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For anonymous who asked:

Imagine where you are a female vampire who can manipulate people’s dreams, you are dating Lauren Mallory, and you appear in her dreams?

You couldn’t help but grin at the huff that your girlfriend, Lauren Mallory gave you as she spotted you in her dreams. Again. 

“Seriously Y/N? This is the sixth time this week!" 

That got a chuckle out of you. "Sorry, darling. I just couldn’t resist. You have to admit that it’s much more fun to talk this way." 

Although she said nothing, the blush on her cheeks gave you the answer that you needed. She was so cute. Whether it was in the real world during the day, or here in the realm of her dreams. 

Lauren never failed to surprise you. To amaze you. 

Here in the realm where her dreams resided, you had many firsts. 

This was how you first met. 

Where she had kissed you for the first time. 

Where you had let Lauren explore the curves of your body. 

And where she had told you of her dreams and fears. 

It was such a shame that no one had bothered to try and see past the mask she had put up. 

But oh well, their loss was your gain. 

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bruh I’m not a radfem or a terf of a rudefem or anything. im reblogging posts I like on Tumblr dot com.

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