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Hey hi I can see why you said so- I have answered more than one questions like ‘rilaya kiss’ and never drawn the lips you know…

But sorry I can’t. Kissing lips are lovers’ private! Sorry again but thank you for messaging me anyway ;)

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Cal Kestis x Reader

Requested by Anon

Summary: The Mantis crew arrives to the capital of Ulfin, in the planet of Pevera, under siege. They meet the local rebel cell spearheaded by the former Republic admiral, Jax Beneb, who seeks to destroy the Empire’s occupation that was aggressively imposed upon while exploiting the planet of its natural resources. A plan is devised to destroy the Imperial’s main base of operations—as well as their influence—in the planet; however, it was a do-or-die mission that you and Cal had gotten yourselves caught in.

A/N: AaAaaAhhHH It’s finally done! After all those weeks, it’s finished! :D Although the bad news is that it’ll be a while before my laptop could get fixed because 1) the brand of HDD I wanted sold out and 2) I asked for an SSD in advance as a Christmas present from my aunt in Florida and the said package will arrive by December to here in the Philippines. Perhaps by then I have the time and money to have it repaired. Until then, I’ll find my own way to publish the other stories.

Tags: Force-Sensitive! Reader, Inquisitor! Reader, Jedi! Reader, Fake Death, Jedi turned Inquisitor, Seduction to the Dark Side, Turn to the Dark Side, The Dark Side of the Force, Aftermath of Torture, Torture, Psychological Torture, Redemption Arc! Reader, Possible Redemption, Premonitions

Also in AO3

Chapters: 1234567891011121314 | Previous: Part 15 | Masterlist

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So I’m back I guess, sorry this took so long anon. I think it’s pretty cute though so I hope you like it <3


- Not always the first thing you would expect but Sid is a huge nerd. He has an entire bookshelf in his room dedicated to collectible items, action figures, comic books, and other things he’s picked up at conventions over time. He absolutely loves it and you can’t get him started unless you want to sit there and listen for at least an hour

- However much or little you were interested in that kinda stuff before you met Sid, he’s completely converted you. Your weekends usually include a movie binge complete with snacks and maybe getting high, depends on the mood though

- If a convention comes to town or Sid finds out a cool store has new things in stock, he always asks if you want to go with and most of the time you say yes. I mean how could you resist? He gets super excited and it’s really cute, and for someone who’s usually pretty hyper this is some next level stuff

- Same with clothes, Sid’s style may be a bit unconventional, but that’s why you like it. He loves shopping, and it’s even better when you two go together. He loves goofing off and trying on really weird outfits to make you laugh

- Sid has no trouble making you laugh, sometimes all he has to do is look at you and smile and you burst out laughing. Other times he’ll tell a really dumb joke or make silly faces, either way it always works

- Downside to that is he uses humor occasionally as a deflection if you guys are having a fight. If it gets to be too much he storms off, but when he comes back (like he always does) he’s cooled off and ready to figure things out like an adult (sorta)

- In public not as much, but Sid’s pretty cuddly at home. He likes to hug you from behind and sometimes he puts his head on your shoulder

- He likes to hold hands and if you wear bracelets or wristbands he’ll fidget with them. It can get annoying, but most of the time it’s harmless. If you two are out at a restaurant or something, he’ll grab your hand under the table even if there’s no one else with you. He just prefers it that way, feels more private

- Sid can definitely procrastinate a lot and avoid work to have fun instead, but when he gets sucked in he can stay at his computer or tables for hours with no breaks- trying to get just the perfect sound that matched what he created in his head

- He’s always really happy when you can make it to shows. If you wait backstage he looks over at you between songs, grinning ear to ear and waving. He runs up to you as soon as they finish and nearly tackles you with a hug or squeezes your hand and asks things like “how’d we do?”

- You’ve gone with Sid to get tattoos a few times, mostly just for him, but occasionally you’ve gotten one too

- When he gets sick of his hair, which is quite often, and can’t get to a salon in the next few days, you’ve helped him dye it. Unfortunately, a few of those times happened to be at one in the morning and, no matter the time, splatters of color get everywhere , including your body and all the nearest surfaces

- Sid somewhat absentmindedly mumble-sings all the time. He’ll be doing anything like cleaning his room or making breakfast and mumbling along to a commercial jingle or the last song he heard on the radio. It’s really funny when he forgets the lyrics because you can sorta watch his thought process as he pauses, sings it over a few times, remembers it, and starts singing much louder now that he’s more confident

- Sid’s really goofy a lot of the time, but also very sweet. He never wants you to feel like he doesn’t appreciate you and would do probably almost anything for you if you asked. Luckily it hasn’t come to that, but he’ll always be there to support you and absolutely crush your ass in Mario Kart

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to the anon asking for dd and reader fics, there are also some on wattpad. i know you guys here don’t like wattpad but there are some of those fics and including “lovely blue planet” and ao3.

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Literally gonna shock y’all one more time but…it’s another branjie au within a group fic. 

Everyone’s back for a five year high school reunion and the principal and class president are droning on and on about nothing and sitting in the gym listening to them is too boring for words. So the whole group decides to steal a couple boxes of wine from behind the bar and ditch the reunion. They pile in Brooke’s car and drive off to the woods where everyone would come to drink and smoke after homecoming. Seeing Brooke again, Vanjie’s feeling sentimental for what could have been if they hadn’t broken up before college, if they’d tried for long-distance, if they just tried with one another. And Brooke, hearing about what Vanjie’s been up to in these past five years, all her wild nights and her new job, seeing how she seems to have settled into herself, is remiss that she wasn’t there all that time, that she has to hear all about Vanjie after the fact. It’s getting darker, the conversations are getting more plush, the cicadas are buzzing again, and while everyone else is huddled up with their blankets (and in Scarlet’s case, the coat she stole from her fiancee, Yvie), Brooke and Vanjie sneak off once more, returning to their spot, rekindling their romance under the canopy of oak trees, kissing beneath crisp October’s blood moon.

Send me a made up fic title and I’ll tell you what I’d write

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