, a Bill of Rights poster, and his social media was plastered with anti-mask/coronavirus bullshit, support for Kyle Rittenhouse and 鈥渒illing commies.鈥澛
Plus, the particular terror plot they were arrested for was to kidnap Gov. Whitmer and violently institute a government where THEY were in charge, styled in the聽society that followed the U.S. Bill of Rights. Like these guys are all American government-obsessed dork, LARPers who called themselves the 鈥淲olverine Watchmen鈥 I have to laugh.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE at some point learn that not all聽 鈥溾滱NARCHISTS鈥濃 are simpatico and some are actually pretty fucking right-leaning in their ideology especially these ancap losers who just want nu-feudalism. and聽Brandon Caserta is clearly the biggest a loser dork bitch of them all.聽 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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queensonjasa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
22 July 2021: The Norwegian Royal Family attended events in Oslo and on聽 Ut酶ya to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 22 juli terrorist attacks, which killed 77 people, including Crown Princess Mette-Marit鈥檚 stepbrother Trond Berntsen.
聽Photos: The Royal Court and NTB
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