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so i was watching the new mlp movie and with kids movies and kids media in general, one thing i like to do as an adult is try to view it from the perspective of: “would i like this if i was a kid” ‘cause like, obviously i also think about if adult me likes it too or if i think its well made but a kids movie is made for kids so it should be appealing to them first and foremost right? in my opinion at least
anyway yeah i always like to keep in the back of my mind the opinions of my 10 year old self while watching childrens movies but like also. if i was 3rd grader in 2021 and i saw A New Generation i absolutely would have watched this movie a lot but specifically so i could play out a way more serious and melodramatic high stakes version of the story and worldbuilding with my toys as i was watching. i would have made the antagonist some big menacing shadowy king of whatever and there would be at least 4 main character death fakeouts (possibly an actually death but maybe they got brought back through the magic of pokemon tears or something). the main character would have been replaced with a talking cat with fairy wings (dont worry about it) who solves all the problems and gets all the magic powers ever.
so maybe i should take my 10 year old self’s opinions with a grain of salt? or maybe that kid was right. maybe that is what childrens media should be like
#i wrote a disney fairies fanfic exactly like that when i was like 9. talking cat main character included. she had every talent. #i think i still have the word doc somewhere jdksfjfsds i dont think i got past 1 'chapter' (2 paragraphs in 72 size font) tho #girl my tastes as a kid were so like dramatic. stop being quirky and cute mr cartoon character the evil lord is coming to kill us all #i didnt want any grounded in reality low stakes shit i wanted high concept high fantasy i wanted drama i wanted BLOOD #straight up i think the reason i liked bratz rock angelz more than any other doll based movies was cause the like climax? #in the subway with evil simon cowell was pretty intense so it like bumped it up for me despite it being relatively grounded. sorta #i dont remember a lot of specifics of that movie sorry fsdkjfk #anyway my thoughts on the new mlp movie: it seems fine #it feels incredibly dated like both musically and conceptually like a relic from 2018 and im not so sure about the character designs still #(i like it mostly but i dunno about the lips and how forward facing the eyes are. the heart hooves are great) #(the toy designs look okay but i wouldntve liked them if i was a kid. i didnt like g3 as a kid tho so like) #(take child me's opinion with a grain of salt lol i woulda liked g2 a lot and maybe g4... only the small ones (lps kid)) #(also i think hitch should have been a different colour or maybe a more green shade of yellow rn he looks too much like sunny imo) #it leans kind of heavy on g4 lore and im not so sure about that but maybe in the age of streaming it aint too bad #i know i definitely woulda found that fun as a kid like ooouuugh same world but like hundreds of years apart ouuuughhhhhh yes #what ruins will we explore....familiar ruins......loved that shit as a kid (and also now tbh) #the plot was pretty rushed since they were doing so much to set everything up in 90 minutes but eh its not the worst #the plot itself....not so sure about all these prejudice allegory fantasy stories chief. im sure they can be done well but man. #it is very easy to fumble the ball with this kinda thing. this one specifically didnt feel like the worst one ive seen at least #like i said i would have watched this movie a lot as a kid tho so yknow hdjklfjdskldf #like the thing is i would have noticed its a little weak in a lot of areas and i think because of that i would watch it specifically to #play out my own stories with my toys and flesh out the weaker parts with the little nuggets of worldbuilding they gave us #thats what happened with the first tinkerbell movie (its not a bad movie by any means but you gotta admit its the weakest) #(its like a tv pilot episode plot in movie form) when i was 8 like i knew it was flawed #kids can tell. but sometimes they like flawed stuff anyway dlksjfkdlsfd #and on the opposite end theres lots of kids media i think is very good and maybe i even like it now as an adult but like i would have HATED #as a kid like i did not like courage the cowardly dog as a kid. i didnt get it. i think its good now (although it still doesnt grab me orz) #and like i liked adventure time as a kid but i didnt like the direction it went it it was too mature for me #and man. steven universe is great. i would have loathed it as a kid jdksjfds too introspective for little me qwq #i dunno its interesting to think about sometimes! kids tastes can be complicated
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Abundance (XIV)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, eventual smut
— warning: none
— word count: 10.5k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find the rest of the chapters here!
Tumblr media
You groan as you roll out of bed, the shrill sound of your alarm still echoing inside your head as you drag your feet across the room. You can’t remember the last time you felt this tired, but you suppose a business trip and seven hybrids practically mauling your neck for hours on end adds up. You wince as you roll your shoulders, the motion pulling at your tender skin. It was probably a bad idea to let all of them scent you last night, but you were just too weak to resist the desperate whines that had filled the room whenever you pulled back to catch your breath. There’s nothing you would love more than to go back to bed considering it’s the damn weekend, but your boss requested the whole office to work through it and you know you can’t ignore that. The documents you picked up finally allows you to progress the case and track down more people that might be willing to testify alongside your client. It’s a huge step in the right direction, one you’ve been waiting for, and yet – you can’t help but mourn your social life. You have a feeling you’ll only see less and less of the boys the more testimonies and witnesses you manage to get hold of.
You rub your eyes in a futile attempt to wake yourself up, stifling a yawn as you swing open your door. You nearly walk right into the person waiting outside of it, your sight too bleary to make out much aside from their silhouette. ”Good mornin–” You sputter as you suddenly find yourself pressed against a warm chest, firm arms wrapping around your shoulders. You melt into the soft woodsy scent; a smile tugging at your lips as low purrs begins to rumble against your chest.
”Morning,” Yoongi drawls. The cat hybrid’s tail curves around your leg as he nuzzles his face into your hair. He can still pick up your sweet undertones underneath the heavy layers of their scent, the saccharine fragrance too strong to be completely covered up. You flinch as Yoongi’s nose bumps against your throat, an embarrassed whimper leaving your lips as you pull away from the cat hybrid’s touch. ”It’s sensitive,” You mumble, watching as Yoongi’s ears perk with interest. The cat hybrid’s eyes turn dark as they roam over your neck, and you feel yourself begin to flush under the intensity in his gaze.
”Is it bad?” You wince. Yoongi only hums in response, a lazy smirk adorning his lips as he shamelessly drinks in the pretty colours they’ve created on your skin. Yoongi just seems so pleased you can’t help but feel a little curious. You take a few steps back into your room, turning to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror by your door. You gasp as you take in your bruised neck, your skin littered with blooming red and purple marks. You touch your throat tentatively, careful to keep the pressure light as you map out the marks that trail all the way from your collarbones to your jaw.
”This is–” You swallow thickly as you look up to find the cat hybrid standing behind you, Yoongi’s dark eyes meeting yours through the mirror. ”–It’s very visible,” You grimace. There’s no way you can go to work like this, they’ll probably think you actually got attacked.
You shiver as Yoongi’s breath washes over your shoulder, the cat hybrid licking his lips as he says, ”It suits you.”God, you’re not awake enough to deal with the excitement that sparks in your body as you register Yoongi’s words, your face growing warmer and warmer under the undivided attention. You let out a strained chuckle, trying your best to play off the cat hybrid’s comment. Surely Yoongi doesn’t it mean it like that, right? … Right?
”I–I should cover this up,” You stammer, "I can’t go into the office like this.” Now would be a good time to dig out those turtlenecks you had forgotten about. Before you can move to grab one, Yoongi leans in to press a soft kiss to your shoulder, the cat hybrid’s eyes trained on yours as he says, ”No.”
”No?” You squeak, your heart tumbling in your chest.
”You can’t cover up all of our hard work Y/n, we spent hours making sure we scented you properly,” Yoongi pouts. Your eyebrows furrow as you process what Yoongi said – something about it not quite adding up. Their scent should still be there on your skin, so other hybrids should be able to pick it up with their heightened senses even if you wear something that covers you up more than usual. They’ve never been fussy about this before so you’re sure it must mean something, but–
”Here! This looks pretty,” You curse yourself internally for your own laziness as Yoongi hands you one of your freshly washed blouses, the shirts stacked up on your dresser. The cat hybrid isn’t wrong, it is a pretty blouse, but it won’t cover much of the bruising on your neck.
Yoongi looks at you expectantly as he nudges you in the direction of your door. ”Fine,” You sigh, ”I’ll go wash up.”
The cat hybrid's satisfied grin makes your stomach flutter, and you clutch the fabric to your chest as you hurry to the bathroom. ”Shit,” You curse as you take in the bruises under the harsh lights. There's no way you can show up looking like this. You can always go back to your room and grab something else to wear, but you have a feeling that you’ll only be met with more pouts downstairs if you do. Frankly, they’re a little too good at tugging at your heartstrings and you’re just a little too soft for them. Still, you’ll have to draw a line here. Even you know enough about hybrids to understand that it doesn’t matter whether the  .. hickeys on your throat are visible or not. It’s not like seeing the marks will make you smell more, that’s not how it works. Scents can’t be covered up by clothing, and you don’t think even a shower would fully erase their scenting with how thoroughly they did their job yesterday. No, other hybrids will know immediately, but there are those that don’t have a heightened sense of smell, those that might need a more visual example. Those that are like you. Human.
”Don’t be silly,” You snort, but your expression begins to falter the longer you think about it. That’s the only explanation, isn’t it? It the only way they can show both hybrids and humans that you’re taken. You know you probably shouldn’t entertain the thought that the boys want you like that - like you want them - but the more you think about it, the harder it is to ignore. Because you’re ours. The memory of Namjoon’s confident voice and the earnest looks you saw reflected on the other boys’ faces makes your knees go weak. You hadn’t thought much of how he rushed to correct it to roommates at the time, but looking back, you’re almost certain that’s not what he really meant. You suck in a breath, clutching the edge of the sink as you stare at the bruises in disbelief. Has it always been like that? Did you just not .. realize? You nearly jump out of your own skin as you suddenly hear Jimin’s voice through the door, the cat hybrid knocking rapidly at the wood as he whines, ”Y/n, I need to use the bathroom.”
”J-just a minute!” You race through your routine, nearly dropping your face cream to the floor twice as your mind unhelpfully decides to point out every minuscule thing the boys have ever said or done that might hint at something else than just friendship. Even though Jimin sounds ready to bust down the door as you exit, the cat hybrid still pauses just long enough for his eyes to linger on your neck before he runs past you. Your heart is pounding as you make your way back to your room, and you let out a shaky breath as the door closes behind you. You’re not going to jump to conclusions, but it seems like you might have to be a little more attentive around the boys from now on. You just need some more proof that this isn’t all in your head before you do something about it. You throw another glimpse at the mirror as you pack up your bag, an idea sparking in your head as you make sure the documents are still securely tucked away. You let the boys admire their marks as you leave for work, the hybrids visibly delighted at the fact that you haven’t covered them up. You tuck away their reaction in your mind, adding it to the list of 'this isn’t all in your head!’ as you bid them goodbye.
Okay, so maybe you feel a little bad as you pull out the silk scarf from your bag once you arrive at your firm, but you have to at least appear somewhat professional at work. You don’t think you’ll be able to live it down if you walk in looking like .. well, like you’ve been with seven people. You try not to overthink it as you walk to your office, but you can see Soo-hyun practically vibrating with curiosity from her desk as she eyes your scarf. You’ll be fine, nobody knows! It’s totally normal to wear a scarf indoors when the office is already too warm! You internal pep talk dies the moment you see the sly grin spread on Soo-hyun’s face. On second thought, maybe it’s a good idea to skip your lunch break today.
Tumblr media
“Hey Namjoon, do you think Hoseok would be okay with this one instead?” You twist the tub of yogurt around in your hand, scanning for the ingredients. You know the dog hybrid has a particular kind that he loves, but you can’t find a trace of it in the store today. They’re probably just sold out, but you don’t want to go back home empty handed when it was the only thing he asked for.
”Namjoon?” You turn to look over your shoulder when you don’t get a response, the container almost slipping from your hands as you realize why. The wolf hybrid is posturing behind you, his back straight and chest puffed out as he lowly growls at anyone that dares to step too close. His gaze is locked on the nearest hybrid; the poor mouse looking scared out of his wits as Namjoon bares his teeth. Nope! You have no idea what he’s doing but that’s notokay. “Stop it!” You smack his arm, sending the mouse hybrid an apologetic smile as you tug Namjoon closer. The frightened look on his face reminds you painfully of Jeongguk and Seokjin, and the prey hybrid scampers away the moment Namjoon's eyes snaps to meet yours.
”What are you doing?” You hiss. The growl in Namjoon’s throat stutters to a stop as he takes in the angry set of your mouth, your lips pressed into a tight line as you glare up at him.
”I’m sorry, it’s my instincts,” The wolf hybrid whines, his gray ears twisting back, “The need to protect you is stronger when we’re outside, and it makes it difficult to suppress it.” Even as Namjoon speaks, his eyes flicker over your shoulder to track the other human that’s walking down the same aisle.
You sigh; regret swirling in your chest as you notice the tension in the wolf hybrid’s body. They did say that their instincts would be heightened during the next few days, so you suppose you can’t really fault Namjoon for the added hostility. You probably shouldn’t have let the wolf hybrid come with you in the first place, but the temptation of having an extra pair of arms to help you carry all the groceries was just too good to resist. Normally you would buy food on the way home since it’s already on your way, but Soo-hyun’s interrogation during lunch had left you feeling flustered and scatter-brained enough that it had totally slipped your mind.
”I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have yelled at you,” You duck your head in embarrassment. You watch Namjoon’s shoes as they move a step closer, the wolf hybrid’s fingers curling around yours as he gently takes the tub of yogurt out of your hands. ”Don’t worry about it Y/n,” You can hear the smile in his voice as he quickly reads the label, ”And yeah, I think Hobi will like this one just as much.”
Namjoon reaches around you to place the yogurt in the cart, the side of his body pressed up against yours as he puts the tub down with the other food. Your eyes fly up surprise as you feel the wolf hybrid press a chaste peck to your temple as he leans back. Namjoon looks down at you with a wide grin as he gestures to the list clutched in your hand, his tail wagging behind his back as he says, ”Let’s go, we still have a lot of stuff to find.”  
You do have a lot of groceries to find, and shopping for eight people with varying dietary needs isn’t exactly easy. You let out a frustrated huff as you eye the two different types of steaks, trying your best to remember if any of the boys have a preference. You can feel Namjoon shift impatiently beside you, glaring at anyone who tries to come close to the meat display. While it’s not exactly ideal, it’s still better than having him growl at anyone who dares to pass by you. You startle as you suddenly feel Namjoon’s fingers dip below the collar of your coat, tugging gently at the fabric to expose more of your neck. It’s still cold enough in the evenings that bundling up in a coat isn’t seen as odd, but the wolf hybrid clearly isn’t too happy about the hidden hickeys (–which yes, that was admittedly your intention.) You let Namjoon pop the first button of your coat, the wolf hybrid pushing the fabric aside with a pleased noise as your bruised throat becomes more visible. You’ve never really been the type of show off the marks left behind on your skin, but you figure you can deal with the awkwardness of pointed looks for the duration of your shopping if it makes Namjoon happy. You throw another glance at the steaks, figuring you might as well just go with both. It isn’t until you’ve started walking away that you realize the wolf hybrid hasn’t followed you, Namjoon seemingly frozen in place as he stares at an approaching hybrid.
You mumble out a curse as you notice the familiar ears and tail, because of course you had to run into another wolf hybrid. You’ve gathered enough to understand that hybrids often feel more threatened by those who share the same species as them – that they learn from a young age that they have to be the best if they want to get adopted. Apparently that instinct sticks around even after the hybrids find their home, and with how your cycle has already made Namjoon overprotective, you don’t think an encounter between the two wolf hybrids will end well. You can already tell that Namjoon is starting to look agitated, and you have no intention of just standing by and letting him try to assert dominance over the other wolf hybrid in the middle of a grocery store. You backtrack as quickly as possible, your filled cart squeaking against the polished tiles as you notice how Namjoon squares his shoulders, his gaze hardening as he scans the other hybrid top to bottom. Luckily for you, the other wolf hybrid seems lost in her own world, tapping away on the phone in her hand and completely oblivious to Namjoon’s death stare.
”Namjoon!” His gray ears twitch as you call out for him, but his attention is zeroed in on the rapidly approaching hybrid. You reach him just as his chest begins to rumble, grabbing his hand and yanking on it as hard as you can. The wolf hybrid is definitely bigger than you, but the suddenness of your pull seems to be just enough to catch Namjoon off guard. He stumbles from the sudden shift in his balance, warm eyes blinking rapidly as you drag him over to your cart. The instinctual haze seems to lift as he refocuses on your face, and his tail tucks between his legs as he realizes he slipped up again. You can practically see Namjoon yelling at himself inside his own head, his lips set in deep frown as he stares at the various items in your cart. You know he already feels bad, so there’s no need for you to make him feel worse about something that’s normal for him. You give his hand a squeeze before you bring it up to the handle of the cart, curling his fingers around it. You cover Namjoon’s hand with your own, slotting your fingers between his as you grab the handle.
”Just to make sure you stay with me and behave,” You smile, playfully bumping your hip into Namjoon’s side. The confusion on the wolf hybrid’s face transforms into relief, the tail behind his back wagging slowly as he helps you push the cart. Grocery shopping goes much quicker with Namjoon glued to your side, and you find that the moment his attention begins to stray to someone else in the store, a quick squeeze of his hand snaps it right back to you. And yeah, maybe you find it just a little bit hot when Namjoon subtly tries to cage you in against shelves and displays to block you from view when you go to grab something. (Just a little though.)
You find yourself back the house in no time, and despite the multiple bags Namjoon is carrying, you can see how his posture relaxes the moment he steps into the house. ”Thank you for your help,” You flash Namjoon as sweet smile as he closes the fridge, the mountain of groceries finally put away where it needs to go. ”And for spending some time with me. I know it might be difficult after what happened with Taehyung, but I really appreciate it.”
”I don’t mind helping, and I don’t mind spending time with you,” Namjoon says, the wolf hybrid inhaling deeply as he leans against the counter, “I’ve said things out of ignorance before too, things that I didn’t really mean. It doesn’t excuse what was said, but it would be hypocritical of me to not give you another chance when I’ve been in your place before. We all deserve a chance to learn and better ourselves.”
You swallow thickly, blinking away the sudden moisture in your eyes. God, you’re not sure what you did you deserve these boys. ”Are you sure?” You murmur.
”I’m sure,” Namjoon holds your gaze, his brown eyes flashing golden in the low light.
“Taehyung often forgives a little too easily, but this time .. I think he’s right. It’ll take some time for things to go back to how they were, but I’m willing to try. We’re–” Namjoon cuts himself off, a gentle smile spreading on his lips as he opens his arms, ”–We’re good.”
You only hesitate for a second, just long enough to register the sincerity on Namjoon’s face before you cross the room, walking straight into the wolf hybrid's embrace. ”Thank you,” You whisper. Namjoon only hums in response, hugging you tighter.
If it wasn’t for Namjoon’s arms around your waist though, you swear you would’ve collapsed to the floor with the way Taehyung suddenly bursts into the kitchen. The fox hybrid’s tail is swishing behind his back with excitement, and the smile on Taehyung’s lips only grows wider as he takes in you and Namjoon. ”Y/n! Hyung! Hobi hyung is getting the deck out, do you want to play a few rounds with us?” A glint passes through Taehyung’s eyes at your agreement, and you can’t help but think that maybe the fox hybrid has something up his sleeve.
Tumblr media
“I give up,” You pout, tossing your cards down on the bed. Just like the first time you played with the boys, Taehyung wins every round. No matter what kind of card game it is, the fox hybrid somehow manages to get the upper hand every time. You swear you saw Taehyung slip in an extra card during one of the rounds, but it happened so fast you couldn’t be sure. Honestly, seeing the fox hybrid’s boxy smile when he wins is almost worth all the consecutive losses, but even you have a limit of just how much defeat you can handle in one night. You’re not a sore loser by any means, but the game loses some of its charm when you already know the outcome before you’ve even begun.
“Me too,” Hoseok sighs, flopping down on the bed next to you. Namjoon stares down at his hands with concentration, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips as he shuffles through his cards. The wolf hybrid doesn’t look ready to give up, but judging by the smug smile on Taehyung’s face, you doubt it’ll be long before he admits defeat.
You glance down at Hoseok as he begins to wiggle over, the dog hybrid using the opportunity of his packmates being distracted to have all of your attention on him. Hoseok doesn’t stop moving until he has his head in your lap, his tail thumping against the mattress. ”Hey,” He grins.
”Hey,” You echo back with a laugh. You run your fingers through Hoseok’s blond locks, enjoying the silky strands between your fingers as you pet his head. All of the boys just have such soft hair, and you would be lying if you said you weren’t a little bit envious. It’s probably a mix of their genes and using the right products, but maybe Hoseok would be willing to spare you some of his conditioner to try out? You make a mental note to ask the dog hybrid later.
You lightly scratch behind his ears, making sure to not actually touch them. You should probably ask the rest of the boys if their ears are as sensitive as Jeongguk’s – but judging by the very descriptive titles of the uhm, adult hybrid films you’ve come across while trying to research, you have a feeling the answer will be yes. You suck in a surprised breath as Hoseok turns on his side, his arm curling around your waist as he nuzzles his face into your stomach. You flush at the contented sound he makes, turning your attention back to Taehyung and Namjoon in an attempt to ignore how your chest is fluttering from how close the dog hybrid is. You look up just in time to see Namjoon groan, the wolf hybrid throwing his cards down in defeat.
”Maybe next time hyung,” Taehyung grins, amusement shining in his eyes as he watches his alpha collect the deck. Namjoon grumbles in response, his gray ears pulling back. It looks like he really thought he would be able to win this time. The fox hybrid looks beyond pleased with himself as he scoops up some cards, but it only takes a few seconds before he registers Namjoon’s disappointment and his expression softens.
”You can’t be good at everything,” Taehyung still has that smug smile on his face, but his voice is far too gentle to be teasing. You might not be a sore loser, but it appears that Namjoon is. Taehyung drapes himself over the wolf hybrid’s shoulders, rubbing his face comfortingly against Namjoon’s neck as the alpha licks his wounds. There’s something longing in the way Taehyung looks at Namjoon as he pulls back, like he wants to do something to comfort his alpha, but he can’t. You’ve seen it reflected in both Hoseok and Namjoon’s eyes before too, and you think it’s easier to name it now that you’re sure you must be looking at them in the same way. It’s pining, yearning, for something more. The pack is obviously close, but not in the same way that Yoongi and Jimin, and Jeongguk and Seokjin are. You’ve seen the two prey hybrids peppering each other with soft kisses in the morning, and Jimin and Yoongi seem to enjoy regularly flaunting what they’ve gotten up to, but you’ve never seen anything aside from hugs and cuddles being shared between the canines. It’s clear that they all want the same thing, but it seems like there’s something holding them back from taking that last step. But with how the longing glances between them seem to have been increasing lately, and with how you’re fairly sure they want something more than just friendship from you, you have a feeling they’ll have to face what has been holding them back sooner rather than later.
Tumblr media
You fall into somewhat of a routine over the next couple of days; your time being split between work and lingering touches. (–”Today is ours,” Jimin had purred into your neck before you left for work, the cat hybrid making sure that you still smelled enough of them as he rubbed his cheek along your shoulder. Yoongi and Jimin had been miffed that so much of the day before had been spent with the canines, and so the two cat hybrids had taken it upon themselves to decide that Sunday was theirs. In all honestly, you really didn’t want to go into the firm, but the mountain of cases stacked up on your desk didn’t leave you with much choice. At least you’re not alone about it, considering you’re pretty sure everyone – even including your boss – shared the same faith as you. You could always refuse to come in, but the hefty compensation you were promised was too good to pass up. You do have eight mouths to feed after all, and a little extra money certainly doesn’t hurt. Thankfully though, working on the weekend means your hours are cut a little shorter.
Once you get home, you barely make it inside the house before Jimin grabs your hand, making you follow him upstairs. ”Come to our room once you’ve changed,” The cat hybrid nudges you inside your room with a soft tut, closing the door behind you before you can ask what’s going on. You’re eager to get out of your work clothes, so you don’t waste any time changing into a far more comfortable hoodie and pair of sweatpants.
Your knuckles hardly even manage to brush against their door before it’s opened, Yoongi’s soft features greeting you. ”Bed,” He rasps, his fingers intertwining with yours as he leads you over to where Jimin is sprawled out on their mattress. You let yourself be maneuvered down between the two cat hybrids, Yoongi pulling you to his chest while Jimin wraps himself around your back.
”What are we doing?” You hesitantly let your arm drape across Yoongi’s stomach as he pulls you closer, Jimin nudging your leg on top of his alpha's thigh to make room for his own.
”Sleeping. You’ve had a long week," Yoongi murmurs against your hair. You can’t agree more. You can practically feel the heaviness in your bones, your eyelids already starting to flutter shut from the steady thrum against your ear. Jimin’s leg slots between yours as he curls his arm around your waist. You can’t help the involuntary hitch in your breath as you feel his nose skim across your neck, his tail moving languidly across your thigh.
“Why?” Jimin teasingly nips your neck, his voice sultry and low as he says, ”Did you have something else in mind?”
”N–no, sleeping is good – great!” You stammer, pressing your face into the soft fabric of Yoongi's shirt to hide the flush creeping up your face. The oldest cat hybrid lets out a light chuckle, his chest moving underneath your cheek.
”Mhm, it is great,” Jimin smugly hums against your skin, pressing a soft kiss to your nape before he settles down. It doesn’t take long before you begin to feel light rumbles vibrating against your body, the boys’ purrs ebbing and flowing into the silent room like a gentle lullaby. You spend the rest of your Sunday curled up between Jimin and Yoongi, and you can’t remember the last time you slept so well.)
Tumblr media
(–”Noona!” Jeongguk waves you over to the couch with a bright smile the following day. Seokjin moves to the side to make room between himself and his packmate, but you don’t get far enough to claim it. You squeak as the bunny hybrid suddenly pulls you into his lap, Jeongguk’s strong arms wrapping around your middle as he tucks his face into your neck.
”Missed you,” You just manage to make out Jeongguk’s shy voice over the sound of the TV, your heart fluttering at the unexpected confession. The bunny hybrid has never been this bold with his affection before, but you suppose it matches up with how the boys said that your little situation would make them more clingy than usual. You catch Seokjin trying to suppress a smile as he fake yawns, the hamster hybrid’s eyes shining with fondness as he looks at you and Jeongguk.
”I missed you too,” You murmur, giving the arms around your waist a squeeze. The bunny hybrid relaxes at the sound of your voice, sinking into the couch as he holds you close. You feel hyperaware of Jeongguk’s chest pressed against your back, but whenever you try to shift your weight forward, the bunny hybrid pulls right you back. You allow him a few minutes to scent your neck, choking down any noises that try to escape when Jeongguk’s nose brushes against the tender marks on your throat. The bunny hybrid makes a disgruntled sound as you gently remove his arms, his big eyes looking up at in you confusion as you slide down into the spot between him and Seokjin.
”You’re still hurt Jeongguk, you shouldn’t be putting too much strain on your ribs,” You explain. Jeongguk’s ears droop, his doe eyes looking even bigger as he tries to protest, ”But–”
”Y/n is right, bun. You can cuddle more later,” Seokjin interrupts. The tone of his voice doesn’t leave any room for arguments, and it makes Jeongguk’s foot thump harshly against the floor in response. The bunny hybrid just looks so adorable you can’t help but giggle at the childish reaction. Jeongguk gives you an affronted look, a pout pulling at his soft lips as he decides to ignore the both you in favour of the TV. “Hey no–I’m sorry Jeongguk, I didn’t mean to laugh. You just looked so cute,” You apologize, choking down the urge to coo as you see one of Jeongguk’s ears straighten at your words. ”Really?” He murmurs.
”Really,” You grin.
”That’s okay then,” Seokjin snorts at how easily Jeongguk gives up on being annoyed, the bunny hybrid grabbing your hand as he cuddles up to your side. The hamster hybrid moves closer too, throwing one arm behind your back as he lets both you and Jeongguk lean into his touch. You rest your head on Seokjin’s broad shoulder as he starts carding his fingers through his packmate’s hair, the bunny hybrid practically melting from having both his hair and fingers played with. You absentmindedly run your thumb over Jeongguk’s knuckles as you turn your attention back to the TV, losing yourself in the plot and the sporadic kisses Seokjin presses against your hair. It doesn’t take long before you can feel Jeongguk begin to nod off, his head slipping down your shoulder before he wakes up enough reposition it. You and Seokjin whisper back and fourth about the show when something exciting happens, but the soft rise and fall of the hamster hybrid’s chest and the warmth of Jeongguk’s body pressed against yours is beginning to make you feel sleepy too.
In fact, you’re sure you must be dreaming as the end credits stop rolling, and the screen cuts to a serious looking news anchor. A grainy picture pops up on the screen, and you have to squint as you try to focus. There are three people in the image, and from their hunkered and tense postures it’s obvious they’re up to something they shouldn’t be doing. You let your gaze sweep over their slightly blurry faces as the anchor talks about a hybrid trafficking syndicate, and how it’s been almost impossible to track down.
You blink.
Your heart plummets to your stomach as it dawns on you that you’ve seen two of those men before. It was the same two men that stared back at you in the file Hansol handed over. They’re connected to your case, and apparently Lim Enterprises isn’t just smuggling a few hybrids here and there – they’re running one of the biggest trafficking syndicates in the country.
”What’s wrong?” Jeongguk’s head suddenly springs up from your shoulder, his long ears standing straight up in alert as Seokjin turns you around, his plush lips pressed into a firm line as he stares you down. The two hybrids are still reeling from the abrupt switch in your scent, the sugary sweetness on the air suddenly bitter and suffocating.
”Y/n, what’s wrong?” Seokjin repeats. You can’t tell them. You already knew that a case against a big enterprise wouldn’t be easy, but this is dangerous. This is more than your firm can handle – than you can handle. You’ll have to convince your boss as soon as he gets back from his business trip that whatever he’s being offered for taking the case isn’t worth it. This is too much of a risk.
”N-nothing!” You stutter, feeling yourself grow pale as your gaze flickers back to the TV. ”I-I just thought I saw a mouse!”
”A mouse?!” Jeongguk pulls his legs up from the floor, his wide eyes frantically sweeping over the floor, ”Should I get Yoongi or Jimin hyung?”
Seokjin waves of the bunny hybrid’s comment, his eyes never leaving your face for second. ”Y/n, is that all it is? Are you sure?” God, you want to break and tell them so bad, but you can’t risk it. You can’t.
”I-I’m sure,” Your smile is little more than a grimace as you take a deep breath, Seokjin’s grip still firm on your shoulders as you try again with a little more conviction, ”I’m fine.” But you’re not. You’re so, so fucked.)
Tumblr media
You had a routine, but that doesn’t last for long. Not when you open your front door on Tuesday to find Jihyo standing there with an excited dog hybrid peeking over her shoulder. ”Jihyo? Why are you here?” Your eyebrows furrow as you try your best to think back to the last thing you and your friend talked about. You definitely would have remembered inviting her over.
”Can’t a girl visit her best friend? I haven’t heard from you in ages!” Jihyo huffs. You roll your eyes, not bothering to fight the smile that tugs at your lips as you say, ”We texted last night.”
”Sure we’ve texted, but I haven’t seen you for weeks,” Jihyo shoots back with a pout. Your stomach twists as the dog hybrid standing behind Jihyo rubs her head soothingly against her shoulder, trying her best to calm her down. You didn’t realize that Jihyo was actually upset about it.
”I’m sorry, it’s just been a lot lately,” You sigh.
“I figured. I could tell something was up with you last night,” Jihyo says. You slump against the doorframe, guilt spreading through your body as you look back at your friend. You can’t help but wonder if you’ve paid enough attention to the texts you’ve shared with Jihyo over the last three weeks. Was there something you should’ve picked up on like she did? Have you been neglecting your friend that bad?
”Don’t be sad!” A light whine pulls you out of your thoughts, and you move your gaze to the drooping white ears on top of the dog hybrid’s head. ”Can I hug you? Please, please? I don’t want you be sad,” She looks at you pleadingly, her fluffy tail tucked between her legs. You’ve briefly talked to Sana over the phone, but you haven’t actually seen the dog hybrid since that day at the shelter. She’s pretty. Really pretty. It’s not hard to see why Jihyo is so smitten with her. You can’t resist the distraught expression on her face though, and all it takes is a small nod before Sana tackles you into a hug. You have to take a step back from the force, your arms automatically wrapping around her small waist to keep the both of you upright.
”Sana, we've talked about this!” Jihyo sounds exasperated despite the fond smile on her face, ”You can’t just jump people like that, you have to–”
You freeze as you suddenly hear a deep growl behind you, the threatening sound sending a violent shiver down your spine. Sana’s arms stiffen around your body, a low rumble building in her chest as she tugs you a step back towards the door. You throw a look over you shoulder, eyes widening with shock as you realize that the growl came from Hoseok. The golden retriever hybrid has his eyes locked on Sana, his lips curling into a nasty snarl as he takes in how she’s slowly trying to inch you away from him. You jump as the door to the canine’s room is thrown open, the bang echoing through the house as Namjoon and Taehyung scramble out into the hallway. Namjoon’s eyes turn to steel as he stalks closer, his jaw clenched tightly as his chest begins to rumble.
”Y/n,” The deep baritone of Taehyung’s voice makes your breath hitch. The fox hybrid’s ears pull back and the cold expression that settles on his face makes a flash of fear shoot through your body. But it’s not for you you’re worried about – it’s Sana. You’ve never seen the fox hybrid look so angry before. It’s no wonder he managed to scare off three hybrids on his own if this was the way he looked at them. You swallow thickly as you hear Jihyo’s weak voice call out your name; your eyes locked on the heated glares the boys are giving Sana.
”I’m not sad anymore, it’s okay. You should go back to Jihyo,” You reach up to give Sana’s head a comforting pat, not daring to move your gaze away from Hoseok. The dog hybrid tracks your hand as you rest it shortly in Sana’s hair, the phantom touches of your fingers carding through his locks making something uncomfortable unfurl in his stomach. You’re only supposed to touch them like that, not her. Sana lets out a choked sound, something between a whine and a growl as she drops her hold and steps away from you. You can tell she feels unsure whether it’s the right thing to do, but Jihyo reaches out to grab her hand, pulling her back until she’s once again hidden away behind her.
”I wanted to ask you to come out with us, but I guess now’s not a good time?” Jihyo winces as Namjoon’s hard gaze flickers to her, her fingers tightening the hold around Sana’s hand.
”No, it’s–” You bite down on your lip, unsure what to say. You know the boys have a stronger instinct to protect you right now, and that going off with another hybrid probably isn’t the best thing to do. But you’ve also been neglecting Jihyo for weeks in favour for the boys and work, and you miss her. You miss your friend.
”How about the three of you hang out here instead?” Seokjin’s composed voice washes over the tense air in the hallway, and you glance back from Jihyo in shock to find that the rest of the boys have somehow filed into the cramped space as well. ”I think it would be better for everyone if Y/n stays somewhere we know is safe. Our instincts are a little .. on edge these days,” He says. The polite smile on his face doesn't quite reach his eyes.
”Are you sure?” Jihyo doesn’t quite seem to know who she should really ask, her gaze moving between you, Seokjin and Namjoon.
”That’s a great idea, thank you Seokjin,” You speak up before any of the boys can protest, grabbing Jihyo’s hand to usher the two of them into the living room. You hear a few low growls and hisses as the boys are forced to step back to make way, but the sounds soften as you send them a pleading look. You let Jihyo and Sana enter the room first, the dog hybrid’s tail tucked between her legs from the glowering stares. She knows she’s no match for seven hybrids, and especially not seven hybrids who seem like they all want to lay a claim on you.
”Just a couple of hours, okay? I know it’s really bad timing with everything that’s going on, but–” Yoongi cuts you off with a light push, the cat hybrid looking like he’s trying his best not to scowl as he nudges you into the living room, “We’ll be fine Y/n. Go have fun with your friends.” The hostile expressions on their faces makes your stomach flip even though you know it’s not directed at you. Jimin and Jeongguk are sulking behind the others; clearly not happy about the situation or their alphas judging by the heated looks they’re sending to the backs of their heads. Namjoon’s face is carefully blank as he says, ”Go on, it’s okay.”  
It takes a while for Jihyo and Sana to loosen up after the rather intense greeting they got, but you find yourself beginning to relax and enjoying their company soon enough. The dog hybrid had whimpered out an apology as soon as the boys had scattered back to their rooms, her ears pressed flush against her head as she pouted out a, ”I’m sorry that I hugged you! I just wanted to make you feel better.” Jihyo has kept Sana tucked against her side ever since, probably to both keep the dog hybrid still, but to also offer her some comfort in a house that’s been scented to hell and back by the hybrids living there. You notice how Sana keeps bringing her sleeve up to her nose whenever she doesn’t speak, breathing in her own smell in an attempt to block out the boys’.
You keep your voices a little lower than normal as you catch up. It’s not that there’s anything the boys shouldn’t hear and you don’t think they would really try to listen in, but you’re just suddenly very aware of the fact that all seven of them have exceptional hearing. ”So .. work?” Jihyo quirks an eyebrow. You slump back against the couch with a grimace, yesterday’s discovery still fresh in your mind. You still have a few days before your boss will be back, so until then you can’t do much aside from stew in your own misery. ”There has been some recent complications ..” You trail off, nervously picking at your nails.
“I see,” Jihyo pauses, her brown eyes locked yours as she mouths ‘Is it dangerous?’. You have no idea how Jihyo always manages to read you so well, but being friends for over a decade certainly helps. Jihyo’s mouth twists with worry as you nod.
”Are you still going to do it?” She murmurs.
”I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide,” You might actually kill your boss if he refuses to back down, but that’s a problem for future you. Right now you still have to at least have hope that Mr. Gwan will have enough brains to realize how risky this case really is. Jihyo doesn’t bring it up any further, and you’re honestly a little relieved that you can forget about it for a while.
It doesn’t take long before you realize that the boys aren’t doing too good.
You’re in the middle of stifling your laughter when you see Taehyung’s head poke around the wall, the fox hybrid’s eyes widening as he realizes you’re looking right at him. Taehyung immediately jerks out of sight, leaving you staring dumbly at the empty air for a second before you turn your attention back to Jihyo. Only a few minutes pass before you notice a flash of deep orange out of the corner of your eye again, but this time, Taehyung isn’t alone. You let out an amused huff under your breath as you notice Jeongguk’s long ears sticking out over the fox hybrid’s head, the brown bunny ears twitching along to the story Jihyo is telling you. You figure you might as well let them be if keeping a closer eye (–spying) on you and Sana will help soothe their instincts. You forget about Taehyung and Jeongguk after a while, getting carried away by Sana’s descriptions of the trip they took to Jihyo’s mountain cabin.
The thing is, the hovering doesn’t stop with just Jeongguk and Taehyung; it’s how Seokjin suddenly comes into the room with drinks, the polite yet pained smile on his face never faltering as he quickly scans you up and down. it’s how Yoongi and Jimin enters the room and tells you to ”don’t mind us” as they spend five minutes looking for a charger you know is in the kitchen. it’s how Namjoon and Hoseok decide to start gardening outside the large window in the living room despite it being way too early in the year for anything to grow yet, the two hybrids definitely paying more attention to you than the cold dirt in their hands. It’s only been a couple of hours, but you can tell they’re beginning to grow impatient. And you’re not the only one that notices.
”We should probably stop torturing them,” Jihyo snorts. She throws a little wave to Namjoon and Hoseok, grinning as they quickly duck out of sight.
”I’m sorry for all of this,” You grimace.
“I should be the one to apologize,” Jihyo shakes her head, “I knew that turning up with Sana probably wasn’t the best idea, but I just really wanted to make sure you were alright.”
”I appreciate it, you know I do,” You smile. “I promise we’ll hang out soon. Maybe we can do lunch at that new restaurant that opened downtown?”
”Of course! Just let me know when you’re free,” Jihyo keeps a tight grip on Sana as you all stand up, keeping the dog hybrid close to her side as you lead them out. You have a feeling it’s to make sure that Sana doesn’t get too excited and tackles you into another hug based on the longing gaze she sends your way. You wave them off with a soft grin, and you can feel the tight pressure you’ve had in your chest ever since yesterday loosening just a little. Even if you can’t tell Jihyo what’s really going on, it’s still nice to somewhat be able to share your troubles with someone.
You close the door with a soft click, turning around to find yourself face to face with Hoseok. The dog hybrid looks troubled, his ears pressed flat against his golden hair. ”I think we need to talk,” You say. Hoseok nods as he rocks on his feet, his tone a bit resigned as he says, ”Yeah, we do.” The dog hybrid’s nose scrunches as he sniffs the air, a scowl passing over his features at Sana’s lingering scent.
”Would it be better if I took a shower first?” You should have realized that Sana probably scented you earlier while she was trying to cheer you up, but there had just been too much going on. You know now though, and it’s hard to miss the way Hoseok’s shoulders sag with relief at your offer. ”Please,” He says.
”How about you bring the rest of the boys upstairs in fifteen minutes? We can talk in my room?” The dog hybrid’s tail does a half-hearted wag as he murmurs out an agreement. You peek into the living room as you pass by to see the boys rubbing off their scent on the couch Jihyo and Sana used, matching frowns on their faces as they try to cover up the new smell. Safe to say, you make sure to scrub your neck extra well in the shower.
Tumblr media
“So..” You clear your throat, resisting the urge to squirm under the seven pairs of eyes that are looking at you, ”I’m really sorry Jihyo and Sana came over unannounced like that, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. I, uhm, shouldn’t have let Sana hug me either – not with how things are right now.” Taehyung huffs in response, his fingers carding through the hairs of the deep orange tail curled around his waist. The boys are taking up space where they can on your bed, forming a half-circle around you from where you’re leaning against the headrest. They had all given you a brief hug as they entered the room, making sure to cover up any trace of Sana’s scent before they sat down. Your bed is just big enough for Yoongi and Jimin to sit on your left, their bodies pressed together. Seokjin and Jeongguk are in the middle, the bunny hybrid kneeling behind his alpha as he uses Seokjin’s broad shoulders to rest his arms. The canines are to your right, Taehyung tucked between Hoseok’s legs as Namjoon sits next to them, their knees brushing.
”We’re sorry too,” Namjoon says, his gray ears twisting back as he shares a look with Yoongi and Seokjin, “We haven’t been .. completely honest with you Y/n.” A spark of panic bolts through your body at the soft whines the rest of the boys let out as they lower their eyes.
”When we said our instincts made us more affectionate and clingy it wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the full truth either. It doesn’t happen with just any female we’re close with, it’s a little more complicated than that.” You sit up a little straighter. You’re not sure what you were expecting, but this is doesn’t sound too bad. You give Namjoon an encouraging nod, but the wolf hybrid’s cheeks are turning a faint pink, seemingly at a loss of how to continue based on the strangled growl that rumbles low in his chest.
”Our instincts are only triggered like this if we’re around a female we consider to be our mate,” Yoongi drawls, helping the other alpha out. The cat hybrid’s tail is flicking anxiously behind his back, his fingers clasped tight around Jimin’s hand. They weren’t planning on telling you this yet, but there’s only so many lies they can spin to explain away their behaviour. Not to mention, the way they’ve been acting isn’t acceptable when you aren’t even theirs.
Mate? You suck in a surprised breath, your gaze bouncing from hybrid to hybrid as they offer you sheepish smiles. Your heart is thundering away in your chest, the pace almost bruising against your ribs. You’re just so happy and relieved that the boys feel the same way that you could cry, but there’s something holding you back from fully embracing it. Something you need to know the answer to. ”Do all of you want to be with me .. like that?” You ask. The chorus of agreement that rings out inside the four walls of your bedroom splits you in half, one part of you elated where the other is nervous beyond belief.
”How? I mean, you’re all in different packs. I don’t understand how that’s going to work,” You murmur.
”We’ve talked about it already. We–” Yoongi awkwardly clears his throat, his dark eyes hesitantly meeting yours as he says, ”We’ve agreed to share you.” He cringes at how it sounds, quickly following it up with, ”I know it sounds bad, but if you want to be with all of us, and will allow us to court you, we’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ll be split between our three packs. It’s not ideal, but we would much rather share you than lose you completely.” You catch Taehyung's hopefully eyes, the fox hybrid giving you an enthused nod.
”And you’re sure you’re all fine with this – with sharing me?” You blush, ignoring the inappropriate thoughts that are vying for your attention inside your head.
”We’re sure,” Seokjin confirms. The hamster hybrid offers you a reassuring smile as he notices the overwhelmed tremor in your hands, the sight tugging at his heartstrings.
”And courting? What does that entail?” You might as well ask all your questions now instead of trying to rely on the very few resources you have online.
”It’s like dating. We already spend a lot of time together, so the only difference is just that we’ll be more .. intimate. Our animals all have different ways of courting potential mates, but for the most part it’s just the need to be closer together,” Seokjin explains, the tops of his ears flushing pink. Jeongguk leans down to whisper something into his alpha’s ear, the murmurs too low for you to pick up. Seokjin looks unsure, but he seems to decide to relay what the bunny hybrid told him. ”Once both parties decide that the courting is over, we officially mate. It’s similar to how humans get married, except we exchange mating bites instead of rings. There’s no limit to how many mates you can have, it just gets more difficult with each one. I’m not sure how it affects humans, but hybrids feel more closer and more in-tune with our mates after mating. For us it doesn’t matter whether a mate is human or hybrid, the bite works the same way.”
You release a shaky breath; focusing on twisting your fingers together as you try to process all the information the boys just gave you. It’s just dating, you remind yourself. You don’t have to think about mating just yet. You like them, and they like you. You just need to focus on that for now. ”We know it’s a lot Y/n,” Jimin speaks up before you can answer, ”But there’s no pressure. Take all the time you need to think it over, and if you don’t want it, we’ll get over it.” You see the spark of panic in Hoseok and Taehyung’s eyes at Jimin’s words, Jeongguk letting out a tiny whimper at the idea of getting rejected.
”I technically own you though, are you sure you don’t want someone else? Someone you aren’t forced to live with?” You blurt out the last thought that has been bothering you, anxiety clawing up your throat at the surprised looks the boys give each other. Oh no, did they just realize they could do better? What if–
”You didn’t just choose us, we chose you too,” Namjoon says, a flash of gold passing through his warm eyes, “We would have never accepted the adoption if we didn’t like you. We all felt that maybe it could blossom into something more, but it was never an expectation. Just a hope.” You swallow thickly, allowing Namjoon’s words to soothe your nerves.
”Think about it for a bit, yeah?” Yoongi pushes himself off the bed with a soft smile, dragging Jimin along with him.
”Yeah,” You murmur, watching as the rest of the boys follow after the two cat hybrids.
Do you need more time to think though? You like them, and they like you. Haven’t you thought about this enough? Wondered about this enough? You’ve already known your answer deep down for a long time, so it is really necessary to wait any longer? ”I like you all too.”
The boys stiffen as you voice carries across the room, their ears perking up so fast it almost would’ve been comical if it wasn’t for the butterflies trashing your insides. ”I want all of you to court me.” You squeak as Taehyung dives back into your bed, the fox hybrid scrambling up the mattress until he’s kneeling in front of you.
”Really? Are you sure?” The bed moves as the rest of the boys hurriedly move to take a seat, sitting much closer now than they did before. You steel your voice, making sure there isn’t a once of doubt to be found as you smile and say, ”I’m sure. There’s nothing I want more.” You swear you hear a whispered good girl under the pleased whines and purrs that erupt behind Taehyung, your heart skipping a beat at the happy grins that are sent your way.
”Y/n,” Your attention snaps back to the fox hybrid at the sound of your name, Taehyung’s eyes big and pleading as he says, ”Wanna kiss you so bad. Can I kiss you? Please?” Your mouth suddenly dries, and you can feel your skin heating up all the way from your hairline to your toes as Taehyung inches closer, his fluffy tail swishing behind his back.
”Not so fast brat,” Yoongi hisses as he tugs Taehyung back.
”You know it’s alphas first pup,” Namjoon runs his fingers through the fox hybrid’s hair, quirking an eyebrow at the sullen expression on Taehyung’s face.
”I know,” Taehyung sighs. Yoongi tenses when it looks like Taehyung is about to argue, but instead, the fox hybrid just flops back into Hoseok’s arms with a pout. The dog hybrid rolls his eyes as Namjoon huffs, the two of them clearly used to Taehyung pushing his boundaries. Your mind is still reeling from what the fox hybrid asked you when you say, ”Alphas first?”
”The choice is yours of course, but when it comes to courting someone outside of the pack, it’s normal that it’s the alpha that does things first,” Hoseok explains. You nod. You can’t believe you almost forgot about the whole hierarchy thing. ”Who’s first then?” The question tumbles out before you can stop it, the boys growing visibly more excited at your eagerness.
”Me,” Seven heads turn in the direction of the calm voice that speaks up, and your breath hitches as your gaze lands on Seokjin.
”Why you? You’re–” Yoongi's hiss is interrupted as the hamster hybrid moves up the bed, Seokjin barely sparing him a glance as he says, ”–the oldest.” He settles down in front of your crossed legs, ignoring Yoongi’s grumbles and Namjoon’s glare as he gives you a sweet smile. Seokjin grabs your hands, pulling your upper body a little closer as he murmurs, ”Is this okay?”
You let your eyes roam over the hamster hybrid’s features, your gaze getting caught on the pink shade of his plush lips as you whisper out a soft, ”Yes.” Your blood is rushing in your ears as Seokjin reaches up to cup your cheek, tilting your head slightly to the side as he leans in. You let your eyes flutter shut as his nose gently bumps into yours, your lips parting as you feel his breath spill across your mouth. The short second Seokjin holds back almost makes you whine for him to hurry up, but then the hamster hybrid presses his lips to yours, and your mind goes blank. Seokjin kisses you soft and slow, taking his time to map out the feel of your lips against his. You melt into his touch, and the thumb running across your cheek calms down nerves you didn’t even realize you had until they’re gone. You make a discontent sound as Seokjin lips leave yours, the hamster hybrid holding you still as you try to chase after his lips.
”You still got six more to go,” Seokjin reminds you. You open your eyes just in time to catch the hungry glint in Seokjin’s gaze as he looks down at your lips, the hamster hybrid pressing a peck to your nose before he reluctantly pulls away.
You don’t even have time to mourn the loss of Seokjin’s lips before Yoongi takes his place, the cat hybrid’s dark tail curling around your waist as he kneels in front of you. ”Okay?” He searches your face for any hesitance as he leans down.
”Okay,” You confirm. Yoongi doesn’t waste any time before ducking down to connect his lips with yours, one of his hands supporting the back of your head as his fingers curl into your hair. Your mouth parts with a small gasp as you feel Yoongi's tongue dart out to brush against your lips, and Yoongi uses the chance to lick into your mouth, deepening the kiss even further. You bring your hands up to his shoulders, clutching on to him for dear life as the cat hybrid nips against your lower lip, sucking slightly on the flesh before he releases it with a soft pop. Yoongi’s eyes are completely blown out as he hurriedly presses one, two, three more kisses to your glistening lips before he pulls back. You force your lungs to suck down air as your hands slide down from Yoongi’s shoulders, the cat hybrid offering you a smirk before he lets Namjoon take his spot.
The wolf hybrid gently takes your hands in his, bringing them up behind his neck. A happy sound rumbles from Namjoon’s chest as you take his cue to bury your fingers into the long hair at his nape, his gray tail wagging behind his back. The wolf hybrid holds you gaze, his silent ”Still okay?” answered with a quick nod as you pull him closer. You met him halfway, lips already parted as you kiss him heatedly. You can still taste Seokjin and Yoongi on your mouth, and that combined with Namjoon’s large palms settling on your waist, makes your head spin. You tug slightly on Namjoon’s hair as his lips moves hungrily against yours, and the sudden groan that drops from his mouth to yours makes a shiver bolt down your spine.
You pull back once your chest begins to tighten, your dazed eyes finding Namjoon’s as you rest your forehead against his. You find yourself growing a little proud of the rapid rise and fall of the wolf hybrid’s chest as his pants brush over your lips. You like that just something as simple as a kiss can rile him up so much.
You jerk back from Namjoon as someone clears their throat, your cheeks burning as you remember the audience you have. You peek over Namjoon’s shoulder, your fingers twitching in anticipation as you’re met with the dark and hungry gazes of six other hybrids. A few of them in particular are beginning look a little desperate from where they’re squirming on the bed, their hands digging into the sheets below them to keep them seated. You untangle your fingers from Namjoon’s locks, smoothing down the hairs as he lets out a disappointed whine.
Right, you think, four more to go.
Tumblr media
a/n: happy birthday yoongi!! i can’t believe that abundance has now officially passed 100k words, that’s just insane to me! i know i ended the chapter on a teasing note, but we’re getting closer and closer to the smut my dudes. we’re almost there! (also if there’s any mistakes, pretend you do not see them. i had to rush the editing so i’ll go over more thoroughly later!)
See you all soon, stay safe! <3 And in case you enjoy my stories and want to buy me a coffee, you can do so here! 💖
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Hi love its your girl Jenx back at it again with another PAC reading. Last few weeks were glazed with love yet a lot of them are for others, this week we'll focus on the love from within. Please keep in mind that since I’m reading for a lot of y'all, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I’m channeling certain images and different things💗 This week was so different because I didn't get separate messaged like I usually do, rather than that they all came to me collectively, so I want you all to read through whichever pile you feel the most connected with, there will be only 2 today:) I promise I won't disappoint you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above & scroll down to read your tailored reading. As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and your highest potentials, then use your intuition to pick one.
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Pile 1💗 Welcome loves. I'm seeing a lot of Gemini/Mercury energy along with Sun energy and Aquarius energy too. I'm also seeing some Neptune energy along with earth energy for some reason haha, yet I love it. Lets get into your reading. I won't beat around the bush with you. I know someone broke your heart in the past. Recent for some of you, not so for the others. Someone who you thought could have been your soulmate, the love of your life, some how managed to shatter your heart into a million of pieces. They lied to you. They had you in their little palms. Controlled the situations and manipulated it, hurting you so so much. They have very intense eyes and I think they might be pretty wealthy. Or they have some money somewhere. They're surrounded by the colour red, dark red. So I think they were driven by lust. They have very intense eyes, beautiful ones but very dark. The number "25" might be very significant. They lied to you and not only broke your relationship, but also your trust. They chose lust in the end when they should have chose love. I'm so sorry my love. You did not deserve that one bit. I just heard "3rd party situation" but this is only for VERY specific people. Some of them could have wrote very long explanation to you, yet its all to cover up the fact that they were flighty and were not committed enough. And so they left, but they didn't take all of you within. Something in you changed that day my love. And that thing that they forgot to take, was hope. The one thing you didn't even realize you still have to this day.
Your energy was really hard to channel in love. I'm not going to lie to you. My cards felt like they wanted to cry during yours and I was too. Are there anything hidden in your heart that you're yet to be ready to expose others to? Perhaps even to yourself. I'm just seeing that you're taking these memories and put them into your bag, one by one slowly. I can feel that something happened recently that just felt very sudden in general. You may yet to understand why it's happening but trust me, this was meant to happen. This realization is going to be the light that guides you through your journey. Your guides are certain of this. K names just popped up. R names and B names too. H names.
I'm also seeing tea. It looks like a little tea party? Theres children for some reason. Theres also a group of 4 people giggling and chatting. Theres also a horse and a green field.
I'm also seeing tea. It looks like a little tea party? Theres children for some reason. Theres also a group of 4 people giggling and chatting. Theres also a horse and a green field.
I think for others of you you guys are feeling very stressed because of work? Suddenly I'm also sensing major Aries energy and I feel that its possible a male in your life maybe a bit bossy? This person can be an authority figure or just someone you have a lot of respect for. They care fo you a lot and they genuinely want you to go far in life, yet in order to so that they know you'll be forced to face with many difficult decision. You and this person shared some fond memories and while they truly treasure it, they feel that you're made for bigger and better things in life. They know that you're someone who's very resilient and can get through almost anything, since you have soon familiarized yourself to that. I'm seeing a beard. A man who doesn't smile that often. But he gives off such good and warm energy. I'm also seeing that you recently must have received some kind of news that wasn't necessary the best and you haven beaten yourself up a lot about it. Perhaps that you even tried to run around and find the solution to it yet you feel like nothing works, like you're in the middle holding the end of 2 strings? I'm so sorry love. You do need a hug today don't you? Lemme assure you with this. You soon will come to a solution that would even shock you yourself and you'll realize that life doesn't just end here. You're not meant to be an ordinary person. And I say that with my entire heart. You are not. You are anything but ordinary dear. Please go and escape the darkness thats your doubt and fear and open your mind to the beautiful moonlight(?!) and opportunities ahead. I'm also feeling a lot of Moon energy so something exciting might come up this Full Moon for you. Tell me that you're not going to stop here, tell me that you're going to trust yourself and pursue your dreams. Your guide want me to make sure that they see everything. They know you didn't have the easiest childhood, your so-called friends weren't the best now were they? But they promise you, this is not where you're meant to be. Push it through with me love. We got this always. I love you and you're appreciated.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Hi Pile 2! Welcome to your reading:) Thank you for choosing to tune in today loves. First and foremost, I'm seeing a lot of Leo/Sun energy along with Sagittarius, Capricorn and Cancer energy. Also sensing a lot of Neptune energy and Pisces too!! Welcome loves. As I was shuffling your card one thing I kept hearing was how urgent you guys need to hear this. Like I keep hearing SOS SOS and I had to pause to catch my breath. Haha so I knew from the get go that you guys seriously needed this. For some of you I'm also seeing some 4th house placements and some minor Virgo/Mercury energy. Also 9th house placements too. (Taurus energy popped out at the end for some of you too loves)
I think you guys have been doing a lot of thinking recently, this can be about something that will ultimately change your life professionally or romantically. I'm feeling that you are feeling very stressed, and I also head "butterflies in my stomach" as I was thinking about you guys. Your energy feels very gentle and serene. You guys recently had some kind of courage to speak up and to finally make a decision. I think you guys felt very determined with your choice. But something happened that seriously brought you down now didn't it? I think your ego took a blow because of this event and you can't help but blame yourself. That you had made the wrong choice. But is it really? You just opened yourself up to such unconventional experiences and you've been receiving informations and unique opportunities that you had yet to realize. I know that right now, it might feel like you're being pushed off a cliff, and you're just hanging there, waiting for someone to show up and help you. But I promise you, the only person that will come is you. Only you can be your own knight in shining armour. Only you can be your own savior baby. Count on no one. You're so much stronger than you know. I'm also seeing that we have some 2nd house placements here in the house, or some 2nd house matters (self-esteem, financial resources, one's resources in general) here. It seems to me that you guys are feeling as if you can't open yourself up to the utmost of intimacy? Along with some kind of creativity block. Baby I don't blame you. Lately it is not only you that has been going through this. And no before you say another word, you did not dig your own hole. You did not make a mistake. Theres no such thing as mistakes. Only experiences that promised to build you up and assure you about tomorrow.
You give me the vibes of someone who look very serious on the outside or just very "no bs" in general, people feel drawn to you yet they secretly fear your power. Deep down, you give me the vibes of a goddess. Moon goddess for a lot of you. Regardless the light that you radiate is very special. You have a softer side to you, a more nurturing side if I may. You guys probably have 2 very close friends that you hold close to heart. They have somewhat different hair colours though, one has lighter and the others is darker leaning brown/black. One of them might play an instrument and might be very seductive haha, that one cares for you so much. I'm sorry if this message doesn't resonate for everyone but it just came out so strong. I'm also seeing a man thats supposed to be resting and focusing on themselves yet they're restless and just tryna go out there to be go-getter vibes?? Number 7 might be significant. The colour white. Some of you are surrounded in some kind of gold-brown colours. I'm also seeing a Virgo placements or Earth/Air dominant coming up to you with some kind of offer. They told me "the show must go on" right now haha so that must mean something. They're going to tell you something that will ignite the fire in you once again. Don't push them away loves. They mean well.
Something big is coming. And you can feel this. You can feel that some kind of truth will be brought to light. Someone that had been doing you so wrong will finally be outed and they'll have to face the consequences. But sadly, so will you. This experience will make you take a hard look at yourself and ask the one question we all are afraid of. Am I on the right path?
I asked your guides for permission to dig deeper into your energy and I saw something I'm not sure you wanted me to see. For some of you, I'm seriously sorry for the shits that happened when you were a kid. You were young. And knowing that much, seeing that much was unfair. I know that as a child there were certain financial constrains for a lot of you. And this obsession with the material world stays, til this very day didnt it. For the rest of you, I think you guys lost a lot of hope this world very early on. I'm sorry, that was unfair. You guys were lied to, distracted by others and you just felt as if you're not even in control of your own emotions? So you box yourself up. You cover your pain and sufferings by burying yourself in work. Listen to me right now, never underestimate your own power. Within you and your heart I see strength. I see power and spectacular business capabilities. You guys will go far in life and you have an insatiable need for success, which you will get. But that doesn't mean you should block out your feels. That doesn't mean you can distract yourself loves. Its okay to just feel things sometimes. Also another big messages coming out is that I'm seeing there will be some kind of decision need to be made. You must not be lost in the choices and must ground yourself to make this decision. Theres gonna be times where you will literally want to run away. But promise me, you won't give in. Promise me you won't give up because you're not there yet. You have a big heart my love. Don't be afraid of past wounds which cause you to hide it🤍
— Thank you guys for reading it til the end🤎 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
saint jenx🪐
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Lingered Affection
Chapter IV
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III
Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader
Word Count: 3567
Series Summary: You thought breaking up with Matt was the right thing to do. For his sake and yours. Life went on as you navigated through it with the lingered love and affection you still had for each other, neither of you could let go.
Author's Note: The two paintings I referenced in this chapter were from Art Gallery of Ontario. I've never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, so I drew on my experience with AGO. I also used my recollection with the Van Gogh exhibition in Toronto, not New York for reference in this chapter.
Any likes, comments, reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated! I hope you'll enjoy this chapter :)
Taglist: @juniebugg <3
Tumblr media
Living in the past. That was what you were doing now. And the world you lived in was a ghost town, packed with memories of you and Matt. It was strange how you felt like you could pretend that he was here with you, sitting on the bench, gazed upon the painting in front of you. Or rather, faced it. Just like he did all those months ago. You caught his gaze on you more often than not, as you described what you were seeing. Sometimes, you felt like you two were worlds apart, but you made it work, didn't you? And everything was fine.
But now, sitting here alone in the Met, with your sketchbook in hands, you wished he was here with you more than ever. You know too well that reminiscing in the past only made it harder to move on, but you did it anyway. You were sure to be doomed with the existence of him from the beginning, ruined with no place for anyone else.
Matt had asked you out on a date. Your official first date. He'd wanted to spend a day with you, doing what you usually do when you needed inspiration from the precedent artists, to feel the nostalgia for the time you didn't live. That was the one beautiful, delicate thing you treasured. To see Matt's pure enthusiasm for what you do was beyond precious, made you felt cherished; the feeling clashed with what you had experienced with people who were no longer in your life. It made you wonder if you were deserving of his care, worthy of him. You asked yourself that question every time he came into your mind. And it'd become habitually.
You weaved your way through the crowded subway with his hand in yours. You had taken his wrist out of respect for his boundary and not wanting to cross the fine line you two had danced around, but he had another plan. His hand moved so it could settle in a grip with yours, erasing the doubt in your head. The unmistakable warmth spread from your joined hands to your body, painted your cheeks the colour pink.
He tilted his head down towards you, asking.
"Is it okay?"
"It's more than okay."
The blooming smile on your face laced your words. He grinned in response, the corner of his eyes slightly crinkled.
Once settled down onto the seats, you reluctantly pulled your hand away. But Matt only held onto it tighter. He lowered his head, whispered in your ear.
"I don't want to lose you in the crowd."
"I don't think you'll have a problem with that. You're basically a human German Shepperd."
His chuckle sounded low.
"You're right. Maybe I just like to be close to you."
That sent your heart into another frenzied turbulence. The crowd pushed you two even closer, if it was possible, with your hands still joined. You did not doubt that Matt could hear your frantic heartbeat and that you didn't want to hide it from him, even if you could.
Walking through the Met by yourself now felt different. You found the ache in your chest hadn't subsided, its rage still rampant. You missed the feel of his hand on the nook of your arm as you guided him through the museum, speaking in a hushed tone, narrating your perception of the artworks to him, describing the feeling of the paintings rather than telling him how they look.
"This one is called 'Gisors, The Cathedral' created by Maximilien Luce in 1897. Imagine standing on the rooftop on a summer day, looking out at the buildings and houses in front of you. A gust of wind flies past you, the warmth of the late afternoon sun envelops you. You can hear the flaps of birds' wings in the far distance, the sound of commotion from the streets down below. You feel at ease. That's how I feel when I look at it anyway."
His gaze settled upon you, a soft smile on his lips.
"It feels peaceful."
"And this one, 'The Storm' was done by Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña. It feels like the calm before, well, the storm, with the dark, muted blue and charcoal fighting for dominance. It feels like how the temperature drops 1 or 2 degrees before the rain comes; the wind feels cool on your skin. But amidst the battle, there's the patch of white sky that stands out, shining on the ground below. The vast landscape feels even more isolated with a lone traveller and their companion, an animal. The wind picked up its speed, coming ruthlessly, whipping your hair into a mess, making the clothes cling harder to you. You can hear the rumbles of thunder, signalling that the storm is close."
You saw how some people turned at the occasional tap of Matt's cane and looked curiously at the two of you. Did he feel the odd glances, the head turns as well? Then, at once, he heeded your silence, slipped his hand down to hold yours and squeezed it tenderly, pulling you back to him.
"Hey, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. It's nothing. Are you enjoying yourself?"
"How can I not enjoy myself? I'm surrounded by beautiful artworks and an even more beautiful person."
You chuckled, shaking your head.
"Was that a line, Murdock? I'm not sure that it worked. You can't see me, or more specifically, my face."
He raised his hand, inches away from your face.
"May I?"
You took his extended hand and brought it closer to your face — his palm making contact with your skin. You didn't mind the looks anymore. It was only you and him in this moment. He trailed a line from your temple down to the curve of your cheek, calling your name softly.
"I don't need my vision to know that you're beautiful."
His thumb swiped slowly over your brow, onto the inner corner of your eye, made it through your closed lid, your lashes soft under his touch. He moved on to the outline of your nose and descended to the curve of your lips. The pad of his thumb was featherlike on your lips. He seemed to indulge himself in the softness of them, putting just a bit of pressure on your lower lip. He swallowed hard; his breathing appeared to be a little bit rougher than it was. You were so close, so easy, with just the rise of your tiptoe, you could kiss him. He caressed the shape of your bottom lip; the wandering path ended with his fingers holding your jaw, tilting your face up to his. Blood roared in your ears as you took in the sight of him, flushed, just like you.
You saw a group of people whispering and pointing at you from the corner of your eyes, making you realized you two were in an open and well-lit public space. You mentally snapped yourself out of the trance you were in, but you didn't want to ruin this moment. You didn't want your first kiss with Matt to be under scrutinized gazes of strangers. You selfishly wanted the moment to be yours and yours alone. So, you took his hand instead and brought it to your lips, pressed a kiss on top of the red and scarred knuckles, on the rough scabs of healing wounds, your lips shaped into a consoling smile.
His brows rose in surprise; lips parted slightly to release a relief breath. He understood your apology, cleared his throat and said:
"Shall we continue?"
In those little moments, you knew you had lowered your defence to show Matt your heart. You thought then, just maybe, you could stop hiding, you could stop pushing people away. You thought you found something you had looked for and had given up on, someone who loved you for who you are. You were right. You were happy with him. But the ghosts of your past found a way to taint your hopefulness of a future with Matt, saying that it was too good to be true. The nagging thought of you not being good enough for anyone, Matt, and yourself was torturous. You wanted an out to protect your heart before it got harder to leave. But it didn't matter. Your heart ended up broken regardless. You trained yourself never to get attached to anyone. Now, you found yourself stuck in a prison of your own making.
You hadn't visited this Van Gogh immersive exhibition since the last time you were here with Matt. The bittersweet memory from the times you shared here was too much. But you were already reliving the echo of your past. So what was the harm in piling it on?
Later on that day, you brought Matt here. After checking in, you stopped him in the hallway leading to the exhibition. The two of you were shrouded in darkness with a curtain separated you from the show. Nevertheless, you could see the faint light reflected on his face. Couldn't help yourself, you caressed his face with the softest touch. He took hold of your wrist and peppered your palm with tiny kisses.
"As much as I love standing here with just the two of us, don't you want to go in and enjoy the show?"
You smiled sheepishly.
"Yes, of course. Just one thing."
Reaching into your purse, pulling out a pair of earplugs, you explained.
"These are earplugs for you. The music in there can be loud, and I wouldn't want you to be overwhelmed with your ultra-sensitive hearing. I think these can somewhat muffle the sound. May I?"
He nodded. You raised just a bit on your heel as Matt lowered his head towards you. You put them in for him; your hand brushed the arcs of his earlobes tenderly. He adjusted the plugs, then the two of you pushed aside the curtain, walking in.
The room was surprisingly empty, save for about seven other people. The show hadn't started yet, and everyone was settling in. You chose your usual spot, sitting on the floor with your back to the wall, pulling Matt down with you. The space in front of you was luckily empty, with nothing to obstruct your view. After a few moments, the light dimmed, leaving the room in darkness as the show started.
The first light of the artwork appeared slowly, in sync with the music. You had seen this many times before, yet, it never got old. It was even more special since you could share it with Matt, in a way. You leaned in close, whispered to him.
"Is the music too much?"
He gravitated towards you, your shoulders touching.
"Not really. The earplugs help. Thank you."
Staying in the same position, you started on your narration in a low voice. The riveting artworks and movements enchanted you, and you did the best of your ability to describe how it looked and felt like to Matt. You didn't know who made the move, maybe it was both of you, but the distance between was closer than before, if it was possible. You leaned into each other, Matt's hand found yours and swiftly intertwining them.
The Night Cafe came up, bathed Matt in a red tint, coloured his glasses a darker shade. You wished you could stay in this moment with him forever, freezing and putting it in a snow globe. Then, feeling bold, you asked:
"Can you take off your glasses, Matt? I would like to see you."
He stayed silent for a moment.
"I was told that my unseeing eyes make some people feel unsettling. Besides, I think you can see me just fine."
You responded by giving his hand an assuring grip.
"I want to see them. If only you feel comfortable."
His lips pursed lightly, musing over your wish for a moment. Then, finally, he touched the frame of his glasses with his other hand, taking them off his face. His eyes roamed sightlessly, settled on a point on your cheek. Enchanted, you watched the way the animated artworks changed on Matt's face, the brush strokes swirled, ever-changing, from one scene to another. You felt like you were in a daze, the kind that made you feel like you could see clearer, the type that you didn't want to wake up from. The brilliant colours fleeted across his features, an endearing grin on his face.
"I can feel your stare, you know."
Tilting your head towards him, you whispered.
"It's not my fault you're so damn cute, Matt. You have that puppy look about you."
He chuckled out loud, shaking his head, earning a few disapproval looks from others. You smiled, decided to make a confession.
"I have visited this exhibition so many times. Yet, it has never ceased to amaze me." 'Especially with you here.'
You didn't dare to say the last part out loud. Matt spoke softly.
"It is perfect, just like you."
"And how would you know that, Murdock? You can't see it or me."
"I'm not talking about how it looks. It's perfect here with you."
You fell into a brief silence, in awe of his admission.
"You're right, Matt. The point of art is more than just seeing and understanding. It's about feeling as well."
'And I wouldn't want to spend this with anyone else.' You thought. The sound of your barricade collapsing echoed somewhere in the back of your mind, faintly, but it was there.
Matt squeezed your hand a touch harder, pull it on his lap. He took a deep breath.
"I like spending time with you, or just be with you in any way. You have been the one good thing in my life for the past months."
Your eyes widen, taking in his sincere words.
"I've been questioning myself for what I do — a lawyer by day, playing judge and jury by night. I convince myself that I am making a difference by taking out people who have done terrible things. But, I also do it because I enjoy it. I want to be good, to do good, but at the same time, I feel like I'm no better than those criminals because I ... relish in the fights, in that corrupted feelings. What if there will come a day when I lose all my humanity and hope and become someone I'm afraid of?"
Angling your body towards his, you cradled his face with your hand, trying your best to convey the thoughts swirling in your head.
"Matt, there is a very fine line between good and evil. Sometimes, that line will be blurred. You doubt your true intention for doing what you do. I understand how that could feel. Because if you enjoy beating up shitty people for your selfish reasons, you did it for you, not for ones needed saving. And that's not selfless. But Matt, you saved the lives of those that needed your help regardless. Thanks to you, they were saved. Thanks to you, I was saved. I wouldn't be here today, in this place with you, if it weren't for you."
Feeling choked up at the memory of your attack, you took a deep, steady breath.
"It's okay to be conflicted with yourself, Matt. That's what makes you human. And being human means you have compassion for other people. You'd put yourself in harm's way for them. You've already done that. You're making Hell's Kitchen a safer neighbourhood for everyone."
You pursued the heat of the moment, carrying on with your honest thoughts.
"I believe there are people who are thankful for what you're doing. Because I do too. I appreciate you, for both sides of you. And I want you to know that."
You meant every word. Matt had a bleeding heart of gold. It was tainted red with sins and guilt, yet, it shone bright; the glow emerged from underneath regardless. And it was beautiful. It made you wanted to take your broken heart in your hand and painted it chrome. So he wouldn't be alone. The burden he bore within himself, you wished you could carry it with him.
You didn't notice how the space had grown narrower, as you could see him more clearly, his irises in a muted tone under the diluted light of the projector, his pupils blown wild as he recognized how close you were. Thinking you had overstepped, you retreated your hand on his face.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have ..."
Matt took hold of your hand midway, his thumb rubbing the palm of your hand in a soothing pattern. His voice was barely a whisper.
"Don't be; you didn't do anything wrong."
You swallowed hard as his hand found your face again, stroking your cheeks gently. Finally, his thumb found its way back to your lips for the second time that day; his fingers held your jaw in a fond grip. The rhythm of your heart picked up, fast and feral as if it could burst into pieces. He gently placed your hand on the nape of his neck. You could hear the change in the pace of his breathing, uneven and on edge. You closed your eyes in this torturous anticipation, moved in and locked the last of your distance, pressing your lips to his.
The first touch was light, barely there. Your lips parted open, taking in more of the warmth and softness of his lips, started moving with feverish urgency. He groaned, the sound deep, vibrating on your tongue. Something in your chest bloomed at the little indication of pleasure. He ventured further; his moves grew rougher and more desperate as if he couldn't get enough. His warmth consumed you as he winded an arm around you, pressing your body tightly to his, the other hand on your jaw descended onto your throat. His large hand spread warm to the area, his fingers stroked in a delicate pattern, then applied the lightest of pressure on your neck. You let out a quiet gasp, arching into him, feeling like you could melt.
You snaked the hand on his neck up to his hair, carding your fingers through the soft strands and gave them the lightest pull. The movement drew a deep growl from his throat, the sound escaped his open lips, and you swallowed it eagerly. The hand on your throat moved to trace the outline of your jaw. Between your shared breath, his tongue tentatively brushed against your parted lips, asking for permission. You welcomed him in with no hesitation, meeting him halfway with your tongue. You pulled in the taste of him, wild, hot and dark. The stubble on his face felt rough on your skin, but it only made you want more. The kiss turned more fervently as your movements grew desperate, as if you were trying to engrave the taste of the other on your minds, putting the feelings under lock and key. He fueled the fire in you with the touch of his lips, the swipe of his tongue, the scorching flame licked at your hunger for him.
You pulled back, just enough to whisper his name with your quivering voice, pulling in the much-needed air. He made a low, guttural sound in displeasure, putting his lips on yours again with less urgency but the same passion. The kiss winded down as you both breathing hard. He kissed the corner of your lips, moved to your nose and ended at your cheek. Feeling not entirely satisfied, he pressed a clumsy peck on your closed eye, drawing a smile on your face. He put his forehead against yours, your breaths mingling and intertwining, as the two of you came down from the high, trying to calm your frantic heartbeats. He stalled, peppered a few gentle kisses on your lips, hanging on the edge, not wanting to part with you. You returned his kisses in your dazed state, feeling drunk in your shared breaths, in the lingering taste of him on your tongue.
Looking at him, you could see a deeper shade of colour covering his face and ears. His unseeing eyes fluttered in bliss, settled on your face. You were grateful for the loud music and the dark ambience of the room, as the precious sight of post-kiss Matt was on full display, for your eyes only. You bit your lower lip, savouring the swollenness of it, as you pushed your hand through his hair to fix the mess, resulted from your passionate grasp. He hummed happily, leaning into your touch, his eyes closed in euphoria.
"Who knew the Devil would be such a good kisser?"
Matt chuckled, sighing contentedly as you laid your head on his shoulder. He placed a kiss on your head; his hand found yours again under the evolving lights.
Back at home, you pulled out the large canvas you'd saved. After placing it on the easel, you started your sketch with a pencil. You felt inspired, not for the usual reasons, after a day of visiting the museum and exhibition, but for something else. Or rather, someone else. Matt's existence in your life might be just a ghost, but you were determined to bring him back to your life the way you know best - with your brushes, your artistic devices and your love for him.
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shurisneakers · 10 months ago
harmless (iv)
Summary: Bucky volunteers to go stop a small time villain, but nothing can prepare him for what exactly he has to deal with. (Bucky x villain!reader, drabble series)
Warnings: cursing, guns, mention of war, frustrated bucky, dramatic reader
Word count: 1.5k
A/N: good evening i’ve never been to any of the places i mention in this series so dont come @ me
if you have any ideas for future inventions/evil plans, lemme know! i might actually end up using them 
here’s my ko-fi if you’d like to support my writing <333
Tumblr media
Previous Part || Series Masterlist
He spends the weekend doing nothing. It’s supposed to be relaxing. He finds it nauseatingly boring.
“No mini mission this week?” Steve asks him from across the couch. 
They’re supposed to be catching up on Star Wars but two prequels in and Bucky could feel himself lose his sanity. Anyone could present him with a random assortment of alphabets, call it a Star Wars species and he would have no reason not to believe them.
It’s not like he doesn’t like space. It’s just that he’s had enough of it and everything and everyone who came from it for the foreseeable future.
“No. Someone else is taking care of it.”
“Didn’t you volunteer for this?”
“I pulled myself out of the case.”
“I thought you were having fun.” 
Bucky’s head slowly turns to look at him. “Why would you think that?”
“I don’t know,” Steve shrugged. “Looked like you were.”
Well, he wasn’t. He likes it here at home, glued to the TV. Popcorn beside him, sweatpants on. Refreshing, calming, slow, mundane, and Jesus Christ, so fucking boring-
His spiralling is interrupted by the dinging of the elevator to the common floor. No one was allowed up there unless it was extremely urgent. Guests were barely allowed into the Tower as it was. 
It reveals the receptionist from downstairs, Marie. She’s always a little reserved, a little shy. But Bucky had seen her chew and spit out trespassers or anyone who dared to get on her nerve. He adores her.
“Hey, Marie,” Steve says while Bucky sends her a friendly wave in greeting. “What’s wrong?”
“There’s a hostage situation downtown,” she informs them. 
“Okay...” Steve drawls, waiting for a reason why this was an Avengers level threat.
“They’ve asked for Mr. Barnes by name.” She makes a mention towards him.
Bucky sits up straight. Bits of popcorn fall off his chest. 
“They said, and I quote-” she looks down at her notepad. “‘Tell that grumpy motherfucker that I’m waiting for him and that he’s not getting out of this so easily because we have come too far.’ End quote. They’ve also told me to include a kissing emoji. And a skull.”
Steve and he look at each other.
“Well?” Steve prods. 
Bucky sighs and gets up to go get ready.
The entrance of Chuck E. Cheese is more crowded than he’d ever seen. He wasn’t even sure he’d seen people in the store before. If there were, they probably only came up till his waist. 
There are a few journalists, a few policemen standing together outside. Whispers of confusion and curiosity reigned free. 
Bucky gently pushes his way to the front. He gets a nod from a police officer who opens the door for him after a quick briefing. 
The place is darker than it usually would be. A trademark, it seemed. The blinds are drawn shut and most of the light is coming through whatever sneaks in through the crack. 
“Hey, Barnes.” Your voice is muffled by a mask that looks suspiciously like it was made out of classroom craft supplies.
There’s a person in a loose chokehold in your hand with a gun pressed against his head. Once again it looks straight out of a cartoon, purple with round disks lining its barrel. 
“What’s all this now?” He gestures around monotonously. 
“A hostage situation. Didn’t you get the memo?”
“Got that part down, genius,” he bites back. “But why?”
“Fucker kept harassing me when I was walkin’ down the street.” 
The guy’s helpless gaze met Bucky. 
“Catcalling me, stalking me.” You tighten the grip you have on him. “Call me darlin’ one more time, you son of a bitch. I dare you.”
He wasn’t impressed with his pleading eyes. He kinda felt like he deserved it. 
“Why’d you do it here?” The bright colours were starting to give him a heading. “And where are the staff?”
“It’s symbolic, Bucky,” you emphasise, “He deserves to be among other rat bastards.”
Of course.
“The staff?” he asks again. 
“Gave them thirty bucks and told them to leave. I’m not a monster.”
“Right.” He doesn’t bother refuting you. “Why’d you call me here?”
“Dunno.” You shrug. “Thought it’d be fun. You having fun yet?”
You shake the guy you’re holding. He gives a small whimper. 
Bucky doesn’t want to stop you. He had chugged enough Respect Juice in his lifetime to know that this guy probably deserved a threat or two.
Hell, he’d even help but you were more than capable of handling this on your own.
“Listen,” he sighed. “As much as I’m sure he deserves it, this is technically illegal and I’m required to stop you.”
“Sorry sarge, I thought you weren’t interested in playing this stupid game with me,” you mock, voice dropping to imitate him.
“I’m not.” It wasn’t entirely true. One Saturday with Jar Jar Binks had convinced him otherwise.
“Okay, so before you leave, do me a favour and call Hawkeye. I hear he looks mighty fine when he’s annoyed.”
His face involuntarily scrunched up. You were going to replace him with Clint? Clint?
He probably took it more as an insult than he should have.
“I’m not doing that.” Bless his foul mouthed friend, but he was a little shit who was too sarcastic for his own good. At least twice a week he’d say something stupid to Bucky and then take out his hearing aids when he tried to argue back. 
“You’re leavin’ me with no options here,” you groaned, using your thumb to flip a switch. The gun looks like it powered up, lights along the side turning red.
If he let you have this, it’d be a bad look for the Avengers.
New York man dies in Chuck E. Cheese lone hostage situation, unable to be saved by same superhero who tried to fight Thanos with a machine gun.
“Tell ya what,” he says instead, “If you kill him, there won’t even be a slight chance that you’ll see me again.”
Your grip on the gun falters.
“If I let him go...”
“I might consider coming back next week.” He’s trying to spin it, make it look like he’s the one with the upper hand here. “But you gotta let him go.”
You search his face for any signs of dishonesty.
“Let him go or you’ll never see me again.” It sounds too much like Clint’s arguments with his dog who brought a live squirrel into the house. 
“Fine,” you relent, a glint in your eye. “but say goodbye to this fuckface.”
Before Bucky can open his mouth to shout in protest, you pull the trigger. The man clenches his eyes shut, face red.
He expects blood to be splatter across his face.
Nothing happens.
A barrage of bubbles floats into the room.
“I meant it literally,” you say, pushing him off you. “Say goodbye. He’s leaving.”
The man stumbles to the ground and Bucky doesn’t make any attempt to catch him. He scrambles to his knees, picking himself up and scurrying out the door to a hoard of reporters.
The door shuts behind him with the chime of a bell.
“You’re annoying,” Bucky states, giving a small sigh.
“I’m well aware of that.” You pull off the mask, wiping the sweat off your brow.
“Where is the agent assigned to your case?” 
“Dunno. Last I saw he was crying on the driveway of my lair. I just figured he’d pick himself up later so I left him there.”
Bucky’s nose twitches. 
“You weren’t actually going to kill him, were you.” He shrugs with his shoulder towards the door. It wasn’t a question, more a statement. He knew you wouldn’t. 
“I could have.”
“But you weren’t going to,” he repeats. 
“No,” you admit. “I wasn’t. But I’m glad to see you showed up.”
“You held someone hostage as leverage.”
“No, no. I held someone hostage and then asked to see you. They were completely unrelated.”
“You’re evil.”
“You jumped to conclusions,” you point out. “Would you like a trampoline next time? Maybe a pogo stick, you clown?”
He has a very real gun in his holster. His very real metal death arm aches to use it. 
“No one else agreed to come,” he deflects. 
“We both know that’s a lie. You were going to come back anyway.” You stuff the bubble gun back into the bag. “I’m deliciously irresistible.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Then beg.” You give him a smirk and he rolls his eyes. “Don’t worry, you win this round, sarge.”
He doesn’t say anything. He watches you remove your heist gear, revealing normal civilian clothes underneath.
You walk casually to the kitchen, intending to leave through the back door.
“But I can’t say I lost either.” You send him a wink before swiftly pushing open the door and leaving him behind.
He only watches you leave.
It doesn’t hit him until a few seconds later that he let a criminal out of his hands when there were several policemen and journalists outside.
He entertains the idea of chasing you down and handing you over. 
It takes him only a few seconds to decide that if they wanted you, they’d have to try themselves.
Next part 
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agustdakasuga · 8 months ago
Between The Bloodshed | Chapter 26
Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Romance, Fluff
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Doctor!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Being a freelance doctor, this was just supposed to be any other job, helping a private client and taking care of him through his recovery. But you were not expecting to get caught in something so much darker that would change your life entirely.
Maybe it’s really time to go home. 
Warning: This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. It may contain depictions of violence, blood shed/ gore and mentions of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
Turns out, Jisung had bacterial meningitis (swelling of the fluid and membrane in the brain), which meant that he was in the hospital for the next week. Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious as it was bacterial, not viral. 
He was put on IV antibiotics to get over the infection and other medications that provided him symptomatic relief. 
“Good job.” You patted his head as he ate the medications. The boys were also asking for constant updates about Jisung’s conditions. But Jisung made it clear that he still didn’t forgive them so he didn’t want them visiting him yet. However, you were their messenger, bringing their gifts to him for them.
“You know, aegi. The boys are worried about you too. They wanna come and see you. Give you their gifts personally, instead of through me.” You stroked his head, gesturing to all the stuffed toys on his bed.
“I know, imo. But they broke their promise.” He sighed. It was obvious that he was still bitter about it. 
“What promise?” You tilted your head.
“They promised me that they would protect you, And yet, you got hurt!” Jisung crossed his arms. You chuckled, kissing his cheek. 
“Well, I don’t know when this promise happened so that’s between you and them. But don’t you think they deserve a second chance? After all, look at all the nice toys they got you.” You hummed. Jisung pondered for a moment, tapping his chin. You stared at him in fondness, he was the cutest being to ever walk the earth. 
“What about you, imo?” Jisung asked in between his sips of juice. You sat down beside his bed. 
“What about me?” You blinked. 
“Do you forgive them? Do you think they deserve a second chance?” Jisung asked. You were stunned by the 4 year old’s questions. Did you forgive them? Did you even blame them in the first place? 
“I do... aegi.” You softened. Since Jisung had been sick, you had been talking with the boys again and honestly, it had been enjoyable. 
“Okay, then I forgive them too.” He shrugged, easily giving in. You smiled, patting his head. Suddenly, the door burst open and the 7 stood there with smiles. Your eyes widened in shock, wondering what happened. That was until Jisung burst out laughing, pointing at you.
“See? I told you.” Jisung scoffed. The 7 boys nodded in agreement, with impressed looks on their faces.
“What? You... I... What’s going on?” You were so confused. 
“Oh, imo. I forgave the samchons a long time ago. They came in after you left yesterday and asked me if I could help them get your forgiveness. So I agreed. They’ve been eavesdropping this entire time.” Jisung explained. 
“I am actually speechless.” You revealed. 7 grown mafioso, at the mercy of a 4 year old, you never thought you’d see the day. 
“(y/n)!” Jungkook bound over, giggling, as he wrapped his arms around you. 
“So you’re coming home to me and Kookie?!” He looked at you excitedly. He had the biggest smile on his face as he pecked your cheek, shaking you from side to side. 
“Well...” You looked between Jisung, the other boys (who were glaring daggers into their maknae’s head) and Jungkook. 
“We’re going now-” Jimin was pulling you but you glanced back at Jisung, not wanting to leave him alone. He waved at you with a smile. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, aegi!” You waved as you were dragged out. The boys pushed you into their van and drove all the way home. They burst into the house and you greeted the maids and butlers on the way. They just greeted you with waves and laughs, seeing their masters so giddy. You bent down to pick Kookie up, scratching his head. 
“Hello, Kookie. I missed you.” You showered him with cuddles and kisses but the boys hurried you. 
“We need to go to the garden!” Hoseok said. You sighed, nodding and walking with them out to the back garden. There were different coloured rose petals scattered all over the ground. 
“What’s all this?” You raised an eyebrow, still stroking Kookie in your arms.  
“This plan is way overdue, (y/n). And trust us when we say, we’ve been waiting a long time.” Jin chuckled. You stood there while they all stood in a line. 
“On the night of the ball, when you had been taken from us, this was our plan. We had been speaking to one another prior to that night and decided then it was the best time to tell you.” Yoongi said. 
“Tell me what?” 
“(y/n), even if we just started out at employers and employee, there’s no doubt that you have made an impact on all of us. Whether it was your sharp attitude or your caring nature, each day, we were just entranced by you. Until we realised why.” Taehyung smiled. 
“We don’t just like you, (y/n). You’re someone so important in our lives. We love you and we just want to be able to be by your side. We want to be your partners, your support.” Hoseok confessed. You were shocked. 
“I... I don’t know what to say. I wasn’t expecting this...” You looked at all of them, sincerity in their eyes. 
“You don’t have to give us a reply now. But we just wanted you to know how we feel.” Namjoon said gently. You knew you had affection for them, but was it love?
“I think, I need some time to sort some things out. With myself.” You told them honestly. The boys nodded. They knew you wouldn’t be one to just admit right away that you return their feelings in a confession. Nodding slowly, you wrapping your cardigan tighter around your body and quickly brought Kookie back into the house. 
“Well, that could have gone... worse...” Jungkook sighed. 
“We knew that she would need time. At least we finally told her how we felt.” Jimin shrugged. The others nodded. Even if you didn’t immediately return their feelings, they were proud that they finally told you. 
“I need a whiskey.” Yoongi pinched his nose bridge, shuffling into the house. They all headed in as well. 
“So?! What did imo say?!” Jisung screamed into the phone excitedly. 
“She needs time to think and sort her feelings out. We knew what she was going to say, Ji. Not much we can do except give her time. Hopefully the result is good.” Namjoon sighed. 
“It better be! Don’t waste my efforts from this morning. Besides, we know how imo feels. She just needs to come to terms with it.”
“You really think so?” Namjoon asked. 
“Of course, no one knows imo better than me! I can tell. Imo is always afraid of making the wrong decision so she’s thinking things through to make sure it’s what she really wants.”
“Alright, if you say so, Ji. We trust you.” 
“Mhmm, as you should. I’ll take my payment when you bring me to the toy store next week.”
Jisung hung up right after that. Namjoon stared at his phone, not sure if he just spoke to his business client or your 4 year old nephew. He shook his head with a smile, tucking his phone back into his pocket. Hoseok held out a beer to their leader and they all sat at the bar to drink. 
“Was that Jisung?” Taehyung asked. Namjoon nodded, giving them the gist of the phone call that just happened. 
“I’m gonna go work out.” Jungkook downed his beer and left the area. He went to his room to change. Then he headed to the training area downstairs to begin his training.
“Hyung? Wanna go to the dojo?” Jimin offered Yoongi. 
“Hmm, not like there’s much to do.” Yoongi shrugged. He finished his whiskey and grabbed his leather jacket, leaving with the younger. 
“I gotta go too. We have a race.” Hoseok said, checking his iPad. 
“Can I come, hyung?” Taehyung asked. 
“Sure, but I’m not letting you race.” Hoseok chuckled, slinging an arm around him as they headed out together. Jin sighed, casting a look at Namjoon, who was staring at his drink blankly. 
“Wanna go for a walk?” He offered the younger. Namjoon nodded, leaving his drink. Just as the two got their coats on and were ready to leave, you came out. You crossed paths with them, sending them a small smile. From the quietness, they seemed to be the only ones left in the house, the others having gone to attend their own events. 
“We’re going for a walk. Wanna come with?” Namjoon asked. You raised your eyebrow in slight suspicion. 
“Purely innocent. Just a walk.” Jin laughed. 
“I would really like to, honestly. But I have work to do... You know, with Geumjae’s surgery and stuff.” You told them. Yoongi had finally told the boys about Geumjae so everyone knew you were doing the surgery. 
“Okay.” Namjoon patted your head with a smile. You went to the kitchen to grab a drink before returning to your office. 
“Let’s see.” You grabbed everything you needed and went out to the garden. Like always, you sat down under the gazebo, laying your materials out. 
“Hmm...” You typed out and scribbled your notes. 
“(y/n)?” You saw Jungkook walking towards you. He was in his workout clothes but he didn’t look that sweaty or out of breath as usual. He jogged over to you to see what you were doing. 
“Are you working?” He asked. 
“Yeah. Are you working out?” You asked him. 
“I was going to but I lost the mood.” He pursed his lips in disappointment. You gestured for him to take the seat opposite you. He slid onto the bench, watching you work. Even if you had all these complex reports and papers in front of you, just watching you brought Jungkook a lot of calm. 
“What’s up, Koo?” You chuckled, reaching over to comb his hair back. 
“Nothing. I’m just happy that you’re back.” He admitted with a soft smile, he missed you calling him Koo. You blushed, clearing your throat as you pulled away to continue typing your report. 
“I’m happy to be back.” You confessed. 
“Really? We all missed you. A lot. The house didn’t feel the same.” Jungkook twiddled his thumbs. 
“I missed you all too. No doubt. You know how much I hate working at public hospitals.” You said, still looking at your computer screen. 
“Then why did you leave?” Jungkook blurted. 
“I came out from a traumatic incident, Koo. I woke up, not being able to feel most of my body. I had to deal with the fact that I shot two people, killing one of them, and I watched someone get tortured and killed just because he was trying to help me escape. It was a lot to deal with and frankly, seeing you guys was a reminder of it.” You sighed. 
“We could have helped...” 
“It was something I needed to deal with and face on my own. I needed to come to terms with it. I tried burying myself in work at my mother’s hospital to get over it. But obviously it didn’t work.” You scoffed at yourself. 
“I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t be. It’s not any of your faults. It was just... wrong place at the wrong time, I guess.” You shrugged. 
“I didn’t think I would be back here. I would have thought my cowardly self would have run away or something.” You revealed. Jungkook shook his head like a small child. 
“You’re not a coward, (y/n). Not at all.” He came over, pulling you into his arms and gently cradling you. You hummed, patting his back. 
“I thought you hated us. I thought you were never coming back.” He whispered.
“I can’t hate you guys, even if I wanted to.” You stroked the back of his head. Jungkook pressed his face into your shoulders and you felt the dampness of his tears soaking through your t shirt material. You continued to hold him, just like how he held you to comfort you. 
“It’s okay, Koo.” 
“Even if you don’t love us back, promise me you’ll stay? I just want to be able to see you.” He cried softly. 
“Alright, I promise.” You nodded your head. 
When Jin and Namjoon came back from their walk, they were passing by the living room when they saw you out there under the gazebo. Jungkook’s head was in your lap as he fell asleep. 
“She’s the one. For sure.” Jin chuckled, watching you flip your papers with one hand, the other gently running through Jungkook’s hair. Namjoon nodded his head with a smile. Your presence around them had made them so much better, they were able to come out of their shells and show a side they themselves never even knew existed. 
“What happened to giving her space?” Jimin, having just came back, also noticed the maknae sleeping in your lap. He crossed his arms with a scoff of jealousy.
“Just let him be. You know how he is.” Namjoon shook his head. 
“We’ll all get a turn to spend time with her soon.” Yoongi downed the cold water from his bottle. 
“You seem confident in her answer.” Jin said in amusement. 
“The little man is sure of it and he’s hardly ever wrong when it comes to her.” Yoongi shrugged, referring to what Jisung said. With a lazy wave, he went upstairs to his room to take a shower. 
“Where’s (y/n)?” Taehyung came. 
“I thought you would be at the tracks with Hoseok until the race is over?” Jimin blinked at the sudden appearance of his best friend. 
“She send me a message that she wanted to talk when I got back. I... couldn’t wait.” Taehyung blushed, rubbing the back of his neck. Namjoon nodded over to where you were working with a big, sleeping maknae on your lap. Taehyung marched over, hitting Jungkook on the head before you could react. 
“Get up. Go.” Taehyung frowned. 
“No.” Jungkook turned away, going back to sleep. He obviously wasn’t threatened by the other.
“What are you doing back so early, Tae?” You asked. 
“You said you wanted to talk...” 
“Yeah, when you got back. You didn’t have to rush back and leave Hobi. It’s not that important.” You giggled. Taehyung pursed his lips, a sign that it was obvious important to him. 
“Alright. Give me a sec to pack up my things. This is all confidential to Geumjae. Koo, you gotta get up and let me pack.” You told him in between your laughs. Jungkook whined but got up. As you packed up, you didn’t see the finger that Jungkook raised to Taehyung as he trudged back into the house. Taehyung returned the action just as you turned around. 
“S-So, what did you want to talk about?” 
“Don’t be nervous, Tae. You’re not in trouble.” You laughed, putting your hand over his to calm him down. 
“Actually, I wanted to apologise. I needed the space but it wasn’t right of me to just run away.” You started. Taehyung blinked but didn’t say anything.
“That day, when I bumped into you outside the flower shop, I was just so stricken, I had to get out of there. Jin told me you were the one who... found the bracelet. I’m sorry you had to experience that.” You sighed. 
“It’s okay.” Taehyung shook his head.
“It’s not okay. You guys were visiting me day in, day out. And I shouldn’t have upped and left without saying anything.” 
“When I saw your bracelet there, I thought you were taken again. Then I remembered that it was you I bumped into. T-That meant you left on your own. I looked for you after but you were long gone.” Taehyung said, his hand tightening around yours slightly. 
“As long as you’re back now.” He looked up at you. 
“Yes, but I did owe you an apology.” You stroked his head. Taehyung reached into his pocket. 
“I still carry it with me.” He held your bracelet preciously in his hands. The wing charm that you had left behind when you got kidnapped was also reattached beside the pink diamond, in its original place. 
“Here.” You held your wrist out. Taehyung looked at you with sparkly eyes and you nodded your head in approval. 
“You were the one that first put it on me when Namjoon gave it to me. And you were the one that found it. It’s only right.” You smiled encouragingly. Taehyung clasped the bracelet around your wrist carefully, smiling when he was done. 
“Where it belongs.” He grinned. 
“I haven’t seen yours?” You tilted your head. He pulled his sleeve up, showing his matching bracelet, just that his was a green diamond.
“How did I not even notice that the rest of you have matching bracelets like me?” You shook your head with a laugh. Turning your head, you saw the other boys standing by the glass door, staring at you and Taehyung. Even Hoseok was home. Taking your things, you headed back inside. They watched your every move, not saying a word. 
“Can I help you?” You raised an eyebrow. They shook their heads. This was very deja vu. 
“You guys...” You laughed, bringing your things to your office to keep them safely. You heard footsteps behind you and turned to see the 7 shuffling behind you like a puppy trail. 
“I’ll have to go into the hospital tomorrow. Some tests to run with Geumjae before his surgery.” You informed them as you arranged your papers on your desk.
“Okay.” They replied. 
“Come here.” You opened your arms up, feigning defeat. The boys perked up like puppies, rushing over to you until you held your arms out.
“One at a time.” You cautioned. They lined up to get hugs from you, although some did hug you longer than the others would have liked (and some others rejoined the queue). 
“Feels good to be home.” You smiled as you looked at each of them, taking them in. Each of their personalities added to the blissful chaos that was this family. And you knew, you belonged here with them, by their side. 
“Each of you is important to me. I wouldn’t replace any of you for anyone else. I want to be your partner too, your support.” You told them. Their eyes widened at your confession. None of them moved, as if it was too good to be true. Then you were attacked with hugs and kisses from all of them.
“Yah!” You choked out. 
“You’re finally ours.” Hoseok smiled. 
“I’ve always been yours, haven’t I? It just took me a while to realise it.” You said to them. That made the boys melt. 
Even if the world viewed them as dangerous mafiosos, you saw a side of them that no one else saw, the real side. They weren’t cold hearted killers, they were boys that had been betrayed by society and life in itself.
There is so much more than meets the eye, all you had to do was to look between the bloodshed.
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latetaektalk · 11 months ago
love to hate you | jjk [iv]
Tumblr media
“when obnoxiously rich and spoiled frat boy jeon jungkook comes up to you one day and asks you to fake date him for money, you definitely should have said no. because before you knew it, you were going on insta dates with him and having lunch with his equally obnoxiously rich and spoiled friends.”
genre: fratboy! AU, fake dating! AU, college! AU, enemies to lovers! AU, rich kid! AU, angst, fluff, sexual themes (later chapters)
pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 9.386
warnings: swearing, banter, mention of atla and the cabbage man again
a/n: this used to be my date me series, but ive changed the title! again i cant thank @lcksndkys​​​​​​ and @gamerkooks​​​​​​ enough for beta reading this! also, this is inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han!
Tumblr media
You loved autumn.
Every season was beautiful in its own way, but autumn was downright gorgeous and breathtaking. There was something else about the way the leaves changed colours and rained down to the ground, about the way steam would rise from your daily cup of tea, about the way your sweaters moved to the front of your closet, about the sound of cold rain tapping against the windows at night, about the quietness and calmness that came with autumn. 
“Can’t we sit inside? It’s so fucking cold!” Jisoo cursed, her face contorted in annoyance. “Plus, I think I stepped in piss earlier.”
You looked at her, a slice of orange hovering in front of your mouth. “I don’t think sitting inside is going to change anything about you stepping in piss.”
“Ugh, I know that.” She rolled her eyes at you and you popped the piece of fruit into your mouth. “But at least I won’t be cold inside.”
You blinked at her, thinking for a moment of arguing with her, but having had this conversation more times than you could remember, you decided against it, shrugging her off and finishing your orange instead.
“Y/N, please, let’s just go inside.”
“It’s not that cold,” you told her and formed a small mountain with the orange peel.
“Yes, fuck, it is. Look!” Jisoo shoved her arm into your face, sleeve rolled up, and you frowned.
“What am I supposed to be seeing here?” 
She dropped her arm. “Goosebumps, you blind fish,” she hissed and you took hold of her arm, inspecting it before looking back up to her and shaking your head.
“Nope, can’t see it.” Jisoo ripped her arm out of your grasp, a dramatic pout forming on her lips. You grinned at her.
“Please, let’s just-”
“Did you think about it?” you cut in, ignoring her plea.
“About what?” Jisoo shot back, shivering and wrapping her cardigan around herself when a gust of wind blew past you.
You tilted your head to the side, batting your eyes at her before elaborating, knowing that her answer was going to be no already. “Going to the pumpkin patch with me.”
Jisoo let out a groan.
“Why not?”
“It’s outside-”
“Yeah -”
“ - and well, it’s cold outside. I’m literally cold right now.”
“Wear my jacket then.”
Jisoo clicked her tongue, not quite convinced. You straightened up, scooting closer.
“Please, Ji, just go with me! It’s gonna be fun. I promise.” You knew you sounded like a child begging her mother for candy, knew you looked like it with your bottom lip jut out in a pout and your puppy eyes, but you couldn’t care less, determined to convince Jisoo.
And it was working.
“Well,” a heavy sigh, “what about-”
“Chae and Seok have papers to write,” you cut in. “And you know Jimin is allergic to hay.”
Jisoo stared at you, frown deepening and you knew that was a good sign, a sign she was slowly considering it, caving. 
“And remember, last year you promised you’d go with me! You have to go with me now,” you argued, eliciting a mix between a groan and a whine from Jisoo’s lips.
“It’s gonna be so cold though, Y/N.”
“You promised,” you reminded her, and for a moment, it seemed like you had done it, seemed like Jisoo was going to cave and agree. But her eyes grew wide, an idea popping into her mind. 
“Why don’t you go with your boyfriend?” 
You stilled. 
Right, Jungkook. If you were honest, you hadn’t thought about that possibility. Going with Jungkook hadn’t crossed your mind once, and you weren’t too sure if you liked the idea. Not that you had any doubts about him possibly rejecting you, but you were just not too fond of the part of where you would ask him to go with you. 
Yes, your pride and ego played a big part in why you couldn’t see that ever happening, but you also couldn’t imagine the two of you ever reaching that point in a conversation in which you could casually suggest to him to go to the pumpkin patch with you. 
And aside from that, you had actually not heard from or seen Jungkook in a week now. There were no texts or calls or showing up unannounced in front of your classes with a big bouquet of roses or knocking on the car window while you were talking to your friends.
That just added to the difficulty, made asking him to go with you impossible.
(For clarification, you hadn’t been waiting for Jungkook to reach out to you or anything. You didn’t care at all if he did or not. Really, you couldn’t care less. You had just... noticed he hadn’t.)
“That would be perfect, right?” Jisoo continued, taking your silence as you considering her suggestion. “This way you get to go-”
“But I wanna go with you,” you interrupted.
“But... I don’t wanna go,” she told you honestly, sighing. “Can’t you just go with- I mean isn’t this why people have significant others? So they have someone to hang out with when their friends can’t?”
“I’m pretty sure that’s not why people get significant others.”
Jisoo tilted her head to the side, letting out a hum of disagreement. “Pretty sure it is.”
“Pretty sure it isn’t.”
“Pretty sure it is.” Before you could repeat yourself, she continued, “Look, just go with your boyfriend-”
“I don’t want to-”
“Go where?”
Jisoo and you whipped your heads around, your heart tumbling in your chest because there he was, Jungkook—your fake boyfriend who everyone thought was your real boyfriend—standing behind you.
“Hi, cabbage,” Jungkook beamed, rivalling the sun.
“Uh, hey-”
“Jungkook!” Jisoo exclaimed, hands clasping together, too excited for her own good. “You really have perfect timing! Y/N was just gonna ask-”
“Ji!” you pressed out, your jaw going rigid. “Don’t.”
Jisoo turned to you, blinking at you oh so innocently, seemingly thinking about what she was going to say next and when she turned back around to Jungkook and opened her mouth, you thought you were going to strangle her.
“Y/N was going to-”
“Ji!” you cut in again, a fake smile plastered on your lips. “You said you were cold, right? So why don’t you go inside and get me a cup of tea?”
Jisoo hissed, feigning upset. “I don’t have any money though.”
You drew in a deep breath through your nose, and you had to remind yourself over and over again that murder was bad when you got out your wallet, practically throwing it into her hands. “Now you do.”
“Ah, how great,” Jisoo smiled. “Do you want anything, Jungkook? My treat.”
“Well, if it’s your-”
“I’ll break up with you right now, Jeon.”
Seeing this as her cue to go and leave you two alone, Jisoo stood up, but not without blowing you a kiss and exchanging a look with Jungkook.
You watched her go before turning to him, mouth pursed in a line because well, it had been a week since you had last seen him. Not knowing what else to do you just turned away, cursing your past self for finishing your orange so quickly. The sound of leaves crunching under his soles pierced the air and you knew, he was walking towards you. Next thing you knew, Jungkook slipped into the seat beside you, his arm wrapping around your waist.
You looked down, a scowl appearing on your face. “What are you doing?”
“Why so hostile?” Jungkook asked, feigning hurt. “We’re dating, are we not?”
“Same thing.”
“No, not the same thing,” you argued. “There’s a big difference-”
“You gonna tell me what you were just talking about?” Jungkook interrupted, changing the subject. You blinked at him before looking away because no, you were definitely not.
You looked at the nonexistent dirt under your nails.
You continued to pretend to not hear.
Jungkook let out a heavy sigh. “I could just ask Jisoo when she comes back.” 
And all of a sudden, you could hear Jungkook, snapping your head around and staring at him. Jungkook grinned, nearly rolling his eyes at your ridiculousness because of course, this would get you. 
You narrowed your eyes, lips pressing into a thin line. 
“Either you tell me or she does. Which would you prefer?” 
Jungkook added a shrug to his words, an irritatingly nonchalant shrug. You tongued the inside of your cheek, hating this because obviously, you weren’t going to let Jisoo tell him. Knowing her, she would somehow twist the truth.
You were hesitant though. Because you really didn’t want to tell Jungkook what you had been talking about because doing so subsequently meant asking him to go to the pumpkin patch with you, or, well, technically telling him that Jisoo was telling you to ask him to go to the pumpkin patch with you, but that was really the same thing as you asking him to-
The point was, your pride and ego was seriously about to take a hit, and boy, did you not want that.
But as you eyed Jungkook, you knew you had no choice.
“... fine,” you pressed, and Jungkook had to bite his lip to stop himself from snorting. If one of you was dramatic, it was definitely you, but he was smart enough not to voice that thought.
“Look,” you clasped your hands together, feeling the embarrassment rise in you. “Here’s the thing, going to a pumpkin patch is on my college bucket list, and since Chae and Seok have papers to write and Jimin is allergic to hay, Ji’s the only person who can go with me... but she doesn’t want to because she gets cold really easily and thinks it’s cold now, which is so stupid because it’s only beginning of autumn and not winter and-”
“You’re word vomiting,” Jungkook said. “What are you trying to tell me?”
You pursed your lips and closed your eyes for a moment, hoping that maybe just maybe you were going to get struck down right now and wouldn’t have to do this. Your hopes were futile, in the end you were forced to push through the embarrassment sitting in your bones.
 “Okay, look, I think what I’m trying to tell you is that none of my friends can or, well, want to go to the pumpkin patch with me and,” you swallowed, “that Ji might have suggested I should ask you to go to the pumpkin patch with me instead?”
Jungkook’s grin widened, mischief sparkling in his eyes.
“Are you?”
His grin turned into a smirk. “Are you going to ask me to go to the pumpkin patch with you then?” 
“Didn’t I just?” you huffed out, turning away. And just like that, embarrassment turned into annoyance.
“Did you?” Jungkook titled his head to the side, tonguing his cheek. “Or did you just tell me that Jisoo told you to ask me?”
You gritted your teeth, so fucking tempted to tell him to forget it, but you had already gotten to this point, might as well just commit..
“Fine,” you spat out, an irritating flush warming your face. “Do you maybe wannagotoapumpkinpatchwithme?”
You thought asking the first time was bad enough, but somehow the second time was much worse. Probably because Jungkook didn’t agree instantly, letting you wallow in silence instead and think maybe he was going to reject you. And well, your ego and pride couldn’t take that.
So, in an attempt to save face, you went on, “I mean obviously only because we’re like fake dating and we still haven’t done that Insta date thing. And you know, I don’t want you to possibly blame me if people start doubting the legitimacy of our relationship because you don’t post enough about us on your Instagram or whatever bullshit-”
“God, you’re cute. I love you so much,” Jungkook whispered, words slipping off his tongue annoyingly casually. He chuckled. “Of course, I’ll go with you.”
You shoved your finger into his face. “Just to be clear though, we’re only going because we still have to do that Insta date thing. D-don’t get it twisted.” 
“Right,” Jungkook’s grin turned into a smirk, “that’s the only reason why we’re going.”
“Exactly.” You dropped your hand and looked away. “Good that we’re on the same-”
The rest of your sentence got stuck in your throat when Jungkook wrapped both of his arms around your waist, pulling you into a suffocating hug and burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“Jeon!” you gasped. “Stop it! We’re in public! Don’t-”
“Yeah, dude, you’re in public.”
You froze at the voice, face souring immediately because you knew exactly who it was. You didn’t hide the scowl when you turned around.
“Love,” Taehyung smiled when you met eyes, a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. 
“Kim,” you hissed back, fixing him with a glare, but he only chuckled, not the slightest bit bothered by your animosity, walking around and sitting down in Jisoo’s seat, sharing a quick and friendly ‘hey’ with Jungkook.
“You guys should really calm it on the PDA. It’s gross.” Taehyung took a sip from his cup, and even though you had wanted for Jungkook to stop hugging you ten seconds ago, you threw your arms around his neck and pulled him impossibly closer to you now.
“What? Jealous?” you hummed, offering Taehyung a fake smile. Jungkook caught on immediately, chuckling to himself before tightening his arms around you.
“Yeah, jealous, Tae?”
“Oh, very,” Taehyung snorted, taking another sip from his coffee before putting it down, turning to you. “It’s been a minute since I’ve seen you, love. Last time you were running away from me.”
“Technically, we were running away from you.” 
“I was very hurt,” Taehyung said, completely ignoring your correction and putting his hand over his heart instead, jutting out his bottom lip. How you managed not to roll your eyes at him was a mystery to you.
“Well, blame Jeon. He’s the one that suggested it.”
Jungkook let out a rather dramatic gasp. “Cabbage! Don’t throw me under-”
“‘Cabbage’? What kind of pet name is that?” Taehyung interrupted, looking almost disgusted.
“What’s wrong with ‘cabbage’?” you shot back, offended even though you felt a similar way as he did about the pet name. “It’s cute.”
“‘Cabbage’? You wanna be called- you are fine with that?” Taehyung quirked a brow, squinting at you.
“It’s cute, dude. You don’t have taste,” Jungkook argued.
Taehyung wasn’t convinced, frowning and shaking his head in disapproval. “How did you come up with that?”
“In ‘Avatar The Last-”
You stopped when Taehyung let out a groan, the kind of groan that a teacher would be met with when they announce homework at the end of class. You paused, not sure how to interpret that groan.
“He doesn’t like the show,” Jungkook informed you and you gasped the same dramatic way Jungkook always did.
“You don’t like ‘Avatar’-”
“And you clearly do,” Taehyung stated quietly with a roll of his eyes. “It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that Kook is so fucking obsessed with it that he won’t shut up about it. Sorry that I’m not fond of it anymore after listening to him talk about it every waking minute.”
“How can you not love the show? It’s literally the greatest show, literally. Have you ever watched any show that has beat it in quality and consistency? That has somehow managed to be incredibly hopeful, uplifting, fun and gut wrenchingly tragic and tear inducing at the same- it literally has the greatest and most iconic intro TV history has ever seen!” you said, channeling your inner Jungkook, making a proud smile grow on his lips.
“God, you sound like Kook,” Taehyung mumbled, rolling his eyes at you a second time. “The show is not that great. I mean fire boy is kinda cool, but aside from that-”
’’Kinda cool’? You think Zuko is only ‘kinda cool’?” you repeated, getting worked up in ways Jungkook only has so far when you talked about the show. “Zuko isn’t just ‘kinda cool’, Kim. He’s literally the most well rounded character on the show- in TV history, period. Not only does he go through perfect character development, but he’s without a doubt one of the most interesting and inspiring characters-”
“And Katara,” Jungkook threw in and you were quick to agree, nodding and snapping your finger.
“Yes, and Katara! But you probably think she’s annoying and naggy, don’t you, Kim?” You squinted at Taehyung, and when he wouldn’t disagree with you, you just scoffed. “Typical. I’m not surprised. You’ve got no taste. Katara is hands down one of the best characters in the show.”
“That’s what I’ve been saying! Katara is literally a whole badass!”
“Total badass! She’s so misunderstood by-”
“That’s it. I’m gonna go look for normal, non-obsessive ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ people to hang out with,” Taehyung announced, grabbing his cup of coffee and offering the two of you one last look like you were completely crazy. But neither of you cared, returning to your conversation about how cool and amazing Katara and Zuko were.
Tumblr media
[You - 07:28 PM] : hey
[Jungkook - 08:24 PM] : am i dreaming or areyou actually texting me rn cabbage o.O
[Jungkook - 08:24 PM] : to what do i owe this honour??
[You - 08:27 PM] : why are you so dramatic for no reason?
[You - 08:27 PM] : seriously I regret txting you now
[Jungkook - 08:28 PM] : cmon that was funny!! youve gotta admit youv never texted me first before 
[You - 08:30 PM] : ugh, whatever I just texted you to ask you if you’re free on saturday
[Jungkook - 08:30 PM] : uhhh why?
[You - 08:32 PM] : what do you mean why? have you already forgoten what we talked about today?
[Jungkook - 08:32 PM] : ???
[You - 08:33 PM] : you’re not actually serious right? don’t you remember? I asked you to go w me to the pumpkin patch today?
[Jungkook - 08:33 PM] : ofc i remember! im just messing with you lol 
[You - 08:33 PM] : why? literally why
[Jungkook - 08:34 PM] : just wanted you to say again that you asked me out today!! makes me feel super euphoric and like a main character in a cheesy teen romcom
[You - 08:34 PM] : im blocking you
Tumblr media
The week passed by in the blink of an eye and soon enough, you were standing in the middle of a pumpkin patch. 
Childish excitement brewed in you, stewed in your gut. It was stupid, you were aware. You shouldn’t be this excited, but you couldn’t help yourself. And how could you? You had wanted to go to a pumpkin patch ever since you had first driven past one with your parents. You still remembered how the hues of orange, yellow, and red had rendered your eight year old self completely fascinated and speechless. 
And like you were still just an eight year old child, sitting in the back of your parents’ car, inexperienced so everything was incredibly impressive and warranted a dramatic reaction, your mouth was wide open as you looked around yourself. But that initial shock quickly turned into amazement, the corners of your lips pulling up into a dopey smile, heart pounding in your chest because you were here! At a pumpkin patch! Finally!
“It’s so pretty,” you said under your breath, barely glancing at Jungkook when he appeared next to you. He was still busy trying to shove the change into his pocket, but stopped when he saw the sparkle in your eyes, a soft smile forming on his lips.
“Cabbage,” he whispered quietly, and you were too mesmerised to pay him any attention. When he gently nudged you though, you turned around. “Look, goats.”
Your eyes grew big when you saw where he was pointing at.
Without a moment of hesitation, you grabbed Jungkook’s hand and pulled him towards them. You kneeled down, right in front of a goat that was lazily lying on its stomach and chewing on some hay. Automatically you reached out to pet the goat, but midway you stopped.
“You think I can pet it?” you whispered and turned to Jungkook, looking up at him with big hopeful eyes. His heart stuttered in his chest.
“Uh, I’m not sure.” He looked around for a sign, sighing in relief when he found one. “Yeah, ‘petting allowed’.”
Jungkook barely got to see the huge grin forming on your lips before you turned back around and reached your hand through the fence, softly petting the goat’s fur. It bleated at your touch, enjoying it.
“Oh my god, it’s so cute,” you gasped, pressing your lips together in a vain attempt to stop the squeals from breaking through.
Jungkook smiled, kneeling down himself, but he wasn’t looking at the goat. He was watching you- only you. He thought goats were cute as well, this one in particular, but you were cuter. Your bottom lip jutted out, eyes sparkling brighter than the stars, holding so much love and warmth in your pupils it should be impossible. Everything paled in comparison to you.
And as Jungkook looked at you, he felt a familiar pulling on his heart, something that had noticed for a while now. 
His eyes softened when another squeal broke from your lips (the goat had moved a bit). 
Right then, as Jungkook looked at you, he knew. He had to memorise this, take a picture of you. He would regret it if he didn’t snap at least one picture of you, kick himself for it later. 
So, he pulled out his phone and opened his camera, aiming his phone at you as discreetly as he could, thankful that you were so distracted by the cuteness of the goat that you had completely forgotten about him.
Taehyung would definitely scold Jungkook for the amount of times he was pressing on the shutter, would definitely tell him this wasn’t the optimal way to photograph anything. But Jungkook couldn’t give a flying fuck, just wanting to capture this moment, wanting to capture you.
It took a while for you to notice and when you did-
“Jeon!” you gasped, struggling between wanting to keep your voice down in order to not scare the goat and wanting to hiss at Jungkook for taking pictures of you. “S-stop it! You can’t just do that!” 
“You looked cute,” Jungkook told you, shrugging and smiling shamelessly. “I had to.”
Your cheeks warmed at his words. “Ugh, just cover my face with an emoji or something before posting. I- I wasn’t prepared. I must look so weird.”
And for a moment, Jungkook didn’t know what you were talking about, had forgotten that this was only an Insta date and you were hanging out mainly to take pictures and post them, so other people believed you were genuinely dating. It was nice to forget about that and God, how he wished you wouldn’t have reminded him.
“Yeah, right,” he cleared his throat and stood up when you did. “I- yeah, I’m not sure if I’m gonna post these pictures.”
He definitely wasn’t. He wasn’t going to share them with anyone.
“Okay, good,” you said, nodding before looking around, eyes scanning for something to do. With a snap of your head, you turned back around, grin growing on your lips. “Wanna go pick out a pumpkin?”
Jungkook blinked at you before grinning too because how could he possibly not? How could he possibly not reciprocate your grin with one of his own? How could he possibly not when you were making his heart stutter in his chest like he was thirteen again?
“Whoever can pick out the best one?”
“Is that a challenge?”
He tongued his cheek, tilting his head to the side. “Scared?”
“Of you crying because you’re gonna lose?” You raised a brow, tilting your head to the side too, and Jungkook had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from grinning too much.
“Crying?” he scoffed, shaking his head. “I think you’re mistaking me with yourself here. I’m the fucking champion of picking out pumpkins. Just ask Tae or Jin. Don’t project here, yeah?”
You stretched out your hand. “How about we meet up here in ten minutes again to see who picked out the best pumpkin?”
Jungkook couldn’t grasp your hand fast enough.
“It’s on.”
With a quick shake and a nod it was sealed, the ten minutes beginning now.
Unlike you, Jungkook didn’t immediately start his search for the perfect pumpkin. Instead, he watched you, hands by his side and a smile on his lips, eyes so soft it was almost gross.
Without thinking, Jungkook pulled out his phone, opened his camera app and zoomed in on you. You were once again too busy to notice him, standing in the distance by a pumpkin stand and inspecting a pumpkin in your hands. Jungkook almost started laughing when you shook it, you looked adorably stupid doing that.
He took probably (re: definitely) far too many pictures of you, spent probably (re: definitely) too much time on capturing you and your adorableness, but he didn’t care. Because when he finally began his search, the smile on his lips never disappeared, you making him so fucking happy by being just… you.
You gasped when you saw a particularly pretty pumpkin, rushing over to it and picking it up, inspecting it to make sure it was really perfect. When you saw Jungkook appear next to you though, you stopped, eyeing him suspiciously as you hugged your pumpkin close to your body.
“What are you doing here?”
Jungkook turned to you, putting down a pumpkin he had just deemed mediocre at best. “Uh, did you already forget we’re doing a pumpkin picking competition?” Jungkook laughed, looking around before picking up a pumpkin, turning it back and forth to inspect it from every angle.
It was perfect. He was serious when he had told you that he was the champion of picking out pumpkins. It was obvious that the one he held right now was a winner. You were going to lose, no doubt about that.
“No, that’s not what I mean. I mean why are you,” you gestured around, “here? Go look for a pumpkin somewhere else, stalker.”
“You think I’m following you?” Jungkook snorted before laughing, throwing his head back and scoffing. “Please, if anything you’re following me!”
“I was literally here first,” you said, chortling almost.
“Hm, yeah, I don’t think so,” he told you, continuing before you could insist you were definitely here first. “Also, why are you looking at me like I’m gonna steal that pumpkin from you?”
“Aren’t you?” you asked, hugging the pumpkin closer to yourself.
“You think I would- if anyone should be eyeing the other like a thief and cheater, it should be me. After all, I’m the champion of picking out pumpkins,” he said.
You rolled your eyes. “Ugh, you’re so full of yourself.” 
Not wanting to waste your time on talking with Jungkook any longer, you turned away, focusing back on the challenge.
You registered the chuckle slipping past Jungkook’s lips, but you missed the way he glanced at his pumpkin and then at yours, missed him walking over to a section he knew you hadn’t looked through yet and put down his pumpkin in exchange for another one, a worse one. 
“Hey, cabbage,” Jungkook called and you turned around. “I’m gonna go over there, yeah? So, don’t you dare follow me.”
“Like I’d follow you, Jeon!” you bit back and continued on your search.
Jungkook just smiled to himself before walking away and giving you some space. When he turned and looked at you again, his smile grew into a grin. 
Because there you were, walking over to the section of pumpkins he had just stood at. He beamed and almost cheered out loud when you picked up his previous pumpkin, watching you gasp like a child on Christmas day opening presents, because yes, that was the best pumpkin!. So completely unaware that Jungkook had put that pumpkin there for you.
Tumblr media
After exploring the rest of the pumpkin patch, enduring your excessive bragging and teasing (“I thought you were the champion in picking out pumpkin?”), petting even more goats and giving the corn maze a try (in which Jungkook got separated from you a total of four (!) times somehow, proving that his navigational skills were really absolute shit), you were drained and exhausted.
So, now you were sitting on top of a pile of hay, still half of the pumpkin patch unexplored.
“You’re seriously in love with that thing, aren’t you?” Jungkook snorted, leaning back on his hands, and eyed your pumpkin that was sitting in your lap like it was your baby (it was).
“Have you seen how perfect it is?” you asked, holding it up to show him, like this hadn’t been the pumpkin Jungkook had picked out before you. “Of course I love it.”
And even though he still didn’t quite get it (it was just a pumpkin after all in his opinion), he was happy. Because you were. And that was all he wanted- to see you smile and enjoy yourself. Mission accomplished, one might say.
You hummed. 
“Do you really have a college bucket list?”
You paused, remembering how you had mentioned that when you had asked Jungkook to accompany you here. “Yeah, I do. Don’t need to say it, I know it’s stupid.”
“Show me,” he said. “What do you have on it?”
You were hesitant, contemplating to refuse, but in the end, you put your pumpkin next to you and pulled out your phone. What was there to hide? Your college bucket list was really not that spectacular. 
With a few swipes, the notes app was pulled up. You clicked on the document named ‘my college buckt list’. (You had yet to correct the spelling mistake, simply too lazy to.)
You handed Jungkook your phone.
“‘Sit in on one of Hoseok’s international relations classes to see if it’s really that bad’,” Jungkook read, looking up to you. “And?”
You shuddered at the memory. “Complete shit. Can’t recommend.”
“‘Go to philosophy class hungover’,” Jungkook continued, looking at you again, but you just shook your head, not wanting to talk about it.
Jungkook grinned, reading the next point of your list. “‘Watch the sun-’ you’ve never watched the sun rise before?” 
He gasped.
You rolled your eyes. “I’ve come close to.”
But your explanation wasn’t enough, Jungkook still staring at you wide-eyed, thinking it was impossible, that you, as a full time college student, had never ever in your life watched the sunrise before. 
You shrugged. “Dunno, just never have. I just always fall asleep.” 
And at that, he shook his head, clicked his tongue too. When he added a sigh, you rolled your eyes, finding this all just a bit too dramatic. 
“Well, looks like I know what we will do next,” Jungkook mumbled. “By the way, can I tick off ‘Going to a pumpkin patch’ for you?” 
You shrugged, not caring much. “Go ahead.”
Jungkook tapped on the circle, ticking it off, and weirdly enough, he felt a sense of accomplishment. It wasn’t even his college bucket list.
“How come you have never gone to a pumpkin patch before?” he asked you while he handed your phone back.
You shrugged, shoving the device back into your pocket. “Just never have.”
“Not even as a kid? With your parents?” Jungkook asked, brows furrowing together.
“Not even as a kid,” you admitted with a scrunch of your nose and looked off to the side, gaze landing on a family of three—mother, father and young daughter—in the distance, picking out a pumpkin, the young daughter carefully scanning every single one. Your heart melted because that was all you had wanted as an eight year old—to go to a pumpkin patch with your parents and pick out a pumpkin.
“I mean I wanted to go, but my parents always had to work, you know? Just never had the time to take me as a kid,” you explained and shrugged. There was a confused look on Jungkook’s face and you knew exactly what he was thinking—what kind of parents don’t have time to take their daughter to a pumpkin patch?
“They work multiple jobs,” you jumped to their defense before Jungkook could come up with an explanation himself. “We were kinda struggling when I was young.” You went on, knowing exactly what question was going to follow. “My mom got pregnant rather young, and, well, to put it nicely, neither of my grandparents were particularly happy, so for the first couple years, my parents were on their own. They came around eventually, but it was still difficult... still is, to be honest.”
“Oh.” It was all Jungkook said and all he had to say. He clearly hadn’t expected for you to share all of that with him and if you were honest, neither had you. But you had and that was fine, for now. You knew already you were going to regret sharing by the end of the day, so you refused to start now.
Tumblr media
“They go gobble gobble, right?” you asked as you looked at the turkey in front of you, studying it curiously because you had never been this close to one before. It was not nearly as cute as the goat you determined.
“It’s a weird sound,” Jungkook laughed and leaned forward too, the two of you sitting on a bench nearby the turkey cage.
“The goats were cuter.”
He looked at you. “Wanna go back then?”
“No, it’s still kinda cute,” you mumbled and pulled out your phone, grabbing a few pictures, for the memory.
You turned to Jungkook when he suddenly looked at you. “I already wanted to ask you this before, but are Hoseok and Chae a thing?”
You laughed like he had just told a joke and shook your head, straightening up. He mirrored you. “I wish, Jeon. I fucking wish.” 
“But... it’s so obvious they’ve got feelings for each other?” Jungkook argued, furrowing his brows because it made literally no sense to him that Chaeyoung and Hoseok weren’t dating when they were clearly in love with one another.
“Well, they’re both idiots,” you told him. “Scared idiots.”
“Sure are,” Jungkook agreed. “I mean it was so obvious. It’s one of the first things I noticed. I’ve been meaning to ask you this all week now-”
“What have you been up to this past week? How come I didn’t hear from you?” You peered at him, but paused the next moment because it dawned on you how weird your questions were. After all, Jungkook and you weren’t actually dating or anything. You weren’t even friends. He didn’t have to keep in touch with you.
“I mean obviously you don’t owe me an explanation, but I just noticed you hadn’t reached out, and I just wondered. You know what? Forget it. You don’t have to answer-”
“No, no, no, that’s a valid question,” Jungkook said. “Sorry about the radio silence.” He continued before you could tell him that you were just as guilty, you could have reached out to him as well. “But I was busy studying for my midterm.”
You weren’t sure what answer you had expected, but Jungkook not reaching out to you because he was studying for the past week took you by surprise. It had never crossed your mind he could possibly be studying… which was stupid, considering it was midterm season. God, you really were judgemental.
“Right.” You nodded awkwardly because you felt stupid now. “What’s your major again? I don’t think you told me.”
“Yeah, it’s super lame, I know-”
“What?” You looked genuinely confused, a deep knit between your brows. “Physics isn’t lame at all. Why would- I find it really cool to be honest..”
Jungkook chuckled. “You do?”
“Jeon, I liked physics in high school so much, I actually thought about majoring in it. But I just never had the guts to- too difficult. I have no idea how you do it.”
“It’s not that-”
“You must be really smart,” you continued on and you meant it, genuinely impressed by the fact that Jungkook was studying physics. You had always thought it was interesting yourself but a bit too difficult and hard in your opinion.
“Thanks,” he grinned. “I’m sure you could have done it too though. Majored in physics, I mean. You’re super smart too.”
You cringed at his words, thinking the exact opposite. “Don’t be ridiculous. I couldn’t have. I’m not nearly as smart as you think I am.”
“You’re not-” Jungkook cut himself short, shaking his head. “Right, you’re a genius.”
You frowned, laughing almost because he was being ridiculous now, but before you could point it out, Jungkook continued. “Don’t try to deny it. I know you’re a fucking genius.”
“We have philosophy together.”
“You never attend-”
“Well, sometimes I do,” he interjected. “And the times I do, I’ve always been amazed by your intelligence.”
“Have you already forgotten I misquoted Freud in class once?” you shot back.
“Okay, fine,” Jungkook admitted, but before you could celebrate your victory, he continued, “but I also remember you going on and explaining Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and how the Id, Ego, and Superego are connected with one another.” 
Your gaze wandered to Jungkook, cheeks growing warm because he was right. After your little mistake, you had managed to fight through the embarrassment and explain Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. “And you did that perfectly, without looking at your notes! That was super impressive. I could never.”
You shook your head. “If you’d attend class, you also could have-”
“Why do you want to convince me so much that you’re not smart?” Jungkook asked. “Do you genuinely think that of yourself?”
You paused.
Did you?
“I- no,” you started, knit growing between your brows as you continued, letting Jungkook’s question repeat in your mind over and over again. “I-I guess you could say I’m smart, but- I just, I don’t know. I don’t wanna come off arrogant-.”
“‘I guess you could I’m’-” Jungkook scoffed, clicking his tongue at you and shaking his head. “Look, It’s not arrogant of you to state the truth. You are smart, period. Stop trying to convince me otherwise.”
You wanted to disagree with Jungkook, tell him you weren’t trying to convince him of anything, opened your mouth to say that, but then it dawned on you. He was right. He was. He really was. And so, you switched out your words of disagreement with words of agreement.
“Y-yeah,” you lowered your head, embarrassed, “I guess you’re right.”
“Say it,” Jungkook prompted. “Say you’re smart.”
Your eyes grew wide, face flushing hot because admitting that Jungkook was right and actually saying you were smart? Two completely different things. And admitting that he was right in the first place was already embarrassing and hard enough.
“I won’t drop this until you say it,” he told you. Jungkook quirked his brow at you, giving you a look that left you with no other option but to cave.
“... I’m smart.”
“You’re right, that is arrogant. You are-” Jungkook stopped when he saw your shocked expression, your mouth wide open and eyes so huge they might as well fall out. 
“Jeon!” you gasped before smiling and laughing because it clicked with you. Saying that you were smart, didn’t make you arrogant. It didn’t, not even a tiny bit.
You mumbled something underneath your breath before turning back to the turkeys, hand falling into your open palm as you studied them once more. Because you didn’t know. Did you think they were ugly or not?
You were so busy trying to figure out this question, you missed the way Jungkook looked at you with soft and mushy eyes.
If you had turned around, you would have seen it, seen the way his gaze traced every curve and dip of your face, seen the way he was holding his breath because you looked absolutely ethereal with the sun slowly dipping below the horizon and casting a warm glow on your skin, seen the urge grow in Jungkook to take a picture of you.
When he tried this time though—phone pulled out and camera open—you noticed, face contorting in annoyance.
“No, let’s not do that, Jeon.” You put up a hand.
“Why not? That’s the purpose of today, right? That I take pictures of you and post them on Insta?” Jungkook argued, knowing very well you couldn’t say anything against that. “Plus, the light is nice right now.”
“But-” You stared at him, the corners of your mouth turned downwards. “Ugh, fine,” you grumbled, admitting defeat. 
Your breath hitched when Jungkook instantly scooted closer to you, stretching out his arm and angling the camera until the two of you were in frame. You adjusted your hair and when you were done and smiling into the camera—the corners of your lips feeling incredibly tense though—Jungkook hit the shutter a handful of times.
“Okay, enough, enough,” you said and turned away, finding your smile to be too awkward.
“No, wait. Just one more. I need something to post on my story.”
“W-what about the ones we just took?”
“I’m gonna post those to my feed. I need something different for my story though. Now, smile,” Jungkook told you and aimed his phone at you, only you.
“No, that’s so weird, Jeon,” you whined, face growing hot. “It feels so awkward when it’s only me in the picture. I don’t like that.”
Jungkook rolled his eyes at you, but before you could rip into him for it, he pulled you into frame with him, beaming into the camera. Left with no other option, you mustered up a smile, one that looked even more awkward than the other one. This time, he noticed.
“You really don’t like getting your picture taken, do you?” He dropped his arm.
You scowled. “My smile that ugly, huh?”
“What? No,” Jungkook shook his head, “that’s not what I’m saying. It’s just… a little awkward.”
“Well, sorry, I can’t be a model and natural in front of the camera,” you grumbled, rolling your eyes and twisting a piece of hay around your finger (because the entire place was covered in hay.). “Honestly, if anything it’s weird that you’re so comfortable in front of the camera.”
“Excuse me?”
“Like, how many pictures must you have taken of yourself that you’re so comfortable with it? Narcissistic if you ask me.” You shrugged, deep down knowing very well you were spewing bullshit right now.
Jungkook stared at you, a mix between disbelief and amusement. In the end, he laughed though, shaking his head and before you could process it, snapping a picture of you.
“How many pictures do you think it’s gonna take until you stop being judgemental?” he asked you, grinning.
“You’re so annoying,” you hissed, crossing your arms in front of your chest like a child. Jungkook poked you in the rib in response, making you jump and snap your head to him.
“Come on, just smile,” he encouraged you, putting an arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer, his phone up in the air again, but you couldn’t even bring the corners of your lips to lift up, feeling self-conscious now about how awkward your smile was. (You knew deep down this wasn’t what Jungkook had meant but still, the comment was repeating in your mind like a broken record.)
“Smile and I’ll buy you chocolate chip cookies.”
You gasped, turning to look at Jungkook and see if he was serious, mouth wide open in surprise. 
“Really?” you smiled and before you could realise he had only said that for the sake of the picture, he hit the shutter. When it all clicked in your mind, your smile fell off.
“Aw, don’t look so disappointed,” Jungkook told you, pinching your nose and smiling at you like that would make it better.
“I’m not,” you grumbled, turning away in fear he would pinch your nose again, the slight pout on your lips making it very hard to believe you. And when Jungkook fixed you with this doubtful look, you rolled your eyes, gritting your teeth. “You tricked me.”
There is an accusatory tone colouring your words, one that was seemingly funny because Jungkook laughed and put his arm around you, pulling you into a hug you didn’t want to be pulled in.
“Aw, I’m sorry, cabbage,” he cooed into your ear like you weren’t trying to push him away. “Don’t be mad at me.”
“Let go of me right now or I’ll punch you in the fucking dick,” you hissed, but with your face smushed against his shoulder, your words lost the edge you wanted them to have. But it was still enough, Jungkook letting go.
“I hate you,” you spat out, but he just grinned at you. He looked at his phone and pulled up the pictures.
“We look cute.” 
Turns out, Jungkook was right. You did look cute. Both of you were smiling and neither of you looked awkward at all. While Jungkook was expertly looking into the camera, his smile as bright as the sun, your eyes were on him, a hint of surprise reflected on your face and a smile on your lips, your love for chocolate chip cookies to be thanked here. 
You couldn’t believe how perfect the picture it was, couldn’t even believe existed in the first place. Because here you were, Jungkook and you sitting next to each other, his arm around you and both of you smiling. Looking at it, it was easy to forget that this was as staged and fake as it could get, that you weren’t a real couple.
“Yeah, we do,” you agreed quietly and watched Jungkook open Instagram and add the picture to his stories, typing up a caption.
“What do you think?” He showed you his phone.
“‘Having a gourd time with my cabbage’,” you read, and there was a frown on your face when you looked at Jungkook. Unlike you, he was beaming, clearly super proud of his awful and terrible pun, expecting you to double over in laughter, but you just stared at him, face void of any emotion.
“You get it? Gourd instead of-”
“Yes, Jeon, I get it,” you told him, stopping him before he could explain his stupid pun to you. “Proud?”
You stared at him silently for a few seconds, sighing heavily. “How long did it take you to come up with that one?” 
“... might have been thinking of puns for the last couple of days now,” Jungkook admitted quietly, and you heaved out another sigh, shaking your head in disappointment.
“You’re so cringy.”
And at that, Jungkook gasped, as dramatically and theatrically as he always did.
“Can’t you at least pretend like you think I’m funny?” 
“Yeah, that costs extra.”
“And you scolded Jisoo for exploiting me,” Jungkook bit back.
“Well, you said you’re all mine to exploit, didn’t you?” you hummed, scrunching your nose. “You are my boyfriend after all, right?”
Jungkook stared at you, blinked three times before he tilted his head to the side and tongued his cheek, defeat.
And then, neither of you said anything, both of you quieting down and allowing each other to just silently sit next to each other, the chatter and laughter of children running around you serving as quiet background noise. 
It was easy, surprisingly easy, you realised. To sit next to Jungkook, you mean. It was surprisingly easy to do that, the silence not feeling suffocating or tense between you. It was baffling almost, the fact that the sun was setting behind you, the sky a deep rich orange. Hours had passed now, and it hadn’t felt like that at all. It was weird to think about, how time had flown by in a blink of an eye, and it was even more weird to think about how the past hours had been… enjoyable, fun, easy. 
You snapped your head around. You paused when you saw the look on Jungkook’s face. You couldn’t say what exactly it was, but it had a knit growing between your brows. 
Something was wrong.
You knew it right away, heart slowly dropping into your gut. It didn’t help that Jungkook refused to meet your gaze, looking past your shoulder instead. 
“There this thing- I didn’t tell you then, but…” he trailed off and God, that was just the worst because you waited and waited and waited for him to find the end of his sentence, but he didn’t, leaving you hanging.
“What, Jeon?” 
Jungkook finally looked at you, staring at you silently before taking a deep breath and finding his voice. (How you wished he hadn’t.)
“He asked if you were okay.” 
You blinked at him, three times in total before he continued, taking your silence as a sign to, sounding so unsure though.
“When I, uh, walked back into the café? To get your bag? He asked if you were okay,” Jungkook told you and averted his gaze, eyes following two siblings chasing each other.
It took a moment for his words to click with you, for you to understand them, and when you did, right then, in that exact moment, the world stopped spinning, the air getting pressed out of your lungs and the sound of children running around filtering away, leaving you in utter silence.
You didn’t know what to say…. or do. Quite frankly, you didn’t know how to process this. Jungkook hadn’t brought it up after it had happened, he had brought it up now, after you had almost forgotten all about it, about running into him in the café. You knew and understood why Jungkook hadn’t said anything then, but doing so now, was just so much worse, hurt so much more because the memories got dragged up to the surface all over again, the wounds ripping open once more.
“What,” you looked at your quivering hands, “what did you say?”
“I said you were okay.” Jungkook tried meeting your gaze, but you kept your head low, embarrassed and feeling so fucking awkward because this shouldn’t be a big deal—him asking if you were okay—but it was because he had asked, after everything that had happened if you were okay, he, of all fucking people. “Should I have said something-”
“No, no, no,” you interrupted, shaking your head. “Saying that was...”
You paused to look for the end of your sentence, for a word to fill in the blank, but just like Jungkook, you failed to find the end, somehow having forgotten how to speak in the last two seconds. 
“Who is he?”
It was a careful question, one Jungkook was incredibly hesitant to ask, one he almost didn’t ask, but he had to. He had to ask, at least try to get the answer, because the question had been plaguing him, repeating itself over and over again in his mind forever now, haunting and bothering him. He couldn’t take it anymore. The question demanded to be asked and who was he not to ask?
“I mean obviously you don’t have to tell me if you don’t wanna share,” Jungkook added because even if the question had to be asked, it didn’t mean you had to provide him with an answer. “If you’re not comfortable with it, I totally get it. I’m not trying to pressure you into sharing something with me- I just wondered...”
You didn’t respond in any way, didn’t look at him or make a single sound. You were just silent. It was maddening. 
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, guilt blooming in his chest and wrapping around his heart. “I shouldn’t have brought-”
“Bathroom guy.”
He stilled. “... what?”
“Bathroom guy,” you repeated quietly, and Jungkook swallowed, feeling a lump in his throat, chest tightening.
“It’s this guy I met like a month or so ago,” you explained, almost tripping over your own words. It was laughable really, so much so you lowered your head to hide yourself, your voice weak, wobbly, shaky. “It was during this birthday party, I think. Jimin dragged me to, so I’m honestly not sure what exactly it was.” You let out something that sounded like a laugh. It was awkward. “I met him there, in the bathroom. We just… talked a bit. Bonded, I guess you could say.”
Your words seemed to take a while to sink in with Jungkook, his voice seemingly lost, and you scrunched up your nose, the silence that you were met with nagging on your heart, on your conscience.
“Is he, uh, the guy that Jimin mentioned-”
“Yup,” you interrupted quickly. “But he doesn’t know- well, actually, uh, none of my friends- don’t mention that we ran into him, yeah? Please?”
You were practically curling in on yourself, body slumping forward and folding in on itself like a weight had been dropped on you. You should straighten up, lift your head, but you couldn’t. Not with Jungkook’s eyes so clearly digging into your face, waiting for you to meet his gaze. You stared at the ground, finding comfort at looking down, the sunlight filtering through the leaves and leaving dainty shadows on the ground.
“Right, yeah.” You almost didn’t hear Jungkook speak, voice so low and quiet you thought he actually didn’t want you to hear his words. “Of course, I won’t mention it.”
You bit your tongue, heart feeling suffocatingly heavy in your chest.
The air grew cold around you, making you shiver. Autumn was really arriving.
Tumblr media
Half an hour later, you were sitting at the curb of your condo building, pumpkin in your lap and a heavy silence hanging between you.
It was your fault.
Jungkook didn’t have to say it for you to know. You had said something wrong. What, you didn’t know, but this silence was clearly and obviously to be blamed on you. And how much you hated it because the day had been great and fun up until that point. So fucking great and fun. 
“Jimin mentioned the annual Halloween party your frat throws every year,” you blurted out, a smile on your lips. “Let’s go together.”
“Uh, what?” Jungkook shot back, frowning.
Yeah, uh, what? You had spoken without thinking, but you were committing now, too late to backtrack, guilt fuelling your words.
“You sure?”
You nodded, a bit too enthusiastically though, just like your smile. “Yeah, I-I’m sure. Let’s go together.”
“But... a lot of people attend,” Jungkook said, tilting his head to the side, clearly not thinking this was a great idea. “You sure you’re comfortable with that?”
Your answer came out too fast, shot out of you practically. So rather than convince Jungkook of how sure you were, your reply did the opposite, suspicion growing in him. 
“Y/N,” you cringed, he had switched out his pet name for you with your actual name, “did you really think-”
“I mean that’s a good thing, right? That a lot of people attend?” you interrupted, shifting in your seat. “This way everyone will see that we’re an item.”
Jungkook was still not convinced, brows pinched together. “I guess, but-”
“Plus, what a bad girlfriend would I be if I didn’t attend with you? I mean the Halloween party is a huge thing, right? I can’t miss it, not as your girlfriend.”
He looked torn, mouth opening and closing several times. “Yeah, but I’m just saying, I don’t want you-”
“Jeon,” you placed your hand on his arm, “it’s fine. I know what I’m getting myself into.”
You didn’t. It was a lie, but again, you were committing, heart feeling so heavy in your chest.
Jungkook studied your face, mouth pressed into a line. Knowing his attempts to ask you again if you were sure, if you had really thought this through (the answer to both questions were a flat out no), would just end with you interrupting him, would be a waste of air, he relented.
“Okay. Sure, let’s go together.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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futurewriter2000 · 6 months ago
Rocks and Dust
Tumblr media
A/N: I don't know why Remus gave me such Heath Ledger vibes when I was writing this but he did and I am honestly so fucking proud of it. Now, I really want to make myself some rice and chicken... or just rice. I hope you like it <3
REQUESTED BY @cloudywitchh: Hiiii, Im not sure if your requests are open, but if they are i have one. :)) Before I request, I want you to know that I love your oneshots and series! ive been binge reading. Could you possibly do a Gryffindor reader that has both james and remus that like her. oneshot or series. if you choose to write it, thank you, if not i understand
Souls meet when eyes do and it hasn't been much easy to hold yourself back when such mesmerising hazel eyes had done nothing but watch you seductively.
At first you couldn't feel it but after a while, something in the back of your mind told you to look a certain direction. When you did, your eyes met his and a certain colour started to appear on your cheeks.
You watched him, he watched you. "Yes, Potter?" you asked with a smirk forming on the corner of your lips.
He smiled, tilting his head a bit to the side before speaking. "Had you done something new with your hair?" he asked, glancing up at your hair as you let out a laugh.
"Not really."
"Well, no matter of it." he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. "You look absolutely stunning."
You felt your heart flutter in your chest but you were not about to let him know that. "Thank you. When don't I look absolutely stunning." you joked and he rolled his eyes.
"Hey, mate." Remus came into the common room and tapped James' shoulder as he passed him by, sitting next to him.
James smile faded a bit. He was a tad disappointed in his friend's presence. Everything had seemed to go so well between you and him. If the two of you continued to be alone, he would have had more confidence to ask you out on a date. Knowing that Remus took fancy in you too, it was a bit challenging to do so.
"What's up, Moony?" James looked at him, clearly not in a friendliest tone Remus was used to.
Remus' lips twirled upwards and he felt amused by his friends' frustration. He looked at you and smiled wonderfully. "Hi." he said and you smiled cheerfully, oblivious to the competition in front of you.
"Hi, Remus."
You seemed to be a tad disappointed as well. You loved to flirt with James because it seemed so easy and fun to do yet sometimes you couldn't understand whether he truly likes you or if he's doing it just out of fun. But you live by your mother's words; If a man truly likes you, he will do absolutely everything to let you know and pursue you.
That was why you were always so laid back. You didn't overthink anything when it came to boy. They seemed to think more simply than girls and whatever they did, they did because they wanted to, not because there was a whole scheme behind their actions.
You could see a bit discomfort in James. You couldn't really figure out why but he started to pout, which had made you a bit more uncomfortable around both of them.
Remus, however, loved to talk to you. He was open and honest but sometimes you felt as if he held too many secrets inside of him. To you, he was a bit harder to get to know, no matter how much he could tell you.
"You're going to love this, (y/n)!" he started to sound more excited. "I had found the oldest yet most interesting place a few nights ago-" he hear- both of you heard James scoff to that. "And I know your curious spirit cannot wait to explore it."
"Where?!" you threw all your books away and jumped forward. Old ruins and historic backgrounds always made you overly excited. You must have gotten it from your dad's side of the family. Everybody seemed to be more of history freaks and you were no different.
"I can show you. What do you think James?" Remus turned to James, who only laughed.
"No, thank you." he stood up and stretched his arms over his body. "Rocks and dust? Not my cup of tea. If I wanted to take a girl I fancy-" he looked at you with a grin and a soft chuckle. "I'd take her somewhere more romantic." he walked to you and winked. "A lovely restaurant or a walk among the trees under the moonlight." he was leaning down to you, close and observing the flush in your cheeks.
Your eyes were meeting and it lit a fiery spark between the two of you but as you didn't want to give him the pleasure of it, you rolled your eyes and moved away. "That's a bit of a cliche, isn't it, Potter?" you stood up and stretched your back as well. "I don't do romance." you turned from James to Remus and smiled excitedly. "Shall we go and explore!?"
"Yes we shall."
Remus hasn't felt you this excited over some 'rocks and dust' in all the years he had known you but he had felt his heart fill with joy and love when he could see how a person can live for the small things in life. You didn't care about wealth or power, neither if a person was physically beautiful and attractive. You neither cared if person had its flaws, you still loved anybody for who they were; good or evil. You always tried to look the best in people and your gift was, that you always seemed to bring out just that out of everybody and especially out of him.
As the two of you had walked, he had realised that he wants to tell you something important to him. It wasn't a secret to his friends and family but it was a shameful secret to him and to everybody else.
"Can I tell you something?" he asked as the two of you were climbing up the hill.
"Yeah." you stopped, gasping for air and putting your hands on your hips. "I think we need to rest too." you smiled and he laughed.
"It's not that far. We're almost close."
"My heart is almost close to stopping too."
He laughed again and sat on the rock, finding the moon shining on him as if it was leaving its fullness from a few days ago. "I just have the need to tell you this... and I'm serious."
You looked up at him and found the moon perfectly cut out the colour of his green eyes. "Your eyes look so pretty in the moonlight." you said without any filter but sat down next to him.
"Thank you."
You smiled and looked up at the moon before taking a look of his worried expression. "What is it?" you shoved him a little as he smiled. "You can tell me your deepest darkest secret." you joked but it was no joke to him.
"Well... I'm... I'm a werewOlf." he stuttered out, trying to sound casually as he said so but unsuccessful.
You only stared in silence, clearly processing the information as he was impatient to wait for your reaction. Your eyes only narrowed at him and you nodded. "I knew it."
"You knew it?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.
"I mean, I didn't know it. I just know there was something to you that I couldn't put my finger on but I kind of knew it. It did cross my mind once but I brushed it off quickly. I didn't believe it but apparently my intuition was on to something." you laughed and stood up, offering him your hand. "Shall we continue?"
"You don't seem a tad phased by it." he took your hand gently and stood up.
"Oh, I am but I really don't mind people being people. You know?" you started to talk fast. "I don't judge people by their flaws, more by their actions and I don't seem why your werewolfness would bother me when there are far worse withces, wizards and Muggles in this world, who are far more worse than any werewolf I had encounter. Which, you're the first but still. You don't seem the one to eat children and howl at the moon."
He let out a loud laugh. "I don't eat children but I do the latter."
The two of you walked up the hill hand in hand, him trying to pull you up as his steps were much larger than yours. He was more of muscles than you, faster and careful as for you seemed to trip over a branch or two.
He had opened up as the two of you made your way to the top and started to walk on the flatlands. It stretched far away from the castle but you could see the ruins so clearly from the distance. The light of he moon made the subject far more pleasing to the eye and at that moment when Remus was talking to you and your eyes seemed to wander on the view- everything seemed to be perfect and you imprinted that moment into your memory so that you can look back and re-live it all over again.
As he talked, he seemed more lose and excited. He hadn't held back on anything. He had told you about Animagnus forms of his friends and how he isn't the only one who howls at the moon. Sirius apparently loves to do it just as well in his other form. He had constantly made you laugh by his full moon stories and how he accepted the awful fact of his life-long destiny of sharing his body with a beast.
He was glowing, literally glowing when he was telling you all the things he was hiding from you and for the first time, you were the one to listen and he was the one constantly talking.
"We're here!" he pointed at the ruins of an old castle. It wasn't big or notorious as Camelot or Hogwarts or any other historically known castle. It was small and poor in it's built but it was still a castle, just not the traditional kind.
He let go of your hand and it gave you a sort of an electrical shock as he did. You seemed to be so comfortable and in love of holding hands that you completely forgot what it was like without his fingers intertwined with yours.
It wasn't for long though. He had opened the old wooden door for you and offered you his hand to lead you inside. "After you, m'lady." he bowed as a gentleman should and you hurried up inside, taking him by the hand and leading him behind you.
Your wands needn't to be lit as the moonlight made it's own natural light through the large gaps between the rocks. Nature made it's own charm by growing vines around the walls, flowers and grass among the cracks. It truly did feel more magical than the magic itself.
"Oh, Remus look!" you ran to one of the walls and saw names carved in. "Ibzan." you smiled back at him.
"Old biblical name." Remus followed and saw many other names written around it. "Arthur." he laughed. "Wouldn't be an English castle without an Arthur in it."
"Tatiana." you looked at it. "Like a princess." you looked at him but he seemed to be very close to you, staring forward. His chest was against your back and his head leaning over your shoulder. You didn't have to look back. You could only move your eyes to the side and see him there.
He seemed to be so focused on the rocks in front of you that he hasn't even noticed you marvelling at him. All you could see, for the first time noticing his sharp, nicely structured side profile. His cheek bones were finely defined, his lips sharp and plump and his eyebrows nicely arched.
He truly was a beautiful boy and you hadn't noticed it till now. His palm was placed against the rock as he was supporting himself but when he had noticed you looking at him, he slyly looked back. A corner of his mouth quirked up and he said: "A girl doesn't need to be a princess to have a beautiful name." he spoke low and quietly.
The spark that James lit before was over-flamed by the passion Remus arroused in you. Before you knew it, he was leaning down and kissed you softly. One short kiss and it was enough to tempt you for more. You put your hand around his neck and pulled him down for me, smiling into it as you had felt him smile as well. As heavy as they felt, they seemed light as well because no kisses seemed to be as perfect as his; soft, teasing yet deep and passionate.
When he placed his hand on your cheek you could feel the dust set on your skin. You let out a giggle and he pulled away. "What?" he smiled but then just noticed how dark your cheek was. "Oh, my-" he let out a laugh, then looked back on the wall his palm was pressed on before. "I am terribly sorry."
You laughed as well. "Don't worry." you continued to laugh and wipe it away. "It'll probably wash away."
"Probably." he tilted his head a bit and gave you a peck. "And we should probably head back."
Putting your arms around his neck, you made a big stretch and looked up at the sky. "Ugh..." you looked back into his green eyes, burning your soul into sparks and bitses. "But it's so beautiful here." you let out a small whine and he chuckled.
"Well, (y/n)(y/l/n). I didn't think you did romance." he teased.
"I don't. I let the man do all the romance for me." you stepped on your tiptoes and brushed your nose against his.
"That's a bit unfair."
"I wouldn't worry if I were you, Lupin. I have time to make it fair."
"Glad to hear it."
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weaxleyz · 8 months ago
the love languages part iii: words of affirmation (f.w.)
pairing: fred weasley x fem!reader
summary: y/n thinks fred is losing interest in her after he catches another girls eye so he makes sure she knows just how much he loves her.
warnings: kissing, mentions of cheating, misunderstandings, mentions of a breakup, insecurities, mentions of marriage, mentions of pregnancy, very brief joke about a physical fight, ANGST but with a happy ending!!
word count: 1.7k
a/n: this is late and i'm very, very sorry but i started writing it and kinda hated it so i had to take a step back and come back to it! i kinda struggled with this one bc words of affirmation is the farthest thing from my personal love language but i hope i did it justice.
*all photos are from pinterest*
series masterlist // part i // part ii // part iv
Tumblr media
The warm sunlight washed over Y/N’s skin as she stepped into the courtyard, a smile etched on her face at the thought of seeing her boyfriend, after spending the entire day in class away from him she couldn’t wait to revel in the feeling of his arms wrapped around her. She scanned the sea of students before her eyes finally found him, her smile slightly dropped when she saw two Hufflepuff girls standing in front of Fred as he leaned against a bench on the ground. The two girls were older than Y/N, they giggled as they spoke to him, one of them twirling her hair around her finger. She could feel jealousy pooling deep in the pit of her stomach coupled with an overwhelming sense of guilt as Fred looked very uninterested with the conversation the two girls were attempting to initiate, constantly looking around in search of her.
“There she is!” Fred spoke when Y/N made her way to him, the smile on his face was so genuine that she almost forgot about all the anger that previously possessed her.
“Hi, Freddie.” She greeted, giving into his outstretched arms to let him pull her into his lap. He placed a sweet kiss to her temple. “Hi.” She spoke softly, turning her attention to the two girls, irritation lacing their features.
“Maybe we’ll see you around Fred.” One of them piped up before leaving, whispering to one another as they retreated.
“Your friends seem nice.” Y/N scoffed, biting the inside of her cheek as Fred’s arms tightened around her, sensing her discomfort.
“Not my friends.” He chuckled, littering the side of her face with kisses which earned a giggle from her. “Just some girls in my Herbology class, they won’t leave me alone.” He added.
“Can’t entirely blame them.” She joked, attempting to make light of the situation. “I don’t leave you alone either.”
“Mhmm.” He started, turning her head to face him so that he could place a kiss to her lips. “But your company is more than welcomed, princess.”
She giggled at his soft demeanor, taking his hand in hers whilst she leaned back against his chest as she listened to him babble on excitingly about some of the new products he and George were working on for the shop. She felt content here in his arms but her mind kept wandering to the girls that were obviously attempting to flirt with her boyfriend.
Y/N knew Fred loved her, knew that no matter how many girls flocked to him he would always politely excuse himself from the situation in order to find her, knew that he wouldn’t even think about cheating on her but was he losing interest in her? What if he was looking at all these other girls and thinking they were prettier than her, smarter than her, better than her? She pushed the thoughts away, not wanting to think about losing Fred to someone else, she could hardly stomach it. But truly, it plagued her, Fred had come into her life and made it completely different, he forced her to live in colour after so long of feeling like she was one of those sad black and white Hollywood starlets. He made her feel special, made the rain seem like a gift instead of an inconvenience, made the sun feel warmer and the moon feel like he hung it in the sky just for her.
Fred noticed that Y/N had something on her mind and spent the next few days constantly asking if she was okay but he knew that she was far too stubborn to tell him what was bothering her. Because of this Fred tried a little harder to make sure she knew how much she meant to him, Y/N knew what he was doing but she wasn’t ready to confess to him that she was jealous of all the attention he was getting from the girls at school, worried that her insecurities would push him away. But that was never something that crossed Fred’s mind, he had assumed that other people flirting with him would upset her which is why he always rejected the advances, always made sure she knew that there was no one else walking this earth more perfect for him, he truly wanted nothing more than to slip a ring on her finger and spend the rest of his days with her. Hell if he had a ring right now he’d propose to her no questions asked.
“Alicia, do you know who that girl is?” Y/N asked as she sat in the library, textbooks littering the table in front of the two girls as they poured over their homework. Alicia spun around in her seat to get a look at the girl in question.
“The Hufflepuff girl?” She asked to which Y/N nodded. “I think her name is Jessica, why?”
“It’s nothing.” She lied in reply, gritting her teeth. “Just asking.”
“No you’re not.” She spoke casually, seeing directly through Y/N’s facade. “You don’t seem like yourself lately, what’s wrong?”
“She was talking to Fred a couple days ago.” Y/N sighed. “I just can’t shake it, I’ve caught her staring at him at dinner a few times and she was so adamant about talking to him that day.” Her voice shook as she spoke, Alicia looked to her with a soft smile.
“Y/N.” She started. “Fred loves you so bloody much, so much so that it's kind of gross sometimes. He’d never even think about pursuing another girl, he looks at you like you have a halo hanging above your head.”
“Thanks.” She sniffed, giggling at her friend. “You’re a good friend, Alicia.”
“And if all else fails, you could probably take her in a fight.” Alicia added, earning a loud, genuine laugh from Y/N earning stares and shushing from those in the library.
She felt lighter after her conversation with Alicia and was excited to see Fred at dinner, she wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his entire face. Her warm and fuzzy thoughts of Fred were interrupted when she saw Jessica running her fingers up his arm, a devilish smile playing on her lips. Y/N could hardly process the sight in front of her, it was making her sick to her stomach so much that she couldn’t bear to look at Fred’s face not wanting to see his reaction to the pretty girl in front of him trailing her hand up his arm. She didn’t even realize that her feet were carrying her body away from the sight in front of her until she could hear him calling after her.
Tears spilled from her eyes, tracking down her face as she ignored Fred’s desperate calls to her, practically running through the common room and up to her room. She slammed the door, sliding down it as she pulled her knees up to her chest, sobs now freely leaving her mouth.
“Y/N, angel-” Fred started, outside her door, he was audibly out of breath from chasing her through the castle. “Open the door please.”
She sat there for a minute, contemplating never opening the door, never speaking to him again, just simply forgetting that she never ever heard Fred Weasley’s name. But she knew she couldn’t, knew she could never forget about him and she also knew she shouldn’t just shut him out, he would never purposely hurt her. With a sigh she lifted herself from the ground and opened the door to find her very disheveled boyfriend, his hair messy from running his hands through it, his face flushed. As soon as she saw him her legs collapsed beneath her, choked sobs making their appearance once again.
“Hey, hey, none of that.” He whispered, taking her into his arms on the floor. “She just came up to me love, I told her she had to leave me alone, that there was never going to be anything between us because I was in love with you.” He rubbed circles into her back as she sobbed into his chest, placing barely there kisses into her hair.
“Are you-” She started, another brutal sob racking her body. “Are you losing interest in me? I-I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay with me if you don’t want to be.” Freds heart was aching listening to her, he cursed himself for the way she was feeling. He should have told her he loved her more, he should have woken her up every morning by telling her she was the only girl he ever thought of, that he ever wanted.
“I love you Y/N.” He began. “H-How-”
“You can love someone and get bored with them.” She spoke quietly. Fred sighed, placing his hands on her shoulders, he pulled her back to look at her.
“I will never get tired of you, you will never bore me and there is not a chance in hell that I will lose interest in you.” Her eyes found his for the first time since she first opened the door. “I think about you all day, everyday, from the second I wake up with you in my arms until I get to fall asleep next to you, all I think about is you. You’re everything to me.” He let a deep sigh leave his chest as he took her face in his hands. “I’m going to marry you Y/N, in the backyard, back home with everyone there and then we’re gonna have a bunch of little red-headed babies, send them off to Hogwarts and argue over what house they’ll be sorted in.” He said, pulling a giggle from her which he reciprocated with a relieved smile.
“You want to marry me?” She asked as he wiped a stray tear from her eye with the pad of his thumb.
“I have since the day you agreed to date a bloody git like me.” He joked, pulling her into his chest. “It’s only you Y/N, it’s always been you, it’ll always be you, you’re it for me.” She buried her face into his jumper, forgetting about Jessica, forgetting about her doubts, just breathing in his scent, just feeling his lips on her hairline, just her and her Freddie.
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malfoysstilinski · a year ago
girl in the mirror | DRACO MALFOY
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Draco Malfoy x Muggle!Reader
SUMMARY: in which draco and y/n are soulmates and can hear each others’ music, and you’ve been blasting sad songs all week, worrying draco. 
WARNINGS: one mean joke about americans sozzles 
A/N: based on the tiktoks where soulmates can hear each others’ music. i dont think ive seen an imagine like that on here so i thought i’d write one :)) also set in 2010s 
In the Wizarding world, on your thirteenth birthday, you are officially bound to your soulmate. This means different things for different wizards and witches, depending on what they valued. For example, when Blaise Zabini turned thirteen, he was able to see his soulmate in mirrors-- fitting considering how self-obsessed he was. 
Draco, however, heard music. You must be obsessed with it, he realised. He found out he was right pretty quickly, waking up to the sound of your playlists muffled in his ears and falling asleep to them too. 
It was always Muggle music too. You must be a half-blood, or even… Merlin forbid, a Muggle-born. Realising that his soulmate wasn’t going to be a pure-blood like his parents had planned, Draco kept the news to himself and worked on his vocabulary. He tried his best to bite his tongue around Granger, ignoring his friends when they made fun of their ‘dirty’ blood.
He didn’t want to hurt you when he got to meet you. 
It took Draco longer than it should have to realise you definitely didn’t go to Hogwarts. How could you when he’d be sat in assemblies, the room so silent you could hear a pin drop, and all he’d hear is the thumping of your music in his ears as if he was underwater?
“She’s probably an American,” Pansy pretends to gag, the others laughing with her. 
“Could be a Beauxbaton,” Blaise suggests. 
Draco doesn’t like to make assumptions, but he thinks you are definitely a Muggle. It’s rare, but not unheard of in the Wizarding world, especially nowadays. For the Malfoys, though, it would be an outrage. 
You play your music the most when he’s eating dinner in the Great Hall or when he’s getting ready for bed. 
At first, he hated it. He hated your music, he hated how his head was rarely ever quiet, and he hated that he didn’t know who you were in order to beg you to take your headphones out for once. 
However, Draco learnt to love your music. Songs and bands he’d never heard of before quickly became his favourites and eventually, he found himself humming your Muggle tunes in the common room or quietly singing along in his dorm when the other boys were out doing whatever. 
He learned to love having your music in his head, especially as the years rolled on and his life became harder and harder. It made him feel like he was never alone, your muffled melodies making a home in his head and pushing out all of his anxiety and depression. 
Draco wanted to dance with you to them. He liked to lay in bed at night and listen to your songs and imagine that you’re lying next to him. He bets you have a nice singing voice. Maybe you can even play an instrument or two. Maybe you could teach him how to play the guitar, and maybe he could show you how to play his favourite pieces on the piano. 
Your music is never too upbeat, but today Draco feels like he hasn’t heard a single song that wasn’t about being sad. As he trudged from class to class, Draco couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong with you. It had been going on for the past few days, and the music stopped altogether on one of the days. 
He went to bed with an empty head for the first time in a few years, staring at his ceiling. He plugged his iPod in and went to the Muggle section, playing a few of your favourite songs. It wasn’t the same. 
“What’s up with you?” Blaise demands as Draco doesn’t touch his meal for the second time that day. 
Draco glances to his friend and looks away, shaking his head. “Mind your own business, Zabini,” he mutters weakly. 
Blaise’s soulmate, a Slytherin in the year below, joins them at sitting on the table and Blaise immediately forgets all about Draco, the two of them giggling as they hug each other. Draco thought he could throw up right there and then, shaking his head in disgust. 
Green was Draco’s colour and Merlin was he jealous. 
Why did you have to be a stupid Muggle?
Draco immediately feels bad for even thinking it. He wants to hug you and kiss the top of your head and mutter apology after apology. The soft feeling makes him feel weak. You did things to him that nobody else did, and he doesn’t even know who you were. The fact that you were most likely going through a rough time right now made it ten times worse. 
“What’s wrong with Draco?” He hears Zabini’s girl whisper. 
“Why don’t you ask me yourself?” Draco snaps, lip curling in disgust. “Instead of talking behind my back like a coward!”
“Draco,” Blaise growls. “I don’t know what’s up with you, mate, but you need to calm down.”
“It’s your soulmate, isn’t it?” Pansy quirks an eyebrow from opposite them. “Are they playing that rubbish song you hate on repeat again?”
“No,” Draco hisses in defence of you. “I like that song, thank you.”
Pansy holds her hands up. “Okay, whatever. Sorry, Malfoy. What has got your knickers in a twist, then?”
He hesitates. He doesn’t like talking about you to anybody else but he’s really worried and he thinks maybe one of them might be able to help. 
“She’s…” Draco’s eyes drift to burn holes in the table in front of him. “She’s been listening to sad songs.”
Goyle snorts, making Draco’s head snap to him in fury. 
“Sorry, Malfoy, sorry… But that does sound ridiculous, mate,” Goyle admits. “She’s probably just into that… genre?”
“No, you don’t understand,” Draco huffs and shakes his head. “You don’t know her like I do. Something’s wrong with her, I can tell.”
“Well, why don’t you visit her?” Blaise asks, grabbing a grape and popping into his mouth. 
“What?” Draco spits. “Is that a joke, Zabini? I don’t find it funny--”
“I’m not joking,” Blaise frowns. “Merlin’s sake, Malfoy. Do you not pay attention in Charms?”
“Of course I do,” Draco hesitates, lying. “But what are you talking about, anyway?”
Draco feels ridiculous as he stands in front of the mirror in the bathrooms later that night. It’s silent since it’s the middle of the night, but Draco knows you’re awake because of the glum music playing faintly in his ears. 
He wants to visit you like Blaise told him to do, and as he stands in front of the mirror and casts his incantations, he can’t help but wonder if this is a setup. He doesn’t give his hopes up, doesn’t hold his breath that when he opens his eyes you’ll be on the other side of the mirror. 
But he wants you to be. He wants you to be there so badly. 
Draco does sort of believe it so he put on his black turtleneck and black suit and combed his hair like usual, replacing the uniform and robes he’d been wearing all day. He doesn’t want you to see him and be disappointed. 
He knows he won’t be disappointed no matter what you look like or what you are. 
Draco takes a deep breath as he lowers his wand and closes his eyes. When he counts down and opens his eyes, he’s stunned into silence by the sight in front of him. His heart skips a beat and he nearly chokes on his own spit. 
Staring back at him in the mirror is not his own pale reflection but what looks like a bedroom. The mirror glows orange from the lighting and he can see that it’s decorated with posters and records and other Muggle things. Draco doesn’t even process that you’re a confirmed Muggle at this point, he doesn’t care enough about that. 
On a single bed in the middle of the room, sat up in the very centre with headphones in and a laptop in front of her, is a girl his age. She’s got beautiful y/s/c skin and y/c/h locks that have been thrown up into a messy bun, her y/c/e trained on the screen in front of her as she watches what he assumes is a film or a tv show. 
She’s wearing a school uniform, not quite as posh as Hogwarts’, and it’s slightly crumpled from sitting in her bed with it on. Her polished black shoes are nowhere to be seen, rips in the bottom of her tights no doubt from wearing them thin five days a week. 
Draco can’t believe he’s looking at you right now. He reaches his hand out, eyes widening when his fingers seem to slip past the glass and he’s sucked into another world-- your world. He wasn’t expecting it to happen, a small yelp leaving his lips as he tumbles straight out of the mirror hanging on your wall and onto your carpet. 
You both scream as you make eye contact and you’ve thrown your laptop about in a panic. There’s no music in his ears now that he stands in front of you. Draco breathes heavily, unsure what to say. 
“Um, hello?” He offers. 
“What the hell?” You yell. “What are you doing in my bedroom? Who are you? My laptop!”
You ignore him as you dive off of the bed and pick it up. The screen is smashed making you glare at him harder. 
“I’m sorry!” Draco practically squeaks. “I- I have Galleons--”
“Who are you?” You cut him off roughly. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Draco keeps repeating, hoping you will calm down. “I-I’m Draco Malfoy.”
“Draco Malfoy?” You repeat with a mocking laugh. “Is that a joke?”
“No,” he replies, voice pitched higher than usual with offence. “What’s your name?”
Normally you wouldn’t tell a stranger your name, but this situation is anything but normal. You stare at the boy for a few seconds, wondering why he feels familiar. There’s something about him that has you relaxing under his gaze, which is weird because he literally just appeared out of nowhere. 
“Y/N Y/L/N,” you reply sceptically. 
Draco smiles, “beautiful name.”
“Are you like a nonce or something?”
“Nonce?” Draco crinkles his nose in confusion. 
You narrow your brows at him. “You’re literally British-- how do you not know what that means?”
“I’m not… I don’t really come from your kind of England,” Draco doesn’t know how to explain there is an entire world she’s been hidden from-- this is the first Muggle he’s ever had a conversation with. 
“Are you Welsh?” 
“Do I sound Welsh to you?” Draco cocks his head to the side, already amused. 
“Sometimes I can’t tell the difference, not gonna lie,” you reply. “But no. I’m sure you’re English. You sound like you’re a private school kid or something.”
“I guess I am,” Draco replies quietly, looking around your bedroom and taking in all of the colours that it has. 
You seem to snap out of whatever daze you were in. “Hey! You distracted me. Now tell me what the hell you’re doing in my bedroom before I call the police.”
Draco’s tongue darts out to wet his lips as he contemplates his next words. He hesitates and sits down on your bed next to you. You can smell his cologne-- it smells much more expensive than the Lynx sprays the boys at college seem to be obsessed with. 
“Do you ever hear music in your ears?” He asks, watching your eyes widen in conformation. “You do. That’s… that’s me. My music. I hear your music too. You listen to it all the time. Um… normally a lot of bands and stuff.”
There’s a long silence. “Do you have me on Spotify?”
“What’s Spotify?” Draco’s nose crinkles. 
“You probably just see what I listen to on Spotify!” You claim, standing up as you become weary of the boy on your bed. 
Draco still doesn’t quite understand your Muggle terminology, but he gets the gist of what you’re trying to imply. 
“That doesn’t explain the music you hear in your head from me,” Draco tries. “Or how I just came out of your mirror.”
You look overwhelmed. “What are you?” You whisper. 
“We, Y/N, are soulmates.”
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matchamabs · 11 months ago
get ready for some heinous opinions! so im ranking the guys in botw by how hot they are and im taking No criticism. idk if i forgot anyone but i tried
check it out under the cut 
Tumblr media
sorry but this twink is just. average. like Painfully average. hes like white bread. therefore he gets an average score. i can appreciate hes a cute lookin guy? but like. thats it. if u fancy link u probably like mayonnaise. he looks like mayonnaise. grow a fuckin tache or smth dude for the love of god. 5/10 very normal.
Tumblr media
ok im a diehard bird simp but like... this boy is fuckin ugly lmao. hes pretty at the same time tho? nice smile, nice eyes, nice voice but yellow eyebrows? green eyes? red makeup? clown. he’s a bird clown. tho i guess some ppl find clowns hot so this one’s for the pennywise crowd. 5/10. he’s a 10/10 in my heart tho.
Tumblr media
now this is a MAN. u got the good smile, the strong arms, the r i p p l i n g  m u s c l e s. he is a man u can trust. his arm hair is a bit wild but if u dont like his incredible facial hair, then.... idc. 7/10. they made a rock handsome. thats impressive. 3 points off for the forehead vagina tho. dont like that.
Tumblr media
hot fucking damn. this is what we in the biz call a raging dilf. he looks like the kind of dad that never grew out of his punk rock phase. idk how i feel abt the broken traffic light look but its fine. just look into his gorgeous eyes and listen 2 his deep gravelly voice as he tells u to fuck off and leave him alone. perfection. the voice already makes him like 20/10 but the mullet is fucking awful and he should be penalised for that. 8/10. grow a fringe like the rest of us.
Tumblr media
ah the shape of water... ok yeah the fish is fuckable ill grant u that. hes All fuckin torso tho and his eyes r constantly pointing in different directions which is not the Most Flattering Look and he Will hit u with his head handlebars and it will hurt. the 24-pack aint half bad either but i always get this feeling that he looks like he skips... some kind of day. not arm day, not leg day, but... some kind of day. maybe brain day.  8/10. sharp teeth are always sexy.
Tumblr media
10/10. i dont fuckin care if u hate his hair- this man probably invented the most effective hairspray in existence just to make that happen. respect him. u cannot deny hes hot tho like theres just Something about him. the confidence... the attitude... i worry about revealing his eyes tho. theres a 50% chance it will not work in ur favour and he’ll just look heinous. full 10/10 tho. old robbie is also not bad 2 look at if ur not a coward but he Might leave u for an easy bake oven so like. watch out for that.
Tumblr media
well the queen saw something in him??? i genuinely fear the idea of ever getting to see his chin from under that magnificent beard tho. he’s probably got the jawline of a russian power lifter. anyway for an old guy hes not lookin that bad so long as u dont mind a receding hairline. ill b nice. 5/10. for a king u could do worse. ill be taking complaints about this take in my dms. bring a bat. 
Tumblr media
where do i begin. i love beedle. i rlly do but theres.... so much going on. personality is a 10/10, business skills are 10/10/ haircut is -50/10 and the crop top....? well ill give him 10/10 for confidence. 4/10 im sorry he is just a Lot to look at. he looks like rock lee tried to become a slutty pirate king. shonen jump will have a lot to answer for.
Tumblr media
the colour scheme is... better than revali, tho i didnt realise how obnoxious it was until i actually got a good look at him. ive never seen a bird look so top heavy before but this mans got 5 kids so i have nothing but respect for my king. kass is for the dilf crowd that like the dad bods. 8/10 he is quite nice to look at ngl. he’s like revali but light mode.
Tumblr media
ok yunobo is very cute i wont lie but the hair is just massively disarming. idk its all i can think about. is this a goron emo phase?? is that what that is?? ive been staring at it for like 5 minutes and i still cant work out if i like it or not. 5/10 he is a humble lad. 
Tumblr media
under all that gear kohga could look like willem dafoe x50 and id still find him attractive. he cant be hot tho. he just cant be. like looks wise he has to be 1/10 under that there is no way this man could feasibly be conventionally attractive and tbh i like it that way. banana boy gets 6/10. hotter than revali. revali looks like a clown but kohga looks like the entire fucking circus
Tumblr media
there is nothing unattractive about bolson. 10/10. sha-ding
Tumblr media
i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair SO fucking much but the voice. he has to be hot under that gear with a voice like that. if hes not well. just close ur eyes. the voice will take care of the rest. 8/10 the crack in his mask actually makes him look sexier and i dont understand how that can happen
Tumblr media
????????????????????????? he looks. like an old man? i swear those big wingy bits are his eyebrows but i cant Quite be sure. why would a tree need eyebrows. ??/10 keep ur questionable gifts to urself
Tumblr media
-100000/10 who the fuck let this budget pokemon npc in here. he looks like he should b leading team ganon across the kanto region. he probably draws those lines on his face to make himself look older and listens to mother mother. im gonna punch his third eye. no this is not a biased opinion 
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polyamorouscultureis · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
soooo id make my own post but im a kpop blog rather than a polyam-centered blog so is it alright if i put this here? i have a new suggestion for the polyam flag considering most of the community dislikes the original one and we haven't been able to settle on any of the new flag designs.
i dont know why other alternate flags haven't really kicked off, but that ones ive seen all looked very different to other pride flags w all the symbols and funky shapes and things, so i wanted a flag that was just some stripes and thats it, which also makes it easier to interpret it in different ways for pride merch purposes! and not too many colours for the same reason.
for the colour meanings:
the dark purple at the top is meant to be more of an off-black but i made it purple-y so its easier on the eyes. black goes with everything and is very versatile, kind of like poly relationships! how polyamorous folks can match with all sorts of people and are versatile like that.
the purple stripe represents individuality and maturity, to know what we need/want out of a relationship, which is especially important for polyamorous folks. royalty is another theme frequently associated with purple which can also factor into how royalty usually had multiple partners back when monarchies were relevant LOL
the cyan represents loyalty and security, which i feel like are pretty self-explanatory LOLLL
lastly, the aquamarine represents communication! which is also. p self explanatory lmAO
what do yall think? :D
Hey! This is so cool, thank you for sharing it. It's a beautiful color scheme, and I love how much thought you put into each stripe - very accurate to the polyam experience imo. What do my followers think?
(Related: my post with all other proposed redesigns of the flag)
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yespolkadotkitty · 9 months ago
Shelter in Place
Part 1 of 3
Tumblr media
AU: Faux Priest! Pero  x tavern wench! fem! reader
Words: 1400  ~ Warnings: religious themes, blasphemy, masquerading as a holy person, an improbably sexy priest
Thanking my darlings @astroboots & @mourningbirds1 for the beta!
They don’t look like priests. These men with the too-broad shoulders and the wary, old-soul eyes.
But they wear the robes of priests. They carry the holy books, and they wear leather thongs bearing crucifixes. So they gain sanctuary, and thank your village elder in hushed tones. As the sun sets, spearing red and gold fingers into the sky, the stockier priest looks up and catches your gaze. A jagged, angry scar, the colour of old blood, is bisected by his left eye.
He looks away.
Over the next few days, you keep an eye on the vagabond priests. They claim to be spreading the word of God around the country, seeking only food and shelter. The elder seems taken in by them, but you swear that you see a flash of steel under the scarred priest’s long dark robe. 
Perhaps it was a trick of the light.
You’re fetching water from the well when one of the local fisherman’s stray cats winds around your legs. You reach to pet it, but it wanders away from you. When you turn, you see the scarred priest watching you. The cat winds around his legs. You spy old, worn boots, as scarred as the man wearing them.
“Need a hand, my child?” he asks, and the music of Spain plays in his words. His voice is too beautiful and husky to belong to a man of God.
“Please.” Your own voice sounds unsteady.
The priest moves closer. His hood obscures his hair. Why does he keep it up? Modesty? Fear? To hide his scar?
You feel the warmth of him at your back and he reaches around you. His hands, long fingers, wide palms, wrap around the rope and he easily assists you in hefting the huge bucket. “You are headed to the taverna, no?” he asks softly. His breath ruffles your hair.
Below the cowl, his eyes are deep pools of amber.
“Very well.”
He lifts the bucket easily and crosses the town square with you. It’s early yet. Some ragtag children play a game of chase using sticks to prod each other, squealing, as you push through the wide tavern doors.
The priest sets the bucket down and gazes at you, something unreadable in his narrowed, brown-gold eyes. “Your name, child?”
He should not call you such. You’re twenty-eight summers now. A woman grown, old enough to be married and bred.
You give him your name. “And yours, father?”
The moniker does not suit him. You do not feel that he is a kindly father figure. The colour of his eyes, the scowly twist to his mouth, the set of his brows… they make you feel things a woman should not feel for a priest.
You say it back to him, rolling the syllables thoughtfully.
“You need more water?”
You nod and three more times, you do this dance, and each time you silently thrill to the feel of him at your back. His chest is hard, unyielding. A man of God, who spends his time praying and poring over scripture, should not have such a body.
It’s day five.
You spy a crack in the façade of the priests.
A woman who lives on the outskirts of the village comes to the tavern that morning. You are serving porridge to some of the elders when she cowers in the doorway, hope sketched over her too-thin face.
Her child has been ill for years. He speaks constantly but none of the words make any sense in your language.
The priest with an accent you’ve heard occasionally, the taller priest with eyes the colour of a summer sky, is drinking by the entrance.
“Please,” she begs him. “A blessing for my boy.”
The child has no fear in the face of the stranger, happily closing the distance and babbling nonsense words.
The whole tavern goes quiet.
“My child,” the pale priest begins, placing his hand on the shoulder of the child. He hesitates for a long time.
“Do not forsake him, please!” The mother sobs.
Footsteps echo in the doorway. You turn to see the darker skinned priest, the scarred one, looming, framed in the comparative darkness of the architrave, backlit by the morning sunlight. For a second, a cloud passes over the sun, hiding Pero’s face, and then the moment is gone.
“If I may, señora?” he asks the mother, gentleness in his tone.
She nods.
He kneels before the child, and reaches up to lift the thong necklace over his head.
You catch a glimpse of dark curls, a hint of grey at his temple. A weathered face.
He loops the necklace over the boy’s tufty head.
“God made you exactly as he intended, child,” he rasps. “There is nothing wrong with you just because you are different.”
The boy smiles hugely, and babbles some more.
The mother looks stunned, and then kneels to kiss the priest’s cheek. “Bless you, father,” you hear her say. She scoops up the child and leaves the tavern.
Eventually, his cheerful, nonsense babbling fades.
You serve another meal.
“The boy.”
You turn at the musical rasp of Pero’s voice.
It’s late in the day. The evening meal at the tavern has been served, and you are outside, gathering extra firewood. The fisherman have told of a cold wind from the East, and you want to be prepared.
“What about him?”
“How long has he been thus?”
Twilight suits Pero. It kisses the planes and angles of his face. The curve of his proud nose, the crease in his lower lip where angel left a mark for a job well done. 
“Always.” You shuffle the wood in your arms. “Did you mean it? About God intending to make him that way?”
“Every word.”
“Because I had a sister who knew the burden of what it was to be different in this world, chiquita.”
You don’t know what to say to that, so you deflect with a question. “The other priest. He didn’t know what to say. It didn’t come naturally to him. At all.”
Pero smiles. It changes his whole face; youth sparks in his eyes. “Perhaps he is slow.”
“I don’t think so.”
His smile drops. “Perhaps you see too much. You would be wise to avert your gaze from things that do not concern you, si?”
“The safety of my home concerns me, father,” you bite, the moniker dripping with sarcasm.
“You need not trouble yourself,” Pero presses. “It would be safer if you kept to yourself.”
You drop the wood and advance towards him. “You’re not a priest.”
His hand flashes out and grabs your wrist.
The lights of the tavern seem miles away as sparks of awareness fly up your arm.
“Well?” You demand.
“Are you always so mule-headed?” Pero hisses.
You smile without humour. “Must be why I’m unwed.”
His brow wings up.
“Leave, or I’ll go to the elder,” you threaten.
His fingers tighten on your wrist. You should feel scared, but you don’t. Instead, you feel excited. More so than you ever have with any man. 
“What are you hiding from?” You bite out the words, and reach up with your free hand to start to push the cowl off his face.
In the distance, you hear the rumble of horses’ hooves.
Pedro Pals, assemble!
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une-nuit-pour-se-souvenir · 10 months ago
random thoughts about aegon vi and septa lemore
Apparently, it’s Aegon’s week. i don’t think i ever paticipated in these events for any character or pairing, but @agentrouka-blog​’s theory that septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne and that the baby switch was between Aegon and her rumoured child (instead of random kid) showed up on my dash today.
Lemore being Ashara Dayne and there having been baby switch like theorised would be fantastic, because she’d know a lot of stuff that is otherwise impossible to know. She knows who dishonoured her at Harrenhal (we all know Brandon, not Ned). She knows about Wylla, a wetnurse from the Dayne Household, who Eddard Stark and Edric Dayne both say is Jon’s mother (we all know Jon is Lyanna’s, so this apparent lie version being told by two different people who have nothing to do with one another seems to suggest a combined lie between Ned and the Daynes). She knows about Jon because Ned went to Starfall with him and (if baby switch theory is true), she can confirm Aegon VI is real.
There’s also the suspicious narrative choice of a “Targ” (not even, she has dark hair, not silver hair, even if she has purple eyes) getting with an impetuous Stark at Harrenhal and a secret child never really going anywhere. What’s the point of that besides shading Rhaegar plus Lyanna equals Jon? This I always thought was suspicious, but this theory would *poof* make it make sense.
This is the chapter where Aegon VI Targaryen is first introduced. The whole chapter is like a “perigrination” to find him. I am of the opinion that Aegon VI is the real thing for a long time now and there’s evidence that might be the case in this very chapter where he’s introduced.
"How fares our lad?" asked Illyrio as the chests were being secured. Tyrion counted six, oaken chests with iron hasps. Duck shifted them easily enough, hoisting them on one shoulder.
This is shortly after the chapter starts. Not only Illyrio asks about Aegon, there’s also the imagery of six chests about. If Aegon is crowned king of Westeros, he’ll be Aegon VI Targaryen.
By imagery, Aegon is real.++
"There is a gift for the boy in one of the chests. Some candied ginger. He was always fond of it." Illyrio sounded oddly sad.
This is often used as a clue that Aegon VI is fake. Illyrio is expressing some sentimental attachment, so there are theories that he could be the father and the mother would be some Valyrian looking wife he has. it has its merits.
On the other hand, Aegon VI is on the run from the crown, hiding under a false identity and dyes his hair another colour, but most importantly in this passage, is Aegon’s fond of a specific sweet that what we would at first mistake for a father for the reasons pointed above gifts him with.
This is 1:1 what’s going on with Sansa, she’s on the run from the crown, hiding under a false identity and dyes her hair another colour, she’s fond of a specific sweet (lemoncakes) and Littlefinger, who’s pretending to be her father and is very... emotionally invested... in her, gifts her with some (well, in parternship with her cousin, but the cousin is another matter).
By parallel, Aegon is real.++
Tyrion craned his head to one side, and saw a boy standing on the roof of a low wooden building, waving a wide-brimmed straw hat. He was a lithe and well-made youth, with a lanky build and a shock of dark blue hair.
Aegon is inrroduced standing above the rest, literally high-standing.
By imagery, Aegon is real.++
An older couple with a Rhoynish cast to their features stood close beside the tiller, whilst a handsome septa in a soft white robe stepped through the cabin door and pushed a lock of dark brown hair from her eyes.
This is actually what I came for, Lemore.
Why a septa would be described as “handsome” when that should have no relevance since she’s supposed to be chaste (I know, it’s Tyrion, but still)? Ashara Dayne is described by many as being beautiful, arrestingly so. If Lemore is Ashara, “handsome” is a good way to describe her beauty still.
Lemore has dark brown hair. Ashara is described as having long dark hair tumbling about her shoulders. More importantly, Lemore's first actions is push her hair from her eyes. Like, pay attention to this woman’s eyes, even though they’re not described ever (not even their colour).
Tyrion had drunk himself blind his first night on the Shy Maid. The next day he awoke with dragons fighting in his skull.
So yes, the night after Tyrion meets Aegon and his party for the first time, he dreams of dragons fighting. Take note these are dragons, not a fake dragon in whatever way and a dragon.
By imagery, Aegon is real.++.
The clouds in the sky were aglow: pink and purple, maroon and gold, pearl and saffron. One looked like a dragon. Once a man has seen a dragon in flight, let him stay at home and tend his garden in content, someone had written once, for this wide world has no greater wonder. Tyrion scratched at his scar and tried to recall the author's name. Dragons had been much in his thoughts of late.
One of those clouds looks like a dragon. There’s no dragons with these colours BUT Targs have purple eyes and Viseryion, a dragon I believe is a narrative stand-in for Aegon VI, is described as cream and gold, so one colour here. Honestly, the important here is that Tyrion is associating dragons around Aegon.
By imagery, Aegon is real.++.
"Good morrow, Hugor." Septa Lemore had emerged in her white robes, cinched at the waist with a woven belt of seven colors. Her hair flowed loose about her shoulders. "How did you sleep?"
Holy shit.
“Even after all these years, Ser Barristan could still recall Ashara's smile, the sound of her laughter. He had only to close his eyes to see her, with her long dark hair tumbling about her shoulders and those haunting purple eyes.
"Fitfully, good lady. I dreamed of you again." A waking dream. He could not sleep, so he had eased a hand between his legs and imagined the septa atop him, breasts bouncing.
"A wicked dream, no doubt. You are a wicked man. Will you pray with me and ask forgiveness for your sins?"
Only if we pray in the fashion of the Summer Isles. "No, but do give the Maiden a long, sweet kiss for me."
Laughing, the septa walked to the prow of the boat. It was her custom to bathe in the river every morning.
"Plainly, this boat was not named for you," Tyrion called as she disrobed.
"The Mother and the Father made us in their image, Hugor. We should glory in our bodies, for they are the work of gods."
Yeah, it’s Tyrion, who’d sexualise a rock, but this is a septa who deserves respect. Yet, this is how the writer “paints” the reader’s first interaction with this new character. These are always the most striking moments when establishing a character and sex imagery is what the writer decided to do.
Also Lemore not only knows that Tyrion’s fantasising about having sex with her and doesn’t give a shit, she laughs instead, gets naked to bathe, and doesn’t give a shit if others look at her naked body. This doesn’t feel like a septa. I mean, I remember Mordane and the zealots at King’s Landing who screwed with Cersei. They have nothing on this.
The way she puts why she has no problems with naked bodies and the like also suggest some kind of “free spirit” which goes well with the (disgusting, but there) dornish wanton woman trope and being dishonoured by Brandon at Harrenhal.
Another thing to note, is that Tyrion also clearly says the “Shy Maid” wasn’t named after Lemore, which suggests she’s neither shy nor a maid. This is confirmed by her actions and by...
The dwarf watched Lemore slip into the water. The sight always made him hard. There was something wonderfully wicked about the thought of peeling the septa out of those chaste white robes and spreading her legs. Innocence despoiled, he thought … though Lemore was not near as innocent as she appeared. She had stretch marks on her belly that could only have come from childbirth.
Lemore was pregnant at one point!
Tumblr media
When Lemore climbed back onto the deck, Tyrion savored the sight of water trickling between her breasts, her smooth skin glowing golden in the morning light. She was past forty, more handsome than pretty, but still easy on the eye. Being randy is the next best thing to being drunk, he decided. It made him feel as if he was still alive. "Did you see the turtle, Hugor?" the septa asked him, wringing water from her hair. "The big ridgeback?"
This disparity of behaviour between septa Lemore and any other septa in ASOIAF is VERY suspicious.  Note how Lemore has two mysteries about her already, she’s characterised nothing like any septa in ASOIAF (more like the tasteless “dornish wanton woman” sterotype instead) and a mystery child. What’s the point of that, if she’s irrelevant.
Compare how he Yandry and Ysilla couple is treated, where there are no bizarre things taking place that I noticed. Also Yandry and Ysilla are specifically said to be a pair of Dornish orphans. Why is the image of Dornish people here, along with Lemore? Suspicious, suspicious.
Lemore is “past fourty”. The asoiaf wiki lists Ashara Dayne as being born between 260AC and 269AC, which means that she’d be around this age if she had lived.
The imagery of a (false, but still) maidtaking a bath while men watch is the same as Florian and Jonquil song, an event that legend says happened at Maidenpool (close to... yes, that’s right, Harrenhal, where Ashara met Brandon).
"The turtles have their charms, I will allow. Nothing delights me so much as the sight of a nice pair of shapely … shells.
"Septa Lemore laughed. Like everyone else aboard the Shy Maid, she had her secrets. She was welcome to them. I do not want to know her, I only want to fuck her. She knew it too. As she hung her septa's crystal about her neck, to nestle in the cleft between her breasts, she teased him with a smile.
That’s not the behaviour of a septa and note the narrative acknowledgement that Lemore has secrets. She’s also called Lady instead of septa at some point in the narrative.
If this is Ashara, then Brandon met his match at Harrenhal. The waste, I can’t. What a sexy couple.
This chapter also contains Targ history as well as some Dorne (mother Rhoyne and whatnot). It goes well with Aegon is the real deal. But what really cinches it is the ending...
"It was him," cried Yandry. "The Old Man of the River."And why not?
Tyrion grinned. Gods and wonders always appear, to attend the birth of kings.
The Old Man of the River is a lesser god, the son of Mother Rhoyne. These gods are all associated with Dorne.
Aegon is real.++.
Tyrion VI ~ ADWD
"Even the bravest of your forebears kept his Kingsguard close about him in times of peril." Lemore had changed out of her septa's robes into garb more befitting the wife or daughter of a prosperous merchant. Tyrion watched her closely. He had sniffed out the truth beneath the dyed blue hair of Griff and Young Griff easily enough, and Yandry and Ysilla seemed to be no more than they claimed to be, whilst Duck was somewhat less. Lemore, though … Who is she, really? Why is she here? Not for gold, I'd judge. What is this prince to her? Was she ever a true septa?
Who is she, really... indeed... Lemore’s identity clearly is important.
She turned back to Prince Aegon. "You are not the only one who must needs hide."
Why does Lemore need to hide? :)
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collisiondiscourse · 10 months ago
on the wonder duo (part 1)
(BNHA Analysis Post Ahead! This isn’t explicitly romantic, but it is an analysis of the relationship between the two most popular characters in BNHA--Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya. Split into two posts because I realized that this was gonna be long as HELL)
yall ever think about the fact that the wonder duo is perfectly set up in so that bakugou and deku together are the better version of all might?
bc like. ive been thinking.
everyone knows the win to save and save to win parallel. How they are supposedly two halves of a whole perfect hero (which, previously, was defined as all might)
but ever since bakugou and deku started working as one—growing together to win AND save and continuously reminding each other that they shouldnt try to do things alone, ive realized that its BECAUSE theres two of them that they surpass all might. its not a case of deku and bakugou both being 50% of an ideal hero, but rather i think that they are 100% of what all might SHOULD HAVE BEEN from the very beginning.
as early as the AM v AFO battle in kamino, we see the effects of all mights flawed existence. the fact that he, the greatest and supposedly infallible symbol of peace, was destroyed—society had begun to collapse. there was suddenly no pillar to hold people together and the impacts were so severe that even in the latest chapters of mha it keeps on getting worse. the truth is, all mights biggest mistake was the burden he placed on his own shoulders
with bakugou and deku... its different.
its different for them because down to their attributions, they seem like two halves of a whole person.
i think that the wonder duo are going to surpass all might because of the fact that they work together.
@bakugoukatsuki-rising @svpercraigus @tybee​ @isaustraliaathing​
(batshit crazy and conspiratorial essay under the cut !)
1. Complementary Colors
I’d like to first preface literally everything I say by the fact that I am not an expert analyzer or literary major in any way. I am literally just some random fan on the internet who has wayyy too much time and looks wayyy too deep into things, but here we go!
A common thing we see when we talk about bakugou and deku is the way they are... sort of an inverse of one another.
Down to the design of their features and the way they move, Deku is the obviously softer of the two. There’s an intentional contrast between the two of them, in the way that Deku’s drawn with round shapes and curvy hair and the way Bakugou is literally all spikes and half-mast eyes and rough muscles. Bakugou’s movements too are languid and showy, with the way he leans when he walks and splays his legs and kicks open doors. Katsuki, in a casual sense, is loud and dramatic. 
Deku on the other hand s finicky. He jitters when he walks and he’s often fidgeting and mumbling. Comparatively, the aura he radiates is energetic and frenzied, even self-conscious to a point unlike Bakugou’s calm and confident movements.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the point is, there’s a clear difference in how either of them are designed and what exactly they are supposed to represent. They utterly complement each other down to the way they behave and even their main colors (red-orange and blue-green) being literal complementary colors.
Now, moving to my more ungrounded points, this is quite a bit of a stretch so I’ll try as much as possible to make sense of these with hyperlinked sources because. yeah.
Down to their names, I think Deku and Bakugou both symbolize something deeper. I think that the way Hori expresses characters and what they’re meant to do is something that we have to pay close attention to when we talk about the Wonder Duo’s rise to success.
Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出久), as some of us may know, does have an interesting meaning when broken up. According to a lovely fan translation of his name, ‘Izuku’--while not an actual name used commonly in real life--means to ‘Come out’ or ‘Long time’. ‘Midoriya’ on the other hand means (Midori) ‘Green’ and (ya) ‘valley’. The translator further pointed out that his first name ‘Izuku’ could be a reference to him being the first legendary hero to come out of the long-running All Might Era. (or, if you’ve been reading @/bakugoukatsuki-rising’s posts, the first significant anime protag in a long while to come out as queer, ppfft)
but that isn’t my focus right now.
We know that Hori LOVES telling stories with names, and more often than not in the BNHA universe, names alone tell us a lot of things about the characters. When referring to Izuku’s last name, Midoriya, it’s important I think to step back and realize that hey, maybe there’s something more to Green Valley than just the fact that his motif is all green.
After searching for a lil on the specifics of green valley, I’ve found out that across many cultures, the colour green and valleys in general tend to represent life. From dream analysts, to Christianity, and even old Taoist teachings, valleys are seen as areas of fertility and escape. They are seen as safe havens and often escapes for people to come to after running away from bad circumstances.
(Sound familiar?)
Deku, in essence represents life and peace. He represents being the “salvation” that the world in BNHA needed. To me, it sounds like Horikoshi is trying to say that he is the long-awaited hero in the sense. The one that people can feel will create a society that feels safe for everyone after years of All Might just saving people from themselves as a band-aid solution.
On the other hand, we have Katsuki Bakugou (爆豪 勝己), who’s name we commonly know means (Katsuki) Winner and (Bakugou) Explosion Master. He is essentially, the champion. The power. His name means success and power and all the things that make up winning.
When putting them side by side, it then becomes increasingly... interesting to me how their names almost perfectly slot into All Might’s save to win and win to save mantra, and how they are both quintessential parts to what made All Might as a hero.
2. Hero Too!
Now, I’m not even gonna really TOUCH much of what happens in canon. If you want me to do a step by step breakdown of their arcs in regards to the plot of manga and anime, feel free to send me a gratuitous ko-fi tip so I can pay for the headache I get after trying to organize my thoughts into word vomit.
What I WILL talk about on the other hand, is the subtle shift both of them slowly have in regards to how they look. Bakugou and Deku, while growing up, seem to have MANY many parallels--but before I elaborate on all of that, I wanna talk about something else.
Detour: Deku’s Red Shoes 
We all know the iconic symbol being Deku’s red shoes. For all his life, save for some outfits like his hero one, we see Deku more often than not wearing his signature red sneakers which have become a running joke in fandom.
But the funny thing is, in Japan, red shoes seem to have an interesting connotation.
In 1922, a popular Japanese nursery rhyme was written, called “Red Shoes”. The interesting part to me about this song was the symbolism that, in my tiny pea-sized brain, I could connect to the story of BNHA.
The story goes that there was a little girl with red shoes named ‘Kimi’. She was from Shizuoka prefecture (which, if you didn’t know, is most likely where Musutafu supposedly is) and was raised by a single mother. When she was young, her mother had to entrust her with a foreigner under the impression that they would give her a better life in America. The stranger is a man named Charles Hewitt (who was described to have blue eyes) and supposedly took her away. 
The singer of the song (supposedly the mother, but some argue it was written from the perspective of a childhood friend) believes that Kimi is happy and living a better life away from them, when the reality of the situation was much worse. The young girl with red shoes in actuality had Tuberculosis, and thus the foreigner whom she was entrusted to had left her to fend for herself and eventually left her to go to America while she died alone and orphaned.
“When I see red shoes, I think of her.”
A very interesting story with very interesting implications indeed.
Anyway, moving on to the more... “nuanced” and connected parts of this section, I have every reason to believe that Bakugou and Deku were simply MEANT to be working together down to how they dress. Now, I’d like to discuss their hero costumes.
At the start of their series, using these godawful pics for reference, it’s clear to see that neither of them seem alike in any way--reflecting the dissonance in their relationship at that point in canon.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ough. deku why. (yes we know why its because you love your mom you stupid little bunny <3)
Anyway, we see an immediate gap in how the two of them are. Deku’s first costume is one that reflects how he treated his dream of being a hero. He was still in that childlike idolization phase, the one where his dreams and aspirations were hinged on pure feelings and inspiration from All Might. Katsuki on the other hand was a lot more tactical--professional to an extent. The gap between their respective development with their quirks is something that is clearly felt in every fashion decision they’d made.
(Notice how Deku’s green is a lot brighter and less like the green accents Katsuki has all over his costume.)
As time progressed however... their costumes changed. The colors, the silhouettes, the practical functions, most things.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Deku’s Gamma Costume and Bakugou’s Winter Costume used respectively)
we begin to notice a few similarities.
As the show goes on and we see more evolutions of their costumes, it almost seems like they begin to look like a matching pair. Deku’s green grows darker and almost teal in nature, while Bakugou’s orange is veering towards red territory. This is important to note because red-orange and blue-green as I said earlier were complementary colors as compared to simply orange and green. The minute shift is something I really wasn’t quite sure was intentional, but something I find interesting to pick up nonetheless as the colors they used to accent their costumes begin to match up.
Secondly, I think and important thing to note is silhouettes. The way that both Bakugou and Deku’s costumes are designed follow a lot of parallels that typically we don’t see with the rest of 1-A. For one, they both have a combination of tight long-sleeved tops with a bulkier set of bottoms. They also share the use of utility belts and metal pieces typically worn around their necks. Deku has his bunny-eared hood that mimics All Might’s hair, while Bakugou has his orange and black explosion ear-pieces that mimic his own quirk.
Tumblr media
i don’t think any other people in class 1-A match each other as subtly yet strongly as these two. Uraraka and Deku and Bakugou and Kirishima do come close however.
“But Codi, you fucking knob!” I hear you plea. “This is such a reach and tells us practically NOTHING!” And yes, I’m inclined to agree with you! You’d be sort of right in the idea that this is a reach. Maybe I am looking too much into this, and maybe it really isn’t that deep--but I do think that them subconsciously matching outfits means something quite brilliant.
In the way that their costumes are designed, each aspect of either outfits have a very logical explanation. The changes were strategic and made with their fighting styles vividly in mind, so what that tells me is that BECAUSE these costumes are so complementary or similar in nature (Bakugou’s reinforcing his arms while Deku reinforces his legs), these two are implicitly showing the audience that their combat styles are complementary as well. 
The evolution of their design choices and similarities tell us that even unknowingly, their minds line up in strategy on the battlefield--a clear exhibit for why they would be INCREDIBLY POWERFUL as a Hero Duo to begin with.
When I look at their hero costumes side by side, I see a mirror. I see the way that these two are reflections of each other and are strong where the other isn’t. The point I see in BNHA repeatedly is that EVERYONE HAS A WEAKNESS. Nothing is infallible, regardless of how hard you train or how powerful your quirk is. Everyone will always have a weakness, but the significant difference I see when fandom discusses the future of Pro-Hero Society is that the new generation is finally raising itself to be RELIANT on each other. 
Observing their fighting styles and the simple use of their quirks, its obvious that they are indeed two parts of a whole hero. Bakugou, who’s quirk emphasized his arms and hands and the power that comes from it, while Deku who’s quirk now emphasizes his legs and lower body and the way he’s always running to save people.
As they become heroes, it is easy to assume that if nothing else, Bakugou and Deku will cover each other’s weak spots (especially when you consider the way Deku probably won’t be able to keep using his arms with the way both the anime and manga are going...) (also chapter 285, anyone?)
Part Two: Interactions, OfA
kofi || commission details
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secuniiit · 2 months ago
Network Effect
Okay! It's finally Time. I've been looking forward to this.
Okay. So. I may have spent more time in the Murderbot tags than I should have and as such I've been spoiled on some things already. Or at least, I'm not sure how much of a spoiler most of them are lol.
Things I know: ART's back and it's an important character (yay!), its crew call it Perihelion, it ends up threatening to bomb a planet(?) to save(??) Murderbot, there's another SecUnit(???) called Murderbot 2.0 that may or may not be Murderbot's (adopted?) child
I'm weirdly nervous for ART's return. What the heck, brain?
So far, this is very Murderbot-y
It is so good to read all of the queer polyam relationships that are being talked about so casually
This is a good book, but there's a disappointing lack of ART so far
Like, when we first saw the mystery ship I was like, maybe...? But I dismissed that idea when it started being, well,,, hostile
Perihelion is such a good name and I kind of want to steal it. I have synaesthesia and it's the most beautiful soft pink/purple/light blue colour.
Nice that Murderbot's having the exact same "what the fuck" reaction as me
I'm very glad I know that ART's a major character in this book and will, therefore, be okay, because otherwise I would be Extremely Upset (okay I'm still quite upset lmao)
I think it was a very, very bad idea for the raiders(?) to let Murderbot onto ART after they "killed" its friend. In fact, this is just about the worst action they could possibly take. Therefore, I assume ART has a Plan and that plan involves tricking the raiders into abducting Murderbot
I feel very bad for Murderbot though, given that unlike me it hasn't read spoilers on tumblr and doesn't know ART's okay
(Okay, I'm not sure how much of a spoiler it is that ART isn't dead given a lot of the marketing around the book seemed to be hyping up its comeback)
The bit about the old colonies cut off from their companies immediately made me think of Tarsus IV. So that's ominous.
Even knowing that ART's going to be okay this is creepy as heck. And mysterious as heck, and not in a good way
I want to write so much fluffy fanfiction. Every single character deserves a break. I want Murderbot to try on different types of clothes and find its personal style and put up token protests as its friends suggest steadily sillier outfits, I want the Preservation humans (+ one reluctant SecUnit) to have a beach holiday, I want ART to deal with a tribble infestation (and not be dead).
Not enjoying this one as much as the others so far tbh. It's too bleak, Murderbot's having an emotional breakdown (understandably, but still, it makes for a less pleasant reading experience because I feel bad for it), I'd hoped we were going to spend more time with the Preservation humans and ART and they're not there. Right now it feels more like I'm reading through to get to the payoff (and ART) than enjoying the journey. I'm assuming it gets better.
I'm literally lying here clapping and repeating ART to myself like a seal
ART, you overdramatic manipulative bastard, I love you so much
ART has a villain voice that it created because of the media it watched with MB! I love literally every character choice MW makes for ART, how does she do it
"(You may have noticed, my processing capacity allows me to think about a lot of things and do a lot of things at the same time, more than humans, augmented humans, or lower functioning bots can. ART’s processing capacity made me look like I was moving in slow motion. This made ART capable of both enormous patience and also of becoming furious when it didn’t get what it wanted immediately. It was one of the few ways I could successfully mess with it.)" I love them both so much.
Okay, the book has improved a lot now ART's back
"I suddenly had views all over the ship. ART had given me access to its cameras. I snarled, “Stop being nice to me!”" :')
Wish I had ART to take care of me. Wish I was ART tbh. It's not perfect but it would be a hell of a lot better than my current form
I'd assumed that ART was fiercely protective about all humans but it seems like it's its crew specifically. And it's interesting that it immediately extended the same protectiveness to MB when it first came aboard.
Despite Murderbot's first person narration I started imagining these scenes from ART's pov somewhere along the line
I wonder what a book written in ART pov would look like. I desperately want to read it.
Duckduckgo how to hug a spaceship
I'm glad they're talking things through and apologising
Sticking with my "ART isn't used to life threatening situations" theory
I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be thinking in terms of romance. Murderbot/Mensah and Murderbot/ART have both been explicitly discussed in story, but Murderbot's made it clear that it's (at least consciously) not interested in either of them romantically and thinks of itself as aro. If this was any other book series, from the way things are being written I would assume that we (ie the readers) are being pushed to ship either or both and assume that Murderbot's in denial, but,,, idk. These books haven't let me down before. So I guess I'll wait and see.
(To be clear, this isn't me trying to disrespect MB being aro, this is me being worried that the books themselves will disrespect MB being aro)
Personally I'm hoping that Murderbot will end up in qprs with both Mensah and ART. Leaving it as strong friendship but actually talking about how they feel for each other would also be good
Also it's really nice that, with all the polyam rep, I know there at least isn't going to be a love triangle.
"Third mom" aww
Having Feelings about the way that Murderbot and ART work so naturally and seamlessly together. It's a reflection of what they are to each other.
(For future reference, this is where I joined the Murderbot discord (which is fairly good in terms of spoilers) and the discussions there are inevitably going to shape my view on stuff)
I wonder how being written in what to us is an SF setting affects their media. Do they still consider shows about spaceships and other ordinary stuff to be SF? What super advanced, indistinguishable-from-magic technology do they dream up?
You know, the title of these HelpMe files is very ominous. Who needs help? Murderbot? Later in the book? Who is it sending the files to and why these files?
At least 10% of the reason I do these "live"blog threads is because talking about people who use it/its is nice and it helps me get used to the pronouns for myself
Interesting that Murderbot blames its emotions on its organic parts but ART very much also has emotions. So did Miki. Probably the other bots we see, too.
It's nice that we're finally getting conversations about feelings and stuff in this book
I'm updating my hopes for MB/ART to their relationship being complicated and not fitting in human terms and also they don't want to think about their feelings and ending up like "so what are you to each other?" "That's ART"/"That's SecUnit" partly because they don't want to elaborate and partly because that's the only way they can describe it
Oof, I'm reading back my previous liveblogs and thinking about how happy I was when Murderbot casually called ART its friend and how it specifically said in this book that they're not friends. But they still care about each other so so much. And it's a valid reaction, ART did betray Murderbot in a big way, but it was scared and its crew were in danger and what else could it do? And I just have a lot of Feelings about these two okay
ART's relatively formal style of speaking is incredibly funny when it's being a massive bastard
Lmao ART's obvious interest in whatever Amena's been saying about it and Murderbot's relationship
"I knew ART wasn’t going to like this, though I didn’t know how I knew that. ART wasn’t a human, or a construct. Humans and constructs were full of overwrought emotions like depression, anxiety, and anger (was anxiety an emotion? It sure felt like one) and I had no idea what ART was full of, except how much it cared about its crew." MB is literally so close to figuring out how much ART cares about it
I'm assuming the person they're creating is this 2.0 I've been hearing so much about and I'm assuming I'm immediately going to get very attached
"Ratthi had said, “I think you should let it go for a while, at least until we get ourselves out of this situation. SecUnit is a very private person, it doesn’t like to discuss its feelings.” This is why Ratthi is my friend." [Having Emotions]
"I’ve lost my crew, I won’t lose you." [Having more Emotions]
"I know, it’s a logo, but I hate it when humans and augmented humans ruin things for no reason. Maybe because I was a thing before I was a person and if I’m not careful I could be a thing again." okay so this book's just insisting on slapping me in the face with emotions over and over again huh
"I am actually alone in my head, and that’s where 90 plus percent of my problems are." (I'm having that problem again where there are so many good quotes that I'd probably be better off just copy/pasting the entire book)
Well this is all very ominous
Angry ART is kind of scary
"I said, “I just really like you. Not in a weird way.”/“I like you, too,” Mensah said." These two!!! They're so!! Aaaaa!!
Very confused and intrigued by these HelpMe files
I have immediately become extremely attached to 2.0
The whole scene with Murderbot meeting ART's humans is delightful
Oh well that ended up a bit less delightful
I have immediately become extremely attached to Three
I'm very excited about the pov switching and who else we might get to hear from. I assume not ART or I would have heard about it, which is a shame because I really want ART's pov. There's always fanfic, I guess
Holy shit, ART
Also. Uh. Is it me or did ART's "I can bomb the colony" plan involve MB not making it out alive?? Holy shit, ART
Murderbot and Murderbot 2.0 don't seem to like each other, and I'm having feelings about the implications for what Murderbot thinks of itself :(
"There is a lot about what is going on here that I don’t understand. But I am participating anyway." Oh big mood. Three my beloved.
If anything happens to Three or Murderbot 2.0 I'm going to be so upset
I hadn't thought ART's villain impersonation would end up being relevant later. I get the feeling it would be having the time of its life if it wasn't for the circumstances.
2.0!! No!!! This is because I said I'd be upset if anything happened to it, isn't it
MB being surprised at everyone caring about it is adorable as always
"My humans are not members of a survey team from a non-corporate polity who have only recently begun to understand how dangerous corporates can be. Our missions are always calculated risks, and my humans must take steps to defend themselves, and occasionally me." Well this is conflicting with my "ART is naive/inexperienced and hasn't dealt with life threatening situations before" theory. Unless it's deliberately implying that it's more experienced than it is. Which would be in character.
Has the whole series been a narrative to Three all along? I'm assuming not, because Murderbot takes the time to explain how SecUnits work and how their bodies differ from humans.
"ART watched with me for some of the episodes but the idea of Dr. Mensah coming aboard made it weirdly excited and it had its drones clean its whole interior again and was doing things like yelling at Turi to put their laundry in the recycler." I know this isn't news to anyone but I love ART so much
Once again I am having Emotions about how much ART and MB love each other
Murderbot has made so much progress in talking about its feelings, I'm so proud of it
And that's it?? We're there? At the end of the book?
Okay I am so so excited for future books! Kind of disappointed that the next one is set before this one and doesn't have ART in but I'm sure I'll manage. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and have emotions in private.
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irrelican · 4 months ago
grian’s corrupted wings hc
so the winged grian headcanon isn’t new to anyone. but here’s a little something ive come up with (kind of doubles as a fic, enjoy)-
word count - 796
feel free to reply with ad-ons!
grian’s wings got corrupted and permanently broken after moving from evo to hc s6. i imagine it’s something to do with the world change and a new series (series world changes like hermitcraft are connected, so hermits might only suffer minor changes (skins, themes etc). more can go wrong when it’s a world change from two unrelated series, so changes like these aren’t uncommon). because of this, they can’t be fixed and look faded in colour, withered, and overall are just ... broken. he can’t use them and it hurts to move, so he just pretends they don’t exist.
at first, grian absolutely hates this. he spawns in season 6 and try’s his best not to mention them at all or move on from the subject. none of the other hermits have natural wings so he doesn’t bothered turning to them for help. he finishes his starter base with a bit of difficulty (since its underwater), but he manages fine otherwise. that is until ... the other hermits take up end busting.
grian knows this was inevitable but he looks past it the best he can. he can’t use normal elytra for the obvious reasons, so he doesn’t bother joining them. he gets invited multiple times, but everytime he declines saying he’s busy much to their disappointment. one day though, mumbo is at his base, elytra equipped, watching grian building up the first ‘cake layer’ of his mega base. this season, grian’s wings are close to finch-like. mumbo takes a minute to think about why he’s pillaring up with dirt, falling down, taking damage, and not using rockets instead - and then it hits him.
he can’t fly.
mumbo originally thought this was just a style thing, or something that was meant to be like that. thinking about it now though, everything leading up to this makes sense. there had always been a slight pain on grian’s face whenever they asked him to join them flying around the server or his plans for his megabase. it was because he struggled and was too stubborn to ask for help.
so mumbo stays up the following night wondering what he can do to help his neighbour. he finally decides on an exo-skeleton wing he could equip with custom elytra. all he needs to do now is actually make it and get approval from grian.
so he travels over around midday to grian’s base, cautiously revealing his plans to him since he knows he’s uncomfortable talking about his wings. to mumbo’s surprise though, grian agrees, and between them they’re able to make the first prototype within a few days.
after that, it’s just about perfection. mumbo enlists the help of a few other redstoners and scar (to make the frame look pretty), and over the course of season 6, they manage to make something that’s comfortable, long lasting and beautiful.
so everything is fine.
..that is, until season 7 starts.
grian never asked the hermits that helped him out before what to do now. arguably, the wings have deteriorated since the world change, so what should’ve been a small pair of bright blue and red wings are nothing more than a sad looking mess that really hurts to move. he tries his best to cope, but by the time he’s invited to hermit challenges, mumbo notices for him and they spend forever redesigning a new frame since the wings are of a different species of bird. (it takes months, but they’re finally able to create something that’s useable.) he manages to relax and perk up a bit after that.
so from there, monthly checkups, wing warmups and assessments are made. it’s become so normal for some of the hermits that by the time they find a place to settle in season 8 (boatem), grian basically has his own tailoring crew for whatever pair of wings he ends up with, large or small. he joins in with scar for the designing, and tries his best to modify them on his own (which doesn’t always work or end well and mumbo sighs whenever he has to fix them because of this (he doesn’t mind though, he just half laughs)).
after all of this, grian is finally more comfortable with his wings than he ever was in evo. it’s become a tradition at the start of each server to create grian a new exo-skeleton for his wings, and quite a few hermits treat it like a competition. grian’s glad that they’re able to find some fun in it. he’s just happy he can navigate the skies again.
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damnamyte · 8 months ago
Colour Analysis III: (LoV Series II) - Dabi
Yes, no - you don't have any hallucination. It's here. It is. And yes, it took an absurdly long time to, but it's here so mh, yeah - enjoy.
I suddenly remembered that an ask, long ago, asked me about the design pattern evident for Dabi. It's here in case you want to have a look at it.
As I stated there, Dabi is a living contradiction, especially in terms of colour theory.
His colour pattern is a chameleon of sorts: he both represents light and dark at the same time, as if he cannot decide which one to stick with. I think that this duality has all to do with his genealogy. Inheriting his mother constitution and his father's Quirk amplified, Dabi goes through an adaptation process, manifesting especially by the change in his hair's colour (same as Tomura, that is - you can find the link for his analysis at the bottom of the post). The dyeing hair is also part of the process, but this time it comes about with a voluntary part, which brings us to the point that even if not entirely, Dabi's personality is build around a feeling and a character, which he wants to express and contrast at the same time. This is why, as I already specified the most important colour when it comes to Dabi are Blue, Purple and White (with a sprinkle of Red).
I.) Royal Blue
Tumblr media
More than any other colour, Blue is what fits Dabi the most. His eyes are blue, his fire is blue and his clothes are blue (different variation, but you get the gist).
Blue usually stands for coolness, loyalty, intelligence and responsibility. But pushing this aside for a minute, blue has a distinct effect on the human body: it lowers the heart rate and the body temperature and has a calming effect. It's a constant colour which represents the tide of waves and the never-ending blue of the sky. In respect to Dabi, it can be seen how this hardly applies - but, at the same time it does. As Dabi inherits Rei's constitution and her resistance to the cold - but his father's 'fiery' personality, his fire manifests as both. It creates a friction, until the burns on his body become an evident purple. This characteristic has a distinct connection to Red (section IV) - however, the leitmotiv is that Dabi's body is used to the effects that blue should have on him, and instead of seeing it realise they are brought down and counter-affected by Red (which is a metaphor for his entire persona).
Blue has the feature of being ever-changing, which, as you'll have understood by now, is one of many contrasts in Dabi's appearance. He indeed goes through an exterior change - but as blue, he remains steady on a path (which is revenge, and will to actually prove to Endeavour that he is not a mistake), making his character consistent with his ideas throughout the arcs and steady.
An overuse of blue is cold and impersonal - indicating the presence of deep dark secrets and having a  connection with feelings of sadness and depression. It creates the pictures of someone hiding in the dark just not to reveal their secrets, and for a long time we see Dabi trying to keep a low profile and then approach with an attitude of uncaring and cold indifference. He has burned his eye glands, which should allow him to express this feelings - but they are expressed, on the contrary, in the strength of his fire, and causes old feeling to settle and burn their way through his persona.
Blue is a susceptible colour and it hurts deeply - because in the first place, people associated with blue tend to feel too deeply. This fits the pattern of Dabi's fire being conditioned by his emotions, and why likely it creates deep wounds on his body: as a remainder that his feelings, expressed through the fire are way too intense and affect Dabi deeply. Deep enough for him to survive an astonishing fire and to hide for years in wait of having the right opportunity, the perfect opportunity to actually redirect this feeling onto the subject which caused them. As the constant colour that it is, indeed, blue (and Dabi) lives in the past.
Light blue is associated with healing, understanding and softness (his eyes), while darker hues are instead expression of power and knowledge (clothes - as a reminder of adulthood).
Finally, back on the literal meaning of blue: blue is a giver in the relationships that matter, but at the same time this colour can be unfaithful and deceiving (and we saw this in his interactions with the League at first and with Hawks, too). It is associated with intelligence and and consciousness (and indeed, the one who sort of had the reigns of the Training Camp was Dabi, and furthermore he is the only one who Ujiko retained mature enough to control a High End). This encompasses his characteristics of being reliable and responsible - and of course, Dabi embodies the whole spectrum.
Also on a final, funnily enough note, blue is usually associated with voice communication and someone who needs order, and strives for perfection as well as tending to be the one to speak in public. It's idealistic and expresses a will to satisfy its higher needs - and by doing that it expresses devotion in these ideals. So if you think about how Dabi's character is focused on reforming society, and giving Stain's will freedom and realisation, Dabi comes full circle - with a devotion which makes him focused on his goals (Stain's will, reformation of society and the Endeavour' downfall) , the commitment to actual plan their perfect realisation, and the ability to achieve it through the right means (The Broadcast).
II.) Pure White
Tumblr media
White. Integrity, purity, innocence. Mourning, for some cultures. In particular in Japan, it is used as a colour meaning death, and is used in funerals. Same as for Tomura, Dabi uses both White and Black to somehow mourn himself and his loss (Tenko for his family, Touya for the himself he leaves behind) and especially in his adulthood, the concealing of such a colour through pitch black, is not only an effort to hide his identity but also to express a refusal to be the same person. White represents a new beginning, a blank slate. And if we consider these two to be somehow related (because death is seen as not the end, but instead a new beginning) it is clear how this colour, has a relevance to this character. After Touya's death, and his white hair hidden - he becomes Dabi, who has no time to still appeal to the childish feeling of wanting to impress his father and instead throws himself onto a new chapter of his life, because the past he will always remember, has been burned.
Same as blue, white brings serenity and peace - and at the same time it represents coldness and emptiness. I think this somehow emphasises the change in colour from red to white, and the loss of believing in strength (read: Endeavour) instead leaving an empty space in his heart, filled with emotions which he cannot control. The loss of innocence and the acquisition of the fact that Touya will never be what his father wanted him to, and the acceptance of such a thing - further brings out the meaning of the colour blue. (As already stated before, white, in Dabi's case is of enormous relevance - because it amplifies its relation to blue.)
Finally, white brings forward independence and freedom - and it stands for perfection. And I think it's really ironic how white, is not only the colour he inherited from Rei - a cold stark white - but at the same time, Endeavour has tossed him aside for the same reason, and that is because in his eyes he could not be more 'wrong'. But when his hair settles into his ultimate colour of white, Touya also breaks free from his father's expectation (but does he, really?) to start instead a new chapter as Dabi. Hiding the mistake he thinks he is, an instead embraces the personality that has been thrown onto him.
White is also the symbol of truth - which is tied to the revelation that Dabi is Touya Todoroki, and his dyed black hair becomes white, again (revealing the truth of his persona).
II.I) Pitch Black
Just to be as precise as possible, I'm adding a tiny section on black, which can be summarised in two sentences: black is associated with mystery, sophistication, power and authority. It brings forward the symbol of darkness, rebellion and ultimately it stands as a synonym of death. It's a colour which, when considered in respect to white, stands for the struggle between right and wrong - good and evil. Dabi presents himself as someone mysterious, and he does not reveal his name until far down the line. But he is still a representation of power, in terms of quirk and his position both inside the LoV and the PFL. Furthermore, him covering up his hair colour with black, as already said, has to do with wanting to appear a villain more than it has to do with his identity. He wants to fade into background for a while, and then come from the darkness to sweep everyone away - covering himself in black so it sends a clear message to everyone looking at him: that he is dangerous, and that there is no escape from his evil.
III.) Daunting Purple
Now, this is a controversial section. When I first thought of Dabi, I associated him with blue more than anything else, because after all, even if purple is an ever-present colour, it is just a reminder of how dangerous his quirk is, and how his body does not fare well in the friction of his firepower and his constitution. However, I think it is still important to put things into perspective when it comes to Dabi.
It is not a surprise, that Purple comes about as a combination of Red and Blue. The eternal struggle - which comes forth into the most detrimental way possible, for him. The shade of this colour has different meanings (not surprisingly) but, as far as I am concerned, Dabi's is a 'darker purple' (which is the one we have figured in the pictures) and fulfils its duty to evoke sadness and gloom. This is just a constant reminder of his story, and also the why Dabi is not very big on concealing the scars: because he thinks of them as a fair punishment, and that they remind him constantly of what and when exactly things did go wrong. Purple is also a colour associated with royalty and people with authority. On this meaning, there might a controversial stake, because it would actually give a relevance (or positive connotation) to the colour, however, as already stated before - I think that the scars are not only a reminder for himself, but same as the conscious choice of wearing black, Dabi makes a conscious choice to reveal his burn marks and to stitch his skin with evident metal piercings. He is putting them in evidence for a reason, and I'd guess this is the same reason for why he sticks on wearing dark colours, and to due his hair black: Dabi's objective is to appear as a heartless villain, and usually the image of somehow badly injured and wearing dark clothes, as sad as this might be, projects the image of exactly someone you'd like to avoid on the street.
Purple is also the colour of 'Fall', with its fading light. I found this particularly poetic when it comes to Dabi, as Fall might as well be the eternal representation of his character, and the fact that instead Dabi's fire just grown bigger and bigger, hurting him even more in the process - is the total contrary of fading light. But on the other hand, the light of his own personality, and those emotions he keeps tucked away just tend to be fade, dwindle at every sign of possible emotional connection.
Purple promotes the balance between mind and emotions - between the spiritual and the physical world. The balance between Red (emotions) and Blue (mind), and to which Dabi is not accustomed, yet. Finally, purple - among others - is also a mourning colour (reminder that both White and Black are also mourning colours). And it also inspires mystery, which again the image Dabi likes to project about himself onto others.
IV.) Flourishing Red
Tumblr media
Red is Dabi's curse and representation. The contrast to white, and also the exacerbation of Blue. Red is the colour that gets the blood going (or rather, in this case, 'The one that turns up the heat' and which contrasts the calming effects of Blue) and the one who expresses passion and strength (which is why Endeavour's personality colour is Red - it's not a case that Red is associated with violence, anger, blood, obsession of power and strength, danger and fiery passion).
Red is the colour which Touya denies, and that instead comes back to bite him back. Red is energising and full of spirit and passion - and the image of a young Touya, striving to get better and make his father proud comes to mind. It's prideful and full of power - the will of a child, and his enormous Quirk-power struggling to keep it in check. This is why, Red after a while fades to Blue - and burns even more than it used to. Passion felt too deep, the exploitation of power which brings destruction. An all clear sentence to actually see why Dabi ends up with denying the all-too-overwhelming presence of Red and its characteristics, opting instead for a more suited to him Blue, which is also highly contrasting to the pure anger and passion associated to Red. The fact that Touya's hair changes, is an indicator of how he negates his father's influence, but still insists on hanging on those feelings, because he cannot let go of them. A walking oxymoron.
Thank for staying all the way, and for reading.
P.S. The colour analysis featuring Izuku and Shigaraki are respectively linked.
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