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Dwarf and Boogie Man (Morno / Bradley W Schenck, The Arduin Grimoire Vol II: Welcome to Skull Tower by Dave Hargrave, Grimoire Games, 1978)  The Boogie Man stats are found in The Arduin Grimoire (1977), an undead “shadowy, semi-winged, horned and fanged nightmare.”  Due to Hargrave’s apparent misreading of D&D’s “% in lair” stat, he gave the untrustworthy Boogie Man “% Liar: 100%″.

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Long ago in the living realm, there was a vampire being known as Nicky of the Hollow. She had purchased a large plot of land here in the north Americas. This large parcel of wooded area was a natural lay line crossing point and would draw many other worldly beings to it. To Nicky it was a reminder of the forest landscape she had grown up in and had always felt most comfortable in. Having settled on a place, the cover of daily life was needed to make sure that she was left to her own devices and protect any wayward humans from getting eaten, or worse.  

Allowing a large graveyard to be commissioned, and a small caretaker cottage built close to the local town roadway, Nicky had the cover she needed and the solitude she desired to begin giving some time to a quiet un-life. Yet, as an immoral vampire, she can get bored, and at times she seeks out “entertainment”. Current culture and how it entertains itself, has helped to keep Nicky from getting too lost in time.  

So, when music was becoming a big production in the 1910’s, Nicky decided to commission a theater to be built on the opposite end of her plot. This part of the plot was tucked away with only a long dirt road as access. Having been used more by those with progressive tastes trying to keep a low profile before the prohibition came into effect this road was perfect. A stop way for showbiz types, and rum runners, the theater called to the Nicky’s type of living people!  

Known at first locally as the Moon Theater, mostly due to the massive widows at either end of the building, it was a place to explore new music without a lot of attention. It also let those who felt they were misunderstood, have a voice. A much needed a place to sing their souls out.  

Fitted later with a speak easy in the cellar, The Moon Theater was known also as the Moonshine Theater. Yet, no officer of the law was brave enough to venture into Nicky’s woods in the dark. Local lore of monsters in the woods, looking for fresh victims was common. However, the police  had enough bodies turning up with unexplainable trauma, that most investigations were not encouraged.  

Nicky was very fond of sitting in the back, listening to all the new music, trying to reconnect with her lost emotions, all the while absorbing the ambient energies around her.  As an ectoplasmic being, she and others of her kind also were drawn to her theater. Emotional energy is what they lived on after life has moved on. This place was creating it with music, and it was just sitting inside waiting to be absorbed.  

Nicky thought of this as a bar for the ectokind. A place where they can enjoy the energy that sustains them without killing the source of that energy. Yet,knowing how unpredictable other ectoplasmics can be, the vampire had Warded the building and surrounding land while it was being constructed.  

With its very structure, Nicky protected the building from forced entry, any violent outbursts, or conflict within its walls. She also extending that protection to staff and patrons for 24 hours after visiting. Her hope was to discourage any ectobeings from following the humans home.

Lastly the land was bordered with stones which kept the more aggressive monsters from going anywhere near the village.  Everything seemed to be safe, and still between the worlds for a long time.  

Yet not all the patrons of this theater were there to merely feed on the energy of the music. Some darker souls were drawn in by the emotional energy being created so freely. They felt they needed to have it, take it, and use this energy, for whatever pleasures they thought was theirs to indulge. Frustrated by the Warding within the walls of the Moon Theater, one being lashed out and poisoned those spells.  

Here is where we meet The Singer of the HeartBroken. His name is lost and forgotten with the fading of his memory, and all he knows now is that he is, The Singer.  

Once long ago, he and his band mates would bring life and energy to the Moon Theater. Singing the rock and roll tunes of the day, and even a few lost but to those few talented musicians and even a few musical protection spells hidden as tunes of the day.  

Looking like most of the popular stars of the day, his personality was kind and soft. A poet at heart he longed for love. His powerful feelings were felt every time he sang to a crowd. Losing himself in the feelings of the music was to him, heaven. To the crowd, it was feeling a deep forgotten emotion that filled your own soul.  

The most requested song, and beloved to all the patrons, was “Runaround Sue”. Played in the moonlight spilling in from the famed windows, and the low candlelight from the stage. The haunting voice of The Singer, and the music of his mates made the song’s very energy flux and grow.  

A song such as this was sung by their hearts and the emotions that they felt in it would roll though every other being’s soul. Their music would touch any who would listen and fill them with that emotion’s full potential.  No matter if that soul was pure, whole, dark, or rotten, they all felt the heart of the music, and the soul of the Singer within it.  

One night, in the crowded theater, a being listened, and felt moved. “Want it, need it, must have it!!” were the only things playing in its mind. Drawn, like a moth to a flame of pure light, this dark being listened, hungered, and waited. Wanting to consume the soul of these “musicians” and held back by the protection this place gives it schemed.  

That being was once a human yet having corrupted their own soul with dark ectoplasm and the dark magics, known as a Witch of the Dark. No longer understanding what being human is, these witches are controlled by their wants, needs, and sins. Negative emotional energy fuels their magics, but they covet the more powerful emotions, and she could not resist this much energy. This Dark Witch was once known as Mary Beth. A true witch descendant, she has corrupted her own soul, for her desires and wants.  Now, she feels herself burning out, rotting away, becoming one of the demon-kind she commands.  

Her need for possessing her desires had corrupted her even further. Now, she only wants to possess the Singer’s soul and the lives of his band for herself. She starts her plan in the simplest way, by becoming a fan. Using a human form and then coming to every show, she would sit in the front row of every show. After the shows were over, she would stalk other fans and slowly start removing them and keeping Mary Beth in the center of the band’s attention.  

After some time, gifts from Mary Beth would be left on stage. These “gifts” were strange and outlandish and creepy. Small figures made of hair and bone, drawings of Mary Beth and the Band in strange morbid scenes, love letters written in an unknown language.  

Once the news reached Nicky of Mary Beth’s strange behavior, and that the missing fans of the Singer were growing, the vampire decided to become involved. Drawing attention to her feeding nature, was not something Nicky was willing to put up with. Especially when she had worked so very hard at moderation and felt so at home living here.  

Nicky tracked down the Dark Witch Mary Beth to her liar. Deep within the putrid hole, she found what was left of the missing girls and boys. The remains of the youths were being used to power dark magics and horrible rituals of the Dark calling. Outraged that Mary Beth was feeding so close to her home, and selfishly corrupting the safety of her theater Nicky banned the witch from her land.  Using an ancient binding spell learned in her youth, Nicky compels the witch flee.  

Furious and overwhelmed by the disconnection to the theater she loved and the soul she hungered for; she began a dark ritual. A cursed ritual that would allow her to corrupt the protection on the theater and bypass the binding spell place on her. It would cost her everything, her dark desire for those musical souls would not abate, so what choice did she have. Before her own corruption took her, she could be with her Singer again, and this time forever.    

It began with a microphone, and the sacrifice of her own being.  

Given as a gift by an “anonymous friend”, the new modern microphone was a very unexpected gift to the band. Placing it front and center stage the shiny new metal glared in the lights of the stage.  The singer was very excited to try the new gift and felt a connection to it immediately. The band mates were more apprehensive, but they loved the singer enough to let him enjoy his new toy.  

As the weeks past, the band began to lose the energy and vitality they had been famous for. The energy they expressed in the songs they loved so much, now seemed muted and dulled. As if the soul in the music was being filtered out before it could be heard.  

Only when “Runaround Sue” was sung with passion would they feel energized again. Almost as if a hungry beast was held at bay by the song itself. Their old energy was renewed, and the crowd would cheer at the return of such powerful emotional energy.

Still, a wasting affliction began to take the band members. As the Singer sang the band would feel drained and used up as if their very souls were being attacked. At first the blame was placed on the lifestyle of an easy rock and roller of questionable morals. The Townsfolk took little notice of the deaths of some speakeasy lounge act, even as Nicky raced to find a way to break this curse.

Finally, as a last tribute to his mates, the Singer asked to play “Runaround Sue” one last time, in the Moon Theater they all loved. Upon the stage, with his hand over his heart, the Singer sang his last song. Feeling all the life draining from him the Singer passes into the DarkWorld.

Realizing his ghost is not able to pass on because his life energy was not strong enough to get through to the other side. Nicky was able to see that a link had been made, and that it would not let him go.  

Looking at his lifeless body, The Singer becomes aware of faces in the dark. The coves at the rear of the stage house four of his mates, drained to the point of forgetting who they are they are. Shells now, they are shades of themselves, “The HeartBroken”.  

The curse put on them drained their souls and they became these lost empty things. They look towards the Singer himself, with hollow, saddened and pleading eye sockets. Their ectoplamic bodies nothing more then busts hidden in the bricked coves.  

With sudden force, they are thrust back into the coves.  

A sudden and booming voice comes from the center of the stage shocks and startles the HeartBroken! “Get Back to your place!” A dark shade appears to form in front of the microphone sitting center stage.  The shape stirs and forms into the shape of Mary Beth, the obsessed fan. “I won’t able to be here long; my soul needs to be given up in order for us to be together forever.”

Unable to speak with his ghostly form so new to him, the Singer can only stare and gasp at the dark shape. Tears streak down his cheeks yet disappear as they leave his form. A ghost has no real tears in the living realm.  

“I have given myself to us my desired one. The curse I placed upon us is a spell of love, desire and need.  I will be the microphone, and you will sing your songs into me! Your very soul into mine! You all will keep singing until I have absorbed every part of you into myself and then we will always exist as a song in a microphone!”

The Singer pleads again without a voice, to the shade of Mary Beth, to please not to do this, to set them free, and let them all pass on to the next life.

Laughing maniacally, the shade of Mary Beth replies, “Never! I have corrupted the very protections of this place and used love to bind you to me. I have made this curse impossible to break!”

The Singer, and the HeartBroken, stare in disbelief that they are never going to able move on to the next realm. That they will be food for this insane creature.  

As the shade begins to waiver, it speaks again,” My time is ending soon, the curse consumes me first, as a sacrifice of my love. You are cursed to sing your songs, until I have drained all the life from you all!  You will all love me!”  

Lighting cracks at the shade, binding it in place. Nicky reveals herself from the shadows backstage. “I am sorry, I did all I could to protect you and others like you. I will find a way to help you Singer, but for now all I can do is stall the process.

Accessing her lost magics, Nicky puts a curse on the microphone. “The Song of Sue will undo what you have done.”  

Top the Singer Nicky states, “Sing the song of Sue, to slow your loss. That song will set you free when it touches the heart of a soul who can hear you. They must shed the tears of the dead on this very floor. Only then will you be set free; only then will the witch burn . “

Mary Beth’s horrified face and unmasked rage are quickly replaced by fear. As she is dragged into the microphone she screams “You will never be free! Tears of the dead can never touch the land of the living! You are still mine!!!!!!!”

Left sad and alone, the Singer, begins his song, but still no voice comes from him. He is too newly dead. Nicky gently takes the lifeless body of the singer and puts it to rest as he watches silently.    

In the mortal world, no one sings at the Moon Theater anymore. The feeling of sadness, loss, and hopelessness takes the soul from the music. With no crowds coming to listen to new music, Nicky the vampire, forgets about the theater, as the long aged tend to do.  

Over many years the theater deep in the woods became a myth, and story to tell children. Now known as The Theater of the HeartBroken, its story has a long history for teens and adventure seekers.  

Dares to enter and sing at the microphone, for fear that it will suck out your soul are commonplace. Those that do enter the woods, then venture onto the stage and sing, are never the same. Some say the hear the whispers of a song, something 50ish. Yet it is a song lost in memory and not heard loud enough to feel. The dead microphone has a sick feeling when touched, and the few brave singers talk of feel drained and tired for days afterward. Never wanting to sing on stage again.  

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Elena got her hands on a rather… clingy sword today. It uh… was… an angel’s. But she’s dead now. We were only mostly responsible for her death… buuut anyway, our sorcerer Ilivyraen picked up her sword. And then ran running to our Paladin that it was trying to possess him and talking in his head. And he couldn’t drop the sword…

sooooo our rogue beat him over the head with a sap (sorry, i mean a marble rock in a sock, so basically a ghetto flail) until he lost consciousness, but STILL the sword couldn’t be pulled away from him. So Elena decided to just grab it from him. After all, everyone else was PRETTY emotionally messed up from the whole angel killing business, but Elena was doing pretty alright, and had better mental saves than most the party anyway.

She managed to hold out for a pretty long while, just chatting with the sword that REALLY wanted her to start raising an army to fight an enemy that cant actually be fought with an army. Unfortunately, the sword was REALLY defensive and the rogue just kept trying to get it away from her and it kept trying to take control to stop him.

Eventually we teleported back to a friendly gold dragon for help. The sword didn’t like that much either, but the session ended with the dragon grabbing Elena’s arm in one hand and her head in the other, shoving her to the ground as everything went black. So that’s probably fine~!

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Cause lord do I need this after finishing the War Campaign

 - The Horde feels for the Zandalari, after all they have all lost leaders and turned to desperate measure, so even the betrayers are welcomed back if they realize the mistake

 - The Horde naturally has a soft spot for redemption stories. Any opponent, no matter who they were or how hard they fought, could find forgiveness in the Horde that they may not find elsewhere

 - Their is a very informal rule that if someone doesn’t want to talk about their past they don’t have to.

 - It does have a tendency to act like a giant found family. They will pick up after each other, everyone will taunt and tease, but the minute someone outside the family dares to say something that’s when they are willing to throw down to defend

 - Despite the look the Horde is always very welcoming to any new members. When the Zandalari, Unshackled, and now Vulpera showed up to Orgrimmar, they were treated to a big feast and one of the warmest welcomes they had ever known

 - Even things that start off as simply military alliances, are quick to turn into friendships. It always happens, no matter who is joining up. The leaders may disagree but the soldiers and commoners always start to intermingle until its basically a family

 - The Horde will always defend their own. The entire world may be against them, they may have all come from entirely different places. But they have each other, and that’s enough for them.

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A big boy…

Or when Morrigan is creating an undead golem to fight.

Skecth done. I am absolutely NOT looking forward to ink and color it. NOT at all. Also, it’s thanks to wonderful RP-er I’ve meet on Twitter while playing Morrigan that I’m able to produce such content and improve myself every day. Your know who you are and I love you ~ ♥

And if you don’t know who you are… shame :b

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