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#Jack Sparrow

taking jack sparrow too easily disease

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My roommate and I are watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

We both agree that Jack Sparrow is attractive but we don’t want to be attracted to him and that we’re annoyed by our attraction and somehow that makes him more attractive.

We had a 10 minute conversation on that fact.

Anyway. I love pirates/the aesthetic/the ocean. And also for being from 2003 the CG in this movie is really good.

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Kingdom Hearts au where Jack Sparrow becomes a keyblade wielder.

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hello, it’s literally two thousands and twenty one (read it — 2021) and i’m still obssessing over these two. well, exactly, i might not overcome them never. first of all, happy new year and second of all, i’ve returned to the POTC fandom and community, it became my new hyperfixation. now, that’s perfect already, don’t y'all think? hihihi

and the main reason why i returned is this couple right here. exactly. sparrington. they are my comfort shipp and- i swear to the divine lord that may be in the gates of heaven right now, they are absolutely perfect.

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Harbor Town AU playlist

(P. S. Shoutout to that one person who’s been yelling and laughing a lot in the tags of many of these posts. I noticed you and I very much appreciate all the tags. I will cherish them. It makes me very happy that you enjoy this content so much.)

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You weren’t born gay, you CHOSE to watch pirates of the Caribbean at a young age and became utterly obsessed with Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann

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Pirates of the Caribbean

  • James Norrington
  • Theodore Groves
  • Cutler Beckett
  • Jack Sparrow 
  • Will Turner
  • Henry Turner
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Carina Smith

I do not write smut.<3

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fictional men I’m terribly in love with and my type is obvious as hell

➯ jake peralta (brooklyn nine-nine)


Originally posted by myriadimagines

➯ minho (maze runner)


➯ dastan (prince of persia)


➯ the weasley twins (harry potter)


➯ han solo (star wars)


➯ stiles stilinski (teen wolf)


➯ ruby (on my block)


➯ rio (la casa de papel)


➯ klaus hargreeves (umbrella academy)


+ honorable mentions:

leo valdez (heroes of olympus)

➯finnick odair (hunger games)

➯ captain jack sparrow (pirates of the caribbean)

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if anyone is still around in sparrington, does anyone know of any good modern au’s? I was never much of a modern AU person but I feel like some..

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