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#then went ham
duckydrawsart11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A redraw from the Tangled storybook.
Happy 10'th anniversary to one of my favorite films 鉁煒
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dog-teetha year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
screencap redraws of that scene in atla where katara bloodbends a man to his fucking knees in front of zuko who has never heard of bloodbending before
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philza-updates2 months ago
Philza commented on a reddit post!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image ID:
There are 3 images.
The first is a cropped screenshot of a reddit post by u/KatieLavabug in r/dreamsmp. It reads聽鈥淧osting here on the off chance Philza see鈥檚 our cosplay... I can dream... (Credits in the comments)鈥.
The second is a photo of a duo cosplay of Philza and Technoblade in a wooded area with smoke surrounding them. The Technoblade cosplayer is standing behind the Philza cosplayer and wielding a large purple battle axe. They are wearing a white fur lined red cloak with golden embroidery with a green gem on the cravat on their throat over a white blouse with black leather arm bracers. They are wearing a golden crown and white-eyed pig mask over a pink wig and have a scar drawn over their nose, as well as false pig ear attachments over their ears, with hanging chain piercings in them. The Philza cosplayer is half kneeling in front of the Technoblade cosplayer. They are wearing a blond wig, styled to look similar to Kisuke Urahara from Bleach, with the addition of a single long braid on the left side and have a small scruffy chin beard. On their head they have a green and white striped bucket hat, which has a green gem dangling from a chain and a red cord along the base of the brim. They are wearing dark green clothes with swirly white edges on the sleeves, pant legs and collar. Their top has wide sleeves and the collar is held closed with an Obi style stiff cloth belt with golden embroidery and red edges which has an additional smaller black cloth belt and a red cord belt over it. The black shirt they are wearing underneath this has a hardcore heart on the throat of it. Over their green top they are wearing a black shoulder cloak with golden edges, which is held together at the front by a golden chain. They have black feathered wings coming out of the back of their outfit and are unsheathing a custom katana with a tsuba handguard shaped like a hardcore heart. In the bottom right corner of the image is a logo, which reads 鈥86TH FLOOR鈥.
The third is a cropped screenshot of a reddit comment by Ph1LzA. It reads聽鈥測ou guys killed it with this! well done :D鈥.
End ID]
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forgetfulmachinearta month ago
Tumblr media
[ID: C!Ranboo dressed like a wizard and inspecting some lavender and roses he鈥檚 holding up.聽 He is wearing a brown shawl with yellow tassels, a light green poet shirt that has a patch with three hearts, and a simple beige pointed hat that has patches.聽 His left hand is lowered and colorful blobs flow from it to around the flowers he is holding.聽 The color blobs squish and pinch off into smaller blobs in a looping animation.聽 They cast a light onto Ranboo鈥檚 face /End ID]
For @noctude鈥嬧榮 DTIYS!
A single frame under the cut cause I keep forgetting that gradients don鈥檛 go well with gifs :P
Tumblr media
[ID: The same image as above but still.聽 The gradients are smoother.]
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nosnexusa month ago
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鈥淚 see you鈥檝e opened my door, Daughter of Hades. Here I reign, and oh how long its been.鈥
A more sinister-looking version of Master Chaos...nothing Jester can鈥檛 handle!
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techno-foxx-comixx6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh I forgot that I made this as a joke on Instagram it鈥檚 a Little Nightmares Camping AU lmao 馃尶
Basically Hunter hates his job as a camp counselor. Mono is a sweetheart who鈥檚 great with nature. Six is a gremlin like always.
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ace-and-gaya month ago
Tumblr media
MCC16 Red Rabbits, they won in my heart<3 (click for better quality)
started this two days ago and just posting it today wOOPs
Tumblr media
practice color dodge version
first attempt at character design pog!!?? :00 Also experimenting with artstyle pogg!!!
Philza is a jackalope because wings and he deserves to be quirky this one time. Also he is old so he gets a golden staff聽
damn, four people and only drew two eyes?? amazing
wilbur did not wish to use red, however he has been forced. Good. AKLJHDFS
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hagelpaimon2 months ago
I saw your requests are open and was wondering if I could get a raph x reader smut where raph has a size kink, like he really likes how tiny reader is compared to him. Bonus points for manhandeling and picking up馃槒... also this is my first time requesting a fic so sorry if I鈥檓 doing it wrong
You know what I love this. It鈥檚 been a hot minute since I wrote for Raph. Size kink is also like perfect for him so double yes. I went a little hard on this 馃ゴ
Rated Explicit (18+ only)
Tumblr media
Your shrieks of delight only fueled him when he pulled you into him with a swift move of his arm. That muscular bicep wrapped itself around your waist and lifted you off your feet in one effortless sweep that only caused another shriek to escape your mouth.
鈥淲anna be a brat? Get treated like a damn one!鈥 He held you up and gave a quick spin to further make you scream. Pushing Raphael鈥檚 buttons was a fun past time, especially when you mouthed off to him with every intention of getting him playfully pissy. You鈥檇 been raggin on him, poking and prodding as you best did and when you had poked a little further, prodded a little too much, he鈥檇 gotten up with every intention of chasing you.
Now suspended in the air with nothing but his strong arm holding you, you playfully smacked his forearm. 鈥淟et me go!鈥 You wheezed out through another fit of giggles. 鈥淎 fall from this height would kill ya鈥 He grinned when you scoffed. Raph took the opportunity to sneak his free hand against your most ticklish spots which only upped the shrieks.
He maneuvered you again effortlessly, over his broad shoulder.
And that large hand of his smacked your rear. You hissed, kicking your legs which only made him laugh. 鈥淵a look like a hamster babe, real tiny one鈥 You felt him start to walk, a swift nudge of his foot on the door alerted you to him moving the two of you to the bedroom. Resting your chin on your fist you caught a look at the mirror and blushed.
He wasn鈥檛 kidding. You鈥檙e small, in general even to the most basic sized human.
But there was certainly nothing small about your attitude.
A nudge of his shoulder sent you falling on the bed with a couple of bounces. This mattress wasn鈥檛 going to survive this relationship.
You watched with a grin as he began to strip off what was left of his gear. With a raise of your brow you propped yourself on your elbows to enjoy the visual. 鈥淎nd what do you think you鈥檙e going to do?鈥 You asked coyly, Raph shrugged his shoulders. 鈥淔uck tha鈥 bad attitude outta ya system, as I usually do鈥 He gripped your ankles and slid you down towards him. 鈥淢aking me do all tha鈥 work as usual鈥 Not so ceremoniously he almost ripped your shorts off, not missing the way you bit your lip at the display.
You rid yourself of your sleep shirt, spare it鈥檚 potential demise by his hands. Raph took a second to admire you, your soft body, small frame, curves so perfectly displayed for his viewing and grabbing pleasure. He wasn鈥檛 an asshole, he knew you were fragile in the human body aspect, no matter how much you presented yourself as a pint sized tough as nails brat, you were still pint sized.
But much like you, he鈥檇 grown to really enjoy that aspect. To work his strength, control how much he could give without hurting you. He climbed onto the bed, hand swiftly chucking his bandana off as he hovered above you.
You took every opportunity to run your eyes over every piece of green scale and muscles. He kept those green eyes glued to you while he reached for the night stand for a bottle of lube.
鈥淩eally gonna fuck this attitude out of me?鈥 You teased, hips rolling up. He grinned, that scar on his upper lip perfectly on display.
鈥淵a bet yer sweet ass I鈥檓 gonna鈥 He dipped down and caught your nipple between his teeth before sucking. You found your hands clasping behind his head, toes curling with each flick of his tongue. The sensation always making you heated. Raph鈥檚 teeth sunk down on the flesh beneath your mound and sucked a bruise onto it.
Territorial bastard.
He repeated the same motion onto your other breast. This time he sunk his teeth on the flesh of your stomach, another sizable bruise forming. His lips kissed each vibrating spot, the pain always melting into pleasure. 鈥淓ver tell ya how pretty ya look like this? Under me, my mouth on ya skin?鈥 He kissed a path up your neck, sucking the flesh but opting not to leave anything too noticeable. Those scarred lips found the shell of your ear. 鈥淵a belong to me鈥 He grumbled there, serious and placing a symbolic period to that statement with a bite to your earlobe.
Soaked? No.
Drenched? Yes.
You desperately sought out his lips, kissing him with every desirable force you could muster. He growled into your mouth before once again effortlessly moving you with a flick of his hands on top of him. It was the best way to start, with his size and all.
But he wasn鈥檛 complaining about the view.
鈥淯p baby鈥 You lifted yourself enough to let him squirt a very generous amount of lube onto his thickening cock. The sight of his hand covering his length, the sound of it, the way he never took his eyes off of you.
Your knees were buckling already.
He tossed the bottle to the side, gripped your hips and lifted you. Palms landed on his plastron for support as he sank you down onto his cock, slow, excruciatingly slow.
Each pull, stretch and burn making your eyes close tightly. 鈥淥h my god鈥 You whispered as he slowly brought you down. 鈥淔ffuck, yer so fucking hot鈥 Nails dug into the grooves of his plastron, thighs shook as he settled you onto his cock.
He let you adjust, find your bearings with soft circles rubbing into your thighs. 鈥淪o good, see? Yer already behaving鈥 Raph grinned when you glared, bucking his hips up and enjoying the strangled choked noise you produced. His large hands landed on your waist and without breaking a sweat he began to lift and push you down onto his stiff cock like some toy.
Oh you loved that so fucking much.
鈥淟ook at ya, little brat knows how to take this big dick, huh?鈥 He growled out between teeth, all you could do was nod and moan. Two sets of three fingers dug into your skin with every purpose in mind to mark. You were to remember this for a few days.
Raph gave your bottom another slap that made you choke. 鈥淕onna bust a nut in this tight hole鈥 His moves were pronounced but never with malice, forceful to proof a point but careful and loving regardless. 鈥淲ho鈥檚 my little toy?鈥 He grinned up at You, watching as your eyes cross with the intensity of feeling him so deeply within you. Another smack to your reddened cheeks brings you back enough to answer him. 鈥淢e! I鈥檓 your little toy, oh fuck Raph-鈥 Your mouth opened, something akin to a moan slipping out.
When you forget words and head into straight babbling that鈥檚 when he knows he can flip you over again. Beneath him, legs against his shoulders you feel every sweetly achingly sensation drag in and out of you with each thrust. His large hands wrap so easily around your calves, hips thrusting and the squeak of the poor mattress accompanying your wails.
Raph manages to catch the 鈥榩lease鈥 that鈥檚 wrapped around his name like a pretty bow. 鈥淵a want it baby? Want my cum dripping out that pretty little hole?鈥 He emphasizes it with a bite to your ankle. All you can do is nod, hands gripping the sheets for dear life. When the band breaks, every euphoric torrent breaking upon you, you can barely make a word, just a long loud moan. Raph鈥檚 thrusts pick up just enough to teeter on painful but a couple of quick thrusts is all he needs to cum. It鈥檚, well it鈥檚 a lot, warm and so fucking warm. He throws his head back with a growling churr, eyes shut in ecstasy锟 as he feels You spasm and milk him till there鈥檚 nothing left. He gives you a few lazy strokes before slowly, painfully so, sliding out.
You watch him enjoy the debautched sight of his mess leak out of you, a string of it still connected to his cock.
Before you can muster words his mouth is against your own, kissing you somewhat back into reality.
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