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#cost of living
just-vanishing-thoughts2 months ago
Would anyone be willing to provide a comprehensive list of every day bills? Trying to budget at least theoretically before I leave home but I鈥檓 dumb and don鈥檛 want to be blind sided
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iamthecutestofborg3 months ago
My Star Trek hot take of the day is: Alexander should have gone to live with Lwaxana at the end of "Cost of Living"
They have both always felt lonely and misunderstood. They immediately take to each other when they meet. They are probably both neurodivergent. Alexander likes and trusts Lwaxana right away because she provides the attention and nurturing he needs. Lwaxana has been longing for a purpose in life, someone to spend time with and care for. They are both coping with intense grief and trauma from witnessing the sudden and violent death of someone they loved immensely. When they talk, they share feelings and ideas that are on the same wavelength. They listen to each other and validate each other. They ask the right questions.
They just get each other.
Alexander lost his mother, and I suspect K'ehleyr was very much like Lwaxana (in a "fuck the rules, fuck tradition, be gay do crimes" kind of way). He's not put off by her overwhelming personality like most people are. He is a dreamer and an idealist and very un-Klingon in general. Lwaxana lost a daughter in childhood, and is a widow. Her only remaining family is a daughter that doesn't understand her and is never around. She's an experienced parent who could give Alexander the kind of acceptance and guadance he needs, while also sharing her wisdom, providing structure, and keeping him safe. I think she could have given him a great childhood, and it would have added companionship and meaning to her life.
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wack-ashimself6 months ago
Dear all you greedy capitalistic business owning fuck heads,
Unemployment is not paying people too much. You are paying them too little and now everybody is recognizing it. So either do your own labor, significantly lower your prices and rent, or pay us better. Because it's not like the cost of living has gone down even once in my fucking life.
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why-cant-we-be-solarpunk13 days ago
Know what phrase has been really grinding my gears lately?
"cost of living"
Why does it cost money to live. What the heck. Why is it continually rising at a higher rate than wages. It costs even more money to live. And of you don't have money, you have to struggle.. to live???
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thatquietsonga month ago
Tumblr media
..Boomers, gen x, if these are your arguments, try using an inflation calculator, because according to you, "burger flippers" today should be getting a lot more than $15 an hour. Do you pick up what *you* are putting down?
I'll give the boomer (in this scenario) their due though- 3 dollars was NOT a thriving wage in 1965. ....Just as its equivalent today, $26.38, isn't either. They would, however, get you by. And by in large, we haven't even been asking for nearly that much. 馃槓
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o-kurwa6 months ago
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soracitiesa year ago
Tumblr media
Martyna Majok, Cost of Living: A Play [transcript below]
[Text ID: 鈥淢ost people assume my name鈥檚 Jessica. It鈥檚 not.
My mother came to the country with no English, very little, and she鈥檚 in this hospital in Newark鈥攊t鈥檚 not there anymore this is clearly like a few years鈥攁nd the nurse hands me to my mom for the first time. She was here alone. No family. And the nurse asks my mom like, what鈥檒l you call her? And my mom just looks at her. She said that鈥檚 the moment it hit her, how alone she is. How little English. How everything now it鈥檚 hers. Her shoulders. And she thought the nurse said鈥擶hen my mom was asked a question, she鈥檇 usually either just say yes or no or okay like judgin on if it was a man or a woman she was answerin, or if they looked nice, I mean most times people just asked her like, do you want a bag or are you okay and so she says yes or no or I鈥檓 okay. And so my mom, when the nurse asked my name, she I think she meant to say yes but, in her, y鈥檏now, her accent鈥
So my name鈥檚 Jess. Just Jess.
聽They were nice enough to put two s鈥檚.鈥漖
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fyliwion3 months ago
Things they don't tell you when a parent dies:
No matter how prepared you think you are, you aren't.
It's exhausting. You're just tired, and ache and all around feel like your brain is trying to fight you.
It's expensive. Maybe there's a life insurance, but you aren't going to see it until after you have to pay for everything. Even the cheapest packages are still astronomical. Death is expensive and if your lucky you might have someone to help. If not, forget about things like obits and graves.
Preparations are a pain. You can have everything set up and every business and organization will still nickel and dime you, bait and switch, or try to use your grief against you. Having prepared a backbone for it is great, but it takes more energy you already don't have.
If you think any organization or group is going to help you (see airlines, travel services, etc) you've got another thing coming. They'll say sorry and charge you an additional $400 without batting an eye while saying there's nothing they can do.
The grief hits you at weird moments but mostly sits there. Your so caught up with dealing with everything that when it does it's in waves, and you just want to give up entirely but you keep going.
Mostly though-- it's just exhausting and you feel like you just can't do anything at all even though your lists just seem endless.
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dumbleftycanadianradical3 months ago
Tumblr media
Phone bills too high? Too bad. Erin O'Toole and Justin Trudeau voted together against reining in the telecom companies. The NDP has a plan to make our bills more affordable.
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rentistheft10 months ago
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brooklynsimplicity3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inflation, loss of jobs and mobility, means this list will get increasingly worst in ten to twenty years, wages are stagnant and the cost of living is continuously going up and when you factor in inequities and inequalities it will be a disaster..
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reportwire27 days ago
How to Find Savings Despite Higher Prices 鈥 NBC 6 South Florida
How to Find Savings Despite Higher Prices 鈥 NBC 6 South聽Florida
Everything from housing to food to gas: the cost of living has increased significantly over the past year.聽It鈥檚 a trend money-saving expert Krystal Sharp has noticed. 鈥淭he price of the apartment I lived in just like seven months ago was like $250 more a month and I was like, what?鈥 she told NBC 6 Responds. Krystal, who is known to her tens of thousands of social media followers as 鈥淜rys the鈥
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internetbt5 months ago
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