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#proxima midnight

/Proxima and Corvus when they accidentally lock their kid in the Q-ship/

Proxima - “I’m breaking the window!”

Corvus - Dont break the window you’ll get glass on her!“

Helpline operator- "please tell your husband to calm down”

Corvus - “That’s a woman!”

Operator - “ Really?!

"Proxima (hysterical) - "I SWEAR TO THANOS IM GONNA BREAK IT!!!”

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Omg those are their canon comic heights! I’d completely forgotten them because they’re rarely ever drawn to scale (but like.. what characters ever are lmao) 

Debating heights I was mainly talking about my renditions of them, which pull from the MCU in terms of appearance where they’re of pretty equal height with Corvus being just a little taller?? And they both are like 7 feet+ in the movies. (My versions of them are even taller because I’m a self indulgent bitch and I like big aliens and I, and I cant stress this enough, cannot lie)

But hear me out okay imagine if their MCU versions followed their comic height ratio?? And ProXIMA WAS JUST !!?!!??!! !!?!???



(I don’t know what the context of this would be but Prox is just radiating “Fuck me yourself, coward” energy so I imagine it’s something along those lines LMFAO rip Corvus he’s gonna fucking die)

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