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I am your nightmares, true scares
That dream when you can’t stop from falling
Can’t fight, can’t run
Can’t stop the person you’ve become

The Decrepit/Decaying Man is a figment only James can see and hear. This figure torments him endlessly and has been doing so since James was a teen.He is an amalgamation of all James’s torment, guilt, rage and bottled, negative emotions as well as his intrusive thoughts. He first started appearing after James’s first attempt at suicide as a cruel voice within his mind, but soon, as James aged The Decrepit/Decaying Man started to appear, as a shadow person, only visible out of James’s peripheral. It was only then as James’s mental illness progressed and worsened, did the Man grow a true appearance; A corpse like doppelganger of his Host.  

This is who Chimney was before he corrupted James entirely.

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