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#this ask was fun
How would Neville be pranked ? (Like by Aries, Mustafa or Wade) What of you think they'd do and how would Neville react?

HMMMMMM this is an interesting question!! i’ve never actually thought about something like this

mustafa doesn’t strike me as being the type to prank nev all that often tbh, if anything nev would be pranking him?? i think maybe the worst prank that moose has ever pulled on him would probably be when nev was trying to shower and he snuck in and stole his clothes + the towels, so he’d have to walk around naked trying to find something to dry off with (this plan ultimately backfired because nev pointed out that moose sees him naked All The Time anyways so it’s not like he’s embarrassed or anything)

aries and wade are the ones who prank him a LOT, they’re all minor things (google “harmless pranks”, that’s more or less the kinda shit they pull on him) and nev usually lets it roll off his back + doesn’t mind, but he will not HESITATE to prank his man back right when they least expect it

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If you were a demon, what would you want to materialize as (like shane with the popcorn and ryan with the pickle)?

oh shit, ok um, I would materialize as a nice phone. I’d set myself on some sidewalk and when someone picks me up, I‘d wait and see if they are a good person. Will they try to find the owner of the phone or will they just straight up steal me? If they try to steal me, I’d bite their hand off and say, “Don’t steal, kids!” and tap dance away.

But what if they tried to find they owner??? Well tough shit, I’d bite their hand off too cause I’m a demon, what did you expect?

Look, I just think I’d get to bite off more hands if I were a nice phone cause anyone would pick one up if they saw one on the sidewalk.

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- Hug the shit out of Ziggy 
- Become best friends with Rob
- Do a lot of crazy evil shit with Rob 
- Argue with Stingy  
- Tell Miss Busybody to stop treating Milford as a fucking slave 
- Dance the bing bang dance with Steph and Sport 
- Force Rob to dance the bing bang dance with us 
- Let Sport teach me how to walk on my hands
- Throw a massive surprise party for Rob with all the others, just to show him how much he’s appreciated     


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📅- Do you have any plans for Halloween this year?

Well for one thing, I will not be going trick-or-treating due to not wanting to get myself and others sick so I’m just planning on making myself a simple costume since I dont have much time to make it more elaborate (I’ll be doing what I did last year and dress as a clown inspired by an ICP Joker Card, last year was inspired by The Amazing Jeckel Brothers), and I’ll be marathoning Halloween special and classic horror movie that would fit this wondeful occasion (any suggestions y'all have would be very much welcome) all night long!

Thank you for sending in this question and i hope you have a wonderful day!!

-Mod Hobbes🌈 (Shift: Minky Momo💝🌈 + Boss🌻🐹 + Howdy🍎🐹)

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It’s not letting me tag you :’C But thanks for the ask!! :D

Answering for my s/i Emmy ^^

💰 — finance

Ooohhh she does NOT have dollars. She lives in a hotel room that couldn’t get rented out in exchange for doing dishes and chores and cleanup work when it’s needed, on top of having another job. Since she doesn’t pay for rent she has a pretty decent chunk of money saved up, but she’s saving it for when she can get into a nicer living situation.

🌍 — knowledge of the world

She doesn’t know much about anything outside of her area besides HUGE issues, especially human rights issues because she follows those a lot. She gets a lot of updates on new agricultural breakthroughs from her sister, though. She knows a LOT about the city she lives in, though, she’s a very good eavesdropper listener and she keeps close tabs on who and what to avoid.

😇 — following rules

She follows the rules she thinks are important: no littering, no hurting people who don’t deserve it, don’t do drugs, etc. etc. She’s very willing to bend the rules in her favor, though, especially when it’ll get on the nerves of someone needs to be taken down a level.

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uuh..i dont really post my art here, but i made a little ash and little cato roleswap! i thought itd be pretty interesting, so the idea came to light!

(( do not repost, copy, use, reference, steal, or trace my art! ))

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ahhh gotcha!!!! im glad you love it!!! miguel’s grandmother is iconic i mean you know she’s chill she made that great costume for miguel for the halloween dance and that scene where you know she thinks he’s jerking off but really and just…smoked a joint before the tournament like i love her. but like..yeah of course you gotta love johnny!!!!! like is there even a weak character on the show i love everyone??? daniel larusso owns my ass but i love everyone, amazing 


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17: Does your muse leave hickies? Do they ask for them?

Once she learns about them from her partner they will definitely be something she enjoys, especially on the neck. Marking a partner and being marked would appeal to her nature and necks are a favorite place for her, her own being very sensitive. Learning where her partner is most receptive to being marked, where they respond the best, would be something fun for her to explore with them.

18: Does your muse like to be pinned down, or to pin their partner?

Ver enjoys being pinned, that is without a doubt, and she enjoys the tussle and mock ‘contest’ for dominance that it plays out. She would happily try to pin her partner, but vastly prefers when the tables are turned on her and she ends up yielding the game.

Vanilla Sunday Meme [Open]

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aaa wow i’ve never really thought of having favorite vines aha. i guess in no particular order:

1. road work ahead? uh yeAH I SURE HOPE IT DOES

2. i have the power of god AND anime on my side

3. “this bitch empty” “yEeT”

4. “how much money do you have?” “69 cents” “aye you know what that means” “i don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets”

5. “what do you have?” “a knife!” “NO”

(weird asks)

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If ur asking about aliens, ive jus got the one for now! My other among us oc is named bunbun, and she’s a regular run of the mill human. They r buds, even if they start off a lil shaky…

Creature design is rlly fun tho, so I might make another impostor oc should fancy strike me,,, I’m glad u enjoy nub’s design ;w;

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that’s??? literally so nice of you to say?? thank you so much ❤️

oh my GOD billy and dustin, they would be. so fucking petty fighting for steve’s attention. if they’re all in a room together, billy’ll put his arm around steve’s shoulders or his waist just to keep him close, will bury his nose in steve’s hair and call him baby just to make dustin gag. if dustin’s catching a ride from steve, he’ll run to the car so that he can get shotgun before billy does, makes him sit in the back. billy crashes nights at the arcade and spends the whole time making eyes at steve because it makes dustin pout. dustin crashes movie night and sits in between them on the couch because billy goes red

but i think they also. get it. that they’re each important to steve in their own way. i think dustin sees that steve’s happy with billy in a way he’s never been before. he’s looser. brighter. and he sees the way billy looks at steve when nobody else is looking, like he’s never seen the sun before. and i think billy understands that dustin’s the little brother steve’s never had, knows steve’s spent so much time lonely, just looking for a family, and to steve, dustin is family, and billy knows the feeling is mutual bc the kid looks at steve like he hung the fuckin’ moon 

but that doesn’t mean dustin didn’t teepee the camaro, and it certainly doesn’t mean billy didn’t steal dustin’s favorite hat and turn it into a literal bird’s nest

and omg think steve and dustin DEFINITELY stay close as adults. they’ve really got a forever type friendship imo, way more brothers than friends, that shit doesn’t fade. like, they talk on the phone constantly and keep each other updated and always try to make it back home to hawkins for the holidays so that they can hang out

they’re all in their 30′s and 40′s, and billy’ll still hold steve too close and call him baby, and dustin’ll still squeeze his way between them on the couch

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