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Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (1) - LXC x NMJ🔞 (2)

Mo Dao Zu Shi – Images (1) – LXC x NMJ🔞 (2)


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Back in the office (at least temporarily) so have a doodle of da-ge I did during lunch!

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okay so this has been rattling around in my startlingly empty monkey brain and it goes like this:

1. So Yanli gets nerfed early on for reasons that all get blamed on wwx cause of his millions of complexes, but really it was a totally unrelated accident but everyone just likes blaming him including himself oooo

2. Wen Chao likes to fuck things up and organises killing wwx, does it really meanly and torturously cause he’s a mean biddy but never gets caught because his big daddy wrh is chief of police oooo and they tell everyone wwx killed himself, when in reality he was prob like, trying to protect wen ning or something. is wen ning also dead? heck, who knows, if you’re feeling it then sure

3. there’s totally some side angst since nmj was a super justice focused cop and was gonna blow up on the wen corruption (cause there was buckets of it son) in police shit and ended up getting nerfed himself for it, so following along canon kind of in a fun and sexy way

4. guess what fuckers, all these guys come back to life in zombie form!! they get legitamized as citizens again, all end up going home and there will be endless angst cause everyone is so happy to see Yanli and are like omg, how sad that the brother who caused your death came back too and Yanli is like???? A-xian had nothing to do with it wtf???? 

5. and then everyone has to deal with what they thoooought was wwx’s suicide but was in fact horrible horrible murder and its a fun lil journey they go on with lots of love and angst and of course there will be super hot half zombie wangxian and will yanli and nmj bond over zombie hood? maybe, i have a huge thing for mingli dont mind me 

6. the end 

you guys know that toy with the little like, ferret worm attached to the ball that just wriggles around the room when you turn it on? that is literally what this au is like in my brain. halp 

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Suddenly felt like doodling my fave beefy Nie Mingjue I haven’t drawn him in ages. Lil comparison from the last time I drew him digitally compared to now. (Left Jan 2021 & right  April 2020 )
My style has changed/improved a bit as I’ve grown more comfy with clip studio paint.

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fate mdzs au with saber!lwj and caster!lxc

they dont wear their ribbons bc theyll get find out, but they have them on their persons subtly

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Can xue Yang not be hornee for like 5 sec???? Basically every time he on screen he making a fuckboi face, even to the honorable nmj

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Ok I was watching ep32, mostly to see WWX laugh at the sect leaders. And I love NMJ’s blink when WWX says he would’ve just killed Jin Zixun a year ago if he wanted him dead.


Sorry for the shit gif

Like all I can think is going through his head is , “that is not the defence you think it is”

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I didn’t forget about you anon!! work has just been… work

Jiang Yanli breathes in slowly as she watches the kite flutter in the wind, her bow and arrow still held in different hands as the kite threatens to break away from the tree she’d tethered it to. It would have been easier to ask either A-Xian or A-Cheng to come with her and hold the kite, but they would have turned it into a competition, one she wouldn’t have had any real interest in participating in.

No, it would be better this way.

There’s no hurry in the way she positions herself, her feet planted one in front of the other as she pulls the string back, the tail of the arrow brushing against her cheek while her eyes track the movements of the kite.

“I told you she snuck away to have fun without us.” Lan Xichen’s voice cuts through the night air and Jiang Yanli startles and sends the arrow flying before she’s had a chance to aim properly. Her arrow barely brushes the kite’s tail.

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I had this for a little while. A cyberpunk setting is not my favorite, but i just had to do wwx as the mad (eccentric!) scientist playing with robotics and lwj as his lovely assistant.

I had this idea one day, of wwx managing to revolutionize the robotics knowledge when he managed to save his friend wen ning and doing the first full robot human hybrid (or something, im no expert), not just a prosthesis. Unfortunately, his notes are stolen and used creating other 2 subjects: Song Lan and Nie Mingjue. Both are considered failures by their creators and thrown away.

Wwx finds them, eventually, and manages to fix and wake up sl with little problem. Nmj is another story all together, his code is a mess and when he wakes up, he has little memories about his life before. Cue a quest to take down the people responsible for taking wwx work and perverting it and to find who the hell nmj is.

Lwj is part of one of the five major families that control the… world? city? something like that, he leaves his family and the business behind when he marries wwx, still wears his forehead ribbon as he was never disinherited.

I really want to color this, im actually looking forward to it. Sadly my interests are all over the place so i kinda work on one piece, then change to another, then i decide i want to sketch and then i just dont work on anything. Ugh. Have patience with me!

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Nie Mingjue: You actually like Jin Guangyao?

Lan Xichen: Yes. Why not?

Nie Mingjue: Well, it’s just that— that—

Lan Xichen: Is there something wrong with him?

Nie Mingjue: …….

Lan Xichen: … Da-ge?

Nie Mingjue: I’m just thinking about the question.

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Bait and Switch - Chapter 1 - JustAWanderingBabbit - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
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