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Saw some people say Tommy’s death was a bad writing ending (looking at you twt) and I genuinly wanna see, to those who think it was a bad ending, why? Like genuinly asking lol, the only point I saw was that it “sent a bad message” which made me *raise eyebrow*

adding this cuz it’s in the tags but also it might not get read- Tommy most likely will be revived or it’ll be shown the book is a hoax. But yeah if it’s not then, Tommy will probably be revived after a while, not immediately tho probs

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help girl i tried to make a self-portrait on the notes app

and to be honest the amount of exhaustion this image radiates is entirely accurate… yipes… (it still looks pretty trash though)

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Isn’t it wild how just this month last year both Steven universe future released its last episodes, thus concluding the series. and then the pandemic began?

a part of my life had just ended while the rest was simultaneously put on standstill indefinitely 

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okay i really need to do this assignment but,, i look really pretty today yes,, like the hottest person in the grocery store type of pretty 😈

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god everyone go thank casey they literally stayed on a call w me all night and i think i talked abt myself a lot but i had a very nice conversations with them i will certainly not remember in the morning. anyway casey hi @bi-brian-david-gilbert-stan i just followed u back now even tho we have been friends for months. ily thank you for staying uo w me and talking abt music and school n alexander the great n shit lmao

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The term “deserve” and how it’s used in this fandom never stopped making me sick.

“But Elain doesn’t deserve Lucien or Azriel. They deserve someone better than her”. Ok, so who? Cuz I know, I know that you say that just because Elain is a more soft feminine “boring” character that you don’t like and you want them to be paired up with the same old female warrior and have a basic “epic love story”.

Like who gave you the right to decide what a character deserves? And why things like this always happens in the Elain/Azriel/Lucien situation? The term “deserve” is so vague cuz at the end of the day, you don’t make this kind of choices. Just say you hate Elain Archeron and go.

And the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that Elain is always erased from these discussions. Let’s focus on what Elain wants and what she choses for herself. Many people don’t take in consideration that Elain wants Azriel too. He’s the man that she wants and that’s brushed off? Excuse me? You think she has to give Lucien a chance… why? She’s uncomfortable around him. She doesn’t even want to be near him. Drop the act and say you don’t want elriel happening and move on.

You guys need to start having better reasons for hating Elain (or not shipping elriel), reasons that actually make some sense. Better that “she’s boring”, better than “she’s a damsel in distress” and better than to ship her with any other character in the series but Azriel. Do something fucking different.

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hi besties since today is my birthday and i’m feeling great i wanted to share some selfies with you 😃 idk just feel like it!! i might delete it later but anyway!! 🤗

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drinking rum as i question every single decison i’ve ever made in my life on a friday night during a global pandemic. this is some spicy shit

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