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red cliffs
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sweaty morning | jjk
Tumblr media
plot | When Blaire decided to wake up early while she and her friends are in her aunt's beach house, she noticed two of her friends were up early.
words | 792
genres | humor/crack, secret relationship au, established relationship au, friends to lovers au
pairing | jungkook x reader
warnings | some sexual innuendo...
note | i really missed writing in this series! i have a lot in my drafts. but this one is just a random thought tonight. so, here it is... enjoy reading!
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Tumblr media
Still stretching her arms, Blaire yawned loudly as she walked down the stairs. She noticed the sun still rising up from the big glass window, coloring the sky with mixes of yellow, orange, and red. She was glad you guys accepted her sudden invite for a quick getaway to her aunt’s renovated beach house. Well, technically, her aunt told her that she can have it if she can pay for renovations and she did. So, she’s just waiting for the land’s title to officially own it. For now, she will just prepare her friends a nice breakfast to have. She was almost down to the last three steps of the staircase when she heard deep, hefty breathing. Lines formed between her eyebrows. 
“Anyone there?”
She took the last step and walked slowly, on the way to the kitchen where there was a door that could have possibly opened. She heard heavy footsteps coming close to her.
“Hey, Blaire!” 
Jungkook’s voice was unusually a bit louder and higher when he greeted her. She was almost shocked but she quickly took notice of her friend’s appearance. He honestly looked like he went for a swim except his clothes are not wet. His hair is going in different ways while his chest heaves up and down. Like he was catching for air.
“Hey…” her voice trailed off as her eyes studied him from head to toe. Then she asked the first thing she noticed.  “Why are you so… sweaty?”
Jungkook gulped before smiling, “Oh, I went for an early morning run.”
Her eyebrows scrunched all together again, “What time? It’s only 4:30 AM.”
“Really? I didn’t notice.” Jungkook replied, looking at his wrist. But then, they both noticed that he was not wearing any watch.
“Yeah, you definitely jogged too early. Your shirt is inside out, Jungkook.” she pointed out with a chuckle. “You should really go back to sleep again.”
“Ah, yeah. I’ll just take a shower and probably get more sleep.” he agreed as he began walking to the stairs.
“Well, I hope you did not bring sand from outside,” she told him in a warning tone.
“Oh, I didn’t.” he chuckled while taking steps up to his room. “Good morning, Blaire.”
“Morning, JK.”
Blaire watched him from below until she heard a soft slam of the door. She was laughing to herself while shaking her head as she makes her way to the kitchen. That was where she spotted her other friend, finishing a glass of water before filling it again. She noticed that you looked sticky too. Beads of sweat roll down from your forehead as you rest your one arm on the kitchen island.
“Good… morning, Y/N.” she greeted awkwardly.
“Morning,” you replied, a bit breathless before taking another gulp of water.
“Did you go for a run also? You’re really sweaty too.” she looked at you while walking closer and sitting on the chairs at the kitchen counter. She saw your legs slightly shaking and you were obviously leaning on the island for support.
“Ah… you know… I actually tried that treadmill you said we can use. The one in the gym room.” you replied with a smile.
“How long were you running?” her eyes squinting.
“Almost an hour, I guess,” you answered, looking away.
“Hmm… Okay.” Blaire just said and stood up again. “I am making breakfast by the way. Are you going back to sleep?”
“Nope.” you shook your head. “Maybe I’ll just take a quick shower. Then, I will help you prepare the food.”
She quietly watched you from behind as you strolled back to your room upstairs. Your legs still trembled and you were even slightly leaning your arms on the wall.
“Y/N, are you okay?” she asked worriedly.
You did not look back but signed an okay sign with your hand, “Yeah, just a bit tired. That treadmill really goes hard and fast.”
While preparing for breakfast and waiting for you after your shower, she wondered why everyone is exercising at four in the morning.
Tumblr media
Four months later, Blaire decided to have her solo vacation after a hectic work schedule. Trying to compensate for her last stressful and unhealthy days, she urged herself to go to the beach house’s gym room. Just when she was about to try the treadmill since she never tried it herself ever since the renovation.
“Wait… what?”
She rubbed her chin as she noticed that the treadmill in the room was an old one. It was the one her aunt left unused a very long time ago, which was already damaged. It was even a bit dusty, making her more confused about that time she invited you and your other friends to the beach house.
Tumblr media
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Alpha Bakugou & his late blooming Omega girlfriend 🌬🥀
Tumblr media
Honorable mentions: @jazzylove @bakugoismisunderstood @koreylive
Okay since so many of you seemed to really enjoy this “Just thinking about”, I’m turning it into a short story. I’m thinking it will have four parts all together (including the original post). So I know I’d said that I’d give you a nice big dose of Scumbag Suki this update, buuuut that was before I knew this was going to take off like it did 🙈 The next one is entirely his POV so you’ll get your fill then!
Part 3
“Suki, did you really have to be that harsh towards Izuku when we left the playground earlier? I know you dislike him now but….”
You trail off as you get settled on the plush, blanket lined floor of the small tent you and Bakugou had set up in your backyard. Supposedly there was going to be “A shit load of shooting stars tonight!” acording to one of your classmates. You were excited and insisted on staying up to watch, and as usual, Katsuki inserts himself into any and everything you do. Therefore; The two of you had rushed home after school, asked both your mothers and pleaded to spend the night together out in the yard. Deciding that you two were still at the age where anything other than star gazing was unlikely to happen, they allowed it.
Battery operated fairy lights were strung along the roof of the tent and a small lantern illuminated the center, giving the inside a pink and orange glow.
“Hah?! No way was I about to let stupid Deku come and ruin OUR sleep over! This is for me and you ________, no one else….just…us” a light breeze blew in through the open tent flap and treated Katsuki to be briefly overcome by your scent.
The two of you had your scent glands come in around the same time and still weren’t entirely used to it just yet. All both of you knew is that you favored each other’s scents over anyone else’s. It was kind of getting embarrassing how much you were beginning to enjoy your temperamental best friend’s spiced caramel aroma. So much so you had to make a conscious effort not to lean into him and sniff at his neck from time to time. He was subtle about it, but certainly didn’t mind bumping into or brushing up against you more often than ever to get a whiff of your intoxicating fragrance. Even getting hit with a face full just now had his brain feeling sluggish as beads of sweat began forming along his hairline.
A voice inside his head started incessantly growling “touch her, touch her TOUCH HER”. Under the guise of getting comfortable he shifted his leg to rest up against yours and his mind quieted instantly.
“I….I know that Kat…I wouldn’t have invited him anyway!” Your face began to redden as you brazenly blurted out; “I like when it’s just you and I, we always have the most fun”.
He instantly perked up at hearing that, but he couldn’t help but ask; “So you like me better than him? You think I’m BETTER than him?”. Leaning into you as he waited for you to answer his question, eyes narrowed.
“You know I do! Besides….” You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned towards him and inhaled deeply “You smell so much better than him too!”.
Oh hell now you’d done it ________, you unknowingly opened the metaphoric Pandora’s box.
He didn’t speak right away, just smirked back at you and enjoyed the devious expression on your face. After another minute spent invading one another’s personal space you were first to snap out of it quickly muttering; “M’sorry Suki I..I dunno what happened I shouldn’t have got in your face like that!”. You sat back up and moved your leg so it was no longer touching his. Unable to comprehend the sudden feeling of sadness at the loss of contact, or attribute it to the fact that you were no longer touching him. Katsuki frowned immediately and scooted back against you, “S’okay princess…s’not like it’s a big deal”. His use of the familiar nickname only succeeding to fluster you further.
The next few moments were spent in silence.
Surprisingly, It was you that eventually broke it asking; “Suki do you know…d’you know what mates are?”. You immediately began to play with the cheap desk telescope you’d brought out to avoid looking at him, your heart was beating a lot faster now. The startled look on his face would have informed you that your question caught him off gaurd; Surely you hadn’t just had the same thought he did?! Well either that or you could read minds….that wasn’t very likely, thank god.
“Ah well my mom told me it’s when two people decide that they want to always be together and get sad if they are ever apart…so they live together….and then other stuff happens that damn brats don’t need to know just yet” he finished lamely, confused as to why he felt so strange reciting his mother’s words exactly as she’d originally said them.
“I get sad when we have to go inside our houses at night and stop playing together” you said, the depressed tone of voice sounded like it was happening right then. “Me too…I wish we lived together cause then you’d always be with me” he confessed shooting you a nervous glance. Your eyes lit up and you beamed at him when the idea suddenly struck; “We have to become mates now Katsuki, we have to!”. You got up on your knees and began frantically shuffling things around the tiny tent. “If we’re mates then our parents can’t tell us we have to stop playing and separate at night! We’ll always be able to stay together!” Your sporadic movement and sudden outburst immediately infected your companion with the same frantic energy, albeit nervous, but excited all the same as he stared at you with wide eyes.
“You’re right _________! That’s a great idea”
“I know!”
“So uh..umm how uh…how do we do that?”
You stop smoothing the blankets out to stare at Katsuki, “You don’t know how?”.
“No” he admits glumly.
You can’t hold back the distressed whimper that escapes you and Katsuki is immediately at your side trying to console you “Hey princess it’s alright-“. “NO!” you exclaim “We need to do this to stay together forever!”.
Then you remembered something; “I see my mom and dad do this every morning”. You roll up the sleeve of your jacket and bring your wrist up, simulating the motion of rubbing it across the scent gland on your neck. Katsuki nods his head in understanding; “Oh yeah, mine do the same thing! Let’s do that!”. He lays back and stretches his neck out, “You do me first and then I’ll do you kay?”.
You nod and smile down at him, shuffling towards his head and bringing your wrist up to his neck. You hold your breath as your skin makes contact with his and start lightly rubbing over his scent gland a few times.
“S-Shit” he says softly, squirming slightly.
“What?! Did I hurt you??!” You ask.
Fear immediately replacing excitement and distracting you from reprimanding him for uttering a curse word as you usually would.
“N-No it didn’t hurt…please d-do it again”
You do, continuing thoughtlessly as you become enthralled by his peaceful expression and relaxed as he starts purring.
“Your turn”
You take his spot laying down on the fluffy blanket strewn floor, shivering with anticipation and the slight chill in the night air. His touch warms you from the inside out and you gasp at the sudden sensation. Relaxing once more, you look up at him through heavily lidded eyes and return the smile he’s giving you.
Neither one of you has any idea that this situation is going to come with serious consequences.
Eventually you remember the whole reason you two had decided to camp out in the first place; “The shooting stars!” You cry sitting up and narrowly avoiding head butting the blonde boy above you. “Hey!” He snarls. You stand and open the window flap in the tents ceiling, just as you do you see the first “star” shoot across the sky. “Woah! Quick make a wish make a wish kat!”.
He won’t admit it…but he does, and so do you.
As more stars shoot across the sky the two of you lay together; Happily curled up in the blankets, snuggling up together. Occasionally one of you brings your wrist up and begins to rub the others neck lazily, while continuing to watch the dazzling light show taking place above you. Both of you end up falling asleep long before it’s over. The sound of Katsuki’s continuous purring, lulling you into the most comfortable sleep possible.
Well that, and how his natural warmth just seemed to consume you….
Warmth…so warm at times it could get uncomfortable.
Like right now…too close…too hot
Your eyes snap open and you take in your surroundings; This is your dorm room, you’re at school right now, safe. Your clothes and sheets are soaked through with sweat. Not just sweat apparently; After waking up more you realize your lower body feels disgustingly sticky. Then a tingling sensation begins at the tip of your toes, rapidly spreading up your legs until it reaches the special place between them. Then it’s like a literal fucking furnace has exploded down there! Not to mention the heavyweight that has now come to rest in your lower stomach as it begins to cramp.
“Ow! ow! Ow!”
You try to feel around the bed for your phone, you could call one of your friends to come help you.Friends….that’s right they all left for the weekend! Wait not all of them left, Katsuki! He’s still here! That’s right, you were supposed to go over to his room, last night? Is it already morning? Fuck who knows.
You start to cry when you can’t feel your phone nearby on the bed, you don’t wanna look for it.
You don’t wanna be alone either though….Your scared. His room is just down the hall it’s not too far away, maybe if you just take it slow you’ll make it. You force yourself to get up, not even caring that all you have on is a tiny pair of sleep shorts and a sports bra.
You bend down to grab your slides out from beneath the bed and slip them on your feet before moving forward.
One foot in front of the other.
Your hunched over, one arm wrapped around your stomach and sweat freely dribbling down your face, coating your chest, sliding down the valley between your breasts.
Jesus, I must look like fucking shit right now.
As you make it into the hallway and start your journey all you can think about is how badly you want to see Katsuki. He always makes everything better somehow; That smile he wears just for you makes your heart sing normally. Right now you just let out a pained keen at the thought. Your inner omega has always been quiet enough to ignore in the past, but now she’s practically screeching like a fucking banshee inside of your head.
Just one word, over & over & over again:
With each screech your primal urges and instincts had began overwhelming you. Eventually reaching a point where the lines between the two began to blur. Making you feel more like a wounded beast that’s gone absolutely feral, while slowly dragging yourself down the hallway.
Once you get about halfway down you start to smell the familiar scent that you’ve become so fond of. Only it’s so much stronger and….muskier? It’s intoxicating, and so potent, you need more! Somehow your legs are moving quicker thanks to this new desperation manIfesting. Once you finally reach his door you have to stop yourself from breaking it down; Frantically pounding on it instead, and now you’ve started crying, salivating, and you’re just a goddamn walking train wreck… Somehow you don’t care, your appearance doesn’t matter, you just need HIM right now.
When the door opens you stumble inside.
The sound of his voice quieting your shrieking omega as soon as it reaches your ears;
“Finally decided to show up? Was waiting all fuckin’ night for you and…hey what’s wrong? Oh shit…fuck”.
Fuck is very right.
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Crystal heart ll chapter 4
chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9 / chapter 10
Note: English is not my native language, so sorry for any spelling errors.
Warnings: swearing.
Tumblr media
“Hey, Zhongli, what are you doing with this cute girl?”
The tall person with cheerful voices approaches you, a smile on his face that hides his bloodthirstiness.
“Zhongli, it is not in your habit to harass women…”
He grabs the old man's wrist with a strong fist and gives him a grim look.
Morax narrows his eyes at Tartaglia's behavior and lets you go.
"To correct you, I do not harass women.. My morals and values ​​are higher than these outrageous behaviors."
He folds his hands and stares at Ginger's head angrily.
“Haha, yes, that’s right…”
He pulls you to him to make sure you are safe on his lap.
Morax watches Childe behaving with you and says :"I think you know her."
Childe tries to respond in a way that does not allow Zhongli to ask more questions about you: "Yes ... she is my girlfriend ..."
“What!? Since when??...”
As a result of his sudden words, you said your words in shock.
"It seems that your girlfriend also doesn't know she's related to you," said Morax, with a slight irony in his voice.
“Haha, don’t bother, she just likes to joke…”
Childe rubs the back of his head with one hand, and the other hand pulls you into his lap more.
"Right my love?..."
Tartaglia looked at you as a sign that you answered him in the affirmative.
“Ah, yeah… yeah, I forgot… huh… maybe I was a little drunk…”
Your tone of voice is tense, and fortunately you are wearing the mask, otherwise your tongue will slip and expose you due to Morax's piercing gazes and awkward looks.
"See? I told you..."
Tarttaglia's features are overflowing with pride, although this is all just a representation.
"Well, lovers this time are strangers..."
Morax let out a buzz, indicating that he had been successfully persuaded.
“Haha, yes, maybe because I hated him before, he made me forget my association with him when I was drunk…”
Your words make the proud boy look at you with a shocked expression.
"And what about inviting tea? It will ease the symptoms of diabetes," Morax says.
You raise your head to look at Childe for an opinion, but he is still shocked.
“Sigh..add another tea to relieve the symptoms of shock.”
says Morax, "Well then, that way..."
You barely get out of Tartaglia's lap and drag him with you to where Morax goes.
You have arrived at the Third-Round Knockout, and as you come in and sit down, Morax begins to make a pot of tea, one for you and one for the traumatized Childe.
You kept watching him work brilliantly, the sweet smell of the ingredients making you smile spontaneously from under the mask, and the herbs that mixed in the teapot and smelled sour like orange and sweet as honey, reminding you of your past life and how your mother used to prepare food with a smell close to the smell of tea.
Morax put the jug over the fire and waited a few minutes until it was ready. He poured golden tea into blue tea cups and served you your drink.
The light texture of the tea and the refreshing aroma reminded you of childhood dreams, you took a sip and felt as if you were flying freely in the sky and lying on cotton clouds ...
The feeling of comfort fills your body and makes you forget the worries and misfortunes of the world. Would you really kill someone preparing such delicious tea? ...
A sip of this magical tea is enough to forgive all his sins...
Your happy tone expresses your features under the mask and the buried feelings that overflowed at this moment from the intensity of comfort and serenity that the soaked herbs gave you...
"I'm glad you liked it"
Zhongli looks at you with a friendly look, giving you a nod.
You are confused now, would you kill him in retaliation for what he did to you? Or forgive him and forget what he did?
If you find anyone who is able to brew such a delicious and soothing tea, they will not hesitate to kill Morax, but unfortunately the percentage of this is small ...
You turn to Ajax and try to make him sip from your cup, he spontaneously interacts with you from the intensity of his happiness and continues to drink and the taste that swept his mouth made his dead eyes shine for seconds ...
"Wow...that's delicious!!"
"Have you recovered from your shock?"
You tell him and he feels the intention of killing you.
"Ah, yes... Hhh Thank you... Did I do something wrong? ..."
Ajax confused, a confused smile on his face.
You stand quietly from the chair and say : "If you catch it, you will die."
Says Childe in shock: "Wh.."
Before he finished, you grabbed the cup and threw it hard and quickly at Childe's face, causing him to hit his nose and fall off the chair because of your sudden movement and loss of balance.
You shouted angrily: "You drank all my tea!!.."
All you heard at this moment was Zhongli's rare laugh, you turned to him and saw his beautiful laugh, your anger and resentment waned to see the old man laughing centuries after the end of the Archons War.
You return to the chair and Morax offers you another cup of tea.
"Childe baka..."
Your tone clearly shows the amount of anger drawn on your face and ashamed of your inappropriate behavior. Ajax returned to sit next to you and put the cup you threw at him on the table.
“If it breaks, you will have to buy other tea sets as an apology for breaking the cup.”
You sip your beloved tea and ignore Ajax.
"But I'm not the one who threw it... and if you broke it, it would be because you threw it!"
Childe is surprised by your words and at the same time does not want to discuss you.
"It would be your fault because you didn’t catch it..."
You still drink your tea to relieve your anger even though a part of you is amused.
Before he finished, you interrupted him: "Are you going to quarrel with me?"
You put down your cup and turned to Childe.
Childe understands that you were really angry with him, and the best thing to get your forgiveness is to apologize and buy you candy later.
"No, your grـ.."
You predicted what this idiot would say, so you screamed without thinking.
The two men wince and looked at you in astonishment.
Ajax: "Why did you scream? Are you okay?"
Zhongli: "Did you see any insects?"
"Haha...sorry I just burned my tongue...haha"
You felt like your heart fell from what you did, even you didn't expect to scream like that.They were just words and they will lead you to the abyss.
“Well, thank you for your hospitality, sir, I have to leave now…”
You stood, and Ajax stood with you, and so did Zhongli. You went out, and before you came down the stairs you said to Ajax, “Do you know what? I want to kick you from the top of the stairs..."
And you went down, leaving Childe to process your words in his mind.
He followed you and said childishly: "Why?"
You cheerfully replied: "No reason."
You turned to Morax and said: "Thanks again, see you soon."
Zhongli: "Yes, if the fates bring us together."
You laugh and walk through the crowd to leave, when you catch a glimpse of a familiar person moving nervously and anxiously on his face from afar.
You laughed and said: "Shit, I totally forgot about him!"
"Who is he?"
He asks Ajax and inquires about the reason for the laugh.
“Haha, it’s Aether, I forgot about it because of everything that happened.”
You shouted his name: "Aether ... here!! Hey, Aether ... here!!"
You finally got his attention and he ran to you like a puppy who saw his owner after a long time.
"Your grace!! I'm sorry for my failure to protect you...and"
His voice trembled and his eyes filled with tears.
"Hey, don't worry, I'm fine, and that's the most important thing right?. And don't call me like that in public"
His voice is almost audible so you pull him into a hug.
"Okay, calm down... How about I buy you some candy?"
You gently patted his back while waiting for his answer.
You break the hug and say excitedly: "So what are we waiting for? Let's enjoy the festival!!"
Ajax's voice interrupts your enthusiasm: "But isn't the festival celebrating the death of the imposter?"
"I learned something, as long as there's delicious food, I don't care about the reason for the festival!"
You jump with happiness and excitement.
your parents didn't allow you to attend festivals when you were young, so this is a golden opportunity.
"Haha, you're really special!! Let's go then..."
If you like my writing, please support and publish it. Thank you. There will be a sequel soon, so look forward to it …
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insane-arcane · 4 months ago
Getting ready in Jinxes room for your big date the girl sat back on her bed and watched as you used her makeup. She frowned as she sat on her blue and white blankets looking bored.
"You should cancel." She suggests suddenly. Her legs were in a butterfly position and her knees tapped against her bed as her hands played in the blankets below her. You laugh at her playful nature as you start your makeup with foundation. Taking a brush Jinx spray painted with one of her crazy designs, you powder your face trying not to giggle at the irony of putting powder on your face with a girl named Powder behind you.
"We can hang out tomorrow Jinx I promise. And I can tell you all about it then. That'll be fun." You chirp hoping to appease the pouting blue haired girl as you continue to dab at your face, smoothing out any scars or blemishes. You're thankful Jinx always kept extra shades for you and made sure to have your colors on hand so you could use them. Smiling as you finish covering your skin you start looking at eyeshadows.
"Yeah funnnnnn." She hums sarcastically before falling backwards onto her bed with a sigh. Blowing hair out of her face you smile softly watching her pout in the mirrors reflection. Picking up her old rabbit and putting it on her face you hummed sympathetically. You knew how bored she got without you.
"Hey Jinx. Classy? Bold?" You question wanting to include her. Holding up two different pallets she shifted a bit to take a peak. She had seemed off today. Even more so as you got ready for youe date but you didn't know why.
"You look better without makeup." Turning in the swivel chair you were on and giving her a pointed look she pouted getting up. The rabbit fell off her face back onto her cushion filled bed and she crossed her arms looking exasperated. "Either looks fine." She finally responds and you nod slowly pursing your lips as she doesn't look directly at you. Deciding on the more classy pallet you pick your natural toned colors and stuck to something simple yet eye catching. You wanted to accentuate your features not change them.
Taking a second to glide the color carefully over your eyelids, you tap a different color on the side of your nose for contour. Smiling at the results you begin humming a song Jinx liked. Now that your done with the eyeshadow you pick out a pretty eyeliner before carefully applying it not wanting to smear or mess it up.
"How am I looking?" You ask blinking at Jinx so she can see your painted face. You expect her to giggle and joke like she always does but instead she hops off her bed stomping towards you.
"You should start over. I changed my mind, I like the bold better. Let me help." Jinx states reaching for a makeup brush. Frowning at her indecisiveness you roll your eyes and start looking over lipsticks. Pinks. Brown's. Blacks. Purples. Blues. Oranges. Greens. Yellows. Jinx really had everything. As Jinx reaches for your face with a wipe you push her hand away.
"I think I look great." You state really liking wht you did. Besides starting over would took too long. "Classy is a good choice." You state hoping she'll calm down. Jinx simply frowns grabbing a brush and different eye shadow pallet.
"No let me fix it. Please." She begs and you notice how you don't have much time left before the date. She'd been pouty this whole time not wanting tp help you. Now she was trying to distract you. You weren't about to miss this date.
"Why is this such a big deal Jinx? You've been bored and moody all day since I came here to get ready. I thought you'd like helping me." You state before you mess with your hair trying to make it look perfect. "... I mean this guys really nice and they own this cute shop you'd like. They make a pretty decent and honest living and they like me and well... I think I like them." You state honestly. You just really wanted this date to go well.
"WELL MAYBE I LIKE YOU!" Pausing the lipstick tube hovered in front of your partially done lips as you stared into the mirror wide eyed. As you moved your gaze you met Jinxes in the mirror. Her blue hair was frizzy and her eyes were wild as she breathed in and out looking frantic. You'd been arguing all night about this date as you got ready but you weren't expecting that to be the reason why.
Putting the lipstick tube down you close your eyes and take a deep breath. Turning to look at Jinx she seemed panicked now. Her hands began to fidget and she slowly began banging her fist against her head.
"stupid stupid stupid. You weren't supposed to say... now you said. Stupid stupid stupid." She murmered as she looked away from you ashamed.
"Jinx." You call slowly walking up to her as she began to descend into an episode.
"No good. No good..." She mumbles still thunking her head. "Why would they like you? Never you. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." She hisses as her eyes dart around the room.
"Jinx." You bark. She doesn't answer and continues saying horrible things about herself not listening to you.
Grabbing her shoulders forcing her to look at you, you pulled her forward before pressing your lips to hers. You always thought your first kiss would be sensual and slow like what the Madames explained at the whore house and yet this was the exact opposite. It was frenzied and passionate and a last ditch attempt of getting her to calm down.
More teeth and tongue than lips and love it sent tingles down your body and made you feel electrified. Pulling away after a minute, gasping for air you open your eyes just as Jinx opens hers. Sapphire blue stare into (e/c) and as you slowly calm down heart hammering away in your chest Jinx looks so surprised. The only sound is the noise of your loud pants. Blushing as she stares at you a faint pink tinges her cheeks as well.
"I... I like you too." It's a breathless confession. Something calm and gentle after the storm you just unleashed, something that didn't need to be said yet it meant all the world that you did. As she smiled lips smeared in lipstick and cheeks stained with tears you knew you'd said and done the right thing.
Maybe guys were overrated anyways.
Tumblr media
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lonely-lost-soul · a year ago
Let Me Worship You
(C!Technoblade X Gn!Reader)
Tumblr media
Request 9: Could I perhaps request a c!techno x gn!reader where maybe the reader is good friends with Dadza and meets Techno one day and they fall for each other? Bonus if the reader is maybe a great builder like dadza but too shy to actually meet anyone so they just build things quietly and then move on and no one but dadza really knows them? Soft! and/or protective! Techno would be cute but not needed!! 😊😊😊
Requested By: 🍀 Anon
I hope you don't mind the shameless art I made for this lol.
At this point in his life, Technoblade had known Phil for centuries, they started their own brief empire together and he watched him raise Wilbur the best a single father could. It was about five years ago when you started following Phil around, the first time Technoblade met you was entirely by accident. He just needed to drop off some building supplies to Phil and Wilbur when he saw you trifling through Phil’s stuff, you had gorgeous white wings and when the sun hit them just right he saw flecks of gold peek through. His piglin side was immediately enamored with the gold wanted to reach out and run a delicate hand through the feathers. Technoblade set his jaw and summoned his ax to his side, you turned around (e/c) eyes widening with shock and fear. Technoblade couldn’t help but feel pure satisfaction rush through his veins seeing your fright. You held up your hands and everything you were holding tumbled to the ground, wings puffing up with shock and horror. Hearing the noise Phil wandered into the room and was quick to diffuse the situation, you hid behind the taller male and Techno gave a grunt of an apology in your direction.
From that moment forward you were as much of a staple in his life as Phil was, Phil had explained Wilbur had found you half dead a little ways away from his home. You had wings like his and Phil couldn’t let you die without answers, his crows would never let him live it down. After he got what he needed from you, Phil noticed just how handy you were around the house especially when you were building things so he kept you around. Technoblade never really interacted with you unless Phil was there to interpret, you weren’t much of a talker and Technoblade was never one for long-drawn-out conversation anyway. However, when Phil had killed Wilbur and he and Technoblade had to move north you inevitably followed the birdman. That’s when Technoblade really began to understand and get to know you and your little quirks. He noticed that when you concentrated on blueprints to a certain build you’d stick your tongue out all cute like, or the soft songs you’d hum when you thought no one was listening.
But Technoblade always listens.
He also noticed that since you and Phil had moved in there was an abundance of not only Phil’s crows flying around but a few stray morning doves pecking at the snow as well.
With the encouragement of the voices, Technoblade had gathered up enough courage to attempt to hold onto a conversation with you. As he walked up to you he noticed the soft coo of a dove was heard, catching your attention. You turned around and your eyes locked with his own, he watched your shoulders tense and face flush a little as he approached you.
Off to a rocky start already. Great.
“Ugh. Hey?” Technoblade grunted hands crossing over his chest,
‘Hey? HEY? is that the best you can do? Look at them they’re cowering. Good, they should be, which means we’re well known.’
Technoblade cleared his throat a little as you held up a hand with a shy wave, “hello.” You greeted, your voice was soft and sweet like honey in his ears. The exact opposite of Wilbur and Tommy’s, he found himself enjoying the tone. “So um...did I do something wrong?” Your wings folded back and he watched you methodically run your fingers through the feathers.
‘Look at the gold flecks! I want them! I wanna pet them they’re so cute! So small and helpless like a little worm. Worm? Really? What it’s an analogy! A bad one! Shut up she’s giving us a look!’
“No? Did you do something I should be concerned about?”
“No!” You sputtered out in panic, dropping the bricks in your hand stumbling back so they wouldn’t crush your toes.
You had fast reflexes, that’s good.
The morning dove around you cooed in distress fluttering up to your shoulder, nesting there like it was its home. “I’m alright,” You whispered eyes going soft as you scratched under the bird’s chin, Technoblade watched with interest. Technoblade gathered why Phil really liked you, you were almost an exact replica of the mild manner builder, other than the anarchist tendencies.
“Didn’t mean to make you drop your stuff,” Technoblade clicked his tongue softly bending down to gather your materials. “Where do you want them?”
“You don’t have to-”
“I asked you a question kid.” Your mouth snapped shut and your lips pressed into a thin tense line. Technoblade observed as your eyebrow twitched, oh you were annoyed. You didn’t voice your annoyance he couldn’t help but mentally comment how cute that look was on you. A huff spilled past your lips and you directed him where to place the bricks in their proper locations. The both of you fell into light conversation after that, he caused you to laugh a few times and it made him feel oddly warm inside. He didn’t even realize that the sun began to set until you pointed it out, Technoblade rubbed the stubble on his chin glancing at you out of the corner of his eye. You were staring up at the sunset, the orange and red colors shone through the gaps in your feathers, your eyes were alight with wonder. You looked like an old Greek statue, an angel carved out of the finest marble and gemstones.
He flushed when you turned to face him, embarrassed to have been caught staring at you so blatantly. You smiled the tips of your pointing ears turning pink, “You should stay the night.” Technoblade spoke without really thinking about the consequences, “there’s plenty of room.”
“Alright. I think I will. It’s not safe flying at night anyway.” Your smile only growing in size at his offer, he made the right decision then, he led you and your little dove through the snow and into his cabin.
Spring rolled around and there was a little house set up right next to Technoblade’s home. It fit his aesthetic nicely, made out of wood, and always had its lanterns lit, it was your home. However, you began to spend most of your time at Technoblade’s home talking with the retired Blood God. You and Phil also had begun molting which was Technoblade’s least favorite time of the year mostly because of all the feathers. However, this year in particular he was particularly enamored with your shiny golden feathers he would find around his home. Maybe he collected them and kept them in his ender chest, it wasn’t creepy he was cleaning. At least that’s what Technoblade told himself, not because he found your feathers beautiful or anything and was enamored by the shine.
“Hey Kid,” Technoblade asked from his seat across from you in his sitting room, you picked your head up and tilted it to the side in a questioning manner. Your wings were ruffled, messy and you looked uncomfortable to be interrupted from your grooming. “Need some help?” He watched your entire face turn bright red in the process, “look you can say no. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“I’m not uncomfortable!” You argued, “just caught off guard a little Tech. I never thought it’d be something you were interested in.” Standing up from the chair you spread your wings wide, pulled over a stool, and flopped in front of Technoblade. He was a little shocked at how quickly you agreed, they must’ve really been bothering you.
“Do I...just stick my hands in there or…”
You tossed your head back and let out a roaring laugh,
“heh? What’s so funny huh? I don’t wanna hurt you.” Technoblade snapped at you with an embarrassed huff, your laughter slowly dyed down after a few more seconds.
“Sorry I just. Is that what you say to the ladies too?” Technoblade choked and blanked never once have you said something so dirty before, he didn’t even know you were capable of making jokes like that.
“I say that to everyone actually, I don’t discriminate to just women- I’m not helping my case am I? I should stop talking.” It only served to send you into another set of loud giggles, Technoblade was red in the face and stuck his hands into the little feathers by your back. He felt you tense up for a moment before relaxing into his touch, you let out a soft sound of pleasure. Technoblade chose to ignore the sound even if it sent the voices into a frenzy, to mark and claim, and...he was absolutely not going to finish that thought. You both sat there for about an hour and thirty minutes, fixing up your feathers making you preen at the touches. You were smiling like an idiot by the time he was done and you spread your feathers wide, almost like you were showing them off. Technoblade couldn’t help but feel proud that you liked the work he did so much,
“They’re so soft! Thank you Techno!” You turned towards him, eyes practically glowing with adoration. His face turned red, you were stunning, he kissed you that night and by wintertime, the both of you were an official couple.
Phil was quick to catch onto the change in demeanor between the couple, he clapped Techno on the back as congratulations. You were out on another building project, making a little farm because you knew how much Technoblade loved potatoes, you really were attentive. Surprising Technoblade, Phil had also threatened his first cannon life if he ever hurt you in any way, shape, or form. Techno was a little surprised Phil would go as far as to threaten him, but he promised his old friend he wouldn’t let any man, woman, or creature lay their hands on you, including himself.
It was the dead of winter and temperatures had dropped drastically, Technoblade had made both you and Phil warm clothes for the occasion that matched with his own winter gear. He had given you a friendship emerald and in return, you made him a necklace with one of your golden feathers on it.
Technoblade cherished the gift with his entire being. On occasion, while he was out on a long journey he’d press gentle kisses to it when he missed you, and he swore sometimes he swore it moved on its own. He walked into the cabin to see you spread across his couch, a book on your lap, wings curled in tight against your body. He smiled softly dropping the wood he gathered by the door, he snuck over to you and pressed a kiss against your cheek.
“Hi, sunshine,” You greeted turning your head to look at him, his face burned and his chest filled with warmth. Technoblade moved to sit in your lap with a smirk, he plucked the book from your hands to look at the cover. You frowned in his direction, “You lose my spot and I’m hitting you over the head with it.”
“Violent.” He tutted softly bopping you on the head with said book, you shot him a cold look.
“Nerd.” He responded casually, you let out a little huff, wings ruffling in frustration.
There’s that look, he loved that look. God, you were so cute.
You slapped your hands on his cheeks, and it shocked him back to attention. He felt your fingers spread across his cheeks and your thumbs brush against the apples of his face. Technoblade’s eyes softened and he snuggled into your open palms, he saw you smile and his eyes dropped to a content close. Technoblade did something he hadn’t done in years, he felt the rumble in his throat before it happened, he purred.
His eyes snapped open with fear and embarrassment, but the way your eyes were sparkling quelled the feelings immediately.
“Did you just purr?”
“So what if I did?” He grumbled another purr mixing with a growl,
“That’s the cutest thing in the entire world Mr. Big Bad anarchist. You only purr for me?” The light teasing in your voice sent him aflame, “Aw you do!” You cooed rubbing his cheeks with your thumbs again, he buried his face in your chest as more purrs spilled from his mouth without him wanting them to. “No need to hide it, keep them purrs coming.” Technoblade’s entire face was red as you reached forward to pluck his glasses from his nose. You placed them on the end table and grabbed a blanket wrapping you both inside a cocoon of warmth.
“You tell anyone about this and we’re breaking up.”
“Deal. Your secrets safe with me.” You hummed quietly running his hands through his pink locks melting against your touch. He finally relaxed completely resting the side of his head against your chest to listen to your heartbeat. Technoblade purred and you could feel the rumbles of his chest against your own. The ferocious Blade was akin to a cat, grumpy on the outside but a big softie who wanted attention on the inside. Leaning forward you kissed his forehead, another louder purr was pulled from the man and pressed his forehead back against your lips. “Good boy.~” You teased scratching under his chin he sent you a tired look but the redness in his cheeks gave away how much he enjoyed the praise.
“Shut up. You’re being cringe.” He growled with no real bite or fire,
“Take a nap big guy. You deserve one. You’re safe with me.” Technoblade yawned loudly at your words, his jaw unhinging a little, only proving to show how tired he really was. “I’ll protect you, always.” Technoblade smiled sheepishly and allowed himself to let his guard down just this once to fall asleep in his lover’s arms.
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rocketrhap3000 · a year ago
Daddy’s A Superhero
requested: “Hi sweetie! I was wondering if you could write a Chris Evans x Reader request? I was thinking about a day at Chris's and Yn's daughter school where they present their parents, and when it is Chris time, your son/daughter tells everyone who her/his father is but without even mentioning the famous part? And Chris gets emotional and feels so human and alive because they mention things like "daddy knows how to fish and how to play the piano" and these simple things are what they love about him? Thank you 💕”
a/n: yes!!! i absolutely loved this idea!! thank you for requesting!!  and i am working on requests as best as i can so thank you all for your patience 💙
warnings: just emotional/angsty chris i think! maybe like one swear word? but its all fluffy fluff lol
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
btw this picture 1000% looks like chris in an elementary school classroom watching his kid present something so i just had to use it with this request lol
Tumblr media
Bouncing in her seat at the counter, your daughter can barely contain her excitement. It’s a normal Friday morning, except for the fact that instead of just dropping the kids off at school today, you and Chris are going to accompany Sydney to her first grade class for what they’re doing as a little Parent’s Day. Calum, being one year in age and one school grade older than Sydney, already had this experience last year, and so, of course, Syd has been looking forward to taking you two to her class ever since.
“You gotta eat, Squid,” Chris encourages his daughter softly, seeing that the squirmy kid has barely touched her breakfast. 
“I’m too excited, Daddy!” she exclaims, wiggling out of her seat and attaching herself to her father’s legs. 
“Well how about you get excited after you get something in your tummy,” Chris laughs softly, lifting up his little girl in his arms and bringing her back over to her spot at the counter. She situates herself back into stool, Chris standing to her side while gathering some eggs on her fork for her. He then hands her the utensil and she looks up at him with big, blue eyes that match her father’s and a slight pout.
“Hey, I remember when you guys came to my class last year. Remember, Mama? Dad?” Calum speaks up with a sip of his orange juice.
“Yeah, Buddy,” you turn and smile at him.
“Yeah, me too, Pal.” Chris smiles, tucking some hair behind Sydney’s ear as she finally starts to pick away at the food on her plate.
“My friends thought meeting you was so cool! Remember, you signed Bennett’s Captain America lunch box and Joey’s Avengers backpack?” your eldest son exclaims proudly, almost spilling his juice.
“I remember,” Chris nods with a smile, gently smoothing back his son’s hair, but you can tell your husband’s demeanor has changed about the topic now.
You remember Cal’s day last year. And you also remember that as happy as Chris was to come in for his son, it was pretty difficult for him to just be dad for Calum when everyone only knew him as Captain America or “celebrity Chris Evans”. A couple parents came up to him and asked for pictures with their kids, and it was just a little much. Chris never openly talked to you about it, but knowing your husband, you knew he was upset after the day; he just didn’t let it get to you or the kids.
“Dad, do you think that when it’s time for Arley and Adrian to bring you to school, they will get upset because they have to present you and mom together?” Calum asks with orange juice on his upper lip.
“I dunno, Pal. They might be in separate classes when they start school. But guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Chris answers after taking a moment to think about the twins’ two contrasting personalities. 
You think about Arley and his leading, dominating nature; the older twin will most definitely be doing the actual presenting. Adrian, the younger, softer, quieter, but with more behind-the-scenes intelligence, will probably stand off to the side with you and Chris; it’s in his nature to follow his brother. The two are like peas in a pod, so you can’t imagine separating them for too many things in life. 
And at the mention of her little brothers, Sydney is reminded that they’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house - Chris’ parents. You and Chris decided it would be a good idea to have your focus on the oldest two, mainly Sydney, for the day so that they feel special. Besides, Lisa takes every chance to spend time with her grandkids, and the high-energy twins would much rather be playing with Grandma than brought along to Sydney and Calum’s school.
“Mama, when can we have a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa?” Sydney then asks you, and you look up from packing the kids’ lunchboxes to answer.
“I don’t know, Sweetheart. Maybe when we pick up the twins from them after school, you can ask them, okay?” 
She nods happily at your suggestion, and squirms out of her seat once more. You decide against trying to get her to eat again, knowing they have an early snack time at school and it’s a half-day, anyways. She hugs you and Chris takes over packing their lunches while you take the kiddos upstairs to brush their teeth and finish getting ready. 
It takes all of fifteen minutes before you’re heading back downstairs to get shoes and jackets on and to get out the door. Calum jogs to the car and situates himself independently, but Sydney sticks with Chris, ever the daddy’s girl, holding onto his hand the whole way to the car. 
As he buckles his daughter into her car seat, though, you notice Chris is a little off. You think Sydney even notices; she puts her little hands on his scruffy cheeks as he fastens her into her seat. He looks down at her with a small smile on his lips before clicking the buckle into place and kissing her forehead. 
You, while waiting patiently in the front passenger seat, talk over some words with Calum that will be on the spelling test he’s having today. He’s a bright kid, no doubt taking after his father in practically every aspect. It’s not long before Chris climbs into the driver’s side and starts the car. It’s silent for most of the short drive to school, save for the quiet chatter between Calum and Sydney in the back. You look over to Chris and you can tell he’s tense; his actual physical state and the position of his body looks wrecked with anxiety. 
“Chris,” you say in a volume just above a whisper. He looks over to you briefly, but quickly turns his focus back on the road. 
“You’re nervous,” you point out softly as the car stops at a red light. But he looks over at you expectantly, shaking his head and giving you what you know to be his cover up smile.
“Christopher,” you then quietly demand, reaching over to set your hand on his thigh. “Why?”
He sighs, but when you give his leg a squeeze, he speaks up.
“Because remember last year with Calum?” he asks you in a hushed voice as the light turns green and he steps on the gas. You can hear your son and daughter talking and giggling in the backseat so you know they couldn’t care less about what their mom and dad are talking about.
“Yeah, Chris. Cal loved bringing you in last year.”
“I know. And I loved being there for him.”
“Then why are you nervous for today?”
“Because… ugh, I don’t know. I guess it’s just... I don’t want Syd to talk about how our family’s always in the limelight. I mean, Cal was so excited about the new movie last year that it was all he talked about. He told his class I’m gone a lot and that’s just stuck with me.”
“Well, he also told his class that he wants to be just like you when he grows up. And remember how he said he loves going to set with you? He is so proud to have you as a dad, Chris.”
“I know. I know that he’s so proud of me. But I just felt so… un-parental. It seemed like I was just there for show. Like... using my son to promote the newest Marvel movie. I felt like a shit dad, honestly, (Y/n). It felt like the other parents were judging me, too. I don’t know.”
“Honey, I can assure you the other parents weren’t judging you. The dads all wish they could be Captain America and the moms were more like… borderline lusting over you,” you tease, trying to lighten his mood. He gives you a small smile as he looks over to you with sad eyes. 
“It’ll be okay, Lovie,” you promise him, extending your arm behind him to ghost your fingers over the hair at the nape of his neck. 
“I know,” he says with an unconvincing tone. “I know I should be happy that he thinks so highly of me, but I guess sometimes I wish I could be just Dad. Not a celebrity. Not Captain America.”
You nod, understanding where he’s coming from. You know he tries to be confident and strong for the kids; he wants to be a good role model for them. But you also know that he’s very emotional from time to time. He has a lot of anxieties constantly swimming around his head and the rough blending of his work and home life doesn’t help. 
You look back out the front windshield as he pulls into a parking spot and turns off the car with a small sigh. Unbuckling your seat belt, you watch as your husband does the same, but with trembling hands.
“Hey. You are an incredible dad, Chris,” you say softly, sliding your hand to hold his chin in your grasp. “Don’t ever forget that,” you insist, and he finally smiles back genuinely in return. 
“Thank you,” he says bashfully as a pink blush creeps up his neck and litters his  soft, pale cheeks. 
He leans in to kiss you sweetly. His lips are soft but cold and he tastes like coffee and strawberries. Being parents of four, the two of you don’t really get moments like this anymore, so you savor the times you do get them, relishing in the feeling of him. But of course, your son and daughter in the backseat have an opinion to share on the sight of their parents sharing a kiss in front of them. 
“Eww! Kissing!” Calum exclaims, and Sydney simply giggles along. Chris pulls away from your lips just enough to turn his head to look at the kids. 
“What, I can’t kiss Mama?” Chris asks, his voice playfully defensive. Your son shakes his head and rolls his eyes, and he looks exactly like his father while doing so. Sydney continues her giggles, and Chris kisses you again, this time exaggerating beyond necessary. 
“Mwah!” comes his overdramatic kiss, and you can’t help but laugh into his lips. 
The kids laugh, too, and before you know it, your family dynamic is back to normal. The four of you get out of the car and head into the school. Chris’ nerves are calmed just enough, but he still wants to hold your hand while walking into the building. Syd and Cal are a few steps ahead of you, and the sight of his son and daughter walking happily together is enough for him to breathe out happily.
You walk Calum to his grade’s hallway and he shows you his cubby where he hangs up his jacket and backpack. You and Chris walk him into his classroom, and unlike the other kids, he still accepts hugs and kisses from his mom and dad.
“I do not look forward to the day he grows out of that,” you sigh after walking away from Cal’s classroom and heading to your daughter’s hallway. Sydney, holding both yours and Chris’ hand and swinging your arms, is humming some song that Chris taught her on piano, and you think it’s the cutest thing ever.
“Out of what?” your husband looks over to you and furrows his eyebrows. 
“Kissing us goodbye,” you frown. 
“Ah,” Chris nods and chuckles. “Me too. We’re not even going to think about it,” he shuts his eyes and shakes his head as the three of you make your way down the hall. 
When you enter Sydney’s classroom, you and Chris are happily surprised to see that the board doesn’t say “Parents Day” but instead says “Special Grownup Day” because you know some kids may have living situations that look different than the picture-perfect nuclear family. Some students may have parents who can’t miss work so they brought another adult. Some kids may only have one parent or guardian. One of Sydney’s friends lives with her grandparents full time and one of Calum’s friends has two adoptive moms. You and Chris love that your kids are exposed to different kinds of families to show them while they’re still young that any group of people can be a family. 
“Mama, Daddy, look,” Sydney says in a hushed yet excited voice, still pulling on yours and Chris’ hands. 
She leads you to her desk, sits in the child-sized chair, and starts showing you all her things. Crouching down on either side of her, you and Chris can see that your little girl keeps her stuff well organized and you tell her you’re proud of her for it. 
A few minutes pass and the chatter of the classroom slowly quiets down as the teacher makes his way to stand at the front of the room. He introduces himself to those who may not know him and enthusiastically greets all his little students and their adults before calling on the first child. 
Things move quickly, but you enjoy listening to the kids tell about each of their special guests. The teacher goes down the list, and before you know it, it’s your daughter’s turn.
“Sydney Evans?” the teacher calls out, and your little girl springs up in her chair, almost over the brim with excitement. “Who did you bring in for us today?”
“I brought in my Mama and my Daddy,” she says, proudly standing up from the little desk and grabbing both you and Chris by the hand again to lead you up to the front of the room.
“Excellent,” the teacher smiles, then nods for her to start presenting whenever she’s ready.
“I’m Sydney Evans!” your daughter introduces to her class
“Good morning, Sydney. Can you tell me a little bit about your family?”
“Well, I have an older brother and twin little brothers and a dog named Dodger. And this is Mama and this is Daddy,” she says, pointing to each of you.
“And what would you like to share about your parents?”
“I want to talk about how awesome they are! Mama is a [______] and she’s super duper smart. She helps me with my homework and before I went to actual school, she taught me and Calum - that’s my older brother - at home. She does lots of things with us, like takes us to dance and soccer and gymnastics practice. She’s there for us for every recital and game and tournament and she always tells us good job, even when we lose. So maybe she doesn’t really understand when we lose, but it’s still nice that she is there for us. And she also makes really good chocolate chip cookies. Like, the best ever! Me and Calum can eat a whole tray of them! And she makes us pancakes every Saturday morning! And we get to put faces on them with blueberries and sprinkles and sometimes we make a big mess and-- oh oops,” she says, turning around and looking at you with wide eyes and blushing cheeks. “That was our secret we kept from Daddy!” 
The parents around the room laugh as your daughter shakes her head and carries on with her presentation. 
“Well, my Mama is the best ever and I want to be just like her when I’m a grown up because she takes really good care of all of us, including Dodger and Daddy and I love her so so much.”
“That’s awesome, Syd,” the teacher smiles. “And would you like to tell us about your dad?”
“Yeah! Daddy’s a superhero!” Sydney says proudly, but your stomach drops upon hearing your daughter’s words. 
You look to Chris nervously and he shakes his head, smiling sadly, ready to let it happen. You know your little girl means well, but you decide, for Chris’ sake, to try to sway Sydney from the topic. You crouch down and kiss her head before starting to whisper to her.
“Syd, that’s not all that Daddy does. How about you tell your class what you like to do with Daddy when he’s home? Talk about that.”
“I will, Mama. But he is a superhero,” she insists, then turns to her class. “One time when I was a little kid...” she starts again, and you and Chris look at each other with wide eyes and a small chuckle at her phrasing of time. “...Daddy was helping me learn how to ride my bike with no training wheels. It was hard, but he didn’t let me give up. One time, I got off balance and I was about to fall right face into the ground. But Daddy caught me just in time! 'Cause he’s a superhero and he always saves the day,” Syd finishes proudly, and the parents around the room chuckle again.
“That’s a fun story,” the teacher encourages. “What else do you like to do in your free time with your dad?”
“Well, Daddy likes to take me and Calum fishing sometimes. Sometimes, Daddy makes us wake up really really early, though. So me and Cal fall back asleep on the car ride to the lake. And rowing the boat out to the middle of the lake is super fun, but a lot of work. My arms get so tired, so I sit in Daddy’s lap and he helps me row. Cal is bigger than me and he’s way stronger, so he can do it all by himself. And then we get to the middle of the lake and we catch the really big fishies! Because Daddy always knows the secret to catching all the best and prettiest ones! One time I caught a sparkly red one and Cal caught a big blue one! Daddy took a picture of us holding them and it’s his lockscreen on his phone. But we always have to throw the fishies back into the lake so that they can go back to their families. Right, Daddy?” Syd says, turning to look at her father, and she’s out of breath at how excited she is. 
You swear you see tears in Chris’ eyes as he crouches down beside his daughter and gently tucks some of her unruly hair behind her ear.
“That’s right, Peanut,” Chris says gently, placing a hand on her tummy as he watches her continue to speak.
“And Daddy also plays the piano!” Syd then exclaims, and there is a collective, impressed ooh from the kids and parents around the room. Chris chuckles and blushes in response.
“Yeah, and he’s really good, too,” your daughter says matter-of-factly. “Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, he lets me sit in his lap with him on the bench and he plays for me to fall asleep. And then sometimes we all sing together, with me and Mama and Calum and my little twin brothers. The twins aren’t very good singers, though. They mostly only just yell like crazy,” she giggles, thinking of the toddlers. 
“But… so… yeah. Daddy’s the best at everything he does and he plays with us and cooks us dinner and helps us with our homework and has dance parties with us and… yeah I really love him and Mama both a lot.” Sydney finishes, still radiating so much enthusiasm as she tucks into Chris’ side and rests her head on his shoulder, catching her breath.
“That’s really cool Sydney. Thank you so much for sharing,” the teacher smiles, and there’s a small bout of applause from everyone in the room as you follow your daughter back to her seat. 
“You did a great job, Sweetheart,” Chris says to his little girl once the three of you are back at her desk. 
Syd smiles and blushes, sliding out of her chair and into his lap on the ground. You chuckle quietly at the sight and lean your head on Chris’ shoulder as the next student starts presenting about his dad. You feel Chris sigh as his daughter leans back and snuggles into his chest, and you know he must be absolutely over the moon with happiness. You see that certain sparkle in his eyes that tells you he’s overcome with emotion. 
“See?” you whisper to him as the people around you clap for the next presentation. “All is well.”
“All is well and my heart has never felt so full,” he nods, turning to you with a smile and placing a kiss on your head. 
By the time the school day is done and you pick up Calum from his classroom, it’s clear any and all of Chris’ anxieties about today are long gone. It also helps that no one asked for pictures with or autographs from him and you can tell he feels so much better than he did this morning. 
The four of you leave the school and pick up the twins from Lisa and Robert. As you suggested, Sydney asks when she and Calum can sleep over at their house. Then, because Chris is a sucker for his kids, you stop for frozen yogurt before dinner and give in to playing at the park. There’s no one else around, so the six of you get the playground all to yourselves. Arley and Calum are obsessed with the mini rock wall, Adrian is cheering them on from the top, and all Sydney wants is for Chris to push her on the swings.
You watch Chris as he laughs and romps around with the kids without a care in the world, helping them to cross the monkey bars, giving them turns to ride on his shoulders and back, and waiting for them at the bottom of the slides. You can’t remember the last time you were out and about as a family without Chris’ anxiety being through the roof. Normally, he’s in a panicked rush to get his wife and kids out of the spotlight, but not today. 
Because today, he isn’t an A-List celebrity. Today, he isn’t Captain America. Today, he’s just Dad. And it’s beautiful. 
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abrokecupoftea · 2 months ago
Hey Cup, My Birthday is coming about soon (Won't specify the day I hope that's okay), and I wanted to ask for something to celebrate the occasion! I might be able to send a better request maybe another time if you don't like this one or want something different, but I would love to get some Headcanons of how Yandere Beel might celebrate his Darling's Birthday? I've been debating if I wanted to ask for something sweet but a little unhinged- like if the relationship was going very well- or (1/2)
Tumblr media
(it's fine if you don't wanna share i might just queue up a bunch of happy birthday posts for a week or two and hopefully you'll get one on your birthday!
we're going nice and sweet- just how i hope your birthday will be!
beel glanced around nervously, fidgeting as he waited for belphie to arrive.
he'd already done the heavy lifting, the crates and boxes had been pulled out of barbato's storage closet, and the chairs and tables had been pulled out and cleaned.
now, all he needed was belphies help for the last stretch, and the part that beel was the least confident in himself for, the decorating.
there were boxes upon boxes of party hats, steamers, tablecloths. more than what they needed, but nonetheless, beel believed that you deserved the best, and if it meant digging through boxes to find the best streamers and tablecloths, then so be it!
it wasn't until half past four that belphie entered. he was late, but he was also helping, so... beel wouldn't complain.
honestly, he had wanted to do it himself; nothing could possibly beat the look of joy on your face when being presented with something he had done all by himself.
he had kept up that mentality, all up until he went to asmo for some color coordination advice and had been kicked out of his room in disgust.
"don't bring that ugly shade of orange near me!" had been asmo's reason as he slammed the door shut, followed by "and don't pair it with that shade of green, either! it'll look twice as worse!"
dejected, beel had sulked his way to belphie, who- after an eye roll and a dramatic sigh- promised to help.
there's no way he would have asked anyone else, though! what if satan did the birthday banner and you thought his handwriting was nice so you fell in love with him?
that can't happen!
so now, armed with boxes and a belphie, beel got to work, covering tables in a white tablecloth (much to his dismay, the frog themed one was much cuter. even though that specific tablecloth had a tendency to spit out fire.)
"aesthetic, beel! roasted humans aren't aesthetic! especially if it's their birthday!"
next were the streamers, a pretty mix of bold oranges and soft purples with a little bit of gold and silver mixed in.
beel got them to float by using one of satan's borrowed spell books, and, as a little surprise, got them to explode light wisps!
surely you'd love that!
the final part, aside from the cake (which belphie was in charge of, beel couldn't trust himself around it), was the birthday banner.
"so... i just write happy birthday, right? should i plan the spaces for the letters?"
belphie was about to pass out from anger. "just write the words happy birthday, beel."
"what color, though? maybe orange? but what if they don't like orange?"
"we've already used orange for the banner," beel countered in a flat tone.
"should we switch to another color?" beel gasped, worry seeping into his tone as he looked around at the streamers.
"no! no, just- just finish the banner. i'll go bring them over now, remember to turn off the lights."
it's the words happy birthday, right? how hard can it be?
very hard, apparently.
up until the moment you opened the door, beel sat in restlessness, overthinking every decision that went into planning your mini surprise birthday party; mini because the entire hol was holding another birthday party later tonight.
that's why he had to do one with just the two of you- so you can know just how much he loves you!
a slight click resounded in the room as the door opened, your worried voice floating over as you called for him.
"beel? beel? belphie said that you were hurt! are you okay?"
your hands fumbled with the lights until they turned on, illuminating a room filled with cake and your favorite desserts, a crooked banner that read (in rainbow colors) happy birthday! with a little smiley face at the end in orange.
"um- happy birthday." beel lowered his head in nervousness, his hands slightly trembling as he wondered if you liked the surprise.
"he worked on it day and night for the past few days- even took up a part-time job to secure the funds for the food." belphie popped in, "he also wouldn't shut up about how pretty you are and how much he wanted to feed you cake at least once."
beel turned pink, his eyes looking at everything but you- "i like you. a lot. so i wanted you to have the best birthday possible. i, i hope you like it. more than the one lucifer arranged for tonight. and, i hope you'll like me as well."
his voice sank lower and lower, until you could barely hear it.
no matter your response, he wouldn't stop loving you. he might be a bit more tempted to pilfer a few of your clothes and the tiny trinkets you keep, but nothing more than that, really!
he just- really, really loves you! so, please, say you love him too, he'll make sure all your birthdays are spectacular! and make sure that you're always happy and smiling!
so just say you like him too.
i left it at that before it gets a bit less sweet bUT BEEL LOVES YOU SO I MEAN- YOU'RE STUCK WITH HIM (affectionately)
mmmm i'm getting super excited I HOPE YOU EAT LOTS OF CAKE
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ardentmuse · 2 months ago
I Know Who You Are (Talbott Winger x Reader)
Harry Potter (HPHM) - Talbott Winger x fem!Reader
Summary: After participating in the Battle of the Eight Potters (yes, you read that right), Talbott wakes up to a welcome surprise in the form of the love of his life. (Requested by @bluediva​ and @justducky0423​ for welcome back celebration. Prompt 24. I know who you are. You’re the woman I’ve waited for my entire life. for Talbott Winger.)
Wordcount: 1k
Warnings: fluff with angst, talk of death (and maybe a bit of glamorizing of death, though not intentionally), canon-typical talk of violence
A/N: First of these celebration prompts! Requests are still open. See the celebration post for details.
Tumblr media
The last thing Talbott could recall seeing was the deep navy blue of the night’s sky, dusted with the tiniest hints of stars that shone through the faint London fog. 
It hadn’t been an entirely unpleasant feeling. Dying was, inherently, more pleasant than it seemed. It was the moments right before that were filled with fear. No, falling off the edge, giving himself over to the peaceful void was like coming home. But those moments right before — the shriek of death eaters overhead, the blasts of green and red filling the space between their brooms, Ron’s white knuckle grip into his stomach — were more frightening than any he could imagine. 
But not because he feared his own demise. He only feared for you. And given that you looked just like seven other individuals flying tonight, he couldn’t find you in the sea of moving bodies to confirm to himself that you were okay before he took a shot from Rodolphus Lestrange right in the chest.
So when white began to creep into the corners of his vision, Talbott was thoroughly confused. He had accepted the void— welcomed it, truly. It wasn’t that he wanted to go. Far from it, in fact. But after losing his parents, it almost seemed fitting that the end would feel like a warm hug rather than a cold abyss. Though such a thought was laced with its own kind of guilt. You were still on this earth, living as you should, and to be without you, even in the great beyond, was the emptiest feeling he could imagine.
But slowly the white spread, turning black to grey until the vision was so bright it almost hurt.
Perhaps there is a heaven, after all, Talbott thought.
And then he heard a voice calling to him, chanting his name in whispered tones. At first, he thought it might be you, his afterlife brain conjuring for him heavenly choirs of your voice to herald his arrival, but he was sadly disappointed. The voice is far too gruff, far too sharp, too weathered. It was cruel beyond measure for his heart to feel this warmth that he associated only with you. but his ears to be assaulted by a sound in such stark contrast.
Perhaps there is a hell, after all, Talbott thought. 
But then the white receded again, but this time in its place came the blinking of his own lashes and the rich pine of a timbered ceiling. The soft orange glow of a fire cast everything in an otherworldly light, like the soft sepia of a photo of old. Comfort— comfort consumed him. And suddenly he understood that he had gone nowhere, or rather to no other realm. That warm hug was the lick of a fire against his cool skin and a knitted blanket across his chest. And that mock of a heavenly choir was the gravelly voice of Hagrid, who loomed over him with a bright smile.
“Thought we lost you there for a second, Talbott,” Hagrid chuckled. “Good thing ya had Ron there to fly the broom for ya. Had you been with someone less capable, well… I don’t even wanna think about it.”
But before Talbott could respond, the door to the Burrow burst open and Harry stood at the door, his mouth open in shock.
“Hey, there, my love.”
At once, the Harry before him quivered his lip and soon ran headlong into his arms.
It was a strange feeling at first. The form was all wrong against his own. The hair didn’t tickle his neck the way it should have. The smell was far too… plain. But the way you moved — the way that all wrong nosed nuzzled exactly right into his neck, the way those too-different hands gripped his shoulders just so, the way that far too masculine voice chanted just the right words in his ear — made that strange feeling disappear and be quickly replaced with one of love and longing.
“How did you know it was me?” you whispered to Talbott as tiny bits of your hair started to poke through. Talbott stroked your cheek that slowly morphed under his touch until he was staring into eyes he knew better than any other, ones he loved far more than he had thought possible.
“I know who you are. You’re the woman I’ve waited for my entire life.”
You spit out a laugh, your hand resting on his chest, which was still sore from the blast it received. 
Seeing his pain, you tried to pull your hand away, but Talbott grabbed your wrist, holding you close. He pulls you towards him until his lips met yours in a soft, but necessary, kiss.
“I mean it, Y/N, truly,” Talbott whispered.
“How could that be true? I’m yours, Talbott. You aren’t waiting for me. I’m here,” you said, your voice a whisper, your eyes still trained on his chest. Though you couldn’t see the wound, Talbott knew you were trying to envision the damage.
“I have been waiting. Far too long, in fact.”
Talbott pulled your hand to his mouth and kissed the fingers with reverence.
“I’ve been waiting my whole life to make you my wife. And I can’t wait anymore,” he said, unsure how you’d take the words.
A soft smile crept across your lips. “Because we might get blasted out of the sky tomorrow?” you asked. And though you passed it off as a joke, Talbott knew what you were really asking.
“Reach into my pocket,” Talbott said. When you didn’t move, he flicked his eyes down to his pants, which somehow were still on his body despite the rest of him being bare, presumably to clean his injuries.
You followed his gaze with your fingers, finding a hard lump at the end of his pocket. When you pulled out the ring box, Talbott offered you a warm smile.
“Told you I’ve been waiting.”
Tags are open! Just comment, message, or ask me to be added.
All tags: @aerdnandreaa-blog, @cancerousjojian, @whovianayesha, @themarauderstheoutsidersandpeggy, @sleepylunarwolf, @starryrevelations, @potter-thinking​, @all-by-myself98​, @bananafosters-and-books​, @cutie-bug​, @igotmadskills​, @hazelandcoconuts​, @yallgotkik​, @13ofjuly​, @daft-not-punk​, @sapphireorchid​, @geek-lass​, @ietss​, @garbdump​,
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it-ezz-what-it-ezz · a month ago
That shiny request reminds me of an old brain rot I had: How about a friends to lovers fic between Emmet and a shiny hunter/breeder reader? They met in the daycare and become pals despite their different breeding niches. Emmet breeds pokemon for competitive play while the reader can't tell the difference between EVs, IVs, and Eevees. One day, the reader asks Emmet to help them become a better trainer since owning shinys makes you a target for pokemon thieves. How does a romance bloom from there?
I’ve never understood those either, but I’ve always made sure my babies trained 😤 also to make my writing easier I did give reader a team.
Asks are open
You two were childhood friends. Your family ran the Pokémon day care and we’re a family of breeders, just about everyone in Anville town got their partner Pokémon from your family.
Your family was already excited at how well you had taken to the family job.
You didn’t stop until you accidentally hatched an egg that had a shiny, you were so excited to show it off to your family as a kid. Who were shocked to see a dark orange rufflet.
When you were told how rare that was you squealed in excitement and quickly bonded to the small bird, the Rufflet was attached to your hip and would scare off anyone else.
And that’s how you meant Emmet. You recognized him and his twin who’s parents stopped by to get the pleading boys a partner Pokémon.
And when he saw you had a Pokémon he wanted to battle.
“But I don’t want Pumpkin to get hurt.”
“Battle me! Your weird Rufflet against my joltik!”
You had no choice that day as Pumpkin instantly jumped off your shoulder and stood bravely.
You won barely but that was enough for Emmet to view you as a rival.
You taught Emmet about breeding Pokémon for specific traits and he took all your information to heart.
Even as years passed he still came to you for questions until he became confident in his abilities.
He fought and caught all his teams but has a love for his yellow spider babies and soon had so many, though he bred his for more fighting based states.
You only bred for shinies. Granted you worked for your parents so any Pokémon was usually given to professors or trainers.
This is how you got your team, whom you mainly only had for companions, pumpkin evolved and you, Emmet, and Ingo screamed at how pretty the blue was.
Your team was a pretty blue Braviary, a pink Mienshao, a blue ringed Whirlipede, a dark teal duosion, and a yellow Larvesta.
Each battle you had, Emmet won.
You didn’t think much of it until you were visiting the twins in Nimbasa city, where they had to try and work as subway bosses.
You were at their house alone, unaware that someone took interest in the yellow Larvesta that you carry around like a baby.
You didn’t know they followed you to the twins home.
Not until the broke in and your screams echoed in the house, pumpkin came out of his pokeball and the large aggressive bird scared the would be thief off.
You called Emmet and explained everything.
“Hey can you teach me how to battle properly? So my Pokémon can protect themselves from something like this?”
Emmet’s heart broke at your scared tone.
“Of course! We are friends, I was going to force you to anyways, Pumpkin maybe big and intimidating but he is not very strong, we will get to work!”
Soon Emmet was teaching you how to battle, type match ups, combos, what is super effective and not effective against what.
“It’s best to give a Pokémon a variety of moves, sure Braviary is a flying type but he can learn more moves aside from flying, which can help if your opponent isn’t weak against flying type attacks.”
He gave you so much information that you’re grateful Ingo gave you several of their old books on the topics.
Emmet watched you study and practice, helping and guiding you along the way. He was there to squeal and cry with you through every evolution and seeing the off colored Pokémon.
He thinks the power blue on Reuniclus is pretty and the more tealish blue on Scolipede’s rings are to die for.
He watched you grow as a trainer and the longer he did the more he started he realized he had fallen for you.
“Emmet! Can we battle? I wanna show you how far I’ve gotten!”
He laughs at your excitement.
“Of course, but I won’t go easy on you.”
“I wouldn’t expect you to.”
And with that the battle was intense. Ingo was the mediator, who watched in awe at the explosive and flashy battle between you and his twin.
Pokémon dropping.
It was Emmet’s Archeops vs your Mienshao.
And a well timed bounce held your victory.
“I…I beat you? OH MY ARCEUS I BEAT YOU!” You cheered, quick to hug and cheer with your Mienshao who was purring happily.
Emmet was beyond happy, his joy was bright and obvious.
As if on autopilot he walked towards you.
Your smile melts his heart and he can’t help himself but to hug you. Picking you up and spinning you around.
But he started smothering your face with kisses is what caught you off guard.
“I’m so verrrry proud of you! You’ve come so far!….o-oh! Oh my-I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me!” Emmets puts you down and instantly starts apologizing.
You’re so dazed that your childhood friend turned crush was just smooching your face.
“Yeah no it’s cool-“
“I’ve just liked you for so long and it wasn’t even thinking oh Arceus I’m so sorry!”
“Emmet it’s okay, I like you too.”
“I can’t believe I-…wait what.”
He heard you was the funny part, if the look of realization over took his face before he squeals and sprints to Ingo to tell him the news.
As if Ingo hasn’t been standing there from the begging.
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anordinarymuse · 6 months ago
Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Remus Lupin x Reader where she has been sending him cute anonymous love letters (w/ doodles, poems, & stickers, as well as detailed sketches of him that she drew). He’s been getting them weekly by owl post for months, but the marauders are having a hard time tracking her down (b/c she always uses school owls, writes with her non-dominant hand, etc.) and they finally find out that it’s a recluse Gryffindor girl who Lily is always talking about? I know this is very specific, but I thought it’d be a cute scenario, especially if Remus has had a crush on Reader for a while, but doesn’t think it’s her b/c of his ~self-hatred~ You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but thank you anyway!!! 💖
Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Summary : request
Warnings : i don’t think any…? basically fluff.
Word Count : ~1k (maybe…seems longish-?)
A/N : this actually turned out pretty cute :3
the masterlist.
request here.
“Another one, Moony?” Sirius asked as Remus carefully opened the envelope that had dropped beside him. “This is what? The eight?”
“The fifteenth,” Remus mumbled, pulling the card out from its home.
“Oh, so you’re counting,” James said with one brow raised as he took a big gulp of orange juice.
“Do you know who it is yet?“ Peter asked as Remus scanned the letter.
On it was a bunch of doodles and sketches. Some were detailed, gone over multiple time with pen and pencil, and others were so faint on the paper you could hardly tell what it was.
“Don’t you think s’kinda creepy how they draw you?” Peter said, looking over the top of the letter and searching for the sketch of Remus that slowly became a usual occurrence.
“But it’s pretty good,” Sirius said aloofly, snagging the letter friend Remus’ hands and looking at the sketches for himself.
“I wonder who it is. . .” Remus said as he took a bite of his toast, scanning the Great Hall, searching for possibilities. His gaze came to a halt when they landed on Y/L/N, who sat quietly at the end of the Gryffindor table.
Accidentally the two made eye contact, and Remus quickly looked away, cursing himself in his head.
It was half an hour until the library closed. You sat by one of the windows doodling. You held your pencil loosely between your fingers, grazing the led lightly against your paper, creating faded marks.
You turned you head from your sketching to Remus, who was a couple of tables down. You weren’t trying to watch him in a stalker-ish type of way. It was more of, “Merlin, I wish he’d notice me, because I think he seems so- seems so perfect.”
No, it wasn’t stalking. It was simply admiring from a distance.
You fawned over his mildly messy brown hair, with matching brown eyes. Tonight, he had changed out of his robes and into a comfortable earth tone sweater with loose khakis.
You shook you head, sighing to yourself before looking down and returning to your sketching.
That is until you felt a light tap on your shoulder.
“Those are really neat,” Remus said softly behind you.
Your head shot up and out of habit your hand moved to cover your sketch pad. But when you saw who was talking you inched your hand off the paper.
“Y-you th-think-?“ You stuttered, wincing on the outside as the words came out.
“Yeah, f’course,” Remus said, smiling wide with his friendly smile. “Can I see more?”
“Uh- yeah- sure- let me just. . .” You mumbled as you flipped violently through the pages of your sketchbook before finding one that was decent enough to show.
“These. . .these are-“ Remus said as he drew his finger against your pencil marks. “These seem really familiar. . .?”
Your cheeks instantly flushed red, and you were tempted to snag your sketchbook back and runaway. However, you in way too deep now to go back to square one.
“They do?” You asked innocently, focusing on your breathing patterns, trying to avoid a heart attack.
“This sounds mad but- have you been the one sending the letter-?” Remus asked. His tone was calm and surprised rather than accusing, which did wonders to calm your rising nerves.
You couldn’t lie, you’d feel horrible if you lied, but this- this was a different kind of embarrassment. Less of a, “Oh no. . .” and more of a, “Oh god, you know-“
“Y-yeah,” you stuttered extraordinarily quiet. “I- I can st-stop anytime, though-“ You kept going even though you had no idea where you were headed, saying the last bit a tad louder than the first.
“I don’t mind all that much, since they’re really good, Y/N,” Remus said after a moment of painful silence. He then sat in the chair beside you, turned to face you, propped his elbow on the table, and then leaned his cheek on the palm of his hand.
“You- you don’t?”
“Nope,” he said with a goofier grin than before. “Besides, I was kinda hoping it’d been you.”
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itsdanii · a year ago
Hurting his s/o’s feelings pt.2
genre: slight angst to fluff
ft. tsukishima kei x gn!reader
throughout your 8 months of relationship, you've been nothing but patient to your boyfriend but sometimes, you wish that he'd show you more affection.
ushijima’s part
Tumblr media
People often describe your boyfriend as cold and mean but you never minded them. After all, why would you listen to other people's unwanted opinion if you knew Tsukishima better? You were his girlfriend, not them.
You love Kei. In fact, you learned to love him more than you expected. The playful banter between the two of you, the sight of his flushed cheeks everytime he was embarrassed and even the smirk he always had when he was flustering you. Everything about him made your heart flutter.
But sometimes, Kei's lack of affection towards you made you feel sad. No matter how much you tell yourself to be patient because you knew that it's hard for him to open up to other people aside from Yamaguchi, you can't help but crave his touch.
Maybe it was because you kept seeing couples holding each other's hands when they walk, or the sight of other girlfriends wearing their boyfriend's jacket when they're cold. You don't know for sure but it was there - the feeling of insecurity.
Despite the lack of sleep, a smile was present on your face as you made your way to the gymnasium where you knew your boyfriend was currently practicing.
Packed in the bento you were holding is a combination of riceballs and some strawberries, knowing how much your boyfriend loved them. You also brought some fresh strawberry milk that you made yourself to warm him up for the cold weather.
You sneezed as the wind blew, your thin uniform the only thing covering you from the cold. You were quite in a hurry when you left home, making Kei's breakfast and forgetting to set an alarm last night.
The consequence? The dark circles under your eyes that you tried hard to cover with make up. You even forgot to bring your own jacket.
As you entered the gym, Hinata was the first one to spot you, jumping and squealing your name as he rushed towards your direction. You can't help but giggle at the adorable tangerine boy.
"Hey, Sho. Is Kei there?" You asked, looking behind him to spot your boyfriend.
"He went to the restroom, I think? He was grumpy this morning!" Hinata complained. "Well, he's always grumpy...but extra grumpy today! Like super grumpy grumpy!"
"Grumpy? I wonder what happened," you said with a small pout.
"Oi, Hinata-boke! Stop bothering Tsukishima's s/o and finish your lunch!" Kageyama scolded.
You could only giggle as you watched the two start to bicker among themselves.
When Tsukishima arrived, you immediately stood up and held out your arm, presenting the bento you made for him. "I made you lunch!" you said happily.
"I thought I warned you not to visit me during practice," Tsukishima said while looking at you with a small scowl.
Your confidence immediately deflated at his tone and choice of words. You knew that he often tells you not to visit practice, claiming you as a distraction. "Sorry, Kei. I just wanted to surprise you with some food. I even made strawberry milk for you! It's warm and-"
"I didn't tell you to make me lunch though. I already ate with Yamaguchi."
Yamaguchi's eyes widen at the mention of his name. "O-oh...right. I didn't know you were coming so I invited Tsukki to have lunch with me at the cafeteria. Sorry, y/n."
You gave Yamaguchi a small smile and looked down at the bento you were holding. "Is that so? Then...maybe you can eat this with me? I'll have the food and you can have the milk. I promise it's good," you said hopefully, fingers fiddling with the wrap covering the bento.
You heard your boyfriend sigh and you immediately looked up.  "I don't want it. What part of I already ate can you not understand?"
"Oi, Stingyshima! I think that's too much!" Hinata interrupted, "I'll eat it for you, y/n!"
You ignored the orange head and gripped the bento tightly, your lips becoming wobbly and tears starting to gather in your eyes from the humiliation. "I shouldn't have come here."
You turned around and ran out of the gym, ignoring the shouts of the volleyball team.
When the classes ended, you felt like a literal zombie. Maybe you should've just slept more this morning instead of making your boyfriend's bento. After all, your efforts were not appreciated.
You exit your room and made your way to the school clinic, hoping to get some medicine for headache before you go home. Your head was pounding that you think you won't be able to make it home without taking any medicine.
As you entered, you were greeted by the nurse who immediately went to get the medicine you requested.
The door then busted open, revealing your boyfriend who was a bit sweaty and panting. "Y/n, what happened? I was waiting for you but one of your classmates said that you were at the clinic." He made his way to you and cupped your cheeks, his eyes widening at the feeling of hotness enveloped by his hand.
"I'm fine, Kei. It's nothing a medicine can't cure. I was just up all night is all," you mumbled and took his hands away from your face. You took the medicine from the nurse and walked out, leaving your boyfriend.
You knew that you were being petty, but with the way he acted awhile ago, you think that it was only right that you act like this.
As you reached for your water bottle from inside your bag, you felt your surroundings swaying, darkness starting to cloud your vision. You tried stilling yourself by holding on the wall for support but the pounding headache seemed to overcome your senses.
The shouts of your boyfriend were the last thing you heard before you completely passed out.
You woke up at the feeling of someone caressing your hair. A cooling sensation could be felt on your forehead as if someone had put a cold towel on it.
When your eyes fluttered open, you let out a small sigh. The headache you were experiencing awhile ago was not as painful but still there. "Kei?" you whispered as you allowed your vision to adjust.
"Take it easy, dumbass. You still have your fever," Tsukishima muttered as he supported your back when you sat up.
Remembering the fight that occurred awhile ago, you averted your gaze from him and looked down on your lap. You started fiddling with your fingers as your eyes started to water once again. "Kei, I'm s-"
"I'm sorry," Tsukishima cut you off. He took your hands in his and rubbed soothing circles at the back of your palm. "I'm sorry for acting hostile on you awhile ago. I knew you were only looking out for me and I took it for granted. I'm not the best boyfriend out there but..." he brought your hand on his lips and gave the back a kiss. "I promise that I'll try. Be more patient with me, love, please?"
The pleading look and vulnerability shown by your boyfriend made your heart ache. You knew that what happened awhile ago isn't something you should forget easily but the reassurance and love you have for your boyfriend was overcoming your insecurity. "No more pushing me away?" you said with a hopeful look.
You brought your hand on his face, cupping his cheek. "Open up to me, Kei. I love you. I don't want to lose you but if you keep pushing me away, you might be the one to lose me."
He gave you a small nod, hand moving on top of yours as he leaned to your touch. "I promise. Thank you for loving me and being patient with me."
Tsukishima scooted closer to you and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Giving your forehead a lingering kiss, he whispered softly against your skin, "Now, let me show you how much I love you."
Tumblr media
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sunflowerharrington · 3 days ago
The Color Of Lust Is Red - Steve Harrington X Eddie Munson X Billy Hargrove
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors, please do not interact
there are no spoilers in this whatsoever
wc - 2406
warnings - i think it’s called voyeurism (or is it exhibitionism?) but i’m not sure (being turned on by watching others engage in sexual acts in like, real life)(correct me if i’m wrong), anal sex, anal fingering, it’s kind of a threesome but it’s not at the same time, sex dreams, “cheating”, spanking, i’ll add more warnings if needed, there are no spoilers here at all :)
taglist - @xxlangdon @sympathyforher @langdon-cumslut @quickiesgirl @wzrlds @mike-wheelers-whore let me know if you wanna be added or removed <3
enjoy! i would ;)
Tumblr media
The very first thing Steve noticed in the dimly lit trailer was how warm it was. Much warmer than it would normally be, well, it was summer, but something seemed off. And he couldn’t figure out why it was so fucking hot in the trailer and why the heater would be turned up all the way, almost to the point of creating steam. Steve threw his car keys onto the counter and called for him, unbuttoning his work shirt as he walked further into the trailer, trying to get some air to his sweaty skin.
On his way to their bedroom, he passed through the small kitchen, reaching out to push open an even smaller window. But it wouldn’t budge. Fucking great.
He tried pushing harder to no avail, and with a sigh he headed deeper into the trailer.
He heard him before he saw him. His door was ajar, and through the crack, his soft, deep sounds wafted out into the thick, heavy air. He was whimpering, the sexiest breathy sounds he made, the only one occasionally matched by the way Steve’s name rolled off his tongue when he came. As if Steve was giving him something priceless and making him beg for another, different thing he wanted; both at the same time.
The sounds grew louder as he approached, and with a palm on the door Steve began to push. Also heavier than normal, same as the kitchen window. And that’s when he heard it; a second voice.
“Atta boy… just like that,” the man groaned. “Such a good boy.”
That was not what Steve was expecting at all, and he didn’t really recognize the voice for it to register in his mind who the other man in the room was. And for some reason he wasn’t angry, nor confused, or even conflicted. But he wanted to be. Wanted to burst through the door and cause a dramatic scene. But he was curious. The muffled groaning of two men on the other side of the door was daring him to be patient. To see what was happening. So Steve Harrington did a thing he’d never expected himself to do in a million years.
“Hey, hey, what’s going on?” He asked in almost a whimpering tone, trying not to reveal the growing arousal in his pants that he was already experiencing from letting himself consider what could possibly be happening in his boyfriend’s bedroom.
Then came a dark chuckle from the room, maybe a lighter one too, before they responded in unison. “Come on in and you’ll find out,” the unfamiliar voice said. “You’ll never know if you stay out there.”
A soft candlelight warmed the bedroom, but it was red-hued instead of yellow or orange, or even a bright white light, and Steve wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen anything like it in his life. And he was certain he had never seen anything like what he saw on his boyfriend’s bed either; the one he shared with him every night.
Tonight though, it seemed somebody else was the recipient of the gift of being allowed to sleep in Eddie Munson’s bed. And he was beautiful too. He couldn’t quite make out all of the man’s features — It was like Steve was looking at him underwater or something of the sort.
What the hell was wrong with him?
But he had beautiful, long, dirty blonde curls, icy blue eyes, and skin tanner than Eddie’s—More than likely from the hot, summer sun. He was well-built, with an envious amount of muscle and a smirk that could make any man or woman’s knees weak in an instant, and Steve wondered where this adonis even came from. He was completely bare, between Eddie’s thighs, with the latter’s legs spread. The stranger paused whatever he had been doing (and Steve was 99.9% sure he knew what that was) to look at him over his shoulder, a wicked smirk on his face.
“This is Billy,” Eddie introduced, smiling at Steve, intoxicated on this lust drug Billy was pumping into him.
“Didn’t know your boyfriend would be so fucking handsome, Eds,” he said, his voice low and raspy, running his thumb across his plump lower lip, making Steve’s heart skip a beat, before turning towards Eddie. “You picked a stunner, babe.”
The only bodily function Steve remembered how to do in that moment was nod, shifting uncomfortably, shirtless at the end of the bed, unsure whether he should join or not. And he wasn’t sure why Billy was even here, or when he arrived.
“Wanna watch?” Eddie asked teasingly. But Steve knew that Eddie knew that he did. More than anything, he did. He never even knew how much he wanted that until it was in front of him, offered up on a silver platter.
“Be a good boy for me and sit,” Billy ordered, tilting his head in the direction of the armchair that sat in the corner of the room. As if in a trance, Steve made his way over to the now red chair that was once blue. He liked the change.
Steve and Eddie fucked on that very chair countless amount of times; Eddie with his stomach pressed against the board, with Steve pounding into him from behind, pulling his curly locs. It had always been Steve’s favourite view of him, up until maybe right now. But this; Eddie on his back with the gorgeous blonde’s lips all over his naked body. That might be his new favourite.
A hum started from the bed as he saw Billy, just barely, seeing the corners of his mouth turn up as he ran his slender fingers along Eddie’s shaft, making him writhe and grab his sheets in his fists. As Eddie moved the blonde laughed, a deep and self-satisfied laugh as the other man’s hips started thrusting up rhythmically. Billy grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted it over his dick and around Eddie’s hole, making the latter whimper more than he already had been. Then Billy began thrusting in and out of him at that torturously slow pace that Eddie fucking loved… Steve had been the ‘Billy’ in that situation so many times before, knowing the pure pleasure that came from making somebody else move in that way.
Fuck, Steve could almost feel the vibrations along his cock just from watching.
Slowly, he unbuttoned his jeans and ripped them down his thighs, watching the precum leak from his red tip, wanting this just as much as he wanted Billy to use that big cock on him and not just his boyfriend. And for some reason it felt like he was already slick, like he’d come already or used lube or something, and he knew he hadn’t but he just went with it, gripping himself loosely to start and staring at the men as he did.
“Such a good little slut, for Billy. Getting fucked by me in front of your boyfriend? You like that, hm? You know he’s gonna fuck you up later. And if he doesn’t… Call me and I will.” Billy said in his low, raspy voice, smirking at Eddie, staring directly into Steve’s eyes as he sent a slap to Eddie’s skin, making the latter whine and whimper beneath his touch. “Gonna touch yourself, big boy?” He asked Steve. “Gonna touch yourself to the sound of me fucking your pathetic little boyfriend, huh?
Billy smiled, as if the idea of Steve’s cock in his hand turned him on just as much as Eddie trembling and moaning beneath him did.
“Yes,” Steve choked out, his throat dry as the Sahara, and it’s barely more of a whisper as he stroked himself slowly, trying to draw out his pleasure to match the scene before him.
“What the fuck do you want me to say?”
Eddie’s moans grew louder as Billy rolled his blue eyes, fully ignoring Steve. And Eddie he was close to coming because Steve heard Billy whisper, “Be good, now, Eddie. Be patient.” And then his mouth was back on the other man, sucking Eddie’s throbbing cock into his mouth as he pushed his own dick inside faster, grunting as he moved in and out of Eddie at an erratic pace.
“Oh, fuck…” Steve wasn’t too sure who said that, it might have been him. Because he can see, from the way Billy was devouring him, that Eddie would come undone any second now, and the sounds he made as he came were the best sounds Steve had ever heard in his life.
All Steve wanted to do was to shove Billy off him and finish him off himself, making Eddie feel better than Billy ever could. Wants to shove his cock in him as deep as he can and fuck him while Billy watched and learned. Wanted to move onto Billy after, wanted to watch him as his carefully measured pace faltered as Steve dug his fingernails into Billy’s soft skin. Wanted to guide Eddie back into the room, wanted to warn him that he won’t let him come until he’s screaming his name and tightening around him. Wanted more and more.
The buzzing grew louder, and Steve assumed Billy had turned the vibrator to a higher setting; but he wasn’t watching anymore, his head resting on the back of the red chair. He continued to stroke himself to their moans of pleasure, content to imagine that they’re both moaning because of him. In his imagination he involved himself because of course he did. He crawled onto the bed and set himself in the middle of the two men, and he can finally taste Eddie when he sticks his cock in his mouth, his hips almost touching Steve’s face, panting as Steve deepthroat’s him, listening to the way his name rolls off Eddie’s tongue as his tongue circles his head. If Steve licked inside his own mouth he could almost taste him, almost.
Further down his body, replacing the work his hand has been doing, Billy straddled his thighs, slowly sinking down onto his cock. His hips moved in a new way, one that Steve wasn’t used to; this position was completely alien to him with men. It was the norm when he was with Nancy, but that never went anywhere and he became sick of it, fast. Billy’s large, veiny hands are on his chest, bracing his body as he leans forward to kiss Eddie’s lips.
Then he heard Billy coming, grunting curses, unintelligible words while Eddie switched it up and talked him through it with praise. Steve felt as if he was wearing earmuffs, because he could tell the tone in the room but couldn’t make out any words
Something was off.
Eddie moaned his name and his eyes slowly crept open halfway, gaze drifting slowly back to the scene in front of him, the heat in the room immeasurable. His hand was still gliding up and down his cock and he was relieved he hadn’t come yet because good God what a fucking good dream. Eddie’s turned to face him, sitting on Billy’s lap at the edge of the bed, his legs dangling over the outside of Billy’s so that he’s wide open for Steve. On display and so fucking aroused.
Billy gripped Eddie’s jaw with a tight hold, holding his face forward so that he was staring right at Steve and couldn’t look away. Billy’s other hand was travelling down south, teasing Eddie’s shaft. Steve couldn’t make out what Billy had whispered to Eddie, and Eddie’s eyes rolled back in his head as long fingers begin pumping. Steve knew whatever Billy was doing to Eddie, he could do it so much better. He knew just how Eddie liked it, just how to make him scream. But his loud grunts as Billy pumps him are a euphoric melody of sounds; Steve didn’t care if he was the one getting Eddie to make them or not. His screams were sacred either way.
Steve and Eddie stare at one another and his wrist flicks faster in time with Billy’s. Eddie’s face flushes and her hands grip the other man’s thighs. Steve wanted to come with him, wanted to move closer, and when he came, he wanted to do it all over Eddie’s tattooed chest. And fuck, Eddie’s nipples were so hard, he needed to know what his come would look like dripping off them. Eddie would let him too, would want him to, except Steve was rooted on the chair, becoming one with the fabric and he couldn’t muster any energy he would need to actually stand. And so instead he watched, observing and studying his each and every movement as he was being brought to the edge by another man.
Steve loved it, the view of his pleasure.
Then the buzzing started again, louder still. However, when he looked, there were no toys in sight, just the two men—Billy (he thought) was grinning, but he still couldn’t really make out his unfamiliar features in the odd red light. Eddie continued to stare at him, and Steve heard him say his name again, but his mouth wasn't moving.
Something was definitely not right here.
Steve squeezed his eyes shut and tried to clear his field of vision as Eddie’s voice got louder and louder.
“Steve? Babe, wake up.”
Steve’s eyes snapped open. When he sat up he saw the blue armchair in the corner and rubbed his eyes. Amber rays of morning light streamed into the room and they illuminated Eddie’s body in the most beautiful way possible. “Eddie?”
Eddie was sitting up in bed, hair ruffled up more than usual and grinning at him with Steve’s alarm clock in his hand. It was hot in the room, and he had got all of the blankets on him.
“We’re going to be late for school. Your alarm’s been going off for a while,” he said playfully, setting the clock back on the nightstand, leaping out of bed still fully clothed and ready for school.
“Oh, sorry… Hey, uh… It’s just us here, right?”
“Yeah.” His voice was amused; Steve knew he was seconds away from asking what the hell he was talking about.
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Steve asked.
“You looked so peaceful, babe. And I bet that was a really good dream,” he chuckled, running a finger along Steve’s very hard cock. “About me, I hope?”
“Always.” Kissing up Eddie's neck and sucking on his earlobe, Steve replied in a voice thick and deep with sleep, “If I could sleep more and finish the dream, I’ll tell you more about it after school.”
“Well there’s no time for sleep, babe. I want to introduce you to my new friend I made at the pool. He said he’s transferring to Hawkins next week. His name is Billy Hargrove. And I think you’re really gonna like him.”
notes: you’re welcome :)
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wolfofwritingstreet · 5 months ago
okay I know you just wrote a thing so I feel kind of greedy doing this but maybe another of the lucky sister one where the sister is the one who has a massive meltdown in front of jinx because she thinks silco is mad at her and is going to disown her and she'll lose everything. maybe silco finds out her fears too and comforts her.
Lucky second pt2
part one
Prompt: You've messed up a job and almost got Jinx killed, now it's time to face the consequences
Tone: Angst + Toxicity
Warnings: Angst + gaslighting tendencies
Word count: 1,372
A/N: Hey, hey , hey. I present to you the final glorious second part of Lucky second. I hope this little two parter has lived up to what you wanted, thank you for being patient and requesting:)
WE HIT MY 100 FOLLOWER GOAL, so good job guys keep going and thank you for getting me to this so quickly. I hope I can keep posting good quality stuff for the next 100 followers, and as always see my master-list for what fandoms I am taking requests for. Have a lovely 9pm, all 111 of you. (Angel numbers)
Tumblr media
You’d messed up, you knew it as soon as the explosion went off in the direction Jinx was in. You couldn’t understand how, you’d checked and marked and checked again the location of the sensitive bomb sites. Once Silco had given you the ok and stern words to not cause trouble, you’d nodded and dragged you’re excited blue haired sister with you certain things would go perfect. They always did when you were involved, your plans were always lucky.
But this time you’d been unlucky, the bombs were not where you’d marked as they had been moved without your knowledge. Now, you sat next to Jinx as she groaned again at the large gnash in her side. Your lip had been chewed so much so you thought it would peel off like the skin of an orange, and yet you stayed by Jinx’s side as she was patched up by one of Silco’s best doctors.
Your eyes pricked when Jinx let out another grunt of pain, her eyes still bright and excited about what had happened. She didn’t understand what this would mean for you. When Jinx messed up it was almost normal, Silco wouldn’t care and would get people like you to go and clear up her mess. When you messed up it was exceedingly rare, and it meant you were slacking and may not be worth as much as you had said you were when you were desperate to be taken in and given a new family.
You’re skills had worth, but Jinx’s life was her worth.
“Well that was an Oopsies.” Jinx grinned, patting the doctor’s arm as she swivelled her legs over the chair despite his order to not move.
“Don’t.” You whispered, leaning back against the wall with a sigh. “It’s all my fault, I should have checked better. Nobody gave me intel they would move the bombs.”
“Mistakes happen.” You’re eyes pricked more dangerously, and you turned your face away so your sister wouldn’t see.
“I don’t get to make mistakes.” The words were broken as you tried to force the tears back, but when Jinx nudged you with her foot the first tear fell.
“Why you crying?’
“He’s going to hate me.” More tears fell, and you didn’t bother stopping them as you surrendered to whatever consequences you would receive.
“Silco, obviously.” You’re voice rose, angry at her ignorance to your position. She wouldn’t understand what it felt like to be second, even if Silco had taken you in, Jinx was the golden child who could do no wrong in his eyes.
“Why’d he be mad?” You banged your head back against the wall.
“Shut up, Jinx.”
“Not nice.” She grumbled, frowning from her seat. “Just asking.”
“I know, I know.” You sniffed, pressing your hands over your eyes as a tidal wave of emotion hit you. Years of pent up insecurities came crashing down. You were meant to be the lucky charm who couldn’t mess up, without your luck you would be cast away again.
But your luck was no more, you’d ruined it all.
“Don’t cry.”
“I’m trying not to.” You sniffed harder, “He’s going to hate me for what I did to you.”
“No he won’t.”
“Yes, he will. Jinx you’re number one, ok? You are. Not me, not Sevika, not one of his devoted followers. I messed up and almost got you killed, now its my head on the line.” You were getting irritated again, why couldn’t she how privileged she was? To have someone powerful looking over her, wanting to keep her alive and safe, to see she was someone’s number one.
“I’ll be back.” You didn’t reply, only pressed yourself into the wall whilst wishing it would absorb you whole and the consequences wouldn’t be able to catch you.
You could have been sat against the wall miserably for a lifetime, and wouldn’t have noticed the two pairs of footsteps coming towards you.
“Get up.”
“Go away Jinx.” You huffed, burrowing your head deeper between your chest and knees.
“I am not Jinx.” A flinch shuddered through your body, and your head rose adorning sticky cheeks. Silco stood above you, scars twisting his once human looking flesh and a hard look in his different coloured eyes. Jinx stood behind him, giving you a thumbs up and a smile.
You wondered if killing Jinx would make your consequences much worse, the girl hadn’t learnt when to stop these antics.
“Sorry, Silco.” When you had hastily stood to attention, eyes meekly cast down, Jinx gave a wave and skipped off into another room.
At least she wouldn’t see your death, it was the small mercy’s in life.
“Why are you crying?”
“I’m not crying.” You didn’t know why you bothered trying to defend yourself, your cheeks were slick from tears and your eyes were red and overused. You conceded with slumped shoulders, “I’m just angry at myself.” Silco regarded you, then turned and nodded to the door.
“Walk with me.”
“Yes, sir.” You knew what was coming with a heavy heart, and so fell into step beside Silco in silence. The two of you walked out of your shared place with Jinx and onto the streets of Zaun, you rubbed subconsciously at the tattoo on your inner wrist. It was the Nation of Zaun symbol, and there was an exact copy of it on Jinx’s wrists. The two of you had gotten them together two weeks ago, after a secret night of drinking Jinx had suggested the joint activity and called it a sister’s mark. A forever sign of your bond.
“You got that recently.” Silco spoke, his voice like the crushed rocks you stepped on as you walked.
“Yes, sir. Jinx and I got them together.”
“You care greatly for each other.”
“She’s my sister, of course I do.” You were certain in your words, and pushed into the waterline of your eyes to squeeze out the last tears. “Silco?”
“I understand I need to accept my consequences gracefully and without hassle, so I shall collect my things tonight and leave the city.” Silco stopped, holding you back by the arm.
“You are not to leave this city.”
“Ok…” You trailed off, not knowing what else to suggest. “I can move to a different house, I won’t bother your family ever again.”
“You are a part of my family, y/n. You are a sister to Jinx.”
“But I messed up, I’m not a lucky charm anymore.”
“You messed up.” Silco confirmed,
“I know.” You cast your eyes down, “And I am so so sorry, I don’t know how I messed up.”
“It was a leak.” Silco said, and your eyes widened. So, it hadn’t been your fault, someone had set you up to fail. This meant, it could mean, it would mean you wouldn’t be kicked out surely.
“How did you know?”
“You don’t mess up.” Heat flooded your body at the praise, “It was Sevika who found them. A man who wanted to make money from Piltover, betrayed his loyalty to the Nation of Zaun.”
“Is he… Is he ok?”
“He’s dead.” You released a breath, nodding slowly. You didn’t agree with killing people, but if they wanted to harm your cause then it was best this way; that was what Silco and Jinx kept telling you, you either choose to die for the cause or die because you choose to fight against it.
“So, it wasn’t your fault.”
“You messed up. But you didn’t almost kill Jinx, and you didn’t mess up your plans. You messed up simply because you trusted.”
“So, I shouldn’t trust people anymore?”
“The only people you can really trust is family. Myself and Jinx are your family.” You raised a hand to hold his upper arm, squeezing it slightly to remind yourself someone real wanted you.
“What if someone earns my trust?”
“Nobody will understand you like family, remember that.”
“Ok.” You breathed, giving a small smile at the fact he hadn’t tried to disown you. You still had a family, and they were the only people in the world who you could truly trust.
The only ones who could understand your pain.
Family didn’t betray family.
Family was everything.
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Arcane master-list -> Here
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certifiedskywalker · a year ago
How to Make the Right Decision in Five Simple Steps - Bucky Barnes
On the daily, people are thrust into situations that force them to make a choice, sometimes a series of choices. Since meeting each other, you and Bucky have struggled to decide when to speak up, when to tell your truths to the other.
WARNINGS: implied sexual intimacy
PART ONE: How to Make Small Talk in Five Simple Steps
Tumblr media
I. Identify your end goal.
“Alright, James,” you drawled as you walked towards your home. The streets were no longer as busy, bathed in an orange sunset glow. “Tell me-”
“Not James.”
“Not James?”
Bucky shook his head, but you saw the barely-there hints of a smile on his lips. It made him look softer, as did the golden hour light. “My full name...it makes me feel...old.”
“Old!? You’re what, one hundred and ten?”
“One hundred and six,” he corrected, his blue eyes meeting your gaze for only a moment before he focused back on the path you both walked. “Plus, it’s what Raynor calls me.”
“Not Mr. Barnes?”
As you asked, teasingly bumping your shoulder into his. Though, you quickly found that to be a mistake as your right arm collided with his left. Immovable and metal, the impact knocked you to the side. Before you could even yelp in fear of falling, Bucky’s hand shot out, fingers gleaming with their dark alloy, and held you in place. When you found your footing and a degree of stability, you looked up into Bucky’s blue eyes.
They were wide with concern as he asked, “are you alright?”
“Y-Yeah, just,” you warily glanced to his gloved left hand, “I forgot.”
“Oh,” he pulled his hand away, “already?”
“It’s not every day a handsome man reveals he has a Vibratium arm.”
“I was close,” you sighed, holding out your hand. Bucky’s brow furrowed at your waiting, open palm. As if to convey a secret message, you waggled your fingers at him.
“What is it?”
“Give me your hand,” you said sheepishly, as warmth spread across your cheeks. His face lifted with the clarity you supplied, yet he hesitated to give you his left hand. It remained fixed at his side until you pressed. “So I don’t forget, again.”
Wordlessly, Bucky nodded and relented. His gloved hand reached out to your bare one and, now knowing the limb was metal, you were not surprised by the strength of his grip. Though, as if he could sense your thoughts, Bucky’s hand went lax in yours, almost limp. That was until you gripped it tighter and pulled him along to walk again.
“So, Mr. Barnes, what-”
“Not that either,” he interrupted, his eyes meeting yours for the briefest of seconds.
“You’re no fun,” you teased before you felt a pang of regret strike in your chest like a shock. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be joking, after all you’ve told me.”
“No, I...I’m not...who I told you about, that’s who I was but he wasn’t even really me. The Winter Soldier,” Bucky’s voice dropped as he said the name and he eyed distracted passersby, “is...he’s my history. I’m trying to make up for that.”
“Reparations. The court ordered therapy.”
“It’s a start,” Bucky agreed.
His tone was serious, lined with a cold edge that made you frown. Only when you glanced up at him did you feel your worry ebb. You caught his side profile perfectly as sunlight shone between two skyscrapers. His visage was cast so wonderfully, he looked nearly ethereal. Then, as you continued to walk side by side, the light was blocked behind more grey buildings. Their shadows fell across your shoulders and the sidewalk. In that same moment, Bucky looked down at you.
“And I like that you joke, that you forgot,” he said as your breath caught. Even in the shade of the city, Bucky looked lighter. Perhaps it was the lingering bits of a smile that played on his lips. You weren’t sure. “But, uh, sorry. I keep cutting you off.”
“Oh! It’s alright,” you swallowed hard, “now I just gotta figure out what to call you.”
“By my name? Bucky?”
“I mean like a nickname,” you clarified, but Bucky’s brows were knitted once more.
“It’s kinda already my nickname.”
“But my nickname, for you,” you stressed, instinctively squeezing the hand of his that you held. You frowned when you realized he might not have felt it.
“Why do you need a special one?”
“You know, now since we’re,” you paused then, as you felt your tongue may trip on the next word and because you weren’t sure if it was even the right word. “Friends.”
A moment of silence passed between you and it took all you had to tear your eyes from Buckys. When you did, your gaze fell upon a nearby building facade that looked familiar. At the sight, your heart sank. Mid-stride you stopped and turned to face Bucky, ready to give him the news. Though, before you could, he spoke up.
“Yeah, friends,” you echoed, though, in your head, your words sounded more like a question. Bucky’s expression was unreadable, only adding to your hesitation.
“Friends,” he repeated slowly as if testing the word out.
His lips curved into what you could only describe as a forced half-smile as the other half of his mouth remained fixed in a frown. It was almost as if he could not decide how he felt about the word, its power in defining whatever your joined hands and the way you looked at each other meant. You couldn’t decide either. Now that you knew Bucky, you wanted to know more, to know why he let you hold his hand and why he looked at you with such softness that you stomach fluttered so. You wanted him, or did you want the idea of him that you had in your head, the idea of Bucky that you created when you met in the waiting room?
But rather than face that indecision, you glanced to the apartment complex doors that stood still to your right. “Um, well, this is me.”
“Oh,” immediately, his hand dropped from yours. “Alright.”
You lingered a moment on the bottom step leading up to the porch. Bucky’s eyes were trained on you as if waiting for something, longing for something. Though, Bucky was too much of a gentleman to ask, to feed it. You felt it too, heard it whispered in a little voice in your head. Invite him upstairs, you fool!
“I’ll see you, same time next week?” There was a teasing tilt in his voice as he asked like he knew how much it sounded like Dr. Raynor or Dr. Briam. You, now broken out of your thoughts, smiled.
“I’ll mark the appointment in my calendar,” you said, playing along. “Or, you could text me. You do have my number, after all.”
“Maybe. I still don’t know how I feel about smartphones.”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re proving that ‘old dog, new tricks’ saying right when you say that, you know.”
“I’ll see you later, Y/N,” Bucky said, the corners of his mouth slightly upturned as he turned around to walk back the way you came.
You watched him go before you climbed up the stairs to your apartment building door. As you fiddled in your pocket for the keys, you looked back in his direction. You swore that your mind was playing tricks on you. You swore that this day was long and emotionally taxing and it must have been your brain’s way of telling you it was time to rest.
But you could not shake the sight, the look in his face when you saw that Bucky Barnes had looked back too.
Tumblr media
II. Gather information to best weigh your options.
“What’s that?”
Bucky looked up from the small notebook in his hands as you sat in the seat, your chair, beside his. “Good afternoon to you too.”
“Is it your diary?” You feigned a dramatic gasp and pressed a hand to your chest. “Are you writing about me?”
A small, breathy laugh, almost true, fell from his lips. “I wish.”
Then, it was your turn to chuckle. “I think the proper response is ‘you wish’.”
“No,” he held your gaze and you felt that Bucky was seeing through you. No, not through you but into you, into your heart and soul. “I meant I wish.”
“Well then,” you took a quick breath to replace the one Bucky’s words knocked from your lungs. “What are you writing about, Buckaroo?”
You grinned. “What?”
“No to ‘Buckaroo’ or whatever the Hell you just said. That can’t be my nickname.”
“Worth a shot,” you sighed as you leaned back in the chair. Bucky let out an amused huff and you savored the lightness of the sound. Comfortable that the almost new nickname diffused the tension, you let your body curl into your seat. Though, your eyes quickly landed on his hands, how they rested in his lap and held tight to the small notebook. Bucky let out a trembling breath and looked back at you.
Your eyes snapped to his and you saw only a heavy glaze of seriousness in the blue. “It’s my...it’s how I’m making amends.”
“Dr. Raynor has you journaling?”
“It’s more of a list.”
“A list,” you leaned towards him, intrigued. “Of good deeds?”
Bucky’s eyes flicked from yours to your lips and back again. It was a momentary slip of his gaze, but it did not ease the trembling of your next breath.
“No,” he replied, letting his attention fall to his notebook. “A list of names...”
He trailed off and raised his head, fixing his eyes on the too-high windows of the waiting room. And, just like that, Bucky was out of your reach again. His mind was towards the glass a dozen feet above from where you both sat, lost in some fogged memory. The other day, when he told you his name, his past, and about the Winter Soldier, you asked him if he remembered what he did in his ‘living weapon’ state.
All of them, he told you; though, in that moment, you weren’t sure to who or what ‘them’ referred to. Now, you had a sinking heaviness in your gut. You did not want it to be true. You did not want this heft of knowing more if it hurt Bucky. Them, the victims. His victims.
“People that you-no, not you. People that he hurt in the past when-”
Before you could finish, Bucky looked at you. Sadness carved lines in his face like scars, all around his mouth and eyes. He suddenly appeared older and your resolve broke. You had a feeling that knowing more about the real Bucky would melt your heart, but this felt more like an ache. It was clear he felt the same pain.
“Hey,” you reached your hand out and wrapped your fingers around his forearm. “You can’t change the past, only the now. And you’re trying to do that, right?”
“I’m trying, but...it’s not...better.”
“The guilt?”
Bucky only nodded in reply, his eyes never once leaving yours.
“I mean, I don’t know what Raynor is having you do but, if this way,” you tipped your head towards his notebook, “if it isn’t working, maybe it’s time to try something else. Try to make them feel better than you do.”
“How?” You frowned at the croaking desperation in his voice. Instinctively, hoping to comfort and console, your grip tightened around Bucky’s metal wrist.
“Give closure if you can, hope to others,” you shrugged, “just be there.”
“Yeah,” Bucky nodded and you saw the corner of his mouth twitch up slightly as he looked at you. “I would have never thought you’d be so wise.”
A forced laugh spilled from your lips. “It’s the therapy and the trauma.”
“We both have baggage,” Bucky sighed, letting his eyes fall to the carpeted floor of the waiting room. You let your gaze follow his and saw how near you two were to each other. Your foot was close to his and smaller in comparison.
“It’s what makes us human, right?” You nudged his foot with yours as you asked and, when you looked back at Bucky’s face, you saw his eyes on you.
For a moment, you saw him as you did last week: walking away from your apartment building, eyes fixed on you as he looked over his shoulder. Was he thinking of that same second glance back? Was he too overcome by the desire to know more about you as you were about him? Or was he thinking that you knew too much, that it was only a matter of time before he scared you away for good?
You wanted to ask. You wanted to know. The way he was looked at you was tortuous. Yet, all that you managed to get out was: “you didn’t text me.”
As soon as the words left your mouth, you wanted to pull them back in. Bucky’s face fell and his brow furrowed, and you wanted to scream. Or cry, or both. Both would do the trick.
“I didn’t mean to-” you began but stopped when Bucky started to speak.
“I was going to but I thought-”
In turn, you and Bucky shifted your attention to Dr. Raynor. The woman poked her head out from behind the door of her office. Her displeased expression only grew more pointed when her dark eyes fell on your hand on Bucky’s wrist. Immediately, you pulled your fingers away, as if her sharp gaze stung your skin.
“I’m ready for you,” she grumbled, before retreating into the dark of her room. You glanced back at Bucky, whose eyes remained fixed on the now open door.
“You should go,” you murmured, and your voice proved to be enough to coax Bucky’s attention towards you. “Best not to keep the Grinch waiting.”
“I wanted to, I,” Bucky let out a sharp exhale through his nose. “I will text you.”
“Sure you will,” you said, hoping that your teasing tone outshone the hurt that lingered in your chest. “I’m sure you will, Buckaroo.”
“Still no.” Bucky stood up and looked down at you. “And I will. I’ll…”
You waved a hand at him. “Just go. I was kidding anyway.”
Bucky frowned but didn’t press the matter further. Instead, he started towards the door to Raynor’s office and, this time, as he walked away, he didn’t look back.
Tumblr media
III. Consider the consequences.
“Can I walk you home again?”
At the sound of his voice, you jumped as you walked out of Raynor and Briam’s offices. With eyes wide and mouth agape, you stared at Bucky, who you hadn’t seen in weeks. At your shocked expression, he reached up and scratched the back of his head. He was nervous.
And he should be. “Bucky?! What...where have you been?!”
“It’s a long story,” he sighed, letting his hand fall back to his side. You eyed him, unwilling to let him talk his way out of his sudden, frightening absence. It was difficult to do: Bucky was still as handsome as ever. His hair looked softer in the light of day, outside of the grey of the waiting room, and his blue eyes were brighter than the last time you saw him.
“Well, I’ve got time for you to tell it,” you said, breaking from the trance his features put you in. You crossed your arms over your chest and tried to stay stern.
“Y/N, it was a matter of national importance,” Bucky assured, a small quirk pulling up at the corner of his mouth. Though, you were unamused.
“I’ve been waiting alone...I was worried. You just...disappeared. Without a word!”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to worry.” Bucky nodded and a bitter laugh slipped from your lips before you could stop it.
“You didn’t text me,” you whimpered, your sternness melting under the heated pain of missing him. “And I’m not kidding this time.”
“I know,” he whispered, his eyes falling to the sidewalk before he continued. “I know and I want to explain.”
A long, strained pause fell over you both as you loitered before the doorway, staring at each other. Before you could speak up or try to tear your eyes from Bucky’s, a man, a new client of Dr. Raynor, started up the steps. To avoid being bumped into, you stepped forwards and nearly collided with Bucky. His hand reflexively reached out, shining under the sun, and held you still, secure.
“Sorry,” you murmured, as the new client disappeared inside the office. Your eyes flicked from Buckys to his hand that lingered on your upper arm. A shock of surprise rushed through you when you fully realized he was without his gloves. You turned your gaze back to Bucky’s and studied his somber expression. “No gloves?”
“Like I said, I want to explain.”
“You wanna tell me your long story in the doorway like it’s small talk?”
“No,” Bucky soothed, sensing your anger, “I want to walk you home if you’ll let me.”
You took a long, debating breath and glanced over Bucky’s face. There was nothing but sincerity in his eyes. You had not seen them so clear before. No longer were they as fogged and distant as the windows in the waiting room. Originally, you thought learning more about him would make Bucky feel less far away, but then he left. Now that he was back, he was closer than ever.
You weren’t about to push him away.
“Okay. Tell me your story, Jimmy.”
Bucky scoffed, “Jimmy?”
“I don’t know,” you exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air. “James, Jimmy. It works, sort of. You being away threw me off my game.” You started down the stonework stairs and Bucky followed suit. As you both began to walk in the direction of your apartment, you felt as if everything was back as it should be again.
“I missed you too.”
At his words, you pressed you lips together to keep from smiling too broadly. Heat spread along your cheeks as you snuck a glance up to Bucky. His eyes were fixed on you still, watching, reading, and smiling. Really, truly smiling.
You swallowed hard and turned your eyes back to the sidewalk. “As much as I would love to hear about how much you missed me, you have a story?”
He sighed, “yes, and I have this friend…”
“Sam?” You asked, hoping you remembered the man’s name from when Bucky told you about the Falcon so long ago.
“Yeah, Sam.”
Then, he told you everything. He told you about John Walker, the shield, and the serum. He told you about a baron named Zemo and Wakanda’s Dora Milaje. He told you about the Flag Smashers and fighting for what’s right. He told you about the Wilson’s boat in Louisiana. He told you about how he didn’t want to put you in harm’s way.
“That’s why I didn’t text you,” he explained, “the Flag Smashers were using an app and their phones. They called Sarah, Sam’s sister, threatened her and her kids.”
“But they’re okay, right?”
“Yeah, they’re fine,” Bucky said with a fond glint in his eyes. “Played with the kids at the party.”
“Party?” You asked, a grin spreading along your lips. “I see how it is. You didn’t text me because I wasn’t invited to the after-party, huh?”
“No, actually, Sam wanted to fly you out.”
“What?!” You glanced at Bucky and stopped mid-stride. “He knows about me?”
“Of course. I told him about you,” Bucky smiled softly as he stopped. His hands were shoved in his jacket pockets, shoulders back and relaxed. He looked so wonderfully put together, more confident than before. “How could I not?”
“I don’t know,” you mumbled, bashfully flicking your eyes around the sidewalk. It was only then you realized you were outside your apartment building. It felt too soon.
“Well, I did.” Bucky stepped towards you, hands slipping out from his pockets. You eyed the hand that was his flesh, the rough skin of his palm before you met his gaze.
“Then, why didn’t you ask me? Fly me out?”
“Would you have wanted to come?”
At your hesitance, Bucky leaned in closer. You could smell the leather of his jacket and notes of smoke. His blue eyes were searching your face and you felt another rush of warmth rise up and spread like gentle fires across your skin. The feeling stole your breath away, dulled your every thought until only Bucky remained.
“Would you have come?”
His second ask conjured an image in your mind: one of smiles and his arm around your waist, holding you to his side as party-goers danced. You saw kids and Bucky smiling as they threw fake punches at him and laughed when he played along. Then you saw his hands, both flesh and metal, cupping your face at the end of the evening. An evening like the one that surrounded you both.
In the soft light, you saw only Bucky, what you knew and didn’t know about him; but not a single regret. Not a single consequence.
“Yes,” you finally replied. “I would’ve.”
You were so close that you felt Bucky’s gentle sigh of relief against your skin. “Then I should’ve asked. Should’ve texted.”
“You said that you would,” you pointed out.
“You’re right. So, I guess I owe you one.”
“One text?” You smiled and Bucky shook his head.
“One text, one invitation,” Bucky’s eyes flicked to your lips then back up to meet your gaze. A lump formed in your throat at the sight. You glanced to the door of your apartment complex and then back to Bucky.
“So, if I invite you up, you’re obliged to accept?”
Tumblr media
IV. Make your decision.
You made the choice to invite Bucky Barnes up to your apartment, but you did not remember how you led him to the door. Adrenaline dulled the proposal in your memory. For that, you were glad because, otherwise, you would have panicked as you and Bucky rode up to your floor in the elevator. Tension would have swallowed you whole, drowned you.
Before you knew it, you were inside your apartment.
“It’s nice in here,” Bucky mused, glancing around your small studio.
You mirrored his movements, eyed the exposed brick walls and scattered posters. What furniture you had was older and a small TV was precariously sat on a coffee table with a mess of wires behind it. Your kitchenette was untouched, but your garbage can nearly overflowed with trash from prepackaged meals.
“It’s not much to look at.”
“It’s cozier than my place,” Bucky said, turning to look at you from over his shoulder, “it looks like the guys’ apartment from that one show. Amigos?”
“Amigos?” You raised a brow at him as you shed your coat and draped it over the back of your favorite chair. “Never heard of it.”
“No, that’s not the name,” Bucky snapped his fingers, trying to magically summon the proper title. “It’s about friends, in New York. They live across the hall and go to some coffee shop all the time. And they’re all white.”
You laughed, “you mean F.R.I.E.N.D.S?”
“That’s it,” Bucky groaned, “it was on Steve’s list.”
“Steve’s list?” You walked into your small living room as you asked, settling on your couch. With practiced ease, the cushions gave in to your weight and you felt a rush of comfort soothe over your slight nervousness.
“That notebook, the one I used for my amends. It was Steve’s before,” Bucky wandered further into your apartment until he stood in your living room, stood before where you sat on the couch. “He made a list of all the things he missed. Movies, types of food, music, and TV shows. A lot of pop-culture things that I still don’t know.”
“Clearly,” you teased. Your light tone caught Bucky’s attention back to you. His blue eyes were darker in the limited sunset light that shone through your windows.
“I’d like to know more,” he pressed, “more about you.”
Your mouth went dry at his words but you managed to squeak out: “then ask.”
Bucky nodded and took a seat on the couch cushion beside you. You turned to face him, waiting for his questions and found yourself dumbstruck by the softness in his face.
“How would you describe yourself?”
A laugh slipped past your lips. It was laced with the sweet memory of the second time you and Bucky Barnes ever spoke to each other. That stupid magazine quiz. When you managed to collect yourself, you saw that Bucky wore a closed-lipped smile.
“In lifestyle quiz terms or in my own terms?”
“Up to you,” Bucky replied, throwing his left arm over the back of your couch.
“Hmm, I don’t know...maybe like a well-read owl?”
Bucky let out an amused huff. “You like to you read?”
“Sometimes. There are a few books I like,” you gestured to the somewhat sparse bookcase in the corner, “but it’s mostly just stuff online now.”
“Ever read The Hobbit?”
“That’s an oddly specific title,” you observed, unable to help the slight grin that pulled at your lips. “Why The Hobbit?”
“I know there are movies out now, a few years ago. But I read it,” Bucky took a breath, “when it first came out.”
“Wow,” you exclaimed, “that’s very hipster of you to say.”
“What do you mean?”
“There really is so much you don’t know,” you jested at his question.
“You mock me, but at least I’m not addicted to my phone.”
“Careful, you’re showing your age,” you laughed. When he failed to return your expression, your chest tightened. “What’s wrong?”
“Does that...does that make you nervous?”
“Your age? No,” you shook your head. “How good you look at a century old? Yes.”
Bucky smiled and his cheeks pinked, but his eyes fell to his lap. “But everything I told you, about me, my past, you’re not nervous? You’re not...scared?”
“No,” you replied quickly, “no, Buck, I’m not scared of you.”
Bucky didn’t respond and, for a moment, you feared that he hated that nickname too. Yet, rather than say so, he stared into your eyes with his lips slightly parted, waiting. At the sight, you felt a wonderful twisting in your gut as Bucky leaned in.
Tumblr media
V. Assess the outcome(s).
You made the choice to invite Bucky Barnes up to your apartment, but you had no choice to make when it came to wanting him. You were stupid in believing there was any choice before. There was no decision to make. Not when Bucky already felt right.
Not when his hand, when the rough skin of his palm pressed ever-so-gently against your cheek. His thumb traced across the apple of your cheek as his fingers moved to hold your jaw. Just as they did so many tantalizing times before, Bucky’s eyes danced along your lips before he met your gaze once more. It was a silent question.
“Bucky,” you murmured, tone dripping with want.
“Are you sure?”
The one word is all he needed to hear. Bucky leaned in further, tilted your face up with his thumb and forefinger, and pressed his lips to yours. It was a careful kiss. As if he is scared that you lied, that you were scared and would pull away swiftly. When you lingered, Bucky tipped his lips away from yours and took a breath. You did the same and smiled.
“Was that your first kiss since before World War two?”
Bucky blinked and lifted his slightly hooded eyes to meet your gaze. His pupils were blown and his breathing incredibly slow as he drank in your pleased expression. He had lovely eyelashes, you noticed. They framed the lightness of his eyes so perfectly.
“Any complaints?” His voice was low and sent a shivering shudder down your spine.
“No,” you replied in a desperate breath.
Bucky smiled and leaned in again, captured your lips with his. His hand remained against your jaw with his fingertips kissing your neck. Your own hands traveled up along his broad chest to his neck. His skin was deliciously warm, a sharp contrast to the cool metal of his left hand when it found rest on your waist.
A gasp slipped out of your mouth at the sudden cold, but Bucky was quick to swallow the sound. He trailed searing, no longer careful kisses from your lips to your jaw to your neck. You were a wire made live by his touch. To keep the current, you moved your hands from his neck to his soft, short brown hair. You tugged on the strands, eliciting a muffled moan from his lips.
“Buck,” you mewled as he dragged both of his hands down to your hips and pulled you into his lap. At the sound of the nickname, his wandering touch paused and he let his lips brush along your skin. A barely-there touch.
You looked down at him, saw his kiss-swollen lips, and met his want-filled eyes. Despite the clear desire in his expression and the lust that pooled in your stomach, he seemed suddenly restrained. Worried that maybe he felt this was all too much too fast, you let your hands fall to his shoulders. He did not seem distant but his silence made you wary to continue.
“What is it?”
“I should’ve texted you sooner, doll,” he whispered, pressing his thumbs into your hips. “Wanted to the day I got your number but…”
He trailed off and, to keep him in the moment, to keep his eyes on you, you moved a hand up to Bucky’s face. “Stay out of your head and I’ll stay out of mine. Just be with me now, okay?”
He stayed quiet, watching you as you leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips. As you did, Bucky’s hands tightened on your hips and pulled you flush against him. You didn’t moan then, but when his fingers, both of metal and flesh, slipped under the hem of your shirt, an involuntary whine escaped you. Bucky smiled into the kiss before you trailed more down his jaw.
“Okay,” he murmured, far too smug for your liking. You pulled your lips from his skin and eyed him vexedly.
Before you could tease or provoke, Bucky craned his neck and kissed you hard. You felt his thighs shift beneath your own and, in a flash, your back was laid against the couch cushions. Bucky’s weight slightly rested on you, pressing against your body marvelously. Heat lingered in the paths of his hands as they explored still covered tracks of your skin. His lips followed suit and you melted completely into bliss.
Tumblr media
VI. Daybreak.
Light slipped through the window and cast your bedroom in an orange sunrise glow. You weren’t entirely sure how you and Bucky ended up in your bed. Well, you did, but you were still lost in the haze that surrounded the actions of the night before. Parts of your body still tingled, electrified by Bucky’s lingering touch.
You could feel it still, a tickling that emanated from where Bucky’s skin remained pressed against yours. His arm was slung around your bare waist, warm and snug. With your head on the pillow, you turned to study Bucky’s face. Sleep looked good on him.
His eyelashes fanned out against the peaks of his cheeks, which made him look angelic. You tried to remember if you had ever seen him so at peace before. Images of the waiting room danced before your eyes. You could only recall the relief that flashed across his face when he told you about his nightmares. Though, compared to the relaxed brow and softness laid before you, that expression was far from peaceful.
Unable to help yourself, you trailed your fingertips along the length of Bucky’s forearm that was wrapped around you. Under your touch, you saw the muscles beneath the skin flex and his hold on you tightened. When you glanced back at Bucky’s face, you were met with a pair of sleepy blue eyes.
“Mornin’,” he greeted, his voice gravelly from disuse.
“Morning. Didn’t mean to wake you.”
“I’m a light sleeper.” As he spoke, his arm around your waist squeezed once more. Now, your side was pressed to his chest and the scruff on Bucky’s chin prickled against your skin.
“You sleep okay?”
“Yeah,” he beamed, lifting his head from your pillow. “Better than okay.”
You smiled right back at him. “No nightmares or anything?”
“Not last night,” he said lowly as he leaned forwards and pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Didn’t have a chance to.”
You reached a hand up to his hair as Bucky trailed gentle pecks along your jaw. A hum of contentment rose up your throat as he moved against you. You trailed your fingers through his messed hair and sighed. Bucky pulled away at the sound and peered down at you.
“You’re beautiful,” he murmured, gently brushing your hair back with his left hand. The coolness of the Vibranium woke you up fully and you reached a hand out to grab his wrist.
“And you’re intolerable, James Buchanan Barnes.” You intertwined your fingers with his metal ones and grinned. He returned the expression as he pinned your hand against the space beside your head.
“No jokes, no teasing,” he persisted, “you’re beautiful.” He pressed a kiss to the column of your throat and you sighed a thank you.
“You are too.” Bucky pulled back just enough to meet your eyes again. “I mean, why else do you think I talked to you in the waiting room?”
A laugh rumbled up in Bucky’s chest and you felt the vibration of the sound against your own. “I thought it was because I was new.”
“Well yeah, and handsome,” you grinned. Bucky’s eyes drank in your expression and you couldn’t help but let your mind wander back to that first meeting. “You looked lonely.”
“Until you,” he murmured, echoing your words from long ago.
You nodded under his softening gaze. “Until you.”
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ao3-deviance · 7 months ago
My Siren Doesn't Sing
A.S.A.H. (All Sharks Are Himbos) Part 1
(Also on AO3)
"Hey, Bakugou!" 
Bakugou hissed at the bull shark mer, flicking his tail at him aggressively, but not actively chasing him away. The other took that as welcome, swimming up alongside him. 
"How's it going?" 
"Fuck off," Bakugou barked, voice an indelicate screech. 
Kirishima chuckled, swimming a little closer. "I found something really cool," he sing-songed, digging in the bag of kelp he had slung across the bag. He offered it to Bakugou, who reluctantly took it to inspect it. 
It was shiny, which made Bakugou internally curse. The shark mer was catching on to Bakugou's weakness for shiny things. This was some kind of golden metal, fashioned into a cuff of some kind. 
"There was a matching one!" Kirishima was quick to add, showing the other. "They look kind of like bracers, maybe? I thought they looked cool, but they're too small for my wrists. So maybeyouwouldliketohavethem?"
His words mashed together at the end, but Bakugou knew what he'd said. He also knew what it meant. Kirishima had offered things to Bakugou before, trinkets and gizmos from his scouting adventures when he went deep into the ocean, well past the safety of the city, but this wasn't a cool shell or pearl. To give something else to another mer, someone unrelated, someone viable and of your own brooding season, and for that something to be something they wear, visible like jewelry…
Bakugou glanced up, taking in the nervous shark mer. Kirishima's tail had more than five feet on his, and the mer's upper body was layered with muscles that Bakugou's lithe siren biology would never be able to compete with. Sirens were colorful, bright, meant to be soft and welcoming and inviting, until they had you and the claws and teeth came out and they dug and tore and weren't so pretty anymore. Sharks were usually gray tones, ambush predators with strong tails that could propel them through the water fast, could keep up the chase for a while, could take a hit as easily as deliver one. Kirishima was an anomaly, painstaking dying his hair red every other week to add a bit of color to his body. It made him easier to spot, but the shark mer was fast enough and strong enough it didn't seem to matter. Bakugou had seen him fight; Kirishima wasn't just a beast, he was a legend among their brood. 
Bakugou clutched the bracers in his hands, watching the twitch of Kirishima's tail as he tried to keep still. 
"Why would you want to court me?" 
Bakugou wouldn't be a good mate. He didn't simper and primp, he didn't care about his appearance beyond function. He kept himself barnacle and algae-free, but he didn't use any paints on his face like some of the other sirens, didn't sunbathe while he sang to give himself an exotic glow. His skin was pale, paler than most of the normal mers even, and he never sang. He hunted for his food like a shark, snagging it with a burst of speed before it even had time to react to seeing his vivid coloration that looked like explosions on the water, orange and red and yellow and gold. 
"Because you're perfect," Kirishima blurted out, passionate and defensive, before he immediately stuttered, turning as red as his hair. Bakugou blinked, blindsided by such a statement and by how vehemently he'd stated it. "I-I-I mean. Like. Perfect for me, you know? Like, you're so smart and you teach me stuff and it sticks, and you're really cool, and manly, and pretty. And I just kind of thought maybe we mesh well? Like, you seem to be okay with me being around and I can bring you other cool things, and I--"
"Stop. Fucking hell, just stop," Bakugou cut him off, hiding his face with his hand and surely causing the water around him to steam with his embarrassment. 
"Sorry," Kirishima mumbled, and whoa, okay, no, Bakugou did not like that tone in his voice. "I should--"
"I don't mean no," Bakugou cut him off again, "I just meant for you to shut up spewing embarrassing shit."
Kirishima seemed to perk up a little and Bakugou was really understanding why so many people called them shark puppies. "If you don't mean no…" he said carefully, one sharp snaggletooth poking over his lip adorably, "does that mean you accept?" 
Bakugou's fingers brushed over the bracers. They were bright, shiny. No doubt the other had cleaned them. He thought about being with Kirishima. Bakugou wasn't some simpering omega who'd let someone else do all the heavy-lifting, they would be a true mated pair, partners. Equals. He could see that with Kirishima. The shark mer, while much physically stronger and bigger, had never made Bakugou feel lesser or acted like he couldn't do just as much damage as him. Kirishima took him seriously as a threat, he respected him, and Bakugou couldn't deny that he respected the shark mer too. He might not always agree with his 'manly' code, but it was definitely admirable for Kirishima to have morals he followed so stringently. 
"Alright," Bakugou said, slipping the bracers onto his wrists. "I accept your courtship initiation."
Kirishima squeaked, not even looking embarrassed as he swam around, circling Bakugou in a show of joy before he gathered him into his arms and hugged him tightly. 
"Thank you! I promise to be the best partner you could ever dream of!" He bumped his nose against Bakugou's chin, sharp teeth gently biting down without breaking skin. Bakugou sighed, relenting to the strange ritual, and he nipped Kirishima's jaw back. 
"You'll have to show me how sharks court," he said. "I'm not doing it the siren way."
Kirishima blinked curiously. "How do sirens do it?" He asked innocently. 
"They sing," Bakugou deadpanned. "Siren mates are immune to each other's song. But I don't sing." He glared. "Don't ever expect me to sing."
"That's okay," Kirishima nodded. "I know all the shark courting rules! I can show you. And I like you even without hearing you sing." He nuzzled his neck and Bakugou absolutely did not feel his gills flutter at the admission. "Meant it, you know," Kirishima mumbled against his shoulder. "You're perfect for me, Katsuki. I've been hoping you liked me too for ages."
"Why are you so embarrassing?" Bakugou groaned. 
"Nope, you're stuck with me now," Kirishima grinned. His tail swished in the water happily, his thicker shark hide rough when it hit Bakugou's fins in the wrong direction. Bakugou grumbled, wrapping his more flexible tail around Kirishima's and forcing him to calm down a little. The shark mer's face went red again but he stopped wiggling, both of them now lazily treading water, curled together. 
"I guess I can deal with that," Bakugou said with a grin. 
Kirishima looked lost, blinking down at him. Bakugou barked out a laugh. 
"Fucking idiot. You, I can deal with being stuck with you." 
Kirishima grinned happily. "Yeah?" 
"Just fucking said so," Bakugou rolled his eyes. "All sharks this dumb or is mine special?"
Kirishima shivered, showing too many teeth when he smiled. "Yours?"
Bakugou snorted. "Obviously, you dumb fucking himbo. Now come on, you've got some courtship rituals to show me."
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charnelhouse · a year ago
ok TF poly boys. how do u think reader felt when she discovered that she likes all 4 boys???? like maybe it started off with a big crush on Will because of how good he treats her and is the ‘father’ of the group and then she also finds out wait she’s crushing on frankie bc of how soft but strong he is and then benny bc he’s so goofy and then santi bc come on, it’s santi. and at first she hates herself for thinking of all the boys like that and tries to talk herself out of her emotions but then it comes to a point where she can’t control how she feels and then the sex pollen thing happens and it’s like fuck how did i live without this
A/N: TF Boys x F!Reader. Violence. PTSD.
It goes like this:
There’s blood on your face - hot and tinny - it’s in your nose and you wonder if you might drown in this man’s life force.
Your hand shakes as you try to push him off you - as you try to roll out from under his heavy body. Your fingers are numb - little slits from the knife bouncing off bone. You cannot breathe and then the weight is gone and Will is there - his grip on your face soft and yielding as he mutters “hey - hey - baby - c’mon look at me.”
You want to tell him to not call you that, but your tongue is thick in your mouth.
“You saved me,” he whispers - running his knuckles over your cheek. “You - that guy was going to shoot me.”
You had. The kill was still fresh - still dressing you in blood. You don’t know why this one bothered you so much. Maybe because you could still taste it - maybe because you thought Will was going to die.
“Why’d you do that, you idiot,” he accuses - laugh cracking to the point where it sounds like a sob.
If only you knew - if only you knew - if only you knew
Will drops his brow against yours - intimate as a kiss. You dig your fingertips into his shirt - his back - to let him know you’re there.
You had thought you might love him - had felt it like a warm, soft fullness in your stomach. You had played with the idea. You hadn’t known for sure - not until you saw Will’s life in peril. Not until you realized that you might lose him.
I love you.
Frankie sticks to you like a shadow. You work well together. You understand each other. You see your kills in the same damaged light: we did what we had to do
One day, you get trigger happy. You’re too worked up - dripping in adrenaline and fucking fear. You step through the trail of bodies - your head feeling like it might roll off the stick of your neck. You glance up and there’s Will and Santi looking slightly nervous - faces ashen. Tom could give a shit, but you care about Ironhead - you care about Pope. You see judgment and it fucking hurts.
So you go outside - you step into the rain and feel the fall of it. It’s tepid and mossy and you think you might scream - you might bite through your lip or tongue and swallow your own blood.
There’s a warm hand on your shoulder and you already know. Frankie.
“It’s okay,” he soothes. “It’s alright. It happens. I’ve been there.”
“That was wrong.”
He makes a thoughtful mouth sound. “It was. But everything we do isn’t exactly right, honey.”
He snatches your hand before he presses his mouth to the skin of your knuckles. It’s burnt - smelling of cordite and ash. His mustache tickles and when you meet his gaze - you’re once again stunned by how handsome Fish is.
“You save yourself,” he orders. “You save yourself every fucking time. I don’t care who you have to kill to do it.”
You want to say why - why do you even fucking matter. Why Why Why.
It’s like he reads your mind. His lips twitch. “I wouldn’t get over it.”
“Over what?”
“If you died.”
Santi is a flirt. He’s a dirty motherfucker and he’s always silky with you. He likes to rub his cheek against yours - gripping your waist as he mumbles give me your skincare routine, baby girl.
You like it. He smells like aftershave and lichen and cigars.
One day, you fuck up a hit - you get knocked flat - a hairline fracture and it blows your cover because you become a liability.
You’re sprawled on the ground - blood streaming down your face and you want to cry. Not because it hurts, but because you had failed. You’re a woman. You have to work that much harder to win - to be taken even a fraction seriously.
“Fuck,” Santi hisses as he places a dirty towel against your temple. He’s eyeing you up and down. He tells you to count - to follow his gaze. You think you might throw up. You shove him off.
“Go Pope,” you plead. “Go finish this. Don’t worry about me.”
“Don’t be stubborn,” he grits. “The mission is compromised. We need to make sure you’re okay.”
The tears come - despite how hard you try to hold them back. They come and come hard and you fully lose it in front of Pope. His lips part in surprise - his eyebrows lifting.
“Fuck - does it really hurt that much?”
“No,” you sob. “No - I - shit - I just can’t believe I ruined that.”
Pope’s expression morphs - understanding. He immediately grabs a hold of you - yanking you back into the next room to give you some privacy away from prying eyes or god the shitheads who won’t let it up because you’re a girl.
“I shouldn’t be here,” you say as you fist your hands into his tac vest. “I shouldn’t fucking be here. I-I screwed that up.”
“Shut up,” Santi murmurs - not unkindly. He drags his knuckle across your cheekbone, tilts your chin up with his calloused fingers. “You’re a fuckinng warrior. You’re it. Don’t underestimate what you can do.”
It always shatters your foundation whenever Santi gets serious - when he really wants to make a point.
He is so genuine - so stern and he blinks down at you as he strokes your face and you think oh my god - can you fit this much love inside you - these feelings that clog your veins and make your heart punch out. You want him. You want him for real. You want him as much as the others.
You think it’s weird to like Benny. You know how you feel about Will. Benny should be off fucking limits and yet -
You visit Will because he asks. You’re on leave and you wouldn’t mind seeing him - his town and his old stomping grounds and then there’s Benny. He’s in the service - he’s in other parts and pieces. You recognize so much of yourself in him. Benny is open-faced. He’s carefree. He’s far more emotional than his brother. He’s funny and sweet and he doesn’t focus on the shit - on the dark things all of you do.
At one point, Will needs to visit his high school for recruiting so he tells Benny to show you around. It goes wonderfully until it doesn’t.
Your PTSD rears its ugly head when you’re with him. You see something stupid - a grating noise - an engine popping so loudly that it knocks your skull. You freeze - your mouth drying as your heart pulls up to your throat.
You’re outside and yet the sky feel like it’s collapsing against the shell of your head. It’s too blue - the air orange with afternoon light. You struggle for breath as you screw your eyes shut and try to forget - not think of sand and blood and flames devouring flesh -
“Hey,” Benny says with the same tone you’d use for a startled horse. “Hey focus on me - my face.” He gently takes your hands - sweeping his thumb over the tops - making patterns across your warm skin.
He sounds like his brother - just a bit - just enough.
“Let’s get out of here, yeah?” he urges. “Why don’t we go see a movie - something super dumb.”
He spends the day distracting you. He gets you pizza - forces you to play video games. You bake Toll House cookies and drink too much whiskey and get stumbling drunk. You’re both sprawled out on the couch - tossing popcorn and catching it with your gaping maws.
“You know my brother talks about you like you’re a god,” he slurs - blinking at you sluggishly - his fingers tracing the giving fabric between you. He screws his face up. “-er well goddess is probably the better term.”
You scoff. “I’m neither.”
“Nah,” he shrugs. “I think I see it.”
You glance at him - your drunk spinning off into something incredibly sober. You have nothing to say to that and instead, you sink lower into the cushions.
“Thank you for today,” you murmur.
He touches your wrist - hesitant with only an edge of pressure. “Any time.”
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favoniuscodex · a year ago
the art of modernity [ prologue ]
Tumblr media
prologue - jueyun karst
pairing: xiao x gn!reader warnings: canon-typical violence mention words: ~1.8k words fic masterlist [ prev ] - [ next ]
chapter summary: you drag four of your closest friends to jueyun karst to chase after possible traces of the adepti. none of them expect for you to actually find any, but hey, anything is possible, right?
a/n: can't believe 'making xiao eat a chicken nugget and french fries' is becoming an actual fic but here we are. enjoy !! :D
Tumblr media
when you had asked yanfei the legal repercussions of disrupting jueyun karst, the entire brunch table had looked at you as if you had grown a third eye. kaeya had sat down the third mimosa he had been nursing, while childe had actually stopped speaking for once. yanfei giggled with intrigue and keqing had stared at you with an expression that screamed are you serious right now?
yet somehow, you had ended up in keqing's overcrowded car and made a road trip to fuel your farfetched dreams. sure, like any kid growing up, you had read percy jackson and the archons, but, unlike most kids, you had taken the myths of the archons seriously. shrines and ruins still sung praises of their names, but most liyuean mythology was treated as having no greater value than old folk tales. the world had moved on past the need of teyvat's expansive pantheon of the elemental archons, visions, and celestia, yet some scholars sought to prove the existence of the old gods. most of the time, their efforts were fruitless.
you, of course, were no scholar. you were simply a dumbass who graduated college and decided in their post-college/pre-settled life panic to go traverse the treacherous lands of jueyun karst. as prosperous as liyue was, jueyun karst still remained heavily untouched as there were areas that even rich moguls were scared to get their grubby hands on. why turn the beautiful mountains and swirling lakes into sprawling shopping centers if the entire area was rumored to be cursed anyways? so, the country had turned jueyun karst into a protected area in the form of a national park.
but now, with your car full of three and a half dumbasses (keqing certainly doesn't count and yanfei is only halfway to idiocy), you had decided to certainly ignore the title of protected area. you had full intentions of disrupting whatever you could get your grimy hands on. you wanted to see the adepti in action and, if others called you crazy for it, then so be it.
"gods, where even are we?" kaeya asks. his tone lacks the annoyance you would expect from childe nor the worried-yet-still-composed nature you would expect from keqing's words. so, you shrug him off with a simple wave of your hand.
"not really sure, but there's enough of us out here that we won't die, right?" you ask and kaeya stares at you blankly before turning to look behind the two of you at the three stragglers.
"keqing!" he calls, realizing that you are of no help. "where are we?"
keqing huffs as she approaches the two of you while yanfei and childe stagger behind her, both acting tired despite being some of the most athletic people you know. in typical keqing fashion, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a compass. kaeya stares as the compass needle spins around aimlessly in her hand, its connection clearly disrupted by some force in the area.
"oh gods, what does that mean? we're going to die. we're going to die out here," childe deadpans, panic creeping into his voice. yanfei swats him playfully on the arm before he can begin his usual theatrics, knowing full and well how childe loves living in the spotlight.
"dying in a protected national park is illegal," yanfei adds and kaeya stares at her with a baffled expression.
"what? are the police going to arrest a corpse?" kaeya asks incredulously and yanfei folds her arms over her chest, staring at him with narrowed eyes.
"didn't you want to be a cop at one point? shouldn't you be aware as to how arresting procedures work?" yanfei asks and kaeya recoils at her question.
"no, i was considering going into military like my dad. i don't wanna be a cop," kaeya shoots back and childe jokingly gags once he hears the word 'military'.
"military? yuck," childe says and becomes the next recipient to receive childe's incredulous gaze.
"didn't you literally join the fatui for two years?" kaeya asks but childe shakes his head.
"not like you have any proof," the ginger-haired man shoots back.
"i can easily acquire proof?" kaeya says, but keqing clears her throat loudly before the two men can engage in a full showdown of words.
"c'mon, guys, we have bigger problems to solve than childe's blatant lies," keqing redirects the conversation with ease but not before kaeya lets out a triumphant hmph at keqing's words. "like figuring out why this compass isn't working and figuring out how to get back because it doesn't work."
"ooh, maybe it's not working because there are ghosts nearby," childe says, but before yanfei and kaeya can engage with his dumbassery once more, you interject.
"it's likely just elemental energy or adeptal energy. i know you guys probably don't believe in them, but this is said to be the former realm of the adepti. wouldn't be surprised if there are traces of them left!" you say, voice far too cheery for the implication of your words. kaeya only shrugs at the suggestion that gods are watching over you as you travel through the park, yanfei only looks intrigued in a nearly-dangerous way, keqing looks nonplussed due to her strong belief that the gods no longer exist, and childe looks absolutely terrified yet is trying to act like he isn't.
"anyways," you continue. "maybe there's a domain!"
"ancient liyuean law forbids unauthorized entrance into domains without proper licensure from the adventurer's guild," yanfei says, as if knowing ancient law is a completely normal activity for a twenty-something-year-old.
"what is a domain?" keqing and kaeya ask at the same time before glancing at each other.
"i'm... not sure. pretty sure they have like... ancient monsters and stuff," you confess and, for the first time today, childe perks up excitedly, eagerly taking a step closer to you.
"monsters? like those uh... hollychirls? whatever they're called? how big do you think they are?" childe asks with an excited glimmer in his eyes.
"weren't you just worried about dying?" keqing asks, but childe ignores her question.
"so like... we're trying to find this domain, right?" childe asks, confused. "what are we looking for?"
"i don't really see why a domain would have adepti traces so we're probably better off looking for something else," you say and yanfei perks up.
"like that?" she asks, pointing off at something glowing faintly orange in the distance. you squint slightly in an attempt to better look at it, but you're unable to distinguish what exactly yanfei as pointing at.
"we might as well go see what that is," keqing says and you're slightly surprised for the purple-haired girl to suggest such a thing, but you figure she's just trying to find a place where her compass actually works. the spinning dial isn't too much of a concern for you since you're in no rush to leave, but the friends you've brought along aren't quite as keen on discovering the secrets of the adepti as you are, so you follow the herd as they begin to move over to the glowing orange light.
the five of you climb down, approaching what soon reveals itself as a stone pillar with a glowing chunk of cor lapis on top. it's certainly nothing new and is probably a protected relic, yet no guards are stationed in front of it. it's almost certainly been discovered before, so why isn't it..?
"oh, isn't this area usually flooded?" yanfei asks and everyone turns to stare at her.
"you've been here before?" keqing asks and you wonder to yourself when these people will stop asking questions and instead keep looking for hints.
"you guys haven't traveled to jueyun karst before?" yanfei asks, confused. "yeah, this area's usually flooded with water. i've never seen that thing before."
if it's usually flooded, then it was likely discovered before, but not relocated, you think to yourself and immediately break out in a sprint towards the cor lapis tower. sure, it was about the height of you, with the cubic chunk on top reaching the height of your head, yet you were more than satisfied with looking at the carvings on the side. childe is the first to catch up with you, using his long legs to match your pace. he sighs as you finally stop and watches as you frantically begin poking and prodding at the pillar.
"are you sure that's a good idea?" he asks, nervously. "what if it's a mechanism or something?"
"what's the worst that could happen?" you ask and childe sputters over his words.
"a lot of things!" childe insists, yet kaeya, keqing, and yanfei's joined arrival interrupts him from making an even bigger fuss.
"try putting your palm flat on the diamond," yanfei suggests and you take a step back. with a steady hand, you lays her palm flat against the side of the pillar, in which a diamond has been engraved onto its surface. around the group of you, the remnants of water begin to glow orange as the pillar emits an even stronger, unnatural glow of energy. the pillar begins to vibrate rapidly and yanfei lets out a small, knowing laugh while the rest of you watch, wide-eyed and confused by the moving pillar.
yet, all that happens is that the cor lapis situated on the top of the pillar falls off, landing on the side of the pillar with a resounding crack. the four of your friends immediately move over to look at the now shattered chunk of cor lapis on the ground, yet you gravitate towards the stone pillar. on the spot where the cor lapis fell, a single name is etched into the stone, as if this pillar is supposed to mark a specific area.
"'xiao'?" you breathe, reading off the word on the pillar.
"what's xi-" kaeya begins, glancing over at you, but before he can finish, a flash of green appears on the opposite side of your friends. your lips part in shock as you watch the deity appear before you. a mask rests on his face and a polearm rests in his hand, yet despite his disguised face, you can sense the anger rolling off his form in waves. his green hair ruffles in the wind as his free hand reaches up to lower his mask. infuriated amber eyes pierce into yours, but the adeptus speaks before you can.
"i am adeptus xiao. how dare you mortals infringe upon jueyun karst and disrupt my land?" xiao seethes and, for once, all five of you are silent as the yaksha points his polearm at you.
Tumblr media
@somemothgoingferal @miicachii @hq149 @albedostar @the-astrumnauta @falconcoast @dilucsz @transactionalrelationship @koko-cherry @dumpling-gif @shulkerdotjar @popdrop @seokflwr @solarpearl @tsubaki3192 @marifujioka @astronomeh @daichiri @cryspyjk @svnflowery @anseoo @rintaoreo @fuhuashandholder @squashbee
please send in an ask (not submission or dm!) to be placed on the taglist! if your name is in italics that means i am unable to tag you!
Tumblr media
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husbandohunter · a year ago
May I request a Childe X Reader fanfic where the reader has been pushing herself too hard lately and so Childe has to forcefully get her to rest? ty
By my side [Childe x Reader]//Genshin Impact
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You were an artist and he was an adventurer. Two people from vast backgrounds and Childe just wants to spend some time of his busy life with you. However, things didn't really go his way...at first.
(Childe x F!reader. Its all fluff)
(A/n): Perfect request anon. I too, would like to have a Childe in my life. Been getting 5-6 hours of sleep on average 😃😁. Yeah kind tossed some extra ideas with artist s/o, its a perfect reason for anyone to be busy.
Once recieving the permission to take a week off from his diplomatic duties, the first thing Childe thought of was none other than his lovely significant other.
The harbinger knew quite well what lays ahead of his ventures to Liyue. During his quest for the archon's gnosis, he encountered many interesting events, such as meeting the rumoured traveller hailing from afar and a broke yet courteous man who turned out to be the ultimate ruler of this very country he walks upon then there was the battle against a dead god until he revived it using the sigil of permission. All of them were great additions to his story as Ajax the hero, something he always wanted to pursue since childhood. In which, also gave him something nice to write about when preparing letters for his siblings living back home. But little did the harbinger know that he'll one day bump into the heroine. A little too soon. Through your little art shop, he met you, a sweet and audacious woman with plenty of humour. That was how it all began.
While he strides down the streets between Liyue's exquisite buildings, Childe suddenly stops in his tracks and looks up to the sky. There, was painted a scenery of an evening dusk, sun rays relfected across until red and orange hues cast a river stream that led to the ends of the world. He watched the birds follow that streak like it was a path made for them to fly towards. A new adventure. You would have loved to captured this in your pictures.
And then he wonders, what might you be painting right now?
"Hey babe, I'm home~"
In a sing-song voice he calls out to you by your nick-name. You knew that Childe was an active member of the Fatui and that his time was limited, hence he made sure to write to you as well. Of course long distant relationships only makes the waiting more anticipated. When he does pay a visit, you'd run straight into his open arms, leaping off your feet to engulf him in one enourmous embrace. Then his hands will hold against your waist as he spins your round and around in the air, stealing the laughter out of your lungs before planting you back on the floor. Sometimes Childe would consider that being far away wasn't be such a bad idea as long as he was able to experience this, the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. However...
"That's great."
He was met by a response similar to the wintry grace of Snezhnaya.
All the fantasies he had from earlier shatters in the background as he stands there frozen. You didn't even spare a glance to the entrance, eyes still glued to the large canvas displayed at your front, too busy to even care. Childe clicks his tongue between the awkward silence with an uncertain expression. When there was no signs of initiation on your part, he shuffled his way to where you were and observes from behind.
"Well you're particularly quiet today," he muses to himself, placing a hand over his hip, "I guess that painting of yours must be really important then."
It was obvious that he was trying to nudge you into his favour. Something that you've found endearing was how quickly your boyfriend can be when he's in a needy state. So you quickly twisted over to peck him on the cheek before going back to work.
"That's better," Childe satisfiedly grins, "So who is this project for?"
"It's a commission requested by a wealthy family serving the Qixing. They're really influential in terms of the market and can really give me a competitive edge. I have to get it done in five days."
His tone flactuates as he squints his eyes, "Five days you say," he disliked the news of your schedule taking over his own, Childe only managed to take a week off and after that, he'll be away for quite some time, "Why don't you take a break? From the looks of your progress, it seems to me that you've been working on it for hours. I've got plenty of interesting stories to tell and you know, nothing can compare to sharing a warm meal within your company," he leans down to your ear level, "How does that sound?"
Several seconds went by as he waits for some sort of reaction, "Oh. Right," you blurted out and the harbinger only smiles, "I made some food earlier this morning. You can go help yourself if you're hungry."
Today was not his day.
Childe pulls out the wooden chair and slumps into the seat, a defeated huff escaping his mouth as he stared at the crystal shrimp placed on the table. It was hastily wrapped by plastic, most likely cold for a while, just like the romantic evening he had planned in his head. Normally you'll be sitting on the otherside while listening to the many tales he went through along the way. Although painting was your passion, it was undeniable that you also enjoyed his kind of lifestyle if you ever had the choice. He was rather surprised on how someone ambitious like him would end up with such a simplistic person but quickly accepted it as life was meant to be unpredictable, just the way he likes it. As Childe entertains you with his stories, he'll listen to your giggles amidst eating the homecooked meals that you both prepared together.
"I wonder if she ate already," he mumbled to his lone self. You most likely did but Childe knows you well. Artists are obsessed and they can go as far as to neglecting their own health for the sake of their masterpieces. Hence, he made sure to remind you to eat properly through the letters he wrote to you.
The harbinger takes a quick glance around the kitchen. It was a mess. The cupboards were slightly opened, metal pots were still displayed on the stone stove and the stench coming from the sink....
Childe pushes himsel up to see what was the cause.
Not even the dishes were washed.
Running his fingers through his bangs, he sighs wearily, "Old habits die hard huh?" And above all else, when artists are obsessed they also forget how disorganized they can become. Childe begins to roll up his sleeves before taking off his gloves. At times like this he'll have to pitch in and take care of it for you, "Looks like I'll be here for a while."
Throughout three sunsets and three moonrises, Childe had no option but to observe you from afar, minus the few attempts he made to regain your attention again. How you would go to bed much later than him, waking up before he opens his eyes and the effort he put into making your food only left with too many leftovers. It wasn't that you were unappreciative, instead, your mind had become too focused that your body was considered a second priority. Like anyone else, Childe genuinely thought you possessed great talent and supports you wholeheartedly. He loved it when you painted pictures just for him as if they were scenes coming out of his hero story, reminded by his adventures, capturing every detail. However he also needed to learn how to deal with this stubborn side of yours.
"Hey babe, I just finished preparing our dinner. Don't you smell that? Such a rich aroma, you should go eat."
"I'm busy."
Your diet were just small bites, the rest being substituted by coffee. Childe could clearly tell that you weren't getting enough sleep either as there were dark circles forming underneath your eyes and slowly, he was starting to become a little irritated.
Three hours passed midnight but you were still awake in the same place doing the same thing. Childe leans against the doorframe with arms folded, already changed into his sleeping clothes. He clears his throat to break the silence, "Ahem."
Your wrist hangs in mid air by the sound of a strange visitor, it was your boyfriend. Gaze in a daze, you lazily turned your head, "What time is it?"
"Way passed the sleeping hours as you can see," he points with his thumb at the table clock in a half-hearted manner, "You should already be in bed by now and don't think you can coax yourself out of the situation this time," his eyes parted in slits as he added with a smile, "Otherwise I might just have to force you myself."
You shook your head, "Give me one more hour? There's some finishing touches I really want to add so," clasping your hands together, you beamed sweetly, "Pretty please? I'll finish up soon."
"Oh really?" Childe challenges, head tossed back like he was interrogating you instead, "I believe that was also what you told me yesterday. And the day before? Adding up all of those days that would be.....four in total?" He deliberately counts upon his fingers before facing you again, this time his expression was slightly more serious, "As much as I find your determination remarkable, there are moments when you need to consider a sufficient amount of rest and this just isn't going to cut it."
"Four days already?!" You exclaimed, "Jeez, I don't even know if I'm halfway done."
Pressing his lips together, Childe glares in an acutely deadpanned countenance, it was also his time too, "Can't you ask this commissioner to extend your due date to next week? In your case, mora shouldn't be the issue since, well...you're dating me anyways."
It's true. Childe was the main reason why you didn't have to live as a starving artist. He had all your expenses fully covered from the marketing aspect to your residence, you simply chose to work out of pure will.
"I don't want to always rely on you so much," you confessed, "This commissioner could turn my whole career around. If I'm able to gain his favour, maybe I'll get promoted to a court painter for the Qixing! Who knows when there will ever be a chance like this again," pumping your fists, you spoke purposefully, "I'll pull an all nighters if I have to!"
Childe brings his hand to his forehead, you looked as if you were nearly about to collapse and yet still considering the option of an all-nighters? The harbinger should've detained you days prior before.
"Hm? Childe, what's wrong?" He suddenly falls deadly quiet and you watched him walk closer towards you, "What are--"
Hooking an arm behind your knees and the other at your back, your boyfriend lifts you up in one full swoop as he tossed you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
"Guess we'll have to do things the hard way," he remarks cheerfully.
"W-Wait," you flailed your arms and kicked your legs but to no avail. Childe was an experienced combatant indeed, "Put me down! I have work to do."
Your protests fall upon deaf ears as the harbinger carries you to your room. You were oddly lighter than the last time he carried you, the strength less vigor than before, it was obvious that your body was in need of relaxation. He suddenly thinks there was a possibility that you would maintain this habit while he was absent.
I should probably visit more often.
Using his free leg to nudge the door open, he places you upon the shared bed in a gentle manner. You winced at the impact of the soft sheets, surprised by how much it affect you.
"There we go. All done. Man, you really are a stubborn one, aren't you. Makes me a little worried since I can't spoil you all the time."
He quickly invited himself to the empty space on your bedside and wrapped his arms around your figure, pulling you close and feeling you whole. Childe made sure there was no escape once putting his chin above your hairline so that you could feel his warmth as much as possible.
"This is--" you stuttered. His tactic was enough to make your limbs soften and you could almost hear him smirk into the distance, "This is cheating..."
"You think so?" He comments as if pledging innocence, "I don't know babe. Where I come from those who take the initiative are the ones who end up claiming the prize," pulling back, Childe takes the opportunity to observe your pouty face, "I don't make the rules. It's just how it goes."
You wanted to argue back but he suddenly took the bedsheets and covered both of your bodies with, completely trapping you with his presence. He snuggles into you further as if you were a bear made of linen and you felt the drowsiness taking over your mind. The way he gently pats down the back of your head was enough to instantly lull you into a deep sleep.
"Cheater," you mumbled.
He laughs softly, the rumbles emitting through his chest, "I love you too babe."
Even after you've let go of your resistance, Childe continues his actions until he was sure that you were resting. He had been longing to touch you like this since living a chaotic life only made peaceful moments much sweeter, "You're such a hard-worker you know that? I'm proud of you but you have to know when to call it a day," he whispers, "If not, how can I go on trips while knowing that you're still refusing to eat properly?"
You closed your eyes and said nothing in return. All your senses were too cloudy to come up with a reassuring response. Childe listens to the way your breath evens as you intake his scent during the process. It smelled like the soap you used in the showers, lotus leaves mixed with his own unique musk. You could only focus on him. His comforting embrace. His slightly accelerating heartbeat because you were together with him.
Letting out one final yawn, you succumbed to his spell and allowed your energy to drift away.
The corners of his lips tug upwards, "Sleep well princess."
Childe reaches over to your desk drawer and shuts off the alarm clock before turning over to face you again. He couldn't fall asleep immediately, not when he had to consider taking care of the commissioner who gave you an impossible deadline. But that will be saved for another day, for now, he observes in silent serenity.
If he were to quit his job for a year, what would his life be like?
Peaceful. Something opposite of what he was living right now. Something similar to the life he had back home. As you arrange the many paintings in your little home, he'll offer to help you among the places you couldn't reach. Without a doubt, Childe was far taller in comparison. Taking strolls into the streets and trying the new dishes the merchants came up with. Then in the evenings, you'll both go to dinner dates while listening to the storyteller revealing the rumours of the legendary Tianquan Qixing. Although Childe loved the adventurous life he led, he had to admit that your domesticity and family-bringing atmosphere was a tempting idea.
Maybe one day.
He lightly takes a strand that had fallen over your nose and tucked it smoothly behind your ear. The soft snores coming out of your parted lips caused his gaze to melt. And so he steals them with his own, placing a chaste goodnight kiss.
One day I'll be sure to bring my family here with us.
Closing his eyes, he joins you in your slumber, hoping to see all that he envisioned in his dreams.
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sif-the-tsunami · 12 months ago
Ok prompt! Sy is teaching you how to cook and maybe things get frisky ? 😁
Oooo I like this. Its not 100% on the nose but this is where the muse took me.
Did you want a novel? Because, I hope you like novels.
Warnings: chili with beans, sweet cornbread, swearing, smut
Tumblr media
"Listen hear, you chicken fried fuck. If you don't like my cooking, you are welcome to eat something else at the damn pot luck!" I snap at a grumpy retired soldier who was talking trash about my chili recipe. Like always. Whenever we have a party, he has to say something about how I'm dressed, what I brought, or the beer I was drinking.
"All I'm saying here, California, is that where I'm from we don't put beans in our chili. And don't get me started on this abomination you call cornbread. Why is it sweet, why are there vegetables in my bread?" He says in his drawl.
"Because honey and roasted jalapenos taste good together!"
"I guess. You don't need to fuss so much Princess, I'll gladly show you how to make real Texan food. Make some wife material out of you." He smirked. I think he knew he was getting under my skin.
"Come on, Sy, give her a break. Take a bite of her cornbread with the chili, they are delicious together." One of our mutual friends told him when he could see that I was not having any more of his attitude.
I walked away from the conversation, feeling incredibly salty. The man was Syverson, we had been in the same group of friends for the past couple years and honestly he was usually at least cordial with me, but the sheer audacity of his tone today. The rest of the party was really fun, at least. Occasionally, I would catch eyes the color of the ocean after a storm staring me down. He kept looking like he wanted to say something to me but I would find reasons to leave the room. Fortunately there was always a way to get out and around.
Towards the end of the evening, I go outside to enjoy the cooling air and watch the stars, listen to a couple of the guys from inside sit on the tailgate of a truck and talk about football or something. The breeze would kick up occasionally and I could smell an orange tree blooming in the distance.
"Hey, oh shit, I didn't mean to startle you." I jumped damn near out of my skin when the grump showed up out of nowhere. "I actually really wanted to say that I'm sorry, I can be a real asshole sometimes. You are usually more aware of it than others. I'm used to giving people a hard time. Your food was delicious. I just don't know how to talk to you sometimes."
I looked at the large man skeptically. I'm not used to people going from snarky to nice to me. "Thank you for apologizing. Glad you liked it, Chicken Fried. You can just talk to me like anyone else, I don't mind some teasing, but you just know how to push my buttons."
Sy looked at his feet for a moment. "I will be nicer to you, I promise."
"I'm sure." I had heard that before.
"I still think mines better," back to sounding arrogant already, "I am willing to bet that it would blow your mind."
"Do you really want to bet?"
"Yeah... sure. I'll bet you. If my chili it better than yours.... you have to go on a date with me."
"Is that how you get most of your dates these days? Tinder just isn't cutting it anymore?" I tease. He is actually kind of good looking. Sort of. If you are into that hand crafted by the gods kind of look. I'm not saying I am, but I could get the appeal.
"You'd be surprised. Most of the women I meet want to figure out what's wrong with me. Almost 40, never married, I have a job I like. They keep waiting for my skeletons to come out of the closet. Like shit, girl, I just don't like olives or sweet relish. I think I'm pretty cool otherwise." He said talking with his hands out stretched. I think he might have been being earnest with me, but his tone is almost always sarcastic.
"You were in the military, right?"
"That's what's wrong with you." The big man started laughing harder than I thought he would.
"Well, California. You up for it?"
"I don't know Chicken Fried, I don't like dating, I would really just like something casual, low maintenance. What happens when I win?"
"When?" He chuckles. "If you are looking for something casual and low maintenance, baby, there is a reason when I was still in the Army they called me Captain Cunnilingus."
"It sounds like either way you win." I smirk, "I would need a real incentive to try to beat you."
"How about bragging rights?"
"If I win... you shave your beard. Then I get to use your face as a chair." He looked shocked.
"Fine, when I win, you have to wear a dress on our date, and heels. Maybe even some of that shit you all put on your lips with the glitter and fruity flavors."
"Ok, now that's unreasonable. I don't even own heels."
"I'll buy you some." Well color me impressed. We decide on the terms of the bet. We would invite a couple of friends over to his place next Sunday and they would pick a winner with a blind taste test. We would also have one canned chili and one restaurant chili to make it a little more interesting.
Sunday came, and we all gathered in his house. This was the best batch of chili I have ever made. Fresh peppers, bacon, beer and some good quality beef all swam together in a symphony of flavors. When I walked into his house, the smell was... pungent. I could smell cooking vinegar. It wasn't bad but there was something just a little off putting.
"Glad you showed up, Princess." He looked me up and down. to surprise him just a little, I did show up in a dress. I figured a special occasion needed a special outfit.
I looked over at the big man as he took my slow cooker from my hands and plugged it in for me. To be fair to both of us, we had enough time to set up sides and toppings. I even baked more cornbread. Sy made his own savory cornbread that he pulled out of the oven in a cast iron skillet.
"It was my mama's." He told me when I asked about it.
"You bake also?"
"Sometimes, if the mood hits me. I like making peach cobbler too. If you are lucky, I'll make you some. Maybe after our date."
"So sure of yourself, Chicken Fried. I hope you got some good shaving cream and a new razor, you'll need it." In his kitchen, I lifted the hem of my sundress clear up to my naked hip showing him that I was ready to win this bet of ours. His pupils blew out with lust as he stepped up to me.
"Princess, you are a hell of a tease. I have wanted you so badly ever since the first time we met." He breathed, lusty and hot. He pinned me to the counter, radiating his desire. He bit his lip, looking me up and down, he looked like he wanted to kiss me or maybe consume me whole. Suddenly he pulls away, leaving me breathless. "We will have company soon. I need to walk this off, but I really do want to continue this conversation when we don't have to risk being interrupted."
Before anyone could walk in on us, Syverson rushed up to me and kissed me more passionately. My knees buckle for a second and its like I've been set on fire.
When our friends came into his house, he set up bowls, spoons, Fritos and cheese. He set up blind tastings for the guests, only he and I knew what everyone was eating.
The canned chili was a flop. The restaurant chili was a better batch but it wasn't as good. When our friends tasted my chili, they all keep saying how wonderful it was.
Then we tried Sy's. Everyone was quiet for a moment and then the group started to try to figure out what it was about the chili that we didn't like. It was too sweet as far as I was concerned and there was a weird aftertaste. It was an overwhelming agreement that Sy's chili was terrible. After we cleaned up his kitchen, Sy was pouting about having lost.
"So, when would you like for me to shave my beard?"
"Maybe later tonight. I think we have to finish that conversation we started earlier."
"Oh yeah, California?" He said, standing close to me. He grabbed me by my hips and lifted me to the counter top. I lace my fingers through his beard hair and pull him closer so I can finally kiss him again. He broke away from the kiss and then started nibbling on my neck. His hand found the seem of my dress and he slid his hand up my thigh. When my skirt was pushed up to my hips exposing my sex to him, he leaned me back. I watched him look at my core and lick his lips like a man starved.
"Wait a second. Before you start, what was going on with your chili? Did you throw the bet?"
"No, not at all." He looked at me confused. "I don't know what happened, I've made this a bunch of times and its always been good. This was terrible."
"Did you do anything different?"
"Well. I was out of tomato paste, so I used ketchup. A buddy of mine suggested it."
"Oh my god, Sy. No wonder! Thank god you are pretty, my guy." I tease.
"Your guy? I like the way that sounds. Now lean back, Princess. I'm going to try to convince you to let me not shave."
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