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diamondshapedaura · 9 months ago
Stay away from men who :
- Can’t take accountability.
- Overly aggressive as his main personality trait.
- Anger issues / unsolved trauma that manifests in his character.
- Refers to women as “bitches” or “females”.
- Idolizes men like Future.
- Money flexers
- Combative
- Cold/ apathetic
- Pride themselves in being nonchalant.
- Pride themselves in how many women they can simultaneously entertain.
- Lazy with no goals or ambitions.
- Glamorize the street/ gang lifestyle
- Controlling
- Insecure / date women solely for the approval from their friends.
- Irresponsible with his manhood
- Lacks basic communication skills
- Calls his mom by her first name
- Disrespects the mother of his children, publicly or privately.
- Thinks expressing basic human emotion makes him “soft” or believe it’s a “woman’s trait”.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 2 months ago
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briefcasegirl24 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle never wanted to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a friend of the pair has claimed. (0mid is their “friend” now?). Omid Scobie, who penned a biography on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, says the Harry had discussed the possibility of not being present for Trooping the Colour at the Mall in London on June 2 with Her Majesty. He said despite this the couple are 'very keen' to be part of the arrangements in the coming months, including the Thanksgiving celebrations at St Paul's Cathedral. This comes after a sensational statement from the Queen last week stating the pair - along with Prince Andrew - would not be invited onto the balcony for Trooping the Colour, the spectacular start of her long weekend of commemorations.
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ch1eff · 9 months ago
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yanderemommabean · 3 months ago
I can't believe a fucking 11 year old tried to follow this blog.
Get the fuck away if you are not 18 or above.
you aren't slick, you aren't mature enough, you will be exposed to shit you don't need to see or experience, and you are not ready to handle the situations being portrayed be they fictional or real life.
And before you start sending anon hate or anon trolls, I can block anonymous messages too. You can be blocked in many ways and if I have too I will report. Get away from this space, get away from this content, you aren't of age and I don't want you here.
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stardustemotions · 9 months ago
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themusichistorian · 2 months ago
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Kurt Cobain mugshot and story behind his arrest:
“At the age of 19, Kurt took out frustrations by spray painting buildings. In May of 1986, Cobain was arrested for tagging “Ain’t got no whatchamacallit” on a building in Aberdeen. Here is the forgotten mugshot from 1986 from his odd graffiti that was possibly a tribute to the crispy peanut butter and chocolate candy bar. There are rumors that Cobain tagged the building with “God is gay,” but allegedly the police report said he sprayed “Ain’t got no whatchamacallit.” In a 1993 interview with The Advocate, Cobain claimed he tagged pickup trucks in his hometown with the phrase: “God Is Gay,” which is a lyric in the Nirvana song Stay Away.”
Badass 😝 What a legend Rip Kurt we love you and keep you alive in all of us.
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amitychaos · a month ago
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bridoesotherjunk · 10 months ago
If Disney gets the right to Venom I will officially never watch another Marvel movie.
I have no interest in what fresh hell they would wrought upon our sentient goo.
Tumblr media
Keep Disney and their greedy mitts off my space blob!!!!
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liquid-goldfish · 7 months ago
I want to punch a wall, and then scream until my lungs give out. I feel like throwing things all over the place and just get rid of all these suppressed emotions. i’m sick of being bottled up but i can’t express anything. I have no idea what’s wrong with me anymore.
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the4030company · a month ago
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breakmyheartwithlyrics · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carly Rae Jepsen- Stay Away
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partycardigann · 4 months ago
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detetsu · 22 days ago
anyway i am not a rape survivor but i AM an abuse survivor so this is my psa to let u know that if u write fics where u fantasize abt rape or abuse i want u to unfollow immediately
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shitpostempire · a year ago
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maglorslostsilmaril · 4 months ago
Gimli: Time for plan G.
Boromir: Don’t you mean plan B?
Gimli: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Frodo: What about plan D?
Gimli: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Pippin: What about plan E?
Gimli: I’m hoping not to use it. Aragorn dies in plan E.
Aragorn: I like plan E.
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bbtin · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Enter his room at your own risk.
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your-eyes-can-be-so-cruell · 5 months ago
My reaction for that whole trailer was basically -sees Kreese go towards Johnny- “get away from that child!’ -sees silver go towards Daniel “get away from that child! -sees silver hitting Robby “omg get the hell away from these children” it stresses me.
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aboutmin · 9 months ago
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lesbiten · 4 months ago
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