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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#with or without queue

Carly discovered this song when looking for music for a drama performance, to this day she can’t listen to this song without an accompanying fit of giggles. Though she has memorised the entire dance routine and dances along in private. 

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Victor: Oh – you should have been more specific. And that doesn’t really apply to us – we’re not politicians.

Alice: And given the state of politics in England in this day and age, I still don’t think I agree with you.

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Damian: Father, I demand to be allowed to work my own cases.
Bruce: no.
Damian: that is unacceptable. Everyone else is allowed to work on their own.
Bruce: Everyone else is a competent, fully trained adult.
Damian: [stares incredulously at Bruce] You believe-
Bruce: I believe what I need to believe to keep my sanity. They are well-trained, fully functional adults.
Bruce: And I've learned a lot since I raised them so maybe in a few years when I say that about you it will actually be true.
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Victor: [wiping the blood off his razor] Bit late for that now. 

Alice: Besides, while our personal comfort may not be the best as backstabbers, we’re definitely improving the world with our stabbing.

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