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#frog TikTok
miss-darcy · 3 days ago
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snowshinefivez5 · 6 days ago
Shy Little Frog
This ship is UNDERRATED! If you got content with these two OR ship them....LET 👏ME👏KNOW👏! But anyways here is a small blop of an idea that came when scrolling through the magical land of TikTok. Thought to give her brother Samidare some spotlight ^^.
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frogs-willtakeover · 7 days ago
say togiri and no one bats an eye
say polangiri and society goes wild
✨s o c i e t y✨
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acidbratt · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
honestly with scene kinda becoming trendy again i dont see how sweet frog isnt becoming trendy- like sweet frog is literally the frozen yogert place for scene people with all the colors and stuff and you mean to tell me it's not tewndy-
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mrin918 · 11 days ago
Hey y'all, you can now reply to my post here on Tumblr and I'll draw you a frog with the info below :
I decided that as I'm a small artist, it'd be good to bring this idea to Tumblr!
Info in the tiktok :)
Here's one I did for my friend (she asked for a bi straw hat):
Tumblr media
Hope you guys are interested! Adios Xx
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singingfrogs · 11 days ago
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