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#katsuki bakugou believes in you

We just hit 3,000 followers! 🎉 Thank you all so much for staying with me on this awkward Journey,I never thought this blog would make it this far but I’m so grateful that it has, i hope we can continue to grow this awkward family and spread our love and appreciation for bakugou, thank you all and have a good day/night/evening.

-Sincerely Makabe-

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I don’t want to make you uncomfortable so I’m gonna ask instead. Can I please have a hug? School is stressing me the fuck out, so my anxiety is acting up... I only want a hug if you’re 100% okay with it though!

(this is going to be a long one but I don’t care,I was inspired by these photos and touched by this ask so I’m going to fulfill it properly!) (the following message is 100% approved by kutsuki bakugou)

*crying* KATSUKI!!!


COME HERE WE well..YOU GOT AN IMPORTANT ASK!! *loud footsteps approach*

Oh and where this *puts sign around neck* Now! ,HUG , GO , DO!

*sigh* ok fine *opens arms while walking towards you*


Listen don’t be so fucking stressed out over fucking school ok *Embraces you in a warm hug*


thats dumb, you’re a strong person I know you are so just um..just take it slow and don’t be afraid you’re doing something wrong cuz your fucking not, got it? If a loser like Deku could get into the hero course then who’s to say you can’t do something great! just keep your head up and have faith in me but more importantly yourself, because you’re smart you got this so don’t worry so much k?

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Send “Talk about-” and a name for my muse to talk about that person

     “Kirishima” Katsuki starts, shifting the name around in his mind, seeing flashes of moments in time at a pace he can hardly keep up with, a million different sensations bubbling in his chest. Hah. He’s the right person to go asking about. …he’s different. He’s not like everyone else in this damn school. Obviously UA’s the top hero school in the country, so you’ve gotta have some sort of talent to get in, and everyone there can put up a fight. But not like Kirishima can. He’s strong as hell. He’s a freaking unbreakable wall. He came up to me in a crowd of extras and told me that together, we could win. And he’s the only one I believed could actually pull it off. I’ve known since then he’s one of the only people who can keep up with me, and he’s only gotten stronger.” 

     Kirishima doubts himself sometimes, Katsuki knows, and it’s ridiculous to get caught up in ruts like that. Especially when there’s no reason for him to have any doubts. Kirishima might tumble or fumble or fall, but he always get back up. Katsuki doesn’t have to be on standby during all of Kirishima’s battles against villains to know he’ll come out on top, one way or another. That’s what heroes do. And if Kirishima doesn’t know that already, he’ll know it someday. Damn idiot

     He’s pushy, Katsuki adds, because like hell he could bring Kirishima up without giving him a bit of grief. He follows me around even when I don’t feel like talking or working with anyone else. He’ll blab on about crap I don’t care about for hours if I let him. He’s too much of a nice person, always smiling about some dumb thing. His hair’s shitty. A pause, and Katsuki’s hands are stuffed into his pockets, his eyes dropping down to the floor. It’s stupid as hell because he can be so annoying, but when he’s around… It doesn’t bother me. I deal with it. I fucking— like it, somehow. I like him.

     Isn’t that what it all comes down to, in the end? Kirishima’s bright smiles which inexplicably warm a part of him. His infectious energy. The way Katsuki feels alive when they spar. Comfortable when they’re sitting around eating or studying or relaxing together. He likes it. He likes every part of Kirishima. The rowdy, loud, brave and strong; and the loyal, pushy, heroic, and kind. He’s everything Katsuki wants and more. He’s a dumbass, but he’s my best friend. The only worthy, real friend I’ve ever had.” 

     And Katsuki loves him. Dammit. He loves him so much. 

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