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On the Open Seas

I recently went on a wine-tasting boat tour on the Hudson with a company called Shearwater.  To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I saw the boat. It was an old boat that looked like it didn’t have the room or the capabilities for a wine tasting.  But I climbed aboard with an open mind.  About an hour later, I was enjoying the fresh breeze from the sails and I was buzzed with a huge smile on my face.  The sommelier served us amazing wine in plastic cups and handed out little fruit & cheese plates in brown paper bags.  It was the character of the staff and this century-old boat that made this all feel like an adventure.  I felt like this was all worth it to see the Statue of Liberty up close and drive by other boats that weren’t even half as interesting.  At the end, I stepped off the boat and I was elated.  What an amazing experience!

Dress: AQUA from Bloomingdales

Boots: Public Desire

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Esta fotografia foi tirada em Aveiro, Portugal. Em Aveiro, podemos andar nos barcos moliceiros, ver e tirar fotografias nas casinhas coloridas, dar um passeio de bicicleta, comer ovos moles e muito mais! É uma cidade que nos faz sonhar com tapetes voadores e imaginar golfinhos. Se vierem a Portugal, visitem Aveiro!

This photo was taken in Aveiro, Portugal. In Aveiro, we can ride on boats called “moliceiros”, see and take pictures next to the colorful houses, take a bike ride, eat soft eggs and much more! It’s a city that makes us dream of flying carpets and imagine dolphins. If you ever come to Portugal, visit Aveiro!

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Dude! I want to tell you SO bad, but that would be a major breach of respect. So I’ll just shout it here and maybe you actually check these. Doubtful, but anyways. Dude! Dude! Dude! I just found a boat. I’m about ready to buy it and get the title. I wouldn’t be about to live on a boat if it weren’t for you. I wouldn’t be living if it weren’t for you. Living with future adventures and purpose and whimsy and…dude! I’m finally finally about to get a boat. My username will finally mean something real to me.

I know we may never talk again, but you’ll always mean so much to me and you’ll always be the one that changed my life completely and irreversibly.

I wish I could do more, but I can keep making you the same promise: no matter what, you got me. If you don’t want me. Tough luck. I got your back anyways. I’m not gonna push or anything, just know I’m always gonna be there. I have three people I can make that promise to. You just happened to be the first. And making it is what changed everything for me…nay, finally choosing that words were not enough. I’m only here because I needed to prove those words to myself even knowing I might never get to prove them to you. Because you’re worth that much. All my friends are.

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