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Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths on it. At the end choose/tag 25 people.

No one tagged me just felt like doing it XD

AGE: 16

Now here are the 92 questions:


1. last beverage = Water
2. last phone call = Birthgiver :P
3. last text message = Gabby
4. last song you listened to = Action/Adventure by Memphis May Fire
5. last time you cried = aboutanhourago


6. dated someone twice = Nope
7. been cheated on = yes
8. kissed someone & regretted it = yea
9. lost someone special = yes
10. been depressed = yes
11. been drunk and threw up = nope


12. Black
13. Magenta
14. Yellow


15. Made a new friend = yes
16. Fallen out of love = yes
17. Laughed until you cried = yes
18. Met someone who changed you = totally
19. Found out who your true friends were = yep
20. Found out someone was talking about you = yea
21. Kissed anyone on your [FB, Twitter, Tumblr Etc] List? = yes


22. How many people on your [Fb, Twitter, Tumblr Etc] list do you know in real life = FB: 95%, Twitter: dont have one Tumblr: 5%
24. Do you have any pets = nope
25. Do you want to change your name= my full name yes
26. What did you do for your last birthday = ate tons of fruit and pancakes XD
27. What time did you wake up today = 5am
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = to graduate
30. Last time you saw your mother =today
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = everything XD
32. What are you listening to right now = All I Want by A Day To Remeber
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? =yes
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now= nothing tbh 
35. Most visited webpage = DeviantArt
37. Nickname = May Jay, DJ May, Butter, I have a whole darn list XD
38. Relationship Status = As single as it gets 
39. Zodiac sign = Virgo
40. He or She = She
41. Elementary School = went to too many 
42. High School = going to start my senior year soon
43. College = not sure tbh
44. Hair color = dark brown with tips dyed magenta
45. Long or short = shorty
46. Height = 5′4
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = nah
48. What do you like about yourself? = uh…
49. Piercings = got ears pierced when I was younger but they are probably closed because I despise earrings 
50. Tattoos = I think they are great but I’m terrified of needles
51. Righty or lefty= Righty


52. First surgery= nope
53. First piercing = ears
54. First best friend = Gaia or Gabby 
55. First sport you joined = Track 
56. First vacation = Maryland or something not sure
58. First pair of trainers = no idea


59. Eating = Nothing
60. Drinking = Nothing
61. I’m about to = watch Game Grumps
62. Listening to = Hey There Mr. Brooks by Asking Alexandria
63. Waiting for = nothing 


64. Want kids? = eh
65. Get Married? = Nah
66. Career? = something to do with art


67. Lips or eyes = eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = Kisses
69. Shorter or taller = Taller
70. Older or Younger = Older
71. Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = stomach
73. Sensitive or loud = depends
74. Hook-up or relationship = depends 
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = depends on the situation


76. Kissed a stranger = yes
77. Drank hard liquor = nope
78. Lost glasses/contacts = yes
79. Have dated = yeah
80. Broke someone’s heart = yes
81. Had your own heart broken = yes
82. Been arrested = nope
83. Turned someone down = yea
84. Cried when someone died = yes
85. Fallen for a friend =sadly yes


86. Yourself = erm
87. Miracles = not really
88. Love at first sight = no
89. Heaven = honestly no
90. Santa Claus = no
91. Kiss on the first date = ya
92. Angels = no

 Anyone that wants to I guess

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omg my boyfriend just walked into the room wearing nothing but a towel and said “I’m naked under this” and walked back out.

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Princess Elizabeth to the Prince of Wales

[? 12 or 13 June, 1796]

You may easily believe, my dearest, what anxiety of mind we are all under concerning you, but you are so sincerely loved by us all that you may depend upon us never forsaking one who has so thoroughly to us proved himself one of the most amiable but, alas! I must say, most unfortunate of mortals. We have seen Ernest; do not think then any of us can be base enough not to say all we know: determination is everything. I fear much for your health; for God sake take care of yourself. You must feel a moment’s joy from your beloved infant’s having cut her first tooth well: may she go through life without a cloud is our fervent prayer.

I trust you will forgive the agony of mind I am in to excuse my saying to you that I fear the putting off the resignation is a bad plan, as bad people are but too ready to catch at anything & censure you,& being her* own act & deed it may save you & do her good in the eyes of the world. Pray, pray forgive me as you must know what I say is meant merely for your good. I rely on your goodness to burn this & never to own I have touched upon the subject.

* Lady Jersey’s

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(how many ever years ago) Kirschtaria and Ophelia ran away as soon as they got their trust funds (pulled it all out and disappeared). probably were wandering around by themselves incredibly lost for awhile because they had minimal life experience. eventually would have met. they probably got a lot of help figuring stuff out from IDK who specifically (ie: someone helped them change their names, get new id cards, open new bank accounts, etc,etc). they now run a bakery a few blocks from the high school. school rumors say he’s a prince.

Beryl’s probably got the same (or similar) job as Izo and they HATE each other. as in, Izo hates that Beryl likes killing people, and Beryl hates that Izo doesn’t like it (its a job/income to him (Izo) and that’s it.. he does not LIKE doing it..). low key hopes someone asks for hit on Beryl.

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Philippians 2:16 (ESV) -
holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain.

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When you have to wait until your college opens up again at 8:00 to call in so you can drop a class, because you’re not allowed to do it online for some unknown reason

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I learn something new and horrible every day. Are you telling me people dont like mal? He has done literally nothing wrong in his life

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I gotta be honest, but saaame? After I‘ve had some time to get used to it I‘m beginning to like it? It‘s not that awful?

I mean, would I prefer him to have hair? Yes!

Do I think he should just pull the plug and go full bald? Duh!

Die I notice he looks moisturized, happy, healthy, in his lane? Oh yeah!!!

His skin is cleared, his crops are watered, he is on top, my mans doesn’t need hair to like get it, ya feel me?

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I found a home I am absolutely in love with in the city where we’re planning to move to, and the best part?… it’s within walking distance of THIS


I could cry I’m in love

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<div> —  “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” Flannery O’Connor<br> </div><span>A fat yellow moon appeared in the branches of the fig tree as if it were going to roost there with the chickens.</span>
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01:51am on a week night where I know I can’t leave the bed later than 8am, IF I even manage to sleep that long

Good decisions all around

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