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foreverpraying · 4 months ago
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Mead Schaeffer: Gabriel and Mary (The Annunciation)
"The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive." St. Faustina
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healthherbsfood · 4 months ago
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thelightbulb · 6 months ago
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whiteappalachianwitch · a year ago
A Simple Spell for Stress Relief
Tumblr media
Most of us have to cope with stress from time to time, and summer seems to increase the pressure for many. We feel like we should be relaxing, and because we’re not, that makes us feel even more stressed. Try this simple spell to help you deal with stress, now or at any time of the year. 
Fill a bowl with sand or salt (beach sand is great if you can get it but plain old salt will do). 
A white candle
An empty bowl
Fill a bowl with sand or salt
Light a white candle and place an empty bowl in front of you. 
Let the sand/salt trickle through your fingers into the empty bowl and visualize your stress trickling away with it. 
As you do it say: 
“I banish stress and let it go
Life’s too fast, I let it sloe
Calmer, balanced, happy now
To banish stress, this I vow.” 
Completing the Spell
Throw the sand/salt away when you’re done. 
Credit: Book of Shadows (BoS) app. 
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punkeduppirate · a year ago
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thepapyruscondasore · a month ago
TW: Disturbing Images, Eyes, Flowers, Gore, Scary Imagery, Body Horror
Please, viewers discretion is advised..
You walk through Snowdin, seeming baren with everything tinted with a layer of disturbance. Something seemed off from the pervious resets and runs. Walking near the river, it flows gray powder. You hear foot steps near by, as you get ready with the toy knife in your hand, A skeleton, mouth gapping, pupil's dilated, eyes on his battle body and legs as his gloves and boots were replaced with dried blood as his head and neck were disconnected, but he seemed to be alive..somehow...tentacles like vines wiggled, as it seemed to come out of the shoulder and bottom of the battle body, It held a human arm..maybe from a previous human? You weren't sure. It seemed to twitch slightly, you stare at them. He cracks his bones suddenly as it lets out a pitch scream as it yelled, "WERE TIRED OF DYING!! ITS YOUR TURN NOW!!!"
Tumblr media
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pepperedstarz · 4 months ago
Smol Dave for the dsaf fandom
Tumblr media
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navybrat817 · 2 months ago
Like finding Jefferson in a pile of fabrics stressed out and helping him relive some stress kind of attention?
Tumblr media
Ooh. Where is this taking place, lovely? Because this could be a very good stress reliver for rocker!Jefferson.
Love and thanks! 💜
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goldencherryhazz · a year ago
my stress reliever
Sub!h x reader
Warnings: smut, oral (male receiving) fluff and some swearing
A/N: so the grammys are tomorrow and I am not prepared physically or mentally, so I decided to write a little something to calm myself. Its nearly 2am so there’s probably a load of mistakes! Pls don’t copy my work. Hope you enjoy!
It was the night before the Grammys and Harry had to admit he was feeling a bit stressed but even more nervous, he was so grateful for the fact that he would not only be opening the show, but that he had been nominated for not one, not two, but three Grammys.
When he got the phone call from his manager Jeff he was over the moon and y/n was jumping for joy, whilst hugging Harry, he was also pretty sure he saw a couple tears slip down her cheeks. That feeling lasted for weeks, but now with less than 24 hours to go the nerves had definitely set in and he didn’t know how to soothe them and had been basking in his troublesome thought for the past 40 minutes.
Y/n was currently out shopping for some essentials but Harry wanted her to be no where else except in his arms, they had both become a bit clingy towards each other during the pandemic, they had heard lots of couples break up or get divorces, but with Harry touring all over the globe and y/n having to stay put for her own jobs hey were more than happy to spend months on end together.
When he heard the front door open he practically leaped up from his spot on the couch, rounding the corner to the hallway immediately spotting y/n carrying multiple bags, still clad in a coat and woolly hat, her cheeks slightly red from the cold air even though it was nearly half way through March.
‘Hiya baby’ she smiles at him
‘Hi angel, missed you’ he said fumbling with the ends of his fingers.
‘I’ve only been gone about half an hour H’ she chuckled slightly, sensing he wasn’t feeling himself and hadn’t been all day.
‘Wanna come and help me put some shopping away’ she asked starting to take her hat and coat off, before getting a nod of the head in return his shy eyes making contact with hers. She ventured her way through to the kitchen, Harry trailing his way behind her like a lost puppy, starting to feel a bit calmer just due to her presence.
They then started to putting items in their allocated places in their kitchen, working like a dynamic duo somehow knowing wherever the other was at each given moment. Once the last item was put away Harry folds away the bags and puts them in a cupboard to be used another time. He then stands there in front of her, strands of his hair falling into his face in which y/n reaches out to push them back, he nuzzled into the slight touch, craving closeness with his girl. He makes grabby hands towards her in which she immediately complied and crashed into his warm chest wrapping her arms round his shoulders, fingers tangling into his hair. He sighed deeply in contentness but with a hint of worrysome into the crook of her neck ‘what’s going on in that head of yours baby’
‘I’m just worrying about tomorrow’ he speaks honestly ‘there’s just loads of thoughts of what could go wrong running through my head, and I can’t stop them’
‘Well I know that once you get out on that stage you are going to take it and rock the hell out of it, cause that’s just you and no matter how much you doubt yourself I know you are going to be amazing no matter what happens, and I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say that, you’re incredible baby no matter if you win a Grammy or not, I don’t really care about a shiny piece of metal I care about you’
‘But what if I mess up the words to the songs, or fall over on stage or something stupid like that’ he rushes out.
‘Your overwhelmed baby, and that’s very understandable because you haven’t really been doing a lot of this stuff cause of the pandemic, you just need to get in the swing of things again, but I’ll be there every step of the way, don’t need to be nervous H I’m here’ she cooed as he wrapped his arms around her tighter.
‘Thankyou angel, I love you, don’t know how much I needed to hear that’ he whispered kissing her neck.
‘I love you too, no need to thank me baby, that’s why I’m here, I’ll always be your moral support. If you want I can stand at the side of the stage with banners and everything,’ she says manoeuvring to grab a tea towel to demonstrate, she starts to swing her hips around, her body going in a circle with her hands in the air that was gripping the towel, whilst cheering ‘go H, go baby, go H, go baby.’ This made Harry laugh, a real laugh immediately lighting up the whole atmosphere. He swore he couldn’t live without this girl, who was dancing around the kitchen and would probably actually do what she was demonstrating on the side of the stage whilst he performed at the Grammys, because she cared about him that much.
‘There’s that smile, missed seeing that on your pretty face today’ she smiled right back at him, glad that he was happy again.
She made her way back to him, hugging him once again placing a kiss to the side of his jaw.
‘Wanna go upstairs and get all snuggy?’ She questioned.
‘Yeah, sounds perfect angel’
‘C’mon then’ grabbing his hand and leading them to their bedroom.
When they were half up the stairs y/n suddenly spins to face him again ‘you know, if your still feeling stressed I can help you even more, pretty sure I could eliminate all of it’
‘And how do you plan on doing that angel’
‘Oh my beautiful boy, the list goes on and on’ she says almost seductively.
They both knew where this was heading so they start to rush more up the stairs, excited to get to the bedroom, and as soon as they are and the door is shut behind them, Harry is pushed so his back was against the door before y/n starts kissing his lips hungrily, biting and sucking hickeys onto his neck making him groan ‘wanna be my baby boy tonight, just want to love you on you, make sure you’re totally stress free, how does that sound baby’
He whimpers at her words he could feel his length harden at her words ‘y-yes angel, want you to take control, wanna be your baby boy’
In turn y/n whimpers feeling her panties get wetter and wetter, she backed him up to the king-size bed, their lip connecting and reconnecting, the head in the room seeming to go up about 10 degrees, Harry loved it when y/n had her way with him, taking control of his pleasure, making him cum so hard he saw stars, he swore she was magical, the fact that he was worrying about every little thing about 20 minutes ago and now not having a care in the world, he could have been in the deepest, darkest whole and she still would be a been able to pull him out.
She turns both their bodies so that Harry’s would be the first to hit the bed, she was kissing him so hard it was making his knees buckle ‘do you want to take your shirt off and lay on the bed for me baby boy’ she says in which he quickly complies, lifting the fabric over his head, to see y/n doing the same taking her bra off at the same time, making him practically drool at the sight of her perky tits just begging to be played with.
He laid on the bed following her instructions, waiting for her to come over to him, and when she did y/n let out a small moan at the sight of his fucked out face and she had barely touched him, she loved it when he was like this, letting her take control when the roles were usually reversed, she just wanted to make him feel as good as he made her feel, which was pretty dam amazing.
She leaned over kissing his lips, her tongue diving into his mouth dancing with his own, she pulled away slowly ‘what do you want me to do to you baby’ she asked already knowing the answer ‘want me to play with you cock’
He whimpered and nods, his doe eyes begging her to do something about the tent in his sweats.
‘Use you words baby, wanna hear you say it’
‘P-please angel, want y-you to play with my cock’
‘Okay baby boy’ she reaches down to the tie on his sweats undoing the bow slowly, almost teasing him making him squirm and moan out ‘please touch me angel, m’starting to ache’ she works quicker getting the trousers off of his legs before throwing them somewhere in the room, then going back to pull his boxers down his long legs, his cock finally springing free from its confines and gently hitting his stomach.
Her eyes went wide at the sight of his cock, the tip an angry shade of red leaking precum, the thick veins more prominent, his balls looking deliciously filled with cum, just ready for a release. She lays between his spread legs, wasting no time in gripping his girthy shaft in her hand making Harry throw his head back and stifle out a load moan, she smiled knowing she was making his feel good with only one touch. ‘Who’s made you this hard baby?’
‘You angel, only you’ he moans as she starts bringing her hand up and down his cock, her thumb swirling over his sensitive tip making him groan every time. She then brings her head down, making eye contact with his green orbs as he lifted his up, her lips encased his tip before going down inch by inch until she was about half way, Harry let out a prolonged moan, loving the feeling of her mouth in him. Y/n brought her head up after a few more seconds gasping for air ‘taste so good baby, can’t wait to taste that cum though’ he whimpered his legs spreading even more to give her more room. When she reattached her lips to his shaft she starts bobbing her head up and down, taking him down her throat aswell, her hand tugging the rest ‘feels so good angel’ he says whilst gathering her hair in a makeshift ponytail.
At this point y/n panties were soaked, she managed to get a little stimulation by grazing her clit on the rough fabric of her jeans, making her hum in delight around his cock. She brings her other hand down to his balls, rolling them in her palm. She then comes off his cock with a pop, taking one of his balls into her mouth instead, changing between the two all whilst tugging his cock.
‘M’gonna cum if you keep doing that’ his legs starting to shake around her
‘Well that was my aim, baby’
‘wanna have you wrapped around me when I cum, please angel’ he whimpered
And with that y/n was already unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down her legs, because how could she say no to him, her clit was starting to throb aswell, she smiled knowing that it wouldn’t take long for them both to cum, she straddles him bringing her lips to his once again, he grabbed hold of one of her tits massaging it before tweaking her nipple making her whimper into his mouth. She becomes desperate pulling away quickly before gripping his shaft and lining him up with her entrance, sinking down onto him with ease because of how wet she was. They both let out prolonged moans, loving the feeling of being wrapped around each other ‘pussys so fucking tight, s’like you were made for me’ he moans out, ‘think your cock was made for me too baby boy, stretches me out soo good’ placing both hands on his chest, she whimpers slowly lifting herself up before going back down, making a slow pace. They were moaning in unison the only sound in the room, and small whimpers of ‘baby’ and ‘angel.’ y/n brings her hand down to her clit starting to make small circles, knowing she wouldn’t need much to topple over she was amazed at how fast her orgasm was creeping up on her ‘m’gonna cum baby boy, you close’
‘Yes m’so close, your gonna make me cum so hard’ his legs starting to shake again, one of his tell- tale signs.
‘Cum with me baby’ y/n says not holding back anymore, with a few more thrusts and circles to her clit she was cumming, she whimpered the words ‘baby boy’ over and over, that’s when Harry toppled over he felt his cock twitch and with that he was releasing ribbon after ribbon of cum inside of her, he stopped breathing, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, toes curling, legs shaking practically screaming profanities. He felt like he was on cloud nine, he was gasping for air, a faint ringing in his ears.
Y/n leaned down to his chest kissing a few spots, now utterly exhausted ‘you okay baby’
‘Never cum so hard in my life angel, felt incredible’ he breathes out a lazy smile on his face.
She slowly lifted herself off of him, knowing he would be sensitive before laying down beside him ‘thankyou angel’ he whispers to her
‘What for?’ she asks
‘For making me forget all of my worries, for being my stress reliever, probably would have lost it by now if I didn’t have you’ he says sweetly. ‘I don’t know what I do without you either baby’ she says kissing his lips and then pulling his head to her chest, he nuzzled into her, his long arm draping the duvet over them, before gripping onto her waist.
‘Now go to sleep my beautiful three time Grammy nominated boyfriend, you’ve got a big day tomorrow’
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meat-pvppet · a year ago
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alexasaintmichaels · 6 months ago
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foreverpraying · 3 months ago
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Source of picture: Romeo and Juliet film, 1968
"The joy of the Lord is our strength." Nehemiah 8:10
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healthherbsfood · 4 months ago
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thelightbulb · 6 months ago
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aibomind · 17 days ago
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helenawa-art · 9 months ago
Good morning 🥰 what a lovely morning 🥰
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cuddlebuddysstuff · 5 months ago
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What if there was a plush stuffed animals that were heavy like weighted blankets! They could be put on your chest and stomach to reduce anxiety and they would also be scented with soothing smells!!!
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arcademoss · 11 months ago
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reblogs encouraged
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1deep · 7 months ago
I'm the Most Defensive
Tumblr media
I sweat excess buckets, just so we could have a dance battle, for the whole league to witness
Haven't you heard? It isn't smart to belittle the silent. You know not of the hardships they've had to endure in order to make it through the daze
Tumblr media
I was finally strong enough to carry my chains, with which I effectively shackled you. You did not know. You had no idea that through my silence, I was announcing to the world, that you stood no chance at remaining present, just so long as I was reaching
You don't know. You knew not of my losses, yet you drew your conclusions before we ever won. Don't let me rebound. I'm made of steals, from being out on the block, trading bruises with the strongest, plus I'm not the shooting type
Trying to find a middle ground outside of my center, I post up from the elbows. I always told myself that if I ever fadeaway, I'd do it all with style, because nobody cares about your efforts if you cast a hook, and it doesn't sink
I'm the one who was brought in to be in your presence, every step of the way, regardless of your fast breaks that never healed, how's it feel?
Tumblr media
Knowing that you were outmatched by the object of your pretentiousness, did you ever get the point? Too busy being guarded, you never moved with power going forward
Do you ever watch the clock? Such a time-sensitive strategy. It's no wonder you lost your handle once it was turned over. I saw you prep your recipe, and play me through the seasons
You thought your dishes were the hottest around, but you have never met a waiter who was willing to serve you your own dishes once cold. My wings span too far for you to find a place of order
Foods of your labor are not tasteful when you are on an island, alone for too long, with the pestering monster hounding you, while you wait for your time out
Tumblr media
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alexasaintmichaels · a month ago
Divine Mercy Chapter 05
"Come with me. Let's go to the hill together," said Christian between two kisses to Athina the next day. The hill was at the edge of the city where every couple went watching the stars at least once while they were dating.
"But it's only afternoon," protested Athina.
"It doesn't matter. Will you come with me or not?"
Athina had a bad feeling about it, but she agreed:
"I will."
At first they went to Athina's parents' place. Athina went in the house and said she would go to one of her friends and she would be at home before the evening. Then she went out and got into Christian's car, smiling.
"They've believed me."
"Of course they believed you. You are a good girl."
Christian stepped on the gas and the car began to move faster.
They started to kiss again when they arrived to their destination. Christian's hand suddenly slipped under her blouse. And in the next moment he was taking her clothes off.
"Don't you love me...?"
"Of course I love you," answered Athina weakly and let him take off all of her clothes. After that they made love. Athina did not feel herself in heaven, but she enjoyed it. After it happened Christian helped her to put the clothes back on, then they went back to the city with the car.
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