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#csa vent
my-corruption · a day ago
I'm dirty
I feel used
I'm not pure
god I'm disgusting
so fucking disgusting
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deer333teeth · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artist: @/taurusqueer on Instagram
Their Instagram:
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sickteeth-archive · a year ago
fuck it i’m finally making this post because goddamn i wish i saw it when i was younger
to the minors who follow me:
if anyone significantly older than you approaches you on the internet or in real life in a romantic or sexual way, do. not. communicate with them. the second it becomes anything other than respectful or friendly in any way or if they make you even slightly uncomfortable, block. them. cut them out of your life. they are not worth it and they will hurt you. run. protect yourself. and be safe.
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doingfantastic · a month ago
It’s weird to miss who you were before the trauma when there was no you before the trauma.
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traumapains · a month ago
Tumblr media
working for the knife is ouch
dni if you're not a survivor of abuse (no reposts)
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rottingtrouble-child · 4 months ago
i don’t care if he’s sorry.
i don’t care if he’s guilty.
i hope he burns.
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doingfantastic · a month ago
child abuse survivors seeing a child in public: “omg i hope they’re not getting abused”
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