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Artist buddies, help me out

I’m looking for a .gif that has two people double high fiving then pulling each other close for a kiss while their hands are still linked - anyone know the one I mean..? It might be from a live action film/TV show but I don’t remember anyone’s face to narrow it down.


It’s possible this exists only in my fertile imagination but I am so sure I’ve seen it somewhere!

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I was trying to verbally explain how/why I do smile eyes like I do to @cacodaemonia and failing miserably so!! Have some somewhat better visual attempts. Upper left is an attempt at a neutral expression that ended kind of demented. Upper right is an example of the squish with highlighted features and arrows basically saying the bottom edge of the eye goes up and out with the cheek and the brows stay neutral height abouts. Then some poorly drawn lonely eyes farthest right and lower right and a strange doll face of the concept of lower left.

Roughly boils down to: cheeks go squish.

No idea if this is better, friend.

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