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After the end of the chapter 87, we are counting loses *SPOILERS*:


And don’t tell me that vampires doesn’t count as dead, search in Google the meaning of “the status: Undead”

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Sometimes I remember I’m not quite alive and it hits me like a sledgehammer

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Creepy guys are hot.

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new icon for other dredge! he is of course grumpy

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Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

By W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
The end has come. In an effort to help, the government has destroyed most of humanity. The few survivors are on their own… Looking for others… Trying to avoid the dead… Free Previews…

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One by W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
Series: Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth, Book 1. You set the…


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Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

By W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
The end has come. In an effort to help, the government has destroyed most of humanity. The few survivors are on their own… Looking for others… Trying to avoid the dead… Free Previews…

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One by W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
Series: Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth, Book 1. You set the…


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Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

By W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
The end has come. In an effort to help, the government has destroyed most of humanity. The few survivors are on their own… Looking for others… Trying to avoid the dead… Free Previews…

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One by W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
Series: Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth, Book 1. You set the…


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Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

By W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
The end has come. In an effort to help, the government has destroyed most of humanity. The few survivors are on their own… Looking for others… Trying to avoid the dead… Free Previews…

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One by W W Watson Lindsey Rivers
Series: Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth, Book 1. You set the…


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I have been trying my hand on animation thanks to handy tools in Clip studio. I liked these warrior plague sister enough to make one about them.

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Dark Form by Dmitry Parkin (dmitry_parkin on arstation)

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hii ghouls and ghosties!!

if youre any kind of undead/dead alterhuman join my kincord the crypt!!

dm me for link

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I know I talk a lot about how Fantasy Chaos are my favourite faction and eternal love, but Vampire Counts were my first faction, and much-beloved in their own right. Needless to say then, these minis have filled me with a powerful need.

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Just some of my Silly Sunday Zombie Limericks. Lots of Dark Fun at 

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-Wednesday Night-
-The Fuchsia Hound-
-Beer Garden-

The word to describe him would be ‘constructed’ almost 'hamstring’, a natural result of monsters perception being entirely fabricated and controlled by a human majority. At some point fighting against the lie becomes your entire centre and at some point you’re left with asking: So who am I actually? And if you want any hopes of retaining a self, that’s something you have to make yourself. The Creature answers by constructing himself literally.

He has composed himself of various parts of corpses he’s come across each in various states of decay. This leads to an ungodly cacophony of colours, an absolute grandma’s checked blanket of a man as his skin changes from various shades of red, blue, green and gray. But he would tell you this was Good Actually. All a part of his design in fact, cursed with a fixation of masculinity, instilled in him by a father who lost his life chasing that wretched humanity, the creature too is inspired by the same fallacy. Every part the creature has chosen for his body was hand picked hoping it could bring him closer. His right arm being disproportionately larger then his left, as building his right with buff corpses was a work in progress.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of grave pillaging, which is a lot of work. But he has a vision in mind, more like a will. A will to participate in the dismantling of a human society personally. Not as a fraction of a greater whole to create a safe and thriving community, no no no because that would actually work. Instead he wishes to aspire to ideas of heroism, if a human in his immediate space is harassing a monster he wants to knock that human’s teeth in. Repel humanity through sheer force of will, for surely it is will alone that will liberate monsters from human supremacy, you just gotta want it enough! That is who The Creature aspires to be, this is him: Kreatur

Every second not spent asserting what he is to the world is another chance for someone to interpret that on his behalf. He heard that’s what got his da, a lifetime of jumping between British education institutions filling in them gaps on his behalf created a creature devoid of agency. But he was Kreatur, at least that’s his name for now. He wanted to be a positive change for the world around him, specifically for monsters. He wants to be able to throw down with any humans harassing monsters just getting on with their lives, to be able to crash head first into any monsters troubles and smash stuff until it’s solved. To leave a room better then when he entered it.

To see that change, that’s the only proof he has that he’s alive.

Kreatur reflects on this as twirls the stitches on his right arm, barely keeping each section of the corpses together. One of his companions observes.

―Pick at that anymore the whole thing’ll fall off mate.

The creature looks up realising he’s been zoning out for the last few minutes, to see a flaming skull popping out of an open grey hoodie covering a poet shirt. The Creature gives the Revenant named Calmet (She/Her) a wave as he drops his head down again, this time noticing her slowly taping the heel of her buckled boot on the back wall, slowly flicking sparks across the floor as flames protrude from the end of her trouser leg where typically shins would be. The Creature has gotten into the habit of being captivated by the light show for a socially unacceptable amount of time so decides to hoist his head up again.

He sees that alongside the Revenant, the other drinking buddies of The Creature can be seen playing cards on the other side of the bench, still! On the right was the Draugr; Walker (he/him) a pale little thing of rotting flesh, covered in a fake fur coat and a t-shirt barely holding together if not for a safety pin and a button. If you juussttt squint and also can perceive the dead, you’ll spot the spirit operating the body hovering just above as The Creature could see; attempting the impossible task of gripping the cards and making their play like operating a mecha with puppet strings. On the left was Eurynomos (it/its), a similarly saggy flesh thing of a blueish hue, smoking what could be it’s 50th back to back cigarette as it holds it’s cards, all in service of trying to mask the corpse based diet on it’s breath. Despite belonging to a family of chthonic gods, the thing has somehow ended up in the smokers of a Monster pub, proper Wanna Be Like Common Monsters type. Which is why we invite them to play cards and distribute its wealth honestly.

Lets not use the term “The Corpse Crew”, let’s not say “The Big Dead Boys About” but like… Yeah. The Creature can’t help but go straight back to twirling at the stiches in his appendage. Everyone present are lives with no dedicated vessels of their own, trying to keep themselves together, quite literally, on the leftovers of the recently departed. Manifesting simply on those who were allowed to live long and comfortable lives. The Creature can’t help but wonder if it’s simple realties like this which influences his aspirations. But that thinking is for people who think, one’s who quite literally have brains so he supposes doesn’t have to do that anymore. Walker ends up taking the game despite being three misplaced muscle movements from his spirit away from dropping his hand and blowing it.

-Remember loser buys this round Creech, reminds Camlet.
-Yeah yeah, I’m going. Replies The Creature as he gets up from the bench.

The Creature prepares to place his arm flat on the table to raise himself out of his seat. If he just put the entire weight on the wrist it tends to snap and pierce through the flesh he finds. After slowly completing the ritual he gets everyone’s orders and heads to the bar, being sure to tip toe around the heaters in smokers: Again not great for the seam integrity.

-The Fuchsia Hound-
-The Bar-

As The Creature heads up to the bar to make sure his wallet feels the full brunt of his forfeit, he notices the patron sitting next to him. Drenched in a black cape with a fur collar, concealing her shoulders, you’d think her human if not for the little tells only monsters can perceive, little tells in the mannerisms, their aura and also the bloodied human skull of her last victim she wears around her waist as a trophy is also something of a 'tell’. A vampire The Creature reckons, again based on subtle knowledge and the martini glass filled with human blood which you can smell from anywhere in the room: Subtle tells, subtle. Feeling himself with his newly constructed guns, The Creature reckoned he might give it a go y'know? Ask how she’s doing. But as he’s entertaining the idea he notices something, a white silhouette starts heading towards her from the seats in the back.

The Hounds Of Tyre is a monster bar, but it’s never been expressly militant in enforcing that, I mean in some ways how do you enforce that? Do you turn away anyone who looks human, well what about monsters like the lady at the bar there. Some monster bars still do so anyways but The Hound doesn’t believe in that kind of gatekeeping, but that means on some days, espec quiet nights like tonight, the staff look the other way with the odd human or two coming in, still income init? Usually they don’t cause any fuss and know their position and that this isn’t their space.

This clearly wasn’t gonna be a usual however. Well he’s a usual in a sense, the usual human that’s a threat to every Monsters who knows, but just “A nice lad” to those who would believe the lie of humanity. Gammon skinned, shitty gel’d hair and the little crocodile on the polo that lets you know he will murder any monster that doesn’t tollerate his presence, regardless of how intolerable he will strive to make it. The Creature saw that from the corners of his mouth when he spoke a small amount of residue would trickle down his mouth, Monsters have come to christen this phenomena 'Humanity’. It’s a tough one to explain but The Creature has always thought of it as when the false narrative of God’s Chosen doesn’t line up with reality, the construct a human has built around themselves starts to dissolve at the molecular level. Humans are desirable, they’re handed everything they want, because everyone WANTS to give that to them! But when this fallacy starts to unravel, the only lies keeping their humanity together, it starts to physically pour out of them. This wasn’t the first bar he’s tried to pull and it’s clear Monsters are his 'last resort’ of the night.

In fact this Sapian is such as usual, do I even need to go into what happened next? He wanted to stain this vampire’s flesh with his grimey paws, regardless of her opinion or want on that issue. Such as is the nature of humans this of course meant she had to die, one less thing on the planet that doesn’t embrace his will of the highest priority. Every profanity that left his lips, that residue; Humanity, got more intense, spewing out of his mouth, pouring out of his eyes and spraying everywhere. He’s barely hanging in there and the damage could be fatal. But this is it The Creature thought, all his toiling, the search for the parts of his body, this is what it was for! To intervene and protect monsters from humanity, to be the hero and all the violence and carnage his body will be put through to achieve it. Yes! This was what his body was for and now it’s time to put it to good use.

After letting the scene continue as honestly: He was trying to come up with a good first line, when the human grabbed the Vampires wrist The Creature went: Fuck it, and got up from his stool.

―Oi G…gamon …Breath!

That was the first thing The Creature could think off. Months of planning this exact encounter and he didn’t even think to come up with an opening line. The sapian looked over at The Creature and gave him a looking up and down. It was clear he saw not a creature to be feared but a subhuman of no real consequence.

―Fuck off corpse, who are you? The sapian barked. Get the fuck out of this pub freak or my arm, that’s my one entirely whole arm, will knock you out mate.

The human didn’t let go of the vampires wrist the entire time and ignored him. That wasn’t meant to happen, The Creature tries again

―Oi dickhead, you piss off now or-

Without hesitation the sapian turned to The Creature again.

―Look mate, look at the state of you, now look at me. It’s not gonna happen mate your cock’s probably gonna drop off before it gets hard, if it can even get hard. She doesn’t wanna know mate.

The Creature starts to shake uncontrollably, he tries to retort something but all that comes out is shakey murmurs. Even then all he probably would’ve said was “Your cock stinky meerrr”. The sapian now lets go of the vampire and heads to The Creature, seemingly growing by a foot with every step.

―Look I’m doing you a favour mate, no one wants to see your hideous mug around here, not fuck off you freak while you still can yeah?

The Creature can’t even move, let alone retort. He shakes violently, stopping him from doing or saying anything. His body cannot handle the adrenaline, but what was it all for if he can’t do anything now? What is he just gonna puss out after all this work? He doesn’t wanna be that person he wants to be a right hero. They’ll tell stories of how he had this sapian out and everyone is gonna love it. He harnesses all his anger and bellows out:

―You… Are the…. A…. FUCK. declares The Creature as he hoists his good arm and goes to punch the sapian right in his craw.

However what followed was not the dramatic scene of the hero decking the evil doer straight in the jaw, but the sound of muscles, bones and all the tendons connecting it all coming apart almost immediately. His clenched fist transforms into a ballet of the fingers and palms bending in ways you really shouldn’t be able to see them bend. It was witnessing a hands impression of a bonito flake. The entire thing hangs down from The Creatures shoulder, needing to be held up by the other arm just not to pull him down with it. The worst part is that it didn’t even hurt, it didn’t feel anything, there’s nothing good about what that implies. The Creature looks up to hope for a “But you should’ve seen the other guy” situation, but all he saw was the image of a man who looked like he was gently brushed on the cheek, perhaps by a small bee passing by.

The sapian didn’t even retort, he didn’t need to, the scene was so absolutely pathetic that it spoke for itself. Deciding it was time to mercifully end this display, he leaned toward the bar edge and aimed his boot directly into The Creature’s face, even clipping him right in the eye. To call it merely a TKO would be generous as he was flung across the entirety of the room to the sound of what could only be explained as “A cacophony of hundreds of people biting into dry cereal simultaneously.” Absolutely not the noise you want accompanying direct contact in any way.

The Creature through the bleeding and swollen eyes of others looked up at the sapian, what could he say? All he could do is sigh, a simple resignation: He wasn’t good enough to do what needed to be done, this is how it had to be.

―You’re gonna regret that you fucking degenerate, the sapian announces.

The Creature closed his eyes, well an approximation of how well you can close them when they’re that swollen and half your skull is mush anyways. Bracing himself as the sapian lifted up his boot.

―Okay this was cute, but now we stop. Announces a voice.

The bloodsucker who had been observing this entire scene from her bar stool finally spoke as she started to stand up.

―What? When I’m done with him I’ll have you a-

He couldn’t finish on this threat an absolutely ungodly crunch could be heard, worse than Kreatur’s even! Forcing open his swollen eye as much as he could he bore witness to a violent scene. The vampire had gripped her hand around the human’s arm, with such force her claws ripped right through his very bones. The expression of her face dissonant with the circumstance, was one of absolute annoyance, the 'wow three cars in a row not stopping for a zebra crossing huh?’ look. In the blink of an eye she dug the claws of the other hand into the human’s face, digging in like it was dough, even through the eyes, absolutely traumatising for Kreatuer to see if not for the whole 'This is the reason I’m not dying tonight’ bit, which did make it a little hot. Then just like ripping off a plaster, everything above his lower jaw just… boop. And to stop this story from becoming a snuff piece we’ll stop the description there.

―And how are we doing hero? Asks the vampire in the aftermath.

Kreatur hoping it was safe to look up, then see’s her with a huge grin on her face, as she pours her victims blood, well what’s left of it not plastered all over the bar, into a plastic container

―Well aside from the loss of any structural integrity in my arm, I think I’m hanging in there.
―I mean yeah your arm is literally hanging in there, right there. The Vampire jests behind her giggles, pointing at the dangling mass that now occupies Kreatur’s right hand side.

The Creature felt about a single centimetre tall, it kind of hit them all at once in one go: It wasn’t that this vampire was never in danger, it’s that they themselves were the one who was never at any point, not in danger.

-The Fuchsia Hound-
-Beer Garden-

―Geeez mate, you might be the first person to say “But you should see the other guy” but somehow you still come out looking worse.

Calmet comments as she ties up Kreatur’s sling so more than gravity to keep the head of flesh together. There weren’t any actual medical supplies left so the bar towel had to do for now. Kreatur just kept staring into space the entire time not saying a world.

―Hey thanks for helping them out, if we knew they were trying to start a fight we would’ve passed on the forfeit! So cheers uuhhh….
―Freya (she/her). Introduces The Vampire while sipping on her goblet of blood. Since they’re not feeling very talkative right now, who is this one?
―Oh uuhhh, Kreatur that’s their name currently. We go through a lot of them.

Freya’s eyes stare at the Kreatur with absolute curiosity, even as Camlet is trying to say goodbye as they head back with the rest of the corpses. Kreatur remains where they are however. Freya steps closer to them.

―A makeshift sling huh? Suits your whole… Explains Freya as she waves her hand at the entirety of Kreatur’s body.

Kreatur gives the vampire a perturbed look before staring back into space again, Freya walks around his eye view before sitting on the table of the bench, hitting Kreatur’s head as she goes to cross her legs, hoping to further wind him up. Kreatur doesn’t retort or do much of anything, just sighs a little bit. Freya sensing she’s wounded his pride enough, she was genuinely curious about the homunculi sitting before her, rather his actions.

―Tell me honestly, corpse, why on earth did you engage with that human tonight? You’re a anthropomorphic pile of rotten meat, I’m not sure how else you thought it wasn’t going to go tonight.
―I was just trying to help alright!? I’ll take my order and fuck off night time yeah?
―Aaaahhh it speaks! Declares Freya. But no no no this is not true, helping is letting someone with functioning arteries know I was in trouble.

Freya leans down from the table top to meet Kreatur’s eye level.

―This was an act of roleplay wasn’t it? Fancied a role change of being the big maner instead of the big manee hmmm?

Kreatur meats her gaze but doesn’t say anything, just a look of annoyance. She continues as she picks at the threads on his remaining good arm.

―I cannot imagine it was easy assembling your body like this homunculi, what was the goal?
―Like I said I wa-
―No no no no, tonight was putting preparation into action, what were you preparing for?

No one’s really questioned Kreatur’s thought process like this before, he pauses for it a bit as he struggles to find the words to express his reasons. After half a minute he tries to push something out:

―Like it’s just… I see so much of the shit these sapiens but us through you know? I’m bored of just 'aving to deal with it like, asking one of he’s had enough or trying to de-escalate. Just being aware of this bloody body, this lump of clay, knowing they could just end it whenever they wanted the entire time it’s exhausting being passive, man.

He finally sits up as he’s getting animated, he gets up out of his seat and Freya leans back on the temple accordingly. He continues:

―Wouldn’t It be great tho’? Like to be able to just intervene at the drop of a hat? Against anything! From any human harassing a Monster on the streets, to being able to stop people at a national level with your strength and will alone? That’s how we’ll enact real change like having the fuckers out! Not sitting around doing 'A Big Moral’ by letting it happen cos 'Well at least we didn’t stoop to their level’ like I’m not wrong for wanting to do something, for being mad am I? Like we can do it, we can make real change!

Freya in response to this is having a right old gas, taking Kreatur’s sincere declaration as pure comedy. He shoots the vampire a look as his previously stoic body language limps.

―I don’t know what it is with you boys needing to craft these Human Emulating Identities.
―What do you mean? It’s about being a Man, nothing human about it!
―Uh huh. Well at the risk of coming off a cliche: What is a man? If not the carrot they dangle in front of professional fronters like yourself to get you to dance to their tune?

The Creature looks at Freya with bamboozlement, a complete obliviousness of how she got from A to B.

―Okay well think about it my little creature: What you call the almighty principles of manhood, who invented that? Why does it look so much like those human men, who have been men since birth?
―You’re overthinking it. It’s not some set of rules it’s like a feeling you know? Just like being decent. It’s the me I made for myself and I feel good! Kreatur says with absolute lack of conviction in his voice.

All the lightheartedness from Freya’s voice was gone as it dawned on her that her companion was being completely serious with what he says. A trickle of white starts to bleed from the corner of his mouth.

―Uh huh, well did it feel good getting absolutely fucking decimated tonight? Your body doesn’t look like it felt good and you made the bloody thing. Maybe start listening to it?
―I am listening to it and this is what it wants!

Freya without pausing pulls on The Creatures sling, before he even has a chance to react the entire thing comes off, bits of the seams and threads fly everywhere.

―Oi some of that went in my drink! Protests Walker.

Kreatur just stares as Freya triumphantly holds what may of once been an arm in the air, again the worst part was not even feeling it, it had already gone in some sense. The vampire drops the dead flesh on the floor before rubbing the dome of her head with their fingers.

―You misunderstand me homunculi, I question not the anger, the passion or the will to enact action itself, Freya explained. But the form in which your will takes. You understand what you lash out at is something inherently human correct? A system and idea to be dismantled and destroyed. But you talk of masculinity and heroism, which is shit humans made up in the first place! Gendered nonsense and individualism. You wish to dull that blade by unsheathing the exact same sword against it? All you’re left with after the battle are the same weapons occupying the battlefield Homunculi.

Freya leans right into Kreatur’s face, like a wolf about to deliver the final blow.

―And that is why your punch crumbled on contact, there is simply nothing behind it.

It was like a lens that had poisoned their view for song long shattered in an instant, they even forget themselves speaking their grief out loud in the moment.

―I spent so long on this body though, what am I supposed to do…?

Then they feel the cold claws of the vampire lift up their chin. Freya’s still condescending face is replaced by a playful smile and a curious look.

―You fascinate me, creature, I think I’ll make you my little project, announces Freya.

Nothing about that sentence filled Kreatur with a good feeling.

―You construct yourself from human corpses right? Well I’m in the business of harvesting these cattle so we have plenty of corpses to spare!

The Creature comes alight with both hopeful glee and disgust at the callous nature in which that sentence was spoken. Their eyes glanced towards the container that Freya used to get that human’s blood earlier. Freya continues:

―You’ll be a canvas with an infinite selection of paints in which to create yourself! Your body isn’t a conduit for power or a shield to be beaten, it’s yours to ask yourself what it is you want to be! Come now!

Freya excitedly jumps from her seat, holding her goblet of wine and spilling the contents everywhere all the while.

―We’ll go now, on the carriage I took to get here! You’ll be more you then you could ever know you by the time I’m done with you!

Freya reaches in her pocket and throws about 60 quid in notes at Kreatur’s friends.

―Apologies corpses but your friend, they’re coming with me! Get the fanciest brews between yourselves! This should cover his forfeit and then some.

The corpses all nod along and wish Kreatur a good night, the revenenat in particular gives Kreatur a wink, the “get in their son” wink, the 'everyone can see it Calmet you might as well yell “do sex with that lady” in the bar’ wink.

-Vineyard Street Car Park-

Following Freya to the Vineyard car park, Kreatur is shocked amongst all the vehicles, a limousine. Seemingly guarded by two hench man-bat’s dressed up in 'definitely assassins’ tuxedos. Even more strange Freya seems to be walking straight towards it.

―I hope it wasn’t a quiet night for you two, Freya asks the Man-Bats as she hands them the container of the humans blood. Mine certainly wasn’t!
―We had a few drunkards try and piss and touch the car, but only had to remind one of their manners.

The Man-Bat then shows Freya a plastic canister filled with blood.

―Aaaaahhh a shame, but it’ll do for the evening. We’re having a guest tonight.

Freya gestures towards the Kreatur who can only react with a 'alright lads’ delivered in such whispers that nearby dogs could probably pick up the frequency.

-Freya’s limousine-

After a minute in, Kreatur thought it might be good to finally bring up the burning question:

―Hey so uhhh, what the fuck?
―I’m in the business of blood as you can see, hence the access to all the human corpses. What is the horrible little word the monsters came up with us? Symbiotes, the blood of those humans, even the ones nobody is gonna miss is valuable stuff to us Bloodsuckers homunculi, Freya explains.

Kreatur is aware of the term, for those who profit and thrive of a Human Supremacy. Leeches, but to call them that would disrespect Leeches who are usually very nice.

―Oh I guess I don’t have an opinion on that kind of thing, Kreatur admits.
―Well all it means is I got a fresh line of parts ready for your work, Freya explains.

She leans in and starts tracing the tips of her claws up and down Kreatur’s chest.

―I’d love to see what you come up with, I’ve taken a liking to you homunculi, admits Freya. But I want to see a you that reflects yourself unto you.

Kreatur’s heart starts to beat faster, Freya’s curiosity is the most warmth they’ve felt. They start to worry the seems that hold it together are going to burst. Of course this wasn’t the first time Kreatur has felt affection, but the narratives never felt like it matched up to they’re heart. They’d either validate the Kreatur’s toxic ideas of a single idealistic body, or they’d make them suffer through the spiel of “It’s inside that ccoouunnttss”, neither of these was what they needed. The body is our proxy, a catalyst for our thoughts and ideas, the body marks our experiences. It was of the Kreatur’s opinion that to have people adore the vessel wasn’t an unreasonable ask. On the other hand Freya was right, what’s exciting about the body is that it’s your canvas, it’s your expression. It’s appeal shouldn’t be it’s one single unwavering aesthetic, that’s some Human shit. But that it’s shifting canvas of your soul, that is what’s exciting. The lock that had occupied Kreatur’s mind, felt like it’s starting to loosen. What are they? Is Kreatur even gonna be their name afterwards? They don’t know. That’s exciting.

Freya gets out her phone and asks:

―I’d like to get your digits if you don’t mind? I definitely don’t want this to be the last time I see you, whoever you may be.

She leans in and gives Kreatur a kiss, as her fingertips trace the stitches of their chest.

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0 notes

In the previous chapter I promised I’d be covering the Castigators this time. However, my new paints haven’t arrived yet, and I can’t do the job without the tools, of course. So instead I’ll be covering the Glaivewraith Stalkers and Myrmourn Banshees that came in the Storm Strike box instead. One thing’s for certain, you gotta love Games Workshop for their names.

Base Models

Below is a picture of what we’re dealing with. As you can see, the models are really dynamic, with bits and robes flowing everywhere. These ghosts amazed me the most of the box set, and are the reason I decided to start this blog. In comparison to, say, a Reaper Bones Ghost, it’s incredible how much more expression is poured into these spooks. (ignore the bad paint job on the ghost below, it’s one of the first I painted)


Second, it’s important to note that one of the Glaivewraiths has two options for assembly. You can either build him with a large glaive, similar to the others, or you can give him a small drum! I chose the drum, of course, because I love me some differences. Plus, now you’ve got an extra glaive to use as a accessory to improve a base!

Let’s get painting!

Alright, so I’ll start by sharing a bit of an embarrassment. After I painted my first two Sequitors (the two with helmets), I thought “I can paint this model without any help!” The result is this mess:


Yikes. It’s not unusable, but compared to what’s on the box art, it isn’t all too great. The blending in the robe is a first for me, and I hoped I could cover it up by dry brushing some White Scar over it… Ah well, the next one’ll go better! I decided to paint the Glaivewraith next, since he has a “simpler” paint scheme, with clear divisions. For this first model, I stuck to the advised scheme. And I gotta say, I’m quite pleased with the result!


How to use?

Of course, any old ghost is represented just fine by these sculpts. However, if you want some general undead inspiration to throw at your players, here are a few cool enemies I recommend.

Shadow: CR ½, CE, MM 269. Can move through small openings and disappears in the shadows. Oh, also drains the life out of you until your muscles become to weak to function. 

Specter, CR 1, CE, MM 279. Can move through solid objects and attack with “Drain Life”, which actually doesn’t drain life oddly enough.

Poltergeist, CR 2, CE, MM 279. Remember Peeves from Harry Potter? Yeah, me neither. This is supposed to be like him. It can move through solid objects and it can throw stuff (including people) 30 feet into the air whenever it feels like it.

Banshee: CR 4, CE, MM 23. Can sense the living, move through solid objects and can literally scream you to death. Seems like a representation of a mother-in-law.

Ghost: CR 4, any, MM 147. Can see and flee into the Ethereal Plane, moves through solid objects and can possess humanoids!

Bodak: CR 6, CE, TOA 215 / VGM 127. Resists a lot and kills you by coming close. If you look at it, there’s a fair chance you’ll die.

Also, while searching I read that a Dracolich inhabits the body of a nearby deceased reptile if its current body is destroyed. Imagine a Dracolich the size of a common lizard! Fun little NPC.

Side Quest

I’m working on getting a better camera, and if I get one I’ll retake some photo’s to show the models more clearly. Can’t promise when that’ll be, however!

I’ve also started working on a small Google Sheets document with all sorts of Warhammer units, and how one could use them. It isn’t finished yet, and some of the inclusions are somewhat experimental (using Tyrannids and Necrons for example), but I think that they can all be quite fitting given the right paint job! Anyhow, I’ll throw a link when it’s ready. Thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas for units or comments in general, please feel free to share them!

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Can vampires get tetanus?

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