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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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two fucking images the girls are laying on the couch and shes doing her makeup and its painfully gay
and the dudes are on the floor and the one guy is laying and listening very intently and his feet are up?? or whatever and the fucking homoeroticism pls i want to draw both of these super bad PLEASE i cant find them

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There’s this video abt how to draw hair making rounds on twt and tumblr that has really cute animation and is undoubtly useful, but also only features straight hair.

Perpetuating antiblack/brownness in art, even unknowingly, and especially through a teaching mechanism (even if the author goes out of the way saying “it’s just a tip”, they mention NOTHING on nonstright kinds of hair) Does Not Pass The Vibe Check to me, so I very quickly put this together.

First one was done with my finger on Procreate and I do not responsibilize for wording mistakes.

Also keep in mind this is VERY QUICK and VERY GENERAL, and to actually learn how to draw hair you need to go and study it through references, pictures, etc. I have personal experience with natural straight and curly hair, and got tips on coily hair from friends.

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To celebrate a follower milestone on ig and also so I don’t have to keep a million references open whenever I draw these characters, I’ve made semi-model sheets on all of them, including their general build, face shape, expressions, and fashion styles.

Another comment I’ll make is that Julian and Lucio have quite similar faces, but Lucio is very sharp while Julian’s rounded out.

Each character tends to have a reoccuring line shape throughout their design:

  • Asra - Semicircles/curves
  • Nadia - Straight vs flowing lines
  • Julian - Loose waves
  • Muriel - Blocky or jagged
  • Portia - Bubbly waves
  • Lucio - Sharp and spiky

I hope this can be useful :D

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Ikon’s Monster/Eldritch Form Ref


It’s been 20 years but here’s Ikon’s full body monster form ref!! In case anyone was interested, since I couldn’t find the old one.

Also not sure what the alternate colors would be for, but they’re there.

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U can ask as much as u need! Here a mini lesson!

1. Of course ur lining//sometimes I prefer colored lining over black lining// I go the bucket route, sometimes u don’t have time to do all that coloring qwq


2. I always make diffe layers for each thing// a line layer, base layer, and shading and highlight layer


3. There’s different ways to make shadows and stuff// I use the soft brushes for soft shadows/highlight and hard brushes for hard ones// u can see difference? Using soft brushes is a good alt to airbrushes. I use airbrushes mostly for blushing and stuff


Hope it helps! ;)

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