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#urban gardening

I got home last night around 10:30 from work and I decided to have a few drinks and clean. I hand wash the floors about once a week, every week and a half. Something like that. The swiffer is good, but not Deep Clean good. Obviously, cause that pots water is the result of doing one room!

Got up this morning and the herbs were looking sad. They needed more room, but I don’t have actual planters yet so I had to improvise. Hopefully they perk back up in a day or two.

This day is a chilly one. 68° isn’t really that cold, but it sure feels like it! I’m even wearing socks. And I never wear socks unless I’m going out and have to put shoes on. So, I made some tomato soup and grilled cheese for the kids and myself.

I think I’m gonna spend the day reading and lounging in bed 😊

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I like being dirty. Real dirt, cold and wet or warm and dusty, staining my skin and darkening beneath my nails. It feels wholesome. Healthy.


I’m really glad I started gardening when all this begun. I didn’t know how long the quarantine would last, or more importantly, how long my energy and focus would last. Not having distractions has helped me learn and be a better, more observant kind of gardener than I was before, when plants always died and I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

Today was the first time I broke into real, dripping sweat while I was outside. I was potting up several plants in succession, lots of hands digging in deep to mix up the blend of soil, compost, and other additives I concocted for that particular little plant or tuber. It felt good.

I grew up watching my Aunt Susan, who for a time kept a marvellous garden. When we visited, she’d take us on a tour and show us what was what, and whatever was ripe we got to taste. Herbs, raw sweet corn, peas (the only peas I’d eat as a kid), tomatoes. I was honestly in awe. I wish I had photos. She even had this roof trellis to protect from the Arizona sun, and it was full of what I think were grape vines. Fucking magic.

I didn’t know how she did it, and I never really had much opportunity to really try myself till now. I was pretty convinced I lacked the green thumb genetic.

I still don’t know how this will all turn out, but it’s looking promising. This year is 100% experimentation. I’m taking lots of notes, doing a lot of research. I’ll see what worked and hopefully be able to figure out why other things didn’t.

But comrades, seriously, the first radishes I grew? Best things ever. Hugely recommend growing them to any newbies because it’s such a quick turnaround.



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Serviceberries! Also known as juneberries! These are ripe and ready for this week and this week only. By the end of the week they’re gonna start dropping onto the ground and be of no use to anyone. UofL has a ton of these behind the Speed School of Engineering and it’s Third Street Parking Lot. Just look for these green leaves trees hiding these ripe red blueberry like relatives of the almond family. (PLEASE be cautious if you do have an almond or other tree but allergy as they might not be good for you.)

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🌻 Sunflower Update 🌻

Sowed 03.22.2020.

Currently in 5-gallon buckets.

Currently standing: 99", 82" & 92".

Jack started showing face today.

Biggie and Shorty are makin their way.

Infinity [Blossoming in video from 04.22.2020] (Sowed 08.27.2019, currently ~55") will have her seeds harvested soon.

Stay tuned! 😊

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The last month of the week and I cannot believe we are done with five months of 2020. Good Lord it feels like 5 years at this point, but honestly the warm weather and loosening of restrictions makes the days feel so much better. I love digging my hands into the dirt in the side yard and turning it from a place of weeds and forgotten tools to a place where I can start relying on a significant amount of food in the fall to cook from. 

Zero Waste: use materials I already have on hand to plant my fall harvest items (corn, beans, squash, radish, carrots, kale, chard, etc.) while continuing to research and meal plan using items I already have in my kitchen.

Debt Free: Deposit money into my account from money received back from my HSA and place this money towards my student loans. 

Minimalism: de-clutter my phone as I have way too many icons spread across the three faces and honestly it gives me anxiety just looking at it. I am also looking into how to turn off all but the most important notifications.

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I’m new to urban gardening and I was wondering if it’s possible to grow pumpkins on an elevated deck. I have about 6ftx6ft to work with, and if it’s possible to grow in an even smaller space that would be amazing. If it is possible, any tips on how to grow pumpkins in a pot type situation? For Pumpkin breed either those mini ones or jack-o-lanterns depending on what works best.

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Dis my community garden plot. I … planted a lot of tomatoes. I have a dozen of them in there. This is an 8x10 foot plot I believe. Gridded it up.

From bottom left corner of photo going back to upper left, then repeating for each row of 4 going up in the photo.


Rosemary (spice island)

Totem (bush) Tomato

Sunflower giant

Serrano pepper (2)

Purple Cherokee tomato

Aunt Ruby’s German green tomato

Black cherry tomato

Stupice tomato

Aunt Ruby’s German green tomato

Granadero tomato

Pickling cucumber

Basil (from seed)

Stupice tomato

Empty spot

Indigo blue beauty tomato

Stupice tomato

Pink caspian tomato

Stupice tomato

Lettuces gourmet blend (from seed)

Poblano pepper (2)

Jalapeño pepper (2)

Celery butt & mostly dead bok choy butts (I tried replanting from produce I’d actually used)

Stupice tomato



Chard bright lights (2)

Ginormous chives

Sunflower giant (from seed)

Zucchini (from seed but might not have made it)

Bok choy (2)


Planter outside of plot



*HOT TIP: NEVER plant strawberries or mint in the ground unless you want them to take over the entire space. Both are highly aggressive plants. Or dill. Jesus fucking CHRIST never plant dill somewhere you can’t control it and fucking PICK IT before it ejaculates its seeds all over like a goddamn slut.*


Lemon balm


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This is the first time I’ve ever had any luck growing green beans. One thing I definitely learned is that you need a fair amount of plants to get a decent harvest.

This morning I was able to harvest a handful of French yellow beans. I’m excited to give them a try.

I don’t think it’s to late to start more seeds so I’ll go for a second round of sowing.

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